Ferguson Again Erupts in Violence, Spreads to Neighboring Town – Rioters Throw Molotov Cocktails, Shots Fired

ferguson vuiolence

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

11:20pm CST: Breaking news tonight out of Ferguson, Missouri, as a day of stunning news developments followed by relatively peaceful protests have devolved into a night of Molotov cocktails and tear gas.

And for the first time, the violence has apparently spread to the neighboring Dellwood, MO — where stunned anchors at KSDK News Channel 5 reported just minutes ago that the “Dellwood Market” had been set on fire.

This with the scheduled 2nd night of curfew just 40 minutes away.

Earlier in Ferguson, rioters demanded police officer be “arrested for murder” and hurled more than a dozen molotov cocktails at police. KSDK also reported that at least 3 shots were fired, either at police or into a crowd on West Florissant.

Officers fired tear gas into a crowd of hundreds of protesters marching toward a police command post Sunday night. Authorities also struck one defiant protester with rubber bullets.

Today, as Top Right News reported, video was revealed recording a witness describing that Michael Brown had not been killed without cause but had instead doubled back” and was charging at a police officer as he fired at Brown. This followed the release of surveillance video showing Brown committing a “strong-arm” robbery in a convenience store just minutes before his fatal shooting.

These developments undermined the media and activist narrative of Brown as a saintly, innocent “child” bystander “executed” by police. Also tonight, the New York Times reported that an autopsy completed this afternoon in Ferguson revealed that Brown was shot six times — all from the front. This goes against the well-believed story that Brown had been shot in the back, and directly contradicts the testimony of Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson, who claimed Brown was fleeing when he had been shot.

Frustrations clearly are building as protesters and rioters expecting Obama and his political puppet Gov. Jay Nixon would quickly prosecute officer Wilson. The mob cannot be satisfied, as the narrative has spun out of control — and they seem to be lashing out anew.

UPDATE: 11:28pm CST: Rioters have apparently shifted out of Ferguson and into Dellwood as curfew approaches, leaving a quieter scene on West Florissant in Ferguson.

UPDATE 11:38pm CST: CNN confirms “shots were fired at police” tonight. Video link here

We will update the situation as events warrant.

Here are three live streams from the scene tonight:

STREAM 1 (which sadly has devolved into an absurd discussion of “White privilege”):



  • pamdix

    Gee, isn’t there a curfew? Follow the curfew and get your rears home! They are destroying their own neighborhoods. So the cops are making them loot and destroy businesses? Good grief,

    • Keli Grantham Steadham

      This happened before the curfew. Gotta be able to get that free stuff, you know.

    • Bob Edwards

      who do you think will have to pay to rebuilld the neighborhoods THEY destroyed? thats right civilized tax paying people who work obey the law and dont act like animals

  • Kalcen

    Of course they riot and throw Molotov cocktails…they are black. Don’t expect them to act with civility.

    • Kneehemyah Nemo Knox

      thats actually racist

      • Kalcen

        It’s not racist if its accurate

        • GlockG22shoots40s

          actually it’s a blanket statement of black people. It is racist. While the stereotype may fit a majority of boys in da hood, it is not representative of all black people. Many are quite civilized.

          • ASolutionToAProblem

            Obviously there are not many civilized ones in Ferguson.

        • Sovereign

          It became racist when you decided that ALL black people are violent, because they are black.

          A better statement would be that most are violent.

          • Paul Kmf Tubbs

            It’s also racist when you say all white people are “privileged”.

          • Hollis Fischer Grassman

            Very true Paul

          • Sovereign

            True. People often forget that racism goes both ways.

        • Kneehemyah Nemo Knox

          I am black. I act Civil. Hell Ben Carson, Alfonso Rachael, Allen West are black and very civil. What about George Washington Carver, or Federick Douglass or Martin luther King. Were they not civil?

          • Kalcen

            Wow you were able to mention a large handful of civil acting black people. Can I point you to the immense ocean of black people in this country who constantly perpetuate the spiraling destruction of the black race. Violence, chaos, over producing children, welfare, lack of intelligence, lazy.

            Again, all these traits exists in EVERY SINGLE RACE. The bigger question is why do they exist at such a higher frequency in the black race? What makes them so special?

