GOP Delivers Ultimatum To Trump – Here’s How He Responded


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

As the GOP establishment begins to panic over Donald Trump’s maverick candidacy, the party may now be trying to put major roadblocks in his way.

The GOP in South Carolina has delivered Republican frontrunner Donald Trump with a disturbing ultimatum, and other states are set to follow.

According to Daily Mail, South Carolina GOP Chairman Matt Moore has confirmed that all candidates running as Republicans in the state must pledge allegiance to the eventual GOP nominee, therefore promising that they will not run as an independent. Any candidate who refuses to make the pledge will be left off the ballot in South Carolina.


At least two other states, Virginia and North Carolina, are thinking about issuing a similar pledge. The deadline to sign the document is September 30, and candidates like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush have already done so.

This is clearly directed at Trump, who has famously refused to say whether he will support the eventual GOP nominee. A spokeswoman for Trump refused to comment about this pledge, but a few weeks ago Trump told CNN that he is still thinking about running as an independent if he doesn’t get the nomination.

I want to keep that door open,” Trump said. “I have to keep that door open because if something happens where I’m not treated fairly I may very well use that door.”

What do you think about this pledge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

  • Tom Wilburn

    If the GOP holds to this they will for sure lose the presidency when Trump goes third party.


      This is exactly the point. Let me play Devil’s advocate:If you think like Machiavelli and are really a tool for the Democratic party, (remember, Trump has called both Bill and Hillary Clinton his ”dear friends”) all you would have to do is use your dynamic personality to tell naive frustrated conservative voters what they wanted to hear, KNOWING the establishment Republican party would never nominate you, but you never intended to be nominated in the first place. You then take your thunder and bluster and announce to an adoring throng that you are ”going Third Party”! Well of course this splits the Republican vote and the Democrats win. This is EXACTLY what that phony LIAR Perot did and it worked like a charm.

      • Grog

        Well if all that’s true, what does that say about the establishment GOP when it comes to learning a lesson? I’d frankly rather see “their” nominee lose.

      • Terri DeBruler

        That might have been the case before, but NOT this time… The Republican base is sick and tired of the Spineless Rino’s in the GOP. IF and it’s a big IF he decides to run 3rd party, the Republicans will still vote for him. Leaving the GOP in the wind….

      • Jack Mort

        Eric, there was a time when I would have agreed with you. However, what is the point of voting for Republicans if they are going to behave like liberal Democrats? If Trump goes third party, I’m going too.

        • ERIC BLAIR

          Jack, There IS no point in voting for ”Republicans” because it is all a CON. Mark Twain said more than a century ago, ”If voting counted, the Government wouldn’t let you do it.” It was true THEN, it is true now. Both sides have been controlled by David Rockefellar’s private goon-squad, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS since 1921 when daddy John D. founded it. Please find and read ”CALL IT TREASON” by the late John Stormer, ”CALL IT CONSPIRACY” by the late Larry Abraham, and ”RULE BY SECRECY” by Jim Marrs. As for me, I’m voting for Rand Paul. Will it COUNT? No.

    • Grog

      Not just 2016 either, stick a fork in ’em for good!!

  • QuantumVerp

    “Cross your fingers” and sign it. If you have to run third party, give them the finger and laugh at them. They hate to be laughed at like most jokes do!

    • Jerry

      LOL, that is a good one, maybe that is the answer until the RNC comes up with some other requirement for Trump to be on the ballot. Smart, very smart.

  • Hans

    Leaving an individuals name off a ballot for this is against the constitution of free thought. The people will stand against this communist way of thinking and write Mr Trumps name on the ballot anyway.

    • Yes, but that makes it nearly impossible for him to win. He needs to be treated right and put on the ballot. Obviously that’s what we the people want.

      • Rose

        No, this ploy makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the GOP to win.

  • kathy

    He shouldn’t have to support them if he doesn’t want to.

    • agkcrbs

      Yeah, this is nonsense — and I don’t even intend to vote for Trump, though I can respect his strengths. Not only does nobody need to “pledge” to support people that they may possibly not support at all, but needlessly disrespecting the man and his followers like this just makes a backlash all the more likely. Without people continually yelling in their ears not to, and going insurgent to shake up the leadership, it seems the party of freedom is always at some risk of transforming into the party of control.

  • richmara

    Boy are they afraid of Him.

  • Laura Hastings-Brownstein

    The GOP should be thanking their lucky stars that Mr. Trump wants to run as a Republican. What is wrong with them? Can’t they see that the man is overwhelmingly popular and will surely win, at least the nomination? They don’t have a chance in hell with the other candidates. Such idiots if they shoot themselves in the foot with this stupid move.

    • John A. Channell

      They want to be able to own him, and control him! I’m hoping Trump doesn’t give in to them. The GOP has been kissing up to liberals, and it’s hard to trust them.



