EXPOSED: FoxNews Planned an ‘Ambush’ for Donald Trump at Iowa Debate

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he will not be attending Thursday’s Republican presidential debate.

And today it was revealed how Trump’s decision may have been brilliant in light of shocking invitations from Fox News and Google to anti-Trump activists to participate and ask questions of the candidates — including a Muslim and an illegal alien.

FoxNews and Google invited three YouTube personalities who will be allowed to address the candidates directly at the debate. Two of them appear to have been chosen by Fox and Google because of their opposition to Trump’s positions against radicals Muslims and in favor of deporting illegal aliens.

The first is a radical Muslim advocate who describes Donald Trump as a bigot and who visually portrayed him as being in agreement with Nazi leader and genocidal maniac Adolf Hitler.


“We have a presidential candidate whose loudest message reeks of hatred and Islamophobia… turning on the news now is scary, and oftentimes, humiliating,” the Muslim woman, Nabela Noor, says in a December YouTube video.

She admits to becoming a Muslim political activist amid the growing criticism of Islam’s doctrines. “The current social environment for Muslims today is not safe or just… as a Muslim American, I felt like I needed to use my voice,” she claimed. 

Noor claims that any criticism of Islam — even  after Muslims slaughter Americans in terror acts such as San Bernardino — is “hate speech” and should be “censored and banned.”

Said Noor:

To be hateful and Islamophobic has become so common that it is proudly displayed all around us, online, on the news, and in politics. it is dehumanizing and it hurts. It is hard not to see a bumper sticker of a bigoted presidential candidate and not feel personally attacked when his entire campaign rests on the backs of Muslim-Americans.

Noor was no doubt placed to attack Trump for his popular plan for a “temporary pause in Muslim immigration” until they can be properly screened.

In December, Trump announced he would restrict the immigration of Muslims until the jihad problem can be addressed. “It is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life,” said Trump.

The other anti-Trump participant is someone named “Dulce Candy” — an illegal alien from Mexico who entered the U.S. in 1994, as she shared in a YouTube video here:

Dulce Candy is an outspoken activist for illegal alien amnesty, and has been harshly critical of Trump’s plans to build a border wall and deport illegal aliens.

FoxNews and the RNC approved the liberal Google’s choice of these radical activist. The third, Mark Watson, is a Black activist whose position on Trump is unknown.

The network, currently reeling from Trump’s debate withdrawal, is not responding to media inquiries as to why they accepted radical leftist activists to question GOP candidates.

However many viewers were outraged:

FoxNews owner Rupert Murdoch is known as a staunch supporter of amnesty for illegal aliens, having castigated Trump for his comments about Mexican illegal aliens last year:

And Breitbart just exposed something even more sinister: Murdoch is the co-chair of the most powerful immigration lobbying firms in country, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE), which spent tens of millions of dollars pushing Marco Rubio and Chuck Schumer’s ‘Gang of 8’ amnesty bill in 2013. And guess who else helps fund that group? Leftist billionaire Georgew Soros, the principal funder of Barack Obama in 2008.

Something is truly rotten at FoxNews, and a viewer revolt may be just beginning.


  • aznavyvet

    The Donald got it right by not being subjected to by these two plants.

    • Tark McCoy

      Although, to be fair (and balanced?), he would probably have (metaphorically) kicked their asses.

  • Kypsalis

    Truth hurts.

    • Harriet

      What truth?!

      • Kypsalis

        That he is a sexist pile of bloviating ego who will one day have to deal with blowback from all of the ignorant insults and threats he’s thrown around.

        • sgb1

          I suppose you plan to vote for Bernie.

          • Kypsalis

            There are other choices…lol Don’t know why you’d assume Bernie…You’re the one voting for the liberal.

        • Gene Harris

          or He is willing to deal with the failures of this administration.

  • Larry Lynn

    Trump is not embarrassing the country, he is speaking up for us. Fox News has shown their true colors. They are the real cowards and Trump has out-foxed Fox.

    • Gstephens

      Seems like Fox is angling for invites to the Alphabet media parties. A few more months of the “New Fox News” may land them an Obama love fest interview.

