DHS Chief Asked if U.S. Deported 4 Terrorists Who Crossed Southern Border – You Won’t Believe His Response

Phoning It In: Critics assailed career lawyer Jeh Johnson as being “totally unqualified”
to head the massive DHS.

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Back in September, TRN reported that 4 known terrorists were apprehended after crossing the border on September 10th, one day before the 9/11 anniversary.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah.) had revealed this stunning information  — originally denied by DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson, until Chaffetz revealed the sources, embarrassing Johnson at an open hearing.

Johnson then confirmed the capture and promised Congress the terrorists would be deported.

Yesterday, Chaffetz tried to ascertain what had happened to them, and was stunned — as we all should be — at the disturbing answers.

The individuals are linked to the KWP, an organization designated as a terrorist group by the State Department.

Did you deport them?” the Utah representative asked Johnson.

Uh, no. Not at this point,” Johnson answered.

“What is the disposition of those four people,” Chaffetz pressed.

“Two are detained, the two others were released by the judge — uh, not my preference — they were released by the judge and they fled to Canada and they are seeking asylum in Canada,” the homeland secretary responded, and then tried to place the blame on an immigration judge for releasing two of the four men.

This is nonsense. Under the 1996 Immigration Law, ICE (now part of DHS) can hold any individual indefinitely if they are considered a security risk.

Chaffetz then asked if the U.S. was aware of the location in Canada the two fled to.

I’m not sure about their exact whereabouts, sir,” Johnson answered, and then addied that he wanted the two brought back to the U.S.

Mr. Secretary, this is the problem,” Chaffetz said. “You come, and you say — you tell the world that you’re going to deport these four people tied to — these are terrorists and you don’t. They get released.”

This is your national security on Obama — who claims DHS will do “full background checks” on every illegal alien given amnesty via his royal decree. Sure they will. They cannot even handle 4 known terrorists in their possession!

Feel safer already?

  • Jeanne Doyle

    You freakin’ idiot!

  • Kay Hall

    But we all knew this would happen. I’m not surprised.

  • Bryant Hill

    Again, no accountibility in the Obama administration.

    This will seize when Obama is seized.

  • jccargill

    Does anyone in this administration even know what their job is?

    • Wicked93

      Yep, and they are doing it as directed. You speak of this as if they don’t know what they are doing. 😉

      • C.w. Horn

        Proof is in the pudding! They do know what they are doing, lining their
        pockets at the expense of every American!!

  • Roger Baack

    A contiuation of lies and cover-ups, suprise.

  • Sauger_stockBC

    Deporting them does not mean they can not return, ask the 11 million illegals already in the country. Now a firing squad , if used , would insure you always know exactly where they are with no doubts.

    • sylvia v smith

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    • Steve

      Its not 11 million (if you notice they have been saying 11 million since Clinton was president as if they keep using the same old stat) its near 40 million now. Which is why Obama had 37 million green cards prepared a few months ago for his proclamation. As terrorists they should have been monitored better.

  • Mimi Schmaltz

    So, why do we need “Homeland Security”? What is the point?

    • Nancy Campbell

      what protection do US citizens have ,now?? They are taking all our guns and telling us we cant pray to our Lord ,King Of Heaven??

      • Lydia0hLydia85


  • David Dunn

    they should be hanging till the meat falls off their bones

  • lorenvpf

    People can bad mouth Bush all they want, however at least he was bright enough to bring in qualified people to his administration. What is Obama’s excuse for his incompetency?

  • Ava

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  • DanaLanders

    The absolute carelessness and incompetence of this administration is stunning!

  • xmrax

    a simply phone call to Canadian immigration would have ended this, but then again that would have been common sense

  • Art69z

    This is exactly why the federal government has to be reduced in scope and size. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing? And the agencies blame each other when things go wrong. Their is no accountability, because culpability is hard to establish. By the time a investigation is started, the parties involved have long since resigned, reassigned or feign the “I can’t recall” defense.

  • tmg13

    sitting with their thumbs up their ass’es as usual, should have been locked up period. morons

  • Kathy Leary

    HHMMMMMM Sounds like Obummer

  • SineWaveII

    Why did we create the DHS again?

  • Ace

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  • Stoney Burt

    Obama knows nothing about this, he hasn’t heard it on the news yet.

    • BuddyLuv

      …and he won’t, if he watches the news stations that I think he does.

  • Gramma76

    The regime of morons!

  • Lucyfur Feralcat

    This proves that Ob*st*rd is incapable of running the country.. Heck he can’t even get decent people to work for him……………He needs to go –unfortunately Biden would be a worse POTUS

    • Patriot

      Obama was not chosen to be a success for running the government. Obama was chosen to destroy it!

      • Lucyfur Feralcat

        You are correct… and it is going on right now in the form of riots over criminals… how did we sink so low??? Oh I know — we allowed ‘the progressives’ to dictate what is being taught in the schools, and brought about the ‘new’ plantation where people are not required to work. This brought down the demise of family values, and now look where we are….

  • TotallyPeeved

    affirmative action, pc, bra and dieversity. ain’t it grand?

  • Jan Murray

    We need to just abolish Homeland Security, period! Billions of $ a year, no one is accountable especially the Secretary and 7 year olds just walk across the border! And we’re only $18 trillion in debt? Hummm

  • D stropes

    The whole problem is OBAMA! I do not support Obama! I understand why his voters voted him in the 1st time, (the color of his skin). Nothing racist. Being the 1st black American president was interesting. A fresh perspective in the white house so lets see what he can do I thought. Well it showed right away that he was not the right choice for the job. Our country opened their eyes to this president. My question is this, Why in the hell did people vote him back in for the 2nd time

  • Julie Mathison-Craft

    WE must put a secure border fence up: Concrete 12 foot followed by intermittent land mine area followed by fencing with razor wire on the top about 10 feet high/ Ought to be somewhat of a deterrant. We can deport the illegals through San Diego, CA

  • Ray Watson


  • AntiObama

    As usual, Obama’s henchmen are unfit to protect our country. Of course those are the types that Obama routinely chooses for these positions. 8.4 Billion a year for the DHS and we get absolutely NOTHING in return. Does that sound like a good deal to anyone?

  • Matthew Boyd

    As somebody living in Canada, this is highly concerning.

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