As Ebola Patient’s ‘Potential Contacts’ Leaps to 100, Obama Refuses to Restrict Travel from Ebola ‘Hot Zones’


Above: Too late. CDC crew transporting ‘Patient Zero’ Duncan

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The circle of people who have come into contact with Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is rapidly expanding, jumping from 18 to 80 early today and has now leaped to 100, according to Texas health officials.

That number includes at least 5 children, among 18 currently under observation for symptoms. Those children themselves may have exposed other students at 4 different Dallas-area middle schools.

This expanding mess is a result of a Texas hospital allowed Duncan – dubbed ‘Patient Zero’ – to leave the hospital with antibiotics, despite his informing them that he had just arrived on a flight from Liberia, one of the Ebola ‘hot zones’ where the outbreak is rampant. As a result, Duncan was exposed to dozens of individual for two days in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region.

And this morning a new alert has been revealed – that a 2nd patient in Hawaii is demonstrating “Ebola-like symptoms.” That patient is being held “in isolation,” according to ABC News.

So with the threat of Ebola spreading out of control, you might assume the U.S. government would clamp down on importing more potential infected persons from the Ebola hot zone.  You would be wrong.

The “open borders”-obsessed Obama Administration has refused to enact any travel restrictions from Ebola-stricken nations.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest said there would be no restrictions on flights or visa from people traveling from Ebola-zones. Earnest the chances of an epidemic in the U.S. are “incredibly low.” Earnest said that the screening done at African airports was “sufficient” to protect 310 million Americans from Ebola. 

Seriously? Is Earnest aware of just how little screening is done there? This Tweeter let’s us know how Duncan himself was “screened”:

Yep, that’s it. “Temperature” taken with temporal scanners to detect fever. Of course the problem with this is that people infected with Ebola will not show any fever or other symptoms for between 2 and 21 days after exposure. It is not enough to screen for fever. The only rational response is to halt travel into the U.S. from these regions.

But the White House insists there’s nothing to worry about. You know, just like President Obama said that that the possibility someone with Ebola would reach U.S. shores was “unlikely.” And yet it happened.

Outrage is spreading rapidly online:

Pure insanity. How many Americans have to die for us to finally restrict our border and ports?

  • pesty

    More proof that President Obama does not care about Americans, just illegals.

    • Lynnz

      The illegals are here they will get it too.

    • mr D

      Somehow you’ve made this Obama’s fault. Why isn’t “w’s” homeland security stepping up to prevent this? Seems to me homeland security doesn’t care about
      Americans. Obama re-opened category 8 veterans to be seen in VA hospitals? It was “w” who took that benefit away. Must be “w’ who doesn’t care about Americans. Also, It was Obama’s executive order that provided funding to work on combat traumatic brain injuries. Republican congress would not approve it. Must be the republican congress who doesn’t care about Americans. Know your facts pesty. Fear is the best way to control someone. I am not afraid.

      • echolynfan

        Sorry – can’t blame Bush anymore this is ALL Obama. And even after the outbreak Omoron is STILL not restricting flights from the infected countries. How incredibly stupid can you be? If not stupidity then Obama WANTS this to happen – more chaos.

  • James Berry

    This government has no idea how to govern correctly.

  • sickbritkid

    Ebola contraction is only possible AFTER the patient has started showing the symptoms more noticeably. The people that Duncan flew with are at no risk of infection.

    • scooter 777

      and what about all the people he interacted with before the first hospital visit until the trip to the er in an ambulance?? he could have infected alot of people by then. how many people worked with him just at the first visit to the hospital?

    • jmdsc1 .

      and if his fever started 5 minutes after stepping onto the plane?

    • spencerjones43

      Bullshit! What… the virus just sits and waits a few days before deciding to “become active?” People show symptoms at different times. I don’t realize I have a fever until it’s well over 100 degrees – this man not “noticing” symptoms until four days later does NOT mean the symptoms weren’t there and that nobody else was effected before his going into the hospital.

  • Jennifer D

    How many Americans have to die for us to finally restrict our border and ports? If it’s left up to Obama, all of us!

    • GinnyLee

      And how long is the greatest nation on earth going to allow one pin-headed jerk to cause it to crumble.

      • Lynnz

        That’s the right question , When Americans grow a set of ball’s and take there country back.

        • Diane Frank

          what are we supposed to do start rioting in the white house? we call we write our legislators..nothing happens..congress wont move against this guy..well karma is a bitch and maybe if a loved one of theirs gets ebola or god forbid is beheaded they might act..but hindsight is a bitch…congress is a bunch of weinies

          • Mel Lewis

            Did you know that congress is republican controlled?

