‘Duck Dynasty’ Sponsor: If Robertsons Leave A&E We’re Going With Them (Video)


The radical activists who targeted Phil Robertson expected his sponsors to bail as they did with Paula Deen. Not a chance. Duck Dynasty’s sponsors appear to be sticking with them through this phony ‘scandal’, as they see the massive backlash against A&E and GLAAD for attacking Robertson’s religious values.

In fact, Lonnie McCurry Sr., CEO of Skyjacker Suspension Systems, told Eric Bolling today that if “Duck Dynasty” leaves A&E his company is going with them.

McCurry also said he was a huge fan of the Robertsons, “They are faith-based solid people.”

Another sponsor, the sports apparel company Under Armor — currently ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ biggest sponsor, also pledged their continued support for the program.

Despite reportedly massive lobbying on the company from the homosexual pressure group GLAAD, the company issued the following statement to TMZSports:  “We are obviously aware of the situation. And his comments are not indicative of Under Armour’s views. However, we have no plans to change our current relationship.”

UA insists the company is committed to treating all people equally and with respect — something both A&E and GLAAD could both stand to learn.

Perhaps Under Armor was unmoved by the radical activists because of the sheer volume of sales generated by Phil Robertson’s enterprise. For example, WalMart earlier this year reported that ‘Duck Dynasty’-sponsored apparel was the single largest brand they sell in their 4,156 stores. WalMart alone accounts for 50% of such sales worldwide.

And yesterday, WalMart reported that Duck Dynasty apparel was SOLD OUT nationwide in their stores.

The power of Americans angry at the attack on Phil Robertson’s religious liberties is having a huge impact on this story — and their backlash has only just begun.


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  • Troyboy

    Maybe those dumb gays will learn what true biggots the gay community is .

  • buckofama2010

    filthyfaggots are nothing but heterophobic Christophobic bigots. Do you think DD sponsors fear losing business? HELL NO. Because the sponsors make MANLY articles. Now if the sponsors were hair dressers, fashion designers or other kweer interest items they may be affected. This backlash is far greater than the Chik Fil A one and they are stupid to not have learned from that earlier episode. STAND UP Christians, it is because of Christian weakness that this filth has taken over our country

  • cjkw67

    not exactly accurate.. I left my local Wal-Mart about 2 hours ago and there was plenty of DD Apparel at it!

    • pianojan

      Then they got a new shipment in today……article said they sold out yesterday. .

      • cjkw67

        well it was just wrong… they havent run out of any of their stuff

        • 4qbud

          Could be that the Walmart YOU shop at has an “endless supply” The inventory information is very subjective. Could be the items you saw were just stocked or returned to stock. Is that really what you brought away from the article, the fact that YOU could see DD wearing apparel in a Store you were in? I found a Playstation 4 in a Walmart near my Home on Saturday (my wife is the one who actually found it). No one thought there were any anywhere, but then there it was! Do you understand now how things like that can be , uhhh misinterpreted.

          • cjkw67

            I was responding to pianojan… they seemed to be under the impression that the info in the article they read was the Gospel…so, Do you understand now how things like that can be , uhhh misinterpreted.?? geez

  • pianojan

    When believers fight back, they almost ALWAYS win!

  • jay2010master

    the gay community like the drama – and really do people believe their non sense that they make up the buying power of the US? I liked this comment about tolerance, equality, and respect. – something that the gay community preaches – well until you say something against their beliefs. ” UA insists the company is committed to treating all people equally and with respect — something both A&E and GLAAD could both stand to learn.”

  • Bluemoon19

    Not understanding why GLAAD is bullying all these sponsors and A&E in the first place, its not like there members are watching the show, or buying from the sponsors in the first place….

  • 4qbud

    I LOVE this story. I think it woke up some pretty drowsy Americans from a deep , deep sleep. When they awoke to find that their very liberties were in jeopardy from people they protected when theirs were they FREAKED! DOn’t bite tha hand that feeds ya, is the old adage no one under 25 or who isn’t straight seems to remember. It’s “tolerance” alone that allows people to live lives of decadence and perversion. No on has that as a right. We live in a Republic NOT a Democracy and just because people treated it as though we are all in for the minority, we;re not all in over our own well-being. Live and let Live. Another good old saying. Live and let live, OR ELSE is how it needs to be applied these days.

  • 4qbud

    Slowly slipping away, you see your liberties slipping away little by little. You “allow” something to someone as a tester and then they turn around and make it a Demand. Give someone a dollar a week, just because. Do it for 6 Months and suddenly and without explanation or warning stop! I’ll bet it won’t take 5 minutes for the recipient of your “charity” Dollar to DEMAND their weekly dividend. Look at the crazy things today. No prayer in a School we paid TAX money to build. No Jesus in a Christmas scene. Santa has issues of RACE now. Christianity is now BAD. Veterans are suspect by the very Government they once served! Government bought BILLIONS of rounds of ammo and built strange and strategically located “camps”, WAKE UP! Little by little it’s going till it’s going, going. gone. The idiot Libs believe it’s the idiot Conservatives and once it all goes away none will have a seat at the table except the richest and met elite among us. This FAUX Robertson outrage came on the heels of the No More Christmas stand Atheists are pushing and “Is Santa” white all the media is pushing to divide us. Quit giving Creedence to the Despots in America and start taking a stand when ANYONE tries to tell you what to think or do (except doing at work that is) I GOT BLISTERS ON MA FINGAHS”””

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