Florida School Removes Its Ban On Bibles Following Pressure From Determined Parent


by Susan Frommer | Top Right News

On May 6, Top Right News reported on Giovanni Rubeo, a fifth grader in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, whose teacher would not let him read the Bible during the class’s free reading time — thereafter even leaving a testy voicemail for the parents on their home phone.

When his father expressed concern, school officials supported the teacher and upheld the ban.

That’s when things got serious. Giovanni’s dad enlisted the help of the Liberty Institute, an organization dedicated to promoting religious freedom.

The Institute gave the school district ten days to reverse its decision before it would take legal action.

Then, just like that, it received this letter from the school board:


While it includes no formal apology, which the Liberty Institute also demanded, it is a clear concession that Giovanni (and all of his classmates) will be allowed to read the Bible during free (AR) reading time if he so chooses.

This entire incident — which never should have even happened — shows what can happen when parents fight for their constitutional rights.

Let’s hope it inspires other parents to stand up across the nation.


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