Fire Chief Says American Flag Stickers Must Go, Citing ‘Racism’ – Relieves Firefighters of Duties for Displaying Them


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

(Story updated below)

One of the big problems in America today is how some people see false racism or bigotry nearly everywhere they look. They see what they want to see.

A bigger problem is many of those people are in positions of authority.

Such is the case in a Chicago suburb, where four firefighters have been relieved of their duties for refusing to remove American flags from their lockers and helmets. The four were disciplined after they refused to comply with an order issued last week by Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh.

He claims that there is a culture of racism in the department and issued a strict memo saying all decals and stickers, including American flags and military stickers, should be removed from lockers and helmets.

‘As a fire chief here, I cannot afford nor tolerate,’ he told WGN. He cites a picture of a monkey smoking a cigarette that he found taped on a locker as evidence of the racist culture.

WGN has video coverage of this insane story:

It is hard to believe America has come to a point where a Fire Chief — on the eve of 9/11 — could have such disrespect for our flag and what it stands for.


From WMAQ-TV: Firefighters may return to work and can keep their American flag stickers posted, Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh said, after he was the target of massive pressure from the public. However the firefighters say that they are still filing a hostile work grievance against the Chief.

Some firefighters told Top Right News that the Chief is still banning stickers such as for the branches of service in which they served, 9/11 remembrances, etc, and say many feel that Mayor Perkins should fire Bronaugh for making irresponsible and inflammatory statements alleging false “racism,” and retaliating against those displaying the American flag.

If you agree the Chief should GO, you can (respectfully) contact the Mayor of Maywood, IL, Edweena Perkins, here, or call 708-450-4486.

  • Me

    He can kiss my ASS!

  • jb80538

    The US FLAG IS NOT RACIST you fool!

    • Joe Tokoph

      Nor is our military.

    • asdf

      He’s not a fool, just a big old flaggot.

    • Patricia Bates

      According to many people. (most or all on the liberal side of thinking) almost anything they don’t like can be labeled “racist”….even if it does not apply to racism in any way!

      • jb80538

        Unfortunately that’s their way of doing things!

    • nicholasstix

      Craig Bronaugh is just projecting his own racism onto the flag, whites, America, etc.

      Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

  • dan52d

    What a silly little beiotch!

  • Sal2Sal

    Fire Chief should be relieved!!!!

    • Mourning Warbler

      Apparently he cannot be relieved being immune for the same reason the President is immune from discipline when he behaves lawlessly. 🙁

      • james

        He can be relieved,he works for the city, the city can replace him if he can no longer run his dept.

        • ArchieK

          This Chief pos is the damage caused by affirmative action. Too many unqualified people slipped through the cracks because of it, and when one of these “NO Good Character” people get a little power the abuse it horrendously. I love MLK Jr. ” I dream when we are judged by our character and not the color of our skin.” I guess you can say MLK Jr. was a prophet of the LORD and a real Reverend because he for told of people like Obummer, and these types of turds. Whom are eroding the foundations of our beloved country.

          • VERY WELL SAID!

          • ScooterCakes

            Nope. No racism here…

          • Terry O’shea

            NOT EVEN A SMID

          • nicholasstix

            “I love MLK Jr.”

            You have no idea what you’re talking about. MLK Jr. was a race man. At the time he was assassinated, he was in Memphis demanding hard racial quotas, so that all public sector jobs would be distributed on the basis of racial proportion, qualifications be damned.

            That line you quoted was inserted into his 1963 speech, just to fool whites. And boy did it ever work!

            Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

          • Guest

            WoW! I would love to sit and talk with you for a little while. As I read ur comments I think I can hear you speak.

          • Kevin G O’Brien

            Nonsense! MLK, Jr was my hero as a kid. I marched for civil rights. Having said that, the African-American community has been led astray to the point where MLK, Jr would be appalled to see just how far from the dream they’ve been driven by those who use hate to fill their pockets. Having said THAT, the article is about one failed fire chief who has lost the MORAL authority to lead even if, IF, he’s capable.

          • Mggie

            MLK would be very hurt if he was here today & to see what he fought so hard for & died for was in vain. 🙁

        • disqus_PalbVYKdzo

          Union,EEO, NAACP,ACLU all will disagree with you James.

          • Kevin G O’Brien

            Those are all deeply discredited organizations.

        • gofastgo

          Sure, but he’s black, then the ‘racist’ comments start and the lawsuits, because no black ever was guilty of anything but good judgement and a strong work ethic.

      • Yoshi Cooper

        Oh… and what might that reason be?

        • Jamey Wilson

          for being an idiot..

        • Rhgates

          I’ll say it. Because he’s not white.

          • C.d. Gibson

            Because HE is racist.

          • disqus_PalbVYKdzo

            Difference between a racist and a realist

        • Ferd Salomon

          The mayor and / or city council can determine that he has exercised poor judgment – which is true, brought discredit to his department and as a result, they have lost confidence in his ability to lead the city fire department.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            Put the hammer away, Fred just nailed it !

          • I hope you are right.

        • Mike

          He’s black or his dumb ass would be fired. Need anymore elaboration!

        • jsfun

          racist black man pure and simple

        • LlarryLLama

          Yeah who’s going to enforce the laws..the currently whimpy Congress?

      • Tish Colebrooke Langdon


      • RONALD511 .


        • Stephen Zeigler

          the people have the finial word …provided God approves.

          • RONALD511 .


          • RONALD511 .

            the power of some is not equal to others, otherwise it would be a fair game, Spock says all games are played

      • Jimbo

        How is a monkey smoking a cigarette racist? Was it menthol?

        • Gary Nelson Harper

          I heard it was a Gitane…Parlez vous francais Chimpanzeิ?

        • Bill Rawley

          That’s funny right there! I don’t care who ya’ are, that’s funny!

      • CritiKiL

        Oh, so this is Obama’s fault also huh? Right, got it.

        • Jeff

          Don’t be an idiot! He never said any of this is Obama’s fault; he made a comparison to Obama. A COMPARISON, you liberal Obama-worshipping moron. Race-baiters like you are the problem with this country.

          • phil

            Where are the WMDs? You must be a hillbilly!!! believing your Parties
            B.S about IRAQ so did Cheney share any of his profit sharing or
            bonus from Halliburton’s NO BID CONTRACTS. WE Should draft your DUMB
            @$$ and then drag it on board a C – 17 bound for IRAQ !! Now go to TX and Suck G.W S DICK !!!

          • CBinKS

            Obama, Bush, Cheney, WDS, Halliburton, what does this have to do with an idiot Fire Chief?

          • Riceman

            I am so sick and tired of idiots like you acting like only republicans get rich in Washington. I’m sure if you check the portfolio’s of all politicians, they will be filled with the companies that benefit from their decisions. No one in Washington is hurting for money and that includes all your Democratic politicians.

          • Nunyo Bidness

            Hopefully your liberal ass will be “Phil”ing a grave soon!

          • Randy Francis

            Uh Phil – here’s a little article for you to read:

            You see Phil it’s about “yellow cake” being discovered in Iraq after the invasion and removed by the US military. I doubt you know what yellow cake is but it’s a by product in the uranium enrichment process. And I think it prudent to point out that this was an article done by NBC news and originally posted on MSNBC’s web site so before your faux intellectual panties get in a wad the information came from one of the most liberal and Bush hating news organizations on the face of the planet. Oh and before you tell me to board a C-17 to Iraq, I’ve served two separate tours. I have served in two different branches of the military over 23 years in three separate wars – what does your DD-214 say- if you even have one. So may I suggest you take your liberal elitism on down to the Volvo dealership and pick up your station wagon – you know the one with bike rack on the back of it – and head on home for your wine tasting.

        • OtisT

          There always has to be at least one idiot that will bring Obama into it every time. Funny how so many people say he is so bad for our country but he got elected twice

          • jules

            Elected the first time. Inserted the second. He is a POS, plain and simple.

          • Redd_Melendez

            Reelection does not negate damages done. Love your logic or lack of.

          • Randy Francis

            Bush got elected twice but I’ll bet you and your country club buddies thought he was bad for the country.

        • KentPerry

          You’re damned right it is HIS Fault because he set the tone of the racism we are seeing and MOST of it is absolute NONSENSE! Obama has been using race as a divider in chief since he stole office! Just his DOJ wouldn’t prosecute the black panthers saying he isn’t going to harass “His People” rather than enforce the law for WE the people. THIS IS CHICAGO where he was senator, the same city that wanted all whites to leave. I hope they DO leave so Chicago will go the way of Detroit.

      • Robert

        What in the hell does the President have to do with any of this???

    • BobM001

      I think an ENEMA with a 1 1/2″ on “solid stream” is in order for this RACIST MOOK!

      • I be axing for help

        Attach his spinchter to a hose, turn it on until the s–t comes out his nose!

        • Jimbo

          Shouldn’t take long. It’s already coming out his mouth.

        • Dennis Smith

          sphincter that is

      • Jacquie Robbins

        I agree.

    • Bob Hewitt

      Relieved? You mean deported?

    • canucksam

      Good to know the Mayor forced him to back down. I don’t know if anyone else noticed but he had also stated that military decals were not allowed. If that is his attitude on the anniversary of 9/11, and he’s a firefighter, we know it won’t change one iota if he’s allowed to stay on. Before the libs get busy on here – this has nothing to do with the color of his skin. It has everything to do with his ideology which goes against the grain of real Americans. He should be dismissed from the post.

      • Mourning Warbler

        Well that’s good news!

      • Greg Campbell

        Im sure the Mayor thought it may be a good idea to actually have qualified fire fighters in case he needs them

        • RONALD511 .

          THE MAYOR IS A SHE

          • Linda Knight Foster

            Good for her, sounds like someone has some sense and some leadership ability. It certainly isn’t this fire chief!!!!!! Evidently he doesn’t need this job!!!!

          • alwaysright21


        • canucksam

          Glad the fire chief’s house didn’t catch fire. There would have been some coin flipping going on, methinks. Heads we answer, tails we don’t.

          • crrrock

            heads we don’t respond, tails we don’t respond 😉

          • star

            Is that patriotic? Or compassionate? Two wrongs don’t make a right! That’s sickening and not even funny. And the real reason for the division in this country!

          • Jeff

            Star, shut the hell up!

          • Mggie

            Why should star shut up? It”s a viable statement.

          • ESQ

            Yeah Star!

          • nicholasstix

            No, people like you are the real reason.

            Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

          • Redd_Melendez

            One wrong does not make a right either.

          • antiscreed

            Your response is exactly problem dork!

          • anonymous

            Oh, and your suggestion is for white people to tolerate black people fanning the flames, endlessly, without substantiation? You tell ME who is keeping the U.S. divided! There is only so much tolerance one can have for the lying and divisiveness created by black, liberal america. You can’t yell “fire” in a theater and expect to walk away from it. Eventually people are going to stand up and defend themselves against the bigotry that is so prevalent in the black community. Oh, I forgot; blacks can’t be bigots, only crackers can be.

          • Annette Boose Smith

            Obama has started the fire! And his people are fanning the flames. That’s the plan. That so called fire chief is not American!! He’s African and they want to destroy us. Make this New Africa with Obama as the dictator. Open yalls eyes. It’s coming. He should be fired!!

          • Larry Cook

            No, after years of learning to work together, we have a devisive President, that is once again putting a wedge of racism into play. His head cop, shows that in his comments re: the New Black Panthers election intimidation tactics, being ‘Pay back, baby’. That alone ought to get him fired for malfeasance. Along with his contempt of Congress citation, should be holding Mr. Holder, in the un-employment line.

          • Larry Cook

            Gee, look, the truck will not start. Bubba, where did you say the keys were? For those of you that are not with fire departments, most fire trucks do not have keys, just a on/start switch, so now you can get the sarcasm intended. LOL

        • ESQ

          Your funny!

      • Bill Rawley

        The mayor only told him to back down after public pressure. He should have instantly fired the fire chief! But he is likely out of touch with his city as it is.

        • larence

          Can’t fire the politically correct, yet undeserving chief. He was only promoted by Edweena because he is black.

          • Valerie Link

            I DON’T Care if HE IS PURPLE, Or just from. Another Planet???

        • Redd_Melendez

          He told him to back down because government workers have free speech rights private workers don’t. The Mayor had a duty to mitigate the damages. The public pressure was only part of the reason but the legal consequences were bigger.

        • Wade Means

          She can not because he will cry and play the racism card !!

      • nicholasstix

        “Before the libs get busy on here – this has nothing to do with the color
        of his skin. It has everything to do with his ideology which goes
        against the grain of real Americans. He should be dismissed from the

        The man is a black supremacist, yet you claim that “this has nothing to do with the color of his skin”? Dream on!

        Do you really think that lying about a racial incident, and asserting that it isn’t racial will help you, or any other white under fire? Do you think that socialists, communists, or black supremacists will respect your spinelessness? All you’re doing is surrendering, and making yourself politically impotent. You might as well openly support Craig Bronaugh.

        Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

      • larence

        The chief has the American flag on his right shoulder, what a worthless tool. Probably promoted because he was black.

        • shawn

          I guess blacks only get promoted because of the color of their skin?

          • Lee Thomas Walker

            Yeah, pretty much.

          • Ewade

            You got it. Ever heard of affirmative action? No leadership or people skills required. Just be black.

          • denvy42

            It sure does reflect on the so called black leaders. Most cant put a whole sentence together.

          • Mggie

            I was offered a job as Boss once because I was a woman.Not because of my ability to be a boss. I turned the job down.

          • Cali Curmudgeon

            Well, *this* one certainly did….

      • Allen Howells

        Dear Canucksam, I am of liberal mindset and am appalled by this fire chief’s behavior as well.
        Why did you have to bring political vantage point into a humanist issue? That was pretty shitty of you since we share the same opinion of the situation at hand.

        • canucksam

          “Why did you have to bring political vantage point into a humanist issue?”
          I was exercising my right to give my opinion on the article as it was written. If you believe my opinion is of the political nature that’s your right. The fire chief actions indicate he has very poor judgment. What is racist about American flag and military decals?

        • Cali Curmudgeon

          Because *that* is how the political Left operates. Sorry, but it is.

      • jumara

        didn’t hear they were reinstated which I’m glad to hear.

      • Megalith

        The chief is projecting his own racism onto others. He sees racism where none exists, except in his own heart.

    • FullRoost

      He should be relieved on!

    • Citizen

      If the Chief thinks that the American flag is racist, then he needs to find a job in a country whose flag he approves of. This is going way beyond being PC.

  • Doug Stoxen

    Maybe the “racists” are protesting Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh? He’s clearly a doush bag.

  • Mad Logic

    Sounds like a mad asshole.

  • James Smith

    That chief is a vindictive power crazy little bitch.

    • Diane Leahy

      He has a fine example with our current president.

      • walterc

        Exactly. The Oval Office sets the tone. Since Obama was elected, the tone has been been anything a black person finds offensive is racist. Why a fire chief would find the American Flag or the military offensive is a different issue all together.

  • Clay Burruss

    Fire his ass he is un American and should not hold a position that people are suppose to respect. If he doesn’t respect the country he lives in.

    • ThisAmerican

      To say nothing of the FACT that WE THE PEOPLE are forced to pay this ignorant, ridiculous, tool’s salary

      • Lee Ames

        Only if you live in that Chicago suburb will it be you that helps pay his salary. Where I live at we have VFDs.

        • justlisa

          You DO REALIZE that Fire Departments, quite often, receive federal & state money, right? And, a good portion of state funding comes from federal? Local communities do not (nor can they) fully fund the money requirements of schools, fire departments and police departments.

          If people only knew…

          • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

            your correct, but states can’t tax or steal like the federal government can to fund them. If you paid to the state what you pay to the fed, you would not have any money left.

          • justlisa

            I don’t understand your point?

        • Joe Vigliatura

          He said “we the people” which of course includes the people of Chicago that pay his salary. They also get federal funds for certain programs which is money from all over the US. 🙂

          • Lee Ames

            FEMA has paid out about $1.9 billion since 2005 (SAFER program) and once you divide that up between all the FDs in the country, about 30,100 ( it amounts to about only $7013.66 a year per FD. And when you divide that up between all the tax payers, it is not that much to even worry about. And I do not think that is enough to cover any firefighter’s salary. So, I stand by my comment, only the local communities pay their local firefighters’ salaries.

  • BPZ427

    replace the fire chief he is racist

    • It’s impossible for a minority to be racist. Just ask Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or any of the rest who make money off of trying to keep the races at each other’s throats.

      • AmericanJones

        Now THERE’S a pair who should mysteriously disappear w/o a trace. Oh how our country would be so much better off w/o their childish antics.

    • RONALD511 .

      Fire Chief Says American Flag Stickers Must Go, Citing ‘Racism’ – Relieves Firefighters of Duties for Displaying Them….

  • Gordon Harvey

    Nigro please!

  • Barbara Finger

    They need to fire him and I don’t care if he is black, white, green, purple or skyblue pink

  • Lambadafan Ed

    The flag sticker resembled the Obama Campaign flag swoosh sticker.

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    When old glory becomes a beacon of racism instead of a beacon of freedom, revolution becomes our duty.

    • F. De Moraes


    • Mike Bojorquez

      Nice photo schrIdingerD0g

    • DJL


    • Alisa Lisa Isbell

      I find it outrageous and a bit overboard to make anyone take down the American Flag in AMERICA ! It sickens me to even think one American would even ask another American to remove the American flag from anything they own or use as theirs at the time ,like lockers. This is AMERICA !!!! I find racist to ask someone to take the flag down anywhere !

      • Joe Neckbone

        Although I understand what you’re saying Alisa, it doesn’t work like that. Uniforms, locker’s, helmet’s, etc. are the property of the department, NOT personal property, so as painful as it sounds, if the chief says it has to go, then it has to go!

        • francesca9


          • Herman Vogel

            And, this one investigated as to his “Religious Convictions” Remember, we now have American Citizens fighting WITH ISIS and murdering the Innocent. This one is suspect if only by his Racist Attitude.

        • RMK

          Joe – you are an indoctrinated lemming and it is because of people like you that these racists and anti Americans in leadership positions get away with crap like this. My God – grab your balls man and stand up and be counted. Everything about this story is wrong and you’re making excuses for him and justifying it. What’s painful is reading your mealy mouthed comment. It’s the American Flag and it’s NEVER wrong to display it.

          • Joe Neckbone

            No RMK, a lemming follows the herd off the cliff without question, sort of like what you did in replying to me in the most ignorant of ways, and without proof or experience. I’ve pointed out to Alisa (without the name calling unlike you I might add) that fire gear, police gear, lockers in the department facility belongs to the department and NOT the employee; further, if they are aggrieved by the chiefs actions, and rightfully so, they have the option of appealing, but they HAVE TO obey his order or it’s insubordination. Now that I’ve explained it to you in simple-minded terms, do YOU understand, or do YOU want to remain a lemming?!?!?

          • Bob Edwards

            although i disagree with the chiefs bs actions and HIS racist attitude ,usually the racism cryers are the racists, i agree with Joe. i would like to know if all the firefighters were white and i would think the mayor would ask for an explanation as to y this is racist. he should go move to syria or iraq

          • engine10

            seems one is white, 2 are black and 1 is asian….

          • Bob Hewitt

            You said it. The racism cryers are the racist. Says it all doesn’t it

          • JohnG

            Bob, I believe that at least one of the firefighters that was upset was an African American. His was not an issue of the flag, but of a Marine Corps emblem, placed on his locker by his father, a Marine, and about a 9/11 sticker on his helmet that was also ordered to be removed. And the smoking monkey sticker? One white fireman picking on another white fireman, about his smoking habit. I saw all of these items on another outlet, covering the withdrawal of the Chief’s orders about the flags.

          • Joe Neckbone

            JohnG, could you please find that other article you spoke about here and provide the like, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks friend!

          • JohnG
          • Joe Neckbone

            Thanks friend!!!

          • Joe Neckbone

            Here is a quote from JohnG’s link:

            (Chief) “Bronaugh said at a news conference outside department headquarters.
            “I want everyone to be clear: There was never an issue of disposing of
            the flag.”

            The four firefighters were relieved of their duties for the shift they were working on and were not docked any pay, he said.”

            Case closed! Thanks again JohnG for providing that link.

          • JohnG

            Joe, I believe that the fact is, he DID order the flags to be removed. This is just his statement AFTER he was ordered by the mayor to rescind the order. Which shows that the system DID work, insofar as the chain of command, and public pressure on elected officials (the mayor got-and still is getting-bombarded with calls and emails) is concerned. I believe that the general sentiment here is that it was a BAD decision on the part of the fire chief, one that shows bad judgment and an amazingly blatant level of ignorance on his part. I don’t think that any of us are supporting his decision, including you. At the same time, it shows GOOD judgment on the part of the mayor, and those who spoke out. THIS is how America should work! The hateful tone of this string, however, is disheartening; we’ve all got too much at stake to let those who would divide us, thereby weakening us, to win. More in common than we have in difference.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Yes he did JohnG, I acknowledged that, but he also said in the initial article above, “…that there is a culture of racism in the department
            and issued a strict memo saying ALL decals and stickers, including
            American flags and military stickers, should be removed from lockers and
            helmets.” Not just the American flag as some are erroneously inferring here.

          • JohnG

            I just fail to see how an American flag could be seen as a symbol of racism, nor the military stickers. I think it’s THAT logic; lumping them all in, and putting the same reason behind it-this WAS about racism, that was his whole justification-was, in the very least, foolish. And the example of the smoking monkey, that should have been researched. Obviously, I don’t know the man, but these facts make him come across to me as someone looking for racism behind every corner, and we have too much of that mentality at play in this country as it is. I’d be curious to see if the rank and file fire fighters see as much real racism as he perceives.

          • Old Fart

            Joe Neckbone: you are 100% correct………So just to be clear after seeing the post below. Even if Bronaugh had told them to remove the flags they should have. The Chief is the law, every bit of equipment serves at his pleasure. Then as in the military unlawful orders are taken up the chain of command, Without that discipline there can be no espirit décor, disobeying causes decline of discipline, leading to chaos…That said I do not agree with removing the flag in any situation with in reason (ie:reflective flag on cammoflage). Now the personal attacks are so easy, why do people have to resort to character assassination when they are faced with facts they know are correct but would rather ignore? there are ways to protest, and ways to get fired protesting.. For you character assassins, I too swerved in several uniforms, many in public service, military and now nursing, not an Ovamita supporter, or LIBtard, just aware of what really makes this world work, not wishing for, but earning change.