          • Kneehemyah Nemo Knox

            They exist in a higher frequency because they are in a lower population. You could have equal amounts of people on welfare among all races, but since blacks are a minority those on welfare will take up a higher percentage than the amount of whites on welfare.

            Blacks and Whites have had a different history, Doesnt mean they have a right to be angry about it, and that doesnt give you the right to consider every black the same just because there are some who act uncivil.

            There is Not an immense ocean of black people who are rioting and getting their jimmies rustled over every shooting. Most blacks are calm and collected. But i guess you never bothered trying to meet them since you consider all of them the same.

          • Kalcen

            You are aware that the act of using statistics/percentages is used inorder to make up the differences between higher to lower frequency of races, right?

            30% is still 30%, regardless if the two different populations are 500 people and 500,000 people.

            So it doesn’t matter that individual numbers alone, there is a difference. What matters is consistent percentages/statistics being accurate.

          • Kneehemyah Nemo Knox

            Look 30% percent of blacks could be criminals, 30% of whites could be criminals. Sure thats the same percentage, but when you look at the actual numbers in population THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. 30% of blacks could be 500 people while 30% of whites could be 500,000 people.

            You cant act like 30% of blacks being criminals is a huge problem when there is several hundred thousand more whites being criminals. Even if the percentage is the same.

          • Kalcen

            Do you not understand how percentages/statistics works? They are purposefully used BECAUSE there are differences in populations.

            Thats why you use percentages, to compensate for uneven numbers.

            So yea, 10,000 black people is not the same as 100,000 white people….the numbers are both hugely different. BUT both are capable of representing any equal level on a measured scale of 1-100%.

            So yea if 5K black people commit crime and 50k white people commit crime, then by your own understanding then it is not fair to judge one in comparison to the other. But according to my understanding both of those figures, though vastly different, both represent 50%.

            Thats why you use percentages, to compensate for numbers being different.

    • dancingontheheadofapin

      Please retract that statement. The protestors in Ferguson were peaceful, but the fb and twitter media blew this thing all over the internet and the bad guys came in from other towns or from God knows where! Do not blame ALL blacks for some who are really there to create mayhem and force a narrative about Michael Brown that is NOT true.

      • Kalcen

        I wont retract any statement. Because, statistically speaking, any protest that has been prefaced by Al Sharpton has predominately then turned into rioting and looting.

        If you want me to retract my statement then I want you to teach the black community to not act so violently. Guess what? Both are factually incapable of happening.

      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        The protesters in Ferguson were NOT peaceful. Looting and vandalism are not protesting. They’re stealing and destroying other people’s property. Period. They’re a bunch of thugs, plain and simple. And no one should EVER be asked to retract their opinion on something.

      • John Best

        AL f-in’ SHARPTON is intentionally inciting this behavior. He and that so called captain. Al’s a racist SOB from way back, but that police captain is a disgrace to his uniform.

        • Thomas Marise

          How do you get the police being a disgrace to his uniform?

      • Scout Trooper

        If they are peaceful (the locals), and it is outsiders who are causing the violence and destruction, well then the locals need to “clean there ranks”, and defend their community. They, better then anyone else, would know who belongs, an who don’t. do agree that bad guys from outside came in, made it worse, so Al and Jesse need to go home.

        • dancingontheheadofapin

          That’s true. The locals did try and they also told Sharpton to leave. They tried, but when they are up against a criminall mob, they are powerless.

    • jericho40

      you can’t expect them to be like humans

      • Chris Streetz Poet Bright

        Because theyre black? Would u say the same when whites riot in other countries over something as minor as a soccer match?

  • Rennie Press

    Molotov cocktails and looting aren’t part of PEACEFUL PROTESTING.

  • Onlooker

    These are rioters and looters and should dealt with as such. They have their own agenda, which is to act first without any opposition of being charge criminal for their actions. Enough is enough Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson may have met their down doing because of this. We do not respect the people who are out of control or their desires compared to the perfect innocent people who live their and fear for their families, lives and future of their town. Let the police action reflect just that. Protect the peace abiding citizens and deal harshly with the out of control mobs. These mobs are just filled full of hatred for authority and will continue to do so until the law sat upon them.

