Facebook User Goes On EPIC Rant Against the Ferguson Rioters: ‘When Will We Change As Black People?’



by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

TRN has covered the Ferguson Riots outside St. Louis over the past 2 days, as a peaceful protest over the shooting death of a Black man by a police officer spun out of control into a violent rage. Hundreds of looters ransacked dozens of stores, including Target and WalMart, and looted and burned down a QuikTrip. Rioters shot at police and even police helicopters in the madness.

The family of the deceased young man Michael Brown, has pleaded with rioters to stop throughout the unrest. But now the infamous race-baiting rabble rouser Al Sharpton is about to hit Ferguson to stir things up.

But with Sharpton’s trademark chant of “no justice, no peace” about to reverberate from Missouri, one Black Facebook user didn’t want to hear a word of it.

In an epic rant as a Black man against the Black rioters of Ferguson, Johnathan Gentry unleashed a very different message: “We Need to Change as Black People.”


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  • John

    The Segregationists of the 1950’s warned us things like these riots and daily acts of Anti – White Terrorism would happen if we Whites had Integration and ASSIMILATION with blacks Forced on us at the point of federal bayonets. The Knock out game, black flash mobs, non – White gang violence in public schools, ghettozation of major cities like Detroit, etc. All this was forced on the White working class in the holy name of DIVERSITY. DIVERSITY is not our strength. DIVERSITY is just a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE

    • John R Willis

      What exactly is your point ? Its a sad fact of history that what the Feds did to force Blacks and Whites to go to school together, that was even necessary is something we should be ashamed of. Are you saying that White and Black people cant get along ? Hate is learned by the young by watching and listening to the grownups and watch how they act. You can put a few black and white babies together and they will play and hug and have a great time. Its only after they watch for years of their parents hating each other that they too learn this behavior. You sound scared …but of what ?

      • Jimsgirl3053

        You are exactly right. I agree.

    • Jimsgirl3053

      People like you, and people who think like you are the reason for division of this nation. One race that think they are better than the other.and the 13 that thumbed up your comment.

  • Deborah Crooke

    Mr. Gentry, I wish I could shake your hand!!! AMEN!!!

  • James Berry

    This guy is right…and the sad thing is, he’ll be called an Uncle Tom by many blacks. He’ll be ostracized by many. He’ll have hate thrown at him by others from too many corners. That’s a shame too, because he’s someone that could help the black community overcome these issues…that far too often are brought upon themselves by themselves.

    • Ellen Mashburn Honeybuss

      Yes he sure will. Just like Col West Dr, Ben Carson Hermain Cain and my hubby.Uncle Tom this and that. I did not see Sharptongue show up when little sixteen year old Alexandria Chery was brutally murdered a few weeks ago. Oh that’s right a black illegal man did it. This guy on the video has courage and I admired what he said here. AMAZING!

      • Jacki Seals

        Thats all they have is that uncle tom and the race card and the blame game time tp grow up and make better choices

      • You’ve got my vote. Thanks for posting your progressive words of peace.

      • Sportydog


      • alwaysright21

        fat ugly coalburner

        • theresa

          Hater obviously you don’t want change

        • Ryan Tippens

          your computer is made from oil…being power by coal..this is your hint to shut up

          • alwaysright21

            make me nasty oildriller

          • Thomas Carpenter

            Make you nasty? Too late. Your tuna flaps runneth over.

          • alwaysright21

            and your ho doesn’t look like a n!99er

      • mr_BootyLuver

        i didn’t see you turning up either

        • Jason W

          The difference between her and Sharpton is she is not an activist, while he is, or at least claims he is….

          • Ms. Meds

            your going to see alot of black racists coming in here spreading their hate.

          • Jasonbry01

            Now, now. Let us all remember, only white people are capable of racism……..

    • Jan Hoadley

      He already has been. Hate messages. He’s been saying this for some time – but doesn’t get the credit that “leaders” do preaching hate/rebellion. Being a leader – a true leader – isn’t easy but he’s not wavered from his message. Been watching his messages for over a year.

      • Jon Johnson

        It’s clear that the majority of black people are clueless as it applies to understanding what “real” leadership is, coupled with their own irresponsibility.

    • Mr. Berry that is true, because we have allowed ourselves to be programmed to a way of thinking that blocks the natural process of common sense.

    • Rubie Brown

      Don’t speak for the bla

      • Rubie Brown

        Don’t speak for the black community, people have the right to protest. White college students tear up property after concerts and football games. Are they thugs? This guy is an idiot and you are just someone who don’t know what the hell he is talking about. What issues could he help the black community over come. Maybe he can change the fact that they are under apartheid. 53 police officers and only 2 black and one other minority in a 67% black population. Just keep your damn mouth closed!

        • Jason Brown

          How can you deny that blacks need to change, your right that white people need to change in a grave way. But right now the issue is blacks need to stop blaming for there problems, every person is responsible for there own problems and behaviors!!! TRUTH HURTS

          • disani

            White people do need to change. They need to stop tolerating this animal behavior. If this is what they want, all we need to do is fence in the ghetto and let them take care of themselves. It will be a black hunger games. It’s coming.

          • Jenn

            That’s the only change you need, stop tolerating animal behavior? Unbeknownst to you we don’t ALL live in the ghetto!!!!!!!! Get some knowledge!

          • Rubie Brown

            Maybe the 20 Million Illegal Mexicans might fence you in, according to them they would like to do something of that nature.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            No, the overwhelming majority of white people do not need to change. I do not care what color you are. You treat me with respect I treat you with respect. My parents were the only ones that really gave me a hand up in life. I had to apply myself to get anywhere. Get over the victim mentality.

          • Elaine Lane

            I wish you had set policy which would have made a difference in racisim that influenced generations of black/egite people.The outcome may have had made a difference.

          • Rubie Brown

            Why are so many of your people still in poverty? You’ve had privilege all your lives, all of you should be well off. Yet there are more of you poor and on Welfare and Food Stamps than Blacks. You talk a good game but most Blacks know the truth. According to statics you are becoming poorer faster than anyone in America. Deal with that Sherlock!!

          • Elaine Lane

            For one thing policies set by America dictated the plight of blacks in America.The promise of the war on poverty started out good but each succeeding administration strayed from the original blue print.Yes theres more whites on food stamps and welfare.White people are wealthy because of several doctrines Slave labor which was free,The compromise of 1877,The New Deal that was originally meant to help all but got consolidated to benefit whites before it helped blacks because when it got to the states especially in the south it was changed to help whites.This has had an effect on generational wealth.All the laws since reconstruction 1877 -the 1960s were favored to help whites.Hence the need for a Martin Luther King et al in the civil rights movement to make the constitution real and viable for all of the people and not just relegate and keep people of color second class citizens.

          • Rubie Brown

            My post was meant for iamtooldforthis, not you Elaine. We are on the same page. Some people cannot debate without insult and when their Culture is critique they can’t take it. As you said we are not monolith, yet everything this person say is a generalization of the Black Culture. I want them to know as you do that we can provide the same general facts about the white culture, or we can have a productive conversation, which many do not want. So from me they are getting undisputable facts.

          • Josiah Peterson

            Why are you so racist? I grew up poor, my parents had a couple years that we was on welfare. That don’t make me a bad person or give me the right to violate others. Funny how black people tell me how nice it must be to have that white money. They have trouble believing, government grants paid for the majority of my post high school education. The other money came from paychecks that I recieved for working. My parents didn’t give nor could they afford to to buy me a car or truck. I grew up without those luxuries. I was not in the projects or facing those struggles but I have seen and am friends with black and Mexican friends that was raised that way. Our childhoods was similar. Some of my white friends was abused and molested when they was children. Does it make them a bad person? No, it just means others struggle like you did. Some are worse off some was better off. I looked, researched, and worked my ass off to get where I am now. It ain’t white money or special privileges that got me a new car. It was my work. I earned it and paid for it. One thing that helped me do better was when I quit breaking laws. Blame whoever you want for your misfortunes but, until you look in the mirror for how to fix them you will remain a hateful disgusting racist. Please take the time to fix your demons and find a better loving life.

          • Rubie Brown

            That post was meant for iamtooldforthis, not you Elaine. We are on the same page. Some people are good at critiquing other people’s culture but cannot stand it when the light is shined back at them.

          • Elaine Lane

            Stop you whites take the same out each time whats your excuse for white america IMPLODING.Read Charles Murrays book 1960-2010 white america coming apart,

          • Marcy James

            Their. The word is THEIR.

        • James Berry

          You are the problem with society. I’ll speak for whoever i choose to speak for. Especially when one sect of people are making fools of themselves. This man actually is using his brain first instead of those that are looking to profit from a tragic death. Anyone…i repeat, anyone…that riots for the sole reason of opportunism, as 99% of those rioting in Ferguson are doing, is scum. Looting and burning businesses that have no connections to the cause of the death is petty and criminal. So instead, how about you use your mouth for something constructive instead of supporting criminals and criminal behavior.

          • butteredtoast

            You don’t know anyone in ferguson you damn liar. Speak for your own white ass cause that’s the only one you CAN speak for.

          • James Berry

            When do you get out of prison?

        • Chia-Li Sung

          sure, just keep the black folks perpetually in the juvie state so they don’t have to EVER achieve anything, but just keep whining, rotting and self-destroy….good call…

          • Nancy Dean Helsel

            and don’t forget all the freebies! Remember that woman at one of obama’s speeches where the woman was so happy that now she wasn’t going to have to pay for gas for her car? They are using this shooting as an excuse to steal and destroy! Those should be arrested too!

          • Elaine Lane

            what the hell does that have to do with anything you soud crazy?

          • Elaine Lane

            Stop using the black man as a monolith.Nigerians and other african immigrants are out performing native whites and blacks and on par with you asians and some are even slightly out performing asians.

          • Lori Ziegler

            Ha ha ha ha……..now you are just flat out lying!!!!! Lol.

          • Elaine Lane

            Im not lying. Google it they are model minorities.You have been indoctrinated against blacks.

          • Elaine Lane
          • Rubie Brown

            Girl take your butt back to China or whatever Asian country you came from. You have no voice here. More than likely you came here illegally or was a Vietnam boat person or on some kind of Visa. If you didn’t your parents did. You have nothing to say to me or any other Black person. You are here on some one else dime. Bye and keep kissing white butt because that is the only way you will survive in America. Did you get your eyes clipped yet, can’t have them slanted now!

        • Dianna DeWitt

          Your think process is
          obviously on a lower level. I look back and many famous black people who
          used words of wisdom to impress and persuade, they made a difference in
          society. Long is gone the days of these men.
          But I will thank God for the great thinkers such as Thomas Sowell who is
          an amazing individual with real knowledge and wisdom. His words intrigue me beyond many and he has acquired
          his intelligence through education and thought, not through looting and
          destruction. Thomas Sowell could sooth a
          crowd with his words. This is impressive,
          acting like a savage is not, and the gentleman on the video has pointed this
          out. I have always heard it said, “The
          Truth Hurts”.

          • John M. Cooper

            Alone with Mr. Thomas Sowell, there are many, many true leaders emerging, Dr. Ben Carson for one, Allen West, Herman Cain, Mia Love to just name a few, all completely ignored by the media at large, yet influencing Society powerfully…there’s hope.

        • KChandler

          you are part of the problem, did you ever think that no blacks applied or are qualified? What are they supposed to do, go out on the street and find someone that is looting and causing destruction and ask them to be a cop so they can get their quota? How about a different scenario, instead of you just copying what you hear from mainstream media, CHANGE and get some blacks in the area that are qualified to become cops. Color shouldn’t matter but since you are so racist, why don’t you change it instead of taking things and destroying things that someone else worked hard to build. By the way, don’t bother with the hate that I know is coming because I will not bother to come back and read it. You are one that always blames others and is never at fault. It is always easier to have stuff handed to you rather than work for it, mob mentality doesn’t work and will never work so until that is changed nothing else will change.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            We have black cops in our town and so do most of the small towns around here. They won’t work where there is a large black population. Won’t even apply. Now think about why.

          • disani

            good point. black officers will tell you how the black community is. maybe that is what we need to hear.

          • D Malone

            I agree with most of what this man has stated. However there are some occurences that were not brought on by the victim. The victim only problem was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately there is a misconception about minorities that have been perpetuated throughout history.
            I agree that we have to CHANGE. Why? Because what we’re doing now is not working. Burning. Looting, and destroying where we live is not resolving or helping the issue.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            I’m In agreement with you. As I’ve stated before I grew up 150 from the projects and saw reality. Not many of those mothers thought that their child really needed an education. Not many of those mother’s acted like their kids were around when they got a new boyfriend. We grew up poor but not one of us 7 kids is living in the ghetto today. Our parents-two, one mom one dad-made sure of that. We were allowed friends but if they didn’t approve of the person we weren’t about to suffer the consequences of keeping them as friends. We did have a lot of the kids that got ignored as friends and I think it was a lesson to us. They had a safe place to go and we learned compassion. Most of those kids are no longer in the ghetto.

          • Theresa Miller


          • Bobby G. Hunsaker

            The “victim” tried to disarm a law enforcement officer.

          • D Malone

            I was referring to Jason DeWitt’s video. Not the events in Ferguson. My reference to the word victim was not meant for Michael Brown. It was used as a generality.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            I still do not buy it. The people are only victims of their own failure to apply themselves.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            Oh, so he should have been somewhere else after robbing a store, beating a clerk, assaulting a police officer in his car, turning around and running at a police officer after being told to stop. Yeah that would have worked out differently.

          • Elaine Lane

            You need to stop.They dont even know that so how in the hell did you come to that conclusion Sherlock?

          • Marcy James

            Yes, they do know that. Read the paper.

        • BILL G.


          • Elaine Lane

            Yeah you.

          • BILL G.


          • Imtoooldforthis

            She is not in denial. She is just a lying everything is the white man’s fault bitch. She is one of the reasons racism is alive and well today. If you read A book it must be true. It’s just someone’s opinion but it must be true. ONE book is a full education in her eyes. How pathetic is she?

          • Rubie Brown

            You are the only Bitch that is posting. Is that what you call your wife on a daily basis, I am very sure it is!

          • Rubie Brown

            Yeah you and everyone like you.

        • BILL G.

          Hey Ruby….FREEDOM OF SPEECH, Freedom to PEACEFUL Protests.

        • Imtoooldforthis

          Yes they are thugs. If you tear up property no matter what your race or color you are a thug. An undisciplined, self centered, care about nobody but yourself thug. Maybe if the black cops were treated with more respect by the blacks there would be more of them in Ferugson. Black cops don’t want to work in all black communities because they don’t want to put up with the c r a p from the blacks living there. They are disrespected more than the white cops. So the black community has to make up its mind. Behave like human beings or get treated like animals.

          • Elaine Lane

            Spoken like a true spectator that does know what truly is going on.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            Spoken like a true idiot who never grew up both mentally and emotionally. Play the blame game all you want. It hasn’t worked so far and never will. You destroy property that doesn’t belong to you it’s a crime. Simple logic. Something you seem to lack.

