Shocking Video Shows Muslim Terrorists Gunning Down French Policeman After Paris Attack

Above: Victim of Muslim terrorist attack in Paris rushed to hospital by EMS

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The “Religion of Peace” struck again today against the West, this time in the heart of France, which has more Muslims per capita than any other E.U. nation.

Black-clad gunmen stormed the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper known for lampooning Islamic radicals early Wednesday, killing 12 and injuring as many as 15 before escaping, French officials said..

As many as three Kalashnikov-toting shooters were being sought after the attack at Charlie Hebdo, the newspaper known for challenging Muslim terrorists with a 2011 caricature of Prophet Mohammed on its cover and which recently tweeted a cartoon of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Two policemen and several journalists were among the dead.

“We’ve avenged the honor of the prophet!” the killers shouted, according to witnesses who spoke to Sky News.

Stunning video shows the gunmen brazenly strolling down a Paris sidestreet with their AK-47s shouting “Allahu Akbar”, opening fire on a policeman, then as he lies on the ground, finishing him off with a head shot.

WATCH (Warning: Graphic violence):

The gunmen fled in a stolen car, and may have quickly ditched it and disappeared into the French capital’s subway system, according to reports. A pedestrian has been injured by the terrorist’s vehicle, and there has been a second shootout, according to Le Figaro.

French President Francois Hollande branded the attack an act of terrorism and claimed that several other potential terror attacks had been thwarted “in recent weeks.” Hollande added that the newspaper had been threatened in the past and was already under police protection and surveillance.

Barack Obama however, did not use the “T-word” to describe the attack. His spokesmouth Josh Earnest this morning called the premeditated Islamic mass-murder an “act of violence,” not terrorism. This is the same administration that called the jihadist slaughter at Ft. Hood by Al-Queda trained Nidal Nassan “workplace violence.”

Will France — and Europe — finally “get it” with regard to their suicidal levels of Islamic immigration?

Time will tell. In Germany this month, massive crowds, approaching 20,000 have marched against Islam, Sharia Law and immigration. However, instead of heeding the public’s voices, German President Angela Merkel has condemned them, and told Germans not to participate in the marches.

UPDATE: French authorities are “still engaged in a manhunt for 3 individuals,” who remain at large.

UPDATE: Liberal apologists are claiming that the Muslim terrorists did NOT say “Allahu Akbar” during today’s attack. If someone tells you that, show them this irrefutable clip…


Saw this meme that ridicules the “IllRideWithYou” meme concocted by liberals after the recent Sydney terror incident:


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  • Herman Vogel

    France has harbored these animals for decades,,,this is how they repay France’s Hospitality. When you sleep with DOGS you wake up with Fleas,,,and these fleas carry the Plague of Terrorism

    • Wil Massey

      That is an insult to dogs.

      • Toni Ryan

        I agree

        • Robert F. Anderson, Jr.

          Yep a slander of our best friends.

          • Karl Nielson

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          • Son of Liberty

            What you selling drugs?

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        • Dan Reilly

          Why not take this crap elsewhere !!!

          • Don Newcomb

            It’s not crap, it’s blatant lies!

      • Wiliam Deitrick

        And fleas.

    • Dana Davis

      A self-described “secular” nation is nothing more than a red carpet invitation. So much for Notre Dame ehh? Eventually they will destroy everything that Christianity has ever created.

      • Neil Firkin

        Let the crusades begin…this time finish the job…we’ve had enough practice…

        • Thaaff

          Neil, that just might become a reality!

      • Stan

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    • Responsible citizen.

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    • David Worley

      You allowed yourselves to be unarmed and easy targets… Show an example to the world as you are systematically slaughtered for any acts that defies Good and peaceful Muslims.. You allow Islam to invade as you gave up your Guns… Who is surprised? Great Britten is just about to get very active with Terrorism. They are Unarmed also…

      • joe ferguson

        Had the photographer been armed with something more than a cell phone, he might have been able to take both those fools out! He was at a great advantage to do so!

      • Rocky_Lady

        This is how they behave in their own country, how can we expect anything different elsewhere?

  • Kile

    Worthless mohamed buggering scumbags.