  • Grizzled_Gringo

    The Police need to stand down this is after all a “Peaceful” Protest LOL

  • smokepole

    They have the right to assemble and protest.!
    With that said, those that are throwing molotovs, shooting, looting, or committing arson should be taken out with whatever force it takes to stop them. If it needs to be deadly, so be it!

    • Keli Grantham Steadham

      They have the right to PEACEFUL assembly and protest. Looting and vandolism do not fall under that category. And yes…whatever force. If theyre shooting at police and/or throwing fire bombs at them, use whatever force is needed.

    • Sovereign

      I suggest you read up “state of emergency”.

      “It can also be used as a rationale for suspending rights and freedoms, even if those rights and freedoms are guaranteed under the Constitution.”

  • smbakk1

    the cops need to open fire on these mobsters.

    • John Best

      I fear you are correct. Actually if sharpton got hit in the crossfire, things would calm down.

      • Thomas Marise

        I’m afraid that shooting any especially police shooting citizens is never to be taken lightly. I see a lot of recommendations on here to just open fire and maybe Sharpton will get hit. The purpose of having a police force is to prevent loss( even loss of life.), but so many think it’s ok to just freely say that they should be able to mow down the crowd. Sure it’s possible, but think long and hard about whether you want that precedence being set. They already have called peaceful sit ins riots just to use force and make mass arrests, do you want them to get to gun down the crowd when they decide it’s a riot? Not debating that Ferguson is repeated riots, but what they do there will happen in peaceful protests everywhere.

  • Onlooker

    The Civil Rights and Protection for the peaceful citizens of these towns should be enforced. These animals who are depending of the illusion of a criminal who stole, assaulted and tried to confront police is some type person, was in fact just a animal preying on others. His choices were not to deal with authority, but us his means to get whatever he wanted. If caught he would have faced robbery, assault, resisting arrest and attempted murder of a police officer. He saved the taxpayer money by going out his way, not the authorities way. He gave them no choice in the matter and all the evidence in now coming out. The leaders of this community cannot get a hold on these matters due to the lack of response from the mobs that are now taking control of this city. It is the Right of the police to protect and serve the community and to stop these criminals by using deadly force if need be.

  • flameburger

    I hope that the Governor of MO applies for federal emergency funds – and then send the bill directly to those responsible for inciting these acts – The Media, The DOJ, The President, Al Sharpton, etc…

  • Tinaw1969

    They actually think that what they are doing is okay. They are animals! Let them destroy each other and their towns! Put a dome over their towns so they can’t bother human folk!

  • Onlooker

    The problem with the press and news coverage of this is they want to play both sides of the story. To show how prompted they are in getting the information to the people. But, what has happened is they are using one side against the other to make this news and giving the protesters ammunition, to edge on the people to do something else to keep the story going. If every news truck and reporter was to pull out of that town and let the authorities handle it- it would just go back to being a protest. The reporters are saying the reason all this is happening is because of killing of a black youth. No,it is was the enforcement of the law on someone who broke the law and choose to confront police. They are just as bad as the looters and rioters in my opinion and have added fuel to the flame. This town now, should be under Marshall Law to protect the citizens now, not the mobs.

  • Randy Raschein

    The liberal media and the Chimp in the WHITEhouse supports these black scum

    • Chris Streetz Poet Bright

      Chimp? Did u have these same criticisms when bush sent me and many of my friends to war under a false pretense (wmd’s)?

  • tiredwhitie

    They are Obama’s children. Acting as blacks do….

  • Onlooker

    These police have families of their own that live in this same town. Because of one incident that has gotten so out of hand, we have put them in harms way. Yes, in harms way, it includes their families and friends who are worried about them trying to handle something a free willed person who though he could have it his way. He chose to live a life full of garbage, no one chose that for him. He had more opportunities than a lot of other people. But, that doesn’t correct the fact his family gave him up to be raised by relatives. Who should be held responsible “his parent’s”. They didn’t even want him. Now, his mother is saying her baby boy has been taken away from her. Where was she during his life and look at what she is giving him now. There were probably many community people out there who tried to help, but she was out doing other things, when she should have been with Micheal. Don’t blame this on people who he decided to prey against,blame it on the ones who should have been there for him going up.

