Feds Spent $26.2 Million On Medicare Advantage — For Illegal Aliens


Above: Yep, he lied, Joe. Again, and again, and…

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Joe Wilson yelled “You Lie!” at Barack Obama in 2010 when the president assured Congress that illegal aliens would never obtain health insurance on his watch. Wilson later apologized. As we have said before, he should take that apology back.

Illegal aliens have in fact collected ObamaCare (see here, here and here) and now even Medicare, on Obama’s watch…

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has improperly paid millions of dollars to Medicare Advantage organizations on behalf of illegal immigrants.

According to the DailyCaller:

In a new report released Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General (OIG) revealed that for calendar years 2010 through 2012, CMS provided $26.2 million in improper payments to Medicare Advantage organizations for 1,600 “unlawfully present beneficiaries” — or nearly $16,375 per illegal immigrant.

According to the OIG, CMS did not have policies in place to notify the Medicare Advantage organizations about the legality of potential beneficiaries. Without such data, illegal immigrants were able to enroll with Medicare Advantage organizations.

“In contrast to its fee-for-service (FFS) program, CMS did not have policies and procedures to notify the MA organizations of the unlawful-presence information in its data systems. Had CMS provided this information to the MA organizations, they would have been able to prevent enrollment and to disenroll beneficiaries already enrolled,” the report reads. “CMS would then have been able to recoup any improper payments.”

Illegal immigrants are barred from obtaining federal health-care benefits. But that hasn’t stopped them from obtaining them.

Last year, the OIG revealed that from 2009 to 2011, Medicare payments to health care providers for services rendered to illegal aliens totaled more than $91.6 million.

In its April report, OIG recommended that CMS recover the $26.2 million in improper payments on behalf of illegal immigrants, adopt policies to notify the organizations about unlawful-presence information, and recoup improper payments made after the audit period.

The OIG report noted that CMS partially agreed with the recommendations — concurring with OIG’s second recommendation, but said it was unable to agree to the specific OIG estimate because it said it could not confirm the amount.

In other words — NO attempt will be made to recoup the millions stolen from taxpayers by illegal aliens who knew exactly what they were doing.

  • pat

    They are giving our country away. Most of these Illegals think they are owed something from this country. Look at the FB page “FORWARD.US”…if you really want to get angry look at the hateful things they say about this country and white people. They are ready to take over and we stand by and watch while our own government destroys this country, makes me sick.

    • Becky Shilling

      No, no pat. We aren’t giving our country away! We’re paying them to take it!

  • Susan Schoner

    No wonder America is broke!!! They don’t take care of Americans but they gladly give the illegals everything they ask for!!

  • MommyK1

    Yet we can’t ever “cut” spending….right…

  • Daniel Dow

    Although this is sickening, most people miss the real issue. Illegal aliens, people without insurance, not enough insurance, etc., all get healthcare when needed. If Medicare or Medicaid does not pay for it, the Hospitals do. Where do they make up that HUGE bill? From everyone else. This is a SOCIALIST system, whether people realize it or not. When you get a hospital bill for $8000 or $12,000 for one days stay, that is you (and your insurance company) paying for a bunch of services for those illegal aliens, homeless, indigent, etc….

    • Sandra

      Illegals shouldn’t be here in the first place get them out of our country. Put them on a big destroyer and sail them home like NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikey

    No! and they dont vote either so we don’t need ID checks at the polls! Yet we have to have ID checked to Get alcohol,cigarettes, cash checks,etc Because its illegal to give to somebody not eligible.

  • StopTheFlood

    There is absolutely no way that Illegals are adding to this country to the degree they are taking away. They use resources they have not contributed into. They send BILLIONS of our dollars out of our economy. They advance quickly because of knowing every loophole (thanks to supporters) to scam our system financially. NO AMNESTY!

  • Sandra

    I can’t afford the tests my doctor wants me to have because it cost to much. I have health insurance but for get have used up my amount so have to wait. Bet those illegal aliens don’t have to wait this is sick big time for this to happen the president is standing against the American people he is not helping us at all.

  • Joe Buccellato

    Everyone wants to work …
    But not every American is willing to disgrace themselves enough to have to work for less than them Mexicans if they wanted to keep that job they’ve already long been at.
    Here’s the real heartbreak though…
    Watching a chewed up, spit out, kicked to the curb and walked all over True Blooded American pick his next meal out of the dumpster when Juan Julio Gonzalez Rodriguez is sportin’ his spinner rims and blasting his cha cha music out of his shiny new Cadillac Escalade while his wife is in the welfare office with their 6 loud and unsupervised kids (who all own their own smart phones) as mommy’s filling out forms in order to collect their fabulous free benefits that they never once deserved in the first place.

    Supply and demand is a real bitch.
    When the grids go down and the lights go out and EVERYONE is fighting each other for milk, bread, water and gasoline… that’s when all us REAL Americans will see first hand how bad of an idea it really was to over populate our once great country with all them quickly multiplying and highly UN-AMERICAN immigrants.
    And for what?…
    So they can do all them jobs that our INMATES SHOULD’VE LONG BE DOING.
    I ain’t buying it.

    Obama was long planned and was chosen by them evil illuminati elites to be America’s final face slapping puppet and they needed as many votes by as many brainwashed and un-american people as possible in order to win his election and begin his role that seals Americas fate.
    “Amexistan” will be called the new America and the new slogan is going to be…
    “Divided We Stand, UNITED We Fall”.
    I bet there’ll be pink flamingos in the new flag just so all the gays who feel constantly compelled to tell the whole damn world about their sick sexual fetishes don’t start crying discrimination for feeling a tad left out.

    It’s a sick, twisted and pathetic world we’re all sharing and MAN had molded his ONLY habitable planet into becoming his own personal playground.
    Greed, Religion, Politics AND making the American the minority in his very own country are the only reasons to why America slipped right through their corrupted governments fingers and right into the hands of the terrorists.
    Way to go America.
    Nice f#%king job.

  • Amanda Demko Zellers

    My husband is on social security disability and he can’t get medicare for 2 years ( the waiting period for disability)

  • BSM

    Yet at least 40 American veteran patriots DIED because the VA thought it was OK to delay the health care that they earned with their blood sweat and tears! Disgusting!

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