‘Goodbye Mama’: Tornado Victim Sends Heartbreaking Final Text

It’s something she says she will hold on to forever.

A victim of the April 27 Arkansas tornado had the moment to send one final text to his mother before the deadly storm claimed his life.

“First he said mama, I’m so scared,” Regina Wood, Jeffrey Hunter’s mom, told KFTA-TV. ”He knew how bad it was, these say it’s going to be a direct hit.”

All she could do was comfort him and tell him everything would be okay. It wouldn’t.


The tornado was heading straight for Hunter and he knew it. In his final moments the University of Central Arkansas senior said goodbye to his mother.

“I have a text on my phone as the tornado was hitting “Goodbye mama,” Wood told KFTA.

She kept texting him, but Hunter did not reply.

“I kept saying are you okay? Are you okay? Let me know. Let me know. No answer,” Wood said.

Her son’s body was found after the tornado by a nearby neighbor, who discovered it after crawling out of rubble. Hunter was with his father and step-mother when the tornado hit. Both of them were seriously injured, KFTA reported.

(H/T: Daily Dot)


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