‘Empire’ Actress Claims Her Son Was ‘Racially Profiled’ – But Police Dashcam Tells a VERY Different Story


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A star of the hit TV show Empire was caught in a bald-faced lie after dashcam video revealed her son was not racially profiled by L.A. County police, as she had claimed.

Taraji P. Henson, an Academy Award- and Emmy-nominated actress — who is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live on April 11 — told Uptown Magazine that her son was profiled for his race in Glendale, where he was stopped by police. She also told the magazine that police searched his car illegally.

But as dashcam video (below) released by the L.A. Times today clearly showed, Glendale police did no such thing — and in fact bent over backwards to be kind to a 20-year old Marcel Johnson, who had committed multiple infractions.

The footage from Oct. 18 shows the officer driving in traffic about 10:10 p.m. in Glendale when the actress’ son, who is in a Honda Civic ahead of him, drives through a lighted crosswalk as a person walks across. His race was not apparent in the video as he was driving.

Nor was any profiling. Lie #1 by Mom. Quite the contrary. When the cop smells mariijuana smoke, he respectfully asks Johnson if he has anything illegal. Johnson admits it.

He told the officer he has a state-issued medical marijuana license but couldn’t find it.

“I appreciate you being honest with me about the weed. I do appreciate that because I do smell weed,” the officer said.

Reports are Johnson has no such license. But back to the video. Henson’s son says he also has Ritalin but without a prescription as it belongs to a friend, which is illegal.

“You know you’re not supposed to have that, right?” the officer told him.

He then consented and allowed the officer to search his car. At that point, the officer was joined by two other officers and a police cadet.

Oops. So much for mama’s assertion that he gave no such consent. Lie #2. Cops found the pot (infraction), and also hashish oil (another infraction) and some drug paraphernalia.

So now we have two possible misdemeanors and a moving violation, and no racial profiling anywhere to be found.

So what did the evil racist officer do next? He cut the kid a big break:

The officer decided not to cite him for the original infraction because it would have a lasting effect on his driving record. Instead, he cited the young man for possessing marijuana.

I am not going to give you a citation for running that yellow because that would actually put a moving violation on your driving license, and you are going to have to go to traffic school and all that stuff, so I am helping you by not giving you a violation on it. All I am going to do is take the weed from you,” he said.

“It felt like this was a little better than the other one,” he said. “I am giving this to you too because you smoked weed about two hours ago… and a warning if you have Ritalin on you and you’re not supposed to, don’t do it. That’s a big violation and I wouldn’t want to do that to you.”

The horror! According to his mommy Taraji P. Henson, you would have thought he burned a cross next to the car.

Another celebrity lie about police racism. Last September Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts lied about being racially profiled by the LAPD after being arrested by cops.  Turns out she and her boyfriend were having sex in their car in a residential L.A. neighborhood with a car door open and children nearby.

Here’s the damning video of the nicest “racist” cop you’ll ever see…

Momma’s got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. And she owes a big fat apology to the Glendale police.

UPDATE: She apologized. According to CNN:

Henson retracted her accusations Friday, and publicly apologized to the Glendale Police Department.

“A mother’s job is not easy and neither is a police officer’s,” she said in a post on Instagram. “Sometimes as humans we overreact without gathering all of the facts. As a mother in this case I overreacted and for that I apologize. Thank you to that officer for being kind to my son.”

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  • Robert Chambers

    big portion of video is missing from 10:18 until 10:49. 31 minutes not there

    • Les K

      Let me guess. that’s the time the beat the crap outta him right? And still let him drive away?

    • Missy

      Its when he got did the sobriety test. If you paid attention the officer mentioned it.. duhhhh

      • Clifton Lloyd

        Not to mention the fact that it takes that long to search a vehicle, bags, etc.

    • Monk

      So what…Do you think in 31 minutes he beat the kid up or what? That was the time the officer was running the kid for priors. Don’t try to make something out of nothing. THAT’S THE PROBLEM!

    • Barb Trombley Rix

      That time may have been while the officer was in the car doing his paperwork and just cut it out to shorten the video…sounds good on paper

    • shawn boles

      C’mon Robert, use your noodle and look at the whole picture. Theres no conspiracy here,…but I think the X-Files is returning soon !!

      • Robert Chambers

        no one says anything about a conspiracy but if you do not want to be questioned about the stop you have to show all of it. If he turned the camera off he is in the wrong and if they cut out those minutes why? If they go to court with the minutes missing the police will loose. All I am saying is make sure you show all of it so there is no questions

        • chopper

          I am sure he did not turn it off, but the people here just edited that out, unless you wanted to watch all the boring stuff. Maybe you can send for the entire unedited version and see all the racist stuff you are missing here.

