Ferguson Again Erupts in Violence, Spreads to Neighboring Town – Rioters Throw Molotov Cocktails, Shots Fired

ferguson vuiolence

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

11:20pm CST: Breaking news tonight out of Ferguson, Missouri, as a day of stunning news developments followed by relatively peaceful protests have devolved into a night of Molotov cocktails and tear gas.

And for the first time, the violence has apparently spread to the neighboring Dellwood, MO — where stunned anchors at KSDK News Channel 5 reported just minutes ago that the “Dellwood Market” had been set on fire.

This with the scheduled 2nd night of curfew just 40 minutes away.

Earlier in Ferguson, rioters demanded police officer be “arrested for murder” and hurled more than a dozen molotov cocktails at police. KSDK also reported that at least 3 shots were fired, either at police or into a crowd on West Florissant.

Officers fired tear gas into a crowd of hundreds of protesters marching toward a police command post Sunday night. Authorities also struck one defiant protester with rubber bullets.

Today, as Top Right News reported, video was revealed recording a witness describing that Michael Brown had not been killed without cause but had instead doubled back” and was charging at a police officer as he fired at Brown. This followed the release of surveillance video showing Brown committing a “strong-arm” robbery in a convenience store just minutes before his fatal shooting.

These developments undermined the media and activist narrative of Brown as a saintly, innocent “child” bystander “executed” by police. Also tonight, the New York Times reported that an autopsy completed this afternoon in Ferguson revealed that Brown was shot six times — all from the front. This goes against the well-believed story that Brown had been shot in the back, and directly contradicts the testimony of Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson, who claimed Brown was fleeing when he had been shot.

Frustrations clearly are building as protesters and rioters expecting Obama and his political puppet Gov. Jay Nixon would quickly prosecute officer Wilson. The mob cannot be satisfied, as the narrative has spun out of control — and they seem to be lashing out anew.

UPDATE: 11:28pm CST: Rioters have apparently shifted out of Ferguson and into Dellwood as curfew approaches, leaving a quieter scene on West Florissant in Ferguson.

UPDATE 11:38pm CST: CNN confirms “shots were fired at police” tonight. Video link here

We will update the situation as events warrant.

Here are three live streams from the scene tonight:

STREAM 1 (which sadly has devolved into an absurd discussion of “White privilege”):




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