          • Lynnz

            We gather in front of the white house and we don’t leave until some changes are made, But everyone needs to get involved not just a few.

          • FreedomFighters

            300 million at the white house gates won’t be stopped. Problem is only a hand full will step up. And that handful against an army is nothing but a voice in the wind. America will not be american so long as the citizen let the government have its way and filter out the lower class from society. Why do you think they built a few hundred thousand biosealable “containers” big enough to fit an adult sized body and stacked them throughout the Midwest? This is a planned outbreak. Its internal genocide against america. And has been coming since Obama took office. He’s either a really gullable scapegoat, or the mastermind that destroys our country in the midst of tension on the middle east and with Russia. Our borders open, enemies on both fronts, and an epidemic in the Midwest. We’ve been made an easy take, and on purpose.

        • Jon

          Dude, we have to get educated first. Knowledge is power! It’s “balls” and “their”–unless you are an American, then technically it’s “our”.

          • Lynnz

            If spelling correctly is the education you think is the most important topic here… Please go away. Thank you.

        • Mel Lewis


          • Lynnz

            Thank you Mel 🙂

    • Joay Baisi

      If it’s up to Obama all non Muslims that won’t submit and serve Islam

    • Scot Fourowls

      Or at least those Americans who don’t want Sharia law instead of the U.S. Constitution and our non-theocratic statutory and judicial system.

    • Mel Lewis

      It’s obvious that you don’t know the Obama is actually following the laws set forth by your saviors Shrub Jr, and Reagan.

  • Tammy

    Do you guys not realize that this was the plan all along. Take our gun rights and infect us with a deadly disease

    • GinnyLee

      Nothing would prevent my ability to believe anything of this POTUS. He has contributed nothing that is positive – in any area of our lives in America.

      • erick__williams

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    • Lynnz

      Tammy I agree with you 100 %.

    • Diane Frank

      Guess whi wont take it so casually if members of his own family get it

    • Jon

      But what does he gain by infecting a random selection of Americans?

      • Nathan Addison

        His endgame is to ruin America. His supposed heart for the downtrodden is only a means to an end. Once checkmate is within sight, those people that supported him are just as screwed as everyone else.

        • Scot Fourowls

          Agreed – They will find out, having voted for and then trusted their Obamasavior, that he gives not one damn about anything but their vote.

      • Carol Elizabeth Mackinnon

        You don’t know????? really??

      • Jack Perry

        Really? Are you that ignorant?

  • Jodi

    At this point, I don’t trust the CDC any more than I trust any other part of government. And letting people get on a plane after taking their temperature as a precautionary measure is a joke. Remember…..2-21 days incubation period. Just because the guy had no noticeable symptoms on that plane, doesn’t mean he wasn’t having them. And someone brought up a valid point on the Blaze earlier. The guy was throwing up “everywhere” as they said and outside of the apartment complex where he was staying. Who cleaned up the puke? Where did they put it? Did animals get to it first? All valid questions.

    • Scot Fourowls

      Ebola-contaminated vomit outside an Ebola-infected Dallas,TX apartment not adequately cleaned up for days, an Ebola virus that keeps on living and being contagious even after the body fluids like the mass of vomit has dried, kids playing in an apparently unhygienic apartment complex, birds attracted to anything that might be food including a pile of vomit outside an apartment, animals similarly attracted, an Ebola virus that can go dormant in carrier bird and animal populations for years before infecting the human population by epidemic — what could possibly go wrong with Ebola in Dallas?

      Not immediately quarantining in Dallas all of Mr. Duncan’s contacts and contacts of contacts (including airplane passengers and hospital workers who saw or
      were near him on Sept. 25 with he had Ebola symptoms coming from Liberia but
      was not admitted to the Dallas hospital) will turn out badly over the long term
      if not right away. Since summer 2014 Canadian Public Health has confirmed from
      the best science, on its website, that airborne transmission of Ebola is
      “strongly suspected.” You can google it. In August 2014 the website pulled away from the “strongly suspected” language (probably upon U.S. pressure behind the scenes), but virologists in the field still strongly suspect.