  • Sam Adams

    I didn’t leave the GOP. The GOP left me.
    Ronald Regan said that about the Democrat party when he left it. Millions of conservative voters will say the same if the Establishment GOP continues to subvert our choices and our votes.

    Go ahead, pull that crap and watch us go third party. On pain of political suicide, do-not-screw-with-us.

    • Peggy Dove

      We’ll just write him in if they write him “out”. If he’s doing that well because the people agree, why don’t the rest of them back him? What is wrong with backing a strong candidate that you know will beat the democrat to a pulp?

      • John Doyle

        They want someone they can control. They don’t have that power over Trump.

        • Sam Adams

          John: BINGO!

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          • Alex

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          • thooghoo7ae

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        • Jerry

          You are so correct John. The good old boys do not want change and they are going to fight it all the way.

          • Grog

            They just don’t realize yet how hard we are going to fight THEM!!!

        • Connie Miller

          Right on John…That’s what’s wrong with the rest, they just say what will get them a vote ..Trump can’t be manipulated or bought!!!

        • darylhjohnsonjr

          That’s it in a nut shell…

      • Cindy

        They can’t control him this has them in a panic. Peggy? Since we gave the Republican party the power to have majority, what have they done with it? NOTHING. They lied to us while running making one promise after another about Obamacare, amnesty, not raising the debt ceiling, and after about oh…4 months or so, they did what they wanted, they keep posting all the BS on FB and Twitter about one thing or another, they have funded amnesty, funded Obamacare, funding PP, they are even helping him with this Iran deal…..we have to vote these lifers out of office, giving people like them all this power has made them greedy. Washington looks more like a nursing home.

        • nnss

          Exactly, I told after the last elections I’ll never vote GOP again. With Trump running I would rethink that. The GOP is going to loose dramatically if they try to railroad Trump.

      • ann

        A write in could work if everyone behind Trump would use that method… if it comes to that I will write him in as well. I certainly don’t want milk toast Jeb Bush in there.

      • sgb1

        They don’t like what he is saying and he is not the elite choice.

      • StevenE

        It’s all about money.

      • Debbie Mickle

        Because they can’t control him!

      • Kypat

        Because they then do not control that candidate. The RNC and the media (esp Fox News) and the big donors (they didn’t even invite Trump to their affair) because they don’t control him and they don’t like that. I am sick to death of voting for the least objectionable person. I simply will not do it anymore. Stupid ass Carl Rove was on Fox news today basically saying Trump was not electible and we need a mainstream candidate like we had with McCain and Romney. I was not for either of them. I feel the RNC shoved them down our throat like they want to do now with Jeb Bush.

    • Richard M


    • Rose





    • LiberatedCit

      Right on marginalize your base and face their wrath!

      Trump and the Fate of the GOP

    • Joe Smith

      “I didn’t leave the GOP. The GOP left me”.

      OUTSTANDING post and exactly how I feel. I’m actively looking into the American Conservative party or the Independent party.

      The RNC seeks to be “democrat lite”…and why Reince Priebus is still RNC Chair?

  • Kypat

    I will stop being a Republican if this is how they are going to be. I am for Trump and I will vote for him whether he is the Republican nominee or not. If he is not on the ballot because of the RNC then I will vote for whomever is running against the republican. Go Trump 2016!

    • Terri DeBruler

      voting for Hillary or Sanders the Socialist is NOT a better alternative !

      • Rose

        Voting for the GOP RNC is the same as voting for Hillary.

  • Darrin Pierce

    Trump the Master Negotiator

  • Ray

    I believe that’s against his and anyone else’s civil rights?

  • Janice Nunley Erickson
    • Janice Nunley Erickson

      Trump fight song WE the people are not taking this crap any more!

  • paula

    Another politician trying to tell Americans how to vote! Vote that a**hole out. Americans have got to stand up, and take back control. Trump and Sanders are the only two who are for Americans. We have the RIGHT to choose who we want.

  • Robert Chambers

    Isn’t this a form of blackmail

    • Larry Lynn

      Yes it is. The GOP is telling Trump, “Jump thru my hoop or you can’t play on our team.”

  • JustMyOpinion

    TRUMP 2016

  • Blastus

    Considering the shenanigans that the Washington elite have pulled in Indiana, Mississippi,Alaska and around the country it would probably be best if no one signed the pledge.

  • Roy R. Hartzler

    I’d like to see Trump go independent and beat both parties. If he signs it, he will probably win the nomination, barring dishonesty on the R Party’s part, which wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Gopi Nathan

    Some one should challenge this in a court. This is going to be trap to restrict Trump.

  • dawn

    IF he goes 3rd party, then Hillary or the Socialist Bernie will win the presidency. The GOP will be to blame. They are the established do nothing, stand for only themselves and their own interests….which are NOT in the interest of what the American people have been demanding for DECADES now.

