‘Very Clearly Blurry’: Shocked Mike Brown Defenders Tell CNN His Robbery Video Was ‘Photoshopped’


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Sadly, this is not from The Onion. And it demonstrates the challenge faced by the officials of Ferguson and Missouri as they continue to release more evidence regarding the Michael Brown shooting.

As TRN reported this morning, police released a video showing Michael Brown allegedly robbing a convenience store prior to his shooting at the hands of Ferguson officer Darren Wilson.

We demonstrated how key details of the store’s surveillance video and Brown’s death photo show clearly it is the same person.

Brown’s accomplice Dorian Johnson admitted Brown did it. Even the Brown family’s attorney agreed it was Mike Brown on the video, as he told FoxNews:

Daryl Parks, an attorney for the Brown family, confirmed that the security footage “appears to look like” the teenager, but accused the police chief of “strategically” releasing the video to “assassinate the character of Michael Brown.” 

But for the stunned street crowd who insisted that the “child” Brown (he was 18 years old and 6′ 2″) was blameless and was simply “executed” out of nowhere by a maniac cop, the released video simply did not ft in with their reality.

So they simply disbelieved  it out of existence…and tried to convince CNN’s Don Lemon to do the same.


“Very clearly blurry”. Huh?

And please Don Lemon, tell her you can’t “Photoshop” streaming video, and that even Robert Zemeckis would have had a hard time concocting  a phony Michael Brown robbery video given a Hollywood FX studio.

But what is remarkable is the woman who insisted that had they released this video on Sunday they wouldn’t have rioted. This ignores the fact that  a video posted on YouTube Sunday morning showed a “witness” who admitted that Brown had strong-arm robbed the cigars from the store.

He said everyone in the neighborhood knew he did it. So would a police video proving what “everyone” already knew really have stopped the riot? Or were they determined to have their riot, come hell or high water?

We await the police report and forensics evidence of the alleged struggle between Brown and Officer Wilson, as alleged. Not that this street crowd will believe a word of any of it.

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