  • Jerry Erb

    oh yea major race ……. NOT
    gave the kid bug time breaks
    tell you what though, if i was still in blue, the way it is not i would hammer everyone because of the BS the race baiting out there.

  • Skyhawk

    The next black person to take responsibility for their actions will be the first.

    • American me

      Probably the “first” black person to take responsibility will “be the last”>…….lol

      • Torrey Davon Green

        Says the racist coward who hides his face.

        • Bryan ĸ McDonald

          The ignorance displayed in these posts is utterly astounding. They all hide behind memes and rhetoric and false names. cowards one and all.

    • Mary Kay Higgins

      I have some black friends who are honest, very hardworking, and take responsibility for all of their actions. Of course, they are over 50 years old and spent a good deal of time in the military. I don’t like painting with a broad paintbrush, although I do admit that much of what is in the public eye is more like what you implied.

      • Skyhawk

        I readily admit that there are lots of good black people. However, as a rule the black community is lazy, dishonest, racist and,violent. I wasn’t raised that way, I came to my conclusions through a lifetime of experience and empirical evidence.

    • Bryan ĸ McDonald

      Just hours after a 40-minute video showing an encounter between Glendale police and Henson’s son went viral, the “Empire” actress apologized for accusing officers of racial profiling.San Diego leaders seek more study of alleged racial profiling by police

      “I would like to publicly apologize to the officer and the Glendale Police Department,” she said in an Instagram message with the hashtag #TurningANegativeIntoAPositive


      • Dellburt


      • Skyhawk

        1 down, 30 million to go? Feel better now lib? Bet you won’t live near them though right?

        • Bryan ĸ McDonald

          Wow, conservatives are hysterical. You have no idea what my political preference is by the post I made. it was a factual presentation with no personal commentary whatsoever. Yet you chose to attack ad hominem simply because you disliked the fact that Johnson apologized.

          Well, you got the “lib” part correct but not for the reason you thought.

          I feel no different now than before I read the article or before she made the accusations or the apology. I could care less what she says unless she’s reading from a script.

          If by “them” you are referring to anyone other than your own bigoted, lilly white basement living overweight virgin self, I would “live” wherever I can find shelter, after having been homeless for a blessedly short time in 1987 I have learned that if I can be indoors when it’s cold I don’t really care who happens to dwell in the other homes nearby. I grew up in a neighborhood that was 30% African American 15% Polish, 15% hispanic and 30% white. The only people I won’t “live:” near are ignorant conclusion jumpers like yourself.

          • Skyhawk

            I knew when I wrote that you wouldn’t live near them that you would come back with a sad story of hard times and being part of the struggle. Liberals are so predictable. Just like your laughable attempt at describing me. Sorry, I’m educated, successful, happy, stable, a USMC vet, in shape and have a great family. I have no beef with and respect many individual black people. However, I am done with seeing the black community attack and seek to destroy white America. I will call it how it is and both empirical and anecdotal evidence support me.
            You can continue to be a clueless, whiney liberal because you are essentially cowards. Accepting everything and standing for nothing is easy, not courageous. So piss off.

          • Bryan ĸ McDonald

            So you “knew” when you wrote that I wouldn’t live near “them” but you seem to have a problem with reading comprehension seeing as how I grew up in a mixed race neighborhood. I work alongside people of every race, creed and color and I serve people of every race creed and color. I treat every one of my patients exactly the same whether they are African American or Asian or White. I have patients that are nearly homeless and patients that live in million dollar homes. To me they are individuals, just as we all are. It’s a really neat concept you should look into it.

            Your reading comprehension isn’t the only skill that’s lacking, your perception and ability to determine what political affiliation someone is is poor because you base it on a few sentences in an online discussion group. I tried to help you out and give you a clue but like so many things in your sad pathetic life it completely escaped you. I am a registered Libertarian, and rarely see eye to eye with any “Liberal” on anything.

            I didn’t defend Henson because I’m a liberal I defended her because you and others like you jump to conclusion far too quickly – just like she did – and you base your comments and beliefs on stereotypes.

            I highly doubt that you were ever a Marine. The Marines I know would never be as disrespectful as you are, they have far too much class for that.

            You know NOTHING about me yet you jumped to all kinds of conclusions because you disagreed with FACTS that I posted about a situation that you probably didn’t even read the full report on.