      • Melissa Grillo

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    • BaronGreenBack

      Personally I think Trump or Clinton in the White House would be bad for America.However I can see why Trump appeals to a large section of the American public.The establishment is very scared of Trump as he is not one of them cant be controlled or bought off . Trump is so far ahead in the polls it will not matter one bit that he does not attend the debate it will not really impact his numbers.Why turn up for a set up when you are as far ahead as Trump is in the polls.

      • Rattschidtt

        Why don’t you enlighten us as to who would be YOUR choice for the White House?

        • BaronGreenBack

          Big Bird or the Count they cant do any worse than who has gone before them.

          • Stephen E Birmingham

            So another words…you’re not voting….typical

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      • Ryan Schneider.

        My top three choices since the second debate have been Carson, Fiorina, and Cruz, but under the current circumstances I would settle for a Cruz/Carson ticket with Fiorina as Speaker and Paul as Treasurer. Rubio or Bush should be ambassador to the Vatican, one or the other. Graham should be Defense secretary; Figure out spots for everyone who has run, except Kasich and Pataki, they should just retire.

        • BaronGreenBack

          I am still holding out for Big Bird or the Count.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            “Curses!” Said the Toad.
            “Danger Mouse for Prime Minister!” Said everyone else.

          • BaronGreenBack

            ha ha well cant do any worse than the current clowns and crooks that are in the running.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            Nickelodeon had such wonderful British cartoons before they opened their own studio and started “Nicktoons”.

    • Anti Everything

      fox is simply corporate media no different then any other entertainment ‘program’. If we watch any of them we become dumb(er).

      • Janel Hairston

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      • Alice Vasquez

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        • Anti Everything

          fuck off

    • Pat Pace

      He is not speaking for me. I am a principled Constitutional Conservative. Trump speaks for Trump and his progressive friends. DUMPTRUMP.

  • Harriet

    And….whose truth?!!

  • caligirl1960

    If they are Illegal they should be deported!

  • Robert Chambers

    Remember Reagan also skipped this debate when he ran

    • bosunj

      Not this debate. HIS third debate.

    • MO4freedom

      His staff did…and he fired them, then won.

  • Inlandmar2

    Islamophobic? Who? Me? Damn right! Until the Muslims start seriously and convincingly denounce the attacks of extremists on innocent civilian targets.

    • Gene Harris

      Problm is their targets are non believers. it’s a supposid “Religous Cult” not a military

    • kinky

      Fuck yourself in the mouth. After what you bloody Americans have been doing for the last 15 years, targeting innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, killing millions of Muslims, the San Bernardino false flag attack is not even worth a spec of dust in severity. Bloody filthy Christians. Filthy slaves of Jews.

      • gransix

        And you can take your hate mongering, anti American, anti-Christian racist lies of innocence of killing thousands of decent non-terrorist citizens under the name of Islam and Isis to the Hell that is waiting for all of you! Disgusting denials and language reveal your terrorist deceit. If you live in any Christian nation, especially America, please get out and take your friends.

        • kinky

          I’d prefer to drown in the sea than to live in your rotting slave land. You think you’re a great nation by being in perpetual war with one nation or the other for over 212 years of your 240 year history? You have destroyed mankind with your war machines and Christian terrorism, killing humans by tens of millions. So take you “decent non-terrorist citizens” crap and shove it up your Christian ass. BTW, the language I’m speaking on this forum is unique to this forum. When speaking to an American, speak in the language they understand. And who told you I’m a Muslim? The entire world, and not just Muslims, is sick of you filthy Americans and there are new ones hating you for all that you’ve done.

          • bigmurr

            We can arrange that you pig eating fool! Pigs blood on you!

          • Inlandmar2

            I’d be more than willing to help you with this one – “I’d prefer to drown in the sea than to live in your rotting slave land”

          • gransix

            Pathetic and unworthy of any responses to this evil rhetoric.

        • geo1671

          Listen 2 me—America has been killing millions since 1700s. Over 125 countries invaded and numerous ones destroyed. Quickie—WACO killings–Slick Willy got off–Sept 11 2001 Israel Bombings killed 3000 innocent american and only one Jew–and G.W. Bush it–got off scot free. Wake up! Even Satan fears jUSA
          Hey about LBJ (USS Liberty killings) or Senior Bush’it involved in killing JFK

          • gransix

            This response shows your evil, world hating mind.
            Done with responses to your inhumane ugliness.