  • Anja J

    “Will France — and Europe — finally “get it” with regard to their suicidal levels of Islamic immigration? ”
    Will THEY get it? When will WE get it? Who is coming across OUR borders? For years, the borders have been wide open, we captured a couple known islamic terrorists coming across our southern border, and a judge let two of them go, and they escaped to Canada! How many more are here? Every time congress and Obama talk of “immigration reform”, our borders are over run with people trying to get into the country to qualify for amnesty, and in those numbers are TERRORISTS! SHUT THE BORDERS DOWN NOW! Or, be prepared to see actions like this in your city in the future.

    • Elm Creek Smith

      1. Secure the borders.
      2. Finish the fence.
      3. Deport the illegal aliens and visa over-stayers; all of them. School buses should be available during summer vacation.
      4. Then, and only then, we might have a discussion about “immigration reform.”

      • Jen

        So you are going to bus people back across the ocean? lol

        • College Geek

          We have these inventions called planes…

          • jon

            We know what they do with planes

        • Chewable Germ

          We’ll see how far the bus can go in the ocean.

          • bubba2001

            Heeeey!Good place for them!

          • mogul264

            Not far, but we DO have cruise ships with sanitary problems galore! Some of these terrorists would feel right at home!

          • Placeholderz

            Build a big goat pen just over the border….they’ll flock to it…pun intended. Then give them ‘lead poisoning’ when they try to come back. Easy targets, they’ll be all tuckered out from their orgy.

        • kat747

          Sounds like a “good plan”.

        • Scarlett Letter

          No, we are going to dump them in the ocean for shark bate.

        • Toby Allred

          If they get the bus far enough offshore to submerge it… I’m all for that.

          • Bee Cee

            Make sure there are no empty seats on the bus.

        • Mike Butler

          We can take all of our troop ships out of mothballs and put all the Moslems aboard them set them to sea, and then sink the ships.

        • Bee Cee

          Fly them out over the ocean, hand them a parachute and drop them off.

        • Don Newcomb

          Yep, drive it right off the nearest pier.

        • Elm Creek Smith

          The buses can take them to airports. From there, we can take them home and…drop them off. Landing is optional.

      • Anja J

        Problem is, so many of the illegals not only broke our laws invading us, they break out laws by getting welfare, food stamps, assisted housing, JOBS, and they have DUI’s, they steal ID’s to use (which is a felony), many are members of gangs, cartels, smuggle drugs, smuggle humans etc, and yet, Obama and people like Boehner, McConnell, Rubio, Christie, McCain, Lindsey Graham, that stupid Jeb Bush, almost ALL the democrats in congress, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul etc, want to give them US citizenship via an amensty! Since when is the idea of “US citizenship” considered so cheap, so low hanging fruit around the world, that our elected so called “leaders” want to give it away to people like that? to criminals? Felons? Rapists? Drug cartel members–Biden said even if they were in a cartel but wanted amnesty, if they swore not to be a bad person again, they could get amnesty—are you kidding me? Some murdering drug cartel member pinky swears he will be good and then gets rewarded to be a US citizen?

        • Thaaff

          Anja, one good reason for all this mess is the fact that our so-called “president” is himself an illegal alien! He has never become a citizen of the United States; in fact, he has been using stolen Social Security cards all of his adult life! Everything about him is a LIE….his name, the facts about his birth, his school & college records, his actual religion & belief system, his actual associates throughout the years, his sexual orientation & that of his “wife”, the truth regarding the births of their two alleged daughters, everything!! ALL LIES!

        • Bee Cee

          Biden said that? Doesn’t really matter….I cannot possibly think less of him than I already do. Sounds like a third grade pinky swear… stupid can a grown man be? Delaware barbers have cut his hair too short….the brains leaked out.

    • David J Michel Jr.

      all part of Obama’s plan.

    • Neil Firkin

      I am all locked and loaded…just let one of those cock roaches draw down on me…I’ll show ’em their 72 virgins.

    • paymetoexpatplz

      ISIS already said they are in the US, in New Mexico to be exact. Does everyone really think ONLY Mexicans cross the border to Mexico??!?!?!? 300 Somalian terrorists just crossed about 2 months ago, and those are the ones we’re actually told about.

