ESPN Host Who Called Trump a ‘White Supremacist’ Just Got Some BAD News

by Gina Cassini | TRN

ESPN’s Jemele Hill, best known for calling President Trump a “white supremacist,” will no longer host SportsCenter, after ratings plummeted for the network’s top show.

In September, Hill notably became a subject of national conversation following a string of tweets in response to comments about President Donald Trump, including one where she called the President “a white supremacist.” It was a clear violation of ESPN on-air rules.

Hill refused to take back her comment and instead decided to double down:

I thought everybody knew [Trump was a white supremacist],” Hill said. “I thought water was wet. I didn’t think I was saying anything that was shocking. It had been said before and unfortunately, people comb through your replies now.

Hill also called the president a “bigot” and “unqualified and unfit to be president.”

If he were not white, he never would have been elected,” Hill continued.

A White House spokeswoman called for Hill to be fired and Trump also responded to Hill on Twitter.

ESPN released a statement saying Hill’s comments “do not represent the position of ESPN,” and later, the network suspended Hill for two weeks for violating its social media policy.

President Trump called out Hill’s failing ratings a month after her comments.

Today, ESPN — already hurt by falling ratings for its racially-charged, anthem-kneeling NFL broadcasts — made her suspension permanent:

Hill will now be a writer for the ESPN-owned blog “The Undefeated” — a site which “examines sports through the a racial, and cultural lens.” Meaning, it is as obsessed with radical anti-White views as Ms. Hill, and should be a perfect fit for her. Good riddance!


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