      • medicis

        Who runs the US corp? Which has slaughtered millions over the years? It ain’t Christians. It is and has been directed by the Khazarian mafia. Exclusively.

      • bigmurr

        …but we obviously haven’t killed enough!

      • Glenn Festog

        As opposed to those upstanding refugees molesting hundreds of women and girls in Europe?

      • Inlandmar2

        Oh, that’s rich! A very intelligent response(not). Next time try posting something intelligent.

      • Everyones ancestors, throughout History, have killed their enemy, taken their land, women, and possessions, and enslaved the conquered, in one way or another. Some are just better at it.
        I have strong suspicions that if the radical Muslims would stop killing innocent people by flying airplanes into buildings and suicide bombings, and destroying ancient artifacts, etc… non-Muslim radicals and Christians etc… would not want them all dead.
        Don’t pick a fight with the USA if you can’t take the heat. Now if we only had leaders like we had 70 years ago, we would not be taking so long to end this crap.

      • Wedge

        you just perfectly illustrated why we don’t want you or your kind here! thank you for making our point!

  • Martin Sweetman

    Just as We The People have discovered that our elected officials seek only to serve themselves. We now are witnessing the Media practicing the same self serving tactics aimed at pleasing their masters. No longer is it in their interests to provide “Just the facts” to let We The People decide and opine on the issues presented.

  • Rae

    I can’t wait for Trump to win!!! TRUMP 2016!!!!

  • Brian McMichael

    I’m done with fox. Go fuck your sheep.

    • Anti Everything

      oh good, your brain will slowly begin to function properly and intellect will return! I am living proof. Welcome back!!!

  • Jason

    I find it hilarious that so many find this shocking. I don’t think Trump is “brilliant” for skipping it, but rather should be detrimental. I still have no clue how he plans to go about doing a lot of what he says he’s going to do. This may end up hurting him more. Aside from Trump saying that he’s just going to make great deals, it would’ve been nice to see and/or hear him explain them. It’s a bit of empty rhetoric for quite sometime, and will continue for even longer.

    • sgb1

      I think he is brilliant in refusing to walk into an ambush.

    • Gene Harris

      If you think about it look at how all the candidates tell you what they are going to do then do none of it. if the plan is to expel illegal immigrants what matter does it matter how as long as the task is done. if he said he was going to provide free stuff that would tell you hold on to your wallet cause there are no freebees and this taxing of the 1% is and will always hurt the ones it is supposed to help.

    • Captain America

      The ratings have already dropped like a rock. Trump did the best move, He took Iowa’s eyes from it by holding an event and took his supporters from it. That was a classic smart thing to do and it will pay off. I knew what would happen anyone with common sense seen this. lmao, I bet Cruz got the questions ahead of time. Good move on Trumps part.

  • sgb1

    I have to admit that I had the local Fox news on tonight. They talked about this issue and posted quotes from locals who said they were going to watch the debate without him. They said that plenty of Trump fans said they were not watching the debate. For some reason, they didn’t give any numbers.

  • jan brady

    when the powers that be don’t like a candidate it simply means that candidate represents a change. was bush good for you? has soetoro been good for you? maybe what you need is to change things up, after all anything that pisses the PTB off must be a good thing.

  • Danna

    I don’t believe the illegals or the muslim should have any say so about what our government does. Illegal means not legal.

    • kinky

      Raping that 11 year old Iraqi girl in front of her parents and then burning the entire family to ash by your cannibal Christian marines is perfectly legal, huh?

      • Peter South

        That’s enough

        • kinky

          Truth does bite hard, ain’t it. Only cowards say ‘that’s enough’ when confronted with facts.

          • The MadScot

            kinky your “facts” are not facts but propaganda lies generated by the Lefttards and muzzies themselves. What is truth and there are plenty of videos from the jhadists themselves since THEY are so PROUD of their actions is the raping of children and women, outright murder of women and children, by the Muzzie jihadists. Not by any of the US military.

          • Rattschidtt

            Only cowards hide behind a screen to insult Marines.

          • Glenn Festog

            I guess all of those German women and girls who said “that’s enough” to their Mudlim refugee molesters/rapists were just cowards then

      • bigmurr

        Moron! How’s that?

      • Rattschidtt

        LINK??? I thought not.Piss Off leftist troll!

      • Ryan Schneider.