    • chaloner

      If Bush wins the Republican Party and Clinton or Sanders wins the Democratic Party. There will be NO difference. A 3rd Party a Conservative Party will spark a 2nd Revolution.

  • Colleen Vicknair

    There’s an increase of dictatorship in America. Elections are for the people to choose whowe want not who we are told to want.

  • Charley

    I for one would vote against either party if a true independent conservative candidate run for president, both main stream parties are as corrupt as the other its their way or the highway they are afraid of loosing the power over the office the candidate seeks.I would love to see some one as president with a backbone one chosen by the party is and will be a patsy and a yes man and will not have the nation at heart but the parties policies which is not always for the intrest of the nation. its time to chose a leader and not a party crony.

  • susn mccabe

    if this happens I will vote as a independent.

  • David Wingate

    Requiring such a pledge from any political candidate is a sure way to keep that party speeding on its way to absolute insignificance. The individuals who made and or will make the decision to require this of any political candidate should be immediately stripped of any leadership role in the party ( unless the party is entitled “Dictatorship Party” ).

  • Desiree Seifert


  • Teresa Schalk

    My husband & I joined the Republican party so that we could vote for Trump. If they cause him to leave and go independent or something else, we will follow. I don’t understand how they can demand that the party must stick together. Sounds like a dictatorship to me. I wouldn’t support someone with whom I have a difference of opinion just because it was demanded by some ignoramus so that he doesn’t get his feeling hurt. Rediculous!

  • Angie Speakman

    Forget the GOP. Thrump is gonna win regardless. Stupid law

  • Rollo Tomasi

    LMAO but they can’t check photo id to vote! lmao idiots

  • Bob

    Screw their pledge. when will they start acting like they are listening to the people. He’s polling above 40% and they want to stop him. WTF are they thinking. He is the front runner and may be the only one that can stop the Democrats. But it looks like the HOP is more concerned with electing someone that is bought and paid for like their other candidates.

  • David Weaver

    Screw the GOP they are part of the problem!

  • Michael Van Meter

    Bull. I will vote for Trump period.

  • chaloner

    Stupid RINO pledge.

  • George Clough

    This just goes to show why we need someone like Trump and to get rid of these career polititions.

  • Lewis Emil Kreifels

    The Grand OLD Party is crap. ABOLISH the GOP.

  • Michael Van Meter

    Bull. I will vote for Trump period.

  • L BC


  • Jeff Allen

    They know he will win the nomination and they dont want him to so thetre trying intimidation

  • Dandydanderoo

    I don’t like what the GOP has become either but, there are assumptions made in the piece that are inconsistent with the form. The language is rather inflammatory and suggestive and subsequently inaccurate. Everybody settle down and let’s get some legal opinions on this form. United we stand, divided we fall.

  • luvhockey

    I’d love to see Trump win the nomination or if forced to, run and win as an independent. The problem then becomes Congress. How many lemmings from either party are going to allow him to do anything for the country. The president can do very little without the legislature’s support. If he’s an indy what Rep or Dem in Congress will commit political suicide and vote for his changes?

    • Janice Nunley Erickson

      sure he came odumbass went around congress all the time no one cared!

  • Merla

    Definitely politicians trying once again to control that which should not be controlled just because it doesn’t sit well with them. Independents have so far only taken votes away from party that could have taken election. Any way this would be 1st time? What is at risk? New thinking people that count for something. Can’t vote anyways. Greencard to work and live but not to vote here. Unlike some changes in the works.

  • formercanuck

    The part of this is ‘I intend to support the nominees and platform of the Republican Party’.
    Emphasis on word ‘intend’
    This does not state that he is ‘required’ to support the nominee or party, but only ‘intend’ to support.

  • pepsi

    think it is a crock. $40,000 filing ..give me a break. What would happen if voters wrote him in?

  • acestalder

    Im not signing any pledge, lock him out of any debates and choose a different front runner for the GOP when he is clearly the winner and I will stay home at election time. Lets face it, the gop wants one of the establishment as their front runner. And the candidates they want do not represent me. I think we need to start our own petition. Play fair or we will stay home.

  • Janice Nunley Erickson

    WE the people will write him in if we have to WE will NOT be silenced!

  • Garry Gross

    South Carolina and the other states could run the risk of causing Trump to create a 3rd party, I would call it the common sense party. I’m also amused to note that the candidates must pay $40,000.00 for a shot at just their Republican delegates to the RNC. Talk about buying votes. PS: I’m not from SC but I am going to vote for Trump regardless of who the Republican candidate is.

  • Philip Dahlheimer

    I’m voting for the person, not the Party. Which leaves out the Democrats and most Republicans.