            Bigots like you are doomed to forever wallow in your own self pity because you think you know what everyone is about and in reality you haven’t got the first clue.

    • Kevin Reutzel

      first one I knew of years ago was Darth Vader… told Luke…”i am your Father”

  • Ken Darby

    The officers should sue her A$$ Off!

    • Marti

      For real- and I hope the case is heard on Judge Judy so I can see the strip torn off of her.

      • TrishaLee

        Judge Judy is Small Claims. Not Traffic Court.

        • Marti

          If the LEO sues her for defamation of character as the result of her lie, then it can go to small claims court..depending on how much he sues her for.

        • Ibulena

          The cop would not be taking her to traffic court.

    • linacostaa

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      • upndnglo

        Don’t do this crap here.

      • Sorrier

        Can’t help but wonder if she was just reiterating a story told to her by her son? Because young college age kids never lie when they are caught doing something wrong do they…. I know my parents would have taken that hook line and sinker… Think about it. Why would a star of her caliber put out a story like that. I suspect she honestly thought it to be true.

        • chopper

          Well, a reasonable mother would have it checked out before passing it on as fact to the press. It would have taken some time to do this though, so she took the easier route, believed her angel and condemned the entire town and college falsely. Not exactly mom of the year!

          • Jon Johnson

            I agree, but in all truth the overwhelming majority of black women …in particular aren’t reasonable, but only want to attack anyone, and everyone who disagrees with them. Not, to mention “poor” parenting skills!

        • Sues

          Well, her caliber has just taken a nose dive in my estimation. I’ll be sure to not watch her in anything again and hope they cancel her new show or at least bump her off it like they did on Person of Interest.

          • Jon Johnson

            Words of wisdom! I concur! This woman is a real piece of work, but she has a lot of company too!…lol

        • Torrey Davon Green

          I doubt the boy would make up a story like that. The cop was VERY kind to him, I’ve met some real pigs! I went to two art schools, I never met a truthful actress, they all lie and exaggerate.

          • Jon Johnson

            Sounds, just like who? Yep! Just like Black women!

    • Savior

      She’s going to sue about this lying article because she’s got proof you racist idiot

      • Ken Darby

        What proof is that? Oh, and F-U Loser

      • Ibulena

        The mother already publi ally apologized for her false accusation. Go look it up. Stop acting like a spoiled bigoted child!

  • A-Train

    Honestly don’t see the person in the cross walk. That said, sure didn’t seem ‘racist’.

    • Byron Shutt

      Look again he comes very close to clipping them.

  • Joni Short Hamilton

    How does it feel to be outed for flat out lie Momma? Great example for your kid.

    • Savior

      This has been tampered with and I don’t trust you pink ppl on anything! You’re liars and you have no soul!! She’s no liar and I have copy of full tape so you racists and bigots can put your sheets & cone-hats back on now because we know who you are and you’re a joke! We’re not afraid and we’re going to keep Moving Forward by the grace of God / Jesus and you people will be left behind! Toodles!!! NO response necessary because I’ve wasted time on you idiots already, so keep it to yourself or tell your other demonic cult savages!

      • Rationalthinker

        You’re an idiot…plain and simple

      • Reed

        Wow, you’re an dumbass. The way people like you act and believe encourage and promote racism and your comments prove that you actually are one too. You only get what you deserve from the seeds that you planted.

      • Susan Reilly Wood

        If you have a full cop of the tape why don’t you post it to show us how wrong we are? If you have the guts to post it we will then decide if your copy is tampered with. Also please don’t post if you don’t want a response.

      • Robin Hinz

        do you believe god loves you for calling others names? dont throw in grace of god with any statements as you dont live in the grace of god.

        • Guest

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        • Jon Johnson

          Robin…calling people names is the “NORM” for black people…even their own. That’s, exactly why black can, and never will unite as a people. Sharpton, keep up the good work!

      • G

        Shame on you for lying false “savior”. You know nothing about Jesus or God or his grace since you are hell-bound and you are clearly one angry racist since you use racist slurs to refer to white people. You are of your father the devil who is also a liar.

        • Jon Johnson

          Sharpton does the same thing! On, one hand he talks about peace, and justice…then in the very next breath he’s talking about hating anyone that’s not black, or doesn’t agree with him! Accepting a convulteed mindset like that clearly shows why Black people are simply just LOST!

      • Mary Whitby

        If you have a video that shows otherwise, please post it so folk can see it.