          • RMK

            You are the lemming Sir. The Chief is wrong no matter how you look at it – especially for calling it racist. Obviously the firefighters can and will appeal the Chief’s decision, but that wasn’t my point. So let me put it into simple terms for you. Just because the Chief gave an order doesn’t mean the firefighters are obligated to follow it – wrong is wrong no matter who is giving the order. In my time in in the military I refused several orders because they were illegal. Position or rank doesn’t make you right. Second, my point was that it’s people like you that roll over and play dead when these types of attacks on our Flag, Country and common sense occur, and instead of standing up against it you give your appeasing, bull$hit advice and perspective to Alisa as if she’s a child and doesn’t understand how things work. Unfortunately most of us do understand and we’re tired of people like you giving idiots like the Chief cover for their warped and sick ideas. You are funny though – you have already jumped off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings, looking up at those of us that haven’t jumped yet, and you’re trying to lecture us on protocol and how things work just before you hit the ground. You have made my point better than I could have – you’re just so used to going along with the crowd you don’t realize it.

          • Joe Neckbone

            OK RMK, I’m through. Enjoy the ride down the cliff!

          • RMK

            No thank you. Unlike you I choose not to jump off.

          • Joe Neckbone

            You already did.

          • Bob Hewitt

            How would you know this coward, unless you are already down there. You talk like a socialist obama voter.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Yes Bob, I’ve been there and done that. I’ve donned a uniform and put my life in danger, probably while you were still sucking on your mother’s now dry titty, now I’m retired and sitting pretty collecting a pension – SWEET!!! But hey, you can try again, or keep working, OR you can actually disobey your boss and see how THAT works for you – NOW THERE’S AN IDEA!!!

          • Bob Hewitt

            As I said you certainly talk like a coward liberal know it all. As far as you past, simply don’t believe it. Now go back to you fantasies. Oh hey how often does obama pay you to troll these post?

          • Joe Neckbone

            What don’t you believe about my past, that I was a cop and am now getting a pension while you’re probably still working a dead end job? Let me know how that works out for you, and let me know how a coward feels because I certainly haven’t experienced that being a cop in a big city in the 80’s and 90’s, again probably while you were still sucking on your mother’s dry nipple, or your dad’s limp dick. Oh, by the way, the government pays me a HANDSOME pension check FAITHFULLY EVERY MONTH I might add since you wanted to know, AND IT FEELS GREAT!!!

          • Bob Hewitt

            My My, aren’t you just the perfect role model. Jumpin Joe Joe the obama troll attacks everyone here and thinks we don’t know. Tell us Joe did you parents have and children that lived?

          • Joe Neckbone

            Bob, please show me who I ‘attacked’ who didn’t attack me first, and who I was responding to? You can’t do it – case closed!!!

          • Jeff

            Alright already! Geez! I agree that Joe is a foul-mouthed, repulsive, disgraceful excuse for a human being; he has proven it repeatedly. However, I find it interesting (and mind-boggling) that RMK has yet to have been addressed as the ignorant ass who started this whole crapstorm. So, I’m calling you out, RMK! I bet you’re mighty proud of what you started here.

          • RMK

            What exactly did I start Jeff? What is ignorant about what I’ve said? So I’ve been called out by Jeff! Now what? Do I get a prize or am I sent to some cyber penalty box for having an opinion. Nothing I’ve said has been uncivilized or an attack on anyone. Since you are easily mind-boggled, I would, politely, suggest that message boards aren’t for you.

          • Stella

            Wow…if you can’t beat em, join em, eh? Weren’t you just saying up there ^^^ that these others were less intelligent for responding with such ‘ignorance’? Look at you getting right in there and insulting their lives as if you are one with the intel and authority to judge. And then you insult this guy’s mother and straight to his father’s medical issue…real classy “OFFICER”. Real classy. I’d say the ignorance swallowed you whole. You made yourself look like a giant ass, which nobody else here has done. Well done. Message received.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Your mother!

          • Terri Barrow

            You are very rude sir.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Ain’t it great?!?!? 🙂

          • Joe Neckbone

            I’m really laughing my butt off here. You people just don’t get it. Look at ALL of my posts. EVERY SINGLE ONE of my posts where people talked to me in a civilized manner, I responded in kind, on the other hand, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my posts where people act like savages and want to disrespect me, I respond in kind. That being said, CONTINUE…

          • juliams

            suck it you holier than thou arsehole

          • Joe Neckbone

            Your mother!

          • juliams

            he’s full of shite…he’s a welfare baby sucking off the government.



          • Joe Neckbone

            The only ‘problem’ I have is whether I’m gettng my pension check on the fifteenth or the sixteenth!

          • RONALD511 .

            it’s called the BLUE LINE

          • Sandy Groepel

            WOW !!! I see a lot of well educated informed comments in this dialog. Joe, I am not specifically addressing you alone, but also to some who have responded to your comments. First let me say that you are a disgrace to the uniform that you wore, your speech is unbecoming, as are the other people. One must always choose their battles, these firefighter chose theirs. Their Chief did not honor his oath of office, or the Firefighters Pledge. The last time I checked, firefighters, police officers search and rescue and many other wears a flag, or patch. Some who have served in the military wear there patch also. They do this out of respect and honor for this country that they serve, or have served.
            I am happy that you are able to draw a pension, you worked for it, you put your life on the line daily. Because someone else has a opinion that differs from your is no reason to disrespect then, or for them to disrespect you.

          • Joe Neckbone

            See the REAL truth Sandy Groepel (if you are really seeking it). Look at EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY POSTS AND YOU TELL ME:
            1) Have I been respectful to everyone who has been respectful to me, and
            2) Have I disrespected everyone who has disrespected me?

            It seems to me that like the others, you only see what you want to see! Now please do your research and do as I ask and get back to me. If you don’t then I know where you REALLY stand. You know have your mission!!!

          • Sandy Groepel

            Joe, I was not responding to you alone, but to others in this in this comment section. When you respond with “sucking your mothers dry nipple, or your dad’s limp dick” you lower yourself to their standard. It is apparent that some that makes comments here are radical, angry that is uncontrolled, do not do the research, and have low self esteem. Therefore they must degrade others to their level. I can only say that I hold you to a higher standard simply because of your public service as a police officer. You have/had a Police Officer’s Creed. I also took an Oath, I still live by it today.

          • JoeNeckbone

            I definitely respect that Sandy, thanks! Thumbs up to you!!!

          • RONALD511 .


          • Jeff

            Actually, despite being EXTREMELY foul-mouthed and disrespectful Joe has NOT said anything that could be seen as acts (or even threats) of terrorism. Seriously, you’re not helping our argument against Joe by making asinine comments like that.

          • JoeNeckbone

            I don’t think I was foul-mouthed, but thanks for the realness to that phoney, wannabe FBI agent anyway!

          • JoeNeckbone

            Whatever ‘guest’. If you were REALLY a former ‘FBI’ man, you’d know how REAL cops think. So go ahead and out think me off this post and copy and paste my comments as you think they’re terroristic. In short, go suck an egg, because I don’t think you are or were an FBI agent!

          • Randy Francis

            You know Joe – when I saw your childish posts I knew right away that you’re a retired cop.

          • juliams

            I really bet you wore a uniform. Pension? ha more like a welfare check. you’ve probably never worked a day in your life.

          • JoeNeckbone

            Correction juliams, I don’t have to work a day in my life ANYMORE, HA HA HA!!!

          • C.d. Gibson

            But not a military uniform eh Joe? THEY aren’t liberal pussies like you.

          • JoeNeckbone

            I guess your uniform was janitorial, but that’s OK, they gotta eat too!

          • Nunyo Bidness

            Lemme guess you didn’t raise your hand, instead you were drafted. Should change your moniker from Joe Neckbone to Joe “lack of” Backbone!

          • JoeNeckbone

            HA HA HA, that’s so funny Nincumpoop Baldness!

          • RMK

            You jumped off the cliff long ago Joe. the problem is, you’re on your back looking up but think you’re looking down on the rest of us.

          • JoeNeckbone

            Yup, I’m on my back – I’m retired remember?!?!? 😉

          • Strom Thurmond 2016

            Joe, if your head goes any further up your “obamba highway”, you will turn inside-out.

            No business or organization is “sterile” of the little things folks do to show their pride…or whatever….kids photos, drawings, stickers, mugs etc.

            Even the military allows the celebration of prowess, patriotism, and esprit-de-corps. I painted symbols on my jet after each mission where I barbecued filthy moslems with LGBs, FAE, cluster weapons, or Napalm. Nobody objected. Heck, the skipper tagged his jet too…

            Suggestion? Be a man.

          • Joe Neckbone

            That’s all good Strom, but did you ever disobey a direct order or did you do what you were told and complained about it through the proper channels later? Now take YOUR head out of the neo-conservative FAUX NOISE super highway and grow a pair!!!!

          • Terri Barrow

            I personally have always stood up for what is right. People like you kiss the government’s ass and its pretty disgusting and more so that you are defending this ass on this day of all days.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Believe me Terri Barrow, if you knew me, you’d know that the government’s ass is the LAST I’d kiss – but the pension is great!!! 🙂

          • REOCON smith

            hahaha yes its FOX news Joe LOL now drink your koolaid like a good boy.
            ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser.
            CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
            ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to last Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney
            ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary
            ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
            CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

          • Joe Neckbone

            The part owner of Faux News is a Saudi Prince, YES, the same Saudi’s who 19 of their people flew planes into buildings 13 years ago TODAY, and where I lost 9 friends at the Towers, and changed all our lives together, and you fools drink THAT kool-Aid. SMDH!!!


          • Guest

            Very good. RMK. Joe is obviously suffocating with his head up his dark place and lacking oxygen to the brain, assuming he has one.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Wow, for a man that is proud to have a woman’s name Jacquie, that’s real original!

          • juliams

            what a douche you are

          • Joe Neckbone

            You know they say dogs actually look like their owners. Is that your dog in the picture, because if it is – EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

          • C.d. Gibson

            Really? That’s the best you can come up with Joe? Jesus I’d just sit down & shut up if I were you. You sound like a blithering idiot. You really should stop drinking the kool aid that the liberals are passing out. You might see that there IS racism from the black community towards whites.

          • JoeNeckbone

            Interesting comment C.d. Gibson. What does the ‘C’ in your name stand for, ‘Clamydia’?

          • RONALD511 .


          • JoeNeckbone

            I’m sorry Ronald511, but I’m honestly not understanding what you’re trying to say to me or which part you’re commenting on.

          • Randy Francis

            You’re actually picking on people’s names? What are you? A 10 year old?

          • Wes Hall

            If the chief was right, why did his superior say that (From WMAQ-TV) Firefighters may return to work and can keep their American flag stickers posted, Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh said,”?

          • Shannon

            The same reason that companies like Target and Chili’s get pressured by people to ban gun from inside of their establishments. The loudest voices win.

          • Tish Colebrooke Langdon

            Carry concealed. They cannot stop you!

          • Redd_Melendez

            Private employers can regulate speech on the job but not public sector jobs. The Chief backed down because government can’t censor public workers FS rights on the job. That is a civil rights issue and it is what motivated the Mayor.

          • Don Newcomb

            WHOOOOOOOO!!!! Feel that burn Joe?

          • JoeNeckbone

            Everyday when I exercise Don! 🙂

          • Shannon

            Just wanted to point out that he didn’t say the flag stickers were racist. He said that racist and offensive stickers were being displayed by some so he said that ALL stickers had to be removed. You can’t tell one group not to post stickers and let other groups do it. That would be prejudice.

          • Nunyo Bidness

            About time someone pointed that out!

          • Redd_Melendez

            Its legally incorrect

          • RMK

            If you believe that, you are one of the indoctrinated lemmings rolling over for the PC crowd. Of all things, if he, or you, can’t differentiate between a possibly racist sticker and a sticker of the American flag, then there is no hope for either of you. Yet again, people like you want to appease and make excuses for stupid, unjustified, unpatriotic and destructive decisions like this fire chief”s. Where does it stop? At what point do you stop appeasing people to “get along” and actually stand up for something – and in this case its our country and our flag. Absolutely pathetic. You had better start wearing a bee keeper outfit (Burka) because someone in AMERICA might be offended you’re showing too much skin without it.

          • Shannon

            It is not being PC to say that no one can post stickers on their locker. To be honest I am surprised stickers were ever allowed on the lockers of property owned by the city. If he had used the reasoning that when people leave the job that it is hard to clean the stickers off or any other reason than the one about some of the stickers being racist this wouldn’t even be news. My only point was that he didn’t say the American flag stickers were racist, he said other stickers caused him to make a policy where no stickers were allowed. I was just clearing up an obvious overlook in the facts of the story that you either didn’t notice or did notice and ignored because accusing him of saying flags were racist better suited your agenda. Really? Do you really believe that black people think the flag is racist? I didn’t even say that I agreed with his decision. I don’t make excuses for anyone, I am just saying that if it is a bosses prerogative to make a rule saying no one can post stickers then no one can post stickers. When I was in public school we weren’t allowed to put stickers on our lockers either. Because it was county property, if you got caught defacing school property you lost your locker privileges. The only difference is that it had always been a rule not one that got changed because of a bad sticker. You don’t know me so you don’t know what I do or do not stand up for. I despise extremists on either side of the party, they are both bad for the country and that includes people commenting on this story that don’t even read the words in the article or check other articles for accuracy and just carry on about what they want to think it says. Whether the fire chief is actually racist or not is something that the people in his department will have to deal with. None of us know him personally so there is no way for any of us to know if he is or not. What I do know is that I have seen a lot of nasty comments about his race and the President’s race on this article that are disgusting and despicable. People say that they don’t hate the President because he is black but because of his policies but I see evidence otherwise on every single article I read even if it isn’t about politics. I didn’t exactly like George Bush but when I was in the military we were taught to have respect for the chain of command and the Commander in Chief no matter who he was. Funny, that we were told to respect Bush with all of his wrong doings but Obama gets comments like ones saying that him and his family should go to Africa and contract Ebola. I don’t like all of the policies he has passed. The healthcare law didn’t help me at all but he is the first person who has at least tried to make it better, but I would be curious to know how much better this country would be doing if congress actually worked together and negotiated and compromised like they are supposed to instead of purposely saying no to everything. I look at the bills going to the floor every once in a while. There are bills that they say no to that they created themselves before he got into office. Even Glen Beck came out and said that his hatemongering has done a significant amount of damage to America in terms of create a divide so grand that no one can come to a compromise on anything.

          • JoeNeckbone

            Amen Shannon!

          • Redd_Melendez

            Government can’t censor employee free speech like private sector companies can.

          • ed mustang

            Thank you for your service, RMK, and for doing it with integrity. Military personnel are, in fact, prosecuted if they are breaking the law while “just following orders.”

          • Jeff

            Integrity, my ass. RMK is a disrespectful jerk just like Joe; no integrity there.

          • RMK

            How do you figure? Stating someone is a lemming for going along with the PC crowd is disrespectful? Are your feelings easily hurt when someone points out the obvious to you? Its a descriptor – and it fits. If that is disrespectful then you and I have different definitions of the word. The man takes it upon himself to correct the lady when he, in my opinion, has it wrong. I disagreed with him and told him so. I didn’t take what he said to her as disrespectful or anything about our conversation as disrespectful – just a major difference of opionion.

          • JoeNeckbone

            I agree with RMK!

          • RMK

            I agree. Just because someone gives an order doesn’t make it legal. As an officer I gave some orders that weren’t necessarily illegal, but they opened the door for follow on action that would have been. Although not my intent when I gave the order. Fortunately I had subordinates that had enough intestinal fortitude to point it out to me to keep everyone out of trouble. I didn’t say that the orders I disobeyed were illegal intentionally (although they were), but sometimes people just make bad decisions followed up by orders.

          • Jeanne-Marie Vita

            I don’t know you, but I know you’re an idiot!…..NO ONE, NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE ASKED TO TAKE DOWN THE AMERICAN FLAG!!! HOW’S THAT FOR SIMPLE TERMS!!!

          • Joe Neckbone

            Well, since you’re talking about ‘SIMPLE’…

          • juliams

            you are the simpleton…only simpletons obey no questions asked like a good little sheeple.

          • Joe Neckbone


          • Jimmy H

            Joe is correct. it’s horrible and stupid that he asked the flag to be removed, but also accurate that the boss/chief has the right to do so. the grievances charges should be files by the firefighters and any official that isn’t proud of the flag should change what’s in the organization. The flag is us as a country taking it down is a step in the wrong direction.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Exactly Jimmy!!!

          • dawn

            Lemmings follow the crowd without question, neckbone….you know, do as the others do…jump off the cliff, run non-stop to death…kinda what is happening to America by Americans simply following the Anti-American sentiment being shoved down our collective throat by the federal gov’t and people in authoritative positions. These men did the right thing, and by golly, the chief is in a whirlwind of trouble. His hatred for America has been globally announced by his own words and actions. Jobs are scarce and jobs in public service where danger is a daily event are hard to fill with good, decent, selfless men (ie: firemen),…and these men risked it all to show that patriotism isn’t as dead as liberal lemmings and our gov’t want it to be. The fire chief has an agenda yet to be seen…creating racism over nothing is a racist thing to do. Enjoy your retirement, truly…you must have earned it.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Thank you Dawn!

          • nysticks

            You sir are a moron and a prime example of what’s wrong with this country. Civil pride is non-existent anymore. It should be priority one!!!

          • Joe Neckbone

            Your mother!

          • REOCON smith

            Joe will rape a goat if the “chief” tells him LOL, how sick is that ?

          • Joe Neckbone

            Please tell me how you rape a goat, you seem to have had the experience!

          • riverman50

            So, Joe. You were a big city cop? That means you were a union drone. Do what the union bosses tell you to do. Right?

          • Tagalong

            Not a lemming…the CHIEF is not the owner of the equipment -the town ie. The people- own it and the mayor – council – officials would have the say as to what it can be and should be used. THEREFORE UNLESS This person is a self appointed dictator or whatever he has . No right to dictate the use of said items.

          • Joe Neckbone

            I beg to differ with you Tagalong. Yes the chief is not the owner of the equipment, but he IS the chief, and his orders – whether right or wrong – should be obeyed, that’s just how it is. Protocol dictates that you follow his orders and complain or appeal afterwards, anything otherwise, and it’s insubordination and you WILL be fired as these officers were. Now if the citizenry went to the city council and got a statute put in place that the flag should always be on ANY uniform, then AND ONLY THEN, would those officers come out on top.

          • Terri Barrow

            The chief still has to answer to people dumb ass. He is not the “word”, he follows orders from above. SMH at the stupidity……….from a daughter and a proud mother of a Firefighter!

          • Joe Neckbone

            Until the word comes from above, he’s still the chief, and his subordinates have to follow his command DUMB ASS!!!

          • RONALD511 .


          • Paul Skinner

            I do truly believe that you need to re-examine the command structure regarding unlawful/unconstitutional orders.

          • Paul Skinner

            I disagree with that sentiment entirely. If an order is WRONG it should (and indeed MUST) be disobeyed in every instance. If you were ordered (before you retired) to do something immoral or illegal, would you have just done it or would you have taken a stand? I personally know that in the military we were required (yes I said required) to refuse any order that was illegal. I honestly don’t know for a fact what sort of oath you took as a police officer, but if it was anything like the military oath, then I’d go so far as to say you would have been required to do the same. Thankfully I was never put into a position where I had to refuse an order during my time in the Navy, but I can promise you I would have if such an illegal order came down.

          • RONALD511 .

            Fire Chief Says American Flag Stickers Must Go, Citing ‘Racism’ – Relieves Firefighters of Duties for Displaying Them…

          • FireBlogger

            Goosestep much Joe?

          • Joe Neckbone

            No, wear a Klan hood much FireBlogger?!?!?

          • Mike Willey

            Joe, not so much. The firefighters are not issued that gear, they purchase it. The lockers are public property and can be regulated. That being said his arguments for removing them are flawed and not valid. The US Flag and US Military are not symbols of racism.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Exactly Mike, that’s what I said previously. The lockers aren’t theirs, so they must comply with what the department or its top representative – namely their chief – tells them. Same thing for their uniforms, whether they buy them or not. Remember, they bought the uniforms because they wanted to work for the department, so they have to follow what the department says.

          • juliams

            you are an idiot. If it was a KKK sticker or some shite I could see it. THE FLAG STANDS FOR FREEDOM, NOT RACISM. Anyone who would equate the flag with racism is a brainwashed fool.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Wow, an idiot calling someone else an idiot, misery certainly loves company!!!



          • Joe Neckbone

            Please show me where I said there was something wrong with them being proud of our flag. You cannot. so 1) STOP SHOUTING, and 2) READ!!!

          • icequeen

            In many departments now, the employees have to buy their own gear and rent their lockers. If I’m paying for something I can and will do what I want on it. The American flag is part of my life and I will display it to the fullest!

          • libsmkmesk

            Since the department is funded by the taxpayers I don’t think an antiamerican policy such as disallowing a flag that represents this country falls under the same protocols as a private company that can dictate as they choose with regards to freedom of speech

          • Time Bender

            So why do fire trucks have flags on them…….

          • Randy Francis

            Actually “Joe” some departments allow their members to wear their own helmets – which is why you see leather New Yorkers – no department will pay $600 for a fire helmet – not even FDNY. So these could actually be their own helmets.You might want to do a little research before you start spouting something with which you have no frame of reference.

          • Marisa Floyd


          • Michael McCumber

            Joe, the vast majority of Fire Fighters I know actually have to purchase alot of their own geer…….just saying.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Believe me Mike, I know, I had to do the dame thing, including buying my own guns. What I’m trying to say is although we had to purchase our own gear, we still had to follow their guidelines, including what and what NOT to put on our uniforms, and if we had anything ‘unauthorized’ on our uniform, if the supervisor told us to remove it, we had to remove it or get disciplined. Now as I said earlier, I had ‘unauthorized’ stuff on my lapel, but I guess since I worked in a heavy precinct, the bosses really didn’t care. They figured that the job was too dangerous to worry about stupid stuff like that, but in the precinct we called ‘country clubs, where nothing ever happened, they had to wear their uniforms ‘properly, shine their shoes, wear their hats all the time, etc.

          • ed mustang

            I’m glad you recognize that a busy precinct should respect it’s employees. Given that a quick google search ranks Maywood as having more murders and fires per capita than even neighboring Chicago, and ranks in the 99% percentile of the US, then surely you will recognize the chief is playing Mickey Mouse games with a very active department.

