‘Duck Dynasty’ Overnight Ratings CRUSHED by Fan Boycott of A&E


The massive backlash against A&E Networks for their disgraceful attack on Phil Robertson for expressing his religious beliefs is having a huge impact — just ONE DAY later.

The overnight ratings are in for Duck Dynasty.

One week ago, DD topped all of cable’s ratings with 8.885 million viewers.

Last night — as millions of Americans took to Facebook, Twitter and other forums to announce their boycott of A&E — DD ratings were in free-fall: down to just 2.521 million viewers.

That is a drop of 6.364 million viewers, or 71.6%.

A&E is just beginning to understand what a colossal error they made in taking on the true Silent Majority of Christian Americans at the behest of radical activists.

  • Chuck Purcell

    It is only the beginning. A&E will feel even more as we start on the advertisers also and they get their pocket book hit.

    • Donna Cheshire Holland

      Agree with you Chuck Purcell I hope it hits A&Es pocket book hard and Phils family goes to another network.
      This has really lit a fire under Christians that needed to happen. We need to take back our rights there are more Christians in the US than in any other country in the world. I hope it lets the 1 percent know just how many there really are of Christians.

      • Chuck Purcell

        Believe or not, there are more Christians now in China than anywhere else. Praise God for it too.

        • uncleroy1

          Chinese have souls? Who would of thunk… Next thing you’ll hear is that Obama is a patriot ???

          • Chuck Purcell

            Sorry if that hurts your feelings….BOoHOOHoo

          • Korteztk

            I always enjoy it when a conservative reveals his or her bigo.try and hypocrisy!

          • Diana Baskin

            You never miss a chance to show your Obama hate. Please don’t tell me you are a Christian because your post doesn’t show it. Everyone has a soul including you.

          • ChrisArc

            Is your hate of Obama politically based or race based?

            Just curious when people whine about Obama on every article on the internet no matter what the subject is!

          • Chuck Purcell

            Mine is politically. Some say the Supreme Court said it was Constitutional but there is now where in the Constitution that says it so how can Obama Care be constitutional, There are things that Bush did I don’t believe was Constitutional, Clinton as well.It’s not color, it’s law that I am against.

          • ChrisArc

            I agree that most presidents have violated the constitution and Bush made a habit of it, but we have to have laws or we while be back to every man for himself just like the old west.

          • Stewge

            Since the US Supreme Court ruled it a tax it became a seriously illegal law to the constitution. The Obamacare law that was passed was the version that started in the US Senate. By constitutional law ALL TAXES are to originate from the US House of Representatives. Why do you think they argued so hard it was not a tax in front of the supreme court?

      • L Jackson

        AMEN- it IS time Christians spoke up for the Lord. Keep in mind that this means loving all people just as Christ loves us in our imperfection. It does not mean accepting sin as OK. Still we have to accept that we are ALL sinners and God loves those. He wants all people to accept Salvation as a gift-covering our sinful nature by his blood. People may call you a hypocrit, but they can never understand true Christianity if they do not know the Lord or they would know better. Uphold Christian beliefs and the Cross of our Lord- we know how the last chapter will end and that’s all that matters.

        • Korteztk

          Don’t forget that book in the Bible, Delusions, 3:4 where it says the Lord favors the USA!

          • ChrisArc

            Israel is God’s chosen people but God also favors people that try their best to not sin. Phil did not say anything against homosexuals he said that homosexual acts are a sin just as the Bible says.

    • Sherry Galloway Willis

      Boycotts can work both ways. I don’t plan to eat at Cracker Barrel in the near future, either, if ever.

      • Ried

        As a conservative, I also avoid cracker barrel. I don’t like them. I can’t boycott A&E either, sign I don’t want cable.

      • LeCarla Gardner Royal

        After they were blasted on Facebook, Cracker Barrel admitted they made a huge mistake and ordered all DD products put back on the shelves!

      • Rick Rodrigues

        your absence well be appreciated.

        • Rita Rae

          Rick ,, I agree with you ,, we won’t have to stand in line as long now

  • MatthewScheller

    fair enough. we’ll have to wait and see.

  • disqus_eslqC70Xbi

    They’ve already filmed next seasons episodes. I think there’s been such a backlash from everywhere, including some of the gay community, that Phil will be brought back very soon.

  • Steve Winburn

    I hate to break it to you, but everyone I know watches the reruns and the new shows routinely. I think you will find that this is a spot on measure of the reaction to A&E. You may also want to read some more recent news. A&E had a representative at the interview. They allowed the comments to go to print after listening to them and had the power to stop them.

    • Larry

      They may watch the reruns routinely, but you can t compare the ratings for a new show to reruns. What you have to do is compare reruns to reruns. If you look at the the two weeks in question there is a slight dop off this week in watching the reruns, but hardly the 71 percent touted in the article trying to prove it’s the result of a boycott.

    • Larry

      Steve: To your point that A & E had final editorial approval over what appeared in print, please show a source for that. Most major magazines don’t have that kind of agreement during an interview. Just because A & E was there, and heard the comments doesn’t mean they knew they would be printed or had any control over what was printed.