      • Robert Clark

        You my friend are the obvious racist and a pretty dumb one at that!!! Put your black crutches away and play nice!!

      • Just my opinion

        What the hell are you rambling about? If you have a different video, show it! Otherwise, sthu! Obviously, this actress is a liar and this video proves it! I just don’t understand why people have to use the race card so much. It makes it like the “Little Boy a who Cried Wolf!” No one is going to believe it if it happens to be true. She owes the police a huge apology, and you need some serious help, Savior!

        • Jon Johnson

          Black people always play the “race card” when they’ve backed themselves into a corner. Then, they can invest all their waking hours in only attempting to tear down anyone that disagrees with them! It, is what it is!

          • Just my opinion

            I agree! It’s getting ridiculous. But, the mother did apologize to the officers! I was shocked to read that!

      • Ibulena

        All that hate in your heart will take a toll on you.

        • Jon Johnson

          It already has taken it’s toll! that’s why she’s here trying to defend another typical ignorant black women for the usual lying! I don’t watch that show, and now I know I never will!

      • FlCracker2

        Mighty Christian of ya, thanks.

      • Zero

        Just another lying racist porch monkey. Ghetto tree swinging thieves and welfare scum. Learn how to be grateful for life and not pin everything on whitey. Get a damn job and stop demanding white people to pay for the situation you put yourself into.

      • Jon Johnson

        Your response is exactly why no one cares for black people! Yes, she did LIE, and now everyone knows the real truth! We all recall Mike Brown’s mother saying the very same thing! And, yes she also was a big liar as well! You really have some serious issues!

      • Jon Johnson

        You, just can’t be as ignorant as you appear here! But, I’m more than sure that you are, because you have the very same negative attitude as do most black women…who always want to play the victims, but can’t even raise your kids right! So, why have them? Black women just like yourself are defacto the “real destroyers” of the African American community! And, your comments are a direct reflection of that sad mindset. And, black people wonder…”if they do at all” why your sons in particular are having the kinds of difficulties that they are experiencing. Inept mothers like you “think” they can be both mother, and father…well you can’t! Because, first you have to know how to be mothers…which means far more than just laying down, and opening your legs. and that’s as clear as MUD!

      • Don’t Respond

        I’m only replying to this to say this guy’s a troll, as a Christian, this is totally un-acceptable behavior, so please don’t use this fake as an example because this guy’s just downright… Heck, I can’t even come up with a word I’d feel comfortable using.

      • Kim

        “Pink people” isn’t that a bit racist? I agree with the thread. Let’s see that raw footage. You must be someone special to get the full tape lol

      • Joni Short Hamilton

        I learned many years ago to ignore people like you. When I say “people like you” I am talking about people that speak the way you do and then say “By the grace of God”. Pleeeeease do not throw God into your ugliness.

    • Jon Johnson

      Lots of this very same behavior going on in the black community! Nothing new about this whatsoever, because “LYING” is considered as being the “NORM”! Sad, but very true!

  • Ann Wood

    Sounds like some he said, she said issues going on to me.

  • yhujikolmmm


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  • Tesla Rawks

    They should give her a Rodney King beat down.

  • Sonita

    I loved watching her in movies, and now I have no respect for her at all. We have a hard enough tme fighting racism without someone lying about racial profiling. Good greif!

  • Craig Means

    I lived near Glendale in the 70s and early 80s, and bowled there in leagues regularly. I had a black friend who often bowled with me, and in those days, the cops would stop a black person and ask what they were doing in Glendale at night. My friend was stopped numerous times and sometimes patted down, even though he owned his own business in Los Angeles and worked security at a nearby bowling alley on the weekends. I don’t know what it’s like there now of course, I doubt that happens but then again? This though doesn’t appear to be a random action, he did commit a traffic violation.


    When will the Black Americans of this country lose the “You owe me crap”??

    • Herman Vogel

      Never,,,they are being told every day that they Deserve everything because of something that has been over for 170yrs. Oh, and it buys votes too.

      • Hawald

        show me a single one of them with the scar of a masters whip on their back.

        • Herman Vogel

          I find it hard to find ONE with Calluses on their hands.

    • Denise

      Never, because there are so many people out there catering to this lie. Until we get rid of the likes of Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, this will continue, and people will continue to bow to it. This is such a horrible way of life, and it makes all black subject to people thinking that they all believe that.