          • Elaine Lane

            Wow you are really that spectator thats clueless .Charles Murray is a ultra conservative???? He wrote the bell curve now he wrote White America becoming undone 1960-2010.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            Wow you are really that spectator that clueless. I don’t care who Charles Murray is or what he wrote. I l grew up 150 feet from the projects so I have first hand knowledge of the attitude of ghetto blacks. I’ve seen the females collecting welfare living in the projects while their boyfriends work at Pratt and Whitney and live with them off the lease. I’ve seen the lying, the neglected and abused kids, the bullshit that blacks use to justify beating up a white girl who gets good grades in grade school (me). Not one of them ever fought me one on one. I’ve had friends that spent the night at my house because their mom’s were “busy” with their boyfriends and didn’t feed them or let them in the house. Don’t even suppose that I don’t know about the black community. For every one good set of parents there are at least twenty women who never bother to get married and have a child by “my man” every time they get a new man. Most black women are the worst mothers on the planet. If you haven’t lived the reality shut up.

          • Elaine Lane

            But you arent black bottom line.Youve lived as a white person and its like an outsider looking in.Dont care about all your name calling.I must be hitting a nerve because your lashing out like a rabid animal?

          • Imtoooldforthis

            I never claimed to know what it feels like to be black. If you had read it properly you would know I’ve watched their behavior and you can only judge a person by the things they do. No rabid animal here just a blunt plain speaking person. I don’t get angry at people I don’t know. If you’ve ever read any of my other posts you’d know I think it’s a waste of time and energy to let someone you don’t know hurt your feelings or get you mad. I just think you’re dumb because you truly believe the sh it you spew. I may not be black but I know the culture of gimme and the blacks are the number one culture of takers. If the black community wants respect then they have to show they deserve it. Sitting on your a$$ collecting welfare, getting knocked up by babies daddies every 2 years, teaching your kids to be thugs, not caring about your kids and killing each other is not going to get the black person anything but what they are getting right now. Act like an animal and people will treat you like one.

          • Elaine Lane

            In order to have a conversation you need to stop treating all blacks as a monolith You need to look at yourself if you were living in that environment maybe you share those same sentiments.Stop broad painting the whole black race. Maybe thats the limited contact youve had with certain blacks and it speaks volumes of your class or lack of.The blacks I know or have been around are professional people.Are they a reflection of your character because you sound angry and you need to channel the anger you have against certain blacks.Enroll yourself in college or join a professionsl club and deal with Africans or African immigrants who are model minorities and have the most degrees in this country.The first and second generations are college educated.The blacks you know are questionable.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            If you had read my posts you would know that I don’t treat all blacks the same. Just the thugs. So go back and read my posts and then write to me. I won’t waste my time reading your post because you have nothing to say that would matter to me because you haven’t read my posts. Just one.

          • Elaine Lane


          • Marcy James

            Save your breath. She doesn’t get it.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            To use the word monolith for a race of people is stupidity on your part. No one race of people is one unit. YOU may not know this but it’s obvious from my posts that I do. YOU rant about nothing and try to sound intelligent yet you still rant about nothing. STFU AND STOP TRYING TO BLAME THE WHITE MAN FOR EVERYTHING. Any person in the U.S. that wants to get out of the ghetto can. Any person who wants to stay the course and get an education can. Any person who is healthy and wants to work can. Don’t tell me how hard it is to find a job. My sister in law went from being a bank loan manager to being a cashier. Why? Banks downsized in her state and she needed a job. Working for a little is better than not working. If she can do it at the age of 50 then these punks can do it as teens and twentysomethings. Stop telling the rest of the world how to look at them and start telling them to earn the respect of the average working citizen BY BECOMING ONE OF THE AVERAGE WORKING CITIZENS.

          • Elaine Lane

            Youve got constipation of the mind .Dont tell me how to look at any one .Clean up your own house.You need to go get a job or something because it seems like youve got a lot of time own your hand.I dont care if you poo poo White America Coming Apart By Its Own Undoing.Dont write me back.Tired of you.I dont have time Im working, for your bullshit and skewed opinion about the world.Your a dinosaur.Your dismissed and Im blocking you.

          • Rubie Brown

            Give it up Elaine, this boy is living in a fantasy world of denial. He did not have anymore than the kids he is talking about. He lived in the same neighborhood so his Mom had no more than the other moms.

          • Marcy James


          • Lori Ziegler

            My experience as a white girl attending a school of mostly black kids because I was in the gifted class and that is where it was held. There were no black kids in the gifted class. I was in the fourth grade and my teacher and my bus driver were both black females. I loved them both. What I didn’t love was the gang of black boys that rode the school bus with me. They were a lot bigger than me and threatened to rape me on a daily basis. They would follow me to my class saying vulgar things and walking 2 steps behind me. I finally told my mom what was happening and she called the school. The bus driver would get onto the boys and stand outside the bus and watch me until I got to my class. My fourth grade teacher and that bus driver remain as happy memories even though I have forgotten many other teachers and bus drivers. …..but those boys terrified me!

          • Imtoooldforthis

            I’m glad you took away some happy memories from such a terrifying experience. My mother taught me that bullies are afraid of the world so they pick on others to make themselves feel strong. It’s really a sad situation when the bullies run the school and the good kids are terrorized because they’re good.

          • Rubie Brown

            Hey Sherlock, white people collect more Welfare and Food Stamps, than Blacks, check the statistics!

          • Imtoooldforthis

            Hey Watson, if you look at the stats more working white people collect food stamps and welfare. There is a big difference between sitting on your a$$ selling drugs, drinking kool aid, drooling in different colors and the working poor. Check the statistics!

          • Rubie Brown

            You probably grew up in the Projects or the Trailer Park and resent Blacks because you were the white boy that grew up poor. Did your mother feed you and your siblings or did she stay out at the bar all night? Plus you got your butt beat by the black kids. I can read your ass like a book. You had no more than they did. Now you want everyone to think you had this great life. Your mother was the worst mother because you were low rent housing or Trailer Trash. Did she have a Black Boy Friend, I bet she did. Give it up partner, your are busted.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            I a female who grew up 150 feet from the projects and you would have known that had you read my post. I had to deal with a lot more than a male would. My parents,note two of them, both worked very hard to feed us, clothe us and instill values in all of us. German and Italian. We were poor because my sister was dying from brain cancer and health insurance wasn’t something we had. Paying the bills to keep her alive was important and my father did it. He paid the bills, kept a roof over our heads, food in our mouths and clothes on our backs. More importantly my parents insisted we get the education offered us and pay for college if we wanted to go. Your crystal ball is broken and so is your brain. You are a man who is trying to transfer his childhood to a woman so how duckef upare you? REALLY DUCKEF UP! You made me laugh when I read your post because you made me realize that stupid people like you still exist.

          • Rubie Brown

            Actually I am female who put myself through college. As such I will not allow you or any other person generalize black people by using your own racist prism. Do you actually think black parents don’t work or that blacks don’t come from two parent families. You actually know better. Blacks are in all aspects of occupational society. We hold many professional positions. At the same time there are many poor whites that live all over America. They engage in drugs, crimes, and child abuse. Believe me I know. Several of my friends are CPS workers. Your people have a high rate of people in the system. You have no special exemption. I don’t need a crystal ball to read you.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            Nobody generalizes black people but black people. Ghetto thugs put themselves in the category they’re in because they all act the same. It’s called tribal mentality. And if you had read my posts without putting your racist prism in it YOU would know I wasn’t talking about ALL black people. I am friends with black people who are married and have children, My relatives range white, mexican, black, russian and japenese so don’t bother me with your elitist tullsbit. You can’t be that educated if you can’t read correctly. Don’t sit there and hitcb at me because blacks are the ONLY group that tear their neighborhoods and down burn down businesses that someone worked hard to build. Hitcb at the blacks that do it and then maybe it will stop. You generalize ALL white people and assume we are all racist because those of us who state the truth make you angry. Too bad.

          • Rubie Brown

            Actually I’m not angry at all. You’re a Textbook Racist and very easy to read. The first thing a White Racist says is I have Black friends. I find that hilarious! Have they read your racist posts? You don’t have to be an Elitist to read you. Your posts illuminated who you were, where you came from and why you hate Blacks. You are a Poster Child for Psychology 101. You look at a small number of people out of hundreds and generalized all the Black people who were protesting. Nobody but a Racist would do that. Yet when someone point out to you how White people act in this society, stealing, killing selling drugs and using them. They do everything that any other person in any culture do. You see people have free will and none are restricted by race or programed by race to act a certain way. Do us all a favor, DO NOT RAISE BLACK KIDS until you get help and free yourself from Racism!

          • Rubie Brown

            You probably are as stupid as you sound. How do you know Black Cops don’t want to work in Black neighborhoods. Cops work where ever they are assigned and they work in Black neighborhoods all over America. Black Cops don’t want to work in a Racist environment such as Ferguson Police Department. I’m sure that will change when the Federal Government find them in violation of Civil Rights Laws. It is definitely coming, Get over your Racist selves.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            Well, let me think about your question, mmmmm. I talk to black cops in the community I live in and I learn. How hard was that. I’ve lived in a lot of areas and so yes I do know. As for me being racist that would be rather hard 4 kids half mexican and one black adopted. Ferguson is just like every other slum that’s predominantly black. Their sorry a$$es don’t want any other way of life so they stay. If Feruson is so great where are the affluent black people? Why aren’t they living there right along with the hoodlums who threaten store owners and steal? You blame the police department for being racist but you expect them to stay neutral when they have to watch blacks selling drugs, beating their kids, shooting each other and basically destroying their own neighborhood every day. How much respect would you have for a white neighborhood doing the same thing?

          • Rubie Brown

            White don’t sell drugs, what illusion are you living under. How do you know about Black Slums unless you actually live in one yourself. Whites control the Meth trade. But you know that. You all know there are Meth Labs all over, controlled and used mostly by whites. Let’s talk Ecstasy, your people. Whites also sell and use cocaine and any other drugs you can name. You are truly living in a dream world of your own creation. You are a Racist that will screw up the Black child you are raising. Do that child a favor and let someone else that is not as messed up as you adopt them, a healthy minded individual, white or black. You are also quite ignorant and a bit uneducated.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            Don’t put words in my mouth because I’ll spit them right back at you. Did I say whites don’t sell drugs? NO. We’re talking about black ghetto neighborhoods. We’re not talking about whites selling drugs so pay attention. And again, I grew up in a black slum so that how I know. Please read my posts it will educate you and your conversation won’t look so stupid. The black child that I have raised has a wife and child and a successful job, thank you. He is a well adjusted man. I was fortunate enough to become his mom because his dad used to beat him, brutally, and when the courts gave her the choice of getting rid of her man or losing her kid she turned the kid over to the courts and signed her rights away. Another prime example of a black woman from the projects. And don’t think anything you say can insult me because I don’t get insulted by people I don’t know.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            Yep, whites produce and sell drugs. Whites don’t destroy the property they are selling from or have drive by’s over turf etc. There are a lot of criminal whites out there. The difference between the white criminal(drug)dealer and the black one is the white one wants your money only while the black one will settle for a television. And again whites don’t go around tearing up their neighborhoods whether they are criminals or not. You can’t get away from it no matter how you try because it’s a blacks only thing to do. Ask a white man if he’d burn down the corner store during a riot and he’d tell you you’re nuts because he lives here a black man has no such qualms.

        • alwaysright21

          f&ck you sheboon, go chimpout and fling poo somewhere else.

          • judy

            I think you are a very sad and unhappy person

          • D Malone

            @ Bobby G Husacker,
            I was not referring to the Michael Brown incident in my statement.
            I was responding to the video posted by a man stating that if you are stopped by the police act right, nice, and respectable and you won’t get harassed or harmed. That is not always the case.There are instances where an officer is wrong and doesn’t care that he’s wrong. We had an incident here just last week where the officer assumed a black man was homeless. Not only was he not homeless he had a legitimate reasonto be where he was and proof of it. When the black man tried to show it to the officer, the officer told him not to make a scene if he did he would be arrested. This man had no criminal record. Yet he was denied because he looked homeless. This man did not get to conduct his legitimate business

          • Lori Ziegler

            That is a disgrace and that officer should be fired! But most all white people would take the side of the black man because that was wrong. …they would not defend a police officer just because he was white.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            Most white people are waiting for all the evidence to come out. Most black people had already decided the cop is guilty and the boy was an angel five minutes after the news story came out. YOU have it backwards. That’s why the more evidence that comes out in the cops favor the more black people are getting pissed. Because they know tearing down Ferguson was not only criminal it was inexcusable.

          • Lori Ziegler

            My comment was a reply to D. MALONE’S statement about a black man who was mistreated by a cop who thought he was homeless and dI’d not believe that he lived in a predominantly white neighborhood. I was not referring to the Ferguson fiasco.

          • Rubie Brown

            See a Therapist, a good one,. That’s how your mother talk to you. I get it. You were a verbally abused child. You have my sympathy, LMBO

        • disani

          You must be kidding. What black community? The blacks just destroyed their own “black” community. Sorry Rubie Brown. Nothing left. What will you cry about next. Why don’t you apply for a police officer position? Because most black men don’t want to and can’t because of their criminal record. It’s not popular to be a rapper…I mean police officer. And, you actually have to work. You can’t have your uniform pants hanging low. The actions of the riots and looting confirms everything. Animals will be animals. It’s just a matter of time until we go back to segregation. Feral animals can’t live amongst a civil society.

          • Elaine Lane

            I dont condone their behavior but they are just subjects of the community.A true definition of a community is to own and participate in your infrastructure and they own no stores or theres no blacks on the school board and few on the police dept.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            So, you apologize for them. Just as bad as condoning.

          • Elaine Lane

            No I dont codone the riots but for every action theres a reaction.Do you apologize for the policemans action.You dont know what happened fully.Theyre even saying that the survillence film of that robbery the date was June 6th instead of August 9th and now the store owners saying that he never saw Michael Brown.Dont believe the hype!

          • Imtoooldforthis

            But you understand them destroying property and then demanding that the owners rebuild or “there will be hell to pay” because they shouldn’t have to go to another city to get gas or shop. You’re the poster child for LIBERALS and you’re too dumb to know it.

          • Carrie Frank Weber

            I have nothing good to say about the looting and criminal behaviors of the people in Missouri, and believe that the people publically encouraging such behavior should be held legally accountable to the same extent that the criminals acting out the crimes should be. However, right this very second, a young black woman is studying for a test, a young black man is putting his child to bed, a black person is holding their dying mothers hand to comfort her, a black person is working extra hours to buy their child a bike for their birthday. At the same time, right this very second, a white person is getting high in front of their kids, a white person is beating their child, a white person is robbing someone, a white person is prostituting. The main point being that no one act, good or bad, is confined to a single race, nationality, religion or gender. A person is a person is a person. While some blacks need to take responsibility for their own actions and change, some whites need to change their thinking. This is a 2 way street. We, as people, will never go back to segregation or slavery in any way but our own mentality. WE need to bring down those walls, stop making excuses, blacks and whites, and come together as a community of PEOPLE.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            Those facts are sometimes lost in times like these. But, the statistics paint a real bleak picture when the races are compared.

          • Elaine Lane

            FYeah when the races are compared. Dont believe the hype which you are apparently doing.READ CHARLES MURRAY WHITE AMERICA COMING APART 1960-2010. You’ll soon see what Im talking about.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            You go read it and enjoy. I don’t read liberal crap. I prefer to think for myself and not have someone do it for me.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            That’s a really nice speech but until the hate mongers who make a living on racism are shut up the problem will continue to exist. Until all is equal for both white, black, etc. the problem will exist. How can it not? Affirmative action guarantees a person of color a job even if they are less experienced than the white guy. Until all people are made to be held to the same standards then racism will exist. Special groups and special politics create and keep going the racism that let’s the few thrive financially and the many stay stay stupid.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            I agree but, as I’ve said before, it won’t happen until race baiting becomes unprofitable. As long as people can make money on it it will continue. The media needs to be held to a higher mark also because putting out unverified material is not news. It the Enquirer on television.