        “Why, you great fool! ….. I know that noble orders have bad knights, that good knights have bad tempers, that the Church has rough priests and coarse cardinals; I have known it ever since I was born. You fool! you had only to say, ‘Yes, it is rather a shame,’ and I should have forgotten the affair. But I saw on your mouth the twitch of your infernal sophistry; I knew that something was wrong with you and your (institutions). Something is wrong; everything is wrong. You are not (a messenger)….”
        The Ball and The Cross, by G.K. Chesterton,
        with two paraphrasments by me.

      • The 11 year old Iraqi girl was probably raped by her relatives. They blamed the Marines to cover it up. Muslims are like ghetto blacks. They lie to protect scumbags at the expense of the innocent.

        • Glenn Festog

          I think you’re confusing “ghetto blacks” with “American Police”.

    • tellthetruth2016

      But , I read Ms too cute Megyn got her magazine cover……….

      • Mike

        asshole trump gets his I spit on his.

    • Shaun Plander

      If you lived somewhere in constant fear for your life and your family
      members had been murdered and you had no jobs or opportunities because
      your city was being blown to bits would you wanna stay there or….?

      • Glenn Festog

        Ask people in Detroit…….

      • Mary Curry

        If that is so, why didn’t those same men take their families with them when they left? They left them to starve and die. But then any culture that values goats above their women not worthy of respect and should be shot on sight

    • I dropped Fox News after the dumb blonde pulled her BS. Trump doesn’t need them.

      • Diane Cushman

        I think I am going to follow you lead and dump FOX also. What a shame, I really thought they were a good network….

  • psadie

    IF true then Trump did the right thing. He is a patriot and is DISGUSTED with all of those involved with running the country so let HIM have at it. I am tired of debates anyway!

  • s88m88h .

    Fox news is just despicable. This is so filthy.

  • Marsha

    I got TB from an illegal Central American kid. I’m so sick. Stuck near these kids coughing up blood in Charlotte airport in July. Months of sickness and thousands of dollars spent. My health might never be the same. It can happen to you, or your kids, or your parents. Keep these people OUT.

  • Dorothy Davidson

    So Donald avoided what amount to an ambush that was awaiting him if he had participated in this debate…Good for you Donald! Used to watch Fox regularly…Not anymore!

    • tellthetruth2016

      Now, let’s see how the other candidates handle it…….Jeb and Rubio will say they come with Love….

  • Julie Gonsalves

    So even with #Trump not there – with this his name will still dominate the debates!!

    • Captain America

      lol he already won and didn’t even show up lmao, Mygen Kelly should face the facts her career is over and should be. Fox should never be allowed to hold another debate.

      • tellthetruth2016

        But, I read Ms. Too cute got that magazine cover…….Now she’s a STaR………..

  • sam schaeffer

    No wonder the republican party can’t win a presidential election,their own party keeps sabotaging their own candidates !! Liberals are idiots,but at least they know enough not to go after one of their own in a Presidential race,let alone their front runner !!

    • Howard Wright

      Have you seen Hillary and Sanders lately. Their voters are just too stupid to notice or care.

  • Mike Sheard

    All GOP candidates should refuse to answer a question from an illegal.

    • Captain America

      They openly break the law by aiding and abedding an illegal alien. Its funny the left only want to abide by the laws they want too. They are above the law.

    • tellthetruth2016

      I think Fox just got TRUMPED……….

  • Fungus

    Murdoch is filth.

    • kinky

      So is Trump.

      • White ghost

        So is allah

  • Bill Hughes

    Hey bitch if you don’t like America do us a favor and drag your sorry ass back to the land of goat fuckers,

    • kinky

      Yeah, she has to move out of the land of motherfuckers, granny-fuckers, and heterosexual bitches.

  • Captain America

    Lol, Fox are a bunch of morons. Sure lets put legal American tax payers out of work with these crappy bills that they keep passing. Lets allow half the world to come to the US and take our jobs. Hell maybe we won’t have to pay for them no more and they can pay for us. (Sarcasm), Our country has went to crap and that is exactly why I am voting for Trump, They have took 2 hundred years of work and life and pissed all over with these moronic politicians that don’t care but to line their pockets and go retire in their palaces. Time to clean house and fire a bunch of jackass crooked worthless politicians. Hell hang them and make an example.

    • White ghost

      Well put brother

    • laughing fool


      Hang ’em high and pull on their feet, fuckers.