    • Jerry

      Good for you Philip, you think a lot like I do when it comes to voting, vote for who you think will do the best job, When I have to choose between the lesser of two evils I have even written my name in, LOL!

  • LindaM

    It won’t matter whether they make the candidates sign this pledge – PLEASE LISTEN STATES – we have the right to write in a candidate’s name and be counted – so if you refuse to allow anyone on the ballot – believe me, we will write in – because right Trump is the only one using his God-given brains and talent to get the US back on track the way that it would be.

  • Helix

    It’s time for a new third party in this nation. It gets disgusting when there is no one who truly represents the actual real people of this nation. I think it is long overdue!

    • Jerry

      It is a proven fact that a two party system has not worked in history for long. Having to make up your mind which of two evils would be the best isn’t the right way a nation should choose it President.

  • Susan Crispo

    I’m an Independent, so if Donald Trump runs as an Independent I will still vote for him.. he should not be coerced into signing this document..

  • NVCardinalfan

    These clowns in the GOP don’t get it and if they continue to f..k with Trump, they can be assured he will run as a third party candidate. The GOP is a dead party! Worthless!

  • Alice Petrasek

    It’s a bunch of crap, I’ve been a Republican for years, they have let me down year after year. Time for some new blood. They are afraid of Trump Good.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    I “intend” to vote as I see fit. if those skid marks in washington tell me I cant, then I will find a way. This is nothing less than blackmail. its wrong, and stupid. if Trump doesnt get the nomination, then we may find, for the first time in a long time. that We the People will tell the political parties, where to shove it.

    • Jerry

      Your statement is long over due, I have been saying the same thing for decades now. I have been a independent thinker and not a follower for years, ever since I left the Army.

  • Tim Plum

    Can anybody smell sour grapes from the GOP establishment?? Just because Trump wont “toe the GOP line” they want to write him out. When they are actually shooting them selves in the foot and bowing to the Democraps.

  • caligirl1960

    HELLO PEOPLE! He has already signed it.

  • Patty Cita

    GOP are a bunch of pos skanks….good luck losers

  • tmg13

    Talk about crooked politicians most of them in office now should be railroaded out

  • DragonFly34

    Im leaving the GOP tomorrow,,,,,,This is total BS by the DC cartel.

  • Patty Cita

    I think the next GOP convention, lock the losers in the building and burn that effers down to the ground

  • Tony Buccino

    If the republicans turn their backs on Donald I will turn my back on them.

  • Evet Trantham

    I propose a write in on the ballot if he is left off because he refuses to sign. Blackmail is illegal and that is all that this is!

  • tmg13

    Your right Colleen and getting clearer every day

  • Jerry Erb

    have to say it sounds like BLACKMAIL to me.
    tell them to kiss off.

  • Jerry Prock

    I think the established parties is what is wrong with this country. Politics as usual means corruption. Our government was not meant to have professional politicians. Citizens who were obligated to serve a short term and then back to their own lives. POWER BREEDS CORRUPTION.

  • Kimberly Stafford Warne

    I haven’t selected my candidate yet but If SC drops Trump’s name off the ballot I can GUARANTEE I will write him in. Who the FUCK do they think they are???

  • ann

    Mr. Trump should NEVER sign that pledge. Have never even heard of such a thing. They will use it to keep him out of the election period. Keep your options open Mr. Trump.

  • Russ Bates

    What is everyone so afraid of? That we might get a president who dosen’t do things like normal? Maybe its about time we did. Nothing has worked in the world of Wahington politics for mabe 25 years or more.

  • Jerry

    Trump is an obnoxious, unprincipled bore; I hate to admit he is the only hope those of us who care about the Constitution have at this time. I gave up on the GOP leadership in 2008 when they wouldn’t stand behind Palin.

  • dkw

    GOP establishment can kiss it.

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    This is why the GOP should be put out to pasture,,, they are run by MORONS !!!

  • Bill Clark

    Typical political two party BS. If Trump is not on the card I will write him in.

  • RedMeatState

    why should any candidate be compelled to support another candidate they believe is inferior to themselves? the Party’s “nomination” notwithstanding? It’s very clear the party has already chosen Jeb; but they insist on putting on a circus just for appearances.
    Looks like Trump is breaking that corrupt mold.

  • Ann

    Go Indy. Fuck them.

  • tundrav84wd

    The way it’s written he could simply say he had a change of heart. Besides,….who cares if they leave his name off the ballot. Like that would make any difference. For those of us who can write, simply writing his name on the ballot would take care of the problem. How grand….winning by having your name written in. 🙂

  • Ron Smith

    GOP, divided the party and lose everything.