          • Elaine Lane

            Destroyed their own community???Are you serious they werent participants.Thats not a definition of a true community.You sound stupid you paint blacks as a monolith when theyre not?All the black people werent participating in the riot.That took that oppression as long as they could coupled with the over zealous killing of the teen.It was like a lid on a boiling pot soon to spill over.

          • Rubie Brown

            You white people are really a piece of work, Apply for a police position, really? I worked in that field in the 70’s. Did not like it and went back to college and is now retired along with my ex Military and retired Department of Defense husband. My neighbors are Doctors, Lawyers, Firemen, white and black and we get along fine because we respect each other. Those of you who are making these statement must be from somewhere in time where you think all black people are jobless, poor and uneducated. You could not be that stupid. My children are in their 30’s and are professionals. So please get your head out of the fifties, all black people did not grow up in the Ghetto, or are uneducated, or come from the same circumstance. We have opinions that we will express when we please. We pay taxes in this country and we own property. So if you respect me I will certainly respect you. If not we will disrespect each other because I don’t except disrespect well, never have and never will.

        • mr_BootyLuver

          America hates the black man always has and always will……..

          • Benjamin O’Donnell

            No America hates the criminal and stupid well for the most part 52% of all violent crimes are black beating out every other race combined that should say something things need to change everywhere but stop playing the race card.

          • alwaysright21

            n!99ers smmh, it’s all “muh d!k and blame YT”

          • Rubie Brown

            Why don’t you do yourself and everyone else a favor and go to your Klan meeting. Isn’t it time for you to howl at the moon!

          • Jerome Maida

            No. They don’t. You are sad.

        • Josiah Peterson

          Just because you are in college does not mean you won’t face charges of vandalism. Also, not all of those college students are white.

          • theresa

            you are absolutely right my son is black And plays football and I’ve seen many blacks vandalizing and acting very inappropriately at games and I am so glad to say Are son has never vandalized never been arrested and is a great student and athlete a very well adjusted young black man thanks to this white mama and black dad

          • alwaysright21

            lying delusional fat ugly disgusting coalburner

          • Imtoooldforthis

            A two parent home. A father who works and is a role model for a young man and a mom who cares makes the difference.

          • Rubie Brown

            You are a sick chick and your husband is even sicker for marrying you. I seen this a lot. A racist female marry a black man and try and insert herself back in white society by saying look at my child he really acts white. I’ve seen a lot of biracial kids using drugs and getting arrested just like black and white kids. How do I know I use to look them up years ago. There is no color when it comes to a kid going down the wrong road. How the hell do you know what your son did, your weren’t there. Your are a idiot. You married a man from a culture you despise and now you’re saying see you all “I’m still one of you” . Sickening .

          • Imtoooldforthis

            You are absolutely right. A thug by definition is any person who vanalizes, loots and destroys someone’s property. They don’t need a skin color to be a thug. They just need to have no respect for anybody.

          • Josiah Peterson

            Destroying company property hurts us all. The basics of any successful business is to pass all expenses on to the consumer. So damage from looting means higher prices. Increased theft causes higher prices. Increased wages cause higher prices. You can bet that rich company and that insurance company are going to get theirs. So when company files claim for looters damages, insurance premium will go up, and prices will rise to compensate. Looting hurts both the law abiding citizens and the criminals because higher prices make everyone struggle.

          • Rubie Brown

            Yes they were and all the concert goers were white. Is it hard for you to digest. Look it up Sherlock!

        • theresa

          blah blah

        • Imtoooldforthis

          As I told KC Chandler We have black cops in our town and so do most of the small towns around
          here. They won’t work where there is a large black population. Won’t
          even apply. Now think about why.

          • Lori Ziegler

            That is so sad……I have known so many upstanding, intelligent, compassionate, wonderful black people in my lifetime that I was privileged to call my friends. I don’t have all the answers but the hoodlums that were looting and rioting bring shame on their community.

          • Rubie Brown

            You have no credibility, you are an open Racist, who benefits from the system by making money on fostering minority kids who you don’t respect. If CPS could see your posts I doubt they would allow you to ever have Black kids in your home again. You are one piece of work, lady and I use the word lady loosely.

        • lolabird

          Listen to the man; he knows what he is talking about. Your attitude will hold you back while this man exceeds. Change begins within no matter what color you are. Stop worrying about what everyone does and stand out because you choose to do the right thing.

          • Rubie Brown

            Retired Sweetie, save you speech for your children. I am sure we made more money than you.

        • kate1song

          “White college students tear up property after concerts and football games. Are they thugs?” yes they are. If my son did that, I hope they’d throw his butt in jail.

          • Rubie Brown

            I don’t think they are. I do however feel they have excepted a condition that have led up to what they are experiencing today. I do not however accept the Affirmative Action primes. I have been the employee among very few blacks and it was my education and intellect that got my job, maintained my job and allowed me to excel. I had to be three times as good as my white colleagues, as is the case with most blacks as well as other monitories. I feel that we should all be able to have a conversation about Race in America and how it relate to issues that move our society day to day in one direction or another without insulting each other. I feel you and I just accomplished that. Whether we agree or disagree respecting one’s right to have an opinion without disparaging insults is paramount to whether our society succeed or fail.

        • Jerome Maida

          You obviously are too thick-headed to realize that what is going on right now IS NOT helping. Under apartheid? You are truly an idiot who likes to blame everyone else and play victim. And yes, ANY college students who destroy property – black students so this, too – should be treated like the thugs they are.

          • Elaine Lane

            Rubie they are in denial if they dont see the oppressive conditions that set all of this up.Im sick of these people always charcterizing blacks as a monolith.Damn entitlements.They put that only on blacks when some of them are getting so called entitlements.What has that got to do with the police murdering somebody.

          • Rubie Brown

            The students that participated in that riot were white and it was not for an issue it was for fun. Just because they felt like it. I don’t agree with anybody destroying property, that don’t belong to them, but I certainly will never abide someone like you who think you have the encyclopedia on Black people in America and how they should act. My comparison was to juxtapose the reactions to cultures and to show that no monolith exist with either. Evidently you don’t have a thick head but a brain that omits bubbles i.e., your thought pattern. Every culture commit crimes, have jobs or not, and act and react to circumstances the same or different. Yes, an Apartheid system exists in Ferguson, and it is because Blacks have not engaged in exercising the right to govern their community. Yes both Black and White students should be held responsible for destruction of property when it occurs. But I have yet to see white criticize whites in controversial situations as they do blacks in similar situations, and that is a fact.

        • Aoi Warai

          When they do that, yes they are goddamn thugs and criminals, and the cops come out in riot gear, and people get torn up. You remember that “couple kissing during a riot” photo that went viral? Yeah, those were some white folks in Toronto I think, who didn’t even riot, just corssing the street wrong place, wrong time. Got steamrolled by riot cops, and the guy was actually covering his girlfriend, not “kissing her”. Every community is full of stupid, but something not being fairly applied (or so you feel) does not change what’s right and wrong. That’s universal, and that doesn’t change, and its no excuse.

        • Carrie Frank Weber

          A white college student who tears up property is just as much of a thug as any one of these people who are destroying in the name of this kid. This man is saying nothing bad! He isn’t telling people to act bad, commit crimes or hurt people! He explained himself pretty damn well! People who make comparisons and try to justify their own behaviors with the behaviors of others need to grow up or deserve whatever they get! You say don’t speak for the black community…In the meantime, you speak for the white by condemning them for working in the city. They needed a job and applied for it. It is up to the people to change. If there are 2 black cops, then so be it. That isn’t the fault of the business owners or the people who live there! When I was growing up, I was taught, 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I think if people like you, spewing hatred, anger and racism kept YOUR damn mouth shut, the world would be a much nicer place to live and would have a lot less violence!

          • Lori Ziegler

            Yes, white people do bad things all the time but the thing is. ….white people don’t make excuses for them and argue that they did nothing wrong. If a white person does something wrong. ….most white people will want them thrown in jail NOT stick up for them just because they are white. That is so stupid! Most white people really don’t get why a lot of black people jump to defend another black person even when it’s obvious the person was wrong or the information is not enough to judge the situation. I would never defend a white person accused of doing aNY criminal act just because they were white. Doesn’t make sense to me.

          • Rubie Brown

            You are defending one now. A White Cop who committed Murder.

          • Rubie Brown

            Evidently you like making excuses for the white community. Because you just made several.

        • Thomas L. Stafford

          Could it be that few blacks are applying and meeting the qualifications. These policemen take an awful lot of abuse. Remember they had overwhelming force. They would have mowed down the “protest” with machine gun fire were they as bad as you say.

        • Thomas L. Stafford

          Yes, I have seen goal posts torn down, a lot of litter, some damaged traffic signs, etc. That is not the moral equivalent of burning a store with or without the owners in it. Get a job, act like you have a brain, and act respectably. Then you will have respect. It is not my fault that you have failed to do this.

          • Rubie Brown

            Witch, you know nothing about me or what you are talking about. All you do is generalize. Get that ugly picture down, it’s nothing to be proud of. Work on trying not to be the substandard racist that you are!

        • brenda chafin

          Maybe those two black officers were the only ones who went to school then college instead of prison ?

          • Natoshya Valentine

            Or maybe they didn’t want to be police officers!

          • Rubie Brown

            Like your father and his father and his father, stole plenty. Right? isn’t that how American was built. Don’t talk about stealing that is a history lesson. One you don’t want to get into.

      • Sportydog

        This dead kid’s legacy is looting, riots, and firing stores etc. If he was alive, he’d be doing it along with everybody else. Nice!

    • Imtoooldforthis

      Any person who has read Uncle Tom’s Cabin will say thank you for being identified as one of him. Ignorant people use that phrase and have no idea it’s actually a compliment.

      • James Berry

        And anyone who believes that the term “Uncle Tom” is used as a compliment in these times isn’t in tune with reality. I agree that it was originally a phrase that was meant in good stead, but now…not so much.

        • Imtoooldforthis

          I didn’t say it was used as a compliment. I said read the book so that they would know what a brave and kind man Tom was. You either misread my statement or haven’t read Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

        • Thomas L. Stafford

          She is also making a comment about the education of the people who are misusing the name.

    • Rob Smith

      I agree, I love this man, I really do. He spoke the truth and that sadly, is why he will be hated by many. For many people have turned from hearing the truth and have become lovers of pleasure. The only want to hear that which tickles their ears and makes THEM happy.

      The LORD himself said it would happen and indeed it is happening, he also said that those nations that forget God shall be brought down to Hell and indeed that is happening as well. We need to awaken from our drunken stupor and look back to God whom our freedom and our salvation first came from and quite all this hate, fear and prejudice speaking garbage.

      Instead of planting hate, we need to be planting love. Instead of prejudice, we need acceptance and understanding. Instead of fear, we need to understand that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power. We as a nation under God have the power to do mighty things as long as we as Christians stand together and lift up the name of Jesus.

      Yes, many hate this and would rather wallow in hatred and darkness but that is no way to live, we as Christians need to come together and show others that there is a better way to live. A life lived in love and in the light of God’s love and mercy is truly living not wallowing in hate, anger and darkness.

      • Thomas L. Stafford

        Jesus was not all that much into acceptance. He was into repentance (change) and forgiveness. “Your sins are forgiven, rise and walk.” Woman your sins are forgiven. Sin no more and be free. etc.

  • Bonione

    Wow, first black man I have heard speaking truth. Here is a leader compared to the unworthy Sharpton and other black militants. Yes, Sharpton is a militant cause he doesn’t show up unless there is a pot he can keep stirring!

    • sherry8260

      If this is the first black man you’ve seen “speaking truth” than you don’t get out much. Herman Cain, Lt. Col. Allen West…they all speak the truth. Look up a man named Wayne Dupree. There are a LOT of pissed off black men calling out the stupid ones in their race – especially since Obama, the Great Divider. The victim mentality of the black race stays with the weak minded, just as it does with the white race. Why? BECAUSE WE’RE ALL PEOPLE. We’re not black people or white people WE ARE JUST PEOPLE. And the sad part is what we’re going to watch white liberals jumping in and calling him an “uncle Tom” as well. Like CNN’s banner when they interviewed Niger Innis, a strong black Republican and the added an extra “G” to his name. They never apologized for that. Disgusting. The Democrats created this victim mentality to keep the blacks down. WE need to change THAT.

      • James Graham

        And there is a growing number of blacks who are now waking up and facing reality. Even many of the blacks in Chicago and Boston are now becoming aware that Obama is not their “savior” after all, but is a liar and deceiver.

        • gingerpal

          This time around I hope they don’t vote for a democrat, because that party is no longer for the middle class, and hasn’t been for decades, and for republicans, vote the old out and the new in. Its time for major change.

          • Jimsgirl3053

            Republican are for the middle class I suppose? You are stupid as hell if you believe that.

          • DEbeachgirl

            Rightttttt. The republican party has the best interest of any minority in mind. That’s the biggest crock I’ve heard. It’s pretty interesting reading the comments and being able to tell what party or color you are. So you really think minorities think the democratic party is making them weak by supporting social programs such as education, health, and food programs? I don’t think the majority are stupid enough to vote for a party that straight out hates them, calls them takers and wants to take away any program that is helping them. We are so beyond anyone w any sense believing the republican party wants to do more than help themselves. Bush divided this country loooong before we ever knew Obama’s name. He polarized this country and made it ok to use the N word and degrade women. This country isn’t going back to the 50’s. The millenials aren’t buying what you’re selling and neither is the majority of this country.
            And as far as the Ferguson riots; this man is right. African Americans need to stop perpetuating the stereotype. Prove the racists and haters wrong. There are so many talented young black people that just need someone to show them they are better then rioting.

          • Rodney John Shaha

            There is a big difference between a hand out and a hand up. One is meant to keep you down the other to help build you up.

          • Rodney John Shaha

            There is a big difference between a hand out and a hand up. One is meant to keep you down the other to help build you up.

          • Rodney John Shaha

            There is a big difference between a hand out and a hand up. One is meant to keep you down the other to help build you up.

          • gingerpal

            The republican party does not claim to be for any group of people. Their policies will be what brings America back to its greatness by creating an environment here that will bring companies back and create jobs, getting rid of the IRS and doing a flat tax. All democrats do is promise more welfare and give aways to get the votes. Why do you think they are allowing all those illegals into our country. Yet, nothing changes, people stay poor and now there are no jobs. You are obviously one of the takers. If you still believe in your party, you are truly misled. There have been nonstop scandals since Obama was elected. The world is in a shambles and there he is on vacation. Our country is at the lowest it has ever been. You keep voting these morons back pretty soon there won’t be enough money to buy milk for your babies. The democrats want everyone poor and dependent so they keep voting for them. At least, with the republican platform, we will all have a chance to pull ourselves up.

          • Henry Roca

            Republicans are nothing but haters
            You most likely have everything already because your parents exploited us minorities and made yourself rich by keeping us down. Under the Bush administration we were worst another republican will not bring this country back to any greatness they’re not smart enough to run a country like America we are not all rich like you IGNORANT .