  • Mario Rodriguez

    I bet they’re getting briefed at the gamestop, that’s where I’d be… in retrospect I may have a slight problem with video game addiction. lol

  • W Dawes

    So be it! Friends, no more. To secure peace is to prepare for War!!! Send in the National Guard and protect the citizens from this mob.

  • nancyj1922

    absurd. call in the national guard. why is curfew midnight? should be sunset. Molotov cocktails and gunshots are not peaceful. End this crap. bunch of lawless animals.

    • John Best

      N.G. is on the way.

  • Keli Grantham Steadham

    Booyah! All you people hollering how he was such a good kid. Feel stupid yet??? Or will you stay true to form and keep denying facts? You wanted forensics and autopsy…you got it. Now, start shooting these idiots. The police seem to be more concerned with the protesters than the citizens. The citizens deserve to be protected using whatever means needed. Seems to me, shooting is needed.

    • Keli Grantham Steadham

      They’ve destroyed Ferguson to the point there is nothing else to destroy, so they’ve moved on to the next town. When. Does. It. Stop????

      • TotallyPeeved

        When. Whites. Start. Shooting. Them. In. Their. Violent. Empty. Skulls.

        • Chris Streetz Poet Bright

          Could blacks do the same back when we were being lynched for no other reason than existing?

          • TotallyPeeved

            Still living in the past? How many whites do you need to rape and murder before you are satisfied that things are equal? You have had everything handed to you on a silver platter for decades, via affirmative action and p/c. Yet this is as good as you get? Oh, LBJ had you idiots pegged good. He’s got you niqqers voting demorat for how many years now? You still on the plantation, voluntarily. ” With the NAACP, Representative Dyer spoke across the country in support
            of his bill in 1923 and tried to gain passage that year and the next,
            but was defeated by the Southern Democratic block.” WIKI And from the behavior I see from most blacks, I’d bet most of those lynchings were justified. Hey, would you be in favor of a plan to buy your citizenship and go on back to your revered dark continent?

  • ross mcglockness

    Thanks Barry soetoro, first post racial president? FK U, you ignorant jacka$$

  • GlockG22shoots40s

    The cops either need to start arresting looters or just completely GTFO of town and let them destroy it. Let them police themselves. Business owners can either sit in their stores locked and loaded or move to a better neighborhood.

  • TimsArmyWifey

    I have never understood the idea that tearing apart your own neighborhood is somehow going to help the situation …I mean really? These people are not even trying to actually execute justice for anyone!

  • Doncharles715

    Give the black the town they can burn it down loot it whatever the hell with the troublemakers.

  • Al Wolf

    you are all slaves black and white. silly people lost liberty and freedom long ago. have to cut free from those mental chains. NAP/voluntary. reclaim your freedom.

    Liberty and Freedom has been criminalized. FACT.As such only criminals have Liberty and Freedom.

    Tubman~ I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.

    should i be locked up if my actions do not take from your freedom or liberty? if i am is this not a police state?

    Consenting sentient entities have the natural liberty & freedom to do with their property, bodies and minds what they will, without private or public intervention.

  • Pat Clarke

    They are being judged by the Content of their Character.

  • Scott Irwin

    Time to send in the Nat’l. Guard.

  • HarryTheCat

    A year from now they’ll be complaining that the Gubmint isn’t pouring enough money into urban renewal projects to clean up their mess, and that makes it “raciss”.

  • chevyll

    Soon all the businesses will be closed and shop owners will leave the area. Then what will the people do. Just throwing this out there. No more Fergusson and that may be a good thing

  • Jeanne Doyle

    Idiots!!! Destroying their own town!!! All they know is VIOLENCE!

  • Sovereign

    Just announce that anyone caught rioting will lose welfare, cuz if they’re out at 11 to god knows when, you know they don’t have jobs.

  • Mike Santino

    More civil rights violations by those rioting colored people in one week than the Ferguson PD did in the last 100 years

  • TotallyPeeved

    Well, “neighboring town” get your guns out and start popping these zombies in the head.

  • Regina Boutwell

    Send in the national guard and give the clearance to do whatever they have to to get them off the streets. They are just wanting attention …… So give it to them. They are just stupid.

  • Jim Bolla

    They need to chill. How about a mass
    ice bucket challenge?

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