  • Gstephens

    So, commonsense policy aimed at protecting Americans from unknown and unvetted Syrians–potential jihadis–is now Islamaphobic. Similarly, insisting that current immigration laws be enforced as required of a president by the Constitution is bigotry. Megyn? I’m not sure, but I believe a person can be elected president without her vote. Lately, she seems to be pushing for a favored seat next to Whoopi. I’m not a solid Trump supporter, but I have even more trouble considering voting for a candidate who does not espouse these two supposed bigoted and phobic policy beliefs.

  • Danny Chase

    Islam is the religion of hate and beheads people over a cartoon. All muslims should be required to prove they are not violent by drawing Mohamed.

    • kinky

      The beheadings by ISIS were all staged drama by Rita Katz. Bloody ignorant Americans, don’t even know how many sides a triangle has.

      • White ghost

        You mother fucker.
        Your Muslims are the most murdering cocksuckers that ever walked the earth.
        Fuck you and your religion

      • Rattschidtt

        Says the Brit who is now a DHIMMI

      • Greg

        LOL kinky … tell IT … like it is!

  • Frank

    I wonder how the rest of the candidates will be treated by the new questioners.

  • dkw

    Duh.. It is a debate not a fricking show. The moderators are not participants and they should not be inviting others to try to debate with the candidates. Its a debate between the candidates. Moderators take a back seat and ask questions about policy and remain neutral.

  • Melanie Schielder

    “The current social environment for Muslims today is not safe or just”

    really? and you never asked yourself why? well how about looking at the facts of what’s going on in the world today, “radical” Muslims are terrorizing non Muslims in many countries, including their own, Muslims were caught celebrating on 9-11 in New Jersey, so called “moderate” Muslims have had MANY chances to go out and voice that they weren’t involved, nor do they condone the action of a so called “few”, no you didn’t march at any time proclaiming that you are really “peaceful” Muslims, time and time again groups of Muslims in this very country have proven they refuse to assimilate and become AMERICANS, but no you just decided to make up a word, toss it in everyones face, and “claim” victimization because people have come to see through all the lies that is associated with Islam and still claim you’re not safe, bunch of hog wash is all I see

  • kinky

    “…even after Muslims slaughter Americans in terror acts such as San Bernardino…”. Really! How can a dead Muslim with hands and feet tied, slaughter living non-Muslims? What BS. BTW, how many Muslims have been slaughtered in terror acts by bloody Americans all over the Middle East? Get me a number you filthy animals.

  • kinky

    This is not ‘top right’ news portal. This is ‘Righteous Gentile’ news portal.

  • Ted Dura

    good for the donald he has a sixth sense and smelled a rat-
    If i were him i’d have nothing more to do with fox PERIOD
    or o’rielly who was trying to convince donald to change his mind–i’m saying he knew and was part of the setup—some friggen friend !! he can shove his 15 vanilla milkshakes up his ass !!

  • John Redmond

    Looks like Faux wants to be a contender for the Yearly dishonors awards for the most stupid and dishonest networks. Currently MSNBC and CNN have been winning the top dishonors awards.

    • Greg

      Very true … I loved watching O’Reilly ADMIT HE LIED when Mr. Trump called him out on his lie.

      • John Redmond

        FAUX showing its true colors

  • kinky

    The problem with Trump is that he is as ignorant as rest of the fartholes commenting on this forum. Trump the ignorant is the right candidate for an equally thick-headed ignorant Americans.

  • Shadowsdancer_f

    Trump in 2016!……Muslims and illegals have no say whatsoever in this United States, if you don’t like it here……”GO BACK “…..”GET OUT” Your not wanted……Quit your crying,LEARN, English AND RESPECT OUR VALUES and stop accepting freebies. You are offensive to True Americans. People that work for a living, believe in God, pay taxes and law abiding citizens who respect “OUR LAWS” The bible,our 10 commandments, The Declaration of Independence and most of all “The Constitution of The United States” Our Flag for which she stands…….If you do not believe in what the “United States” stands for ‘GET OUT”………If this offends you, GOOD, because you offend me!

  • Robin

    This is why Fox News has become irrelevant to real conservatives. Let’s see how Jeb! And the rest of the losers left on stage deal with these so called YouTube stars.