          • gingerpal

            Are you doing better under Obama? Speaking of hate, you are filled with it. There are plenty of minorities who have become successful simply because they believed they could and did. If you continue to believe as you do, you will never ever rise above it. You will have more respect for yourself if you work for your money and not take it from those who are working and trying to stay afloat because your president is doing all the wrong things. I am not rich, far from it. I worked for what I have and I worked hard. Nothing was ever handed to me. You see, when you respect yourself, others will respect you too. I came to this country when I was eighteen, legally, and sent money home to my parents when I could. That’s how rich we were.

          • Danielle

            Henry, not all republicans are wealthy. In fact if you do some research, there are more super wealthy democrats in the federal government than republicans. I’m a republican and I live week to week like many people in this country under Obama’s economy. Everyone in the government is corrupt. Democrats and republicans are all the enemy. None of them care about you or me, no matter what they say.

          • rettavirgo

            Are you kidding me! The most short and to the point comment on here. I hope you consider running for political office one day. You call it like you see it and the truth is exactly as you stated.
            Danielle for public office!!!

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            We are dealing with a two horse race unfortunately. President Ronald Reagan said it best. “We do not need a third party. What we need is a revitalized (conservative) Republican party.” It is frustrating but the best horse in the race for this country is the Republican party. A third party challenger will just about guarantee a Democrat winner regardless of the race in contest.

          • alwaysright21


          • disani

            very classy. I bet you sleep really well at night!

          • alwaysright21

            like a babe

          • Henry Roca

            You look like a man with make up lol

          • alwaysright21

            n!gger boys that use lol are definite downlo f@ggots

          • Nancy Dean Helsel

            and democrats are nothing but liars…..

          • Henry Roca

            You’re right can’t trust no one

          • Marie Frisbie

            I am not rich and I not really white I’m native American and white I have worked my whole life to get what I own my own home a 12 yearold car,but my bills are paid by the grace of god I still work hard but the lord provides the work for me. And I vote republican

          • Jerome Maida

            You’re calling someone else ignorant while you whine like a baby? Okay.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            Sorry, not guilty. I did not keep anyone down when I worked my way through college and graduate school. I did not keep anyone down while I was working for twenty-five years. In fact, I was kept down in my education and at my job by racial quotas. Hell, I think I’ll go down and burn down the corner convenience store, not.

          • Dianna DeWitt

            Who brought party into
            this, I don’t see king Obama stepping up to the plate to resolve this, once again,
            and immature mind with no life experience spewing out lies. Martin Luther
            King Jr was a republican and many more you don’t even know about so please stick
            to the issue. There is looting going on and I would not want to be
            associated with such barbaric actions as a group. This man wants to distance himself from the
            behavior because he doesn’t want to be categorized as someone who can’t solve
            an issue without destroying other people’s property. What about the innocent business owners who
            had nothing to do with the situation and yet everything they have worked for is
            ruined. Maybe you should try to think
            before you speak and try to place yourself in everyone shoes. Would I participate in the destruction of a
            neighborhood? Never! Does this make the police look
            justified? When people cannot resolve
            things in a civil fashion or even worse they don’t even know the whole
            story. An intelligent person would have at
            least waited until the circumstances were revealed but instead this group
            decided to go out and get them some free stuff in the name of another individual
            and I can bet you over half of these people didn’t know the individual or even

          • KChandler

            I agree with a lot of what you say but I have one question for you, what does Obama have to do with this? It is not his job to handle things like this, it is up to the city, and if they need help, they call in the county, then they call in the state and/or states that they have an emergency contingency with and if they can’t handle it, then and only then will THEY ask for federal assistance. The federal government is taking all the power they are because we as a people act like it is their place to do so. I do not like Obama, not even a little, but don’t blame him for doing the right thing for a change, which is keeping his nose out of it. As for the others like the black panthers, in my opinion they are terrorists along with Al Sharpton and should be dealt with as terrorists. (Correction, Al Sharpton is a terrorist in my opinion but his agenda is so easy to see, he goes anywhere that he can make money and cause trouble, to line his own pocket. He doesn’t care two hoots for black folks, white folks, or any other folks, He is a fraud)

          • Dianna DeWitt

            himself talked as if though he was going to bring peace and mend. Mending requires action. Action does
            not mean vacation; even now while people are dying he is vacationing. Would you take a vacation?

            He placed himself in this position and told us his objective was
            to unite. We are not united. I want peace for us all and when a
            person of influence has the power to bring unity. He has not unified at
            all but divided. My point is if he was
            going to bring this great change where is he now. I also don’t want
            governments hands in everything, look what they have done, but I am ashamed
            that when ask to comment he leaves it at a mere condolences. His uttering
            any words has implicated him for a better response. Like maybe we shouldn’t being doing this? He sent Eric Holder to interfere with the
            Trayvon Martin case. I guess what I am trying to say is, he
            seems to make things worse when he comments I feel as though he tries to
            justify and condone by his pointless responses and acting if the looting and
            destructiveness is acceptable. I feel he
            is trying to tear us apart. Basically he is a destructive fraud.

          • Sportydog


          • lolabird

            In today’s society, do you honestly believe our President doesn’t have access to phones, computers, etc.? I’ve learned that a calm demeanor brings about positive change unlike the rioting happening in Ferguson. If you truly believe our President is omnipotent, then you’re the one with the problem.

          • Jerome Maida

            He’s not omnipotent..In fact, he is by and large very IMPOTENT!

          • lolabird

            That sounds very personal.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            It is his MO. He will not take the right action even if it is an easy one.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            Oh, I do not know about that. He could have asked for calm. He could have asked the people to go home and stop rioting. Would it have done any good? I do not know. But, he has not even tried.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            I wish he were keeping his nose out of it. Do you think Holder is going it alone? The few things that Obama has said are counter productive.

          • KChandler

            there is a difference between a hand up and a hand out. We have to stop the hand outs and teach people to use the hand up to actually better themselves, that is what the programs are designed for. The programs are not designed as a way of life as some think, and it is not limited to one race that does that. Some of the programs, make it more profitable to sit at home and not work, which is stupid. People should not be punished for trying to use a hand up, but should eventually be cut off the hand outs. And if you think this president has ANYONE’S best interest at heart other than his own then you are dilusioanal. Look at his net worth when he took office and look at his net worth now. How did he increase his net worth by 1100 percent in 6 years? Did he show the American people how to do it if it is possible and legal? Ask yourself some real questions and quit being a sheep. No party has our best interest at heart, we need to come together (all Americans) and redo the government , for the people by the people. By the Constitution

          • Seth Warner

            The Republican party does have the interest of minorities in mind, do a little research, you will find Abraham Lincoln was a republican, the politicians that freed the slaves were Republican. No democrats voted for the 15th amendment which made it possible for blacks to vote. You are a fool if you think President Bush made racial relations worse than what our current President has done. For all his hope and change, African Americans are worse off, take a look at unemployment rates. As for social programs, instead of looking for handouts look for a job and support your own family instead of taking food off of my table to support your lifestyle. Like the man said, African Americans have played victims enough, Thousands died so they could be free yet here we are over a hundred years later listening to people who are more likely to be the ones that sold their own people into slavery acting like they are descendants.

          • alwaysright21

            don’t waste your time with n!99ars or libtards. the Hispanic Asian Caucasion Arabic and Indian humans all despise the groid. avoid the groid and its inevitable chimpout.

          • mr_BootyLuver

            You people ( yes i said you people) haven’t even accepted the genocide of the Indians at your white hands so I guess black america ain’t gonna hold it’s breath.

            A people without a conscience creates a nation without a soul…….of which you are a perfect example….

          • Jerome Maida

            Oh, get a grip and leave if you feel this nation doesn’t have a soul..There are many others who appreciate the opportunities it affords.

          • alwaysright21

            the africoons would broil and eat him, after they f&ck him

          • zeevee61

            You are one twisted and vile person….. go back and crawl under your rock!!

          • alwaysright21

            fat @ss carpet muncher

          • disani

            Totally wrong about republicans. You need a history lesson. Take a book to the beach.. Demoncrats want to keep minorities on lock down for a vote. Give them the very basic in life for free and it is a solid vote. Now, in 2014 we clearly see the next effort is to clear out the middle class and flood in some illegals for the vote. You must have sand in your head. sorry.

          • Jerome Maida

            Okay, you’re obviously incapable of thinking for yourself..Bush made it okay to use the N-word?….What planet are you on? Shouldn’t people not riot because it is a destructive thing to do? You don’t think people have the common sense to know that there are things better than rioting? Please start using some critical thinking skills and stop infantilizing an entire race…..It makes you sound like a fool and a closet racist who has such low expectations of black people.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            There is a hook in everything the government “gives” you. The minimum damage it does is allows you to fail to work to improve yourself. The requirements actually prevent you from climbing out.

        • Jimsgirl3053

          Obama didn’t become President for Black people only, you idiot, he never professed to be a “savior” for anybody you stupid **** where did this BS come from? All of you Obama haters, this man is hated and disrespected simply because he is BLACK and that is a FACT!!!

          • David

            Wow Jimsgirl … that last sentence just disqualified you for a brain transplant. You don’t have one to exchange and you apparently would just waist one if you ever got one. …. you really need an original thought. …..

          • Bluegrallis

            He is dissed because he has NO leadership capability, and done NOTHING to help this country move forward.
            The ONLY reasons he is POTUS is because he is Black, could read well from a teleprompter, and made up great Lies the ill-informed believed.

          • Ron Christenson

            Yeah, his miserable foreign policy, Obamacare, The worst recession recovery in the history of our government, and his unwillingness to protect us from invasion along our southern borders don’t play anything into the fact that most Americans(Blacks included) think he is a terrible president…it’s all because he’s black! #speakingofidiots

          • Kaye Shepherd

            Jimsgirl13053 you are wrong!!!! His actions speak MUCH louder than the color of his skin. Don’t like the white half of the Mulatto either! Why does every one forget he is 1/2 & 1/2, not black

          • Jerome Maida

            Because we’re not all race-obsessed bigots like you.

          • guest

            jimsgirl, please do a little research. He proclaimed transparency and change. His administration has been nothing but a farce from the start. Let’s start with his birth certificate to his school records. Transparency? Ha! Then we come to change. Yep, he’s changed us alright. We are so divided now that it should make every single American (yes, African Americans as well) frightened. I’m not going to get into the all the other screw ups the man has perpetrated. Too long of a list…

          • gingerpal

            She doesn’t care what is said, she is a true blue Obama supporter.

          • gingerpal

            Hated and disrespected? He was voted in twice; are you saying they were fraudulent votes. You sound very angry and the name calling is not necessary. Black has nothing to do with it. There are other potential black contenders for the presidency which I would vote for. Obama is nothing, no background in business, nothing, just a community organizer, in other words a troublemaker. He certainly has caused a lot of it already.

          • George Norris

            If you think race has nothing to do with this, you are dumber than a box of rocks. That’s all it is about. It’s not their fault that they haven’t been out of the trees long enough. They still have 250 million years of evolution to catch up.

          • gingerpal

            You are a true racist. Our conversation ends here.

          • alwaysright21

            gingern!g … “wah wah, I’m a n!99er c@cks&cker”

          • alwaysright21


          • theresa

            yuck your gross

          • alwaysright21

            says the coalburning sow that commits bestiality

          • lolabird

            So pee yourself already!

          • KChandler

            ROFLMAO, I needed a good laugh. OMG did you read what you wrote? He is disrespected because he is black? That is what you are saying? News flash lol he is not black. That just shows that you have no clue, you watch mainstream media and follow like a good sheep should and don’t actually look at the facts. Obama has more NON-BLACK blood in him than he has black, as a matter of fact, he has more white blood in him than he does black. He is half white and only one quarter black. It is amazing to me that the media’s FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT lie has fooled so many people. Do you not realize it was a political ploy. He is not the first president that has had black heritage but he is not black. So try a different way to look stupid and get off the kick that his lies are only lies because he is black. No one is really stupid enough to believe that no matter how many times you say it.

          • Henry Roca

            You are right they still can’t accept that a black man became president of the United States

          • alwaysright21


          • Jerome Maida

            Oh shuuuuuut uuuuuuuuuup! You can’t accept the fact that if your life is a failure, it’s your fault, not society’s.

          • Henry Roca

            Thank god I’m not . I picked myself up after I lost my business thanks to a Republican
            ( Bush ) in 2006 after he made a deal with China to send the manufacturing of clothes over seas because is cheaper .
            I don’t blame society , I blame republicans they don’t look for my the best interests , and As for you , You’re an ASSHOLE nobody said I’m a failure. I’m doing pretty well thanks to Obama

          • Sportydog


          • Guest


          • alwaysright21

            and it stinks like sh!t. the color of your face, sheboon. FACT

      • Linda Ison Ruediger

        Yeah and don’t forget Elmer WIlliams. There’s another black man that makes a lot of sense.

      • Hulahoop24

        Seriously? I’m a liberal and I totally agree with him. Democrats did not create the victim mentality, check your facts.

      • Thank you!!! It is based on the minded set. The starts there!

      • Dianna DeWitt

        Totally agree. If people would research they could see this!

      • Daryll Stuffco

        What have they said about this ? I have not heard anything from these people that you talk about and I have listened them ,but nothing like this . Listen to Obozo’s words and it does not come even close . Obozo could not use the if I had a son tune this time . You do have a point that the Gov. and media are not making things better ,but people need to take the rose colored glass’s .

      • theresa

        I don’t think it’s that people don’t get out much I just think that black community doesn’t reach out as much as they should to make the change but your post was very good and right on

      • Josiah Peterson

        They did it to keep the peasants fighting so the ruling class elites can stay on top. They use sexual preferences, religion, gender, and color to keep poor fighting with each other. It pads their pocket books and keeps them able to spin lies while keeping control amongst each other.

      • bugs

        Barrack Hussein Obama is the GREAT deceiver and liar. He has disguised himself as an angel of light but he most resembles Satan himself. There has never been a more diabolical, calculating, evil, cunning, and demonic personality in the White House than this man. He is the most dangerous man in America and has done more in 5 years to destroy this country than many could do in a lifetime. He is working from within to bring about the fall of this great country and that is the most dangerous enemy of all – the one you don’t recognize. He fits the profile of the anti-christ and has no regard for Christianity whatsoever. He coddles Mooslims and Islam and bows to their every command. Make no mistake about this man – he is evil and we must do all we can to have him removed from office NOW. His goal is total destruction through financial ruin and collapse of the system so that he can take over. This country cannot stand another 3 years of Hussein Obama/BarryfooledYa.

    • Jean High

      I have many many black friends and have all my life – some whites some blacks never change – always wanting to stir up race – i do not know how they march – fat as – no work – someone supports them

    • Ron Christenson

      You may wish to google what Bill Cosby has said many time as well. They just don’t get much air time with the “drive-by” media. Very sad!

  • Danielle

    But who will the black people listen to? This man who has a brain in his head or the idiot Al Sharpton?

    • dghealy

      who has the most money?

    • Wuz nt Me

      They’ll listen to the one that makes it easy for them. They’ll listen to the one that legitimizes their inaction.
      It’s easier to blame someone else than it is to take responsibility.

    • Jimsgirl3053

      Now he had a brain in his head, any other time all Blacks look for are hand outs from the Government and think white people owe them something. Ridiculous!

    • DEbeachgirl

      Have you even listened to what Al Sharpton said? He said some of the same thing this guy said. He told them to stop rioting.

