Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Just Broke Some Tragic News, Pray For A Miracle


by Beth Callen | Top Right News

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson to to her social media accounts today for an urgent prayer request.

Sadie posted a picture to her Instagram telling the story of a 7-year-old girl her family knows named Katie Joyce.

This little girl needs your prayers.

“This is Katie Joyce – Her family found out she has a brain tumor and its on her brain stem which inoperable. the doctors say we need a miracle. The only thing that can fix this is if we storm the gates of heaven.”

As reported by Mark at QPolitical;

“Katie, from Monroe City, Louisiana, was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2010, when she was only two years old. Doctors at St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., operated on her at the time, removing the tumor.”

We’re sending prayers to Katie.

Please share this so we have as many praying for Katie as we can.

[h/t QPolitical]

  • Wiggle D

    Inoperable Brain tumor… What good is prayer going to do here? The only thing you can do is possibly baptize the child and enjoy your time with it.

    • Cas

      Umm my niece has a brain tumor that is inoperable. She was 6 when she was diagnosed. She us now 21… yea it does good to prey….

      • Wiggle D

        It’s good to prey? Did you offer a sacrifice to save your own?

        • Cas

          I sure did…

      • Sheri Lynn Mccallister

        Pray….P r a y! I noticed this was her in 2010. They said it was removed…its 2015! Why is it suddenly an emergency? That was 5 years ago :/ Just curious why now?

    • Adam Hughes

      Crawl back to ur hole Fkn scumbag lowlife.

      • Cas

        Thanks for that….her comment was totally uncalled for…

      • Wiggle D

        Can’t answer the question, so you result to personal attacks? Typical.

        • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

          get off here you troll…

          • Wiggle D

            Get off here, you retard. See? I can do it too. A real conversation please.

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            so now you make fun of people with disabilities, too… you are special…

          • Wiggle D

            Again, you avoid real discussion.

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            I m not avoiding discussion. Your insults and dashing peoples hopes by saying prayer is a waste of time is not discussion… it’s just cruel.

          • Wiggle D

            There is nothing cruel about stating the truth of the matter. It’s not my fault people cannot handle this. If prayer works, people would have no issues bringing forth hundreds and thousands of verified incidents with names, dates, and biological records. (And if prayer worked and was a natural part of our lives, ‘miracle’ wouldn’t even exist in our lexicon.) Right now, it’s just scuttlebutt. Why can’t you see that this is a PR campaign to get you suckers to buy into Duck Dynasty?

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            that is only your opinion. I doubt you are an expert on prayer based upon your comments. And, yes, there are many cases where people have prayed and been involved in prayer circles where they are convinced that prayer was the reason for the difference in how their illness was cured. Personally, I think I would give it the benefit of the doubt. Diss God and someday you might just realize you might experience a big oops moment. I mean, really, are you positive there is no God?? That’s why they call it “faith”…

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            also, is the fact that they Christians the only reason you don’t like Duck Dynasty?? They don’t need any PR campains to “sucker” people into knowing or liking them. They a good, decent people. Why would anyone find that offensive?? Too bad there aren’t more good and decent people in the world… it would certainly be a nicer place to live!

          • Sheri Lynn Mccallister

            Why are you attacking Wiggle? They are asking for prayers…not preys or pay its prayers! You people are odd….why give attention to the seeker? Pray for the little girl and ignore cruel comments. Seriously?

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            Her comment “It’s good to prey? Did you offer a sacrifice to save your own?” ..offer a sacrifice?? Really!! . She is being sarcastic. She is not offering to pray. She is saying prayer is a waste of time…

          • Sheri Lynn Mccallister

            So what if shes being sarcastic? Shes not offering to pray? Do you hold yourself so mighty that ALL that read this must PRAY? Stop sitting in judgement of others and their comments. Just pray if that is what you believe in. Move on and stop stirring the pot.

    • Jan Cash

      are you kidding me!! Prayer is everything…Miracle’s happen with prayer…wow

      • Wiggle D

        Everything happens for a physical, logical reason. To say that we have control over the universe and it’s functions by just sitting on our a$$es and thinking stuff is egotistically arrogant.

        • Chris Collins

          My Sister In Law Was Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor. She Had surgery, That Made It Worse. She Did The Treatments (Chemo And Radiation) Was Told She Would Never Have A Clear Scan. We Payed For Her, And She Was Scanned Again After Close To A Year Later. That Scan Showed Absolutely Zero, No More Cancer. There Was A Void Where It Had Been, Literally A Hole In Her Brain. She Had A Scan Last Month And There Is Still No Cancerous Matter. Prayers Do Work!

          • Wiggle D

            Nice story, bro. But I’m going to have to call in an expert.

        • Vicki

          Miracles still happen.

        • Jan Cash

          I will pray for you to Wiggle, you sure do need it!

    • Smarter than u

      It? You call someones child, it? Shame on you.

      • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

        no shame… and no compassion or respect… she wasn’t raised well…

  • Bruce Groshko

    I don’t know why they don’t try if they don’t she will die so I would rather have them try than not

    • jules2u

      usually this means, if the doctors try, she would never survive the surgery. By not preforming the surgery, she at least has some time left, otherwise they would be setting the date of her death.

  • Diane Koonce

    my prayers for this little girl please pass on for all the prayers we can get for her thanks and may god bless you all

  • Gopi Nathan

    My Prayers are for her!

