FBI Catch Man Making Threats to Jewish Organizations… Media IMMEDIATELY Censors Identity

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

There has been a huge uptick in anti-Semitic threats since the start of the new year — including dozens of calls threatening attacks on Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) nationwide.

The Trump-hating media and Democrats immediately accused the new President and his “hateful,” “alt-right,” “neo-Nazi” White supporters for it.

And they relentlessly blamed Trump himself for “creating a climate of hate” against Jews, Muslims and other racial and ethnic minorities.

Well, Friday morning, the FBI announced an arrest of a man suspected of making the threats:

Once again, liberal journalists jumped to blame their hated scapegoats:

Um…not exactly. In fact, his profile is enough to make liberal heads explode, along with their narrative.

The suspect is:

  • Black
  • Muslim
  • Democrat
  • Former NPR reporter
  • Bernie Sanders supporter

Juan Thompson was a former NPR reporter who was fired from the “news” site The Intercept for making up people who did not exist in his stories…including a non-existent “cousin” he extensively (and falsely) “quoted” in a widely circulated story.

In other words, this commie perp reported fake news. How perfect.


KMOV reported:

A St. Louis man was arrested for allegedly making multiple threats to Jewish Community Centers across  the U.S.

Authorities identified the suspect as 31 year-old Juan Thompson.

Thompson is currently in FBI custody.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said arrest comes during a months-long FBI investigation of a series of threats across the country. The threats were primarily aimed towards Jewish Community Centers, schools, and other services on or behalf of the Jewish community.

Thompson has been very visible on Twitter in recent months, mainly posting anti-Trump diatribes, such as this one claiming Trump is planning to “ethnically cleanse” Chicago:

Late last year he tweeted that he has “reverting to Islam”:

This leftist sicko even Tweeted in January suggesting that Trump and his White supporters should be “taken out”:

One wonders if this threat against Trump is what helped the FBI find Thompson for the anti-Jewish threats.

But don’t expect the media to report this story the eway they have hyped to totally fake “scandal” regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions, It suimply doesn’t fir their narrative.

In fact, the most recent CNN report did not mention at all the fact that Thompson was a reporter, Muslim, Democrat or Sanders supporter. The Fake News Network didn’t think you needed to know any of that.

How convenient.

The media is CENSORING this liberal hater’s identity…PLEASE SHARE this everywhere to spread the TRUTH…


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