    • Jimsgirl3053

      Those people are angry because the killings of Black teens by cops is happening frequently all over this pathetic nation. Not every one who is protesting are out there looting, robbing and stealing although you people think that is what all Black people do. There is nothing that can be said to those people at this point. They have had enough and they have snapped, you people don’t get it because whites teens, white Fathers, or white women are not being murdered, targeted, profiled, harassed, women sodomized, or dragged out of their vehicles aside the highways straddled and beaten in the face. If this was the case then you could better understand how these people feel. I don’t condone the looting, stealing, burning of businesses or hurting innocent people. They definitely should not be doing that, there are always going to be opportunist and idiots no matter what the situation is.

      • Perskaya01

        Did you just step through a time warp from the 1960s??

        Your writing is littered with racist speach. You are filled with hate. You better deal with it before you end up doing something stupid.

        Oh and by the way–there is no such thing as “whites.” That term refers to people of many wide and varied backgrounds: English, Irish, Scots, Russian, Czekloslovakian, French, German, and thousands more.

        They are not one people united against anybody. Your perceived enemy has no face.

        Instead, people choosing to incite racism have applied the term “white” as a label to convince people that “whites” are banded together.

        You have chosen to believe a lie and it is smothering you.

      • Sportydog

        You have a problem and it really would help if you just kept your mouth shut. So Nobama says Trayvon could have his kid blah blah blah. Sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong ah, these poor black kids, if he would STFU maybe some of this wouldn’t be happening. There has been several incidences of black street thugs murdering white servicemen walking down our cities streets. White people aren’t holding guns to blacks heads telling them to commit crimes. Blaming one race for another’s problems is racist. You need to STFU!

  • Bruce Keyes

    OMG Thank you, it is so refreshing to hear this young man speak his mind, and hope is catches on. I have begun to hear it now and then and I must say more frequently, thank god for clam and thinking people, lets more past this race crap, nothing more to say that this young man didn’t cover.

  • Savage Patriot

    I just hope and pray there are more people out there like this guy. Stand up and speak the truth. Don’t go around Shaming the memory of Dr. King. I am lily White but my two Best friends ever were Black. You CAN get along if YOU want to.

  • John R Willis

    Well said. This message is universal. Why keep doing the same thing when it DOES NOT WORK ! We can all learn from this message but I applaud this brave man for saying what he believes ! I just hope a lot of people listen. I hope Al Sharpton listens and gets his self out of the area ! Get away from the microphone Al Sharpton, you cant say anything except hateful messages. You are an instigator Al Sharpton !

  • zeevee61

    Wow he’s telling it like it is!!………… Bravo!!

  • John T. Castle

    See, I can’t say any of what he said. I’d be painted up as a villain if I said any of that. And that’s part of the problem, ’cause it ain’t one man talking to other men and women — you have to qualify. You skin color has to qualify you to speak any of those truths. I know I’m gonna catch some hate just for speaking that much truth. But a man or a woman has to qualify with the right skin color before any truth can be spoken about things like this, and even then, the one who speaks this kind of hard truth is still gonna catch a bucket of bile. But I’m glad Mr. Gentry spoke up. Many are going to refuse to hear what he said, but some might hear it.

    • bigsurprise

      But you have to understand where there has been past injustices perpetrated by one race upon another … it takes one of your own group to speak to that group about sensible behavior….that is understandable that they would, and should listen more to one who has been through it …so don’t negate that

      • dghealy

        crap. that’s the way to perpetuate.

      • Wuz nt Me

        And that’s what keeps the ignorance alive. This idea that that anyone has a right to something more than someone else because of something that happened to someone else at some other time… As long as anyone keeps clinging to those ideas they are going to imagine that they are owed something; that someone needs to give them something.
        Racism is just a buzzword. All it is is one of a million forms of hate. Hate which every man woman and child is capable of because it is a human trait. Not a white trait, not a black trait, a human trait. We ALL inflict it upon each other for countless reasons. “racism” is just the popular reason to blame.
        The man in this video isn’t an Uncle Tom because he puts up with being pulled over in his BMW by cops. He just understands the nature of the beast; and rather than letting it consume him, he deals with it sensibly and then gets on with his life.
        If someone is speaking truth and common sense and you can’t listen to them because they aren’t “one of your own group” then maybe you and your group are the ones with a problem.

        • bigsurprise

          Are you replying to me Wuz ?..cause I agree with what you are saying…See my earlier post…I was replying that it is human characteristic to listen to someone more like you , or who you think is more able to commiserate to what you feel. before you will listen to someone who you perceive as not ….and to someone you believe has done you wrong…I hope everyone listens to
          what this young man is saying. I He is spot on on this behavior needing to change and that those who do this, need to reprogram their thinking and be the change

          • Wuz nt Me

            Only replied to you because I wanted to expound upon what you stated.

        • bigsurprise

          Are you replying to me Wuz ?..cause I agree with what you are saying…See my earlier post…I was replying that it is human characteristic to listen to someone more like you , or who you think is more able to commiserate to what you feel. before you will listen to someone who you perceive as not ….and to someone you believe has done you wrong…I hope everyone listens to
          what this young man is saying. I He is spot on on this behavior needing to change and that those who do this, need to reprogram their thinking and be the change

      • Rich Baron

        Thats bull a white can’t say anything without someone calling us RACIST !

        • Jimsgirl3053

          Neither can a Black without someone crying about a “race card” whatever that hell that is.

          • KChandler

            since you seem to pretend you don’t know what a “race card” is but if I had to bet, I would bet that you are very familiar with it and have used it multiple times. I will explain. If you get in trouble for something YOU have done WRONG, and your reply is that the only reason you got in trouble was because you are black (white, green or whatever color). That is a race card. Not owning up to the fact you did wrong but trying to blame the consequences on your race. If an action is wrong, it is wrong not because of your race but because the action is wrong. Take responsibility for ones own actions is part of being an adult and a major part of living in a “civilized” society.

        • bigsurprise

          I have not commented on that issue here , I think you are misreading what I said . I am not disagreeing with you are stating here in what I said.

    • gingerpal

      He’ll probably end up on Fox News.

      • Jimsgirl3053

        They will probably offer him a job. They love Uncle Tom’s

        • KChandler

          You are so full of hate, I actually feel sorry for you. I would hate to live a life so full of hatred that you can’t see the truth that is looking you square in the face. You have to put other people down for speaking the truth as they see it to try and make you feel better and try and justify that hatred. Why do you hate so much? Maybe if you figured that out, maybe you could see the truth and maybe then you could stop being a hater and take each individual on their own merits. BTW what do you mean by Uncle Tom? By explaining that, you might start seeing where your hatred starts.

    • KChandler

      Mr Castle, that is part of the problem we are so worried about being politically correct that the truth has gotten lost. I have come to the conclusion that I will no longer worry about being politically correct I will speak the truth as I see it. Does that mean I will go around trying to hurt peoples feelings? No, of course not, I am human but I will no longer worry about the over sensitivity that people seem to have to the truth. I personally don’t care if you are black, green, orange, white or purple if you lie then I will call it a lie and not tiptoe around because of a race or a culture. As for culture, if you are in America then you were either born here or came because you thought it would be a better way of life. Well news flash! American culture is now your culture, that is part of being in America! If you want to honor your heritage then go for it, but do not ask us as Americans to change our culture it was in place when you came and if you don’t like it and can’t embrace our customs and our ways, then go back to where you came from. If you can’t pledge allegiance to this country and her well being then get out and I don’t care what nationality you are, and in my opinion that goes for native born also. If you hate this country so badly that you can’t pledge your allegiance to keeping her free then get out. No more politically correct, speak out and let the chips fall where they may.

  • David Ziegler

    Sir, I wish I could shake your hand! Bill Cosby has also said things like this, as have others. All of you are correct.To go out and destroy your own community is idiocy. Some of those stores were owned by you neighbors. You have put a lot of people out work now that need those jobs at Walmart and Target and QT. I’m sure many of those local stores won’t reopen either. You should be ashamed. But then again>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>just sayin’.

  • LOL @ Obama change comment was the best part of this speech!

  • Gary Layton

    Thank you for that Mr. Gentry.

  • Hao Ngo

    Amen…You are my brother, my fellow Christian American… You are speaking the truth… Your kids have a great role model in yourself…

  • CerebrumFloss

    #Ferguson needs to send #ALSharpton back to NJ/NY and retain Mr. Gentry, and when his work is finished in Ferguson #Obama needs to hire him as a consultant.

    • Danielle

      But then Obama would have to have sense…and he doesn’t.

      • Jimsgirl3053

        What the hell does President Obama has to do with sny of this? Because he is Black? B**** STFU.

        • Danielle

          I was responding to the comment above that mentioned Obama… Learn how to read!

          • David Hays

            Can’t…..to busy trying to stir!

  • Winston Smith

    Folks like Jackson, Sharpton (Obama) instigate, perpetuate and inflame racial tension and support hideous, destructive acts like this … and then scream “Why doesn’t the white community embrace the black community?!?!”?

  • Julie Mathison-Craft

    This American Citizen is right. Listen to him. He is an honest man speaking the truth which will set you free. You need to change your ways, listen to him. Bravo and Thank You Kind Gentleman.

    • Jimsgirl3053

      Now he is an honest man instead of waiting on a handout from the Government. As long as he is saying what you want to hear. WOW!!!

      • David Hays

        Are you real sure your name is not “al sharpton”….seems to me you are quite the sh t stirrer!

      • David Hays

        Are you real sure your name is not “al sharpton”….seems to me you are quite the sh t stirrer!

      • Suzy

        What he is saying is the truth.

      • Sportydog

        You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit u in the @$$!

  • Rula Kaliroi

    Love this guy!

  • Michael Pesl

    Amen, nothing more to say!!!

  • Brenda Golden

    Hit the nail on the head. This is the difference between an intelligent black man and a brother.

    • Jimsgirl3053

      You know nothing about a “brother” unless you have spent time with around a “brother” you should STFU.

      • Wuz nt Me

        Are you one of the ones that had to stick your finger in the fire before you could figure out it would hurt you?
        You don’t have to experience everything to understand it. That is ridiculous.
        Maybe if I spent time with a looter I could excuse theft, vandalism and arson? Maybe if I spent time with an absentee father I could excuse broken families? Maybe if I spent time with someone of low morals I could excuse everything?
        I didn’t have to spend time with an idiot to understand you…

      • Wuz nt Me

        Are you one of the ones that had to stick your finger in the fire before you could figure out it would hurt you?
        You don’t have to experience everything to understand it. That is ridiculous.
        Maybe if I spent time with a looter I could excuse theft, vandalism and arson? Maybe if I spent time with an absentee father I could excuse broken families? Maybe if I spent time with someone of low morals I could excuse everything?
        I didn’t have to spend time with an idiot to understand you…

  • John McMickle

    This guy is spot on, bet Jesse, AL and Barrack will not be giving him any phone calls.

    • Jimsgirl3053

      Why would they?

      • John McMickle

        To criticize him.

  • FreedomStorm

    Wow. Powerful. Thank you Mr Gentry. You help to bring this nation together more than Obama could have ever dreamed. Thank you Mr Gentry.

    • Jimsgirl3053

      President Obama never divided this nation. It’s people like you who hate that a Black man had the audacity to run for POTUS and the PEOPLE voted him in twice. He didn’t elect himself. Think about that.

      • Sportydog

        Tells ya how many ignorant voters there are!

  • primera55

    Thank you! and AMEN!

  • Jimbo Krankel

    When will you people learn that property damage and theft is not to be compared with murder? Every June THOUSANDS of whites do the same thing yet the media calls it celebrating. Why? Their team just won the Stanley Cup.

    • Dave M

      Can you cite references of this happening with any regularity in the US?

    • Dave M

      Jimbo, the reason I asked is because the Stanley cup riots happened in Canada. And those rioters in Chicago who “tore some s.. up”, were they predominantly white? I honestly don’t know the answer to this question.

  • Sam2001

    Sounds exactly like a couple of our neighbors.

  • Sam2001

    Sounds exactly like a couple of our neighbors.

  • wendell

    Yes, change is needed among the black people and acting “stupid” does not solve anything but we cannot deny that racism exists, is still prevalent and we cannot deny there is a reaction, state of mind resulting from mind of person who has experienced racism

  • Goon Squad Red

    sucks but black people will call this guy a coon and go back to their ignorant ways!

  • James E Phillips

    100 % RIGHT!

  • David Schmidt

    I want a be this guys friend!

  • Japhy Ryder

    Looks like he’s yelling at his dog.

  • Susan M Mueller


  • agranon

    Right on my black brother. I’m behind you 100%. Keep your voice out there. I will remember the name Jonathan Gentry. You are the man. Good luck to you my black brother.

  • Michael Sheldon

    If this man were to run for public office, or preach from the pulpit in a public forum I would support him ! THIS IS THE CHANGE WE NEED FOR OUR COUNTRY !

  • Geoff Jacobs

    FINALLY!! FINALLY!! Someone from Black America has the courage and knowledge to speak the TRUTH!
    You know, as long as there are differences in people, sex, race, ethnicity, there is going to be friction and there is going to be a certain percentage of folks that are racist and bigoted. But, for the majority, white folks just want to get on with life, accept black folks for equals and get on down the road?! They are certainly aware of what happened in this nation 150 years ago, but, it wasn’t their fault, they don’t owe anybody any reparations or apologies?!
    Can’t we all just move forward with the World and make it a better place to live for our kids and their kids and so on?
    I would love, so much, to embrace this fella and shake hands with him, thank him for his message and where he is in his life. He’s got it going on, and I pray that his message gets out there and makes a difference.

  • Richard

    Aman and I sure he’s not the only one that feels that way. To bad his people will not back him up.

  • Tish

    Thank You Sir for being you ! I admire and respect every honest word you spoke ! The truth hurts and these rioters need to be in pain ! Don’t stop now,,you are just getting started !!

  • bigsurprise

    This man is EXACTLY right !! I hope those who are behaving like this will Listen to him. The fact is, when you are upset about something that happens…THIS is not what you do to express it…THESE acts are violent and self serving , to destroy and steal from someone who DID NOT cause this incident. Other sensible blacks like this man have tried to speak to the same issue..such as Bill Cosby . When your own people try to speak sense to you….and try to help you understand how to get ahead ….LISTEN !!!! You WANT change…BE PART of the CHANGE !! There are people from all races, all professions who will do wrong….that does not make it right to attach others that look like them…..JUST LIKE you do not want done to YOU !

    • bigsurprise

      OR to attach business owners who had nothing to do with it….all that is is making an unsubstantiated EXCUSE to steal and destroy

  • Bill Benson

    Sadly, like now in Ferguson there were people who took advantage of the situation by looting. Even more tragically some arrested and sentenced were even firefighters. You know what? All of these law breakers that I saw were W-H-I-T-E. After the Washington Illinois tornado I was involved in relief through our social media outreach and that community was also plagued by looters. Guess what? They were W-H-I-T-E. You know what I didn’t hear? Folks telling the W-H-I-T-E community that they had better take charge of their own, that this was a W-H-I-T-E problem. So, don’t go blaming the whole black community for a very few misguided people who don’t represent them all.

    • Perskaya01

      You know why? Because there is no such thing as “whites.” There is no unified white community and it was a stupid racist ploy by someone with something to gain to label thousands of cultures around the world with one word, defined by their skin color.

      What do Russians, Brits, Irish, Scots, French, Germans, etc., have to do with each other? Very little. In fact many of them fought with each other!

      The term “white” was applied to all these culture groups to create a “minority” class to begin with. If there is no large “white” class, than guess who the minority actually is?


      The LABELS are racism! Drop the labels; drop the hate!

  • Mike Santino

    He is telling them why they are called NIGGERS

    • dghealy

      It hurts my eyes to see that word.

