‘God Was on His Side’ – Police Chaplain’s Wild Shootout With Illegal Alien Caught on Dashcam

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

A violent encounter between a Texas policeman — and part-time pastor — and two illegal alien gangbangers has been caught on video.

Officer Andra Gibson had been on the beat for three years with the Hedwig Village, Texas police department. IOn that time he had not had a single car chase, nor ever fired his weapon on the job.

That all changed in mere minutes last month when Gibson — who also serves as the department’s chaplain — saw a car making an illegal left turn through a red light.

When the officer pursued, it was clear the driver had reason not to be caught and tried to outrun the officer, leading Gibson on a high speed chase — as caught on the newly-released dashcam video of the incident, KHOU-TV reported.

Then the car suddenly stopped — and one of its passengers jumped out and ran into a neighborhood, and the driver immediately sped up again, until it hit a curb and came to a stop.

Gibson had heard about chases such as this, often involving a DUI suspect, and was briefly relieved when he saw the car’s driver get out and looked like he was giving himself up.


No such luck.

Just moments after putting up his left hand in apparent surrender, the driver quickly grabbed a gun with his right hand and fired six shots at Gibson, as KTRK-TV reported.


Gibson fired back and hit the driver several times, and the man tried to flee the scene, then collapsing. Gibson called an ambulance.  The driver died on the way to the hospital.

Turns out the man had some major reasons he didn’t want to be caught. The driver, identified as 36-year-old Emilio Soliz, was an illegal alien gang member. Soliz was wanted in California on multiple felony drug, weapons and assault charges, as KHOU reported.

Police arrested the second suspect, Edwin Benitez, whose immigration status is not yet known, two days later.

Gibson is a very lucky man. Despite coming under surprise gunfire, he emerged unharmed while inflicting fatal shots on the illegal gangbanger. Gibson’s police cruiser was hit three times by Soliz’ gunfire — mere inches from his position, but did not strike him.

Amazingly, a bullet hole was discovered in his pant leg, but somehow the round didn’t touch his body, KHOU reported.


Asked about the good fortune of his department’s Chaplain, Hedwig Village Police Chief David Gott said:

“Well no doubt about it, no doubt about it, God was on his side. The officer is also a pastor in his off-duty time. I don’t know if that helped, but it certainly didn’t hurt.”

Amen to that. And good shooting, Officer Gibson. All’s well that ends well.

Here is the wild dashcam video as reported by  KHOU…


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