Ferguson Mob Takes Over Gov’t Meeting; Threatens Mass Violence if ‘Cop Gets Off’ (Video)

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

A mob of protesters disrupted speakers, threatened violence, and accused police of murder as the fallout from the police shooting in Ferguson, Mo., reignited and threatened to explode in the coming weeks.

And several people who openly disagreed with the mob needed a police escort to get out.

This was the scene of a Council meeting in St. Louis County that was hijacked by the same apparent lawless mob that terrorized the city in August. The attempt to conduct regular business of the county collapsed into two hours of near chaos and mob rule, according to an account by the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

18-year old Michael Brown was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson, under circumstances of great dispute. What is not in dispute is that Brown robbed a convenience store minutes before the shooting, and 12 witnesses said they saw Brown assault Officer Wilson, who was seriously injured. Other witnesses claimed Brown had his hands up when shot — an account contradicted by the Brown family’s own autopsy  report.

After Brown’s death a mob looted and burned 57 businesses in Ferguson and adjacent towns, many of which will not return.

The case is in the hands of a grand jury – which now has until January to decide whether Officer Darren Wilson should face criminal charges. But the mob at Tuesday night’s meeting demanded the justice system be ignored and Wilson placed under arrest now.

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And let’s say the grand jury decides Wilson was justified in shooting Brown? The the mob threatened violence if that happens.

Here was one of them:

Ferguson — and all of St. Louis — was put on notice of impending violence if they don’t get the result they want:

And there was more. The mob even threatened to disrupt baseball games in St. Louis if the first place Cardinals make it to the playoffs:

One speaker compared authorities to Islamofascist terrorists beheading innocents, murdering Christians and selling women captives into sexual slavery, the Post Dispatch reported.

“You are ISIS to black people,” he said.

Which reminded us of a t-shirt we reported on back in August among one of these best and brightest of America:

And of course, to top it all off, those charged with keeping the peace were smeared as murderers:

Stay tuned. It may be Fall, but things are about to get a whole lot hotter in Missouri.


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