    • Nedra

      Not just the blacks, the mexicans have the same bullshit attitude and most of their stupid asses aint even legal…….WTF

    • Savior

      When we’re paid idiot!! Tell your demonic ancestors to pay up or you can pay their debts so until then, you can live with the “crap” that they left! Toodles & blessings to you!

      • Reed

        You are sick, most of the family of the people here in this country weren’t here until the 20th century. Neither of my parents were born here and rather than trying to cry about racism they worked hard and became better than the people not worthy of their time. Yet I have to still pay for your ancestors debts that you are owed although the truth is you owe them a better legacy than you’re willing to work for. That’s why you are where you are.

      • Rationalthinker

        a queer knee-grow…go figure.

      • breezy

        here is an interesting tidbit of history, research it. The first slave owner was Anthony Johnson in 1654 who was a black man. The Spanish are the ones who started slavery. Learn your history.

    • Robin Hinz

      some will always be victims

  • Adam M

    I got out of a ticket once for exibition of speed the officer told me the same thing. I started to think he let me go because of my white privledge but now I know that is not the case.

  • yeah i said it


    • Christopher

      Jack ass. Not all blacks are N words.

      • sativagrl

        Not all.

  • ted1478

    It is always whitey’s fault, no matter what. (sic)

  • passn8ldy

    Don’t know if the traffic offender lied to his mother. After all – she wasn’t there when this happened and probably didn’t know there was a dash cam. We, as mothers, tend to believe our children when they give us a breakdown of what happened. If that’s what happened (the young man lied to his mother), it’s a real shame because he could have gone to jail and had a permanent mark on his record if this officer hadn’t been so nice to him. I’m just glad for the officer that he did have the dash cam to back up how he handled this traffic stop. AND FYI – even if you didn’t see the person who tripped the flashing lights at the crosswalk – it’s a HUGE infraction in WA State if you don’t stop at the crosswalk if the lights are flashing even if you don’t see a pedestrian!

  • Patrick Bembry

    I wonder if the kid made up a story that he told his mother, not expecting it to spiral the way it did?

    • chopper

      Even if he did, the first thing she should do in that case is have it investigated. She is well-known and they would take her seriously. After having that done, she would know the truth. So, even if he did tell her that, it is obvious that she did not go find out the truth but still blabbed it to the press as fact. This story proves that this woman is a bad mother and a liar. I am guessing that the magazine that ran the original story did not feature the truth as prominently as the lie. I loved her character in Person of Interest, such a shame that the actress portraying her did not have one iota of her character’s sense of right and wrong.

      I would love to see her apologize to the police department on SNL when she hosts it, that would bring back at least a little of the respect that she has lost. Of course, I doubt she has lost any respect in Hollywood, she is probably being patted on the back.

    • Denise

      Probably, remember Tawana Brawley?

  • David Fournier

    So I don’t think I will watch SNL when she is on and forget about Empire. We don’t need this kind of crap anymore. Now if someone is really profiled it will have no effect. Smart move you idiot. If I were the producer of the show I would cancel her performance but that will never happen here.

  • Steve Roberts

    Wow was that cop SUPER NICE!….damn lucky!

  • Craig Bass

    What is Empire? lol Seems like the usual crybaby racist claim BS from the hood about nothing.

    • sativagrl

      It’s a show not worth watching, lol.

  • chiefpontiac

    Being a lying liberal means never having to say you’re sorry….

    • iam dtaunt

      …or tell the truth…

    • sativagrl

      Not all liberals are race baiters believe it or not which kind of cheapens the argument…though lately MSNBC does goes on and on about how every white cop is a presumed racist and I can’t even stand to watch. I despise this kind of victim mentality bullshit when there are enough legitimate problems occuring in the world. Slavery of your ancestors isn’t a lifetime get out of jail free card when you disobey the police.

      • jay2010master

        sativagrl – we would welcome you to our side of the argument anytime. 🙂

      • Christopher Harris

        well said. I am a recent convert, from Dem to Libertarian, and the more MSNBC says, the further I go away from my old Dem beliefs.

  • catlady

    who is she???? other than a lying biatch that is, I do not know her “acting”, so she must not be that good

  • Brenda Stanbery

    you can look at her face and tell she is a liar,man I bet she is angry! she got caught lieing like a big ol dog! I think if I where snl I would cancel her appearance and just explain to her we don’t need liers on our show.

  • quillerm

    The mere fact that the kid was stopped is an act of racism. The mental anguish he must have suffered being stoned and driving through cross walks is enough. Give him a pop sickle, and send him home to mother.

