‘Get Out of the Car!’ – Police Officer Stops Man for Seatbelt Violation, Then Opens Fire


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

UPDATE: New, full length video has been released by the SCHP, and is now shown below, replacing the shorter video

Video released by the South Carolina Highway Patrol shows an officer shoot a man during a routine traffic stop.

Footage shows the trooper, Sean Groubert, 31, pull over an individual for a “suspected seat belt violation” and ask for his license September 4th.

When the man, Levar Jones, 35, reaches back into his vehicle to retrieve the documents, the trooper shouts “get out of the car.” Moments later, he fires at the man.

“Get on the ground!” the trooper yells after shooting him.


Jones, who said he couldn’t feel his leg in the video, told Groubert he had simply been going back into his car to get his license when he was shot.

“You told me to get my license, I reached for my license and you shot me,” he said.

The incident led to the officer’s termination from the force after an internal review. Department of Public Safety Director Leroy Smith said the case was “disturbing” and did not follow protocol, WLTX-TV reported.

Groubert now faces charges of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. According to WLTX, Groubert was booked Wednesday on a bond of $75,000.

Jones was taken to the hospital for an injury to his hip. He is now recovering.


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