Bans all “Redskins” Items From Their Website – But Look at What They Still Allow to Be Sold


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

Hypocrisy, thy name is

The very popular website where people sell their handmade or vintage goods made waves this week when they announced that they are now banning items with the “Redskins” logo or name. Their rationale…

(I)t has long been against our policies to allow content on our site that demeans people based upon race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation….

You may have been following the struggle of one ethnic group that has made a lot of headlines lately: Native Americans and their fight against the Washington, D.C. professional football team name and mascot, which they have long considered offensive, disparaging, and racist.

(W)e at Etsy find the opinion of the minority group itself to carry most weight in determining whether the mascot is disparaging. In no uncertain terms, Native American groups have consistently advocated and litigated that the term “redskin(s)” is disparaging and damaging to Native Americans. Therefore, it will no longer be permitted in our marketplace.

Of course, that last part about Native Americans “consistently” opposing the Redskins moniker is complete nonsense, as TRN has repeatedly documented. One poll reported that the vast majority of Native Americans are not offended by the Redskins moniker. And in fact dozens of Native-majority school districts use the “Redskins” team name themselves, including one Arizona school that is 100% Navajo. Indians have even contributed to a video showing their pride in the logo that was designed by a Native American, and saying that “Redskins” is a honorable depiction.

But more ridiculous are the products that Etsy does allow to be sold on its website. Take a look and decide whether these permitted goods are less “offensive, disparaging, or racist”…

Here’s a lovely little Adolf Hitler figurine you can get on Etsy for only $25…


And if you liked that and play guitar, Etsy would like to interest you in a nice swastika pick…


And if that strikes your fancy, you are sure to have someone on your Christmas list who will enjoy this Klu Klux Klan penknife — made in Germany, no less!


Or perhaps you would enjoy this “vintage” “Negro” doll. Nothing “offensive, disparaging, or racist” about that at all, eh, Etzy?


Great complimentary print for the wall above the doll. Racist stereotypes? A-Ok with




Oh well, hypocrisy is a bitch. Thankfully one t-shirt slipped under their “Redskins” radar that expresses how the vast majority of Americans feel about this fake controversy.  An ESPN poll shows that more than seven in ten Americans support Washington’s NFL franchise keeping its nickname.



 Think Etsy’s policy is ridiculous? You can let them know at this email


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