  • Raymond Parlin

    lol…they can’t do that…if they are a candidate is running they HAVE to put them on the ballot regardless of promises

  • Oral Conley

    If they do this, it will be the end of the republican party. They will never win another election. Any party that just will not listen to their own people will just go down the drain. Get over your high and mighty attitudes and hear what we the people are telling you. Trump is not the gop’s favorite, but he’s what the rest of the country wants.

  • Lynne Pigeon

    Time for the GOP to stop trying to control everything. When did they get the right to change the ballot???? Nikki Haley, are you behind this? I’m so fed up with the ‘establishment.

  • Apparently they forgot that it is possible for Donald Trump to win on “WRITE IN” votes.

    the N.C. General Assembly passed a law providing that, to qualify as a
    write-in candidate, you had to present a certain number of signatures to
    election officials. The number of petitions usually varies from 100 to
    500, depending on the office (although fewer than 100 votes are
    sometimes acceptable in sparsely-populated areas). The petitions are due
    in late July or early August, depending on how much time it takes
    county election officials to verify the petitions (all signers have to
    be registered voters).

    Don’t think for one minute that he couldn’t make that happen!

    In 1928, Herbert Hoover won the Republican Massachusetts presidential primary on write-ins, polling 100,279.
    In 1940, Franklin D. Roosevelt won the Democratic New Jersey presidential primary with 34,278 write-ins.
    In 1944, Thomas Dewey won the Republican Pennsylvania presidential
    primary with 146,706 write-ins. He also won the Oregon Republican
    presidential primary with 50,001 write-ins.
    In 1948, Harold Stassen won the Republican Pennsylvania presidential primary with 81,242 write-ins.
    In 1952, Robert A. Taft won the Republican Nebraska presidential primary with 79,357 write-ins.
    Also in 1952, Estes Kefauver won the Democratic Pennsylvania presidential primary with 93,160 write-ins.
    Also in 1952, Dwight Eisenhower won the Republican Massachusetts presidential primary with 254,898 write-ins.
    In 1956, Dwight Eisenhower won the Republican Massachusetts presidential primary with 51,951 write-ins.
    In 1960, Richard Nixon won the Republican Massachusetts presidential primary with 53,164 write-ins.
    Also in 1960, John F. Kennedy won the Democratic Pennsylvania
    presidential primary with 183,073 write-ins, and he won the Democratic
    Massachusetts presidential primary with 91,607 write-ins.
    In 1964, a write-in campaign organized by supporters of former U.S. Senator
    and vice presidential nominee Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. won Republican
    primaries for President in New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Massachusetts,
    defeating declared candidates Barry Goldwater, Nelson Rockefeller, and
    Margaret Chase Smith.
    In 1968 in the Democratic presidential
    primary in New Hampshire, incumbent President Lyndon Johnson did not
    file, but received write-ins totaling 50% of all Democratic votes cast.
    Senator Eugene McCarthy, who campaigned actively against Johnson’s
    Vietnam war policies, was on the ballot. He received an impressive 41%
    of the vote and gained more delegates than the President. Johnson was so
    stunned that he did not run for reelection.[2]
    advocate Ralph Nader ran a write-in campaign in 1992 during the New
    Hampshire primary for the presidential nomination of both the Democratic
    and Republican parties. Declaring himself the “none of the above
    candidate” and using the Concord Principles as his platform, Nader
    received 3,054 votes from Democrats and 3,258 votes from Republicans.

  • Danny Willard

    I think the Republican Party needs to get their act together for the American people not themselves. At the present time they are nothing more than a bunch of self serving pieces of shit want to control. They are not for us, they are for them. Still not sure if a third party can win and I would like to see Trump in the White House.

  • lola1948

    We shoud support the nominated conservative candidate. Not doing so will ensure a continuation of liberal policies.

  • Char

    I wished it was a POPULAR vote and not the Electorial Vote that counts!

  • Memphomaniac

    Trump is first and foremost, a Negotiator, and unarguably, an accomplished Deal maker. The top business leaders and the top salespeople understand Exactly what Donald is saying. You NEVER give away a negotiating point, without getting something of equal value for it. Why in hell would you agree to have someone or some Party, to have leverage against your campaign? Goodbye GOP RINO control.

  • Bob

    Now Donald has my vote. Both parties are as fixed and corrupt as they can be. Both need it shoved up their collective backsides and Trump can do it. Sorry GOP you screwed up big time.

  • Grog

    If that’s the case he should just go independent now, I’ll follow him over the GOP without a second thought. These idiots also seem to forget Jeb is struggling behind a surging Carson, Cruz and Walker will overtake him too.

    • malady43

      remember guys, Donald is taking control of the polls, if he backs out now with a 3rd party, then Cruz and Ben carson can take control, the longer he keeps this going with the republicans, the better for us. We need to defeat both parties, and Trump is the way to go.