            Try google, don’t take my word for it. Thank you for your years of service as a police officer. Not an easy career.

          • Wes Hall

            Joe is out on the 17th hole looking for his balls with his hero.

          • Joe Neckbone

            At least I still have balls Wes, what happened to yours, did they shrivel up and hide inside your body in your old age? How does Viagra work, inquiring minds want to know!!!

          • Dealtand

            AMEN RMK, couldn’t have said it better myself!

        • Jase Silva

          it has to go because he, Like Bummer, hate these United States of America

        • Douglas White

          It is all property of the taxpayers. PERIOD!

        • Charles Parsons

          only if your a sheeple that’s too weak or cowardly to stand up for what you believe in such as the American Flag does it have to go. I say bravo to the firefighters and it’s time to look for a new chief

        • SFSGT80

          Actually, that is not always true Joe. My department issued a helmet but most members bought their own “old school” leather helmet with their own money. That helmet is theirs when they retire or leave the department and we can decorate it as we see fit. I have a green shamrock and my name painted on in Gaelic language to show my pride in my Irish Heritage. I also have an American Flag pin displayed on it too!

          • Joe Neckbone

            I totally understand that SFSGT80. In my department (PD), we had to buy our own uniforms, gear and guns too, but we couldn’t put anything on them except what was ‘authorized’, even though we bought it and it was ours, it was technically, still theirs. Like you, many of us wore ‘unauthorized’ stuff on our uniforms too. That’s all I was trying to relay.

          • RONALD511 .


        • Jeremy Richards

          If the Chief is wrong, it will all come out in the wash. There are procedures for dealing with things like this and the firefighters have a union to help them. You can’t disobey the Chief, regardless of how much you disagree with him/her. You can’t disobey the Chief. You have to obey the Chief. One more time; the Chief must be obeyed by everyone on the crew.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Exactly, but those who have never put on ANY type of uniform don’t seem to understand that, and are almost ALWAYS the loudest!

          • Gary

            Joe Neck bone… it seems to me the issue is he didn’t ask the firefighters to remove the decals to keep the uniformity. He asked them to remove them because they are “racist”.

            It certainly would serve them better to obey the chief and file a complaint later, but can we fault them for taking a stand, one which will probably put more of a spotlight on this than would normally be made? All its doing is highlighting the terrible decision of this fire chief, one who if is making this type of request and putting this type of judgement on his firefighters, more than likely isn’t the type of individual you would want running a fire station anyways.

            I’m assuming the issue that RMK had was that your original statement seemed to say “The chief says so, so that’s it”, as opposed to I’m guessing what you were thinking was, ” They should’ve been a little smarter and filed a complaint later, but the chief is totally in the wrong here and should be disciplined”.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Not at all Gary, I don’t fault the firemen AT ALL for taking a stand, I would too, but I would do it the right way. As for those who would rather resort to Ad Hominem’s instead of talking rational, well, I leave their own words for all to see. I think I’ve cogently explained my argument on several occasions on this thread, but some on here just wanted to call names and act the fool because they know that they themselves don’t have an argument or anything rational to contribute to the debate.

          • gloopey1

            Here’s the $100,000 question – do you think that displaying an American flag is racist?

          • Joe Neckbone

            I both never said it was, neither do I think that. I’ll take my money now thank you very much. 🙂

          • RONALD511 .

            hold it….

            Fire Chief Says American Flag Stickers Must Go, Citing ‘Racism’ – Relieves Firefighters of Duties for Displaying Them

          • RONALD511 .

            Fire Chief Says American Flag Stickers Must Go, Citing ‘Racism’ – Relieves Firefighters of Duties for Displaying Them

          • RONALD511 .

            only until his orders are reviewed, if the chief told you ordered you to paint one of the firetrucks green like a Marine would you Blindly obey that ORDER

          • Jeremy Richards

            Without hesitation.

          • ed mustang

            A fire department is a paramilitary organization, not a military organization. If a chief tells you to stand in the corner for an hour you are absolutely within your rights to disobey. There are times to obey and grieve later, but not if a right is being violated. These boys did an old vet proud.

          • Jeremy Richards

            That’s the very problem with this country these days. There’s a reason why orders must be followed in the military and the principle holds true outside the military. Just about everyone thinks they are right, but just about no one will simply do what they’re told. If you’re told to break the law that’s a completely different story. We’ve got to quit teaching children, and adults who want to behave like children, that anyone gives a crap about their opinion. If you don’t like the rules, work hard, become the boss and change them.

          • ed mustang

            Good luck with falling in line, Jeremy. Some are not afraid to fight the power for positive change.

          • Jeremy Richards

            Don’t forget hope. It’s hope and change. That’s all communist propaganda, but they sure won’t be pushing all this rebelliousness once they’ve completely taken over.

        • engine10

          not without a fight, appeal to the city council etc,etc…

          • Joe Neckbone

            Again Engine 10, that’s what appeals, unions and protocol are for. If the members feel they were aggrieved, they have the right of appeal, but they cannot disobey an order – that’s insubordination. By your name I see you’re a fireman, and I know you understand what I’m talking about unlike those who have the biggest mouths in here but never put on ANY type of uniform!!!

        • gloopey1

          If his reason for prohibiting the flags had been that, you would be right. However, he cited “racism” as his motivation – that’s the problem. It’s too late now to change the reason for the mandate.

          • Joe Neckbone

            No gloopey1, according to the above article, “…He claims that there is a culture of racism in the
            department and issued a strict memo saying all decals and stickers,
            including American flags and military stickers, should be removed from
            lockers and helmets.” That’s not racist, it’s DUMB, but not racist!

          • RONALD511 .

            the chief said THE AMERICAN FLAGS displayed were RACIST..go back to the original NEWS

          • RONALD511 .

            Fire Chief Says American Flag Stickers Must Go, Citing ‘Racism’ – Relieves Firefighters of Duties for Displaying Them

          • RONALD511 .

            Fire Chief Says American Flag Stickers Must Go, Citing ‘Racism’ – Relieves Firefighters of Duties for Displaying Them…

        • Nate Johnson

          I respectfully understand your point here Joe, my question is this – is the department located in the United States of America? Do they represent a community in those same United States? Is the flag not a symbol that represents that same nation in which the state of which the community is a part of? To say that the flag is anything but a statement of solidarity is by definition unpatriotic and arguably treasonous. This chief should be fired soulfully for trying to spin this obvious fact into something that the modern day political correctness police have determined to be an ever trumping statement. He is in the simplest terms a traitor to the US of A by making this statement.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Believe me Nate, I totally agree with you. What people on this site are failing to comprehend is that all I am saying is as painful as it is, those firemen have to obey that order and take it up through their appeals process. If only people here would just READ what I said instead of reading INTO what I said and then negatively act on it, they would’ve gotten the picture. But you are absolutely right!

        • Richie

          And you sir are a friigiin moron who probably serves king obama too huh>

          • Joe Neckbone

            Your mother!

        • nysticks

          … property of the department IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!
          Everyone puts their logo on their property – the flag
          should be STANDARD ISSUE_ NOT A CHOICE!!!!

          • Joe Neckbone

            In many places nysticks, it IS a choice. Now I’ll ask you like I asked others: if your boss told you to do something, do you outright disobey them, or do you go through the appeals process?!?!?

          • RONALD511 .

            Fire Chief Says American Flag Stickers Must Go, Citing ‘Racism’ – Relieves Firefighters of Duties for Displaying it AGAIN

        • Kevin Jefferson

          Joe, we are not talking about a privately funded business here. This is a department that is funded by the city using taxpayer money. And evidently IT DOES work like that as evidenced in the Mayor making him back down on his position.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Exactly Kevin, and more so! Public/civil service rules ALL OVER THE COUNTRY follow the same rules – ESPECIALLY ALL UNIFORMED SERVICES of which I was a part. If a superior officer orders you to do something, you do it. If it’s a wrong or illegal order – YOU STILL DO IT, then complain through the appeals process. It’s the same in the private sector. The only reason why the mayor ‘making him back down’ is because of the appeals process. Someone complained, through channels, all the way to the mayor, and it changed. But the fact still remains, those fire officers were fired because of insubordination, no ifs, and or buts about it.

          • RONALD511 .

            How many times did you cross the blue line JOE and turn in BAD COPS ? water is wet, fire is hot, the question is volume and size of the 2 mixtures as to the outcome.

          • RONALD511 .

            Fire Chief Says American Flag Stickers Must Go, Citing ‘Racism’ – Relieves Firefighters of Duties for Displaying Them

        • Rodney Campbell

          @Joe, not true the pos posing as the chief does not own the property, it is owned by the American tax-payers.

          • Joe Neckbone

            No Rodney, he doesn’t, but the department does. If you work in an office setting, and you use a computer at your desk, it’s not your computer, it’s theirs, and although you may surf the web on it during company time, they can tell you not to and can even search what you’re doing online without you even knowing.

        • Wes Hall

          In many departments, firefighters must provide their own equipment. Be realistic. Men fought and died for this flag. I dare you to go to Mexico, or Britain, or Benghazi and tell them to take down THEIR country’s flag because it offends you. I bet you a dollar to a doughnut that will be tha last sentence you utter as a living breathing human being. It should be that way here.

          • Joe Neckbone

            Wes Hall: Been to Mexico and Britain (don’t think I’ll be going to Benghazi anytime soon), but show me where I said I’d tell anyone to take their flag down – I DARE YOU! I bet YOU a dollar you have glaucoma, because you sure can’t read!!!.

        • Jamey Wilson

          denied… if the men stand together.. whats the chief going to do, run department by himself.. stand firm,, dont back down.. ever.

        • Aaron Abernathy

          Joe, I have many family and friends that are in the industry, most if not all own their personal gear. The city buys the big stuff.

        • Thomas Kerr


        • Derrick DoubleTap Staggs

          WRONG!!! They own their helmets….NOT the city/village

        • C.d. Gibson

          Apparently not when the chief is a racist bastard.

        • Hotrodguy1256

          Joe Your an idiot.

          • Jeff

            Wow, Hotrodguy1256. What a clever comment. Did you come up with that all by yourself?

        • ed mustang

          Joe Neckbone, you are correct that there is a chain of command, but there are also rights. Rights were violated in this case. There are laws on the books concerning municipalities displaying the American flag. I think you would be correct in your position if it were a private business.

        • nicholasstix

          Since this is a public agency, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong, Joe. There’s something called the First Amendment that you may not have heard of, that applies here.

          Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

        • Redd_Melendez

          Wrong! The same protections on government workers that teachers get are rated by these men. Free speech rights carry in to public sector jobs but not private sector. The Chief has no more say over this than a Principal at a public school does.

      • francesca9

        i agree, the american flag is allowed everywhere. all the firefighters should walk not just four!

        • Derrick DoubleTap Staggs

          They can’t strike…it’s against the law, thanks to the Chicago Fire Department strike in 1980.

      • Tristan

        Alisa, this is not a case of one America vs another. Paperwork does not make me an America. My race does. 🙂

        • Patricia Bates

          Tristan, neither does your race make you an American. Abiding in the laws of the constitution for love of this country does. Problem being that it’s getting hard to find people who truly believe in the constitution and what it stands for anymore..Everyone is completely involved in “self”. That’s not love of country!

      • Shannon

        There isn’t any job that my husband or I has worked at where we were even allowed to put stickers on lockers. Lockers are company (in this case city) property. I’m not sure about the racial accusation from the fire chief but if the policy is that no stickers should be allowed on lockers or city property (if uniforms are city property and not personally bought by the firemen) then that should go for ALL stickers, which means that even American Flags shouldn’t be exempt. There are uniforms for a reason. If this wasn’t made into a story by someone and didn’t happen to be an American flag around 9/11 then no one would be complaining. My husband can’t even wear a plain colored cap to work, he has to wear a hat with the company logo, even if the plain color is one of their company colors. His company does sell American flag patches to sew onto their uniforms but they have to be the ones bought from the company and are the only ones allowed. No other personal touches are allowed to be added. I understand that it is the flag and I love the flag as well but if a flat rule had to be made to get rid of all stickers in order to get rid of distracting or offensive stickers then that is that organization’s right. Would there be the same outrage from all of the people commenting on here if they had been asked to remove a religious symbol of some sort? I am all for no one being allowed if people can’t be respectful to each other and no group is being favored over another.

        • ed mustang


          The lockers were bought and paid for by the firefighters out of their own fund, as one article published. And there are rights for municipal workers that differ from private business. The American flag itself is viewed differently by the courts than religious symbols, or sports team paraphernalia. Couldn’t the memo simply have read: “US flags, military stickers are exempt. Maximum of X amount of stickers per locker.”

          Rights were violated here, the firemen stood up to a bully, and were dismissed. There is a lawsuit here, I hope they consider filing.

      • LlarryLLama

        Racism is just an excuse for someone to impose his/her views over onto someone else. That’s all this pompous ass is doing.

      • Schr0dingersD0g

        Especially if they spilled blood defending its constitution!

    • Tristan

      nice mugshot

      • Schr0dingersD0g

        Thank you. I took it with my Obamaphone.

    • Donald Morris

      Well said

    • Jacquie Robbins

      Well said!

    • Andy Smetana

      I agree with you! And Color has NOTHING to do with it!

    • Simply Irritated

      I still am perplexed that the american flag is deemed racist…what the hell does that have to do with anything? How is it racist? If someone can tell me, using logic and a well thought out concept, that would be great…

      • RONALD511 .

        Fire Chief Says American Flag Stickers Must Go, Citing ‘Racism’ – Relieves Firefighters of Duties for Displaying Them

      • Schr0dingersD0g

        Nobody can because it isn’t. It’s a false narrative devised to appeal to emotionally challenged of this nation when the polls open.

    • Steve V

      Old Glory isn’t and won’t ever be a symbol of racism. Anyone that isn’t 100% proud of it and living under it as an American (with no hyphen) is perfectly free to leave at any time!

      • Schr0dingersD0g

        Agreed, and I’ll help them pack!

    • Don Newcomb

      Revolution, it seems, may not be as far off as some might think. The utter lack of concern by this government for the citizens of this Nation is criminal. And violates every fabric of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I just hope when it does happen that it does not turn into a race war. Everyone’s blood runs red when it spills, and we would all need to stand together as one to right the wrongs that have been imposed on the American people by an evermore failing governing body

    • overdrive

      Really SchrOdingersDog? The American flag a beacon of racism???? I think the chief injected racism into this issue because of his own racial prejudice (which you apparently share). Men and women of ALL races proudly wear the American flag on their uniforms while serving this country. Banning military branch insignia? The display of the evidence of ones military service being interpreted as racism as well? That is beyond idiocy. You speak of revolution? You are a racist fool!

      • Schr0dingersD0g

        You’re a special kind of moron aren’t you. May I suggest you work on your reading comprehension skills, you completely missed the point of my post. This is what’s wrong with this country, we let morons vote!

        • overdrive

          Call me whatever you like amigo. I did after all call you a racist fool, I was wrong. You are a racist clown.

          • Schr0dingersD0g

            Once again moron you can’t read. Do everybody here a favor and go choke to death on a dick.

    • Max Barber

      In this case, old glory hasn’t become anything. The Chief is racist. Don’t get on here even remotely thinking the race card can be pulled. Tell that to the Cuban, African American and white men involved. This racial bullying. Get off your high horse. Don’t even pretend for one second that these men did anything wrong. It’s idiotic posts like this that prove racism is alive and well.

      • Schr0dingersD0g

        You’re a special kind of moron aren’t you. May I suggest you work on your reading comprehension skills, you completely missed the point of my post. This is what’s wrong with this country, we let morons vote!

    • Steven Fettinger

      Racism is within every race in every part of the world against all other races. Most people of the last forty years have been trying to over come what ever preconceptions they were raised with. I said most not all. I’m speaking of the United States. Over the last eight to twelve years of the politics of race bating, hate mongering and class division has been disgusting. The flag is a symbol of patriotism with very few people trying to pervert it into something else. The political voting process is supposed to reduce chances of another revolution. With the politicians using hate to put them in office, we have been set back forty years. The fire chief should be worried about loosing his job. He over reacted, based on his own opinions. We are citizens of the same country and should act like it.

      • Schr0dingersD0g

        Agreed. If you put a uniform on and defended this country you should have the right to tattoo old glory on people’s f’ing foreheads as far as I’m concerned. The Fire Chief is showing his true colors… again no doubt.

    • wannajob1

      What kind of asshat spouted that BS? Since when has a flag or a military unit become a beacon of racism? NEVER! Go form your own country far away from me. If you try and infringe upon my rights, you might find that resistance to me is futile and you won’t like my response.

  • James Parker

    Here is the Web Site for the City of Maywood..

  • dgstal

    The Fire Chief, Craig Bronaugh, only proves that Affirmative Action help place him in his job, it certainly was not from making passing grades unless using the bell curve to pass him rather than flunking his ignorant azz!

    • Ray Rittenhouse


    • Mike Bojorquez

      Happens ALL the time………..

  • amishron

    They should have after being warned about displaying the American flag, put up confederate flag stickers.

    • Nevir

      I would agree for irony’s sake but people would ignore the intent and just say it was proof he was right and everyone is a racist dick.

    • Samantha1

      He will get around that because he covered his ass by saying NO STICKERS AT ALL – including the American Flag. Point being that the American symbol should be exempt from any ‘don’t do it’ rules.

      • redfish494

        The American flag is exempt, it can be displayed any where. I am a retired Firefighter who has always worn it (the American flag) on my helmet and bunker coat. Some one please tell me what does a monkey smoking have anything to do with anything?

        • Joe Neckbone

          Scroll up and down and look at how some of your fellow posters here use it and you’ll have your answer redfish494.

  • Jay Idelberg

    And we worry about invaders , guess what folks , we have a major problem already here . That would be a nice start for us to end first .

    • wwj745

      Americas biggest problem are the people that will not quit their voting addiction to something that does not even exist, the “lesser of 2 evils”. It is and always has been a myth.

      • Joe Neckbone

        That is SOOOOO true wwj745!!!

  • Guy Fleegman1

    This guy has his tongue so far up Obama’s monkey butt it is beyond words…

  • Dee

    The only racist on that force is the chief. Get him out of there.

  • JCDArizona

    Is it maybe, just maybe, possible that a monkey smoking a cigarette is just a little bit funny and not racist?

    • ASolutionToAProblem

      It is obvious that the chief looks at a monkey and sees himself. Because anyone that has been to a monkey exhibit in a zoo knows, that if you throw a monkey a cigarette, he will try to smoke it. I have seen it. This chief is no doubt, a racist himself.

  • Dana K Hughes

    City needs to fire the ignorant chief…..

  • Sue Riggs Johnson

    NOWHERE in the United States of America can the American flag be banned, I mean NOWHERE!!!

    • DJL

      Right on!

    • xmrax

      you got that right.

  • John McCasland

    his ass needs to be relieved of duty!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Dontneedtoknow

    He’s got his nose up Obummers ass…this dude needs to be out of the firefighting business. He is as unamerican as the idiot in the whitehouse.

  • Dellburt

    If they were displaying the Confederate flag i would agree. This is a clear example of Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Sheriff with a badge

    • lilyred

      “If you can ban our flag and the right to fly it, yours will be next.” Well, well, well, look-ee here.

  • Ange

    If you don’t like our flag then get out of our country!

    • jackschmdt

      get the HELL out of our country!

  • DisqusId2012

    What do you expect when we have a racist president who hates America

    • Ange

      I was thinking the same thing! Well said.

    • jackschmdt


  • cougar 64

    Chief you make make ashamed to be a member of the firefighting brotherhood. If you actually believe that the U.S. Flag is racist, then you need to move your black ass to another country that is more suiting of your small feeble mental capacity.

    I hope that everyone of those firefighters on Maywood Fire Department turns in their badges and walks out the door.

    • jackschmdt

      Right ON!

    • colgan

      The firefighters who were “relieved of their duties” didn’t commit a crime or do anything that would discredit the fire department. Just one dumb-assed, political, racist, hate-monger fire chief, who is abusing his position, is disrespecting his duty and his honorable profession with mindless politics. Unfortunately, he is probably protected by the union more than the firefighters because he is more in line with their political beliefs.

      • xmrax

        management is not part of the union. as to the rest of your statement, right on.

  • Paul Wakeford

    There is a USA flag fly in front of the building behind the chief while he is talking on the news. Is that also racist

  • Dellburt

    Didn’t see the monkey smoking a cigarette part as Chief he can do what he wants. He could easily only allow just US Flags

  • Clark Cook

    People get all upset about things that OFFEND them and want them removed, deleted, covered, destroyed or hidden, going by their own standard all these people offend me and need to be removed, covered or hidden(I will refrain from asking that they be deleted or destroyed since they might have some small redeeming quality.

  • Diana

    The only racist is the one disciplining these men for being proud of their country. People are getting totally ridiculous.

  • b4youb4me

    Don’t worry, liberals do this stuff when they think they can get away with it. As soon as his bigotry is called out, yes he is a bigot, his bigotry is against patriotic people. He will cave. They always do.

  • Joseph

    He needs to retake History 101 over because he missed the part about what “Old Glory” stands for. He’s the racist!

  • dean lewis

    Did they take down the US Flag that is there at the station (inside or outside) or does he refuse to fly old glory there as well???

  • Carl Collins Jr.

    This is what happens when individuals in authority have absolutely no leadership skills. The chief cannot confront misbehavior individually so he issues blanket restrictions offending everyone. He needs to go back to the truck and leave the leadership to leaders.

  • muzzleflash120mm

    really? seriously? we have combat troops who wear that same flag on their uniforms. those same flags drape coffins of our honered dead. this Moron isn’t smart enough to understand the concept of racisim, much less be a cheif over men who’s lives depend on them. at what point do we (Black, white , hispanic, asian, indian and any other race not covred) stand up and call these arrogant pricks out? at what point do we demand that we be equal, not based on skin color or ethnic heritage, but based on the fact that we are all human. a race in and of itself.

    • Pissed off

      He’s even got the flag on his own dumb azz shirt.WTF!! Does he have to fire himself as well!!! IDIOT!!

  • disqus_PjBpDnyQSS

    I want to know how he came to the conclusion a monkey smoking a cigarette is racist…. I think it is a silly picture probably a screenshot from a movie that was printed out to try and get a guy to quit smoking. People like this chief and Sharpton need to be placed in their padded cells where they belong.