      Ebola is already known to go dormant in carrier animals like bats, pigs, monkeys, birds in between times of human outbreak. Nobody knows what will be the full range of Ebola carrier lower animals in the U.S. because we don’t have indigenous monkeys as in Africa, for example, but other indigenous as well as massively factory-farmed animals in the U.S., and Ebola wasn’t here until Obama let it in. Once there’s a significant human population contagion spread as likely to happen in Dallas due to the systematic lying to the American people about its likely airborne (mutated) transmission and epic course of contagion, as well as failure to quarantine everybody potentially infected for 21 days, Ebola can then go dormant in lower carrier animals for a period of months to years. You can google that science too.

      The Ebola viral shift into lower carrier animals’ dormancy is why Africa has not experienced a continuous human contagion Ebola profile over the decades since Ebola first arrived on this planet via Africa for intermittent epidemics in humans spanning the past few decades there. Now we get the same thing in the U.S. as a Obama initiative.

      And our military (boots on the ground) who Obama won’t let go fight the Islamic State (IS) whose online tentacles to encourage beheading Americans reached into Oklahoma last week will be returning from Ebola-infected (maybe airborne) Africa, but on their own two feet in boots or in body bags? (Let’s ask the CDC about the U.S. military fighting the virus, Ebola, in Africa for Africans. Perhaps only dog tags returned because of Ebola corpse contamination handling protocols for military who contract Ebola and Africa? Or does anybody have that worked out yet for 3,000 U.S. troops sent by Obama to the Ebola hot zone in Africa?)

      Isn’t “Obama’s care” grand?

      • Mike Wilder

        The plan of the elite.

  • Bryant Hill

    What, does Obama think that Americans will use “Common Sense” and not fly into these Ebola hot zones?

    Don’t think he really cares….

    • Michelle Domingo

      No, he doesn’t.

  • Chris

    At least the CDC is safe in their suits. Soon Obama will be walking around in one of those and telling everyone there is nothing to worry about.

  • GinnyLee

    “Spokesman Josh Earnest said that current anti-Ebola measures, which
    include screenings in West African airports and observation of
    passengers in the United States, will be sufficient to prevent the “wide
    spread” of the virus. The chances of a U.S. epidemic are “incredibly low,” he said.”

    A good president – one who is really protective of Americans – would not “presume” anything. He would take the strongest preventions.

    48 days after bringing a known patient with ebola to America, there arises another case – flying in from Liberia – the FIRST case of ebola, ever, in the U.S.

    • Steve Goering

      and it will only continue….

  • John Prusa

    Yes because allowing one of the most deadly viruses known to man is a good idea…………

  • Proud Pats Fan

    Would it really be so hard to restrict US entry to one location if coming from a country where a deadly epidemic is ongoing? Make that location Washington, D.C. and require a quarantine period before sending more death out to the masses.

  • TuwanaTiaVinson

    The problem started when two then three knowingly infected people was allowed in the US… but because they were health officials it was okay? Everyone should have seen this coming back in the first week of August!

    • Lynnz

      Is was going to happen regardless of any precautions. It was meant to happen.

      • Scot Fourowls

        Lynnz-if end-times biblical theorizing, please consider history. When the Black Plague (also called the Black Death) wiped out a third of
        Europe, the faithful church members likewise thought it was the end. When it wasn’t but the faithful as well as the obvious sinners died in equal measure, an entire generation was freed from mental conditioning of believing in an infallible pope. Perhaps Ebola’s only silver lining will be that when the faithful church members find that it is not the end (the Bible as a “paper Pope” being no more infallible than the human Pope is), and that they die along with the obvious sinners in equal measure, we will be on our way to what Jesus really intended in not leaving us a book or a worldly papal empire to be our authority when we have the inborn ability to think for ourselves, find a morality as Jesus said “in spirit and in truth” and stop thinking God is going to beam anybody up. It wasn’t even real on Star Trek.

        But maybe you meant, Lynnz, that the Obama administration has intended Ebola infection to take hold in the U.S. If so, I agree. There are multiple ways in play for Obama to make it happen, to the detriment of the majority of Americans.

        • Lynnz

          Scott Glad you think you can read my mind ” but ” not in this case !!! When I said it was meant to happen I was referring to Obama and the one world order population control. Have a nice day. 🙂

  • spencerjones43

    Uh… three. Someone at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City is also being treated for “Ebola-like symptoms.” They say it’s nothing to worry about and that it can only be contagious by physical contact with bodily fluids. Then we see this – full HazMat suits and all. If it wasn’t airborne, then wouldn’t rubber gloves and smocks suffice?

    • Jon

      No, they would not.