  • Roger Baack

    I am sure, that she will personally apologize to the officers and the department…yeah when HELL freezes over….she should be ashamed of herself and her son, should ask her what she was thinking…..

    • Bryan ĸ McDonald

      Well, Better get a heating pad.

      Just hours after a 40-minute video showing an encounter between Glendale police and Henson’s son went viral, the “Empire” actress apologized for accusing officers of racial profiling.San Diego leaders seek more study of alleged racial profiling by police

      “I would like to publicly apologize to the officer and the Glendale Police Department,” she said in an Instagram message with the hashtag #TurningANegativeIntoAPositive


      • Nedra

        She did it via instagram… that hardly takes the place of a face to face apology! Chicken sh!t move….

        • Bryan ĸ McDonald

          Seriously? So what you’re saying is that you really just CHOOSE to be angry, insulted and bigoted and that an instagram apology that MILLIONS will see is not as meaningful as a face to face apology to an officer who couldn’t possibly care less whether she apologizes or not?

          • Nedra

            I do not see anything “angry, insulted and bigoted” in my post, I don’t know what the he11 you’re reading Bryan. Maybe you’re the one who is angry, insulted and bigoted!

          • Bryan ĸ McDonald

            So now your response is “I know you are, but what am i?” How do you people ever take yourselves seriously?

            Just so you understand how things work in a polite society, calling someone “chickensh!t” for making an instagram apology conveys -anger and insult. Doing so in the context of this particular conversation conveys racial prejudice.

  • USN Veteran

    Every one of these stories that come out, ever single one, is soon exposed as a lie or a hoax.
    But, the actress is black, & due to her black privilege, nothing will happen. A white person that
    made up a story like this would be a pariah.

  • alaskanana

    Shame, Shame… God is watching………………

  • W Dawes

    I hope mommy does not pay the ticket and he goes to court to face a judge, who will go, “wait…you don’t have a marijuana card….you lied to the officer”….New crime!!

  • Stevo

    Yeah…thought about watching the show cuz I heard it was good…but not now…I find most of these types of situations…I take the police side…In most cases…they have integrity…

  • Jerry Yax Jr.

    lol liar got her racist crap slapped in her face

  • Dutra

    Honestly, I don’t think a white dude would have been cut nearly that much slack. Looks like ‘Black Privilege’ to me.

  • Mark

    I’m sick and tired of every time a person doesn’t have something going their way they want to start throwing out the race card, it’s a BS excuse.

  • Joe Tokoph

    This cop couldn’t have been nicer or more respectful.

  • Dutra

    Wait till is daddy finds out. LOL

    • Debbie Harris

      Daddy???? She knows who the daddy is???? Hmmm…that’s a new one.

  • Tinaw1969

    It’s never going to stop. The lies!

  • DS

    Black privilege lets her cry wolf on the cop….it’s just another lie…

  • happyg

    Her lies aren’t going to do much in the way of good publicity for “Empire”. They should dump her before she ruins a good show.

  • Herman Vogel

    What a MORON,,,And the press fell for it. I would sue her for everything she has and DEMAND that whoever hires her KNOW what kind of a Racist Witch she REALLY is,,but then, she is Hollywood and black,,,so it Doesn’t matter,,,sad, huh.

  • CaneRVa

    So, the cops treated her son badly huh? She is so busted on her lie it’s not even funny.

  • Melinda Kaye

    HOw would she even know — ridiculous.

  • Lisa Jensen

    Everyone of these stories has one common denominator, mommy defending her “innocent” adult child. The child has not ever done even one thing wrong in these mother’s minds, it is always someone else’s fault. Want to raise delinquent male adults, just keep doing what the mothers of these mommy’s boys are doing for their sons.

  • Gary29

    She is the racist.

  • dinomite

    Fire her black ass

  • Whiteeagle

    These Types Of Scenarios Are No Longer News …..

  • SMH

    I’m all for dashcams and vestcams for all cops, that’ll put an end to a whole lot of these lies and quite possibly will weed out some bad cops. I know, let’s take the money from the Obamaphones and use it to buy the cameras for all the cops!

  • Bob

    Make sure mama’s career is over. Don’t know about you folks but the min. I hear that race crap I know I’m dealing with a low life.

  • mjjk

    hay Henson you can always call the Rev Al another loser

  • Jackie Gene

    sudden celebrity status goes right to their heads, she looks very arrogant, her kid just needed to lie cause mama was going to beat the shart out of him for being pulled over, he needs a spanking and she needs to appologize,

  • James DeWeese

    Most cops are that awesome but not all citizens comply like that young man did. Mom should be ashamed of herself for being her.