      • Mike Santino

        So get your head out ofyour ass

        • dghealy

          Mike. do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

          • Mike Santino


          • Mike Santino

            No, but you should see what I do to your Mothers mouth.

  • DanaLanders

    I’m proud of you, Mr. Gentry.

  • Anna Kurtz


  • Nancy Robbins

    to the maker of this video., thank you. I agree with you 100%. rioting and looting will not solve anything. threatening the police by Al. Sharpton will not solve anything. Time to be calm, time to change and let the investigation go forth. the country is watching, the world is watching and all this hate and nasty rhetoric does nothing at all to solve the issue.

  • TexasTony

    10-4 over & out, well said………

  • Linda Burris

    All I can say is Wow. This man is truly speaking with the heart and mind of God. God Bless You Sir!

  • Mary

    This gentleman is totally right and unfortunately the Black community will ostracize him for telling them the truth..they only listen to those Black leaders that are parasites and have used them for their own gain. Beginning with Obama and Jesse Jackson and Sharpton and the NAACP. This man should speak to the young people and teach them “We shall overcome” ..

  • Jacki Seals

    This is a smart good black man.what he says is true
    And thoses doing the rioting are niggers that what I consider them.they make there own beds and they made there choices and wonder why people dont respect them.learn from this gentleman and people like Herman Cain Ben Carson Allen West .they r all Respected men in my book

  • Honesty90

    It’s so funny how white people are acting like this is the only black man in the world that feels this way lol There are literally 50 YouTube videos of various Black YouTubers saying the exact same thing .There were Black people out there trying to stop the riots There were black people out there cleaning up after the rioters! but i guess well just all ignore that like fox news did.

  • James Graham

    Here is a black man I could gladly stand by, and there are others. There are several black I would vote for president before I would vote And there are a lot of whites who have that same “it is owed to me attitude” also. There are some black men and women I would vote for before I would vote for any of those “liberal whites”.

  • Mark Evans

    It only goes to prove. You can never paint with a broad brush. There are intelligent men out there that know what’s right and what’s wrong. And hopefully they can convince all others that there are other ways to get the right thing done. I salute you and wish I was your neighbor Mr. Gentry. You sound like a good person.

  • gingerpal

    These incidents, thank goodness, don’t happen too often that I’m aware of. It’s good that he has spoken out against it. Maybe he will become a leader that will take young blacks in a different direction since Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Obama have done nothing positive for the black people. There are plenty of black people who have done very well for themselves and we see some of them on tv all the time. Maybe some racism still exists but not the type of racism that would keep young blacks from achieving their dreams.

  • CAM

    Dear Lord, bless this man and give him and his family a hedge of protection. They are going to need it. There are godly men out there who are trying to do the right thing and teach their family to do right. It’s just what they do, don’t ask for praise, don’t ask for help, but it is hard to raise your youngun’s when you see the stupidity and excuses of some others. God Bless Him.

  • Richard O’Connell


  • Jens Pedersen

    Yes he is right

  • Behning Brad

    Wow. I’m inspired. My whole perception of all blacks changed watching this guy. There are some out there that get it. He should have Al Sharpton’s job. He should be a black leader. He gets it.

  • Dan Hammond

    I would like to shake that mans hand and say thank you. I work with blacks mexicans asians and same other races. We all get along just fine. True some remain to themselves cause they can’t speak english .
    The bottom line you get treated by the way you act.

  • Dan Hammond

    I want to shake that mans hand. People get treated and judged by the way they act.

  • Whiteeagle

    GOD ‘Bless’ YOU !! My ‘Friend’ And My ‘Brother’ … We’re NOT Acquainted, But Like Behning Brad In Another ‘Comment’ … It’s Gentlemen Like Yourself, That Helps ‘One’ To Keep From ‘Lumping’ All Black Folks Into The Category Of ‘Goons’ … YOUR WORDS Can Be ‘Spiritually Applied’ To My Life … Am I The ‘Christian’ I Think I Am , OR Can I Institute ‘CHANGE’, ALSO … To Be ‘Better’ ??? … YOU’RE ‘ALREADY’ Changed !!! … WHAT A ‘Man’ !! .. WHAT A ‘Man’ !! … GOD ‘Help’ Us All !!! … Very Inspiring, Thank You

  • Don Clark

    I stand up and applaud this man.

  • Joni Fudella Kubec

    This morning, it broke my heart when I realized what “no justice – no peace” meant…so…people think there is not justice so that cause NO PEACE? That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard of…what kind of message is being sent by robbing and looting? It only degrades your purpose. MARCH, SCREAM AND HOLLER – most certainly. But do it with respect and dignity and you will get the respect and dignity right back. What you give is what you’ll get. Stealing and ruining property from innocent people who have nothing to do with the situation is just proving more violence and ignorance.

  • mikec711

    Men like this are out there … and I applaud this man. He knows his message is not what people want to hear. He knows “For the time is coming when [people] will not tolerate (endure) sound and
    wholesome instruction, but, having ears itching [for something pleasing
    and gratifying], they will gather to themselves one teacher after
    another to a considerable number, chosen to satisfy their own liking and to foster the errors they hold” (2 Tim 4:3) … and his sound doctrine will not be well received (anymore than I would well receive it if someone called me out where I do wrong). I believe that there are more men like him out there … and they are the best way to turn around this problem. Frankly, this nation has enough problems, and if the white/black issue were to go away … it would free up some energy to work on some of other problems. Bless you Sir because you speak the truth … knowing that the truth can hurt.

  • Manuel Abor

    wow. that was a very impressive speech. very moving and totally from the heart. we are the citizens of the united states we all live together we all need to get along as a community the whole country . this is where we live all of us . he said lets get it together it could be added . all of us all races . if you have dislikes let it be dislike certain bad acts . too bad you didn’t have a white , ect ect ect races of people with you adding comments about there race. it would be epic even more . it was a very intense speech i am still in aww.

  • Mark 2112

    no one will change as long at there are no consequences for their actions…..change takes effort and time….why do that when you can get some freebies?

  • Joey

    Al was with the family and called for non violence., also since MOST of the protesters are not being violent. I find it funny that people like him and the people sho support him are going on about black people this and black people that. Did any of you people complaining here say anything about the riots in Canada when a Hockey team lost ? Saying look at all those white people . When would they ever change ?

    • Sportydog

      Was racism involved in the hockey game?

  • Humanism is balance

    Oh no! We got ourselves an Uncle Tom tryin’ to be white right? I mean OH LORDY! because heaven knows if a black man asks other black folks to respect themselves it is somehow WHITE and being an UNCLE TOM!

    *Shakes head*

  • Marilynn

    I hope this young man is able to get his point across. He has the right attitude.

  • Steven Haukdahl

    I wish he would’ve added that almost EVERY race has experienced slavery. Look up they were white and they were slaves. Either way, this guy is onto the truth!

  • Stuart Stephens

    I know alot of black people who feel the same way and if I was black I think I would be saying the same thing,but you never know unless you are in his shoes this episode in Ferguson smells a bit fishy it may very well have been a case of trigger happy cops we shall see FBI …do your job.

  • Ghost_Babel

    Amen, Brother!!!

  • Meat

    This man hit the bullseye better than Robin Hood

  • Wiggle D

    Curious George on Redbull. lmao. Well, said.

  • GrammaJo Irish


  • dan3333333333


  • NoHope4us

    I am so happy to have seen and heard this. I wish Him well and his family is lucky to have him. Hopefully, this will not come back and cause him any trouble,. The majority of the black community does not seem to take it very well when they are challenged to take responsibility and change their behaviors.

    • [Some.] Not that “majority” you so wishfully think of.

      • NoHope4us

        I hope you are right. But – you are wrong if you think I WANT the majority of black people to be like those we are watching on the news, I want the exact opposite. Why would you think I would “wish” that? For the black community’s sake, for their family’s sake – for all our sakes I want people to be able to get along, To live and work side by side without this fear, this violence. But it does appear that it is the majority – from the outside. Because I can’t help but think if it was just the minority in the community that are like this – the rest, the majority, could fix it. But all we hear is blame being placed on anyone and everyone else. And the only outcry happens when/if killings are by police or whites. The sheer numbers of the black on black violence is impossible to deny or ignore.

        • What about the “sheer” numbers of white on white crimes? Because “it does appear that it is the majority – from the outside. Because I can’t help but think if it was just the minority in the community that are like this – the rest, the majority, could fix it.” But all we hear is blame being placed on mental illnesses and “affluent upbringings”.

          • alwaysright21

            %’s statistics and “maff” are lost on the downlo player chimp

  • Tesla Rawks

    $50 says the IRS will be auditing this intelligent man for speaking out against blacks rioting and people acting the fool for the sake of free sheit!

  • As not to “get things twisted”, he misquotes Matthew 15:15. In fact, what he spat out was Matthew 15:14. I always get a chuckle when people, like this guy, go on rants and start “reciting” scripture without explaining WHAT that passage they’re reciting is all about or even remotely trying to understand it.

    First off, in Matthew 15, Jesus was talking of the Pharisees. How does this guy equate “black people” to the Pharisees, really? As a “black people” myself, I see no correlation. And when the whole chapter is read, a few things make me question him.

    When He had called the multitude to Himself, He said to them, “Hear and understand: Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.” Matthew 15:10–11

    “I’m young, black, and drivin’ a brand new BMW and live in the Valley!”

    And now my favorite Deuteronomy 2:3 “‘You have skirted this mountain long enough; turn northward.” This can be taken both ways. It can be taken as “you’ve causing trouble without ramification” or as “you’ve been taking too much $#!+ and it’s time to take names.” I’d suggest reading the whole chapter because Deuteronomy 2:26–37 is where it gets pretty interesting:

    “And I sent messengers from the Wilderness of Kedemoth to Sihon king of Heshbon, with words of peace, saying, ‘Let me pass through your land; I will keep strictly to the road, and I will turn neither to the right nor to the left. You shall sell me food for money, that I may eat, and give me water for money, that I may drink; only let me pass through on foot, just as the descendants of Esau who dwell in Seir and the Moabites who dwell in Ar did for me, until I cross the Jordan to the land which the Lord our God is giving us.’

    “But Sihon king of Heshbon would not let us pass through, for the Lord your God hardened his spirit and made his heart obstinate, that He might deliver him into your hand, as it is this day.

    “And the Lord said to me, ‘See, I have begun to give Sihon and his land over to you. Begin to possess it, that you may inherit his land.’ Then Sihon and all his people came out against us to fight at Jahaz. And the Lord our God delivered him over to us; so we defeated him, his sons, and all his people. We took all his cities at that time, and we utterly destroyed the men, women, and little ones of every city; we left none remaining. We took only the livestock as plunder for ourselves, with the spoil of the cities which we took. From Aroer, which is on the bank of the River Arnon, and from the city that is in the ravine, as far as Gilead, there was not one city too strong for us; the Lord our God delivered all to us. Only you did not go near the land of the people of Ammon—anywhere along the River Jabbok, or to the cities of the mountains, or wherever the Lord our God had forbidden us.

    Somewhat ironic, huh?

    I’m black and young, I have a corporate job, I drive a suped up Honda Civic Si, and I live in the suburbs. I’ve had friends that are policemen and I’ve first hand experience having been harassed by the police a few times and I’ve witnessed others being harassed. But he is, somewhat, right. There are [some] “black people” that need to change but, by no means is this guy an authority on how it should get done and I hate it when guys like this get posterized, giving the impression that “he’s one of the good ones”, that “token”. And the irony is that he uses scripture that, when read in full context and applied to the situation, is EXACTLY what they’re doing.


    And you people are praising him… Ironic again.

    If he really wanted to make an impression and get me to support him then he should’ve recited Matthew 5:43–48:

    “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax collectors do so? Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

  • Nothing more humorous than reading the posts of armchair experts of the experiences of black people.

  • Chia-Li Sung

    Them “Black leaders” need to keep the Black general public as “reactive”, “combative”, ” riot ready”, as possible to keep their positions secure and funding flowing their way….they can’t have smart black folks, are you kidding??No Way…

  • Paul Nunya

    WOW! Powerful words. . . He is so right. . .

  • Manishon

    This dude is a clown. Instead of focussing on the reaction he should be focused on the issue. No one has died from the rioting but another young unarmed black man was gunned down by the someone he suppose to trust to protect and serve. The real issue is the unjust use of deadly force by police officers across the country. I can guarantee if it was his son lying dead in the street his rant would drastically change. Saddest part is that it really could be his son. Get focused people.

  • Manishon

    Funny how we black men are labeled as violent when white men are historically the most violent people every.

    • Dave M

      Really? I’m curious where this information came from. Because the most recent FBI violent crime stats disagree with you. Now, if you’re discussing US military action around the world, then maybe. But because there is so much cultural persecution right now, that could certainly be debated as well.

      • Manishon

        Obviously you skipped history class in school. Key word was “Historically”. This country was built on violence. Furthermore all races riot and protest, not just blacks. But I get it, anything to take the focus off the real issue which again is the death of another young unarmed black man by someone he’s suppose to be able to trust to protect and serve. Get a clue and get focused. Be part of the solution…….

        • Dave M

          Not sure what happened to my comment…
          Manishon, you don’t really think that your post is going to encourage dialog, do you? Your snide remarks trying to put words in my mouth? Yeah, not helpful or accurate. Is your point supposed to be about 1) whether blacks or whites are more violent, or is it about 2) people rioting in response to the death of a young man, or 3) you think Brown’s death is racially motivated?
          1) Sorry, you’re right. I did not apply the proper emphasis to “historically”. What specific “historical period” and “geographic location” do you want to talk about? The 80’s, 60’s, 20’s, WWII or WWI, Civil War, or the original influx of settlers to the US, or prehistoric man (which originated in Africa)? Can we talk about European cultural domination, or maybe the Chines and Japanese persecution of their neighbors? What about the African genocide amongst warring tribes (or now between countries)? All nations, and all races have had their violent periods. How long does what happened before continue to affect people who are trying to move forward today? My great grandfather had his a s s kicked by gold mining Canadians, so he came to the US looking to start something new for his family. Should I hate the Canadians? Because I don’t. He eventually became a caretaker for a family estate in OR. His wife was the house servant, and my grandmother and her sisters were relegated to field work while they went to school. Shitty work, but obviously without the terrible punishments that many slaves suffered. Should I hate wealthy white families, too? Because I don’t. This taught the kids to work hard to rise above that level. We have been “middle class” since then. It’s not great, but it’s better than we had initially.
          2) How does ruining the community help the situation in Ferguson? How does stealing and vandalism by outsiders make a positive impact for the residents of Ferguson? Would the reaction be the same if the officer were black? Would the reaction be the same if the victim were white? If the answer is NO, then the protestors are racially motivated, and true equality is not the goal. That is Jonathon’s point, and it is a valid one. This reaction to the alleged crime of murder, before the investigation is complete, is a separate problem than the shooting of this young man. Unfortunately, the media has used it to completely overshadows the problem you REALLY want to focus on (#3).
          I believe I have a clue, and I’d love to hear your proposed solution. My suggestion is to STOP the VIOLENCE, not add to it. Open dialog, not rioting. The family asked for peace and cooperation from the Police dept. I’d like the reaction to be the same, regardless of the skin color of the victim and the officer. When black communities, white communities, all communities respond the same to violence, using lawful protest and dialog, while allowing the justice system to work. That’s equality. Your turn…

  • Judy Tyrrell


  • 12banjo

    Who is this guy? A preacher? I’d like to know what church he goes to. He never said a dirty or racist or even unkind word but I hardly took a breath listening to him. He could be a real help. He didn’t sound like a “rapper”–


  • Chuck Finley

    Amen Brother!!! I watched the video. You are a decent colored man who has wisdom

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Thank You.

