Ebola on the Border? Border Agents Catching Liberian Illegals Crossing from Mexico


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Border agents have some stunning news for Americans concerned about the risk of Ebola.

Agents are reporting that they have caught hundreds of illegal aliens crossing our Southern border from African Ebola “hot zones” over the past several months, the majority of them from Liberia, where Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is from.

And as a Federal GAO report told us last year, for every illegal caught at the border, an estimated 5 more slip through. So potentially thousands of West African illegals may have entered the United States illegally in just the past 6 months.

Chris Cabrera is a spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council, a union representing United States Border Patrol Agents. In an interview for KGBT television in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Cabrera told the reporter just how high the threat really is.


DHS figures indicate that 112 individuals were caught illegally crossing into the United States from Guinea, 231 from Liberia, and another 145 from Sierra Leone, the three Ebola “hot spots”. This represents a 95% increase over 2013, before the Ebola crisis heated up.

And DHS pulled 30% of its agents off the border in August, to deal with the massive influx of illegal minors from Central America, leaving even fewer agents to defend against invasion, as the Ebola catastrophe gets worse in Africa, and people get more desperate to get to America for treatment.

Liberian authorities have reported that “Patient Zero” Duncan knew he was infected with Ebola when he lied on his documents to travel to the U.S., where he showed symptoms — putting untold numbers of passengers, family and children at risk. He simply did not care, he just wanted to get here. But despite Obama’s refusal to restrict flights from West Africa, it is still far easier to get across the Mexican border than to obtain a U.S. visa. How many people similar to Duncan are already trying to cross our border — or have gotten through — while Obama refuses to seal it?

Chris Cabrera is concerned about the risk of his agents becoming infected through contact with sick illegals and noted how dozens of agents came down with scabies, and some with tuberculosis a few months ago as a result of contact with illegals. So he is concenred at how this situation is putting agents at risk from Ebola as well:

We need to be more proactive in preventing it from coming in as opposed to trying to contain it once it’s already here.”

Sadly, it will only take a catastrophic outbreak at home for Washington to take the border seriously, and by then it may be too late.


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