Have You Seen This Blue Strip On a Curb? Here’s The INCREDIBLE Reason Behind It

by Mimi Roberts | Top Right News

Little blue strips are popping up all across the nation on curbs along many streets, but this is no coincidence. You see, there’s actually a purpose behind these lines. The reason is just so incredible, you may find one appearing right in front of your own home.

As Robert Rich of WMN reported, it’s called “The Safe Harbor Initiative,” and it’s been kicked off by a man named Anthony Welichko out of San Antonio, Texas. So, what exactly are these little blue lines? Well, as Welichko explains in his Facebook post:

To all law enforcement who see this line, know that the residents of this home appreciate your service and dedication to keeping the peace. Know that when you enter the neighborhood and see these lines that you are not alone or without “back-up.”

That’s right, these little blue strips along the curb are a show of solidarity that our citizens have with police. Specifically meaning that the people who live in the home directly in front of the mark on the curb have the officers’ backs, it’s a great way to show your support — and takes on a powerful new meaning in the wake of the horrific murders of five Dallas police officers.


However, the blue lines aren’t meant for just police, as its purpose is two-fold.

“We do not need the media to make our voices of support for our police and emergency services heard ( though it would be nice),” Welichko went on to say. “Lastly, if you are in my neighborhood and mean to harm a member of law enforcement, know that decision may be hazardous to your health as someone has that officers back!”

It’s honestly quite a shame that our nation has devolved to the point where many have turned their backs on those who voluntarily risk their lives to serve and protect our communities. However, it’s becoming quite clear that many people here in America couldn’t feel any more differently and have began to show signs of support to let police know that people still do care and respect them.

For that reason, I may just be headed out to the curb this afternoon with some tape and can of blue spray paint. What do you think – do you see yourself taking place in The Safe Harbor Initiative?

(h/t: Facebook)
(Image source: Facebook)

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  • Ron Smith

    Great story, and I do appreciate all that our law enforcement officers do, but the blue line shows where your B box is located.

  • Jim Hull

    how soon before phont blue lines show up, giving police a false sense of security?? you know it will happen.

  • Jim Hull

    how long will it be, before phony blue lines show up, giving police a false sense of security. you know it will happen.

    • Jo

      I was just thinking that also………

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        • Deanie Gallimore

          Thinking the same thing.

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    • Kevin Hoyes

      Way to go on putting a negative spin on such a good story, i get what you’re saying but you should have kept it to yourself cause now your giving the wrong people ideas.

      • Albert Schmitlap.

        What, you don’t like the TRUTH. Being blind/deaf does NOT make you safer.

      • Joe Clam

        Don’t sorry, the police have scanners that can tell the fake blue strips from the real ones..

        • Sue Long

          It’s a painted blue stripe. How can you tell fake from real?

          • Jerry Watkins

            Sue – It’s a joke. Calm down.

          • HDwidow


      • icefox

        The WRONG people got negative ideas five minutes after that first post hit the mainstream.

    • Albert Schmitlap.

      Like in front of the New Black Panthers and BLM headquarters.

    • Bryan Bennett

      Not saying that won’t happen, but the police know the good and bad neighborhoods.

    • Julie Nelson

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    • bygeorge

      It’s the same as when blacks activists went around spraying “KKK” on black churches before setting them on fire. The give away was they were misspelled.

      • Mia Basura


    • Wynrotar

      if you’re a cop killer are you going to paint a redline,,,,

      • icefox

        Don’t we wish.

    • SkivMarine

      That’s why you don’t ever trust these online stories that have no verification.
      Personally; I would never trust a little blue line on a curb.

    • James Frazier

      Depending on what hood your in i think they will be able to tell

    • Necrachilles

      I’d like to think that cops don’t see this blue line and say “Well shit, this place is safe, let your guard down boys”

  • Daniel Spain

    I’d do it if the owners of this trailer park wouldn’t smack me with a fine.

  • Brandon English

    What if we do not have a curb? Should I paint the grass? I can’t afford to put a curb in just to paint a blue line on it.

    • Janice Wood Jordan

      Blue porch lights are what a lot of rural people are doing.

  • Janice Wood Jordan

    There are blue porch lights out there too, which is what we have since there are no curbs when you live in rural America.

    • Jerry Watkins

      Good god!

  • Oingo Boingo

    Where I live the color is lighter blue and it is for the construction people so they don’t cause an explosion by digging up a NG line.

  • Gary Bell

    Another one to fall for. Those little marks mean that waterline comes out there, Been in use for years.