  • Michael Gerzen

    Chief it was not a monkey

  • David Tibbitt

    What a peice of po poo he is… If you don;t like it then Leave it…… You can tell he never has gone to the military or probably wasn’t even born in the states…. Wow what has this Country come to?

  • Stella Wicker

    He is being un-American!

  • Morrie Itzkowitz

    This Fire Chief needs to be removed and replaced. I appears to me that he is not fit for service and incapable of performing his duties

  • William Trowe Jr.

    Fire him. Many more qualified people that can fill his shoes

  • Oh, screw this mini Sharpton.

  • Doug Bristow

    You are the Chief of Ignorance.

  • Jadedknight

    Fire that piece of crap immediately.!!!!!

  • Michael John

    Fire the fire chief, problem solved!

  • GinnyLee

    How did this moron ever make it to “Chief”?

    How about this, Craig…
    How do you “tolerate” being short-staffed – not having enough men to go to the fires or accidents?
    How do you “tolerate” putting more good Americans out of work?
    How do you “tolerate” the families of these firefighters having to struggle?

    In my opinion, you should not only be stripped of the flag on your shirt, but of the shirt, the shoes, the hat, and the badge. Grow up. Wise up.

  • MBN550

    We are losing this country to a bunch of idiots. Fire this ass and replace him with someone who has a brain.

  • Michael Gerzen

    take all of Shitcago & secede from this nation. We will change you before the flag

  • ASolutionToAProblem
  • pelermon

    That Black chief has a serious malfunction. Under no circumstance should the public be paying that psychopath a dime — FIRE IT !!!!

  • Tami Michels Weeks

    The only racism in this story is coming from the chief. If you don’t like the American flag get the f uck out of America

  • Mike Bojorquez

    How much you wanna bet the Mayor is Black ??? Racism at its best. Where is Holder or NOBAMA on this ? NO WHERE!

  • Stephen Brewer

    I’m about to bust a gasket.

  • Michelle Domingo

    Ok, so many of you have voiced your opinion here…now let’s try giving the Mayor a call and get him out.

    You can (respectfully) contact the Mayor of Maywood, IL, Edweena Perkins, here, or call 708-450-4486.

  • IdahoGirl

    Time for retirement of someone who has not got one Patriotic bone in his body! How sad!

  • fancyschmancy58

    Fire him! It’s not racist it’s patriotic and he’s the one that sounds racist. America is made up of every race you moron.. The people in that city should remove him from his position..

  • Bryon Anderson
    • sw74

      Good deal. Although he sound’s like he’s trying to weasel away from the storm he created..

  • Joe Tokoph

    This guy needs to be fired immediately. Blacks are trying to cause problems in every corner lately, and everyone’s sighting racism. There will always be some form of racism get over it. Whiners..

  • David Nance

    How did I know it would be a Black Guy being an Asshole? How dare him for doing that, he can’t be fired because he will sqweal like a Pig that he is being picked on. But he needs an Adjustment.

  • Geoff Jacobs

    I thought it was pretty rude for that firefighter to be interviewing with a bottom lip full of tobacco??!! What a moron!!

  • 1WiseMa

    Relieve this guy the stress of seeing the American Flag

  • ron44

    The only racist in this activity is the chief himself. He is an uneducated under qualified fire chief and most likely got the job because of his race.

  • John McMickle

    I cannot believe that this fire chief needs to be replaced. I do not think I would trust his judgement at a fire to send people inside a burning structure.

  • Geoff Jacobs

    I don’t know that the Fire Chief is a racist, so much that he’s just a very poor Manager and a very poor leader.
    I didn’t hear anything that sounded like racism, but, I did hear a lot of ignorant stuff that was somehow related to a picture of a monkey. I guess, instead of sitting down and talking to the employees about the issues and dealing with it, some deficient managers issue “blanket memos” in an effort to control behavior agency-wide. This does not work!

  • W Dawes

    The U.S. flag represents the rule of law, you race baiting communist!! Fire Chief should be fired.

  • Len Griffin

    There is a big difference between patriotism and racism.

  • Elaine Eckart

    the American flag sewn on Fire Chief’s shirt is wrong. The stars should be in front. When the flag blows the stars are always forward.

    • Elaine, the blue field on the US flag is always displayed to the left, when (horizontally or vertically) except on military uniforms, it is displayed as the enemy would see it approaching (blue field to the front).

  • Michael Robinson

    When I first saw this, I was thinking that this fire chief was an idiot. However, I can see where the fire chief is coming from in wanting to maintain a professional atmosphere in the fire station. He stated that he wanted ALL stickers to be taken off the lockers. I would think that they could compromise by the chief allowing the decals to be placed on the inside of the locker which would then be visible when the locker was open.

    • Michael Robinson

      It just seems like there’s something missing from this story. The chief says he doesn’t have a problem with the American flag. He even has an American flag patch on his shirt..

  • Braveheart

    Well…why doesn’t the POS leave the country if he doesn’t like it?

  • fanciladi

    I can’t believe this is happening in our USA! Patriotism is NOT racism. He’s a total idiot; he’s a politically correct idiot!

  • Gail Smith

    Every fireman in that department should put American flag stickers on… What would he do if he had to relieve the entire department?

  • kf6bsn

    The Fire Chief in regard to the US Flag does not have a leg to stand on, however, he can set policy in the Fire House, and is a representative for the city. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

  • mike

    Affirmative action quota hire. Over his head, just like POS POTUS.

  • Lawrence Lutz

    The American Flag is a symbol of freedom for the oppressed. We are freedom. We represent freedom. No man has a right to take that away. However, if it is department policy that no stickers except those approved by the department are to be displayed so be it. It must be a policy though. Claiming that it’s racist is foolish and ignorant as the reason though. I know that I cannot wear just anything on my uniform that isn’t approved by my command. The reason is stupid but I understand policy.

  • Ah… it’s Chicago. Same place Obammy is from… that explains it. Chicago is known for pizza, gangsters and corrupt politicians and Obammy ain’t a pizza and neither is this guy.

    Wow. He should be fired and the four patriots should get their jobs back with back pay.

  • Lothar

    need to fire him , just wants to show his power propably hasnt pick up a hose in awhile

  • DJL

    Good for the firemen. the chief is wrong.

  • gellero

    Racial animosity exists BECAUSE of affirmative action…..

  • Ferdburfl

    This is how this BASTARD needs to be ‘fired’ ….

  • Michael Gerzen

    Send American Flag Stickers for
    Firefighter Helmets Uniform Flag pins their Chief thinks the American Flag is

    Maywood North End Fire Department

    To Firemen (Not Chief)

    700 St Charles Rd

    Maywood, IL 60153

    Maywood South End Fire Department

    To Firemen (Not Chief)

    1220 S 17th Ave

    Maywood, IL 60153

  • OingoBoingo

    This individual,Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh, is a racist and thinks anyone that doesn’t support his racist views – that means they are racist.

  • Wayne Facca

    Very tired of the RACIST garbage. This “chief” needs to be fired immediately. Our flag is the only symbol of freedom left on our planet. Send that “sucka” to Saudi or Sudan, he would be a real slave in only a few hours under Arab rule.

  • Lawrence Little

    The Fire Chief is a racist.

  • deseartu1

    Go live in Russia or go back to Africa you ungrateful communist

  • Kenny Smith

    The Chief needs to get a grip or be relieved of his own duties. What a crock of crap.

  • James Smith

    So his solution is to spend dept money on flags? Flags that the men were already willing to buy for themselves. Like he is throwing them a bone. In his mind he still wins. Just another warped racist Sharpton clone.

  • AnnMarie Mason

    It is racists for our FF and FD’s to display American Flags
    on their vehicles; does this mean the FD’s also do not fly American flags and
    State Flags on the department grounds? Do they display ISIS flags?
    Are the FD’s government funded with federal tax dollars as well as state and
    local tax dollars? Are they considered State/Federal organizations?
    Does IL not fly and display an American Flag and State Flag over their
    capital? Is IL not proud of the American flag and what it stands for?
    Do the FF’s on the IL’s FD not have freedom to practice their belief
    system of their country. What do you tell those who are on the department
    and in the military? How long do you think it will be before you have
    lawyers breathing down your neck? Does this mean if I fly the American
    Flag at my house they will not put the fire out if my house catches fire.
    If I’m in an accident, will they not use the jaws of life to save me and my
    family b/c I’m in uniform or have a flag on my tag? American’s are
    supposed to be tolerant, not hide our own beliefs because others who are here
    are NOT TOLERANT of our belief system. Just a thoughts.

    We live in America Mayor Maywood. Let us not forget
    what continent we live on the beaucoup American Veterans who got us this
    freedom that we so much enjoy today. Is the ultimate price for freedom
    not worthy of the display of the American Flag? I’ve spent 23 years in
    the United States Air Force and retired. To hear such a thing coming out
    of another Federal/State employee’s mouth is not only grossly disrespectful,
    but worthy of is dismissal from the his position and department. It also
    displays negatively on your office. I find it hard to believe that you
    would allow such a statement to be made knowing the backlash. This is a
    public role model for our children who is stating that the American Flag, is
    not worthy of display?

    If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at
    this email address. I will be more than happy to drive to Illinois from
    Kentucky to educate this FD Captain about the difficulties of being on foreign
    soil and coming home to see such disrespectful nonsense in the
    news. Additionally, the FF’s being dismissed can move to Kentucky;
    I’m sure they’d have a job in less than a day. We’re proudly to display
    the American Flag on our FD grounds as well as other Federal and State grounds.

  • Jim Diana

    I served in the military . I fought for your freedom . It’s a sad day when you cannot display the American flag in America. I myself would have to say your a communist.

  • Adibobea9

    He just made a rule that NO STICKERS OR DECALS are to be placed on the lockers. He isn’t putting one person above another but making all employees equal that must follow the same rules. If a flag or military sticker is allowed another firefighter will complain when he is asked to remove his Transformers or Playboy sticker. Get over it…

    • Pat R Lanier

      BIG difference between an American flag sticker and a playboy sticker!!!

  • Antonio Piazza

    If he thinks a monkey smoking a cigarette is racist, then HE IS THE RACIST!!!!! This racist should be FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP THE RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherrie Swanson

    Idiot! He should be let go!

  • Chloe Rowles

    Absolutely ridiculous! The American flag has NOTHING to do with racism! There is something wrong with this fire chief and he needs to be relieved of duty NOW! I don’t care WHAT color he is, HE is the problem!, not the Flag decal! What is wrong with this city???

  • Paul Ortiz

    Fire chief’s foul attitude reflect commander-in-chief’s.

  • Autumn Skye

    I hope this guy gets the mental health evaluation he obviously needs before he hurts himself or someone else. That kind of paranoia is hard and dangerous to live with.

    • sw74

      As well as seeing/having his medications adjusted.. (if on any).

  • old lady

    It seems like he is the only person who believes his racist gibberish. He should be fired immediately for misusing his authority. I can’t believe he even has enough gall to cause a problem about this. This is about the most disgusting insult to America he could have made. Where the hell does he think he’s living ? In some far off planet ? Mexico has mexican flags , Ireland has irish flags, every country has a flag they are proud to display. We have fire chief Bronaugh, someone we should be ashamed of for sure.

  • Joan Kelly

    Why is the Fire Chief able to hold his office? He is the person that need to be relieved of duty.
    Talk about racism this man uses it very badly to get what he wants.
    Your Honor Mayor Ms. E. Perkins, this fire Chief should not hold this job.

  • James Rebel Prepper Heim

    He is the racist !!! FACT !!!!

  • bob_seifert

    If he sees racism in the flag it is simply because he sees racism in EVERYTHING and can no longer process information properly. His ability to process information is damaged and he can no longer be trusted to make rational judgments.

  • picnicfun

    I don’t understand tying the smoking monkey to the wearing of the American flag. I want to see the followups to this story, what happens to the grievances, the legal response. If the chief keeps his job.

  • MILAN68

    I’m willing to bet the only reason he has that job is because of affirmative action..he had the lowest score therefore they had to hire him

  • Nick Coy

    I good totally understand this reaction if it where against the rebel flag or KKK; this is against the one flag that united the country. This flag is the flag of this country and as a Veteran I take offence to the statement that flag that I fought under and for should be called a racial symbol is insane and I would like to know what flag the chief pledges allegiance to.

  • Ron Matthews

    I’m not American but appreciate the patriotism of the flag and to call it racist beggars belief, moreso from an American. It signifies freedom and just as it is described, a United symbol. Never understand how society has become so warped…

  • John Hoegemann

    Chicago is loaded with dumb bastards….look at who we got from there!

  • Larry Laird

    Frankly, I don’t see a problem here. The Chief is banning decals and stickers on helmets and lockers. There are no actual flags involved ! This is a non-story !

  • Paul Fraser

    He should be taught proper flag etiquette as he is wearing his flag incorrectly unless he is retreating-which he should do!

  • Regina Boutwell

    This ridiculous. These men protect our country and also protect your butt too. And you don’t stand up for threm………If people have a problem with our American flag, put them all on a boat, give them an oar and tell them to start paddling and don’t look back. Paddle till they find a country who will let them change their country since we won’t let them change our country. Good bye to bad rubbish,

  • Lynne McKinney Wiser

    what is wrong here? American flag is a symbol of freedom and for of all the people who have come from so many countries and have been born here..all Americans!!! is what unites us and as a fireman’s daughter who when 911 happened my dad and my family sold flag decals to truckers and firemen and police so that we call could feel united even more…I cannot believe this is about racism…our military and American flag should not be hid in a closet or be considered racism! really? handle the issues if you think you really have any through reasonable channels and leave the military and flag out of it. facepalm on this idiot move…geez

  • Ron

    Craig Bronaugh is an anti American and should be fired.

  • Robin Renee

    I will be contacting the Mayor and requesting this Fire Chief be fired for racism. He is the racist one.

  • Roger Cotton

    That Fire Chief is evidently racist and anti-American.

    Anyone offended by our flag has no business living in our country.

    • Robert Jay

      You should change your last name, it’s offensive to blacks.

  • IndianaBruce

    How is a monkey smoking a cigarette being racist?

    • Dr. Obvious

      It’s not.

  • sw74

    More “tolerance” from the ill libtard left..

  • fulredy

    This man is beyond stupid. He should be fired on the spot.

  • Jerry A. Goodson

    This story is pure media spin, and apparently IT WORKED because I see how a lot of people who responded have been DUPED by HOW this story was reported.

    The chief issued a policy that NO stickers are allowed on lockers or helmets.

    His reason is because OTHER stickers that could be perceived to be racists in nature have been posted.

    SO, it’s his prerogative to issue such a policy, and if the firefighters have a problem with it, they can find jobs elsewhere.

    The chief didn’t say the American Flag or Military stickers were racists, but that’s the slant in how this story was reported.

    …and THIS is how people like Barack Obama can get elected in this country!

    • Pat R Lanier

      There is a vast difference between just any sticker and the American flag. He could have simply added the words to HIS MANDATE – “except the American flag”. What RIGHT does that chief have to tell ANY American they cannot display our flag? When we Americans lose the RIGHT to display our National Flag we have lost our country!!!
      The firefighters in that company should put the little magnetic flags on their lockers, those are NOT stickers.
      One more thing, those lockers are in a sense their “offices”, their personal areas, just as the chief has his office – his personal area. He should not be allowed to display ANYTHING (family pictures, etc) if “his men” are not allowed the same.

      • Jerry A. Goodson

        Sorry, but your argument doesn’t wash. Would it be religious oppression if he told them they could not put a magnetic cross on their lockers? No. It’s a locker for the storage of bunker gear, it’s not, in fact, an “office” or “personal area.”

        The fact is, the chief set policy there was to be NO STICKERS on the lockers, and those four men chose NOT to follow a lawful order, and are suffering the consequences.

        ….there’s a REASON he is the Fire CHIEF and not the Fire PRESIDENT… it’s not a democracy.

  • Jeannette Hickson

    So many posts about the chief being racist, stupid, etc. I have to agree with all of them. Since when did being proud of being an American become racist and a reason for losing one’s job? Stupid and ridiculas!

  • Jennifer Cochran

    I am a veteran and I’d be DAMNED if someone told me the flag is racist! That’s like a big F YOU to everyone that’s ever fought to have the freedom to display the flag! This goes against the very notion of the freedom on which our country wafounded!

  • Budman


  • Diane Leahy

    He’s in the wrong country!!!! Sick of this BS, he needs to resign & let a patriot make that income!

  • Dean El Loca

    There tax money pays for this fool.. fire him immediately

  • AWCheney

    As a so-called public servant, I believe that he is not doing his job and at the least should be demoted to the lowest rank where he cannot interfere with those who DO serve the American public.

  • Mike Anderson

    There are bigger and better hills to die on gentlemen. Save the drama and move on.

  • The Owl Guy

    He is obviously the racist. Chief does not mean king.

  • Randy Osgood

    Needs to be fired but this
    Is Chicago and infested with liberal democrats
    He will probably get an award and promotion

  • Ted Hughes

    It would stand to reason that he considers his 15 min. of fame to also be his letter of resignation.

  • Ted Hughes

    How would the Chief feel if the Mayor of Chicago came into his home and demanded he remove the portrait of Obama from the wall behind his commode?

  • Joe Vigliatura
  • Hereward the awake!

    The fire chief is the obsessed racist. It’s just an excuse to sack them and replace them with four people who look like him. What is the betting on that?

  • Ruth

    Just another one of Obama’s hatemongers!! Remember they are both from Chicago, a hotbed of anti-American leftists!

  • Brien Caldwell

    The Chief is the Racist and needs to be terminated immediately

  • James Berry
    • James Berry

      This chief has already reversed his decision.

  • Dede Smith Dennis

    Sounds like to me the Fire Chief needs to be fired. Sounds like he is the one who is a bigot. Unless there is some context related to the picture of the Monkey smoking a cigarette that they aren’t telling, then how is that racist? If there is no back story to that then it’s all in the Fire Chief’s head & he obviously equivilates monkeys to blacks. Maybe he needs some counseling. No one should be able to tell you to take a American Flag or a US Military symbol down. He is stepping on their rights and he needs to be relieved from his job immediatly-so he doesn’t offend anybody further.

  • Ellen Rittgers

    Hit him where it hurts – in the wallet! A lawsuit might cause him to consider his loyalties.

  • Gilbert Chavez

    This man has a position that demands the the honor, respect and defense of the United States Constitution and ‘his’ position makes him an enemy tyrant to it. Remove him immediately from his station immediately!!

  • Tereasa Hall Perkins

    Maybe I am just stupid, or maybe just not racist, but how in Gods green earth is a Monkey smoking a show of racism. Can you enlighten me?

  • AmericanJones

    Then Chicago deserves to burn, again. If OUR flag is racist, then YOU are a useless foreigner. WE are Many…YOU are Few. WE will win!

  • jimmy jack james

    He did say they could display the Kenyan flag.

  • Mike Henry

    this is bullshit…that chief needs removed…..anti American bastard

  • Thomas Alt

    This is Chicago and Illinois where our president is from! Not a surprise!

  • GAIL


  • finishstrongdoc

    So what happens when there’s a fire? Only “non-racist” firefighters allowed to respond? Who decides that? Fire is an equal-opportunity element and anyone who is qualified to be a firefighter should be fighting fires, not just the politically-correct people.

  • Minerva

    This chief has some serious issues and he does NOT have the respect of his men in the least. Time for this one to go.

  • Mark Bigger

    This is very wrong. I remember a time when all policemen and firemen wore the American flag patch on their uniform. perhaps most still do, I don’t know. This fella chose the wrong item to ban. I consider him an anti-American.

  • Mark Bigger

    I see he has now reversed his decision and reinstated the fired firemen and allowing the patch. He should still be demoted as he made a serious decision that was extremely wrong

  • AmyB123

    He needs to be fired. He is paid by the government and the flag is a symbol of our country. If he doesn’t like it – get the hell out.

  • Shirley Morgan

    You, Craig Bronaugh, are the racist. And you should be imprisoned for being a traitor. Our flag has nothing to do with being racist. Are black, brown, yellow, whatever color, not proud to be an American also? If not, please leave. NOW.

  • MoBetter2

    Maywood, as you might imagine, is 82.7% black and 9.7% white = ’nuff said!

  • Damien Cross

    Sounds & looks like the ONLY Racist is the Fire Chief.

    The Mayor should Terminate the Chief ASAP!

  • i wonder what race the four fire fighters that were fired are?

  • Burt Jones

    Fire this racist prick!

  • Jody Hatcher


  • william C

    That idiot should be relieved of his duties.

  • Pamela May Zarzeck

    The American Flag is not to be grouped into any category other than it stands for Unity and Freedom for all Americans of all color and religion. That’s not just a sticker or whatever it’s an American symbol, your a leader in the field of Firefighters and you even fathom the idea of grouping it with any type of propaganda is shameful. The order should be remove any EXCEPT for the American Flag! Those boys need to be reinstated, to tell them to remove something that’s sacred and what they stand for and then go risk their lives…..really

  • Ivan Salis

    well slavery was legal under the American flag from 1783 to 1863* (80 years ) –20 times as long as it was under the “rebel flag” 1861 – 1865 (4) years — so which would be “bigger symbol of slavery” really ? — although the American flag finally ended slavery thru it victory in the civil war –which was a good thing — to hold another person as a slave is wrong– (the north needed the slaves as laborers and soldiers –so it was not solely done out of the goodness of their northern hearts”) but since “old glory” represents the good men both black and white that died to end slavery (union forces ) thus stop racism (slavery) –how can it then be a symbol of racism rather than “freedom”?

  • Joseph Kiesznoski

    Talk about racism , this guy is a winner, pure MORON>

  • Lord Raven

    the chief should be relieved of his command. A blanket rule kind of mentality is how we have gotten so far off track. Fear to offend anyone so we lose who we are and what we support and take pride in.
    Too long we have allowed fear to rule, where is the back bone of the same country that stood it ground against many different enemies onyl to now fall prey to a new kind of intolerance?

  • Gary Pauletich

    If they are having racial issues and he wants to have any stickers removed that are an issue that is fine but as far as the American flag…forget it buddy! You have to go!

  • Pat Warden

    I guess that means he won’t want a flag draped coffin when he leaves this earth on his trip to HELL!

  • jimmy


  • Wayne Smith

    Fire his ass NOW!!!

  • Jumpmaster82

    Your story is Bull crap because it’s true, some people are masking their bigotry right in our face with our own symbols of freedom.

