‘Fox News Is Not Real News!’: Here’s What Happened When Reporter Confronted San Fransisco Officials Over Sanctuary City Murder


by Beth Callen | Top Right News

Several members of the San Fransisco Board of Supervisors refused to answer questions about the city’s sanctuary city policy when confronted by a reporter with the Fox News Channel.

New video that aired on “The O’Reilly Factor” shows reporters with the cable-news network attempt to speak with the elected officials.

The reporter had contacted the offices of the individual supervisors before tracking them down in person, but was either ignored or had interview requests denied.

When confronted, San Fransisco Board of Supervisors member Jane Kim said the issue at hand wasn’t the city’s sanctuary policy.

“I think the issue here is gun control,” Kim said. “No individual with that type of record should be able to access or be in possession of a gun.”

Others took aim at the Fox News Channel.

“Of course, Fox News would be this rude,” supervisor Katy Tang said.

“We tried this through your office and got no response,” the reporter replied.

“Well, you know what? Because you’re interviewing the wrong f****** person!” Tang shot back.

Scott Weiner, another San Fransisco Board of Supervisors member, also refused to speak.

“Fox News is not real news!” he repeated.

Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly has continued to cover the killing of Kate Steinle, a woman authorities say was gunned down by an illegal immigrant who had prior felony convictions and had been deported five times. He was only set free because of San Fransisco’s refusal to cooperate with federal officials on immigration matters.


[H/T: TheBlaze, Video by Mediaite]

  • Stesta Rawks

    Scott Wiener only talks to real wieners.

  • SmokeyBehr

    Judging by FNC’s ratings, they’re far more real than all the other networks combined in Primetime.

  • StevenE

    Scary! It’s amazing that they support murder! Why are all Weiners, weenies.

  • Carl Tim

    Just as San Fagthisco isn’t actually a REAL American city!

  • Carl Tim

    Just looking at that assclown causes visions of rear naked chokes, roundhouse kicks, and perhaps a cage scrape with his face???

  • Lin

    Hey Scott your last name says it all-ASSWIPE A BUNCH OF SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAYS

  • markroth

    Nation Of Love With Peoples by news < Make It Easy

  • jerseycat406

    its not a gun controle issue, the issue is the people who are governing San Francisco”people like him shouldn’t have access to gun “nobody gave him a gun he said he Found it “it was just laying on a bench. It belonged to a government agent, who was the agent ,what was his name and why was it just laying around on the wharf? And that other “city official” with the foul mouth, what will be done about her an Francisco needs to burn down again and start all over with the right attitude, get rid of mayor lee and his people

    • Peter S. Jennings

      IF he found it wrapped in a T-Shirt why is it that after the murder it was tossed in the bay and when they pulled it out it was in a case?

  • Patty Glass


  • HarryTheCat

    Everybody sing!…”Oh I’d love to be a San Francisco weiner. That is what I’d truly like to be. ‘Cause if I was a San Francisco weiner, everyone would point and laugh at me!”

    • phatazz

      That’s funny!!! LOL

    • Teddy Jackson

      That is just Kool…you should make a video…

  • Megamimi

    The left’s usual response; personally attack those who question their actions rather than debating the issues.

  • Davey Dunn

    Muhammad goatfuckinggod

  • Rick Etter

    Every one of these morons need to be PERSONALLY charged with the death of this woman.

  • Rick Etter

    LOL A ‘gun control’ issue? What a maroon!!
    The gun in this case BELONGED to a government agent!!!!

  • USN Veteran

    San Francisco city council is just following the time tested American tradition of placing the
    blame on someone or something else.

  • James Berry

    All mainstream media is slanted one way or another. It is difficult to find impartial news outlets here or in other countries. But just because a person, or persons, don’t agree with a certain news outlet’s slants, doesn’t mean that corporation is not a real news medium.

    These three individuals are merely trying to cover their collective asses because they knew then, and the definitely know now, that letting illegal alien criminals go free is an act that will come back to visit them in horrific ways.

    • eirenne

      one can only hope.

    • calypsodancler

      This coming from the same people who believe that jon stewart is a JOURNALIST!

  • Teddy Jackson

    With Government officials like this and in Washington,,,is why there are instructions on Toilet paper….

  • Dave McManus

    El Chapo should go to Sin Francisco….

  • Mitchell Dell’Aquila

    If my pet project was responsible for the murder of one of my fellow citizens, I’d probably react the same way.

  • John Hillman

    Diane Slimestein started the “sanctuary city” when she was mayor. Gavin Newsome refused to deport ILLEGAL ALIEN DRUG DEALERS. Instead he sent them to San Bernardino County. This is not the first case of ILLEGAL ALIENS killing CITIZENS after being supported by the SF government.

  • Faron Hall

    I just hope the next several victims are relatives/loved ones of these scumbags.

  • Gary Knapp

    Keep in mind that San Francisco was once known as the Barbary Coast, a haven for pirates and others running from the law. Apparently it still is. And, I don’t believe that the City Council intended Hispanic illegals to be the main beneficieries of the sanctuary status, although it creates an excellent diversion away from the Chinese illegals finding a new home there.

    • Bill Andrews

      Gary, Barbary Coast is actually off Africa and was named such by the Berber People. It was a safe haven for pirates and was one of the first major tests of the U.S. Marine Corps after their creation. San Francisco took the name Barbary Coast for its red-light district during the early 1900’s but had nothing to do with Pirates. You probably should do some fact checking prior to posting a comment like that.

      • Karen Griffee

        Barbary Coast (in San Francisco) was named after the original because of its liberalisn and lawlessness.

  • Hogarth Kramer

    Wiener is sure proud of being a dick.

  • Garry Gross

    I sure will be glad when San Andreas dumps this boil on the ass of the US into the ocean.

  • moddly


  • David J Michel Jr.

    why are politicians named Wiener such dicks?( Anthony Wiener)

  • Steve Gosnell

    Weiner’s are big threats to our society, doesn’t matter which coast their on. Fox news not real, like sf is for real? Majority of Americans don’t think so, but the majority is not queer, our rules are real and will last the test of time.

  • sammy

    Actually Fox News is the only one actually reporting all the News. According to FNC’S ratings people agree. Just a lot arrogant and dangerous misguided policies in San Francisco. I know too many people including myself that do not go to San Francisco anymore. ( we live a 90 miles away) Its turned into a sewer. They should be sued and sued and sued and sued.

  • Reader

    I personally don’t care if someone believes Fox News is real or not. In this case, they are asking questions that should be shouted from every rooftop in the city. These politician’s phones should be ringing off the hook demanding answers to these questions.

    It is indisputable that this woman is dead as a direct result of these policies that protect criminals above the innocent citizens of the city. That is without tossing in that the gun used is known to be government issue. (Somebody, anybody, please get the registration on that thing, and let the country know what idiot was supposed to be responsible for it and wasn’t.). These three politicians, and any other supporting sanctuary city status for those illegally invading our country, are accessories and accomplices in murder, and they should all be tried as such. This is the direct, foreseeable, and preventable results of sanctuary city policies.


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