    • Greg

      LOL Robin …

  • Nickelthrower

    This was a smart move by Trump. By not taking the stage, no one is going to bother to tune in. This starves his opponents of air time.

    Trump kept a reality TV show on the air for 14 Seasons! This man knows exactly how all of this works.

    • tellthetruth2016

      I hope he raises millions of dollars for our wounded vets…….They deserve every bit of it……..
      TRUMP does not play their games and that’s why they hate him……..But I agree with Trump
      Our wounded vets have the biggest smiles on their faces and better attitudes than we do….

      Bless you Mr. Trump, What you are doing is so much more important And I’ll have my checkbook out
      Ready to donate to our greatest people…………Because I know these damn politicians won’t ……..

      The Illegals coming into our Country are treated better than our Vets And that’s a shame……….

      • White ghost

        You’re right. Illegals are tested better then our vets and our seniors as well

        • White ghost


  • Ambush is all about surprise. It therefore makes complete sense for a commander-in-chief to skirt an ambush that he or she is the first to suspect.

    But when every mainstream media outlet on the planet knows ever detail about an upcoming ambush, where is the element of surprise? Anyone unable to plan to meet such an “ambush” head-on when there is that much advance warning is unqualified for the job of commander-in-chief.

  • pj4me

    Frankly, I’m getting sick of the Muslims telling Americans what we can or cannot say! This Nation STILL, for the moment, has free speech. It’s our First Amendment right! If you don’t like it, LEAVE! Someone can criticize my religion, and that is their prerogative. It’s not anyone’s place to STOP anyone from speaking their mind. If we do that, we might as well just throw out the Constitution. (BO would like that) To reiterate: Free speech it is our first amendment right!!! So Muslims, DEAL WITH IT! Just like I have to deal with OBAMA MOCKING MY RELIGION — MY BIBLE AND MY CHRISTIANITY!

  • tellthetruth2016

    I hope Fox News ratings fall like a rocket…………This is a New low for GOPe and Fox……..

  • retired_geek

    Could it be that we are seeing the beginnings of a “sea change” at Fox. Could it be that “Uncle Roger” feels that there is more money in being the “opposition?”

    Just as he was able to corner the market rallying the conservatives against the likes of liberals like Obama, Nancy P, and Harry R, maybe he thinks that with it likely that a conservative will win the White House now is the time to switch to the new opposition.”

    Or maybe that’s going Roger to much credit.

    • kinky

      Seems plausible.

  • bosunj

    Lets be clear. DUHmerica is an embarrassment to itself and the planet. Arguing over which DUHmerican is more embarrassing is just moronic.

    Certainly proves that FOX so-called news is anything but fair and balanced however.

  • geo1671

    FoxJews are trying to destroy Donald Dump. Question should be why and what gain. The Jewish establishment did the same to JFK. Donald does not take orders. Biggest mistake he did—said he could get along with Putin.
    Most Americans are obtuse and fed lies.I fear for for Donald’s safety.
    Lot of crack pots in America, if the all Jewish media keeps up the hatred, someone will end Donald’s future as president :^(

  • Goodforall

    I am so done with Fox-they have lost their way and have joined the ranks of the lame stream media. Good for Trump-he made the correct decision. This was an ambush just waiting to happen.

  • elizabethrc

    Let this news go viral. I’m sending it along to people I know who will spread this outrageous action by FOX. A former supporter of FOX, I think it’s time to put a lid on it.

  • Cornczech

    I grew up in El Paso…my entire family grew up there…and I can tell you, El Paso is NOT the “safest city” in the US. While it is NOT like Chicago, there are a LOT of drugs being run through that city, gang activity and a myriad of other problems one finds in a border town. My brother called it a “Biker town” and he works for the police in that city.
    Now, that being said, Hispanics are VERY family oriented..however, in Chicago, Milwaukee and a bunch of other cities, there are entire neighborhoods that when you was through them it is like you have arrived in a town in Mexico and instead of American flags flying proudly, there are MEXICAN flags proudly being waved. Call me a bigot all you want…but I completely agree with Trump on his issues with immigration…MY family, who immigrated from Scotland and Czechoslovakia had to go through the NORMAL procedures to become American citizens…and I NEVER saw any of them fly ANY flag but the American flag. Just my opinion, of course…..