  • Larry Chatham

    Craig you win the ignorant duschbag of the year award. I hope you slow burn in your car as your new black panther buddies stand there and watch.
    Merica, Asshole!

  • marti carty

    If he had a problem with a picture of a monkey smoking a cigarette, then there’s no hope for him. HE IS THE RACIST. If I looked at that picture, I would not immediately think “black person”. What an idiot. I think the problem is with the racist chief and he needs to be removed PRONTO! (oops, that is indian isn’t it? is that racist?) LOLOLOL!!!

  • caretakerct

    Press Release from the town website that really doesn’t address the racism question.

  • John Dawson II

    A modern day Nazi in a position of power, there is NOTHING racist about Old Glory and America has put down several “wannabes” tyrants over the centuries. The only difference between Hitler and this asshole, is Hitler didn’t live in Chicago. Revolution is COMING!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy Hoskinson

    The chief in this video is the racist one and a trader of this country if they cant even fly the flag of the country we live in!!!!!!!!

  • mcd1948

    Affirmative action and liberalism at its finest.

  • Tony Ruger

    What an IDIOT!! We are AMERICANS and our FLAG reminds us of who we are as a Country and what we stand for!!!! That’s why we refer to it as “OLD GLORY” That Fire Chief should be Fired and Arrested for Treason…..

  • Jase Silva

    hmmm Chicago eh? No surprise here….commy bastard!

  • Kip Melendy

    This man is out of his mind.

  • Kevin Slack

    I can’t believe on the morning we remember one of the worst cowardly attacks on American soil I have to respond to this matter. This fire chief will never have any respect from his subordinates he needs to be fired. This makes me so sick I could vomit. God forbid any of his firefighters get hurt, I can only imagine him ordering his firefighters not to pray for them to get better ! This guy must be kin to Hitler what an asshole !!

  • Confederate Cowboy

    Sounds like this monkey has been smoking something besides cigarettes. Time for him to go. He is a fking idiot

    • Joe Neckbone

      Sounds like a true Confederate!

      • Confederate Cowboy

        FK you joe, it wasn’t posted in a racist nature….as a firefighter myself, this knucklehead bafoon isn’t deserving of the title. Why don’t you quit sucking Al Sharpton’s tittle and figure out life without crying racism

        • Joe Neckbone

          1) You never heard me cry anything remotely similar about racism.
          2) It’s ironic that an article of a Black Fire Chief telling his subordinates to take the American flag down is racist to you, but calling that same Black man a monkey is not. So yes, it WAS posted in a racist nature.
          3) I knew Al Sharpton, I provided armed security for him in back in the day. He’s an opportunist, so by you bringing him up shows that you not only think all Black people will call him, but also shows you have absolutely no argument as he’s not even in the picture. BTW, I have a GREAT life thank you very much.
          4) Just an FYI: the Confederates lost the war!
          5) When all else fails – FK you too!

          • Confederate Cowboy

            Where I come from Braggers are LIARS

          • Joe Neckbone

            What does that have to do with this story?!?!?

          • Confederate Cowboy

            It doesnt, but then again neither did you supplementing your so called life achievements in place of have SDS. It’s ok though, old men have to take drugs for a limp dick and liars have to make up stories for small ones…..carry on…….next

          • Joe Neckbone

            Please tell me how does that feel to have a limp dick and you have to take medication for it. Sounds painful!

  • Gary Hook

    fire the chief! hes the one with the race issues!

  • Jo Anne Stone

    It’s only racism when they want it to be. The problem is with them, picking at the sore, you know a sore never heals if you keep scratching the scab off. Time for some changes to be made here and other places. If you are anti American or anti American flag, please go somewhere else and leave us alone. I’m sick of my rights being trampled on so you can be happy or justified. Fire the chief Mayor!!

    • Joe Neckbone

      The question could be asked Jo Anne, what caused the scab?!?!?

      • Jo Anne Stone

        That goes way back, but instead of trying to heal the sore, it is picked at every time there is an occasion to use it. I like what Morgan Freeman said, I don’t want no black history, I’m an American, it’s American history. Doesn’t matter the color of your skin, what matters is are you American or not? If so then act like it. Quit using excuses of any kind, that goes for any color. The race card is a convenient excuse when there really isn’t any other.

  • Marisa Floyd

    Perhaps a plane will fly into his house. Incredible.

  • Tracy Childress

    I have emailed the mayor. I implore you all to inundate the mayor with emails and phone calls. This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Our voices and level of disgust must be heard!!! This is America! Fly your flags!

  • Herman Vogel

    This moron is a Race Baiter,,and needs to GO,,,NOW!!! I also think his background should be investigated as to his “Religious Convictions”. Something Sticks here and it isn’t from the Smokey Bunker Coats.

  • Guest
  • Guest

    here’s my thought

  • scrapmetal
  • Randy

    This guy is a fool!

  • Oldtex

    I think they need to put up a picket line as a statement.

  • Billy

    Apparently the fire chief forgot what country he is working in! If the American flag to him is a sign of racism he needs to start walking.

  • jim

    hell the US flag should be part of their uniform
    the US flag is good anywhere in our country

  • Celtic

    When I originally saw the headline, I thought it was a bad joke. The Fire Chief needs to be relieved of duty or the department defunded. If he thinks the American Flag is so “racist”, then the chief is welcomed to leave the country. For good. Traitor.

  • francesca9

    his decision on flag stickers was reversed….the problem is it is a never ending fight against our flag and it should not be!

  • ilovetheamericanflag

    “Relieve” the ‘chief’ of his duty. It’s not racism it’s patriotism which we are allowed because it is our country.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    Fire Chief needs to be fired.

  • JC Williams

    “I sure love my Race
    Card! It comes in handy whenever I find myself in a mess
    I’ve made. I just bring it out and ‘voila’, the mess is
    overlooked. In fact, there’s no limit on how many times I
    can use it! I highly recommend the Race Card. Don’t
    leave home without it.”
    (Also endorsed by Al
    $harpton, Jessie Jackson and Eric Holder.)

  • David Carpenter

    I think the Chief needs some counseling on how to relate to others. Perhaps he needs some racial counseling as well. I was in the Air Force in the 70s, 80s, 90s and you see almost no racism in the military (not sure about these days) and as a Sheriff’s Deputy I saw little to no racism. I find it hard to believe he would choose the flag and military symbols as a target.

    • David Michael

      I saw LOT’S of racism in the Army in the 70’s. And it wasn’t whites being racist toward blacks.

  • 1molly23


  • jkrc

    Someone that lives there needs to do this to the fire station! Just sayin!
    I’ll buy them!

  • Keith Weatherly

    First of all I believe it is our right to be offended. The First Amendment declares,

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    With the right of freedom of speech we will be offended or we will offend others by what we say. Political correctness has gone too far when someone cannot display the American flag or use the word bacon for fear of offending someone. If you don’t like it move to Russia. Wake up America! Wake up Church!!!

  • fancyschmancy58

    I want to know is if they pull up to a fire and there’s a flag flying
    will he refuse to put out the fire? Does the firehouse not fly the
    American flag? This man has issues and he’s dangerous to his community. It’s time for this personal bs to stop.

  • Georgia Papouloglou Cannon

    fire this evil man !

  • Tristan

    Blacks and Mexicans have been against America (what you people refer to white americans) since they came over here. Why is this a surprise that they hate our flag? This is why, for decades, we have not wanted non-whites in positions of authority. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE!! Wake up White America and start thinking about your fellow Americans and not just yourself!

    • Joe Neckbone

      Tristan, please answer these simple questions:
      1) How did Black people ‘get here’?
      2) How did Mexicans ‘get here’?
      3) Who said we all ‘…hate our flag…’?
      4) Explain who does not want non-whites in positions of authority?
      5) Can you or those who think like you take us out of positions of authority?
      6) I’m not a fan of Obama, but people like you tried to take HIM out of that position of authority – HE’S STILL THERE!!!
      7) What should white people ‘…wake up…’ to?!?!?

      Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  • Mark Robert Jones

    This guy sounds like he’s soon to be a former fire chief….

    • In today’s backsliding culture, he’ll be promoted.

      • Mark Robert Jones

        Wouldn’t surprise me at all….

  • I be axing for help

    What a horses ass!

  • Willy Chee

    That chief needs to be fired and get a job in some other country that has a flag he takes pride in. He is not proud to be an American! Maybe he needs to join ISIS!

  • Brad Short

    He should be put back on the end of the hose where he belongs. He isn’t qualified to lead good men.

  • Terece

    Fire this idiot!!!! the American flag represents a Nation not a race! Getting sick of these idiots using the color of their skin to justify their violating others Constituitional rights!

  • Lobo

    NOW America,you see how this (crap political correctness) is eating away at EVERYTHING America stands for??How much longer are we going to put up with this communistic behavior??
    All this comes from the communist manifesto,YES,it is almost complete here in America.
    You haven’t seen yet.

  • Guest

    Thi guy is 4 kinds of an asshole.

  • Jeremy Richards

    Rules are rules though. This guy felt he had to enact a strict no-tolerance policy for all personal expressions in the form of decals or stickers since I’m sure the big man who put the monkey sticker on display in a racist way isn’t going to come forward and apologize. I suspect that the American Flag stickers may have shown up after the new rule was put into place. Another thought is that if the crew complies with the rules it puts the pressure where it belongs – on the backs of those posting inappropriate items. I really don’t think this guy meant to ban patriotism or fire patriots. That is a massive charge and anyone who’s levying such a charge should be willing stand up and prove it.

    • Joe Neckbone


    • No tolerance policies are set up so that poor managers can hide their incompetence. Notice how well they work in our schools.

  • Charles Durbin

    This guy is 4 kinds of an asswipe.

  • Dave L.

    And then the racist firefighters went out and burned and looted, and beat up people. No, wait, my bad that didn’t happen. This moron needs to be replaced by the firestation dog !! IDIOT !!

  • Clarence Booth

    He is no Fire Chief, he is a won’t a be Fire Chief. This is a slap in the face of real firefighters.

  • ragsdale_ron

    Where is holder????he should be here

  • NeoracerX

    And ignorant fire chief , and definitely not a patriot at all. Fire this racist NOW!

  • Ian Jensen

    damn now I want to smoke a cigarette

  • thetexasgolfer

    well if you act like a monkey, you should not complain bout the picture!!
    some people of just ignorant fools, and this chief is for sure!!!

    now proud to be an american is racist!!!

  • TampaBL

    If he feels like that thin he shouldn’t be in are country !!! and Take OBAMA WITH YOU !!

  • David Michael

    “A climate of racism” in a department that hired a black chief. I wonder what his qualifications were? I hope the rest of the FD has the balls to back their brothers up…

  • Aranna Vallotton

    I think the real racist is the chief, the people he is hurting by suspending fire fighters, are the people that pay his wages! What if there is a fire and an American, or a rebel flag is hanging on the building, is the chief going to say they are racists, and refuse to do his job?? People that look at the American flag, and call others names for respecting it, shouldn’t be in positions of power!!

  • Diane S

    Racism?? To display the flag of our country???!!! This is absolutely disgusting!!! Since when is a racist to fly the flag of your own country IN the country for which is stands!!!!!

  • Mark Muylaert

    I would bet that he is the one creating the atmosphere of racism……..

  • Jeanne-Marie Vita

    fire that man..he’s a friggin’ joke!!…how dare he tell anyone to take down an american flag!…..OMG!!!…what is this world coming to??…so sad….shame on him…I wish I could tell him what I feel!….he’s a disgrace to our country!…God bless america, and our american flag!!!!!…

  • Howard J Carswell

    Does the chief have Ebola or something?

  • George Allen Mizzell Jr

    another obama clan member

  • Capt. Buzz

    “A picture of a monkey smoking a cigarette” Why is that racist? He must have been called a monkey at one time or, sees his reflection in that picture.

    • I’m pretty sure the left characterized Bush with a monkey picture once or twice…..
      Never mind, that’s different.

    • Jeffrey Hewitt

      Yeah, I remember that picture. 10 years ago, was a push by those opposing smoking to try and embarrass those who smoked. Had nothing to do with race.

  • gym124

    How did he make it to that position? Oh, right- Affirmative Action.

  • Michael Bava Sr.

    Joe the property belongs to the city and as far as I know the Mayor has ultimate powers over the chief of the departments in city or township. The mayor needs to reprimand that chief for putting out such a memo and reinstate those Firefighters with an order for the chief to provide each and every Firefighter on that department with a written apology for his actions and a spoken apology in the form of a public forum.

    • Joe Neckbone

      That is the protocol Mike, we’ll see!

  • DD

    That nigga just went full retard.

    • Joe Neckbone

      Wow, a hoe calling someone a nigga.

  • ruth

    Old Glory is a symbol of this great country how is that being racist – it must be the “white stripes” he finds offensive

  • Guest

    this is the maywood race breakdown in Maywood and the world will be watching to how this black community handles the firechief and see what is done.

  • Jean Aschman

    I wrote a letter to the Mayor – I am so weary of people in this country who want to use everything if offers and then abuse the very Flag, rights and privileges that it offers. Perhaps this man needs to be in a different position or in a different country that he feels is more sensitive to his needs. Planes, boats, trains and cars leave every day

  • Jim Bell

    Terminate this asshole!

  • chartman07

    I was once made to remove an American flag patch from my working uniform’s shoulder. The previous commander had said it was fine and respectful The new commander said it had to go. I ignored them at first because it looked good and I believed it appropriate since I was on active duty on a warship! Finally, after three weeks of ignoring the order – my chief – no names mentioned, (but QMC Dave L. knows who he is) literally forced me to cut it off my shoulder while he stood there. Sad damn day for me in the Navy when a E-7 makes you cut the US flag off your uniform. For the record, the Uniform Regulations did not prohibit such a display on my uniform – it was simply a command decision. Totally UNSAT people. These are the same morons that would not let anyone BUT the Captain use red ink pens. In addition, no one could use a blue ink pen except the Executive officer. Micromanagement at its best.

    • Joe Neckbone

      Yeah, I know the type. You solidify what I’ve been saying – although it may be the right thing to do in wearing the flag, what the boss says goes. You could’ve received a command discipline or worst, but ultimately, his/her word ruled at that moment.

  • Glenn Kulich

    is he not racist himself…..somebody needs a bleach bath.

  • debbie Marshall

    I wonder…is the American flag on a pole outside of the fire station?

  • Ray Mincher

    So here we have another Black man imposing HIS authority , where is the written rule regarding the American flag prior to what he unilaterally created ??? This chief should fired for inciting racism in the very least . I guess he has little to no clue as to what happened on 9/11 or the fact the first thing placed in the aftermath was an American flag!

    What frigen country are we living in ! This idiot needs to go back to what ever country he came from !

  • Glenn Kulich


    • Joe Neckbone

      Is that the same as honkeyism?!?!?

      • Glenn Kulich

        NO, probably cause they had to hire a black chief for quota…see whites don’t get color promotion cause they are honkeys…..blackies get special treatment cause they are not intelligent enough to do it on their own apparently that is why the law was made….otherwise why have the law…..

        • Joe Neckbone

          Yup, honeyism at its best!!!

  • ray

    This is the racial make up of Mayfield Ill. The world will be watching to see what is done about the American flag being raciest. I wonder if the city fly the American flag at their public buildings.

  • Ernest Johnson

    The chiefs US flag on his sleeve is backwards, just like his mind. He needs to go!

  • Howard Sheffer

    If I had any say, he would be EX “chief”. How can he get away with this crap??

  • Ken Twist

    I say this fire chief should be relieved of his citizenship. It’s an America flag you jackass and the last time I checked……..THAT’S WHERE WE LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bweez b-wildered b-wise

    If that fire chief saw a picture of a monkey and equates to his own race… who’s the racist?

  • Jen Starr

    i agree!! this chief should be GONE!!! to call racism to our displaying of our american flag everywhere is WRONG!! if he doesn’t like it then lets send this guy back to where he is from!!! he should be fired for even saying that and firing our other firefighters that fight for our country and help those in need!!! obviously he has NO clue on what racism really is!!

  • adrianne vasquez

    These firefighters are an honor and should be treated as such. They risk their lives to help total strangers. How commendable. They should be able to display any kind of American symbol. The chief should be run out of town. He hates America. Let him go back to where he came from. I hope that all the firefighter display American symbols. When he fires all of them, he will have to explain this to people who lost loved ones and their homes.

  • thickone1740

    He should be fired for being an IDIOT

  • Equa Aisv

    If he found a picture of a monkey on his locker, that is evidence of one guy being an idiot… nothing more. When a firefighter flies the flag, that is an example of political expression, and any American citizen has a right to do that under the constitution. He has to be careful how he approaches that decision, or he could be leaving himself open to a legal challenge. I think it is short sighted.

  • Ubwart

    Why am I not surprised it was a black chief. How dare whitey have an american flag on his locker, “dat be racis”!

  • Mark

    Then with this logic you would also have to remove the flags from their uniforms.

  • Jacquie Robbins

    Why is he allowed to get away with this? Where are the patriots standing up to this insane idiot?

  • Alohajonny

    You wities be holdin us backs becase we be slaves a long times agoo

    • Joe Neckbone

      Wow, another idiot!!!

  • I suppose he also thinks his solemn oath to the Constitution is racist?

  • Marion Lambert

    What does a monkey have to do with racism? We all are descendents of the ape.

  • Sargent Carter

    Time to replace this guy,whos side is he on anyhow?

  • nomore516

    At the very least this guy needs his head examined. ARE YOU FRIG’N KIDDING me. What country is this?

  • Strom Thurmond 2016

    TNB rears its racially motivated head everywhere.

    This ‘boon is reaching far beyond what he’s responsible for: preventing and extinguishing fires.

    Also bet he could care less if his fellow ‘boons (if any stole a pair of work boots and applied, got accepted and successfully cheated their way through the training syllabus in the first place.. ) put malcom-x, raised fist, or other ‘boon related stickers on their stuff.

    He single-handedly managed to make the entire nation ridicule this quiet little town, simply because he was intellectually incapable of separating the real world from his warped, racist, belief system.

    If one were to look closely, they would find the entire fire department is compromised, their effectiveness, competence, and esprit-de-corps, diminished by his “leadership”. Like a bitter little kenyan, moslem, sodomist we are all unfortunately familiar with, everything he touches turns to sh*t.

    Good thing he isn’t a grocery store manager…he’d be screaming that selling fried chicken, watermelon, malt liquor, and Newport cigarettes is racist.

  • Bob Hewitt

    This racist POS has American Flag sewn on his shirt.

  • longhornblondie

    I’d guess I’d have to see the photo of the cartoon of a monkey smoking a cigarette to determine if it’s meant to be racist or if it’s something else. . . One thing’s for sure though; The displaying of the American flag should never be punished and he shouldn’t be in charge of men who taxpayers pay to defend our lives and property.

  • My Name 2

    There is no reason an American cannot honor the American Flag in America……………. There is no excuse for this.

  • BennyHill

    Once again…sensationalism by the media which a bunch of you have gobbled up hook, line and sinker. The memo stated ALL stickers not just the American flag. If they need to change the original memo to exclude certain ones like the flag or whatever then they should go that route. I am sure there is an appeals process the firemen can go thru to get the issue resolved.

    • Mark

      When there is a job suspension is where the problem lies. If this was just the sticker issue I doubt we would have heard about it. And please remember in the report it was stated that the picture was 10 yrs. old, does it have any bearing what so ever on conditions today. I would really like to know how long Bronaugh has been chief.

  • Dwinfield

    What a moron. FIRE his ass.

  • Aileen

    I dont think I read ONCE in that article that he thought american flags were racist. He said he was trying to stop a racist culture that had developed. No one knows the story as to why it was removed, they are just sensationalizing the once piece of the story – typical american news.

    • Joe Neckbone


  • William

    What an idiot. Racism = ignorance, this idiot is letting his racism show us how ignorant he is. He should be fired.

  • Patricia Bates

    Fed up to here on POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!! Absolutely Idiocy! And this is still America whether some people want to admit it or not! Praying that it will remain so! Glad these guys stood up for their rights as Americans!!

  • Helly Sotelo

    Since when is patriotism the same as rascism? If one can say that they’re rascist for having the American flag then couldn’t we then say that he is rascist for wanting to discard it? I mean, remember all those videos around 9/11 of the terrorists burning the flag? And throwing out anything that was “American?”

  • Bill MacDonald

    The best thing for the chief is to back off and quit callig himself chief…that is a racist title..”k

  • Jac Young

    He is a traitor … trying like Obama, to take away what the USA stands for.. our Enemy walks among us and there leaders our running our country.

  • Commonsense_its_not_that_hard

    Shame on you! The American flag is not raciest, but your short sightedness and claims you have shown you are ANTI AMERICAN and should be treated as such. Traitor!

  • Brenda Golden

    This is a stupid man who wants to see racism.

  • dawn

    HE is inciting racism and anti-America sentiments by his own dark perceptions and hatred. If he sees a monkey smoking a cigarette as racist, then he must have a real problem with Clint Eastwood’s movie with Cylde the orangutan who smokes and drinks, and also the Disney movie Buddy, about the house pet gorilla dressed in a suit and serving lunch. Racism is ANYWHERE you WANT it to be…this man WANTS racism to flare up here, so he is stirring the sh!t pot! He should be fired…take his badge, and leave him to his own racist thoughts. To demand the American flag and military decals be removed because HE said so is pure abuse of power and completely over the line. He is a good example of what is wrong with this nation. What a jerk. Props to the real men who stood up for their rights and our nation. And yes, I live in Louisiana, but you can bet I’m calling call that mayor!

  • Luke M. Gibson

    just take a look at your public schools particularly the states along the mexico border. there are plenty examples where students were suspended for wearing shirts with an American flags or other patriotic symbols or soldiers not allowed on campuses where their children attend if they have their uniform because it may offend the illegal aliens coming up from mexico and yet it ok for a mexican flag to be displayed on campus on cinco demayo by these illegals so can feel about themselves. one principal in texas was terminated for telling the students english was the only language they could speak on campus unless they were in a spanish class and then only while in the class room I agree with her). just what the hell is up with all these America hating bastards and if they don’t like it here let them get the hell out

  • jjramsey

    Absolutely ridiculous the Chief needs to go. I would also suggest that before a news conference the firemen take the dip out of his mouth.

  • Lord Humongous

    The only racism here is that which cascades out of the Chiefs office. He is an embarrassment to the department, the city and all those who put their lives on the line. Fire him.