  • Steph D

    Your lips are moving but you are not saying anything! Are you a true futurist? Do you have a blueprint for change? Please do not point fingers when you live in the valley and drive a BMW. I did not see you at any function or rally in Chicago because of the senseless violence, and I pretty sure you did not send flowers or cards to the families. So this rant, sir, is no better than the rioting!!! It’s worse! I’m pretty sure you sweet talked your way with police or kissed they assess. It’s cool. It’s survival, right? Or did you overcome? IJS

    • Mango

      Wow…do you even listen to yourself? Why does he need a “blueprint for change,” for everyone else, when he probably just applied himself and worked for what he has. You’re obviously a racist since you’re assuming that he must have “kissed they assess” or “sweet talked his way with police,” because he’s black…as if he doesn’t have the ability to do what he needs to do to earn a good living the right way. Please explain how a black person telling the truth about today’s “civil rights” leaders is worse than mobs of people stealing and destroying property that doesn’t belong to them. I’ll be very interested in that explanation.

    • Sportydog

      You’re an idiot?

      • Steph D

        Sportymut! You did nothing other than read this post! Have several seats!!!

        • Sportydog

          Sportymutt, learn to spell! Did you send cards and flowers? If not STFU. At least he is being open minded and positive about a sensitive issue. You on the other hand can go jump in front of a bus!

          • Steph D

            Jump in front of a bus? You first, F-I-R-S-T!
            What an excellent solution! S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N!
            Thanks, Sporty-BITCH! B-I-T-C-H!
            I guess the residents of Ferguson can sleep better at night knowing that Sporty-BITCH & the man with the bad S-Curl know what is best! B-E-S-T!
            I HAVE A BETTER SOLUTION. Why don’t you find some termites and roll with them, then die slow, HOMIE!

          • Sportydog

            Whine, whine, whine, say something productive, if you can for a change..homie? We don’t have those where I live….

          • Steph D

            Oh how sad! Is that the best you can do? Really? I digress… I will not continue with someone with an IQ of an eggplant. The bus is waiting… JUMP!

          • Sportydog


          • Sportydog

            Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, lights on, no one’s home!

          • Sportydog

            Is that the best YOU can do? I’m getting bored!

          • Steph D

            You first! F-I-R-S-T!

          • Steph D

            Thanks, Sporty-BITCH! B-I-T-C-H!
            We can all rest now!
            Excellent solution! S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N!

          • Sportydog

            Haha! Your still an idiot, did you send them cards and flowers hypocrite!

        • Sportydog

          We don’t have to wait for the end of this story for you to look more stupid than you already do!

    • Stop megaphones

      “sweet talked you way with police or kissed they assess”? I am the mother of a son who finally listened and learned. Son was a smart assed idiot. He was mouthy and idiotic when he encountered police. Guess what happened he ended up jailed on more than one occasion. He got stopped one night, had warrants, cop said he was taking him in. My son actually behaved like a decent human being. He said yes sir, could I drive my car home? The officer said sure, I’ll follow you. He followed my son, then waited for my son to grab a sandwich and have a cigaret. My sons reaction “Your right mom, you get what you give.” Show some respect, get some respect. It’s not hard to do.

  • BILL G.

    That’s right, going around in circles is not going to move anyone forward for any type of change.

  • ruck1b

    To those that do not, have not, nor will ever reside in a black community, your opinions about anything carries no weight. Once you can change your pigment, and live the black experience, you are clowning yourselves by making a comment.

    • Mango

      So white and Asian people who happen to live in Ferguson who are victims of looting and senseless violence have no right to an opinion about what’s going in their community because they’re not black?

  • ruck1b

    Now this does not excuse the riots, especially when they tear up their communities.

  • Jennifer King


  • Sherry Jones

    Mr. Gentry, much respect and admiration to you. Have you thought about running for public office? You certainly deserve to be in a position to help the black community.

  • David

    How can Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton get thier paychecks/extortion if there is change?

  • Stephen Jeffres

    I want to shake this guys hand.

  • deangreen

    Talk is cheap. Here’s the black agenda (for governmental action–the private action agenda is separate) that will prevent many killings like Trayvon Martin’s or Mike Brown’s.
    1. In the US,
    30%-33% of Black men between 20 and 30 are in prison, probation, jail or
    parole. That causes tremendous problems for Black society. Children without
    fathers. Women without husbands, crime, etc. And when the men get out of
    prison, they often have felony and other convictions that mean that they cannot
    vote and are virtually unemployable. After the sentence is over felons should
    be allowed to vote and participate as full-fledged citizens and not
    second-class citizens.

    That is a problem that would not be tolerated if 30%-33% of white men
    between 20 and 30 were in prison, probation, jail or parole. (This is due in
    part to the fact that there is sever racial discrimination at every step on the
    criminal-justice system from arrest to charging to conviction to sentencing to
    probation to parole, etc.) That must be corrected with all due speed and I have
    thoughts on how to correct that, including ditching the “War on
    Drugs” and more. For example, the prison population in California
    is nearly 200,000–half the population of Oakland,
    California. The California Department
    of Corrections budget is about $12 billion a year–$55k per year per inmate for
    3 hots and a cot. Yet the California
    prison population was only 67,000 in 1987. The Prison-Industrial Complex must
    be curtailed. And I have thoughts on how to do that. California just passed Proposition 30, which
    will raise $6 billion a year–1/2 of he yearly Department of Corrections

    This is more of a state problem/issue than a federal problem/issue but
    the federal War on Drugs contributes to this as does disparate federal
    treatment in sentencing or crack vs. powder cocaine, etc. and Obama must be
    challenged to lead!

    2. Unemployment among Blacks will not be helped by legalizing and
    granting amnesty to 10 million illegal immigrants who now compete unfairly with
    them for jobs. In fact, unemployment among Blacks will be hurt by such a
    measure. (Read this article and pay particular attention to the first two
    paragraphs and know that that situation whereby illegal immigrants take jobs
    from Blacks is multiplied by thousands of instances

    And jobs are being stolen in many fields, including construction,
    hospitality, restaurants and food production, manufacturing and more!)
    And realize that there is no such thing as free pie. Jobs are limited
    and are not brought to the USA
    in backpacks in plane flights here or across the Rio Grande. Resources are limited. For every
    Spanish book or DVD in the public library, there is one less English book or
    DVD. For every English as a Second Language class or teacher in school, there’s
    one less advanced English or remedial English class in school. This will work
    to solve the immigration problem—and not on the backs of Blacks.

    This is comprehensive immigration reform: 1. Require E-Verify for all
    current and future employees and couple it with a swift appeals process for
    those who do not pass E-Verify. 2. Couple that with severe (at least $20,000
    per illegal hired per day if hired without E-Verify permission and disallow
    (make not permissible under the Internal Revenue Code) any expense deduction
    for such hires. To grant illegal immigrants amnesty and therefore allow them to
    keep the jobs that they have stolen –disproportionately from African Americans
    would be a stab in the back by Obama. Illegal immigrants do take jobs from
    Black Americans. Illegal immigrants separate their own families if they are
    deported. (Hey, they knew when they acted illegally to stay or enter the county
    that they could be deported at anytime and they may take their families with
    them if they are deported. And no one says that the government is ripping apart
    families when parents convicted of crimes go the jail. The separating of
    families is the natural consequence of criminal violations of the law in each
    case.) Obama has his wrong-headed

    Obama must be kept from stabbing Blacks in the back!
    3. The third item is for Congress and the President to set up a “Blue
    Ribbon” commission to determine the effects of slavery and Jim Crow on African
    Americans (the descendants of Africans enslaved and brought to America). The
    effects should be determined cumulative for each decade, starting in 1860 to
    date.) It is clear that the effects are ongoing—from the use of the N word, to
    preferring light-skin, to the term “good-hair”, to the ongoing results of the
    “doll” test (done perhaps first by Dr. Kenneth B. Clark in the 1940shttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151227149888558&set=a.258455448557.141362.228102923557&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf
    ) and on and on. The effects of slavery should be determined for the
    beneficiaries of slavery each decade, starting in 1860 to date as well. Obama
    must be challenged to lead on this issue as well.

    4. Obama must be challenged to address the Penal-Industrial complex and
    the harm done by it, particularly to African Americans and the African American
    community. Obama must be challenged to address the jobs that illegal immigrants
    are taking from African Americans and the resulting loss of resources and the
    loss of jobs to African Americans. And finally, he must be challenged to
    definitively ascertain the costs and benefits of slavery and Jim Crow to all
    Americans and to determine who got the benefits and who paid the price and what
    effects are ongoing. I have more ideas for the Black Agenda that Obama must
    pass. In fact, I suggest that the Black vote be put up for “bid” to
    the candidates and parties that will follow the Black Agenda-Democrats,
    Republicans, whoever. How about these ideas?

    5. Many right-wingers have gone to the White House website and have
    filed petitions regarding

  • Jay Hadley

    He’s preaching the politics of respectability which are inherently fallacious for a number of reasons. Here’s a much more nuanced view on the subject: http://40acresandacubicle.com/2014/08/12/five-things-you-should-know-about-race-in-america/

  • enrique

    This man has got it down to a tee. If blacks keep this up they will be in the back of the bus forever God bless him and protect him .

  • Anita Creighton

    He is one smart man . Quit blaming everyone and start taking your own blame .. Get jobs clean up your act .. You dont need to act like a clown .

  • Mango

    Anyone care to wager how many times this man has already been called an Uncle Tom by liberals, democrats, and other black people?

  • Daryll Stuffco

    This man has so much truth it must really piss off the left wing nuts .

  • Steph D

    Mango or Fruitcake or whatever your name is! He does need to come up with a blueprint with new ideas for change! Do not bitch about a problem when you do not have a solution.He too busy pointing fingers and making fun of black people and for the record I’m not a racist and I meant everything I said about that man because he put himself out there in social media to look like a damn fool!

  • Steph D

    Mango, did you lose a family member to senseless violence? Did you go before your local government about safety in your neighborhood? Do you pay taxes? Is your life dedicate to making this world a better place? Probably not! Are you a leader? What are your resolutions so history is not repeated?

  • Phyllis Spagnola Banducci

    AMEN!!!! Very well worded!

  • Shifra

    Wow. someone I can really respect. how refreshing. Action, not reaction. Kudos for telling the truth to empower people.

  • Sportydog

    I agree this guy has his head on right. If you stop listening to Sharpton and his ilk you might actually accomplish something. Black on black killing doesn’t bother you, black on white killing seems to put a smile on your face, white on black killing, you scream racist, you need to shut the fuk up when you call people racist. I don’t know why you feel the need to play the victim. No one knows all of the circumstances of the case. I’ve read where the cop’s side of his face was black and blue, so something happened. The kid’s death was an excuse to steal and loot the stores, nice way to remember and respect him NOT!

  • WeHoldTheseTruths2

    My prayer is that all of America returns to the Lord.

    (How long will/can this nation survive or continue if we do not repent?).
    God Bless you Pastor Jonathan. You’re as a cool breeze in a desert.

  • burd

    I’d like to take this man and his family to dinner!

  • alwaysright21

    someones pet monkey is loose, chimpout.

  • redwings0426

    very true bro your a smart man

  • Hope is not a battle plan

    Get him in as VP. If it wasn’t for Biden being next in line Change would have come a long time ago.

  • Arizona Don

    He is 100% correct. Even about obama!

    Respect is given to those who earn it.

    I used to have many Black friends when I was in the Army. Lately none. I can’t speak for them but I personally don’t care. If they act like the N word they are! This guy has hit the nail on the head. The rest it seems either they want pity or freebies or both. I hope he gets a public voice because I do believe he could get through to many of them. Right now they don’t seem worth saving but at least some are.

    There are some very good ones but they are being overshadowed by the scum because no one will call what is happening by the proper name. Rioters and looters are called protestors. Really?

  • Sarah Mahala

    This man is so right in everything he says. He has more courage in one word than all those that rioted, burned and stole everything they could lay a hand on put together. It takes a MAN to stand up against his own race and speak the truth. I hope all the black community that sees this video has the guts to actually start to work to change their community and try to change the way too many in the black community think. He could be such a leader in the black community if they would allow it. Seems like the only ones they want to listen to is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who do nothing to help the black community but everything in their power to help them destroy it.

  • The SoCal Kid

    He’s right. Black people need to stop playing the victim and take charge in their own lives. Educate themselves and strive to work for a better future for their people instead of waiting for someone to do it for them.

  • Eva Smith Buhite

    The family tried to get the nonsense stopped, but when others decide it is time to bring out the race card and think anything they do is okay, shows nothing but stupidity and it shows lack of morals, and all they want is an excuse to be violent. The police can’t allow them to do that, and they shouldn’t. There is a one thing to have a peaceful demonstration and it is another to burn down thinks, break things and steal. That is all these people are going for and that is showing their ass.

  • Josiah Peterson

    Always nice to see people capable of using that grey squishy thing between their ears. Many like him in all races exist, you just need to start looking and supporting the right ones.

  • Kat

    Right on bro. I’m white but anyone who riots , loots and the like are not helping anything at all.

  • SYG

    Well finally someone with some logic and realization that the current behavior and reaction to an incident by misdirected violence against other blacks. Amen Brother.

  • Julie Trenary

    Amen bro!!

  • theresa

    Omg dude nailed he is da bomb I hope people follow his advice and change that is the first step oh my god he was so passionate you cannot help but listen to him He is so right love him

  • Geary Boudreau

    God bless you Sir.

  • Steven Druzynski

    Aw man, you should go on national TV and spread your word brother……thank you! You’re a breath of fresh air…truth is being told.bless you!

  • bugs

    Until the Black Community learns and realizes how they have been enslaved by the democratic party for eons, nothing will change. EXCEPT, for the worse. Ignorance and stupidity are choices. Educate yourselves and get out of the category of ignorance.

  • Carl Wulff

    Everyone has an opinion and last time I checked, the laws of this amazing and blessed USA support and assure that. My only request to some that have posted and those who will be posting is to please, please – and please again – STOP your general statements of “blacks” and “whites”. For goodness sakes this is the 21st century and the generalizations project an amazingly myopic view that all “black” and all “white” people are the same. Wow! Really?
    The assumption that the unfortunate destructive action of some demonstrators in Ferguson is indicative of ALL “black” people is stunning. So is the statement regarding “white” students rioting. ALL “white” students” go on a riot? Really?
    Is this an “us” against “them” forum? If it is, then are the particular contributors I write about here not sowing separatist, divisive attitudes and mindsets? Just go back and re-read your comments. Assess how you could have presented your statements/thoughts in a non-divisive manner.
    Please clarify your statements with appropriate and specific descriptive words. Some examples of some of these simple word-choices could be ‘some’ and ‘certain’.
    Thank you!,James Berry for using specific, appropriate and non-divisive descriptive words in your response to the posted clip. Way to set a great example!

  • webejustsayin

    Bravo, Johnathan Gentry. Thank you for speaking the truth and calling it out for what it is.

  • lolabird

    Standing ovation for this man. He is a leader not only of black people, but of all people. He’s got it. We need more people like him.