  • guest

    She’s damn lucky she lives in the land of fruits and nuts.

  • shaganasty

    kid didn’t know about video…..told mama a lie(s)….. mama in turn made up some story(s) about how the white racist cop (she is trying to mirror ferguson) and trying to rile up the blacks to riot/rape/steal/kill/hate white cause they b evil! she is a POS

  • Ira Highley

    typical conehead lying black trying to make money out of their breaking the law.

  • Sarah Mahala

    I used to like her when she was on “Person of Interest.” I just had my bubble burst to find out she is an out and out racist. I used to respect her, no respect at all for her now. She certainly did a great job teaching her son how to lie about what a police officer did to him, when in fact nothing was done. What a great parent. Wonder what other kinds of trouble he will end up in as a result of the lies she told trying to make him look innocent and the officer look like a racist. If the officer had ticketed him for all he did, he would be in a lot more trouble than he is. She should be thanking the officer for not charging him with all his infractions of the law and apologize for her lies. She should do a better job at actually being a mother and teaching her son to be an honest citizen and obey the laws instead of trying to get an officer in trouble for doing his job, especially when said officer gave her son a break.

  • sativagrl

    Many victims of trauma move on to productive lives, yet many black people who are not a direct victim of any trauma want to blame whitey for all their transgressions. Keep looking behind you suspiciously in the store like every black I’ve come across and then wonder why you get questioned by LEOs. Boils down to stupidity and false entitlement.

  • Roy Earls

    No good deed goes unpunished

  • Geoff Jacobs

    Gosh, how embarrassing, Momma Bear??? Say you’re sorry. Say you’re sorry! SAY it!! SAY IT!! SAY IT, MOTHER!!! BI TCH!!!

  • Linda Sills

    The president of this country does the same damn thing. The young man in Ferguson attacked the cop. However, they are not willing to accept responsibility so it must be someone elses. What crap..When you see the truth, acknowledge it, speak it. Truth doesn’t have a color.

  • Golfer1113

    Doesn’t sound like she knows what truth is.

  • Jeff Lotz

    Every Police Officer needs a camera to fully expose the true Racists in America!!!

  • Jens

    Race Card Race Card Race Card Race, Do you ever get tired of the Race Card.

  • basscop

    Sue her.

  • wayne8734

    Liar,liar,pants on fire!!!!!

  • Legirons

    Obama has taught these scumbags that it is okay to do this and the truth doesn’t matter. Mother should be sued and shunned but she won’t be and she’ll still be flapping her yap about this again.

  • robert peel

    yet america has not charged x president bush for war crimes,lying to go to war thats a bit more serious than this

  • gimpy

    Quit caving into them, should have ticketed him for all charges.

  • Beba

    This only happens to mom’s that are ignorant!! The cop should have gave him what he deserves. He did something wrong then you need to pay for it…the cop was too nice.

  • alnga

    Well empire was pretty good, now it is for me pretty gone. This lady is need of some help with her racist attitude..

  • Otis1

    Her pants should be smoldering…

  • Karen Hurst

    Where is Eric Holder? Jesse Jackson and Al not to Sharp Sharpton on this one?

  • Beba

    I didn’t see NO RACIAL here at all!!!!!…in fact the officer was too nice to her son. She should be mad at her son for actually having drugs…I really thought she was smarter than that!!!

  • Frank Loftice

    Just another racist with an attitude. I’m sure she’s very proud of her doper kid and wow what an example of how not to be a parent

  • tekwrite

    Some people are just LOOKING to be offended! Like this stupid “actress”!

  • Cameron Roach

    Wow, so racist I’m completely speechless (sarcasm)

  • Mary Bovary

    Thank God for dash cams.

  • Jimmy Paul Chanda

    To be honest her acting skills suck.. Not sure how she even gets jobs.. probably places the race card.. Gets me so angry how the race card is used in every single incident..

  • Randy Gnatowsky

    I think that the officer involved should file a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the mother. She can afford it and it would send a message to the other race baiters who could not tell the truth if their life depended on it. This nonsense needs to be stopped and those responsible for inciting racial division for their own political gain or agenda need to pay the price for their unconscionable actions and statements. I also think that the board of admissions of both USC and Howard University should deny the young man college entry since it’s obvious that the parents would sanction his illegal drug activity and that they are ready and willing to fabricate controversy over even the slightest incident that may occur involving their son.

