Ferguson ‘Witness’ Who Made Up the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Lie Just Got Some VERY Bad News

Above: Dorian Johnson lies through his teeth about the Ferguson death of Michael Brown

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Dorian Johnson just got a HUGE dose of instant karma…and it was a long time coming.

Johnson is the friend of the late Michael Brown who assisted him in a strong-arm robbery that led Officer Darren Wilson to stop the two for questioning. That stop led to a violent attack by Brown on Wilson that led to Brown’s death.

Johnson told the media that Brown had his “hands up” and said “don’t shoot” to Wilson, but that Wilson murdered him anyway. Johnson even said Brown was shot in the back. His shocking claims led to riots, looting and violence that tore Fergsuon apart.

But both claims were proven to be complete fabrications by 3 coroner’s reports and the Grand Jury that later exonerated Wilson completely.

So did Dorian Johnson get charged with perjury? Nope.

In fact, adding insult to the massive injury Johnson has caused, this week his attorney announced that Johnson was suing Darren Wilson and the city of Ferguson for (a minimum) of $125,000.

Johnson alleged that the arresting officer, Darren Wilson, used “excessive force,” acted with racist intent, and had violated Michael Brown’s rights.

In the lawsuit, Johnson claims he suffered ‘emotional distress’ and ‘psychological scarring’ over the Ferguson affair.

So despite his role in spurring riots that burned 2 dozen businesses to the ground, causing tens of millions in damages, Johnson was looking for a payday he didn’t deserve.

But just 1 hour after  his attorney filed the suit this morning — Dorian Johnson got his just desserts.

He was arrested by the St. Louis police. CNN reported:

Police have arrested Dorian Johnson, the man who was walking with Michael Brown when he was fatally shot by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Officers arrested Johnson Wednesday after he allegedly interfered with an arrest and was seen “discarding suspected narcotics on the ground,” St. Louis County Police spokeswoman Leah K. Freeman said.

Charges in the case have not yet been filed, Freeman said. Johnson’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

DOH! Looks like this lying thug’s payday will have to wait, as he is now sitting in a St. Louis jail cell — where he most certainly belongs.

UPDATE: Johnson was reportedly arrested along with his brothers, one of whom was wanted for armed robbery.

Johnson Family Values!




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