Ferguson to Erect Memorial Plaque to Honor Violent Thug Michael Brown

Above: The “Gentle Giant” expressing himself through sign language and undocumented shopping

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” never happened. Michael Brown was not a mere “unarmed Black youth” murdered by “racist” police. He was never “shot in the back.” He was a strong-arm robber of a convenience store, who violently attacked a police officer, and tried to take his gun, before being shot dead.

This is not opinion. It is the finding both of the St. Louis County Grand Jury  — and of the race-baiting former Attorney General Eric Holder, who after months of stoking the racial flames (figurative and literal) in Ferguson,  Missouri, later admitted the “Hands Up” mantra was “false.”

But in Ferguson, you could be forgiven for thinking the violent thug Brown was Rosa Parks.

And now — after numerous temporary memorials have accidentally burned down, igniting riots and looting — there are planning to honor him with a permanent display worthy of his majesty. As SooperMexican so eloquently put it:

The city of Ferguson will honor its most distinguished former citizen, Mike Brown, for his humanitarian activism in the fields of grocery-store thievery, immigrant entrepreneur battery, and assault of police officers. Truly, Mike Brown’s thuggery epitomized the best values of the black community in Ferguson and in many other towns in America, which is why he shall be honored forever.

Here it is:


If you can’t read the plague, it reads as follows:

In Memory of Mike O.D. Brown

I would like the memory of Michael Brown to be a happy one. He left an afterglow of bruises and contusions on everyone he met. He leaves an echo thundering of paid protesters through the decrepit buildings of Ferguson, chanting softly that cops must die and whitey is to blame. He’d like the tears of those he beat up and of the business-owners whose livelihood were tore down in his name, to cry forever in his memory.

OK that’s not really what it says.

Does it really matter what is says…seriously? The act itself is a complete disgrace.

What’s next…a violent thug Walk of Fame to honor gangbangers, armed robbers, rapists and thieves?

Nice work, Ferguson. Don’t be surprised when a generation of young Black boys taught to admire Brown follow right in his footsteps.


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