      • Monika Bove

        Thank the Big Zero in the White House!

      • Bee Cee

        My local TV station has been hacked within the last 2 days by ISIS OR an ISIS style group. They claim that they are also in Kentucky and in Arizona. They made several claims about what info they have etc. The case was turned over to the FBI .The TV station has maintained it’s lockdown of their Twitter account. You may be able to find a link to this @

  • julia

    It will be here also if the American people do not wake up to the regime we have right here, they are already trying to disarm us so we will be helpless. We have terrorist training camps right here in America but most of our media is silent on anything except what our treasonous administration wants them to report. Join together people before it is too late, check out Dianne Savage and The Patriotic Defense fund and see how we can all work together!! United we stand, Divided we WILL FALL!!

    • Philip Greenberg

      And when it does the armed citizen will fire back…..I know I sure as hell, will!

      • Timothy Dawson

        The horrible truth of the matter is that when it does happen here in the US, it will occur in a “gun-free zone” like a school or mall. Very rarely do these cowards target places with high security, usually they want their victims to be innocent and defenseless.

        • stone8

          Gun free zones = target rich zones. Nuff said.

        • Mr Smiff

          psst! don’t tell anyone. I still carry in these so called “gun free zones” : )

          • joe mama

            You are not alone. 🙂

    • Louis Dicapua

      if this country ever and i mean EVER gets disarmed and lose the 2nd Amendment .,…we can kiss our freedom good bye ! and with these damn rotten Liberal anti gun lobbyist nerds keeps on getting the gun control in their hands ,this country also is danger ,too !

      • Larry J Parr

        Take comfort in knowing that we have over 200 years of gun production, sale and resale, family hand downs, and more than 3% with the same opinion you have. In any showdown with liberals, guess who is better armed? How many native sons in uniform will open fire on citizens? Sure, there will be some Hooorah idiots that will, but they are just as likely to succumb to their peers as free citizens.

  • David Carpenter

    These people are without mercy of conscience. This something that the Obama administration is giving plenty of time to get their acts together and plan their next attack, by doing NOTHING!!! We are next my friends! Stand at the ready. Buy ammo and stock pile some food. The Muslims and the black community are going to explode soon.

    • Philip Greenberg

      We be ready……….

    • Sherry Taylor-Sparks

      Speak against the individuals don’t group a whole religion and a race as one.Not ALL Muslims are like this and not ALL Black people are animals.

      • James Bond

        Sherry Your are right, except unless the ones that are NOT like all the bad one start to speak out against them, until then they are all one and the same. Either they are the problem or the solution, if they are not speaking out against the problem, they are as culpable.

      • stone8

        Then where pray tell is the outrage by the “good” muslims? Nowhere to be found or heard, which leads to the inclusiveness in those statements. As for the blacks, way to many are animals and once again very few black voices speak out against the violence.

        • Kevin Slack

          Bill Cosby …….never mind !!

          • Thaaff

            Bill Clinton…..never mind!!

        • Thaaff

          Stone, I really think that we should keep in mind that if the moderate Muslims were to speak out, it would means their lives and the lives of their families! What would you do?

      • Guest

        Yes they are

      • ScottinVA

        Show us the outrage from the “good” muslims, then. All we see from them is uncomfortable silence.

      • Sharon Kidwell

        Sherry, I don’t see the so called moderate muslims voicing any complaints. If they are against it then why aren’t they saying something! I agree not all blacks are out there rioting, but I don’t see them speaking up either!

      • Sherrie Lynn Aldrich

        Oh yes they are and fyi…….Islam is a cult started by a pedophile….if they are truly muslim…..they want you dead.

      • bubba2001

        And not all gun owners are crazy.

    • Thaaff

      David, you are so right about the Muslims; as for this year, we had better fasten our seat-belts! I’m not worried about the black population; these recent riots etc. have all been manufactured entirely by this divisive administration….the fed even hired professional agitators from outside of Ferguson to fan the flames! Without the pandering media, the whole thing would have fizzled just like the other manufactured “Move On” uprisings! You are right about us being prepared for a bumpy ride ala the Muslims!

    • Bee Cee

      Hopefully they will explode on each other.

