French Candidate Told to Wear Islamic Headscarf to ‘Cover Up’… Her Response Was PERFECT

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Candidate Donald Trump was slammed by the left and its media allies as an “Islamophobe” for daring to notice that nearly every terror attack in the world is carried out by Muslims, and demanding restrictions and “extreme vetting” for those the U.S. welcomes from Islamic terror-sponsoring nations.

Those who thought he would  back down as president were very much mistaken — as Trump signed an order to do just that in his first two weeks on the job.

Now another long shot presidential candidate who has been called the “female Trump” is showing she means what she says too when it comes to standing up to Islamic fundamentalism.

France’s conservative candidate Marine Le Pen has been accused of using “heated and offensive” rhetoric, campaigning on a strict immigration, and anti-European Union platform, according to Fox News.

Like Trump, she has been mercilessly attacked by the media, and was given no chance to win for months while she gained massive support. But Le Pen refuses to back down.

During an official visit to Beirut, the candidate for the Les Républicains party showed Lebanon’s government just who they’re dealing with. On Tuesday, Le Pen was set to meet with Lebanon’s grand mufti, Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian.

According to the Washington Post, upon her arrival at his office, one of his aides handed her a white head scarf. After a brief conversation, Le Pen took a firm stance, and told the aid:

“You can pass my consideration on to the grand mufti, but I am not putting the veil on.”

The presidential candidate then turned around, got in her car, and left. The exchange was captured on video and posted to Twitter:

Le Pen pointed out that the Mufti’s office knew very well about her stance on head scarves ahead of time, but pushed it on her anyway, but apparently expected her to back down to “save face” after traveling all that way.

They obviously didn’t realize what this woman was made of. Said Le Pen:

“They didn’t cancel the meeting, so I thought they would accept the fact that I wouldn’t wear one. They tried to impose it upon me.”

But she would not back down in the face of Islamic misogyny. A statement by the mufti’s office called her behavior “inappropriate,” and claimed the veil is just “protocol.” Yeah right, the subjugation of women is perfectly normal “protocol.” The Muslim press is furious, but conservatives in France, the UK and US are cheering.

But check out who isn’t cheering: left-wing so-called “feminists,” who are anything but pro-woman.

The current government of Sweden — which calls itself the “World’s First Feminist Government,” has attacked President Trump for his “patriarchy” and “misogynistic attitudes,” and even mocked a recent Trump bill signing, with all-men behind him, with one of their own displaying just women:

But just five days later, check out what those brave Swedish, patriarchy-destroying “feminists” did when they visited Iran, led by Foreign Minister Anna Linde.

They all donned head Muslim scarves and hijabs, as “mandated!”

Despite their government website’s proclamation that, “women and men must have the same power to shape society and their own lives,” every representative gave in to the mandate that a woman must have her head covered:

According to the National Review, the cowardly Linde claimed her only two options were to either send an all-male delegation or cover up.

You forgot one, Ms. Linde: REFUSE.

That’s what a real “feminist” named Marine Le Pen chose to do, and made millions of women proud.


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