George Clooney SLAMS Trump Over Meryl Streep, Then People Notice One HUGE Problem…


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Meryl Streep ripped into Donald Trump at the Golden Globes by repeating a discredited smear that he “mocked a disabled reporter.”

We then reported on Streep’s own blatant hypocrisy on the “disabled.”

Trump himself ripped Streep on Twitter as “over-rated,” and called her out on the lie she told to an audience of millions.

Well actor George Clooney has now come to Streep’s defense…but people immediately noticed a BIG problem with his response…

Running the country??

Um, does Clooney not even realize that Barack Obama is still the president? Did he somehow miss his farewell address last night?


I guess we should be surprised that Clooney — like Streep herself — is a typical fact-challenged liberal lightweight.

Last year, Clooney made a bold prediction about Trump, then seemed lost without a script…

It’s going to be a long four years for Hollyweird liberals.

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