Ferguson ‘Witness’ Who Made Up the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Lie Just Got Some VERY Bad News

Above: Dorian Johnson lies through his teeth about the Ferguson death of Michael Brown

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Dorian Johnson just got a HUGE dose of instant karma…and it was a long time coming.

Johnson is the friend of the late Michael Brown who assisted him in a strong-arm robbery that led Officer Darren Wilson to stop the two for questioning. That stop led to a violent attack by Brown on Wilson that led to Brown’s death.

Johnson told the media that Brown had his “hands up” and said “don’t shoot” to Wilson, but that Wilson murdered him anyway. Johnson even said Brown was shot in the back. His shocking claims led to riots, looting and violence that tore Fergsuon apart.

But both claims were proven to be complete fabrications by 3 coroner’s reports and the Grand Jury that later exonerated Wilson completely.

So did Dorian Johnson get charged with perjury? Nope.

In fact, adding insult to the massive injury Johnson has caused, this week his attorney announced that Johnson was suing Darren Wilson and the city of Ferguson for (a minimum) of $125,000.

Johnson alleged that the arresting officer, Darren Wilson, used “excessive force,” acted with racist intent, and had violated Michael Brown’s rights.

In the lawsuit, Johnson claims he suffered ‘emotional distress’ and ‘psychological scarring’ over the Ferguson affair.

So despite his role in spurring riots that burned 2 dozen businesses to the ground, causing tens of millions in damages, Johnson was looking for a payday he didn’t deserve.

But just 1 hour after  his attorney filed the suit this morning — Dorian Johnson got his just desserts.

He was arrested by the St. Louis police. CNN reported:

Police have arrested Dorian Johnson, the man who was walking with Michael Brown when he was fatally shot by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Officers arrested Johnson Wednesday after he allegedly interfered with an arrest and was seen “discarding suspected narcotics on the ground,” St. Louis County Police spokeswoman Leah K. Freeman said.

Charges in the case have not yet been filed, Freeman said. Johnson’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

DOH! Looks like this lying thug’s payday will have to wait, as he is now sitting in a St. Louis jail cell — where he most certainly belongs.

UPDATE: Johnson was reportedly arrested along with his brothers, one of whom was wanted for armed robbery.

Johnson Family Values!



  • Cliff Gridley

    Some people you just got to slap, this guy needs his ass kicked..

  • MJ

    This should shock me, but it doesn’t. This guy will be dead soon enough hopefully.

  • bikermo

    Pillars of the community. I hope they mamas is proud.

    • JoJoJams

      If Obama had a son….

      • Deborah2546


  • WhatMeWorry

    He was smart by not trying to run or resist.

    • He did resist arrest

    • Nicki Dodson

      No, he didn’t resist or run. That damn fool tried to INTERFER with someone else being arrested (apparently). He is a dumbass.

  • Ray Dees

    There’s no fool like an old fool, but these young fools are showing real promise.

  • LaFlare1017

    People like Michael Brown and this thug, who steal from their local businesses, are the reason people don’t want to build businesses in their area. I think police should always act fairly and in accordance with the law, but I have a hard time feeling bad about Mike, he was a bully and I hate people like him. I feel terrible for the immigrant who was trying to run an honest business to support his family, who had to deal with the theft, harassment, and assault from mike, and then had his store looted with no wrongdoing on his part.

    People like Mike Brown are the #1 thing that keeps black communities down, not the police.

  • uther9

    Why am I not surprised?

  • SgtMac

    Not surprised. Filthy animal was going to continue being an animal.

  • Ronn

    Lips moving=lieing

  • wyatt1902 .

    Another pillar of that “lovely” community… Pffft

  • Not Anonymous

    Could have been Obama’s son…

  • Carroll Welch

    Now that is JUSTICE!!!

  • DonkeyHoatie

    The fact that he sued for something that the federal DoJ, despite all their efforts to the contrary, had concluded didn’t happen (racist intent and excessive force from Wilson) says that he feels he’s entitled to his own version of reality. He apparently thinks he’s above the laws of the city and state, and should be allowed to do whatever he wants. Which means he’s either mentally ill, or he’s just downright stupid and every adult who has interacted with him since birth has failed him horribly.

  • Pat Terrien

    Dumb THUGGER !!! Bwahahahaha

  • NorCalOffspring

    We the people (the hard working tax payers) have had enough!!! Sue this little bitch for wasting are time and money on another failed attempt for a free hand out!

  • Team Player

    Dorian Johnson still needs to pay for the riot damage that he incited with his lies. He also needs to pay the overtime for the heroes of the Police and National Guard that had to deal with the aftermath of his lies. He must owe hundreds of millions of dollars. Probably time for him to finally get a job like good and decent people do.

    • TheBigGuy

      I guarantee his and many other blacks in the area knew it was a lie, but went a long with it just so they can do the obvious and that’s spend all their time trying to look rich buying materialistic stuff. It’s so obvious Dorias Johnson was full of it. Who would ask for $125,000 minimum if they knew they were telling the truth with a case this big. If it would of been true, that figure would be more like 125 million. I bet he was dreaming of his Air Jordans the moment his lawyer filed that. How would you like to be his lawyer? That’s another crook in his own because I guarantee you he jumped on this for free, but now he’s got someone that’s going to prison. A couple crucial values I see many blacks not posess would be discipline and humility. They love being the big mouths, but rarely if ever admit when their wrong on their own.

  • Rapheal Sebastian

    Give this guy 5 to 10 years, he would either be dead or serving a very long jail sentence. Unless of course he decides to wisen up and do something about his pathetic situation and circumstance and not resort to the easy way out. Get an education, stop being a thug, wear your pants they way it is supposed to be worn and learn to speak English.

  • Link

    “Dorian Johnson just got a HUGE dose of instant karma…and it was a long time coming.”

    Hmmm. “Instant” karma…”a long time coming…” Hmmm. Does anyone proofread here? Did the author even proofread? Do you understand that “instant” and “a long time” do not go together?

  • Capt. Buzz

    A total waste of skin, his mother should have crossed her legs.

  • Jim

    Hey…Wait a minute…Didn’t this guy also get a city job? Hmmm I do believe he obtained a job with the city of St Louis. Check out the Dec 8th edition of the St Louis Dispatch.
    I see that he couldn’t hold that job.

  • Tim

    Whata DummFuk…

  • timmyd

    let officer Wilson into this guys cell with a gun and let him take care of this problem also!!!!

  • Perry Hammons

    Bastard Thugs eventually get what they deserve.

  • dillagaf

    I would have no problem with sticking his scum bag lawyer who most certainly helped orchestrate the lies having his ass thrown in jail with Johnson. I happened to be watching as this whole thing went down and the three interviews that Johnson gave. Each one changed with the last one being a highly polished version with his lawyer who had his hand up Johnson’s butt moving his mouth for him. But to me CNN just continues to carry forward the lies.

  • David Pendleton


  • Sam Durham

    Wilson should sue his ass for defamation, slander, liable, and extreme emotional destress, plus attorney fees and lost wages. Take his weed money.

  • Eveline

    He should still be charged with perjury. Creeps like him belong behind bars

  • Jim Batausa

    Mr. Al Shark-stoon and the rest of the race baiter believed hook, line and sinker to this thug and liar robber that they stoked the looting, burning and robbing of businesses in Ferguson. It is unfortuate the blacks want their heroes as robbdrs , looters and Arsonist hoodlums. Tyhey ran out of good role models. 200 years since emancipation, we expect them to be more civilzed but it is too much to the country’s disappointment. Shame !


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