  • Jenn

    He’s right to a certain extent. SOME Black people need to change! DO NOT lump us all together! Just because he hasn’t had bad experiences with cops, DOES NOT mean the rest of us haven’t, first of all. Second of all, change is needed all around!!!! Just like some of these comments “they all want a handout. Obama is giving them things.” Obama hasn’t given me or anyone I know a DAMN thing! I work hard & always have for everything I have. Walk a day in a Black person’s shoes before you start shooting down what somebody else goes through because you have no clue! !!! So don’t put the onus all on Black people. It’s a two-way street! And that’s the problem. YOU people view us all the same. WE’RE NOT!!!

    • kate1song

      Walk a day in a woman’s shoes.. It’s hard. I get discriminated against all the time. But i’m not blaming all men and looting over it…. The “they” I think he is relating to is those who believe that they are entitled to something. IE: the looters. Being a cop is a crappy job. They deal with mostly crappy people.. and are expected to be perfect under the kind of stress that would paralyze most of us.

      • Cadel

        Well Said!

      • Jenn

        Well he said “black people, ” which includes me. So since you have it so hard being a woman, try being a black woman!!! Cops choose their jobs. I see them harassing black men & boys all the time. I don’t agree with the looting nor the destruction but I damn sure don’t agree with cops harassing us for NOTHING! We’re stopped for driving expensive cars, being in neighborhoods where supposedly we shouldn’t be. Hell I can go into a store & be followed & that’s while wearing a business suit mind you!!!! Why!? For no other reason that I can see other than being black & thinking I’m going to steal! So miss me with that “I’m a woman & have it hard.” You’ll NEVER have it as hard as a black person!

        • kate1song

          What am I supposed to say to that? How long can that card be continually played? Everyone is an underdog in some way. Its not a fair world.. It’s never been and there is nothing that says it ever will be. You will NEVER have it as bad as the women in some parts of the Congo or in certain Arab nations… We are all better off than someone else…

          • Jenn

            There’s nothing you can say, nor am I asking you to say anything. I’m just stating FACTS! You refer to it as “how long can that card be played?” THAT’S THE PROBLEM! It’s not “a card being played.” THAT’S LIFE, DAILY! If you want “the card” to stop being played, then stop dealing it and treat ALL PEOPLE the same!!!! We don’t have to go all the way to the Congo or Arab nations to see how bad people have it! People right here in the good ‘ol USA have it worse than me, and of course, some have it better than others. It’s called LIFE!

            My question to you is how often are you followed while shopping, being scrutinized, or how often have your children been stopped by cops while riding their bikes or walking to the store, forced to lay down in the gutter or sit on the curb, handcuffed, only to be let go when the cops didn’t find anything?! I’m pretty sure the answer is ZERO TIMES! You have the frame of mind that you do, as do a large percentage of America, “playing the race card,” and that’s your right. Continue thinking the way you do, and as long as you and other like-minded people do, there will ALWAYS BE A DIVIDE. YOU WILL NEVER GET IT, ANID I DON’T EXPECT YOU TO!!

          • kate1song

            You just posted that “I” will never get it. And it’s true. My life experience is different than others. Of course you ignored my words “injustices to be fought for”.

            Unfortunately though, when it comes to investigating serious violence and crime, the demographics statistics are not on your side Jen. That is also a card that has been dealt. It’s a serious problem with no great solutions.

            On the other hand, Barack Obama is president. I voted for him. A lot of other Americans did too.

            I’m not sure what it is exactly, that I am supposed to “get”.

        • theonethatlived

          Where do you live?

          • Jenn

            Any major city in the U.S. Take your pick, same ‘ol story.

          • Jenn

            Or minor city, for that matter.

    • JohnBrown

      Who are, you people? I was taught terms like, you people, was racist.

      • Jenn

        I’m talking about anybody that lumps all black people together, i.e., “they all want a handout, they’re lazy, they don’t want to work, they’re all on welfare” etc., etc. If that’s how you feel then I’m talking to you!

  • Dian Schneider

    Well said, I hope some people are listening.I have never understood how theft, destroying others property and burning things down helps anything?

  • DA

    Well said. Its a shame that those who need to hear it won’t bother. They’re too busy looting Walmart and Target, raising hell and shooting at the police.

  • universitygirl1

    If this man runs for office in an area where I can vote for him, he will get my vote!

  • Melanie Mcginnis

    This guy is right on!

  • James Capp

    He does make alot of sense!!

  • JohnBrown

    I can understand blacks being upset, I understand the demand for justice, what I don’t understand, the riots and looting. I believe, wait for all the facts to come out. I don’t understand civil right leaders, in the America I grew in, everyone has the same civil rights, civil rights leaders seem to think only a minority have these rights. I feel the president and attorney general of the US get involved when it causes a distraction to current events. It seems like the most important issue in the world today is the events in Ferguson, but the economy, immigration issues and world affairs should be priority.

    • bmhay1

      JohnBrown….assuming you are black, I’m just curious what America you grew up in that you had the same Civil Rights as everyone? I am a mature white female and I do not think blacks and whites are treated equally yet. Ferguson is far from the most important event, everything else you mention is still top priority. But you know the news. Besides, people need to be heard. Yet, take that away and perhaps the looters and those doing the damage will go back from where they came from. I think they LIKE being in the news.

    • Philanthropussy

      The America you grew up in was on TV and called HAPPY DAYS with Fonzi .

  • bmhay1

    Johnathan Gentry….I don’t know what you do, but why not give it up and lead the people to that change that you speak of. First, teach them not to commit crimes, second teach them not to mouth of to Police when spoken to. Third…keep educating for everyone. Others need to be strong like you. Hey, you are a good comedian also. You made me smile.

  • Philanthropussy

    Of yes, a black republican operative ” ranting” talking points, not the the sake of blacks, but for whites to believe – they are some safe negros out there.
    NAACP and Shartpon only making things worst? Where’s they new black leaders coming from? GOP hired Juan Williams son for black community outreach, but he’s no where? People dying in Chicago and where are their marches? You weren’t playing attention. Looting is wrong,

  • LewGD

    I can’t stand those young Black useless, skill-less, always angry, violent “respect” demanders. This guy is a real surprise, something rare as the other one – Ben Carson. Unfortunately, both are rare species and they will have no influence as a role model on a “tough” chimp-macho “territorial” Ni66ers.

    We can’t blame millions of useless young American Blacks for their natural behavior, check their urban cousins in Africa, same behavioral pattern, machete, beheading, looting or illegal emigration to hated White Europe. Rioting and gangsta culture came as a consequence of ultra-liberal social degradation incinerated by influential White Homo-Libs, Cultural Marxists, Yappy-Libs and derailed Neo-Hippies, boosted by Homogenized Blacks supported by Lib-Dems.

    • Steve Zakszewski

      Wow, clever way to slip that racial slur in there, Adolph. You must have blown a load all over your Klan robe jerking off in celebration of your cleverness. Frankly, morons like you are an embarrassment to whites in general. Most of us have an education and evolved to not be racist pieces of garbage spouting idiocy. But keep doing what you’re doing and proving, ironically, that your beloved Fox “news” network’s claim of a post-racial America is like everything else on that station– total and complete false garbage.

      • LewGD

        My first respond hanged in the “air” as “pending”, hope this one will go thru. It is interesting how “educated” author and “scholar” like you operates with abundance of swearwords words – (I have to omit quoting to avoid “pending” status again), but lacks a single sane argument, not to mention logic. However, I am not surprised; arguments, logic and common sense are sort of rocket science for ultra-left “thinkers”, seduced by Homo-liberalism and Multiracial/cultural bewilderment.

        “Progressives” as you, need an “educational” upgrade, as life, expressions, meanings, etc. have its own dynamics. Let elaborate on a meaning of recklessly and excessively abused words – Racism and Racist. Racism is nowadays a simple ability of any self-esteemed White to recognize and accept that Races exist. For Left, Anti-White “scientists” and “scholars” such anti-dogmatic assertion is “logically” an absolute blasphemy. Every responsible Racist just cares and cherishes own Racial heritage, same as any responsible descendant handles family or national heritage. By denying or abandoning own roots you evolve in meaningless self-denier.

        White civilization, despite many controversies and imperfections is the advanced one, and I am grateful for being born as a White. With no intention of being disrespectful, I admit that there are other Races, different in many aspects. Derived from that premise I am obviously Racist, but without biased meaning advertised by deranged Anti-White Self-deniers and politically over-coddled Blacks.

        It is interesting how quickly self-esteemed Whites get derogatory named as Racists, from our internal and hostile counterparts – derailed quasi-humanistic Homo-Liberals, but never same attitude to Asians. These internal contraries clearly explain why civil wars are much more brutal from conventional. It also explains why monolithic, hence mono-Racial societies are less prone for internal conflicts. Social-engineering fantasists are incapable of understanding these simple facts and they will fanatically persist with utopian agenda until all hell will break in a perfect chaos

  • Ryan Tippens

    Man…..I wish all them in the streets would watch this…white ,black ,red,yellow..green…I don’t care what color you are.Thats me in the picture here,thats my wife to the left,yeah I white,she isn’t but where I live you go to the BLACK part of town,dont go after dark on foot…go to the white side,take a midnight walk and never think twice about that,WHY?This man knows first hand what is happening and congrats to him.I hope to GOD some people that need to hear what he said do get to hear it……

  • Kevin Spahn

    WOW! The United States black communities need a National level strong black Leader and I believe we just found him.

  • WangDangDoodlinAllDayLong

    Dawn of the Planet of the Pavement Apes…

  • Patty Lynn Bugger-Partida

    hes got the right mindset

  • Frank Graham Robinson Jr.

    that was a painful 7 minutes. there are so many non sequiturs in his argument it’s hard to know when to begin…but yeah, he’s a dream to anyone who wants to oversimplify think in a “this or that” mentality and turn and point the finger at his own “race”. I’ll skip the goofy faces and screaming critique, it’s just an oversimplification, paternalistic, contrarian and pontificate banter.

    • theonethatlived

      Are you offended? Was any of his ranting untrue? Are you black? He is obviously angry and justifiability so. He asked questions I have asked. I am glad I got to view this.

  • Ben Mewhinney

    I have two half black children…and I made them watch this video. This man is a very smart man. In order to change, you start with yourself. Acting like animals, you will be treated like animals. Act civilized and you have something to bring to the table. I have had black kids at school call my son white because he speaks correctly and acts proper. Makes me sick that this little black punk wants “his” people to be unintelligent and makes beats on tables at school in order for my son to sit with his black group. I truly feel sorry for blackss in America that are trying to raise their kids with courtesy and respect. One of the few races left that need to get over using their skin as an excuse. In the mean time I will pray.

    • theonethatlived

      I worked with many blacks that had problems with those that called them sell outs, the uncle Tom thing, just because they rose above the culture to make a good life for themselves and their families. They have family members that always hit them up with their hands out.
      I respect those that push through the barriers to become productive, decent citizens. The ones that are causing the trouble in Ferguson do not want to hear this especially from another black person

  • Martin Scott

    Here are the numbers and facts; 318,588,000 Americans in the united states. 13% are black Americans (41,416,440). 14,460 murders (all races) average per year (last calculated 2012). 50% of murders (7,230) are black Americans. 90% (6507) of black Americans murdered each year are murdered by black Americans.
    Not all black Americans struggle, but the ones who do typically are from broken homes, have no literary skills, disagree with everything that is the truth (even while being told by other black Americans), blame everyone else for their disabilities, laziness and lack of finances.
    The black Americans who work for a living, who live good, clean, honest lives, most likely began at the bottom like everyone else, got their education from hard work and self restraint.
    Currently about 2.3 million Americans are incarcerated or under supervision by state or federal officials. Of those, 39.6% are black Americans (910,800). So, that leaves a little over 40 million black Americans who live in this country who are not under penalty by courts and jails or supervision.
    Here’s where the problem lies; 44% of those black Americans depend on the government for food, clothing, shelter, while other races dependence does not exceed 10%. There is an entitlement these black Americans feel they have coming from the united states government. A surprisingly large amount of black Americans have never held employment, but have found easier methods (IE: disability, child bearing, lack of education or skills) to retain this funding by our government. If black Americans decided they want their own state, or have their own government (country), how would it go? What would it look like? Would the killings, racism, beatings, crime, unemployment, illiteracy stop? Would they require marriage before pregnancy? Would they want a democracy, totalitarian, regime, dynasty?
    I was told by a very wise person once… If I do not agree with something I have two choices; I can do something to change it, or I can move to a country with whom I do agree. I like my freedom of expression and every thing else this country has to offer. I decide to let the judge do the judging. It is not my place. But, if it was my place, I would want to know the both sides of the story so as to make an informed decision. What would God do in this situation?

  • John Bennett

    I would love to go up and give this guy a big hug!!! Finally, someone talking common sense instead of inciting riots. He is absolutely right on all counts!!!!! Kudos to you my friend!!!! Thanks for having the courage to be honest and forthwith. You are the man!!!!! 🙂

  • Rose

    WOW, that was great!! He is SO right!!! Well said!!!

  • Bob Marly

    Refreshing to hear someone take responsibility for there actions.

    • Sportydog

      He shouldn’t have to bear the idiocracy of his race at all. He takes responsibility for his actions

  • Eric Lawson

    He makes a lot of good points Peace!!

  • Thomas L. Stafford

    Get an education, get a job, make something worthwhile of yourself. Everybody that has anything that they can truly call their own has done it. You want respect. Be respectable.

  • John English


  • Sarah Schmit

    Why is President Obama and Sharpton hurting the American people. Obama has put race relations back 50 years. Sharpton wants to live in the 1950’s because that is when he was relevant and it is disgraceful that we have a President and DOJ that gives this race baiter a platform but, that’s what they are all about. There is no media on crimes against white people and if there were more blacks that would speak up like this, we could stamp out racist pigs like Sharpton and MSNBC who are harming this country and young blacks with the divisive message instead of bringing all people together to make a better life for everyone.

  • george orwell

    THIS is what righteous indignation looks like. This man gets it.

  • Tammy Chesney

    Thank you.. you said it all like it is!! loved it.

    • Beach Actor

      The blacks who make something of themselves deserve respect. Those who blame racism for their failures or who uses events like that in Ferguson who loot and riot reinforce the image many have had for centuries. Those people belong in our prisons. Not on the streets. Vote to build more prisons.

  • Janet

    God bless this man, we need more men like this. He speaks the truth, and the Truth shall set you free!


    Thank You for speaking out. Im sorry most wont like to hear what you are saying. But you are right. Thank you.

  • get real

    you should see what the blacks are saying about this guy on the actual youtube site it is posted on.. it makes me sick to my stomach…

  • Ken De Luca

    This guy is so right. This would be a good video to show 9th graders.

  • brenda chafin

    I think he can take a few idiot remarks, Johnathan Gentry, I think you will be hearing more from him. Personally liked ever word in his rant, all these people ranting, while millionare Sharpton in his expensive suits continues to stir the emotions of impressive youths, he is the one you need to change, I know several good black men who are truely my friends of many years and they are with you 100% Mr Gentry, just want you to know your rant didn’t fall on deaf ears and you are getting a good following, the only way youths of America will ever be men of worth is to be taught by men to do the right thing.

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  • Corey Wesley Walter Jacobs

    I got called a white supremice racist for pointing out that looting does not help a cause, it sheds bad light on the situation. It further hurts a hurting community and turns those “protesters” into “Criminals”. That will inevitably lead to bigger guns and more death on the other side. Now I’m a racist. Glad I know now. I’m native american and not even white.

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