Elementary School Kids Taught that America’s Founding Fathers Were Racists


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

When a Tennessee mother of an eight-year-old, came home to hear her son saying that Mt. Rushmore was racist, she quickly asked where he had ever heard such a ridiculous idea. Then Sommer Bauer’s son handed her the pamphlet that said exactly that.

He got it from his teacher.

She was shocked, to say the least. But when she saw who had created the pamphlet she became absolutely furious.

That’s because her son’s teacher had printed a pamphlet created by the Nation of Islam.

You heard right. The same virulently racist and anti-Semitic Nation of Islam run by the vile hater Louis Farrakhan.

Her child attends the Harold McCormick Elementary School in Elizabethton.

The pamphlet’s mini-article asks the question, “What does it take to be on Mount Rushmore?” The “answers” given in the hate-group’s handout left Bauer stunned.

As Todd Starnes of Fox News reported:

The handout explains that George Washington hailed from Virginia, a “prime breeder of black people.” Of Theodore Roosevelt, it was alleged he called Africans “ape-like.” There were also disparaging remarks made of Thomas Jefferson (he enslaved 200 Africans) and Abraham Lincoln.

The Nation of Islam’s website was printed right on the paper. She went there and was further stunned. The Nation of Islam believes the only God is Allah, and “They also aren’t all that keen on White folks or Jewish folks,” as Starnes described them.

“It raised a number of red flags,” said Mrs, Bauer. “They are basically saying our Founding Fathers are racists.”

When the mother called the teacher, she took two days to get back to Bauer, and then played dumb, saying she “didn’t recall” the pamphlet, and later saying “she must have printed it by mistake.” Then, incredibly, the teacher blamed the 8-year old boy, saying he wasn’t supposed to remove materials from class — a tacit admission she was trying to hide it from parents.

It got worse. When Bauer confronted the Superintendent EC Alexander, he said it was not given out to her son – that he had been the only child to get a copy, and that he had removed it in an “unauthorized manner”. 

Mrs. Bauer quickly found out he was bald face lying when another parent stepped forward to say that her child too had received a copy. As Starnes reported:

A second parent has now come forward corroborating Mrs. Bauer’s story.

“Yes, they were handed out and yes the students did look at them and read them,” the parent told me.

The parent asked not to be identified to protect her child. She told me she came forward because of how the school is treating Mrs. Bauer’s son.

“I don’t want this little boy to be looked at as a liar,” the parent said. “As of right now that’s what all of these adults are making this boy out to be – and that makes me sick to my stomach.”

According to the parent, the children were separated into four groups. Each group was given two “sheets of paper.”

“The teacher held up each one and said, ‘These do not go home. These are just to use here,” the parent told me.

Unbelievable! Indoctrinating children that the Founding Fathers were racists — and trying to hide this outrage from their parents!

Someone needs to be fired ASAP, and the school district needs to issue a full apology.

If you agree, you can contact Superintedent E.C. Alexander (email) or his bosses at the Board of Education at this link.

If you are unfamiliar with the Nation of Islam, here are some nice little clips of its founder and leader Louis Farrakhan, expressing his admiration for Adolf Hitler. Jews? Not so much:

And this is who this school invites in to infect our childrens’ minds? Insanity.


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