World Outraged After Muslim ‘Assaulted’ by Trump Supporters… But Look What We Just Found Out


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

It was a story that shocked and angered New Yorkers, and the story quickly spread worldwide, feeding the media narrative of Muslims as the victims of Donald Trump’s racism.

Yasmin Seweid, an 18-year old Muslim business major at Baruch College in NYC, told police she was attacked in the subway by a trio of White men who shouted “Donald Trump!” –called her a “terrorist,” demanded she “leave my country” and then tried to remove her hijab. 

A reportedly terrified Seweid fled to a pay phone as her cell phone “battery died” — and she later reviewed police surveillance video to identify the racist Trump fans.

The story instantly went viral by an unquestioning media:


Horrified New Yorkers rushed to help:

Seweid’s neighbors in Hyde Park felt terrible after hearing what happened and many have expressed concern for the teen.

I felt terrible so I went and bought her a bouquet of flowers and wrote a letter to her. They are wonderful people, they really are. She is a sweetheart,” said neighbor Carol Zanzonico (more here).

But some, such as conservative columnist Pamela Geller, began to question the account, reminding reporters that cell phone video of nearly ever incident in the NYC subway ends up online within minutes — and that there were absolutely NO witnesses. Yet the media believed her and expressed outrage at the “Islamophobia” that Trump was supposedly creating in America.

Then a week later, Seweid reportedly “disappeared,” her “worried” family said. The media across the globe once again dutifully reported it as fact, and again concern spread for the young “victim:”


Well we just found out why Yasmin was “missing.”

Because New York Police had determined that she made the whole thing up — and were planning to arrest her.

And today they did just that, charging her with filing a false “hate crime” report:

MANHATTAN — An 18-year-old Muslim college student who claimed three men screaming “Donald Trump!” attacked her on a Manhattan subway platform is being charged with filing a false report after admitting she made up the incident, sources told DNAinfo New York.

Investigators who spentsignificant NYPD resources trying to verify her story were unable to find any witnesses to the incident or video that could corroborate her story, sources said.

Seweid finally recanted Tuesday, saying she misguidedly made up the tale to get attention because she was having issues with her family at home.

She was expected to be charged with filing a false report — which could range from a misdemeanor to a felony charges — late Wednesday afternoon, sources said.

A source explained that, given the amount of time detectives spent chasing the phony story, and how politically charged the allegation was, the police and prosecutors felt compelled to charge her, particularly since they said they had given her numerous opportunities to come clean earlier in the process. She repeatedly refused to tell the truth for weeks, they added.

NYPD sources tell TRN tonight that the cost of this entire incident “may run into the millions of dollars.” She should be made to repay every single penny.

Yet another Muslim hate crime hoax. Just like a Muslim woman in Louisiana who claimed that ” a White man” wearing a “Donald Trump hat”robbed and beat her” and “ripped off her hijab” while celebrating his victory on November 9th.  She is also being charged with filing a false report.

In fact, not a single “anti-Muslim hate crime” the media has screamed about since Trump’s election has been verified. Yet the President-Elect and his supporters are routinely smeared as “Islamophobic” and “racist.”

The media is quickly BURYING the truth about this LIE they told..
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