  • Ron

    I can’t wait for Trump to win!!! TRUMP 2016, nice trap, bad for Fox News…

  • Christus_Regeln

    Betting Trump has insiders at FOX looking out for him.

  • Ted Dura

    our debates are for our citizens inviting muslim and mexican illegals to vette our candidates is preposterous–why then don’t the invite PUTIN, OR THE IATOLLAH OR IRAN to throw in their two cents !!! if i were donald i’d make’em pay down the road with no access to any govt info or functions period.

  • MO4freedom

    He’s afraid of them too? Reality check: this will happen any way.

  • George Meyer

    Trump is a very smart man and I believe he will do his best to return the nation back to the people

  • Greg

    It was fun watching O’Reilly eat humble pie and beg Mr. Trump to attend the debate. He even had to admit he lied to Mr. Trump and asked a question he promised NOT to ask. But, the best part will be when Mr. Trump puts Hillary Clinton on “public trial” if the FBI and Justice Department decide to cover up her crimes against the USA with her Emails. The dishonest media needs to get a clue: Mr Trump is brutally honest and does NOT play defense, ever.

  • Rosech Levy

    The more they fight Trump, the more they get knocked out. These invitees are against America and hence so is Fox. I stopped watching all these TV “supposed” news programs a long time ago and only read foreign news as it is more true and open than the garbage spewed by these channels. Trump is our trumpet to bring down the walls of Jericho and with this trumpet he is telling this country’s scoundrels/crooks/liars/cheats/etc. that it is time to end the charade and he is going to do it. Like myself, Dr. Savage and I believe Trump are Nationalists meaning we want OUR NATION BACK and no more false conservative BS because there are really very few true conservatives because most are just wearing the sign and acting the opposite, i.e., those we elected Republican representatives who have betrayed their oaths of office and give Obama everything he wants, and rips us off as usual.

  • Wedge

    Really do not give a rats ass what the ILLEGAL who has been here ILLEGALLY now for decades has to say! build the wall, fence guards whatever you need to do, and get this mmigration under control. YOU ARE HERE ILLEGALLY CLOWN!

  • Robert Schwartz

    Hence the name” Faux News” !!!!!!

  • Robert Schwartz


  • Union Lacktivist

    These attacks are going to backfire.

  • sosorryononame

    How come she’s not wearing a Burqa? She could sure use it.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Rupert Murdoch, the Israel FIRST, AUSTRALIAN has run up his TRUE COLORS of the RAINBOW-NWO-COLLECTIVIST flag
    FOX is the “controlled opposition” and is no more “Conservative” than the Clintons.
    Why does no one question the “program” of FOX AFFILIATES? On their “news” channel they promote “conservative” values and all that. But turn to FOX ENTERTAINMENT and they are pushing GLEE, FAMILY GUY, and numerous other shows propagandizing FOR homosexuality, pedophilia, drug abuse, and all the things FOX NEWS claims to be against. Yet their viewers sit like unquestioning slugs and parrot the PARTY LINE.
    NOW they have “” A COMPLETE SELL-OUT of the FOX NEWS followers, this channel SUPPORTS ILLEGALS.

  • Zaphod Braden

    The more they FEAR Trump, the more I LOVE him.

  • Bloo6um

    Fuck Rupert cocksucker

  • Ghost Wolf

    Trump should find a way to sue them and own them

  • Scott Gordon

    Fox news will loser watchers tonight as well as sponsorship, the tripe nonsense of fox news saying they are fair and balanced is a ruse, they are unfair and imbalanced, they push the far right agenda only if you play nice with them, megyn needs to quit bleeding all over the place.

  • Scott Gordon
  • Skymouth

    Trump is running scared from a debate yet he claims he can take down ISIS! LOL! What a poser!

  • Bob Hewitt

    The current social environment for Muslims today is not safe or just…? It is what they made it

  • Boy do we need Mr. Trump in the Oval Office! The sooner the better, we need to make America Great again! God Bless these United States of America, and All who would serve her.

  • Mary Curry

    It seems that Murdock has never been to El Paso. Asshole.

  • Wedge

    they should of had CBP on hand to arrest the illegal, and drag her away in chains. that would be true justice!

  • pbr90

    Trump would be foolish to attend debate aimed at ambushing him again.
    Let GOP lose their election, and dump their own party.
    They deserve it, & their performance so far is miserable!


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