  • Susan

    I think they may have chosen the wrong country to immigrate to, the French are not going to put up with that crap. Remember, this was the first country in the EU to outlaw the wearing of the veil for public employees.

    • Redbo57

      Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it the French who always run and hide when confronted with violence? Leaving the ugly Americans to clean their mess and save their butt once again. I.e. WWII, VIETNAM, MIDDLE EAST, now back to their home turf. Guess they should be more proactive in the fight to destroy ISIS/ISIL on Syrian and Iraqi soil.

      • stone8

        As the old saying goes, “French Army rifle for sale, never fired and only dropped once”

      • Louis Dicapua

        you forgot the WW! we saved their asses twice !!!!!!! WW1 and WW 2

  • Philip Greenberg

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the people watching were also armed? But as it goes, gun control in France has left its citizens defenseless.

    • Louis Dicapua

      with the countries in Europe with gun controls are FUCKED !!! even in Canada ,too! and Obozo is trying to disarm AMERICA !! slowly !!

    • Chewable Germ

      If they were, and stopped these terrorists, THEY would have been arrested and charged with murder.

    • Chewable Germ

      If they were, and stopped these terrorists, THEY would have been arrested and charged with murder.

  • terry

    Let the wicked show their wicked ways because their day will come when an even stronger force will judge them and they will be punished…Bless those that died in vain!!

  • redanna

    Pack them up and move them out! If you have to step on civil rights to protect your country, to protect your countrymen then do it! They are trying to destroy you! Do something! Any muslin you does not support equal rights, freedom of speech/religion, believing in your government/customs, etc send them back for they do not belong in western society.

  • Brian Baca

    Not a believer in what happened IN WWII with the round up of Japanese, but I’m all for rounding these evil bastards up and removing them from America!!!

    • Donald R Curtis Sr

      I highly suspect if you had been in the time and place of ordinary Americans in 1941 you just may have supported the round up of the Japanese. It’s a different kind of story when you and your family are being threatened.

      • Wiliam Deitrick

        It sure as hell is a different story.
        I WAS 10. And I DO remember the war years.
        When Pearl Harbor was attacked – WE WERE BEING ATTACKED!!!!!!
        Where the hell were you????

        • Donald R Curtis Sr

          Just stumbled across your reply. I was five when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Had three brothers on the ground in Europe, one a crane operator building pontoon bridges (doesn’t get much more front line than that); one paratrooper, wounded twice behind German lines, two Purple Hearts one Bronze Star; one a rifleman in The Battle Of The Bulge; at least one cousin that died in the Pacific war; another cousin that was totally incapacitated by war wounds….

      • Brian Baca

        Maybe so.

      • German Dude

        and don’t forget the German-American and Italian-American internment camps that…oh wait………nevermind

  • marg

    Has anyone told France to just get over it? Isn’t that what they told us after 9/11???

  • Chris Nichols

    So much for protection…….
    “French President Francois Hollande branded the attack an act of terrorism and claimed that several other potential terror attacks had been thwarted “in recent weeks.” Hollande added that the newspaper had been threatened in the past and was already under police protection and surveillance.”

    • go

      So much for French protection……guess they need help from……say…..hmmmm….the…….??????……..US???????……as usual?

  • Mark Allen

    If only he would have had a gun he could have defended himself

  • Minerva

    Will France FINALLY do what they have to do and STOP Muslims from coming into their country? Will they start deportations of illegals and those who refuse to assimilate into NORMAL human beings ASAP? Will France hunt down these barbarians and execute them on the spot as they should rabid dogs? My guess is no and things will escalate to the point of no return for all of France and that will be a tragedy.

    • Louis Dicapua

      England is next as they have problems with the sickos, stinky ,smelly, Muslims roaming like cockroaches in London !!

      • ScottinVA

        Roaming like cockroaches and killing and raping British children.

  • Ed Woodson

    Note that the Blacks involved in the attacks on, and the killing of, policemen in NYC Were all Islam converts. The religion of peace, indeed.

    If you want to know who’s funding all of the anti police protests, along the Brown/Gardner protests, look no further than the Islamic Terrorist Organizations.

    Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    • Louis Dicapua


  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    Didn’t know that Europeans were this thick headed enough to realize that they are under attack and this is just the beginning. Maybe you will think twice about disarming your citizens when the enemy has all of the firepower they need to destroy you.

  • Eric Johnson

    too bad for France… they deserve all the crap they get

  • Hey France, do you think it is time to start exporting these pigs?

  • Narniaman

    Obama. . . . “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”. . . . . .So this morning is Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” moment. . . .

  • Wedge

    Barack Obama however, did not use the “T-word” to describe the attack. His spokesmouth Josh Earnest this morning called the premeditated Islamic mass-murder an “act of violence,” not terrorism.
    Like he is going to call his buddies terrorist? Isnt anyone seeing the insane part of having this pos as president? He is either with them 100% or he is a coward? I say both!

    • jules2u

      Bet he thinks it is another cause of “workplace violence”.

  • Jerry Perkins

    What a bunch of uncivilized cowards. They are a stain on humanity. They can’t handle cartoons, or have the IQ to live amongst us. They are our enemy, and progressive politicians have blood on their hands. Now all of the news organizations are going to stop reporting on Islamic terrorists. We need to stop all immigration to the West, from the third world.

  • Thill

    So it’s time to fight back before they do the same thing here. It’s obvious that our cultures are to far apart to ever live in peace. We have to rid our land of these third world freaks.

  • Elm Creek Smith

    The police officer in the video was executed. There was no one to help him since France prevents law-abiding citizens from going armed, much like many of the urban sewers in the United States.

    • stone8

      Amen. You notice that the highest gun violence areas are the ones with the most Draconian gun laws.

      • Robert

        This is an absolute lie! Get your facts straight before you post. The US has more gun violence than the EU put together.

        • DustinDopps

          He meant the cities in the U.S. that have Draconian gun laws tend to have the highest rate of gun violence. He wasn’t comparing the US to the EU. Sheesh. Calm down.

          • Robert

            Fair enough, my apologies, I didn’t catch that. Still, it just really bothers me when a tragedy like this occurs and everyone just jumps on the gun rights bandwagon. It’s not the time or place.

          • Michael Lynch

            “Gun Laws” do not stop ONE CRIMINAL from having a gun. FACT!

          • Robert

            The definition of the word fact is “a thing that is indisputably the case”. While I agree that you can’t stop all criminals, how do you intend to prove your statement? Furthermore, I am not even arguing gun control (I actually support American rights to cary guns), I am just stating that this is not the forum to dispute it, out of respect for the tragedy that just happened.

          • Michael Lynch

            Robert, The Anti-Gun forces in the USA are using these very acts to push further gun control laws in the USA. They argue that this is the reason that we need “more gun regulations”! There is NO “disrespect” in my statement. I may NOT be able to prove that this is a “Fact”, However, I would unequivocally say that my statement is closer to a “fact” than the contention by the “Gun grabbers” that “gun laws” prevent crime!

          • Robert

            You know Michael, I think I owe you an apology. My comment yesterday came across a bit harsh. I was just frustrated by how many people jumped on this tragedy with insensitive comments. I understand that change comes out of conflict and this is the kind of conflict that causes change. I just wish both sides could let the dust settle before starting the gun rights war.

          • Michael Lynch

            I completely understand your point. And I respect the fact that you are willing to concede that you may have been harsh. I made the comment about gun control, because the subject was already opened. Lets mourn for those innocents who died at the hands of these monsters. I think that we can all agree that they deserve whatever punishment that they receive and that this type of violence must stop.

          • ScottinVA

            What’s tragic is bystanders have to either run away or wait to be gunned down. Pleading for mercy from those devout adherents of the “religion of peace” sure paid off for that cop, no?

          • Robert

            I agree, it is tragic and I agree these extremists must be stopped!

        • ScottinVA

          The US has 323 million people, Robert. Of those gun deaths you reference are gangbangers killing each other and intended victims killing attackers. Get THAT straight!

          • Robert

            I am aware of that and when I looked up the stats (yes, I looked something up before I opened my mouth) prior to responding, I was looking at per capita homicide rated. USA 2.83 deaths per 100,000 people. France 0.22 deaths per 100,000, Germany 0.20 deaths per 100,000, Austria 0.18 deaths per 100,000, need I go on.