  • Peter Starken

    This Pledge is a gimmick never used before to be on a ballot . The party is using it to try to knock Trump out of the Race so they can put Jeb on top No one really wants Jeb his own campaign people walked out on him and he isn’t the one we want. There is a hidden agenda in Washington, we gave the party the Senate and the House they gave us the shaft and are now trying to continue business as usual in Washington Trump and Cruz are the fix for what is wrong with America and that means a lot of career politicians are fighting to stay in office for life we want term limits . they know that and will try every trick, scheme and lie they can to deceive the American People, but we are not having it . If They pull this we will vote every last career politician out of office for sure and we the People have had enough of snake oil media and misleading Politicians that are lining there pockets in Washington,while our country is being sold out .

  • Leslie Alexander

    I think he is master deal maker and even if he signs, he will see a back door they haven’t even thought of, if they begin to treat him badly or unfairly. Poor chumps.

  • Sally Riddell

    Call his bluff. That is called plain and simple black mail.

  • DArlene Kay

    They don’t play fair and could give 2 shites if they win or lose. They are just one part of one party. If they lose they are still in power.

  • Debbie Tuter

    I am voting for Trump regardless of the ticket! The GOP is dead anyways cause they don’t have a backbone to fight Obama the Muslim! Trump is the only hope they have to beat the Democrats! They better get their heads out of their political correct ass ‘ and do what is right for our country!

  • ns4853

    The pundits have been proven wrong about Trump time after time right from the beginning. Although they are saying that the presidency will go to the dems if Trump runs as a third party, they seem to be forgetting that Trump is a phenomena. He has an uncanny ability to analyze problems from out of the box and find solutions to those problems. He is running ahead of all rep candidates because even rep voters don’t like the rep party. They just choose it as the best of two evils.

    If Trump runs as a third party candidate he will take all of his supporters with him and possibly even pull in more disgruntled reps that dislike what the party has become and how they’ve treated certain candidates. Dems that normally wouldn’t vote rep but don’t like the dem candidate choices may be swayed to vote third party. Since Trump has been on both sides of issues, he might appeal to some dems. Trump is a genius. As I said when Trump entered the race and was considered a clown and a side show, “never underestimate The Donald.”

    It’s a shame that the rep party won’t stand behind and support the person that the majority of rep voters seem to favor. It’s pretty obvious that the party has an agenda that is counter to what Trump and the majority of rep voters seem to support. Priebus and his crew had better re-think their position carefully before alienating Trump and his supporters. The Grand Old Party (GOP) may just be facing a battle with a new Activist Revolutionary Party (ARP).

    I believe it is time for voters to have another choice. The dem party has gone too far to the left and the rep party has strayed from their conservative positions on the right, pissing off their long-time supporters…. to the point that they are demanding something else. Trump represents reasonable solutions to problems without sticking firmly to the left or the right. Fairness rather than biased and self-serving stubbornness may be the solution this country needs.

    If you look at things from a truly unbiased position is there any doubt that Trump’s positions on issues would best benefit the country?

  • William Thomas


  • Jack Mort

    Go ahead GOP. Keep screwing up Don’t think we’re not watching.

  • Richard M

    This is total bullshit. The GOP establishment is run by a bunch of geriatric good ole boys that need to just die and let the new bunch that don’t give a damn whether they’re liked by the media or not run the damn party. It’s those same assheads that cause the party to splinter.

  • Fred Smith

    You can bet your last dollar that if Donald would sign and win the Republican nomination that the rest of the rino’s would not support him, also the RNC would not support him 100%



    TRUMP 2016

  • independent_az

    Trump is not a serious candidate. He has zero chance of getting elected. He might even drop out before the primaries so the “pledge” won’t matter anyway.

    • malady43

      Nope you are wrong, Donald is serious about running, he has cancelled a couple of big contracts to run for this office. and we need to support Donald as much as we would any Nominee. If he is forced out of the RNC, and he does go independent, then we should support him and stay with him. If we get enough votes to get him in, we could possibly beat the Democrats too. Don’t forget, Donald is fighting for us, not the Republicans, we are Americans, and we have a say. and I say: Go Trump.

  • Suzette Schrump

    The establishment has really brainwashed a lot of people. Its sickening to read a few of these comments. Trump is REAL. Deal with it.

  • Bobinms

    They don’t have the confidence to take Trump on and would rather Hillary win than Trump. They don’t mind splitting the party.

  • Frisco1522

    I’m as sick of the damned Establishment GOP as I am of the Socialists on the left. They are both responsible for the disastrous mess we’re in. Both of them need to be shut down.
    Don’t you Establishment jackwagons in any way think your are speaking for me. Clean up your act, you can see what Donald is igniting. It’s things you should have been doing.

  • lo robison

    I’m not positive I will vote for him but if they manipulate him out I will not vote for what is left. The PEOPLE make the choice.

