Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Rejects Gun Control: Guns Aren’t the Problem, ‘Evil People’ Are


 by Gina Cassini | TopRight News

It’s no secret that Duck Dynasty family’s livelihood is entwined with the gun industry. Hunting, despite what theories some might come up with, is a gun sport – especially duck hunting. As long as there are guns, there will be duck hunters. And as long as there are duck hunters, there will be the need for a duck call company.

But now the subject of gun control heating up again, as multiple gun-grabbing PACs gear up for the midterm elections, and Barack Obama threatening to use “executive actions” to bypass Congress and restrict the rights of gun-owners.

So what does Willie think about renewed calls for gun control?

We’re pro-second amendment and pro-guns,” he says. But it’s not a business-driven stance. “It’s not just our livelihood, it’s what we like to do, you know: we hunt.”

He also now sells guns. The Robertsons recently launched their own ‘Duck Commander’ brand of guns with Mossberg (see below).

So what does he think about gun control? In Willie’s opinion, guns aren’t the problem — “evil” people are.

“I think it’s the person behind it, and you know, who’s doing these crazy, evil things. I just think it’s evil and I think that certain people are evil, and whether they do it with a gun or a car or airplane or bottle of poison, you know, evil people are gonna do evil things whether they have a weapon or not.”

“Gun owners and non-gun owners, you know, everyone hates that stuff,” he adds. “But, you know, when things happen, I think it’s best to discuss and have a debate and not overreact.”

Given his affinity for firearms, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he has a favorite one. But what might be surprising is what that gun is.

“I’d say I’m a rifle guy, ‘cause I do a lot of deer hunting,” says the man whose current fame has a lot to do with ducks and thus shotguns.

Which rifle?

“I’d say my 7mm magnum Savage … with an accu-trigger,” he explains. “I actually built mine. I went to the company. I went to the facility and built it myself. …  Those Savages, man, I’ll tell you what: They say out of the box they’re the most accurate rifles there are.  … Great workers up there, pretty cool deal. I like them as a company, and it performs very well.”

Above: Savage 7mm Magnum: Willie’s favorite rifle.



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