Family of 8 at Arizona Walmart Get Into Brawl with Cops – One Ends Up Dead After Grabbing a Gun

arizona-brawlby Brian Hayes |  Top Right News

A shocking video was released by police in Arizona, showing a brawl between a traveling family from Idaho and a group of cops that quickly turned chaotic — and then deadly. The dash cam footage was released by the Cottonwood Police Department on Friday.

IJReview reported:

The incident happened on March 21st, in parking lot of the Cottonwood Walmart. Police were responding to a call about a Walmart employee being assaulted as she entered the restroom.

When law enforcement confronted the people who were identified as suspects, now known as the Gaver family, they weren’t being cooperative at all.

In the video, one officer is heard calmly explaining to family members that “we need to separate these folks and talk to them.” To which one of the Gavers responds, “No, you’re not going to separate me and my family.”

As NBC News reported, things quickly escalated from that point:

When officers arrived, the suspects — identified by police as members of the Gaver family — were in the parking lot attacking a second store employee, and immediately began attacking officers who tried to break up the melee, Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves said.

An officer identified as Officer Rick Hicks appears to shoot one man in the stomach before fatally shooting a man on top of Daniels.

Cottonwood Police Chief Jody Fanning said Daniels was disarmed and shot in the leg by Enoch Gaver, 21, who was in turn shot and killed by Hicks after Hicks shot David Gaver, 28.

During the nearly 6 minute melee, the officers repeatedly tell the Gaver family members to “get down,” which they ignore and continue to fight back against the officers.

Here are the charges:

Police charged four members of the family with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. Two minors were also taken into custody and are being held at a juvenile detention facility.

 On Twitter, some thought the Gaver family  were thugs:

Others could not believe how much restraint was shown by the police:

According to AZ Family, the Gaver family were part of a traveling band called Matthew 24 Now and were living out of their SUV.

However, other Christians aren’t identifying with the Gaver family. One woman posted to Matthew 24 Now’s Facebook page:





[h/t: IJReview]

  • James Berry

    Thugs come in all shapes and sizes.

    • Isilme Lanithlorien

      I wouldn’t call them thugs, all of the thugs I have met in my life would have complied with the cops, then again I grew up in Southern California where thugs like to stay out of jail.

  • David Pendleton

    Will Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson be protesting this clear cut case of police violence? /sarcasm off

    • SDYHFT

      ✬⌛⌛✹ ->CLICK HERE<-


    • Mike Hunt

      They’re white. Idiot! Al Sharpton doesn’t have anything to do with white people fighting white cops. Your picture demonstrates my feelings for you right now.

      • David Pendleton

        ROFL, you’re the idiot…..did you NOT notice the /sarcasm off tag, which meant I was posting a sarcastic comment…what a dumbass..

        • BuddyLuv

          Led Zeppelins ‘How Many More Times’ comes to mind.

      • silent John

        Wow, are you one of the thugs in that video, or just a special kind of dumb.

        • David Pendleton

          He should probably change his moniker to “Dumb Hunt” but I doubt he has a brain cell alive that could catch the pun…

    • Random

      This was NOT cop violence in any way this was white trash that should have been aborted before it could breath air.

      • David Pendleton

        And another commenter that doesn’t know what SARCASM is….(hence the “/sarcasm off’ in the original statement)…..FFS get a clue before you respond to something…

        • BuddyLuv

          Try ‘/sarcasm power down’ next time. Other than that, there isn’t much we can do.

          • David Pendleton

            ROFL, that’s hilarious man

      • Garth Häävelschlockë

        Like that matters to racist Jesse and racist Al?

        • David Pendleton

          ‘/sarcasm power down’
          ‘/sarcasm power down’
          Hope that one worked…

    • LadyeCatte

      Why would they? Oh, right… I forgot that the Klan just likes to make fun of black civil rights activists. A favorite Stormfront activity, I hear.

      Nevermind. Carry on.

      • David Pendleton

        And the retarded comments continue to come in…..According to this one if you make a sarcastic remark about Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson you are automatically a kkk member! Run along little troll..

  • mark g

    At least nobody can claim police violence on this since the family attacked the police and police did a great job dealing with this situation. Isn’t walmart considered third world country and different laws apply anyways?

  • Otter58701

    I can’t believe it took that long to get this obvious kaotic altercation, under control. I would put all my officers through retraining after this embarassing video. But I think they had the right to use deadly force here. And the family is lucky to lose only one member. They all should be charged with felony assault charges & jailed in separate jails. What freaks!

    • Herman Vogel

      And YOU have been a cop HOW LONG?????

    • Cops had them all on the ground at one point or another, just could not get the cuffs on them, I guess. But a felony assault on a LEO and a resulting death, there should be manslaughter charges minimum against anyone who threw a punch.. IMHO.

    • Random

      So true

  • Herman Vogel

    Family,,,LMAO…So, THIS is what passes for a “Family” in Az??? Disgusting but living in south Texas,,I see this crap all the time. And yet they still say. “family First”…LMAO

    • Otter58701


      • Herman Vogel

        Oh I’m sorry, didn’t mean to demean your family while they were have a reunion here,,,sad…sucks to be YOU.

    • gofer1

      More like the Manson family.

    • John Lnu

      Sigh….. They are from IDAHO!!!!!!!,Herman……

      • Herman Vogel

        OK, Idaho,,,happy now,,the STILL SUCK,,just in another state. 😉

        • John Lnu

          Thank you Herman. I feel much better now.

          • Old Red

            The best way to handle a situation like this, let the ass holes fight each other and eventually they will either quit or beat the crap out of each other then the Police can handcuff them with out lifting a hand.

  • Scotty P

    Walmart. ‘MERICA!!

  • Paul

    who brought guns to a hockey fight

  • JustMyOpinion

    all they had to do was get down. hope this whole idiotic family lands in prison for a long time. streets be safer for all of us.

  • Truthsayer

    Their trailer park will be sad if they are all sent to prison or juvie

  • Random

    lol…… Idaho ………lol

  • NorCalOffspring

    You break the law and assault the police, expect to pay the consequences

  • Darrell Huffman

    See it doesn’t matter what color you are, fight with the police and you can end up dead.

  • kazoober

    That was cray

  • Jeff Jordan

    Glad they were not a black family! I’m sure police brutality will come up along with the civil rights of these morons too.

  • Albert Matzelle

    If felons often find religion in prison, who do you think these ‘religious’ freaks will find? BUBBA! lol

  • Anita

    And this story did not make the News..

  • Javert

    This is almost a keystone cop situation here. 8 minutes to get control of a situation? Some serious re-writting of rules and/or training needs to go on here. Anyone with half a brain could have emptied and reloaded a semi-automatic pistol at least 18 times from start to finish here. If the initial cops who were on the scene knew they were outnumbered they should have waited for more to arrive. It’s obvious these guys were going no where, and no, I am not Monday morning QB-ing here. But “Wal Mart parking lot” should throw up a bunch of red flags right from the get-go. Seriously people.

  • Paul MacKay

    Trying to reason with religious fanatics rarely works well.

  • Tim

    People of Walmart….

  • Guest

    All respect for the Police they have a job to do but they all looked pretty calm until they arrived and jumped in.

  • Guest

    All respect for the Police they have a job to do but they all looked pretty calm until they arrived and jumped in. They also were outweighed and outnumbered by such a large margin it would seem that it would have been prudent to take a much less aggressive approach, at least until backup arrived or SHTF.

  • Guest

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  • Guest

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