  • busdriver72

    In any dispute I try to see any logic in the other side. If there had been KKK and/or Confederate flag patches then he would have had a point. But the American flag? There simply isn’t any logic or common sense in that. He was trying so hard to justify a position that he abandoned common sense and logic. With this example of displaying no sense or reason, his ability to logically, reasonably do his job should be reviewed. I think there is more to this story…something prompted him to do this. I’ll probably get in trouble here, but I smell Black Liberation Theology.

  • Dennis Didier

    He’s right, there is racism in the firehouse. It’s him.

  • ARN001

    Stupid…. How did someone that damned stupid get into his position of authority?

  • catfood

    Nothing like a racist boon in a position of authority

  • Lynn

    Deplorable. Under OBAMA everything is RACIST. He has been successful in DIVIDING America. There was a time, when people were proud to be AMERICAN. They were PROUD to fly their American Flag. They looked up to our Military Men and Women. Those day’s appear to be gone, by a generation of Takers who have never served anyone other than themselves.

  • Pat Nelson

    Never under estimate the stupid.

  • Jim Bottorff

    He is the racist…and anti-American to boot. He needs to go.

  • Guest

    How can that much stupid be contained in a human body? Must be an alien.

  • tomah57

    Yup! I agree it is racism alright! And the fire chief only has to look in a mirror to see the face of this racism!

  • Ed Perry Green

    Relive him from duty!!!

  • Lou Cifer

    Must be something in the kool aid.

  • Jeremy Richards

    This entire article is misleading. The fire chief didn’t say American Flag stickers were racist. That’s absurd and I’m positive he would say so. The fact is that someone was posting stickers on the lockers of other people and some of those stickers were racist and were certainly intolerable. The Chief instituted an across the board policy that no one was to post any more stickers, regardless of their meaning. The Chief ordered all stickers to be removed, regardless of their meaning. This whole ordeal was started by someone obviously misbehaving and the Chief was trying to take corrective action. The men who disobeyed and refused to take down their stickers have a good position morally, it would seem. However, if they were wiser they would realize that everyone should obey the Chief and everyone in that department who saw the person who posted the inappropriate stickers should look at that person and shake their head, hopefully shaming that person into coming forward and apologizing for their foolishness. The Chief, assuming he was as wise, would accept the apology and deal with that individual in a way that was becoming to the stature he’s achieved as Chief. A good leader makes the crew stronger by helping individuals grow stronger, and then utilizes that strength to achieve a better outcome than a lesser leader would be able to.

  • reconbiker

    If my flag offends you, you can feel free to leave the country

  • What a complete moron.

  • dvick

    Chicago – no wonder. A city ruled by race baiters.

  • Topper01

    Our society has become so politically correct that if you allow one sticker then it is increasingly more difficult to prevent any single sticker. If you allow the US Flag, how about having two stickers for the dual citizen fire fighter – US and Mexico flag on the same locker. What about the Confederate Flag? (Now that could be deemed racist). Having said that, I think a simple departmental memo allowing a US Flag only would be sufficient to solve the problem.

  • John P. Ruczynski

    If he does’nt like our symbols of America he must not want to be here. I say send him off to somewhere else. (how about back to his roots….way back!)

  • Jjc

    I am a Firefighter in NY, I am a Veteran of the USAF Fire Department. I am a white Firefighter who had his promotion stopped by the all Black Firefighters group known as the Vulcans- now that’s racism Chief! You should be ashamed of yourself and demoted in rank! Joseph j Carroll Local 107 IAFF Mount Vernon NY

  • Christine Travis

    Fire Chief You need some r&r, and a course in History, and maybe another country to live in

  • Dick Goesinya

    fire Chief…..YOUR flag on your uniform is wrong……stars are to be close to the heart…you have it backwards……I am a retired firefighter…..and you Chief are an idiot !!

    • Beentheredidthat

      Dick, your observation that the chief’s American flag patch is incorrectly oriented is correct but for the wrong reason. An American flag lapel pin is worn on the left lapel with the field (stars) on the right side, closest to the heart. An American flag patch is worn on the right shoulder with the field on the right side indicating forward motion of the flag to an observer.

  • Bill Morrow

    Is he a democrat??? Sure looks like one!!

  • Randy Lefebvre

    What a dumba**. Now lets think about suing his dumba**, and the city.( I bet they relieve his ass then)

  • Ian

    Isn’t it funny that the people who scream “racism!” the loudest, are always the biggest and most offending racists themselves?

  • badman400

    Fire this idiot Chief!

  • Bill Mattingly

    Sounds like you need a new chief desperately. Is that man a TOTAL MORON with the flag on the sleeve of his shirt ??? Maywood, can his ASS and get a chief with a BRAIN !!!!!!

  • Christine Cuneo

    Relive the Chief not the flag.

  • Kent Wright

    You can’t fix stupid, but at least they did a little repair on the Chief’s brain.

  • WeAreTheCure

    Fire that chump!

  • JPW

    What an idiot. Last time I checked the American Flag was a symbol for being an American. I guess he is a communist.

  • David Langley

    If being a racist is grounds for dismissal (as well as public humiliation, having your basketball stolen from you, or being drummed out of office), why does this chief still have a job? I am offended, and by Leftist standards, that’s all it takes.

  • Gilchrist

    As someone that served as a firefighter, this clown needs to become a community organizer and leave the firefighting to the adults.

  • David Langley

    I think this hateful tool of tyranny’s personal beliefs get in the way of his ability to do his job.

  • FireBlogger

    I suggest this fire official does not hold the same opinion of the sacrifices made by the 343 brothers that died on September 11, 2001 as most of us do. As well his appreciation for our military men and women who died fighting the wars on terror appears lacking. I suspect his hiring was PC related and it is obvious PC guides every move he makes from sunrise to sunset.
    I would not be comfortable working for or with a man this rigid.

    • David Langley

      I would be very leery of this man protecting my community.

  • Terri Barrow

    What a disgrace. Seriously how is displaying the AMERICAN FLAG RACIST???? What an asshole. Time for him to go because he is not an AMERICAN!

  • David Langley

    The mayor who hasn’t fired him should resign as well.

  • Steve Orpin

    They should substitute confederate flags.

  • Lorey Bursey

    WTF! Last I heard is that displaying the American flag was a sign of patriotism. When did it become synonymous with racism? I think FC Craig Bronaugh is a racist. He should not be a Fire Chief and should step down immediately. I can’t believe that on the eve of 9/11 remembered that he could even make such a statement! He obviously doesn’t know what racism really is or the true meaning of the word..

  • Diana Spirit


  • Stivo

    Shouldn’t it be mandatory to have an American flag on the helmets, lockers?

  • Diana Spirit

    This is an attack on our Freedom and Country!

  • Stuart Blankenship

    Love the right for taking something out of context and twisting it to their own perverted purpose. That being said do I feel there be a exception for our national emblem? yes I do but this chief banned ALL stickers and decals so it is a across the board thing not targeting the flag which is what you idiots are trying to make it seem like. Unfortunately since your readers don’t have a individual thought that hasn’t told to them from someone else you will continue to perpetuate this needless BS on the American public.

  • Valerie Miller Buchanan

    If you take a moment to review the Web Page for the City of Maywood you would discover that their fire station is currently going through a major (costly) renovation which more often than not includes a degree of beautification. The Fire Chief was not infringing upon anyone’s rights. The memo to remove the stickers did not target specific stickers, it stated ‘non duty related’ stickers will be removed. Fire fighters are allowed to wear the American Flag on their helmets, uniforms and on their lockers. The reality is that as usual everything got blown out of proportion and the media took the ‘popularity’ issue of racism to grab attention for the article. A fire station is public property and as such is subject to the same rules, policies and regulations as any other public place. This is not about racism, it’s about a small town taking steps to present the Fire Department in the professional manner that it deserves.

  • REOCON smith

    The stupidity and hate for our country in black America is mind boggling.

  • amanda

    Idk but it seems this is probably not the entire story. Maybe there is racism going on and to be fair without singling anyone out he ordered all decals/stickers to be removed.

    • Joe Neckbone

      That’s exactly what the story implied Amanda.

  • Antigreen2008

    Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh undoubtedly has moved up the ranks and was ultimately promoted because of old “Jim Crowe” policies like Affirmative Action. Now his leader and God, Barack Hussein Obama has told him to remove the Racist American flag from his Fire Department, how pathetic. Maybe an acute case of lead poisoning and hemorrhaging from his skull is in need for.

  • Tim Olsen

    As a primate, monkeys smoking cigarettes offends me deeply. Apes fine, monkeys no f’n way!! And that goes for Lemurs too!

  • Jimi Etherington

    Fire that Chief, Send him to Afghanistan, Maybe he will have a little respect for his American Flag…Racism?????? Is that the go to Phrase these days?

  • Joe

    Some people of authority, do not know what, “going to far” is…This guy defiantly went too far…He is racist…these guys should NOT take down their stickers, Fire the Chief !!!!

  • tax man

    Racist chief needs a new job!

  • Jeb

    I guess if only the white firefighters stood up to him, then they are racists by his standards. Shows the extremism by some of these racial bigots because what in the world makes the U S flag a racist symbol and any American regardless of color should have respect for 9/11 and what it meant. He should be fired at a minimum. If he was white, he would have already been fired.

    • Thomas Cole

      If the black firefighters had stood up to him they would have been opinionated while the whites would have been racist. We have to keep the double standards straight now.

  • Thomas Cole

    Good thing none of them had a cross on their locker, he would have went after them first!

  • Darin Corey

    send the fire chief to Africa if he doesn’t like our country he can leave now.

  • juliams

    wth does an American FLAG have to do with RACISM?????

  • I believe that Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh ought to be required to attend a re-education course so that he can better present himself to those he disagree with…those who support the flag of the United States; those who support the freedom of speech, religion, and assembly; those who help those who are unable to help themselves. It is because of people like Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh that America is spiraling downward. The nation and culture within the USA is trying SO HARD to succeed but are constantly beaten down by ignorant rhetoric which is “politically correct.” Please, resign Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh.

  • Rodney Campbell

    Deport this anti-American pos.

  • LuvUSA2

    I have read many comments below. It is a shame that there is so much bantering and name calling going on if you disagree with what one says. I wonder how long the decals were on the helmets, lockers and uniforms when the commander issued this command? I refuse to remove the flag for anyone at any time if they are offended. This is America, if the flag offends you, YOU have been given the freedom to leave. We will gladly escort you out. Without having done any further research, my guess is that the commander made this decision after a period of time that and these decals were already in place. I believe the commander was wrong. All of the men should have refused. Yes, I agree that you follow orders, but there are certain boundaries that you do not cross. If there is an established dress code, no visible tattoos, no mustache, wear a uniform, shirt and tie, clean clothes and the list goes on, that is what I agree to when hired. We seem to be too worried about offending others than to defend and stand up for America.

  • Scott Moore

    When did a flag become a race? American citizens who choose to display their flag, their pride in our country comes from all walks of life and races. If this is Racism, what race are we offending?

  • OldTaxman

    Hope no “good ol’ boy’s” house catches fire in that town, this scum bag fire chief would refuse to let his department extinguish the flames.

  • ARJ190

    Looks to me like something needs to go, and it’s NOT the American Flag!!!!!

  • sheri

    We are allowing everything the united states is based on to be taken away our freedom of speech our freedom of religion what are our soldiers dying for? And of all things to have a problem with our flag if you have a problem with our flag or what it represents plz feel free to get the hell out ta america.

  • Anon Emus

    That fire chief is an idiot.

  • They need a NEW CHIEF.. you know, someone who actually is an AMERICAN..

  • Lou9999

    Man….that chief is a D-Bag. If I was the Fire Chief’s boss, I would question his leadership capabilities. It seems the “racist environment” is a stretch at best.

  • Mary G

    He is a Racist and should be fired then tried for his crimes against the public…this includes all persons in power in the USA doing the same thing & you know who….

  • Brandon

    So the American flag is offensive IN America? Sounds like somebody needs to find a new country to live in. I’d be glad to pay for his moving expenses to any country in the world that doesn’t share the same freedoms that America has.

  • Michael Wilkinson

    I can’t believe the Fire Chief smokes!

  • George

    Get rid of the Chief.



  • Wes Hall

    If he wants to see real racism and fight it, send him to the Middle East. Let him fight ISIS, etc.

  • RobinH

    I’ll bet he voted for Obama both times!

    • bob

      i’ll bet your parents are cousins

      • RobinH

        Aren’t you just a nasty lil obama lover, Bit me!

      • RobinH

        Aren’t you a nasty lil obama lover, bit me!

  • Roger Epperson

    This is a joke,,where do they get these asses? They are in our schools ,collages and just about everywhere you look these days,,,who keeps putting people like this in charge of anything?i have never heard the case of an American flag being yo used in a racist statement or anything of that nature,,better watch out guys,,,,next it will be the biggest thing this cigarette smokeing monkey hates,,,your Union

  • Willy Rho

    Anyone with that concept of Patriotism and Enemies of the USA should be Relieved of their Jobs and deported as Enemies of the People of the United States.

  • Sandy Beech

    Here in hawaii, we have to remove all stickers, including my American and Hawaiian flag stickers off our auto windows…new and more laws being enforced, makes for life with few freedoms since 9/11, we are being forced to be politically correct …not me, I’m not gonna shut up

  • mamawchoochoo

    If this person thinks the American flag is racist then he is in the wrong country and needs to be removed from duty.

  • Dolores Makara

    The fire chief is the racists and should be fired. If he hates the american flag let him leave the country and go somewhere else.

  • common-sense-needed

    Patriotism and service in the Military is never out of style, thank you all for your service..
    Kudos to all that will stand up for the Flag and the Republic for which it stands.

  • Terry Ball

    Only now may the flow of camel piss cease to flow from the nostrils of this Fire Chief….Amen

  • Ed Dodson

    I am appalled that any Federal, State, County, and or City Employee in a management role would
    have the audacity to order employees that they could not display the flag of
    our country. As an ex-Law Enforcement Official, and Combat Vet whom most of his family worked in the Fire Departments in the suburbs of Washington DC I would fire the Chief effective 9/11 which would seem a very appropriate date of dismissal. I shall further advise all FOP, VFW,
    American Legion, and International Association of Fire Fighters to look into
    this matter. If I were the Mayor of this town I would start to worry that my job were in jeopardy if I stood behind this Fire Chief.

  • nancyetanner52@

    Sue the chief for discriminating and racial profiling against patriots. Time to turn the tables to their origin.

  • Tomswifter

    I thought this was a nation with citizens that proudly referred to it as the United States of America. I thought the Flag was it’s symbol of integrity and freedom. If this fire chief no longer agrees with that, while comparing the Flag to a monkey smoking cigarettes, I believe he should be reprimanded if not relieved. It’s disconcerting that even persons in positions of authority could show this type of aptitude while acting like a spineless coward. Ironically it seems, before he stands up for his own country, people just like Craig Bronaugh will start whining that his title, “chief”, is racist.

  • Christian

    I will write it.. the guy is a racists black liberal who hates America, Period!

  • Sandy Groepel

    The best thing this Chief should do is resign, if not he should be relieved of his duty. He needs to remember The Firefighters Creed and the Oath of Office. He has failed as a Chief, as a firefighter and has betrayed the men he serves with.

  • The Plumber

    Ok, first off, I think it’s a load of crap to say the flag cannot be displayed. That’s just idiotic. Especially if you’re a first responder in America.

    But, to be fair, the chief made a decision that ALL stickers and decals should be removed, regardless of what it is. That was an order and it was not followed. He didn’t target the American flag stickers specifically until it became obvious some of the firefighters were not complying with the order given.

    • Joe Neckbone

      Exactly The Plumber!

  • Christian

    WHY are the flags on the uniforms BACKWARDS?

    • iamone99

      Army Regulation 670-1, “Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia,” updated most recently September 5, 2003, addresses explicitly the proper and lawful placement of the U.S. flag patch on the Army uniform.

      The regulation states that when authorized for application to the proper uniform the American flag patch is to be worn, right or left shoulder, so that “the star field faces forward, or to the flag’s own right. When worn in this manner, the flag is facing to the observer’s right, and gives the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward. The appropriate replica for the right shoulder sleeve is identified as the ‘reverse side flag’.

  • Jamey Wilson

    Patriotism is not racism, if you feel Americans are being racist for being patriotic,, feel free to leave…

  • Johnny Owens

    Funny thing is; when I read “a picture of a monkey smoking a cigarette”, I didn’t understand the significance. Then I read this; “he found… as evidence of the racist culture.” Sounds like he’s the racist, because monkeys don’t make me think of people. He made that relationship! That flag gives all Americans focus; for God and Country! God bless America!

  • TotallyPeeved

    Enjoy your new life in BRA. Courtesy of affirmative action and the repeal of jim crow laws. We be dark continent II now. They are already slaughtering us in the streets and in our homes with impunity.

  • John

    The Chief should be fired.

  • Rhgates

    Fire (no pun intended) him immediately. He backed down because of public pressure. Anyone wth this mentality is not seeing reality clearly, which is extremely dangerous given the nature of these brave men’s jobs.

  • Scott Bussinger

    This Fire Chief is about as dumb as a pea! If the American flag offend him he should leave the country. This crying racism at every turn BS is old and I’m not buying it.

  • iamone99

    Fire the N Word.

  • wilsonsandy2

    Our flag has nothing to do with racism.

  • JamesDDean

    The feds have finally succeeded in the Balkanization of the United States of America. Let’s drink a toast to our last days before we fall on the ash heap of history. 🙁

  • Darrin Woodard

    I saw a package of Saltines at the store. They were pale in colored and called crackers. THATS RACIST. I hereby ban the verbalization of saltines as crackers and the eating of them, looking at them, promoting them, and thinking of them.

  • Butch Mcdougal

    Thank you Mr. mayor, for stepping up to honor our Solders, our firefighters, our police, our EMT and the people who have died serving our great country.

  • The Observer

    There is no need to relieve the fire chief.

    Just burn his house down and make sure no one responds. Fitting justice for an idiot like him.

  • someonespadre

    The mayor is a wuss, he should be backing up his chief.

  • Rachel Schueler


  • Silvergirl

    Apparently the “Chief” has forgotten where he lives! AMERICA!! Where we display the AMERICAN flag with pride! WTH!!

  • ronigee dawg

    OK … this was *not* about the flag or the marine sticker … it was about the idiot making “blanket rules” … blanket rules are by definition STUPID , particularly when it comes to crap like this that is about subtle expressions of free speech. Now, obviously this idiot Chief had a hard-on for these guys, so I am guessing he panicked when he realized he seriously overreached … pulling that “race” crap out of his ass about the monkey (btw … who’s the idiot … do YOU look at a picture of a real chimp and think “black guy”??? NORMAL people sure as hell don’t)

  • Drunken begging Scot


  • Drunken begging Scot

    Moron! Retard! Imbecile!

  • Drunken begging Scot
  • Whoda

    Hey Chief,
    Talk to my Lawer..!! All you’re going to get is a law suite, Higher insurance rares for your homeowners, and higher response times. I’m ex Army, and Firefighter, and I take offence to your “bullshit” statement that it’s racist.
    Go be a crossing guard some where.

    You need to be fired for your actions, and statements..!!! Or would that be racist to because your black???

  • Sooneridver

    The Chief is a walking, talking example of racist… not the fire fighters who are displaying the American Flag!

    • louismwheeler

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  • Grog61856

    This guy is a POS! He should be FIRED!!! NOW!!! IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

  • Screw this buffoon.

  • kenlinkMD

    If there is a “culture of racism” in the department in which he is Chief should he not be fired for allowing it for sometime before acting? Unless he just became Chief the day before doing this he should be without a job today!

  • Don Newcomb

    He needs to fired. It’s evident that the only racism going on here is from the Fire Chief himself. Banning the American Flag? What was he going to do next? Prohibit flying the flag in front of the firehouse? These are PROUD men and women. Proud of their service to this nation, Proud to be AMERICAN, and proud to be of service to their communities. Relieved them of their duties for displaying the flag of this Nation?? Really? No, this jackass needs to go.

  • RandyRant

    I like when push came to shove, the chief resorted to calling it racism, typical.

  • Thomas Kerr

    Typical black racist that can’t handle the power and duties entrusted to him. Another Obama anti-American racist, he should be removed from his position and out of civil service.

  • Gunner

    He should not be relieved, that implies that he should be given a certain amount of respect. He should be fired with prejudice, and made unhigherable in the state. If it were possible, he should be deported as he is truly not an American at heart.

  • Jim Serra

    I’d like to punch this a**hole right in the face.

  • AlThompson

    Well just screw you, you black assed porch monkey! Now see, THAT’s racist! Wearing an American Flag is NOT racist. Learn the difference you bloody moron!

  • Cathy Boles


  • Libby Scheffler

    The American Flag is a symbol of Our Country!!….and after 9/11 it holds us ALL together…How can this Fire Chief state Racism?….That’s UN-AMERICAN!…Those Firefighter’s deserve to have the sticker’s on their lockers of Marines of War’s ….That Chief needs to GO!!

  • AlThompson

    Somebody needs to take this bastard out for a ride….one from which he won’t return in as good a shape as he was in when he left. Broken knee caps would be a good start….

  • Harry Terry Johnson Henderson

    This is a crazy string of comments, neckbone was probably right about city property and not allowing them to put insignias on. They should have filed a grievance and city officials could remedy the problem. Everybody here is on the right track but fighting over nothing. If i have this right neckbone thinks they should have the insignias but being property of the city they need to handle it properly. Personally think disrespecting the flag is disgusting.

  • dondi31


  • Benddarules

    Just what kind of Racism does the US Flag inspire. I think the Fire Chief has a few screws loose.

  • Tinaandtommy Craddock

    this is the United States Of America, thats our flag! It is in no way racist! I was a firefighter for many years. You sir, wouldn’t make a pimple on a real firemans ass! You should resign!

  • Richard

    Who’s the racist ?

  • Erika

    Surely there is more to this story… Can anyone elaborate?

  • Gregory

    total douchebag

  • Patricia Cloman-Kelly

    This Chief needs to be fired!!!!

  • Terry Joslin

    Send the un-American bastard to Syria, let him join his friends.