            Hmm, looks like maybe gun control DOES work. Now everyone, get THAT straight!

          • Tim Stolinski

            What about overall violent crime in gun free country’s?

          • Robert

            That’s an excellent question and one that I don’t immediately have an answer too. Regardless, I despite what some may assume, I actually believe in the right bear arms and generally oppose countries that limit it’s citizen’s ability to protect themselves. I simply made my first comment because I believe a tragic story like this should not be immediately warped into a gun rights argument. It is disrespectful to the victims and their families. I will however leave you with one thought. This is France’s first terrorist attack in almost 20 years, for a country that many have been calling week islamic sympathizers, that seems pretty good to me. Maybe what they are doing is working better than America’s plan.

  • stone8

    they need to be exterminated like the vermin they are. Let us be thankful that theirs is a religion of peace, otherwise bad things could happen!!

  • David

    Reopen the gas chambers and fill them with radical muslims!!!!

  • David J Michel Jr.

    let this be a lesson.don’t let them in your country.just like cancer.

    • Louis Dicapua

      they are already here and is hiding or walking like the rest of us in normal clothing until they get the call !!

  • Pax

    We are next……

  • Louis Dicapua

    Obozo could care less what the terrorist had done and if this were here ,he would praised them !!

  • Jr

    When are people all over the world going to see these, I apologize to pigs everywhere, sick pigs for what they are? I have said it innumerable times, Islam is NOT a religion, it’s a cult that worships a pedophile who changed the laws to suit his sick twisted agenda. We continue to protect them under the umbrella of their faux religion, but If we don’t find a way to rid the world of this cancer, this sickness that pervades our universe, we will be doomed to follow what they decree.

  • Hatch

    If this is of Muhommad. Muhommed is a dushbag.

  • Betty Hall

    who cares what that fag commie obumas has to say ?hell,he’s one of them.

  • AntiObama

    Obama disciples doing what they do best. Murdering innocents and destroying humanity. Obama will have his DHS doing the same thing to white America soon enough.

  • armed grandpappy

    Maybe, just maybe if the civilians on the rooftops were allowed to own firearms, they could of fought back. But NO! These terrorists could walk the streets with impunity due to the gun grabbing socialists.

    • Robert

      Don’t try to make this about gun rights. This is a tragic situation, keep your gun toting views to yourself and show some respect!

      • Ed Woodson

        Armed grandpappy is spot on. When you disarm your citizens, you make them vulnerable to this type of attack.

        And, Robert, if you’re ever in trouble, who’s the first person you’re going to want to help you? Yep, someone with a gun.

        • Robert

          I’m am not against gun rights in the slightest. I just think that this is not the time or place. Lets be honest with ourselves, if an attack like this happened in the US, the outcome likely wouldn’t have been much different. Terrorists are going to have weapons regardless of gun laws and attacks will happen both in countries with both tight and loose gun regulations, but a situation like this, where 12 innocent people just died is not the time to immediately jump on the gun rights bandwagon.

          • Mr Bittlesworth

            When exactly is the right time and place?

  • Don Williams

    Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

  • Don Williams

    We fought Nazis in France, North africa, etc. We need to do the same with Islam. Oh, and we need to treat Islam in the US the way we treated the German American Bund during WWII.

    We are at war, but only one side gets that.

  • terry hartsel

    Cowards, nothing but cowards. Cover your faces and attack unarmed people in a surprise attack. Gonna be in for a surprise when you find out there is no Allah, and if there were he would be a tea bagger.

  • Trojan

    People in the UK must be careful. Now is the time to be silent. Our government is anxious to suppress criticism of Islam and already politicians are warning against a backlash. There will be arrests of those who criticise or condemn the political and religious beliefs of these murderers.

  • Don

    I hate to say it but until the people of peace rise up and start killing all these extremist this will continue on and on.. they have to be eleminated each and everyone of them.

  • Mango

    Our administration doesn’t understand the definition of terrorism, that’s why it doesn’t use the word in the appropriate situations like this one. The goal is not violence for its own sake, but it’s to cause enough fear that we change our behavior and ultimately our value system. These terrorists want to silence us, to never express our criticisms of their “religion,” in any fashion, satirically or otherwise, therefore they threaten and actually carry out acts of violence against those who do in an effort to get them to not do it again and to scare others into never doing it in the first place. Freedom of speech is not in line with their warped value system so they will do what they have to in order to wipe from ours. That’s terrorism.

