Ferguson to Erect Memorial Plaque to Honor Violent Thug Michael Brown

Above: The “Gentle Giant” expressing himself through sign language and undocumented shopping

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” never happened. Michael Brown was not a mere “unarmed Black youth” murdered by “racist” police. He was never “shot in the back.” He was a strong-arm robber of a convenience store, who violently attacked a police officer, and tried to take his gun, before being shot dead.

This is not opinion. It is the finding both of the St. Louis County Grand Jury  — and of the race-baiting former Attorney General Eric Holder, who after months of stoking the racial flames (figurative and literal) in Ferguson,  Missouri, later admitted the “Hands Up” mantra was “false.”

But in Ferguson, you could be forgiven for thinking the violent thug Brown was Rosa Parks.

And now — after numerous temporary memorials have accidentally burned down, igniting riots and looting — there are planning to honor him with a permanent display worthy of his majesty. As SooperMexican so eloquently put it:

The city of Ferguson will honor its most distinguished former citizen, Mike Brown, for his humanitarian activism in the fields of grocery-store thievery, immigrant entrepreneur battery, and assault of police officers. Truly, Mike Brown’s thuggery epitomized the best values of the black community in Ferguson and in many other towns in America, which is why he shall be honored forever.

Here it is:


If you can’t read the plague, it reads as follows:

In Memory of Mike O.D. Brown

I would like the memory of Michael Brown to be a happy one. He left an afterglow of bruises and contusions on everyone he met. He leaves an echo thundering of paid protesters through the decrepit buildings of Ferguson, chanting softly that cops must die and whitey is to blame. He’d like the tears of those he beat up and of the business-owners whose livelihood were tore down in his name, to cry forever in his memory.

OK that’s not really what it says.

Does it really matter what is says…seriously? The act itself is a complete disgrace.

What’s next…a violent thug Walk of Fame to honor gangbangers, armed robbers, rapists and thieves?

Nice work, Ferguson. Don’t be surprised when a generation of young Black boys taught to admire Brown follow right in his footsteps.

  • David Pendleton

    Shouldn’t that say Michael “OG” Brown?l

  • Tina

    It is really sad that this city wants to honor a criminal. They really don’t have any good people in that city? Is this who they want for a role model for their children? This is just insanity!

  • Scotty P


  • LaFlare1017

    “He left an afterglow of smiles”

    I don’t mind people making a memorial, fine, even if I don’t respect how he lived his life I still respect he left behind friends and family, even if they may not have been the nicest people either.

    But, at least be honest. We know he did not leave an “afterglow of smiles”.

    • William Owen

      They should have put on it “he left an afterglow of evil grins”

    • Amy_BMitchell

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  • Jazz

    Did the city actually pay for this? Or was this privately funded? I’m guessing it was privately funded.

  • Unkie Numbnuts

    Are they going to set up a huge screen to show that video clip of Micheal Brown beating the bejesus out of this one old black man, beating him down to the ground and then, going thru the old mans pockets, stealing what little money he had.

  • CaneRVa

    Sick and morally bankrupt community.

    • Francis

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  • Rob Winburn


  • Phil

    If you don’t have any real heroes, make one up.

  • Wiggle D

    They are going to need to put a camera on that thing. Watch the urine and eggs pile up.

  • Herman Vogel

    How about “Fed up, go to work”. I am tired of feeding these morons, paying THEIR rent, GIVING them Free medical care only to have them Destroy the neighborhood, push dope, join gangs and Rob WORKING people. THIS is what the Left Wing LBJ wanted when he sign the ‘War on Poverty’ act in1964…he also said. “I will have those N****rs voting Democrat for the next 200 yrs”. and we see they have followed THAT for the last 51 since he signed the act into law. Since then, it has cost the American Tax payer $27 Trillion Dollars for this albatross. We now have 35.4 Percent: 109,631,000 on Welfare. Thank liberals,,,It was a good intention but always remember, “The road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions”. Old saying, still works.

  • jazzielady

    idiots, idiots everywhere

  • Spence

    there is no cure for stupidity and this proves it!!

  • Randi Kimmell

    There he is in the picture giving us the finger. Well right back at you. You are dead we aren’t. If they want to put up anything it should be a warning sign about this is what will happen to you if you attack the police and commit crimes. The people who want a memorial are just as ignorant as Michael was. Now you see where he got it from

  • altos

    Hey, I’m all for it if they mount it in a urinal.

  • joe redford
    • joe redford

      black man pulls gun on white man ,wheres the outrage?

  • joe redford

    Sharpton and the black community defends blacks no matter what .It appears they are always trying to get criminals off. Every one of the “Wrongful beatings ” was given to a criminal, who antagonizes cops. They deserve the beatings.

  • Jay

    Here is my “memorial”. I should mount it to a poster board.

    • Lawntawndra Jankins

      Why do da coons wear socks and slides??

  • Buypass

    P break location.

  • Janie Batt

    Why is Michael brown praised as a martyr? He was a big guy with no manners that robbed a store and then put up a fight when being arrested? He was shot because of HIS choice to be violent NOT because he was black. Choices have consequences. If he had been a big white “Bubba” doing all the exact same violence, the outcome would have been the same.

  • John B Murley

    punctuation is wrong on the ridiculous plaque!

  • HonestAbe

    It’s surprising how many people actually believe these lies.

    Mike Brown was a victim of racist trash. It’s PROVEN he never attacked the cop and all of you who think he did are WRONG.

    It’s true that he smoke pot, but so many white kids have too. It’s not like he was different.
    Jeb Bush smoked pot and people want him as president.

    Even though he robbed a store, that doesn’t mean he should get SHOT!

    Even the most evil criminals are entitled to a sentence.

    He was a victim, you racist trash.

    • Brandon

      There was a contusion on the cheek of the officer that shot him where he reached in the car and hit the officer in the face and tried to grab his gun. The officer then shot him in the arm and he fled temporarily before turning back around and approaching the officer. This is proven by blood spatter analysis that found traces of blood in the car, on the officer, and on the firearm.

    • A Person

      You are so stupid that it’s disgusting.

  • troglodyte_POTUS

    worthless jig-a-boo….

  • IIlI

    this thug was worth more dead than alive. the family got millions after suing the city. and he lies dead in some random place. did not get a proper burial.

  • Lawntawndra Jankins

    You know how hard it was to get his big black fat ass up to go to school? He was bent on bein a worthless failure like those other losers. I miss his Mammy on TV..and going to axe for hep from the United Nations. with that styin bob hair.

  • John

    A criminal gets honored because they believe he was killed by “racist white police”. How touching.

  • Hawk

    Why does the case of Michael Brown continue to be used as an example of bad police behavior. There is plenty of evidence to show that not only was Brown capable of of violence, but that he attempted to commit violence toward a police officer and disarm the officer. These details were confirmed by state and federal officials.
    There may certainly be examples of bad police conduct and even racism, but this is not one of them. Those who would suggest that the police as a whole go around looking for unarmed African Americans to shoot is ridiculous!


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