  • CMC

    If this foolhardy move by the State Republicans were to force Donald Trump off the Republican ticket and he then runs as an independent – that will GUARANTEE A LOSS for the Republican candidate in 2016.

  • maqwjb8

    GOP will be left behind if they make Trump run as an independent and he wins.
    They will also be left behind if they do not pay attention to the wishes of the general public GOP voters.
    Th poles clearly show what is wanted but since it is not what the minority leadership wants they are trying to flex their power, always funny when Karma shows up.

  • Robert Felton

    I don’t read anything that says he has to sign that stupid pledge or he`s out of the party it say`s he will give them 40,000 bucks and run as a republican candidate he has and he is, If they try to stop him he WILL put a law suit on there asses that will make there heads spin, if he leaves I leave this Republican party leaves a lot to be desired any way, im not at all happy with what they do why don`t the control the republicans in the senate or the congress an make them do there jobs ? what is the ” party peoples ” jobs any way why do they get money ? for what ?

  • Christopher Arnould

    this is the most unamerican thing I have ever heard of!

  • Robert Chambers

    Trump knows that the main GOP do not want him as their candidate no matter what the people want so why would he sign it and why should he have to. Time to stop kissing the parties ass and vote for the person not the party

  • Paul MacKay

    Go ahead and split the Right vote Donald. Run as a 3rd party candidate.

  • Bill Pittman

    The death of the Republican Party at their own hand. They have seized defeat out of the jaws of victory.

  • jeradl

    They can’t beat him so then they play this game of trying to force him to comply. If they pull that crap that act alone would make me vote independent regardless of who they put up. It’s stupid. Why would you pledge to support someone who you have no idea who it is going to be, if you like them enough to do so, or if you can agree with them at all? He is being honest which apparently is a hard concept for them to grasp. I respect his stance on it.

  • malady43

    What is going to happen is if Trump does go as an independent, the Democrats will win the election, and I don’t want that to happen, I want to see all of these Obama policies done away with, Obama care, Iran deal, Planned Parenthood, and top of the list Immigration, and the laws to do away with Sanctuary Cities. We have to get Donald in or we will have the same old policies. and this country will go down in flames.

  • Jack Boles

    Well this works both ways. Leave Trump off. Then he will surely run 3 rd Party. They are trying similar things to Fiorina.

  • David Carpenter

    Run the race. Honestly, I believe Trump WILL the nominee. If he is sabotaged, I think he would win as a third party.

  • Rose

    The GOP left the American People and joined the Dim Marxists.

    THE GOP in those three state have let all kinds of other people in the past run on the GOP Ticket and then in the General, run as Independents.

    It is NOT WISE for Trump to cave to GOP Marxists, at this early point in the Race.

  • wendyjwilliamss

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  • Kim DeLong

    I think they are scum(the states) and see this as an attempt to FORCE a candidate into something and that in my mind goes against our FREEDOM and I HATE any government establishment trying to take MORE of our freedom. SCUM BAGS.

  • Roger Goodfellow

    Bet Trump calls their bluff and immediately runs as an independent – thus destroying any chance for the republicans. It is a stupid move on their part – all the cards are on his side of the table. The only one to gain under this stupid bone headed act would be Hillary

  • Jim Hull


  • MFRavenhawk

    Is such a ‘pledge’ legally enforceable? If not, then why not sign it to appease the GOP diehards….and then tell them to shove it where the sun can’t shine when Trump wins the popular Republican vote, but is denied the nomination.

  • Kuhstoss Hancock Jackie

    The progressive people in both parties will not let Trump Get elected he will set back all the plans to take over this government in 2016 and make us a socialist state or worse a communist country we are domed if trump does not get elected Dennis

  • Pete A. Sears

    the GOP is trying to keep this a two party race when it should be a ten party race if that ‘s how many people want to run

  • Sammy Caloiaro

    It’s BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jlenoreb

    The demoncrats and the GOP (Goofs, odor and panic) are experts at trying to blow smoke up America’s ass. We have figured all you assholes out! Trump for President 2016!

  • George Hunt

    I would never vote for anyone who signed that !

  • StevenE

    I’m voting for Donald no matter what happens.

  • Debbie Mickle

    The GOP better listen to We The People! We can fire them just like we did the last group of Dems. We replaced the Dems with Republicans, we can put all new ones in their place very easily. Let’s put some pressure on the GOP. Yeah, they haven’t signed anything that they will be fair with Trump if he gets the nomination. Cause they sure haven’t been fair so far. Has it ever been done before where they give the candidates an ultimatium.
    I love the fact they can’t control him! It’s about time! Go Trump!

  • Kathy M Nawara

    where Trump goes his followers go!

  • Cherlyn Taylor

    This all a mute point if he doesn’t get the electoral votes. Popular vote doesn’t mean anything.