    • SmokeyBehr

      We have a W molded into the curb where the water line comes out, and a meter box just inside of it.

  • Minerva

    I can spray paint the grass, the gravel, the mailbox or the ditch. We just don’t have any curbs around here.

  • Robert Stepp

    this would be a good idea if they used a different color. Most, if not all, water companies paint a blue strip on the road or curb in font of most houses and businesses to mark where the water meter is located. This may give the wrong impression to both police and and anyone else that sees them that all these homes and such have the officers back. since blue has been used by water companies to do this for over 20 years i think a better idea is to use a different color or perhaps put a blue ribbon on ur mailbox or a blue mark elsewhere. its probably not a big deal but its always best to avoid confusion when you can.

  • Debra Armstrong

    I have a curb but, I am gonna put it on a sign and stake in my yard.

  • Edwrad D Salk

    Black Lines Matter…LOL

    • Rocket

      If this were a story about how black folks were spraying black lines around to protest their murder at the hands of police all the conservative racists here would be screaming about vandalism. But because it’s in support of officers, suddenly defacing someone else’s property is okay!

      • Dan Howe

        Who’s defacing someone else’s property? Anyway, they have nothing to do with cops. They mark the location of your water service. Blue is the J.U.L.I.E. code for water.

      • Allen Kincade


      • Denise Mansi Koundry

        In front of my house, my property not defacing public property. And black folks have been protesting, rioting, shooting, pillaging, robbing and burning. That somehow shows their displeasure!?! Don’t get me wrong, killing an unarmed teen for doing nothing is very wrong, however I don’t believe Michael Brown of Ferguson fits that description. I read all the Grand Jury paper work, all the witness statements, the autopsy reports, saw the crime scene photos. Also saw the blood and bullet in the Police officers vehicle. There are plenty of cases where the police did wrong, this was not one of those cases.

        • stillnobs

          Wrong. The curb is not your property.

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            Nor is it anyone else’s, per Rocket.

          • stillnobs

            Uh… I don’t know who “Rocket” it is, but the curb belongs to the city, as does the easement. Any intelligent property owner knows that.

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            Guess I wrong about Rocket.
            Sorrry for you that your city would do something horrible b/c you put a blue strip on the curb.

            Ours woudn’t……..viola, every house has their house number address on every curb in this city in glow-in-the-dark paint.. Our local State university goes on a campaign every year to get $$ by painting these addresses on each side of the driveway. The police and fire department have expressed their great appreciation for this as it helps them in the middle of the night to find the correct address.

            There goes your argument. At least here in Texas.

          • stillnobs

            Who is “viola”?
            People paint their addresses on the curbs here, too. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s not private property, which is all I said. So no, my “argument” didn’t go anywhere. (I’m not arguing, but the way. I typed one sentence to correct one thing the poster said. It is clear from your diatribe that you like to argue, though. If that’s how you get your jollies, you may want to join a debate group. Also, I realized after I posted that short sentence that this conversation is 10 months old, so you’re 100% barking up the wrong tree.)

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            Dumb looks natural on you.
            Consider yourself blocked. I didn’t know Elon put out such nutz.

          • stillnobs

            LOL! What an intelligent response. I’m assuming you don’t know what irony is. Bless your heart. 🙂

          • stillnobs

            By the way, genius, you can’t block people from posting. This isn’t your page. Smh.

      • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

        No, it’s putting a line IN FRONT OF ONE’S OWN PROPERTY!

  • Ryan Watson

    I cant support my local law enforcement. They are a bunch of crooks undeserving of my support

  • Susan Schneider

    It is a good idea but also a scary one. Who do you trust? wow.

  • Catbird

    The water department in our town puts these in to mark the location of the water meter for the service techs and meter readers.

    • Christine Hedrick’ Goldick

      My area also does this with blue paint . People would think the water company did it

    • Refractivedynamicdioptrics

      They mark fire hydrants here with a blue curb strip, along with a blue surface reflector in the road.

  • Michael E Clayton

    I think the police who work certain areas of towns and cities know what type of people are there so if they see fake blue lines they should know

  • Rocket

    I can’t wait until one of you copsuckers is arrested for vandalism while spraying these things around town.

  • Bryan Bennett

    I think that would be good on a bumper sticker too.

  • lberns

    Conservatives are the state’s bitches. Cold dead hands my ass. Bootlickers

    • Briez

      Gee, I’d rather be a Conservative bitch than a Liberal whore.

      • lberns

        Lol! Statists are such one dimensional thinking tools. I’m far from being “liberal.” In fact, you, a bonafide state worshipping collectivist have much more in common with them than I do. To me, the only difference between a liberal and a conservative is in degree, not kind. Both want their grubby authoritarian collectivist hands on the state’s guns. Both want to load those guns with their bullets.

