Hearing Over REPEAL Of English-Only Ordinance Generates Controversy


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Leaders in a Maryland County presided over a heated debate during a recent hearing when they considered repealing a popular 2012 ordinance that requires all official business in the county to be conducted in English.

Frederick was Maryland’s first county to implement an English-only ordinance, and it enjoyed wide support of citizens.

But after three years, newly elected Democrat officials say it was a “mistake”.

“It’s a wrong message. You might as well post a sign that says non-English speaking people are not welcome here,” one resident said. “Why are we doing this?”

It makes us look intolerant, unwelcoming and petty,” said Barbara Gordon.

Two of the five new County Council members are pushing to repeal the measure. Jessica Fitzwater and M.C. Keegan-Ayer say the ordinance is ineffective, sends a message of intolerance and is bad for business. They introduced the bill to repeal the ordinance in June.

We have a new government and we’re going to set a different tone,” Keegan-Ayer demanded.

“It’s becoming increasingly harder to attract businesses and employers to Frederick County when they have this perception that we’re not welcoming or we’re only welcoming if English is your first language,” Fitzwater said.

But citizens said that is not the case, and that several large corporations, including a defense contractor, have setup large facilities in the county since the English-only ordinance was passed.

The repeal is opposed by groups like ProEnglish who called the councilwomen “liberal multiculturists” and “politically correct bullies” in fundraising letters they mailed out. Many residents agree with the English-only ordinance, reported CBS Baltimore.

The pro-illegal alien amnesty Frederick County Chamber of Commerce said they conducted a survey of its employers and found nearly all of them supported repealing the ordinance, according to a correspondence from the chamber. Some residents accused many of those companies of hiring illegal aliens.

According to 2010 census data, 5.8 percent of the population of Frederick is Asian American and 14.4 percent is Hispanic or Latino. Hispanics are the fastest growing race group in the city and county.

Jorge Ribas, the president and CEO of the Mid-Atlantic Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said, “We all speak English in our chamber. We’re all for English, but I think mono-literacy is the worst thing that can happen to the United States in a global economy.”

Ribas did not explain what a “global economy” had to do with official businesses in a American county.

The council will vote on the proposed repeal in an August 18th meeting. Citizens who oppose the repeal are “urged to attend and make a strong showing,” by ProEnglish.

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[h/t CBS Baltimore, Opposing Views]


  • Tina

    We are an English speaking Country! All official business should be in English. If you live in this Country, you should learn to speak English! If you have trouble with English, have a translater!

    • capn-gary

      Make that ‘Pay a translater’. 😉

      • John McMickle

        I do not care if the translator gets paid that is the translators problem.

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    • tuigim

      No, it is not an English-speaking country.
      Many people speak other languages.
      By the way, did you mean a translator?
      English is hard. I know.
      Try Spanish or even better an Indigenous language of these lands.
      That way you could show your love of where you live instead of bigoted colonial ignorance.

  • John McMickle

    Just put up a sign you must bring your own interpreter. There is no sense in the taxpayers having to print government documents multiple languages.

  • chaloner

    This just proves Hispanics and Democrats will lead this nation to a 2nd Civil War!

  • Melvin Rozzell

    There is a town in deep south Texas where you can’t work in city hall unless you speak Spanish,because all business is conducted in Spanish. Is that intolerant??

  • LaFlare1017

    I have no problem with people speaking amongst themselves in any language they choose, obviously this country is a nation of immigrants. However, official business should certainly be conducted in English. Our laws are based in the English language, and when it comes to business, official legal wording is crucial to the legitimacy of a contract, so any contract or other other business document etc should be in English. Not just a political thing, but a matter of practicality and common sense.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    I am a firm believer in when in rome, do as the romans do. thus if you want to live in America, and do business, make money, or in other words do ANYTHING in public in the United States of America. the you speak American english or GTFO! and go back to wherever you came from. I have nothing but respect for people who came here legally, and Im not against other people having their own culture, as long as they dont try to shove that culture down my throat. but if you come here unlawfully. and dont have the common decency to speak the language spoken.. then [150 pages of expletives] to you!

  • W Dawes

    Keep the “official language” as English. You can say whatever. Funny how when you go to other countries, they have no problem talking English to Americans even though English is NOT their official language. But the Marxists have to complain about something to get scam votes.

  • Had Enough

    Here’s a news flash… THIS IS THE USA ! Speak English or STFU !!!

  • Ann

    One of the major negative turns this country took was when we started pressing 1 for English.

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    This is what happens when We The People vote democrats into public office. Lunatic Liberals have their head up their A$$ !

  • Raine Screwball Eaday

    But it’s not his problem unless he is or knows the translator. You can’t carry all the problems of the world, you have to step back and let it go.

  • Nancy

    All I have to say to the democratic party is go to Mexico and try to get away with not learning the language. First of all they will racially profile you and throw your illegal ass out. Second you will not get an interpreter or services because they will throw your illegal ass out. Third if you come back they will throw your ass in prison, where you will probably die, or your family can pay for your release.

  • AlwaysWatching

    It isn’t “because I don’t give a shit about anyone but me.” It’s about personal responsibility. I’m sure there are plenty of organizations that would be happy to provide translators for the poor and downtrodden.

    Quit using government as your bludgeon to get your way, and start taking responsibility to support organizations that provide the services you believe are needed.

  • Thomas Burr

    Considering you must be able READ, WRITE, and SPEAK English to become a US Citizen, then this makes a lot of sense.

  • Thomas Burr

    Thank goodness the minority lives in reality, and will cut off the allowance to their rotten, spoiled, and willfully ignorant children. Time to grow up and face reality.

  • dkag7

    Press 1 for English
    Press 2 for English
    Press 3 for English
    Press 4 for English

    Got it?

  • Shaghayegh Hend

    “English only zone” How fucking stupid. We should be learning more than one language and encourage ppl to know more than just english. I’ll never speak english in public just to fuck with the dumbasses.


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