  • We Be Jammin’

    Keep letting them into your country…..what do you expect? This religion of peace is the devil in disguise. This should serve as a wake up call to other countries.
    Don’t give me the argument that “all” Islamist or whatever are not like this….b.s…they believe in the same damn book and preachings.

  • rjlahr

    They need to be eradicated from earth at any cost. Hitler went after the wrong people.

  • Hank Ostman

    Nobody in France is allowed to have a gun except, of course, terrorists. The French need a second amendment for personal protection.

    • Robert

      Well, technically, the terrorist aren’t allowed to have them either.

  • Don Newcomb

    It’s already here folks. Anyone remember 9/11/01? How about the Boston bombings? Fort Hood? Canadian Parliament? etc… I can just imagine what is being planned for this country by these sub-humans. They’ve had YEARS to get people and weapons in across our absent border – Thanks Obooger – and plan a good one. Be on your toes…

  • Dave Gisriel

    That’s what happens when you disarm honest citizens. Had that happened here in Texas 10 citizens would have been blazing back at them and they’d be in the ground now instead of loose on the streets! Liberals enable criminals and terrorists!

  • Thomas Reece

    How did that 911 call work for you

  • Blabby Bob

    In this day and age of liberalism, how will these animals be stopped? Has our whole wrold lost all common sense in regard to dealing with criminals and terrorists?

  • Not Anonymous

    We need to have a president who will REALLY do something against these guys. Until we place fear in the hearts of these animals we will never be rid of them. This IS Islam.

  • ScottinVA

    This is what happens when:

    1. You allow your country to be irreparably infested with the cancer of islam, and
    2. You deny your citizens the right to carry weapons to defend themselves.

    TWO muslims did all this killing, completely uncontested. TWO.

  • Carlos A Esparza

    Wake up America ! This is coming to a city near you ! Be prepaired and lock and load !!

  • Hans

    Send in the exterminators!!!

  • bubba2001

    All the people in Europe need to start carrying guns!
    And ALL western countries need to de-certify “islam” as a “religion” in their countries!

  • MBW

    I will say it one more time! Wake up America!

  • Damien Cross

    Islam is a CULT of Pedophiles

  • spatin

    What a bunch of crap that YouTube removed the video. Graphic violence is a fact of life and YouTube has no right to censor it because “someone” might get offended. This is something that people should see so they can understand what these terrorists do.

  • Lenny Dudley

    next time Pelosi calls them the religion of peace, beat every member of her lying commie family with a hammer

    • Mr Bittlesworth

      Pelosi is an Idiot and She has been my Congresswoman for far too long. California is lost amongst the liberal left. Remember her best line…”Just vote for it, we can read it later” referring to Obama Care.

  • Tex

    The world better sharpen up and start eradicating these pukes. It’s just going to get worse.

  • John Doe
  • K Carpenter

    All for strict gun control, France has the toughest

  • davepinoy

    what honor of ttheir prophet is this loonies talking about…muhammad was a violent criminal, a sexual pervert, a cross dresser, pedophile, necromaniac, incestuous, beheader, and deceiver..He has not done anything good enough in the biography of his co believers, the hadith….THIS IS WHY ISLAM IS AN EVIL CULT…..IT IS A DECEPTION, A FALSEHOOD, THE EPITOMY OF EVIL

    • Robert

      You are right, this is EVIL, but this is not Islam

  • David Kennett

    Germany seems to have the right idea. They are protesting against these savages. Islam is not a “religion” – it’s a cult and it needs to be destroyed. The concept of freedom of religion does not translate into one religion being able to destroy al others.

  • fafhrd

    I’m really liking President Hollande today.
    President Obama would have come out days after the attack, saying that it was a protest against a cartoon, that got out of hand.
    President Hollande, minutes later, comes out saying that it was a terrorist attack.

  • Hamcop

    How is that banning of firearms for self defense working for all you pansies over in Europe?
    This is what the Obama liberal sheeple want here in America.

