Facebook User Goes On EPIC Rant Against the Ferguson Rioters: ‘When Will We Change As Black People?’



by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

TRN has covered the Ferguson Riots outside St. Louis over the past 2 days, as a peaceful protest over the shooting death of a Black man by a police officer spun out of control into a violent rage. Hundreds of looters ransacked dozens of stores, including Target and WalMart, and looted and burned down a QuikTrip. Rioters shot at police and even police helicopters in the madness.

The family of the deceased young man Michael Brown, has pleaded with rioters to stop throughout the unrest. But now the infamous race-baiting rabble rouser Al Sharpton is about to hit Ferguson to stir things up.

But with Sharpton’s trademark chant of “no justice, no peace” about to reverberate from Missouri, one Black Facebook user didn’t want to hear a word of it.

In an epic rant as a Black man against the Black rioters of Ferguson, Johnathan Gentry unleashed a very different message: “We Need to Change as Black People.”


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