  • Beamwalker

    Hey before you all start throwing shade in her direction. She has already apologized to the police. http://www.tmz.com/2015/03/27/taraji-p-henson-apologizes-police-racial-profiling-son/ Looks like sonny was less that honest with his mom and she took his side before all the facts were there. Sorry, I would tend to defend my kid too. He abused her trust.

  • Denise

    It is getting to the point where every black person that breaks the law will cry racism, and all the lib media will plaster it on the front page. When will people start taking responsibility for their own actions!

  • Dean Behrr

    Another liar exposed. Getting real tired of “black privilege” hypocrites.

  • Dean Behrr

    Black privilege = the right to lie, to blame others for their actions, to accept NO responsibility for their own actions.

  • canucksam

    Like mother, like son. Neither one appears too bright.

  • upndnglo

    No more Empire for me. Thank goodness for cameras.

  • James White

    I use to enjoy her acting on Person of Interest but I took one 5 minute watch of this show EMPIRE and was so turned off by her acting like a ghetto Queen it just made me think there’s no way she even thinks that way. Now this makes me think this stupid show has gone to her head. She might be taking her acting ghetto to seriously or maybe showing her true color’s of once again let’s play that Famous Black game when we a are in trouble the Race CARD GAME. Such a good actress too I really liked her wow.

  • Agustus Jones

    Her apology for this was crap. I wonder what her son told her about the details of his police interaction. I suspect that he was not forthcoming with the correct details and then she went on her twitter tirade. With her apology, she should have laid it on thick with how she tore into her son for lying to her and that his driving privileges were suspended for at least a month. Next she should have said that this was a lesson for African-Americans to not jump to conclusions and wait for the facts before making any accusations.

    She blew it.

  • lucke1949@yahoo.com

    How Rude! After racially profiling the driver the officer called the young man “Sir”!!


  • pelermon

    The FACT is, the black mother and son are pathological LIARS and RACIST themselves. Non-BLACKs need to boycott the damn show, until her worthless behind is GONE.

  • Nedra

    Thank God for dashcams! Dumb racist lying bitch! The academy should strip her of her awards! She is a disgrace. …

  • Budreaux

    Any Police officer, no matter what race or nationality, will tell you that the first thing out of the mouth of 90% of blacks who are stopped is “You only stopped me because I’m black”.

  • farkward B

    Mama is a bullshit race baiter LOL African americans love to lie

  • Sues

    Well, I hope they cancel her new show. I never really liked her on Person of Interest either. Now I will be sure to never watch her on anything ever again. I can’t stand liars. And btw – this word “racist” is really getting old and on my last nerve. So tired of hearing it used for every little thing in a black person’s life. Get an education, get a job, set a good example and quit whining about every little ache and pain in your life. Move on already.

  • Charlie Pierce

    We use to have a saying in the Marine Corps that applies to her… she let her alligator mouth overload her hummingbird ass.

  • Andre Machado

    come on now guys, this is most likely a KID lying to their MOM about getting in trouble. made her look like a fool.

  • Bryan Brackman

    Was that the Ronney King video ? The nerve of that cop! I may never look at law enforcement the same.

  • Torrey Davon Green

    I am sickened by this! He was actually a good cop who gave her son a break. If she had any decency she would have thanked him. Black males have enough real problems with police that aren’t taken seriously, well, this certainly won’t help. Somebody needs to slap her!

  • mommarichey

    i would prefer to see the entire tape. even if it is just dead air. i would prefer to see it. so that i can make my own judgements

  • Jerry Gowins

    OMG!! What a racist, insensitive jerk of a cop!!!! Taraji Henson is a liar who fits in well in Hollywood.

  • lennyatkinsonveu

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  • #racism disgracism

    Who really propogates racism in our country? So many blacks don’t really want equality….they really want superiority! These do so much additional harm to the problem and become part of the problem instead of part of the solution!

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    The ritalin is schedule 2 and treated by the law the same way meth is, as it’s an amphetamine, so he did him a HUGE favor by letting that go. My cousin, who had some ritalin she was just using for school, was not spared such leniency and was charged, even though, shockingly, she’s white.

  • Guest

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  • Own Your Actions

    I give her credit for apologizing, but the media is a disgrace. When this story broke it was front page, big letter news. Her apologize is page 6, small print in the corner. Today’s media has NO MORAL COMPASS. They should be ashamed of themselves. They’re race baiting cowards.

  • another_engineer

    We should have listened to Thomas Jefferson


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