Duck Dynasty Star Reveals What Was Really Going on During Phil Robertson’s Infamous GQ Interview (Video)


Above: Jase Robertson with Willie Robertson

by Susan Comstock | Top Right News

Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson, the son of Phil and ‘Miss Kay’ Robertson, claims he and other members of his family walked out of his dad’s now-infamous GQ interview because the interviewer was disrespectful and asking questions that were “hypothetical, argumentative and controversial.”

Jase Robertson first revealed that the GQ interview was the first one he ever personally walked out on — and asked his dad to end — in his new book, “Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family and Fowl.” Phil Robertson was slapped with a very brief suspension after he made some unfiltered comments about his religious beliefs about homosexuality and sin.

In a new interview with, Jase Robertson elaborated further on why he was so put off by the interview.

“What I came to realize there is, because we had done so many interviews before and I’d never sensed any kind of animosity toward our faith in God and belief,” Robertson said. “But this guy, he knew who we were, he was in my dad’s home. And, you know, in the South, when you come into somebody’s house, you show a certain amount of respect. And it occurred to me that he knew we were people of faith.”

Robertson said the GQ interviewer was “using four-letter words, a lot of F-bombs” and even “making fun of some of the things we hold true.”

“The first statement of the whole process was, he looked at me and said, ‘Do you actually expect people to believe that you waited until you got married before you had sex?’ That was the first statement out of his mouth,” he added. “Well, I kind of looked around at the publicist and I thought, ‘Is this the interview?’ I mean, because this was just the way it came across.”

Jase Robertson and his wife, Missy, did indeed wait until they got married to have sex, a topic he explains in his book.


As the GQ interview went on, Robertson said it just felt “more like an attack because our family has a prayer at the end of the show.” In that sense, he explained, it felt like a “spiritual war.”

“But, you know, we don’t hold anything against him, so. Or even by trying that.  My dad thought he wanted to take a stand in his house, and I don’t blame him,” the Duck Dynasty star added.


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