  • T

    I think Trump should form his own party. Let the chips fall where they may and let the GOP die its inevitable death due to its perpetually being out of touch with White Americans and its own base.

  • PhilinIN

    This is bull. The establishment Republicans havent support the Party conservative platform in decades. Message to RINOs – mess with the people and your Party ceases to exist.

  • Shirley Leander Harwig

    NOT A PUPPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean-Jacques Vitrac

    The GOP is already in suicidal mode since last election…. Totally inactive and deceptive….Another move like this one could bring millions of voters to cast their vote for an Independent candidate or for a “new Republican Party” candidate….Voters have the last word in this… The
    GOP seems to forget that ultimate political reality. The Nation could also face a massive abstention as in some European countries…. The US would pay a terrible price for Washington’s arrogance….
    It would be much wiser for the GOP to understand why Trump is so successful and learn from it…..

  • Beverly Hewitt Whitaker

    Screw the GOP I have been a registered republican for many many years. I stand by Donald Trump ! I am angry that those at rank in the GOP are acting like the idiot in the White House. It is the will of the majority that makes these decision not some power hungry executives in the GOP ! There will be an uprising on election day like never before seen. Trump is saying what we can’t !!!


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  • nana24

    It doesn’t matter ! The voters who like him will just WRITE HIM IN. ,And he will win in spite of these jerks !

  • You_R_Responsible

    Guess it will be 3rd party or a write-in for me. I have a pen and I know how to use it.

    Trump 2016 – Make America Great Again.

  • donna426

    I would assume that the voters could write in his name. Just think how many hand ballots would have to be counted. I would bet Trump would still come out ahead.

  • android

    Ohhhh…. you f-ing establishment idiots. Why won’t you open your eyes? You are throwing gas on a raging inferno. Trump is a giant middle finger flying right in your face. This will simply cause the finger on the other hand to rise.

  • faithwalk

    This is does not say he cannot run as a Republican and they cannot exclude him legally. Also it does say follow the party platform and Jeb Bush is NOT doing that. The NC party platform (have to check the national one) says we the GOP oppose Common Core and amnesty while Jeb Bush is for both!

    • faithwalk

      The national platform says no amnesty and state and local control of schools which Common Core does not allow. The NC one mentions it specifically. Jeb is in violation.

  • The GOP has been truly disappointing. Mainly RINO’s, Jeb Bush, McConnell, Boehner….. Either do a write in vote for Trump or vote Independent, which Trump will embrace when the GOP fails.

  • Eric Olson

    Trump is not my first pick, but these corrupt Republican Party shenanigans make me sick. These RINOS are showing their true colors: they only care about their power, not about the party or the platform. Time for them to go.

  • chopper

    How stupid of SC! Why push him to run as an independent? I don’t see the logic in this, but perhaps logic is what they are missing. He said if the GOP is fair to him, he will support them if even not him. THIS is not fair! Stupid move that should be denounced by the national GOP.

  • RL Perot

    Once and for all, screw the GOP. They don’t have enough balls to impeach a Communist terrorist in the White House so they are crucifying a constitutionalist Patriot? Give me a break!!

  • Frank Loftice

    I don’t think a state can become a dictator and decide who and who can’t be on the ballet. Get ready to count cause there are going to be lots of write in’.s

  • LiberatedCit

    Watch your back Donald the RINO’s have nefarious plans in the works for you!

    Report: GOP Elites Plan to Take Down Trump With Deluge of Anti-Trump Ads After Labor Day

  • Deb

    They know they cannot control Trump…….This NAZI Tactics ……
    I guess most of the Republican Party are Nazi’s like Hillary….

  • Kypat

    When you accept over $100 million dollars for your campaign, you have been bought and they certainly will not be there to represent us. That goes for both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. C’mon Democrats and Republicans, we don’t need another Clinton or Bush in the White House.

  • nihonbarb

    You can leave a candidate off the ballot but you can’t check ID’s to prevent voter fraud!!!!! LMFAO!

  • artios48

    Why should Trump be required to pledge to support a plank that virtually no one else has actually supported in the past?

  • James B. Schwartz

    I can assure you that South Carolina will regret this and if Virginia and North Carolina follow suit they will be even more sorry.

  • carol

    They are sending Trump signals that it’s a trap, and if they force Trump out, the majority of Republicans will go with him. Dangerous game these stupid people are playing. The GOP ELITES will NOT choose the candidate this time.

  • AClearThought

    I would be more than happy to see Trump, Cruz, Carson and Jindal head to a third party. Though I doubt Cruz and Jindal will, I would still like to see more than Trump refuse to sign an unConstitutional agreement with the soon to be former Republican Party.

  • darylhjohnsonjr

    Well if he goes independent… The GOP won’t win the election…


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