        I do get a kick watching you guys bicker though. It’s like watching monkeys fling feces at each other. Useless, but entertaining

        • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary


  • IcedTeaParty

    The hypocrisy of all this posturing is that none of these ‘we got your back’ clowns are willing to have a discussion about the issue. They are unwilling to even consider the idea that there is something wrong with the modern institution of law enforcement.

    • Briez

      Well gee, I see you harping, but I don’t see you laying out your view about what’s wrong with law enforcement.

      • IcedTeaParty

        So you are admitting that you are unaware?

        • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

          Unaware of what?

  • KittenMittons

    Until the town asks its residents to stop painting blue lines all over the sidewalks.

    • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

      Erm…….not on the sidewalks. Curbs are…….on the street. Ya know……the things that cars/trucks go up and down on? Sidewalks are for people traffic.

  • Chris L

    Great idea!

  • Grace
  • Robert Skreli

    How are they suppose to see those tiny blue lines on the curb in NYC where the cars are parked . It should be i support NYPD/law enforcement flag hanging everywhere #SUPPORTNYPD

  • Matt Peters

    This is retarded, and fake.

  • Gene

    Well I guess I will NOT be painting blue lines at my house…

    • Briez

      You must be an Obama supporter.

  • Dan Daniel

    As soon as I do I will get fined by my city or cited for defacing public property

  • Christine Hedrick’ Goldick

    I would support any law enforcement . However maybe something should go on the front of a home so idiots can’t mock the blue tape & act like they will protect law enforcement when actually do the opposite. Just a thought!

  • Chopper

    BS it show were your water main is

    • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

      Not in this city. Our water mains are in the alley.

  • Christine Hedrick’ Goldick
  • outdoorplaces

    The blue lines mark where water meters are located – has nothing to do with the police /facepalm

    Who makes these stories up!?

    • Briez

      Gee, in your state you need blue tape to find a water meter? Here in Texas we use a blue reflective lane marker to mark where the FIRE HYDRANTS to assist the FIRE DEPARTMENT. Now go eat yer peas!

  • JoeCushing

    Perfect. Now all you have to do is put a NO sign over so they know they are not welcome there.

    • Briez

      Well, Sweetie, I hope that in your miserable little life you NEVER need a police officer’s help.

      • JoeCushing

        For your sake, I how you never need the kind of help you think you can get from a cop because they aren’t actually there to provide that kind of help. At least I know that and won’t make a futile effort to reach out to the state for help

  • Denise Mansi Koundry

    I’m putting up my blue lines! Because in this house I have the police officers back. I support our officers.

    • imgizmo

      As another person posted.
      Blue marks waterlines going into buildings if the gas company just so happen to be replacing gas lines that day in that neighborhood
      and because the gas co. thinks that is where the costumers water line is
      and it is really somewhere else and they hit that line that will be the
      home owners responsibility to fix that VERY EXPENSIVE water break.

  • FEMA L366

    So you people are saying you would risk your lives to “back up” an officer? LOL not likely.

    Anyway, why would you risk your life for a cop, who doesn’t care about your life for one second? Seriously people, start leading yourselves and protecting your OWN families and loved ones.

  • Ken Hackenberg

    so a red line indicates that household is against the police force?

  • LIz P

    I know that your intentions on this safe harbor act is good, but please stop telling people to paint a blue line on their curb. Any color but BLUE OR GREEN OR YELLOW OR RED or ORANGE.

    These are the colors the local utility departments use for blue=water red= electric green= sanitation. yellow/orange= gas

    Now, I am sure that your intentions are very good. I myself am a huge supporter of law enforcement. When you tell a home owner thinking that they are doing something good for local police and they just so happen to be replacing gas lines that day in that neighborhood and because the gas co. thinks that is where the costumers water line is and it is really somewhere else and they hit that line that will be the home owners responsibility to fix that VERY EXPENSIVE water break. Please pick another color and stop telling people to share this….That Blue line also means that is where the curb box is located. Please stop and tell them to pick another color.

    Thank you!

    • stillnobs

      Or tie a blue ribbon to your mailbox, put up a blue wreath, change your porch light to blue… the possibilities are endless.

  • Jerry Watkins

    More meaningless “warm and fuzzy” from the Left. Comparable to the stupidity of the “No gun zone” signs reducing gun violence. Don’t forget to stick a daisy in the muzzle of the bad guy’s gun when he arrives, to show how much he is loved. Jeez! When will this lunacy end?