  • Jesse Davis

    It is the will of God for her to be healed. Praying in faith, we speak death to the tumor and life and restoration to the affected flesh. The Lord said pray for one another that you might be healed. He also said that if we speak to the mountain and command it to move that it would move if we don’t doubt in our heart. I personally know people who have been healed from brain tumors, leukemia etc, that were untreatable. Jess is alive and he wants you to be healed. Receive it by faith and thank him for it, even if if doesn’t seem to happen right away continue to thank him that you have received your healing.

    • Fred Bearman

      Amen !

  • Kentucky red

    It would be nice to read that the Child gets a miracle!

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  • minicowman

    Now, let me get this straight… if we all pray.. pray REAL hard, then god may, or may not give a little girl a break. But if we don’t, he’ll just let her die..? Yeah, he seems like a real cool god ya’ got there. The more you stroke his ego, the better the chances that he won’t kill your child. Okay, got it.

    • Amanda Rinaldi

      I will pray for your soul while I’m at it.

    • Had Enough

      You are a real piece of work. What a stroke

    • Heather Manning

      It really isn’t for us to know His will in this situation. But He does love to see our faith in action. Why diss that???

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Praying for Katie’s recovery.

  • Judy

    Prayers going up to god, we know he can and does heal. If it isn’t on this earth in heaven, we just hope and pray it is on this earth. God bless the family!

  • Had Enough

    Our prayers go out to you and your family little Katie. May GOD bless your beautiful soul no matter what the outcome !

  • Misty Lynn Angle

    Sending it to God.He is mighty.Through Him…ALL things are possible!!!Stay strong Katie!!<3

  • Julie Mathison-Craft

    Heal her Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth, In Jesus’ Name I pray. Keep You Loving Arms Around Katie and give her Family Strength through You Comfort. This I Pray in Jesus’s Name. Amen
    Julie Craft

  • Ruger380

    Praying to the same God that gave the kid the brain tumor? This couldn’t be any more absurd.

    • Heather Manning

      God didn’t give her the brain tumor. Why do non Christians think such things?

      • Ruger380

        He didn’t give her the brain tumor, but he can take it away? Which is it?

        • Heather Manning

          Dude, people get brain tumors because we live inside these corruptible bodies. He doesn’t “hand them out” that would be cruel and nuts. However, He can heal them and there are plenty of people that have been healed. But He’s not a genie in a bottle, He doesn’t do everything we say just cuz we say it. He knows way more about whats gonna happen in the future and He weighs that against the prayers of His children. He could heal everyone every time but that’s your magic genie, that is not the God of the universe. He knows what is best even if we can’t see it right now. We have to trust Him, all the while hoping that what we are praying for, IS the best. Then we leave it to Him.

          • Ruger380

            Well, he doesn’t exist, so praying to a non existent entity doesn’t do anything. It’s just an ancient superstition that makes you feel better, that’s all there is to it.

          • Dave R Entrot

            Sorry you feel that way.

          • Naj

            I pray that the Lord God opens your eyes before it is to late. May God bless you with a heart that is not hardened against him.

          • Alicia Hunt

            You are breathing and your heart pumps blood through your body, right? If there was no God, you wouldn’t be breathing or living, for that matter! God loves us so much that He gave us his only begotten son..Jesus, that whoever believes in Jesus doesn’t perish, but has everlasting life. (paraphrased) John 3:16

    • jr61020

      LOL…not a clue huh? You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I assume your opinion is based on either ignorance or what you have been told by another person who is also ignorant. You are living in the dark my friend. You need to learn how the principles of faith work, who God is as opposed to how evil works in this life. I am assuming you will never take the time or interest to find out what I am talking about. So I will just say, you are completely wrong with your comment

  • M Meier

    Lord, if it is your will, please heal this precious child. If it is not your will, please comfort her family and friends. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

    • Nellie Macon

      well spoken

  • Will Seay

    Lord, We ask you to rain down upon Katie Joyce healing angels and an essence of comfort for all the friends and family of Miss Katie Joyce. We pray it is your will she be afforded a miracle only you could bestow upon her, in Jesus’ Holy Name, we pray, Amen…

  • Barbara Karhan

    Prayers for Katie. May God bless and heal this child, and give strength to her family at such a difficult time.

  • Teresa Santoro-Dinner

    You know ,all Sadie asked for was prayers for Katie. Why do people have to be so hateful and negative to each other? If you are a believer or non believer that is your right. As the saying goes (if you can’t say anything good ,say nothing at all) Please don’t bring anymore hatred into the world–we already have enough. May Gods graces be upon you all (believers and non believers)

  • REVERAND Scott Nyob

    If this sad child dies what will be the “line” then? Not enough prayer? “God’s will”?
    What is even sadder is these Duck Dynasty people using a sick child to boost their “image” and/or ratings. Do they know NO shame????

    Also, people need to read and understand Matthew 5:45.

  • Mary E Dever

    Lord, we lift this darling child up to in prayer so you might touch her with your healing hands. Please, Lord, we pray for a miracle….a miracle only you can perform….this we pray in your almighty, loving name….Amen

  • Tee

    Praying for this child and her family. He is an awesome God. His will be done.

  • Yvette Nutt

    Lord please bless this child and her family, give them strength and understanding they need. In jeasus name AMEN.

  • Elizabeth Betty Frierson

    Praying for a miracle for little Katie. Katie and her family are in my thoughts and prayers!


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