Shocking Video Shows Muslim Terrorists Gunning Down French Policeman After Paris Attack

Above: Victim of Muslim terrorist attack in Paris rushed to hospital by EMS

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The “Religion of Peace” struck again today against the West, this time in the heart of France, which has more Muslims per capita than any other E.U. nation.

Black-clad gunmen stormed the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper known for lampooning Islamic radicals early Wednesday, killing 12 and injuring as many as 15 before escaping, French officials said..

As many as three Kalashnikov-toting shooters were being sought after the attack at Charlie Hebdo, the newspaper known for challenging Muslim terrorists with a 2011 caricature of Prophet Mohammed on its cover and which recently tweeted a cartoon of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Two policemen and several journalists were among the dead.

“We’ve avenged the honor of the prophet!” the killers shouted, according to witnesses who spoke to Sky News.

Stunning video shows the gunmen brazenly strolling down a Paris sidestreet with their AK-47s shouting “Allahu Akbar”, opening fire on a policeman, then as he lies on the ground, finishing him off with a head shot.

WATCH (Warning: Graphic violence):

The gunmen fled in a stolen car, and may have quickly ditched it and disappeared into the French capital’s subway system, according to reports. A pedestrian has been injured by the terrorist’s vehicle, and there has been a second shootout, according to Le Figaro.

French President Francois Hollande branded the attack an act of terrorism and claimed that several other potential terror attacks had been thwarted “in recent weeks.” Hollande added that the newspaper had been threatened in the past and was already under police protection and surveillance.

Barack Obama however, did not use the “T-word” to describe the attack. His spokesmouth Josh Earnest this morning called the premeditated Islamic mass-murder an “act of violence,” not terrorism. This is the same administration that called the jihadist slaughter at Ft. Hood by Al-Queda trained Nidal Nassan “workplace violence.”

Will France — and Europe — finally “get it” with regard to their suicidal levels of Islamic immigration?

Time will tell. In Germany this month, massive crowds, approaching 20,000 have marched against Islam, Sharia Law and immigration. However, instead of heeding the public’s voices, German President Angela Merkel has condemned them, and told Germans not to participate in the marches.

UPDATE: French authorities are “still engaged in a manhunt for 3 individuals,” who remain at large.

UPDATE: Liberal apologists are claiming that the Muslim terrorists did NOT say “Allahu Akbar” during today’s attack. If someone tells you that, show them this irrefutable clip…


Saw this meme that ridicules the “IllRideWithYou” meme concocted by liberals after the recent Sydney terror incident:


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