  • Bryant Kazmerzak

    The only legitimate thing that could be done here is for the fire chief to give a good reason why they can’t put stickers and such on their lockers and it has to be for all firefighters not just his station… Otherwise it is personal to him and that is when the professionalism is failed and he is creating a hostile work environment… Maybe he is a power tripper and is digging for a reason to find respect that he otherwise doesn’t have…

  • realnewsreport

    The culture of racism start with this P.O.S.

  • overdrive

    This chief can no longer effectively run his department. Since public safety is at risk he must be replaced immediately. The fact that he sees racism in the american flag and military branch insignia is very disturbing.

  • Colt

    Typical black man

  • Fundamentilist

    Hey chief You see that glow in the corner of your eye. It’s your career dissapation light and it’s going into overtime.

  • Mike

    If this turd wants to see racism all he has to do is look into a mirror. This Chief needs someone to kick his ass.

  • Vickie Edmondson

    This has gotten so stupid! How Ignorant can people be? I guess the Chief is an Obama supporter. We all know how much our President loves this Country and it’s flag. The only one that needs to go is this Chief!

  • jsfun

    Chicago is a rotten stink hole through and through

  • Dewayne Beavers

    Stick to your guns Gentleman, that chief is out of line. Maybe you all will get lucky and he will be fired. This is America and the flag should stay !

  • Sabina Wood Whatley

    Anyone not a GOD fearing American, that is proud of our flag needs to pack their belongings and go back to wherever they came from.

  • HeavyC

    The Fire Chief should be fired immediately!!

  • jacki

    Just UNBELIEVABLE. This is America, if you don’t like our flags or whatever it is we do, THEN GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!

  • Joseph Malbrough

    I can tell you this I would be as defiant as the other firefighters because I would still show up to work. Who the hell does this racist fire chief think he is. If his ass is offended by the American flag then tell this POS to pack his damn bags because he can leave.

  • burtmet

    Just plain fired.

  • pointdan

    This A hole needs to go . . . . along with whoever hired him.

  • Bell

    I’m tired of hearing how racist the American flag is in the United States! How is it racist to be proud of our flag in our own country!?!?

  • Max Barber

    Idiot. This guy is pathetic. He’s obviously a race baiter. No excuse. Disgusting abuse of power. If you fight fire for a living, and risk your life, you put whatever you want on your locker. I hope they fire this guy. Let him manage a McDonalds.

  • hawaiiguy32

    The fire chief needs to be the one that is let go. What a clown citing racism. Typical.

  • Ronda

    Wait a minute, why the hell would these Firefighters want to go back to work for a black man who has labeled them as racist?
    The relieved Firefighters should sue the hell of this bigot and city he represents. Can you imagine the environment they are going to face. This man has created a hostile work environment for these Firefighters and the Mayor jumping in and overriding his decisions isn’t going to make it any better for these Firefighters.

  • Ray A Miller

    Relieved?? They should have been given a bonus!!

  • Annie

    Fire Chief should be relieved and investigated.

  • MelinTN

    Can we PLEASE get a Constitutional amendment that says NO restrictions can ever be placed on the displaying of our American flag???

  • the_gator

    Fire him for sheer stupidity.

  • Ronda

    IMO the Chief is the Racist. As usual the one screaming racism is the one that associating the Monkey with a person of a certain skin color. I’m sure there was an investigation into who taped the picture on a locker, I’m sure the Chief would want to know who taped the picture to make sure that he doesn’t label a group of people based on only one person’s behavior.

  • Ata Wrecker

    Have a major issue with any public office person who sights that the American flag is a sign if racist symbol. It should speak for itself.

  • Judi Weissman- Barreca

    you should be able to show the flag proudly in support of our country if you wish to do so…. maybe he needs to go.

  • Sam Durham

    Last I checked this is OUR country. My flag is always displayed.

  • No common sense

    The Mayor has spoken and they Chief needs to back off and listen to the City Council. If he does not, he then, should be relieved from duties. All the City Council has to do is document for him to stop these rules…..if he abides by them-fine. If not, fire him.

  • Dorothy

    The fire chief is an anti-American racist!

  • Jose Elizabeth Allen Hawkins

    All the firefighters who agree with their mates and love their country can let that awful traitor run his own fire department… on his own.

  • bubba

    i have been in the fire service since 1982 240/emt, i would say this is America and the chef should be removed by stepping down for America sake

  • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

    Last time I checked this was The United States of America. Not the United States of multiculturalism and political correctness. WTF?

  • Jodi Becker Colstock-Weller

    what an idiot.


    Why are there no comments from blacks? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • John S

    Peel the onion back and you will fine someone there went to the chief there and complained. And the chief did not investigate the complaint he made his decision prementure and now don’t how to back down.

  • bbgriff

    This man should be relieved of his position, and be put back on the front line with the men he disrespected. That is after his suspension for 30 days without pay.

  • theallseeingmaster .

    Quick! Somebody! Call Al and Jesse!

  • Dealwithreality

    Chief Dumbass – You should be relieved of your duty, American ( Meaning all races in America ) firefighters showing pride in their country racism ???? You sir are a dumb dumb man.

  • James Chioino

    Garbage. What a nozzle…love it or leave it retard

  • Lenny Moorman

    that’s what happens when the professional victim get into power. Effing mayate!

  • Manuel Delgadillo

    The workplace is changing!

  • Erica

    This unamerican asshole needs to GO. Now.

  • Carl Thompson

    Appears to be another 85 IQ affirmative action promotion.

  • Vashra Araeshkigal

    So uh…thought this was detroit not chicago.

  • Robert H Cooper

    I only have one word to say ” IDIOT “

  • Jim Arnold

    This asshole can go find a job in another country…

  • Michele M

    He should be removed of his duties immediately for disrespecting America. The country that gave him his freedoms to be in this position. Very anti-American and I find it racist and offensive on his part.

  • Cary Davis

    I wonder if they were all WHITE firefighters who got relieved?

  • WOLF

    I am SO TIRED OF BLACKS CRYING RACISM when they are the ones who are highly racist and use it as a crutch. I doubt this whiner made it to where he is at on his own. CAN YOU SAY AFFIRMATIVE ACTION???

  • Susan Deming

    If it weren’t for the freedoms that American Flag represents he would still be in Africa…. Removal if the American Flag in AMERICA is disrespectful!

  • houndawg

    What an idiot. He should be relieved of all duties.

  • Bob Szejk

    Bronaugh is an asshole and needs to be deported to whatever country is being “offended” by the American flag.

  • traci nicholson

    Fire chief is the one inciting racism.

  • Dave
  • Michael

    It’s obvious this chief should be relieved of command. He can’t work
    with others, he is childish and petty and insecure. He cannot lead, he
    is a detriment to morale and esprit de corpse.

  • Justin N Janette Conley

    As a firefighter, I find the actions of this Chief deplorable. Aside from the obvious of being “un-American”, if you read other articles on this, it obviously wasn’t about color either. One of the firemen let go was a black man. This action is based on a personal belief & whim, not the policies of the city. While we all are free to have these beliefs, we must present ourselves professional while on the job. This is far from that. Using his position to further those beliefs is way beyond un-professional. Aside from what I would like to continue to say on this, I’ll say this. I think this should be done: Call the Mayor & voice your opinion. Also,here is Chief Craig Bronaugh’s work phone number: 708-681-8860 Re-post and call. His house address is public knowledge on white pages. I think we all should mail him an American flag sticker. Next time, maybe that will make him think before he decides to dishonor our country & the memory of those who’ve died for it!

  • Kimberly F Woolet

    well if he doesnt like our flag go to another country he doesnt need to be working with our loyal American fire fighters.

  • Antonio Dicarlo

    Please relieve this fellow of his duties as the fire chief. This is sad and shameful. The chief is the one who is the problem. My hats off to the mayor for standing up to this moron. He is destroying the morale of his men.

  • What a horse’s arse! Now is the time to stand people, now is the time to stand.

  • Jarhead90

    He doesn’t deserve to be in that position. Do they not honor fallen firefighters with a flag draped casket? “Thank you for serving with honor and giving your life in the line of duty but no flag because it’s racist”. I served for 22 years and I’ll be damned if I’m not flying my American flag and my service flag. It sad how this country has lost site of what we stand for. I personally thinks it’s a shame how people hide behind racist the card in order to force people to do what they want.

  • Paul Leibrock

    Bite me chief,I’ll sue your ass.

  • Michael C. LaMay

    What a hypocrite!!! The chief is displaying a US flag on his uniform!!

  • Earl EJ Day

    That Chief need to get his priorities in order. The American Flag and stickers of our United Sates Armed Forces have nothing to do with racism. I think this Chief needs to get his head out of where the sun din’t shine……..

  • Roseanne Largent

    This brings me to another question about this mans so called “integrity and duties” as a fireman. If he is so petty as to terminate men, for displaying symbols of our American heritage, which should PROUDLY BE DISPLAYED, Can YOU,The People of Chicago, the citizens,as well as the firefighters who work beside him, Can you trust that he isn’t going to pick and choose as to who lives and who dies? He has displayed hostile actions against his own fellowmen, Can the City be trusted that if, he sees a sticker or a race that is offensive to him, at any given moment, he will enact his best interest and give his all to rescue, and/or all victims? I think he should serious disbarred from any type of authoratative job which involves depending on saving the lives of others! For that matter, he should be disbarred from any authoratative job, period!! If I were a citizen of chicago, I would be very concerned and would be calling my Mayor and whoever else that can see that this will nevver happen again! It is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

  • Ohiogunr

    Any Job with any amount of power is a natural draw to some SOB who will abuse that power! VIGILANCE is the price for freedom. We The People, must weed out the SOB’s and eliminate them from power! Throw out DEMOCRATS! It’s a start!

  • demoncrat

    So the chief associates a monkey smoking a cigarette with being black. I’m pretty sure that he’s the racist of this story.

  • Byron Shutt

    This is how the Prog/Comm PC crowd roll……over ANYONE that even is perceived as offending ANYBODY.

  • Lynched1

    The fire chief is an idiot.

  • bob e.wills

    Why are you asking me for my name and email Top Right news? No I haven’t forgot my password! It’s the same as always. Get right people.

  • papabear101

    That is the problem we are seeing in this nation. Some folks will see racism any where you look.but to see it in the flag just shows you that this person cares nothing about our nation

  • Trent Blue

    fire chief needs terminated

  • Starsick

    This is disgraceful! As a certified law enforcement officer, I take offense that a fellow emergency worker would take the time and energy to ban any symbol that strengthens our patriotism. This “man” is not a leader, he’s a joke. He obviously has a personal agenda against these select firefighters and is using his position of authority to “try” and accomplish his goals. MAKES ME SICK! He needs fired/replaced/removed, or the community will continue to suffer!!

  • bob denver

    This guy is a dipshit and needs to be removed from the country. What a tool.

  • Randal Davis

    Racist really. these guys put there life in danger all the time, for ANYONE, and the real racist is the chief .

  • Nick Dvorscak

    He needs to GO!

  • Sara Amick

    This article is full of it. He never said displaying a flag is racist. He said the monkey photo was an example of some of the racist things posted. He then banned everything from being on a locker to prevent people citing favoritism between what was still allowed.

    • ed mustang

      Did you pay attention to other reports? The smoking monkey was from an anti-smoking campaign placed on a locker 10 years ago! It was between friends, one of whom was a heavy smoker. It has not been seen for 9 years, and the chief kept a photo in a file for ten years. It has nothing to do with his decision to remove the flag from the wall, either.

      He flat out called the firefighters in the department racist in other news reports! Only to push his agenda for removing the flag. This town is over 70 African American. I wish safety to all the men and women firefighters on the department and hope there is no backlash by the community against the department.

  • MeeshaWoodstock

    Probably another Muslim…who would say such a thing

  • Mark

    This piece of trash promotes racism.

  • jnm19290

    I guess I did two tours for nothing, if I can’t even be proud to show my countries flag without being racist. What is happening to our country?

  • JJ

    I’m sure Edweena will relieve him of his duties. LOL. Sounds like Detroit to me.

    • ed mustang

      Don’t bet on it! Without pressure it will be business as usual. Call Mayor Perkins at 708-450-4486. Let her know we are still have some rights. This is how to keep them- with a little effort. Ask her to remove him before he finds a loophole to punish the guys who stood up to him. I would hate to be in their shoes right now.

  • Gary Nelson Harper

    The flag that replaced the Rag of Dixie is racist,,,,America! Where ignorance is equal to intelligence. I propose that all racist, or perhaps even all white people sell their homes and pool funds to buy a new country. We’ve obviously failed in such a miserable fashion, that it’s only fair that we pay everyone everything they believe they have coming to them. An all black nation is clearly the only solution. Just kidding. I am the only white guy in my hood’. Get serious people.

  • Walter Hewitt

    Just more uber-liberal political correctness tyranny at work …

  • Randy Swain

    The Chief is SO WRONG, he is a bigot

  • Jose CUnha

    Fire the chief, problem solved. He should go work for Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. He seems to have a talent for race baiting and creating divisiveness. No business being chief of anything. Anyone who suggests banning the American Flag from ANYTHING in America is clearly a blithering idiot and a hater of what that flag stands for.

  • Cathy Clapp

    I think this (so-called chief) which is supposed to be a leader, and I use the term loosely! Has gotten outta touch with his Country and his Patriotism! Maybe you need to be on a hand crew and learn what the words “Brotherhood” means again! I watch my back on a call if understand.

  • Sarah Mahala

    He is probably the only racist in the fire department. Of course, being a black racist, he can get away with idiocy of this sort. If they fired him, he would shout racism and sue. The NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and goodness only know how many other idiots would run to stir up as much trouble as they could. All they are good for is throwing fat in the fire. Let a white fire chief try to get away with something like that and he would be out on his arse.

  • Jane

    The Fire Chief sounds like he is the one with the racist problem…it seems that alot of the race issues have taken a reverse roll today…

  • shane

    Mr Mayor,
    The situation in regards to Fire Chief Bronaugh has come to my attention. Frankly sir, I am sickened by the cowardly, selfish actions of this public servant. The fact that this asinine statement occurred is appalling. His blatant and willful disregard for our flag, brothers and sisters in the armed forces as well as for our 343 fellow firemen is disgusting and nauseating. The basic foundations of pride, duty, humanity and compassion appear to have decayed and rotted away from his soul. Any good businessman, Firefighter or Combat Medic knows that you must remove dead weight, or dead body parts in order to preserve the health of the remaining organism. And that, Mr Mayor, is what we call on you to accomplish; you must dispose of the filthy dead weight of Mr Bronaugh for the protection and future health of our firefighting brothers and sisters. I salute you in advance for your swift and surgical severance from this cancer.

    Semper Fi


    The fire chief should be fired. He is against America and does not want to admit it. If He does not like America then go some place else such as Iran, Then see how he likes it.

  • Rhonda Pullen Higgins

    fire his ass he he the one showing racism not anybody eles

  • Roy Jeffery

    The American flag or service affiliation stickers have nothing to do with racism and is Ludacris. As a Wounded combat veteran I am appalled and saddened that there was such a decision made, but glad the Mayor resolved it. Incomprehensible…

  • cigarfintan

    This country has gone insane.

  • Turfguy

    Hey Don Ho, pull the friggin dip outta your mouth before you go on live TV, genius

  • Proud american firefighter !!!

    Hey Chief! YOU’RE AN ANTI AMERICAN IDIOT!! You’re a Chief, Im ashamed to know that!

  • ozone_ethos

    we have to shut ppl like this the fuvk up

  • CritiKiL

    I think this chief just has a serious ‘power trip’. And, he knows nothing about what is racist or not. The American flag (like that one firefighter says) bonds us together as ‘one color!’ – Anyone wanting to take that away is worse than any racist on this planet – A racist promotes his own race as superior over another’s and belittles another race to show his own race as above another race. But for someone to try and “keep all races from uniting?” – Chiefs’ a F’ing Terrorist! (Worse than a racist) – lol

  • Marc Johnson

    WTF! That Cheif is a Communist Bastard!Putin Has a job for you! F…ing unreal. And I usually don’t be little anyone,much less a Firefighter, which my Baby Brother is a Retired one!

  • Mike

    Isn’t that fire chief a NEGRO?

  • Michael Hough

    Oh yeah… so how many black people around the world have it half as good as those living in the USA? Not many. So instead of blaming others for your misfortunes get off your duffs and go make your own fortune. That goes for blacks whites Hispanics and every other race color or creed here in the US. Now for this bigoted SOB if he told me to remove my flag I’d tell him he could remove the one on my arse using his lips.

  • David Cline

    Let’s all cut to the chase,, the Chief is a punk but it is in Illinois so who is really surprised?

  • justtheusa

    I can’t believe that the city council allows such policies. If he did this on his own, he needs to be fired immediately. JMHO

  • Dixie Jo Wells

    That mayor should listen to canucksam… Any public official (esp one in charge of first responders) should not be unpatriotic. Next thing you know, he’s gonna be telling them they can’t save the life of a soldier because he/she is in uniform. This man should be relieved of his post, not the other way around. Moral: he should have left his twisted ones at home. :-[

  • USNVET 72

    Wow! Just wow! No American flag decals? Forgive my ignorance, but I am willing to bet that this chief has never served in the military. Stand down, Chief, and belay your last! Lead these American Heroes like the heroes that they are. What a way to destroy the unity needed on a team that is needed to be close-knit in order to serve the citizens of this great country. If patriotism disturbs you, maybe you should open your eyes and take a look at every other firetruck/squad/uniform. What do they all have in common? Old Glory! This flag was fought for by myself and by countless others who love this country. If you don’t like the flag, leave! The flag represents “US.” When you take an oath as a firefighter, police officer, military member, or any other public/civil service, are you not also raising your hand and making this oath to the American people, and to that FLAG that is standing at attention in front of you? I am damn proud to see a firetruck drive by with sirens blazing and the American Flag waving in the wind. This is an insult to all who serve and to all Americans. Thanks to all service men and women (military and civil service) for your service.

  • Lynnie59

    What the heck? Is the Chief all there?! HOW can he say an AMERICAN flag is racist? This guy is really pushing it and makes NO sense, and he is UNAMERICAN to say the dare he! This is being politically correct to a new, ignorant level! Shame on him…get a clue!

  • Dan Marinelli

    FIRE CHIEF IS AN OBVIOUS RACIST. Start the Law Suits on the city, and soon enough he’ll be removed.

  • Renee Gordon

    You live in the USA and if you don’t want the flag displayed then move your butt to another country. My husband has fought overseas 4 tours for our freedoms and that flag and I fly mine with the utmost pride. You should not be allowed to live in this country . Racism my ass

  • gregzotta

    “He cites a picture of a monkey smoking a cigarette” see, he probably got a complaint from PETA about the monkey smoking. It is also probably a no smoking Firehouse.

  • Mark Kozina

    He is right, there is a culture of racism in the department, and he is doing nothing to make it go away. And I am pretty sure the hostile work environment law suit will be in their favor. Haters gonna hate.

  • dmcinc50

    Thank God the mayor got involved ! This guy is a PUTZ and should be reprimanded with some time off without pay to boot.

  • Korban Dallas

    Probably also got to be Chief by affirmative action. Sounds too stupid to pass any kinda test for promotion.


    SEE drugs do rot your brain….perfect example …

  • Pentax Princess

    Liberals like him should get a brainwashing with an enema.

  • Fire the fire chief. He is the racist and bigot.

  • Eric Helms

    They should fire his Al Sharpton racist-inducing moronic ass for even breathing near that firehouse. Way to stand your ground men and fight back against a true racist! ! If u don’t like American flags and military stickers, feel free as hell to move out of our great Nation because we do not want you here.

  • Bryon Kathy Smith

    Write the mayor a letter they give a link in the article. Mr. Perkins “” ;

  • Bryon Kathy Smith

    This guy is upset over a picture of a monkey smoking and now that he is in a position of power he is abusing it. if he was offended by the monkey he should have said something 10 years ago. You don’t wait till your the boss and retaliate. He is ruining the moral of an organization that moral means life or death. You don’t want the fire department to come to your house to save you and put out your house fire if they are fighting and bickering. If they hate each other they are going to make mistakes. This guy is like a cancerous tumor that needs to be cut out be for his attitude spreads. There is no room for his mind set in fire fighting. There is only room for brotherhood , family and community support.

  • Painter John Fiorentino

    Screw the traitor..!

  • Mike Foltz

    he was just following Obama and Holders orders ….

  • AcheIMVU

    That means the Mexican, Canadian, and other flags I’ve seen have to go too.

  • thewlyno

    welcome to Øbama’s (and Holder’s) America…

  • jfscott

    Firing squad for treasonous actions … can’t let these people breed.

  • Stephen108260

    It’s shameful that Negroes are allowed in any position of authority. Clearly, the Negro is a low IQ Hominid (The Bell Curve) and most now realize how inappropriate it is that we allow these violent and feral creatures citizenship and voting rights. Big mistake.

    • Androkles

      Last thing this thread needs is the support of morons like yourself, you clearly have not even understood what the bell curve is about.

      • Stephen108260

        Racist White people have allowed Monkey and Monkoid like beasts to infest and overrun our country. America is and always has been a White country founded by White people FOR White people. (Naturalization Act 1790)

        Racist White people that don’t get that need to get out.

        • Androkles

          The rantings of a real lunatic racist moron.

  • Tracey Malcolm

    If you believe the American flag is racism then you don’t belong in this country aka AMERICA!!!! The fire chief needs to go!!!!

  • Melissa Dittmer


  • Melissa Dittmer

    Hey, by the way were all four white by any chance??

  • Fire Chief is the reason for the racism he himself is the one who is racist so sick of this crap. And explain to me how the hell our Flag is racist? Any person who dis respects our flag should be fired and asked to leave our Country IMHO

  • amanda

    If he don’t like those kind of sticker they should Ship his ass somewhere else that don’t like America either! This is plain out stupid a grown man serving the community acting like anti-American. …get rid of his ass

  • RabidSquirrel

    He cites a picture of a monkey smoking a cigarette that he found taped on a locker as evidence of the racist culture.

    WHAT? Really? I’ve seen the video of a monkey smoking a cig. It’s stupid and maybe amusing but racist? Only if that is the way your brain operates. Think Rorschach ink blot test. The mind sees what it wants. The racist Chief MUST Go.

  • Phil Shifley

    This is where the people need to stand up and have a say in it. The Mayor works for them. People seem to forget that the Government works for them, not the other way around. When people are abusing power for their own ideology, they need to be put in their place and if it takes more then the elected to handle it, then so be it. Quit letting people get bullied and make a stand before it’s you in their place.