  • Matt1972

    Sick, Evil.

  • Gary

    Just Europe and France (not). Wake up America or it will be coming to a theatre near you.

  • David Worley

    France allowed themselves to be unarmed and easy targets… Now Show an example to the world as you are systematically slaughtered for any acts that defies Good and peaceful Muslims.. You allow Islam to invade as you gave up your Guns… Who is surprised? Great Britten is just about to get very active with Terrorism. They are Unarmed also…

    • Thaaff

      You’re right, David! The only reason that alot more terrorist acts don’t happen here is that most Americans are armed! They know that if they tried to pull off an attack like that, someone would blow their heads off….I know that I would without hesitation!

      • Robert

        I believe a lot more terrorists acts do happen in America. This is France’s first terrorist act since 1995. Just because a country does not arm it’s citizens does not mean that it is unsafe.

  • Patrick Harding

    Obama is a terrified little pussy. Stand against this or be numbered among those who perpetrate it.

  • Rick Prohaska

    Clearly the government of France needs to resign and beg the people for forgiveness of their ineptitude and ignorance

  • Death ToTruthers

    Question – you’re home on that balcony and witness what’s in the video. You have an AR-15 sitting close by full of 5.56 rounds. Do you go terrorist hunting?

  • ocdetf

    Gee, how did they acquire “assault weapons” when France avoids guns like the plague?

  • Mr Bittlesworth

    Whomever said this is 1st terrorist attack in France in 20 years is flat out wrong. This same company was firebombed just a few years ago. To the other person that said if the Police Officer had a gun he could have defended himself. He did have a gun, a pistol. That is no match to 2 wingnuts with Automatic AK-47s with Banana clips.

  • Kenneth Clark

    Down with Islam. We must be vigilant to counter the danger that our countries have allowed to come into our neighborhoods.

  • Son of Liberty

    Hey don’t call them Muslims you might offend Obama.

  • Son of Liberty

    The people of France should demand their guns back.

  • Lorenv

    Scum Bags. Pretty brave souls when they out number a person or the other person cannot protect themselves. AKA Cowards

  • Bee Cee

    Does it really matter what they they were shouting? It doesn’t negate what they did. I cannot get past how they executed the policeman on the ground begging for his life. That are murderous scum. I understand one of the three has turned himself in and the other two have been spotted about 100 miles north of Paris. Run cowards, run.

  • James Smith

    Filthy animals need to be executed with extreme prejudice! show them as much mercy as they showed the police officer.

  • crsopha

    There is something that everyone is missing here about this slaughter. That is the islamics believe that no one knows what muhammed or alla looks like and any drawings of any kind are considered to be offensive. They take this to the extreme, from our point of veiw. I’m not defending what they did and I hope they are stupid enough to resist when they are caught. As far as Obama offering help to France to capture them is nothing more than his way of trying to get to them first and get them out of the country before they would be executed, and give them asilym in america. Beware people he is actually protecting radicals and liberals.

  • KIGuy

    The officer showed up unarmed, on a bicycle no less. Just another part of France’s liberal “utopian” agenda.

  • Bruce A. Frank

    France has been under the delusion that taking firearms away from their citizens makes for a “safer” society. Nothing could be further from the truth and it has been shown time and time again. Restricting guns impacts only law abiding citizens. The criminal, whether the invading Nazi armies or yesteryear or the IslamoNazi terrorists of today, can obtain whatever weapon they want. Be it a firearm, a knife, or a length of pipe found in a trash pile. The law abiding citizen is left defenseless at the merciless whim of psychopathic terrorist. France has seen fit to disarm even its own police. When the citizen is unarmed against these mongrel hoards, of what value is policeman who is also unarmed?

    The world has NEVER been free of muderous agressors, but somehow officials think making their people unable to defend themselves is a GOOD idea? Do we need another lesson in the fact that the politician care for those they oversee only as a source of money and power. They worry more about controling us than protecting us.

    You know the saying here in the US that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away…and the politician is saving his own ass. But, even worse would be a policeman showing up to a gun fight, to protect our loved ones, with a billy club and a bicycle!

  • TT

    No blood, no brains, not even a body jerk from the impact of a big ass bullet…hello?

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