  • Darrell Brooks

    That’s a mark the city makes to mark where the water line is………………..Come on people!

  • Mikey

    Man! Some quiet old NW group had an idea and it worked locally for years but has now been torn into crap by FB; the haters, naysayers, witches and goblins………..

  • Nubby Mcquilicutty

    Ummm..that actually a crime..vandalism. Morons.

  • Frank

    How many idiots are going to believe this Garbage. the “BLUE” Paint marks on the curb marks where the Water Meter is leading up to the house…..

    • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

      Not in all citites. And, definately, not in mine. Our utility meters are all in the alley.

  • Billy Lynn Williams

    Have to go buy some blue spray paint. I will always support the Law.

  • Top Cat ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Jesus, people are such idiots. The blue line has, for years, meant the utility company has been by to mark the potable water line.

    • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

      Not in this State.

      • “Not in this State” – Perhaps not in the State of Stupid, but in all 50 “states” – yep, there are municipalities that mark water lines with a blue stripe.

        But regardless, to trust it would mean the homeowner has your back, one would have to be in the state of stupid.

        • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

          to trust it would mean the homeowner has your back, one would have to be in the state of stupid.
          Not so, at all. We support our officers here. Sad for you.

          Got proof of your allegations about there are municipalities that mark water lines with a blue stripe?

          You use the word “stupid” a lot. Guess there’s a reason for it….;)

          • When someone says “We” as though it actually means something, “stupid” seems the appropriate response.

            Of course even were it true, nefarious individuals would soon take advantage of that fact. Fortunately it’s mularkey but I doubt any officer would be stupid enough to pay any attention to a stripe on a curb anyway.

            “Texas811 has more than 1,500 members who play a vital role in protecting underground facilities around the state….
            Marking Color Code”
            Red -Electric power lines, cables, conduit and lighting cables
            Yellow – Gas, oil, steam, petroleum or gaseous materials
            Orange – Communication, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduit
            Blue – Potable water
            Green – Sewer and drain lines

            … with marks at curb or property line if crossed.”

            If I use the word a lot, it could be people who think “upvotes” mean anything need reminding rather often.

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            And, none of Texas 811 says these lines are in the street. I’ve lived in two major cities in Texas and NONE of them had water lines in the streets, marked with blue.

          • Oh dear Lord, the curb is marked where the utility happens to cross.

            Extalk clings to his mistake because he spent a lot of time making it. Don’t be eztalk.

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            OMG! You’re not very unstupid are you? LOL! Look at my eye, Beel……..Is that the eye of a “he”?
            There are NO blue stripes anywhere down my street, which is 5 blocks long. Neither do we have any blue stripes down the whole length of the adjoining Avenue from which all the numbered streets begin. I guess that means we don’t have any water. ?
            And, in another large city north of here (100,000+ population), did we have blue stripes anywhere along our streets. We had our utilities in the alleys.
            Your stupidity is blocked.

          • Top Cat ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            That no one is currently excavating in your neighborhood might be why there are no yards or curbs marked for utilities, but hey… that’s just my guess.

            Do you really intend to cling to your error?
            (Doing so is stupid whether you’re male, female or “other.”)

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            No error. I’ve yet to find any facts other than opinions. Even Beels’ proof didn’t provide any facts.
            I just haven’t EVER seen any blue paint on any street (here in Texas) in my older than 50 years.
            So……..I’ll be free to put a blue stripe down my street ……….. until MY city tells me otherwise.
            Apparently, I’m not the only idjit that thinks this way: http://bluelivesmatter.blue/blue-lines-popping-curbs-heres/
            And,I don’t support outrageous claims to the police shouldn’t depend upon the protection of citizens. He’s a sad, sad man.

          • Top Cat ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            1. He gave you a quote from those who mark for utilities in Texas, dear.

            2. An appeal to ignorance (“Well I’ve never seen it”) is stupid, dear.

            3. No one said you weren’t “free” to paint a stupid stripe on your curb, dear.

            4. An appeal to masses (others doing it) – also stupid, dear.

            5. If I get that gibberish, nothing he said was sad. If I saw a blue stripe on a curb, I’m not going to assume my “back is covered” – that would be just, well, stupid.

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            I tried to reply, but your comment has been removed.

  • andy

    you stupid people water utilities nation wide use these blue stripes to indicate water service locations

    • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

      Appears that you are the stupid, here. Our 250,000+ population city doesn’t use any stripes to indicate water services. All of our utilities are in the alley. Streets are for driving.

  • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

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