  • lmd28

    How is having an American flag and military stickers being racist???….this idiot needs to be fired at the very least. This is getting beyond ridiculous, people like him are just jumping on the bandwagon and getting their 15 minutes of fame..smh

  • Snazzy Snook

    So, this black chief thinks that blacks resemble moneys ?
    Well, that’s his problem and he needs to be let go to get some serious professional help for that empty noggin of his ..

  • Lynn Ann O’Donnell

    Time for a new chief

  • Keith Dix

    How do you get that job while being so stupid?

    • MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

      Affirmative Action. Just another reason why that crap should have been abolished ages ago.

    • Stephen108260

      Blackness is infesting every walk of life in America. We need to repeal the civil rights laws. Negroes with citizenship and voting rights…. in a White country. That’s retarded!. White people have gone batshitcrazy!

  • Donnie Jones

    This guy is nuts! Maybe he should go join up with ISIS or something. Let him see freedoms and liberties that the flag represents.

  • Dan Bresnahan

    Is this shirt insensitive? ??? Oh maybe not cuz hes black. Oh now the pic doesnt show up

    • Human

      Yes, it is insensitive. But this is America … go ahead and wear it if you want.

  • Chris Hazen

    This is just another sign our country is going the way of Rome wrong is right and right is wrong.

  • nodome

    What kind of a nut is this Chief? How did he ever get this job???? This Chief says you can’t display an American flag??????????? You can’t put “Semper Fi” etc. on your locker????????? This Fire Chief is not qualified to continue in his current position-he doesn’t understand the basic tenets of the U.S. Constitution i.e. Freedom of Speech, Expression etc. He’s not even an American.

  • metro143

    Fire the chief

  • pat

    why is it always about race? all i want to know because if it’s a race thing then everyone is wrong a little secret that people seem to not understand ……(we are all the same race shhhhhhh)

  • Renee Dodd

    I love my American flag!!! My father and many other family members have died or put their life on the line for it. I guess you can’t appreciate a thing if you never fought to keep it. If the fire chief or anyone else is offended by our flag, then they need to find another country to live in.

  • Michael McClelland

    Since when does the American flag equate to racism? I spent 20 years of my life defending the flag right along side of Black, Hispanic, and numerous other ethnic Americans and not ONCE did I hear cries of racism. If my flag offends you…I’ll help you pack and gladly buy you a One Way Ticket out of the U.S.!

  • Dexter a Rex

    Come on bro, just because you’re black doesn’t mean you won’t get raped by the PC police.

  • Frank Ferraro

    I guess that’s why Obama refuses to wear his flag pin – His patriotism falls into the mindset of this fire chief. Please explain how displaying the American Flag spews racism. If you’re offended by this show of patriotism then my only response is – GET OUT

  • jules

    How is a monkey smoking a cigarette racist? Ah, now I see. It’s actually a sticker of Obummer smoking a joint, and of *course* anyone who sees through that POS is racist…not.

  • Meagan O’Day-Phillips

    Fire the ass hat.

  • Human

    He must be another Jeremiah Wright follower. What a goofball. Democrats probably will rush to his defense and try to get him to run for President.

  • Aloha Alice Kauai

    The only racist here is the pos fire chief. Fire his black ass.

  • Mike Sokolow

    Got to be a joke, cause this guy is a joke! Good laugh!!!! HA HA HA!

  • B.Cord Edleman Jr

    I think this fool needs to be relieved!!!

  • David Screeton

    The US flag is never racist, keep the flags get rid of the chief.

  • Jackass Patriot 1776

    Craig Bronaugh= Westboro Baptist Church’s Douche Bag Toy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fired him and send him to Topeka (the city is Anti-America). Also I’ll bet you he has naked pictures of Fred Phelps and male members of WBC hidden away in his locker. Or better yet I’ll bet you Shirley Phelps-Roper has naked pictures of Craig at home.

  • davewoo

    He is the racist. Maybe he should go to Missouri and lead the looting mobs! He should be ashamed of himself, after we honor all the brave firemen and policemen from 911. Put him on a sanitation truck!

  • tonym

    How do such ignorant a-holes get into policy making positions, Oh I remember “affirmative action”!

    • Tavares Williams

      It’s a Black neighborhood. No need for a non Black Chief.

  • Sounds like the Chief is more racist and filled with hate, than anyone in the department. He sounds like an extremist liberal who hates military or anything to do with patriotism. He shouldn’t be in a position of power, period.

  • chippr63 .

    Good grief, here is an African American man who has ascended to the top position within this organization. And he’s crying “racism”??? He’d have a case if he had been with the Fire Dept for many years and was still the head floor mopper. But this guy is the “Chief”. Looks like the “man” really kept him down huh? The culture of victim-hood has been so thoroughly entrenched in the black community that this poor guy is afraid of the flag of the United States, and see’s it as a racist symbol? Wow…he really needs to get a grip. I agree there is a lot or racism in the U.S but this doesn’t seem to be the case here.

  • Will Valenti

    This is good. He is 100% correct, and doing good work. All the racists commenting on this thread should take note that good people like this exist.

  • Wiliam Deitrick

    Sounds like he should apply for a position in Ferguson.

  • Jeff Anderson

    The Waywood Fire Dept needs a new Chief !!!

  • KentPerry


  • David Pawson

    Wait a sec… the US flag stickers have to go because this guy is a racist? Why not just get rid of the anti-American racist?

  • Jerseys Rants

    The Chief is the biggest Moron since our past two presidents I have ever seen in my life… How in the hell could you see the American Flag and Armed Forces stickers as racism ?? I think what the one Firefighter said was true, that it was retaliation for some earlier incidents..

    Total abuse of power by the chief and nothing more, The American Flag is the most sacred symbol to anyone of us.. And the Armed Forces stickers ? A lot of Firefighters are from the Military and served their country proudly..Again I don’t how racism applies to those stickers neither…

    Again the Chief is just a Moron Blowhard out to bust their balls..

  • Bert Nelson

    That POS firechief needs to be fired now He’s an unamerican commie.

  • 88HH

    White man, take back your Country.

    • 8==D 8==D

      And this is how the 88 takes another’s country.

  • HC


  • Kelly Bustard

    Despicable. Enough said.

  • Lee Pack

    i agree that the chief should be relieve as chief he over stepped his authority for one and for him to ban the american flag and symbols of our arm forces that flag is a symbol of our freedom and the symbols of our arm forces have been earned in the blood of the men who have worn them in one war after another so and our flag the American flag has been the symbol that these men and women have fought and die under so to ban any of them is to ban and disrespect what they stand for and for those that died to keep this nation free.. God Bless This Country

  • proudwhite

    That NEGRO, is a TYPICAL RUSE most NEGROS use..the RACE CARD. Wake up WHITES!

  • Ray Myer

    Glad the dumb bastard was forced to step down. The ONLY racism there was him and him alone. Disrespectful jerkoff.

  • Richie

    He just violated their 1st amendment right he should be fired and thrown in jail!!!

  • Richard Winchester

    Fire the chief without benefits.

  • Daves67RT

    fie chief really doesn’t care about America

  • Matt St John

    This guy is a racist and an abomination to firefighters across this country. If the city doesn’t fire him, they are going to be dealing with a public lashing.

  • Redd_Melendez

    He opened up a huge can o’ worms as the hostile work environment lawsuit has merit and will cost the city big.

  • Ric Jarvis

    He needs to find another country to live in !

  • ehcop

    After reading the article carefully, word-by-word, I discovered the true cause of the uproar at that firehouse. It appears the black chief has some racist issues of his own to deal with and I’m sure “Edweena” has it all “under control.” Who knew Ferguson, MO, and Maywood, IL, were sister cities! LOL

  • shawn

    Just by the comments on the thread the chief is most likely right about racism culture.

  • retiredsp107

    let me guess…..he will permit only the ISIS flag decals!! Fire the chief….he’s a terrorist!

  • Puppyme1

    Expose this Chief!

  • Celia1

    I am sick of everything being “racist” ….dog dung.

  • Pat Floyd

    I think Nabisco should be sued and charged with racism. I saw a Nabisco box at the grocery store that clearly said “saltine CRACKERS”! You can’t get any more racist than that.

  • Shaq Fu

    Chief is wearing his patch flag on his sleeve backwards. No surprise, since he is clearly an American h@ting race baiter.

  • debdon


  • peeksta

    There is no politically correct when it comes to anything that stands for our freedom and our country . Anyone that thinks different needs to leave this country. You are traitors to your home land. Personally when a person in power like this chief uses that power to force his hatered for the flag, should be arrested and tried for treason.

  • Lee Thomas Walker

    Statistically speaking, Blacks are the least patriotic American demographic.

  • DLinz

    “Black Fire Department Chief admits he runs a racist fire department”. Duh….that much is painfully obvious.

  • J.t. Coleman

    Fire the fire chief !

  • B Beaches

    I remember blacks being hired and then there were no signs of black employment for a LONG time!!Bad attitudes and constant problems,accusations, incompetence and general strife ensues at the workplace!!for NO good reason!!Employers shy away from hiring them, but then they forget the arrogance and racism of black employees and hire/promote! I know someone who was fortunate no black person applied for a job with their company~hard physical work was required.

    • JoeNeckbone

      How hard is it to put crayons in a box?!?!?

  • Mark KIing

    The Black must be removed from our civil society. The innate degenerate and violent nature of these beasts makes it highly inappropriate they we allow them to walk our streets unleashed and/or unattended.

    A repeal of citizenship and voting rights would be a good first step.

    • JoeNeckbone

      Keep dreaming, it ain’t gonna happen. You and the other racist mongrels who think like you will be dead before ANYTHING like that happens!

  • Feathers

    A monkey smoking a cigarette is racist? Phuck oh dear. :-/ BAN MONKEYS!!!

  • jcm

    I agree, he should be fired.. And I would certainty file a suite for workplace harassment. What Is this country coming to?

  • Gourdipt

    One of the first things you learn in management is pick your battles. Why was this an issue? Why does the chief have a patch on his right arm showing the American Flag? These firefighters have given up their lives to keep people safe. Why not just say only protected logos, i.e. the American Flag, the Armed Services logo are the only acceptable tags on lockers. All or nothing in this issue means his job or no job.

  • DAV

    As someone who actually read the entire article, I noticed that the Fire Chief banned all decals and stickers after there were racist stickers posted. He was trying to be fair by not picking and choosing what was and was not allowed, by not allowing any stickers or decals. While he made a mistake, I don’t think it indicates that he is anti-American, or a “black supremacist” or anything except that he was trying to find a fair way to prevent people from expressing racist sentiments. The specific example of a “monkey smoking a cigarette” is what he was trying to stop, and he tried to do it fairly be banning all decals. If he had said “I will decide what is and is not permitted based on my personal opinion of what is acceptable” people would have been just as angry. He does not deserve to be fired.

  • Michael J. Stitcher

    Time to relieve this chief of his duty’s and hire one that love this country.

  • Debra Richard

    He needs to some place other then the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Its so funny but not surprising that some of you feel this Chief should be relieved for disciplining his subordinates, yet there are cops in this country beating the crap out of unarmed civilians and get rewarded by suspension “with pay” or a promotion!!!

  • Brad Stockinger

    He can be the fire chief for ISIS. They don’t like the American flag either.

  • Jennifer Borman

    fire that pos now

  • paulydel

    This Chief is no leader and he suffers from low self esteem.

  • Robert Morris

    Ridiculous. Monkeys as Police Chief, Presidents, and Attorney general. White people have gone batshitcrazy. They’re MONKEYS for gods sake!

    Haven’t you people ever seen that picture of dogs playing poker? You do know that it’s not real, don’t you?

  • The Law Maker

    Who the hell does this sick idiot think he is? He needs to be tared and feather and sent across the border to the ones he worried about.

  • Clydie Gaines

    Seriously!!!!! Are you kidding!! How can an American Flag be racist? He should be relieved of his duties for being racist against our flag and country. What an uneducated Loser!!!!!

  • Timii Newmann

    Hmmm maybe the fire chief couldn’t make it in the military therefore he resents America.

  • Ewade

    For a racist, everything is racial. This Chief is a racist through and through.

  • Tammy Purdie

    He should be fired! It’s people like him that are the problem in this country! I am a US army CPT. and I am appalled by his actions. He is obviously not qualified to do his job. He is a racist! If I was him, I would be very careful!

  • DemocratsAreFascists

    Racists are consumed with Race. It’s easy to spot Racists, all they talk about is Race.

  • Doug Shippey

    This Fire Chief is a good example of what’s wrong with America!

  • Todd Lau

    The chief should be fire, and banned from any and all future public service employment,
    even if he applied to be a garbage collector, he is not good enough to even do that.
    And those firefighters should keep fighting, until there is no banning of any stickers, decals, etc.
    GOD bless those firefighters, and GOD bless America. Amen.

  • Linda Knight Foster

    This fire chief has no leadership ability at all. Sounds to be like he is the racist. Sounds to me like he has no loyalty to America and shouldn’t be in here. Kick him out!

  • Richard Paul Ferrell

    Sounds like the chief thinks he looks like a monkey! THIS is what ‘affirmative action’ brings us…

  • jumara

    this chief is probably a product of diversity and takes orders from the liberals of this country.he should be ashamed for this even becoming a situation.he is disgusting and shows lack of leadership.just another talking head.

  • arthur facteau

    What a moron. Sound like a racist to me, trying to screw some white firemen.

  • Ken Reid

    Political (In)correctness is helping to bring this country down!!! Calling EVERYTHING racist is RACIST! Enough already!!!

  • Micheal Adams

    Maybe he can move to whatever country he thinks their flag is not racist! good bye you have no business in America!

  • Jerry Fleming

    It is a sad day when symbols representing our country, our military, and one of our most somber times (9/11) can be considered racist. The chief is welcome to his opinion, but when someone in a position of leadership espouses restrictions on patriotic and national somber memories, he has carried things too far. Sounds like a petty tyrant…

    • sandycm

      Banning the symbol of our own country?! Outrageous! Totally wrong. And banning any symbols of which military service someone served in is also TOTALLY wrong. A person can put his/her life on the line for US and our freedoms – but can’t have the freedom to put a sticker of his/her military unit on a helmet, or whatever???? Yes, outrageous.

  • Mggie

    A monkey smoking a cigarette? I have to say. If blacks want to compare themselves to monkeys that”s their problem. I believe we”re all related to monkeys. Or. Does this just apply to blacks?

  • MeanieHead

    So sick of the race card. We need to ban the race card.

  • keribari

    If the chief thinks “racism” when he sees Patriotism to our country….obviously he is saying, in other words, that Blacks and Asians and Hispanics or many other ethnicities, had nothing to do with the building of our great country..

    • FrankHarting5555

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      • Christopher Bowen

        Stop internet censorship. Show the down votes!

  • Matt1972

    Sounds as though he is the racist. Hands down, he should resign.

  • Monkey Torture

    Typical asshole inner city commie douche bag. I was born near this crap. Ignorant dicks like this are why I moved. Minority excellerated path to chief is obviously not deserved. This is what the quota system does for you. Fire his ass and get an American in there.

    • sandycm

      THIS is racist talk. Not to mention vulgar and illiterate. I agree this chief should be fired, that he was totally out of line – but no need to say so in the way you just did.

      • Monkey Torture

        ha ha ha, i don’t care what you think.

  • Christopher Bowen

    If you opened up this fire chiefs head, I would bet you dollars to donuts you would see a culture of stupidity growing between his ears.

  • anonymous

    Relieve him of duty.

  • Valerie Link


  • Anita G Flippo Hitchcock

    This so called fire chief still needs to loose his job…plain and simple.

  • Guest

    Hey chief, this is just for you!

  • Raymond L Henderson Jr.

    There some of you people spouting your racial propaganda. I just think he should be fired because he’s a moron. That type of leadership we don’t need.

  • Vinita Thonen

    The flags should stay, the chief should go.

  • Steven Lewis

    I believe the chief likes this flag, the hammer and sickle, better:

  • Megalith

    It looks like Maywood needs a new fire chief. Craig Bronaugh is an obvious racist. He see his own racism in others and doesn’t recognize it.

  • Rangersthruanthru

    So People tell me something here if the Chief is such an American then why and how could the American flag he is wearing on his right sleeve be sewn on backwards. I may be wrong but I do believe that when it is applied to the right the Blue and stars face front ALWAYS. He is not what he believes to be. To me that is a slap in the face of Old Glory. Out with him !!!!

  • Bert Sterling

    Why the hell would any white person want to live in Maywood? It’s 83% ∩¡99ɛГ.,_Illinois#Demographics

    • Wishsong

      Probably underwater on their mortgages. The Undertow must have swept in pretty fast.

  • Cali Curmudgeon

    If only Mr. Bronaugh and his ilk could be deported…

  • doggmaninva

    How stupid is this moron….bet it’d OK to put that so called African flag up…that pig want to see racism…. Tell him look in a mirror

  • EyeOnFashion

    Looks and Sounds as if this fire chief is a little BIGOTED!
    Is he saying “He’s a monkeys uncle smoking that cigarette??

    Poor guy!
    Yes he should go!

  • JC526

    He has no business being in management.

  • KBjoles

    Fire chief should be FIRED immediately. Obvious.

  • Robert L. Coleman

    Fire the raciest Fire Chief , He dose not belong in this country with this attitude and his self proclaimed god as a Fire Chief , chief your a Deceit to our freedoms in our country , Ass hole !!! .

  • Larry Cook

    Fire Chief should be fired, and banned. His very job is supported by citizen taxpayers, and he better remember that. Indeed, he is going against the very idea of those that serve. They do so, in America, and if there are those that do not respect the flag, but find it ‘racist’, they need to depart this country.

  • prwright

    It’s disgusting to see Men having to deal with such a petty juvenile in a position of authority. I’m so glad that they are affirming the proper order of things and that this guy’s tantrum should not be catered to. You know, “when good men do nothing……………” and all.

  • Zachary Walters

    The Fire Chief needs to go. He seems very UNAmerican. Also Stop saying he only got promoted because he is black. That’s just racist.

  • Jeff Whitehurst

    If he thinks the American flag is racist , then he needs to get the #$%@ out of America

  • anonymous

    When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

  • shawn

    And the racism in this thread is non-existent. It’s funny to read people calling someone racist using racist comments. But wait I bet you all have a black friend? (Waits for racist and ignorant comments)

  • Suzanne Rosenorn

    The fire chief is obviously mentally ill and should be evaluated immediately

  • Kerry Frantz

    He is racist! The United States Flag can and should be flown ANYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY with no questions or problems FROM ANYONE! To make such a ridiculous claim he should have been FIRED ON THE SPOT. NO ONE should be in this position of power that acts in this manner.

  • Bill Wyko

    The fact that he CAN talk about our flag like that is BECAUSE of what the flag stands for to begin with. I’m sorry but I really get irritated when I see people whining about the red white & blue.

  • Jon Weiss

    To paraphrase a Stanley Kubrick hit, he’s a “Full Mental Jackass”.

  • Craig Smith

    Chief is wearing the American Flag incorrectly on his uniform. The Field of Stars always faces forward.

  • Larry Cook

    What, the chief is black. Without the picture, something mostly left out of other articles, who would have known. To me he sounded like a bigot on his own. Anti-American, anti-military, and time to be replaced with an American, that supports his men. A Chief that would do something like this to his firefighters, would likely not go to bat for his men, and stand firm with them. I as a Volunteer Firefighter, would have to turn in my gear, if my Chief were of this ilk. Firefighters are the ones you find running towards dangers, instead of away from them.
    In our society, the dreaded ‘N’ word is now unacceptable, but what about all the other terms, such as Cracker, Honkey etc, that are still used across the fence? We white people are forced to respect the blacks, but the blacks get away with total dis-respect? No, while I must obey laws, RESPECT is still something an individual earns, through deeds and actions. As long as I can look in that mirror, and like the man I see there, I can be happy.

  • john doe

    This sums it up just right!

  • john doe


  • john doe

    racism is a horrible disease you catch it from black people

  • Duayne Howard

    More idiotic is the fact that this loser IN A POSITION OF AUTHORITY thinks anything American is “racist”. America is not a race, fuktard.

  • Wishsong

    Affirmative action hire.

  • Fonda

    Release Fire Chief from his duties. This is America!!!! We love God, our country, respect our Flag and our Service Men and Women who have enlisted and served or still serving our Country!!! We wave our Flag proudly!

  • alwaysright21

    the fat f&ck afurmative blackshun ape likes to chimpout on YT

  • Gary Alan Gross

    senseless stickers should go NOT the flag or military especially if they served.

  • Anna Pyziewski

    Actually, the gear firefighters wear is considered PPE under the OSHA standards, is approved by NIOSH, and cannot be altered in any way, which includes application of stickers which makes this entire matter moot.

  • josie

    It sure is sickening to think that all of the traditional things that this country was founded on are slowly disappearing I think people..regardless of race creed or national origin have forgotten that the land that they are living on is the United States of America, US, USA I think its selfish and mighty disrespectful and maybe even just a little bit funny that any of those people living here legally or illegally would even have a right to think that we change our country so as not to offend them and when I say them I’m referring to citizens not race my feelings are if your not down with red white and blue then don’t come here and you can always go back where you came from god bless america

  • firedude226

    interesting how the chief’s flag patch on his shirt is facing backwards. Stars to the front

  • Checkered Bob

    Amazes me, they can teach these animals to talk!

  • William Frovik

    look at the big picture if it takes something like this to solve the problem it’s far beyond his ability to make that choice.and that goes for everyone up the ladder. you should be defending the flag instead of disrespecting it. if our flag bothers you your in the wrong country. because i’ll die for it. our country has given you all your equipment to protect you and your family.the flag should be on every piece of equipment you have. god bless america.

  • James c

    let’s see somebody try to take my American flag away from me.

  • Genevieve St-Germain

    Waiting to be approved….

    ~~~~~~insert eye roll~~~~~~~~

  • Independant Thinker

    This fire chief is the racist and needs to be removed. These guys are being patriotic and should be fully reimbursed for any loss and have all negative remarks removed from their records. The fire fighters are right. Keep fighting for your rights.

  • Rbjk Rbjk

    Racism? It’s called patriotism, you inbred.

  • Herb Roberts

    Our Country is in a sad state when our Flag is not allowed to be displayed.

  • Andrew Banas

    Another shining example of Barry Obama’s Chicago…thanks a lot to everyone who votes for a living for this crap…union members, teachers, government workers, welfare recipients, etc…

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