DHS Chief Asked if U.S. Deported 4 Terrorists Who Crossed Southern Border – You Won’t Believe His Response

Phoning It In: Critics assailed career lawyer Jeh Johnson as being “totally unqualified”
to head the massive DHS.

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Back in September, TRN reported that 4 known terrorists were apprehended after crossing the border on September 10th, one day before the 9/11 anniversary.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah.) had revealed this stunning information  — originally denied by DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson, until Chaffetz revealed the sources, embarrassing Johnson at an open hearing.

Johnson then confirmed the capture and promised Congress the terrorists would be deported.

Yesterday, Chaffetz tried to ascertain what had happened to them, and was stunned — as we all should be — at the disturbing answers.

The individuals are linked to the KWP, an organization designated as a terrorist group by the State Department.

Did you deport them?” the Utah representative asked Johnson.

Uh, no. Not at this point,” Johnson answered.

“What is the disposition of those four people,” Chaffetz pressed.

“Two are detained, the two others were released by the judge — uh, not my preference — they were released by the judge and they fled to Canada and they are seeking asylum in Canada,” the homeland secretary responded, and then tried to place the blame on an immigration judge for releasing two of the four men.

This is nonsense. Under the 1996 Immigration Law, ICE (now part of DHS) can hold any individual indefinitely if they are considered a security risk.

Chaffetz then asked if the U.S. was aware of the location in Canada the two fled to.

I’m not sure about their exact whereabouts, sir,” Johnson answered, and then addied that he wanted the two brought back to the U.S.

Mr. Secretary, this is the problem,” Chaffetz said. “You come, and you say — you tell the world that you’re going to deport these four people tied to — these are terrorists and you don’t. They get released.”

This is your national security on Obama — who claims DHS will do “full background checks” on every illegal alien given amnesty via his royal decree. Sure they will. They cannot even handle 4 known terrorists in their possession!

Feel safer already?


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