    • Michelle Domingo

      Don’t think its just passed through physical contact with bodily fluids or blood…that’s what they want you to believe…I believe it’s airborne as well.

  • Cir Ago

    The Obama administration today announced it’s plans for executive action for Ebola patients entering the U.S. from Africa. Obama stated, “it’s fundamentally unfair to separate families just because one or more their members may be infected with the ebola virus.” The President went on to announce that he was extending temporary protective status to ebola infected immigrants entering the U.S. from abroad. ” We stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters from Africa and we’ll do everything we can for these deserving patients and their families”, said Obama.

  • spencerjones43

    The CDC is a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats. They are NOT medical
    professionals looking out for your “best health interests.” The CDC is
    funded for research and “control” (hence the name – Centers for Disease CONTROL) – NOT for cure and eradication! Research and treatment is where their money is at. Otherwise, don’t you think they would have found some kind of cure for cancer or AIDS by now? What diseases, really, have they found any “cure” for in the last 50 years? And don’t say the flu. All those flu shots are, is to give you the flu in a small enough dose to control the symptoms… it’s not to eradicate it.

    • ShellyG

      There are cures for many things, the problem is the big drug companies own the country and would be out of business if the cures were known and accepted. Oh there are cures!

  • Timothy Williams

    In order to enact Martial Law it necessitates that you first create Chaos and Anarchy. We are not quite to that point yet here in this Country but it is fast approaching.

  • Barbara Hughes

    If Obama doesn’t want to close the borders perhaps he would be willing to take his family on vacation to Africa to visit some of the patients who are suffering from Ebola. Or even visit Mr. Duncan in Texas.

  • Obama needs to have a crisis to justify a power grab.

  • Maverick Maveth

    Send Obama’s black ass (and his wife and kids, too) to Liberia and “expose” them to Ebola — without any protection.

    That would satisfy quite a few of us, I think.

    • And why would you want to punish his kids for what their dad did?

      • Maverick Maveth

        Sins of the fathers and whatnot…

        • I certainly hope that your father never did anything wrong in life then.

          • Maverick Maveth

            He did, and we children have paid for them many times over, in many instances. It is the rule of life, after all.

  • Pooua

    The way Liberian airports screen for ebola is more rigorous than the way our blood banks screen for homosexuals, who are not allowed to donate blood.

  • Scot Fourowls

    It is asinine, insulting and deceitful that the Obama WH’s Josh ‘Earnest said [or even suggested] that the screening done at African airports was “sufficient” to protect 310 million Americans from Ebola.’ Instead, if countless news reports are correct from a cross-section of reliable sources — (1) Ebola-infected Liberian national Duncan lied on the airport authorities’ screening paperwork in Liberia, (2) Duncan falsely denied his extensive contact with Ebola contagion in the relevant period by written documentation (not a mere conversation that could be misunderstood), and (3) if Duncan survives Ebola in Dallas and goes back to Liberia (assuming Obama doesn’t give him a medal for criminal conduct against America’s majority *sarc* and his own wing at the WH), Duncan will be criminally prosecuted for his lies at the African airport.

    That’s how ineffectual trusting the African screening processes are. How Obama and Josh Earnest live with themselves is beyond me. Oh, wait. Sociopaths, narcissists and traitors get off on the suffering, “how could you” hand-wringing and destruction of the people they have lied to. They’re not like the rest of us.

  • Julie Jenkins

    Why not have a 21 day quarantine on these travelers – perhaps at the White House?

  • art

    Lets see 1 person possibly infects 100 in a few days then those 100 could infect 1000 and so on. Yeah we are all screwed. Great job protecting this great nation.

  • art

    I saw someone mention birds wouldn’t insects also be a carrier primarily mosquitos.

    • Captain Sanity


  • Captain Sanity

    Holy crap – one person in a country of 350 million has a disease that can only be passed on by the exchange of bodily fluids and everyone is preparing for the Apocalypse? Seriously?

  • Joe

    Obama stopped all U.S. flights into Israel, but won’t stop flights into the U.S. from Africa that might be carrying ebola? That sounds like every other lame idea, policy or decision he’s ever made.

  • Mel Lewis

    What I find funny is the fact that I looked for a link for any claim, it only brought me right back to this article. This tells me this is not a true story, there are NO citations.

  • DrCrimwitt

    Obama must be arrested for his blatant criminal intent. He wants Americans to be infected. He wants America to go down in flames. He is desperately trying to destroy this country because he is an Islamic Terrorist. Obama is the enemy and our Military better step up and take him out…NOW!


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