  • Kevin Daugherty

    i dont want A&E to even get 2million viewe

    • Dandee

      Probably was the entire gay population hoping to get offended again so they can demand more punishment for having free thought and free will.

      • Korteztk

        Ah, bigo.try is such a proud thing amongst conservatives!

  • Kevin Daugherty

    everyone just needs to stop watching A&E altogether untill they make a national televised apology to phil robertson, and reinstate him to full status as the patriarch of the show…. that even if the family wants to continue with them or go somewhere else.. i feel duck dynasty will continue somewhere on a different network and im hoping its CMT

    • Sherry Galloway Willis

      They may well be on CMT. Those at the CMA Awards were accused by some liberals of being rich haters because of the Obamacare song with Carrie and Brad.

    • Ron Cruzarado Bergeron

      Stopped watching them since this started

  • Kevin Daugherty

    we need to get together as a straight nation and start a group against LGBT and GLADD to protest and reverse same sex marriage because christians and straight non christians has let this go for way to long…… even non christians that are straight know that homosexuality is WRONG and against nature its self! how can 2 fags procreate? they cant! they have to adopt and brainwash children into thinking they are gay to procreate. god never intended it to be this way, although i believe he knew it would be here. look at sadom and Gomorrah. god destroyed this place for the very same thing! we need to stand up against this homo groups and show them we are not going to stand for this sickening way of life and now they have woke up a sleeping giant… #STR8-AGAINST-LGBT#

    • Aaron

      You are a real moron! Doesn’t “god” preach love and understanding. It’s up to “him” to judge, not to your under-educated brainwashed ass. There are scientific studies that prove children raised by homosexual couples are no different than children raised by straight couples. If we would just be more understanding the US would definitely be a better place.

      Also, A&E is Phil’s employer and they have a right as a company to discipline an employee. Phil is speaking against the networks core values and they took action. Was that right? That’s for the audience to decide and obviously it shows they [audience] doesn’t approve. Phil has the right to speak out at any time, that’s his first amendment right…he still has that right and it’s not been taken from him at all.

      Oh, and before you call me a “fag” or another negative word know that I’m not gay, I just understand and support people that are different than me. They have the same relationships as we do. There is love and understanding and they struggle like you and I do every day. Some straight couples are unable to produce children so procreation has nothing to do with marriage!

      • LeCarla Gardner Royal

        God is a god of love & understanding. But all Phil did was preach God’s word. You can love the sinner but not approve of the sin. Trying to be “understanding” of everyone….or really, more “PC”–“politically correct,” has been the moral downfall of this country for the last 20 years!

        • Aaron

          For the record I don’t agree with the decision made by A&E, however, it definitely didn’t violate his first amendment rights in doing so. There are many causes for our downfall in the last 20 years and I don’t believe being less religious is it. Right or wrong society is moving in a direction towards “PC” and I don’t see that changing.

      • TNSnackman

        Yeah….right. I would bet dollars to donuts that you are most definitely a fag.

        • Aaron

          And I bet with”snackman” in your screen name you are more than likely familiar with convenience store snacks than actually knowing anything in the society we live in these days.

      • Kevin Daugherty

        Yes Jesus did teach to love one another (and I never said I hated anyone of them) and do unto others as you’d have them done unto you. BUT NOWHERE DOES HE HAVE TO SAY I GOT TO AGREE WITH ANYONE IN THEIR SINS! And those some pretty harsh words you’re throwing at me, don’t you hate it when we do the very same to you!? Come ON dude get a life!

        As far as Phil getting suspended, it wasn’t the audience that voted to get him threw off, come on where you from? Don’t you watch the news? The audience is pissed looks to me like! Lol!!! I’ll tell ya what got him suspended, it was the GAY CEO at A&E that decided she was afended you gay JERK!

        And procreation does have something to do with marriage you idiot! If we are to be fruitful and multiply how do you and your butt buddy plan on doing that???? YOU DONT!!! And if you agree with this discusting way of life and approve the your just as guilty in my book!!!!!

        • Blayzn

          I agree with you. Dude was minding his own business talking about how he likes what women are packing more than mens butt cracks and GLAAD calls A&E telling them to fire him.

      • Wesley S

        God is loving. But if you call him that are you being a good representative aaron by some of the words that you use. Is it wrong for Phil to say what is right and use the first amendment right that many people sacrificed their life for this to be? Is it wrong to encourage people not to sin instead of encourage them to continue to sin? Is it wrong to encourage people like Phil who are being wrongly attacked for his beliefs? I guess to some people saying what is right and using our first amendment rights is wrong.

      • Ed Seitzinger

        another one of the nazi nation. we have to support what he wants but not the actual constitution.

    • my opinion counts

      see…everyone has the right to free speech, no matter what they say. Kevin, you just proved it. 🙁

    • Korteztk

      Ah, there you go again, excusing your bigo.try based on a fictional set of stories. Conservatives are for discrimination and shoving Christianity down our throats. Too bad I cannot find where that is permitted in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence.

      • ChrisArc

        That is no different that the G&L trying to shove their lifestyle in our face! Every time anybody disagrees with the G&L community they start screaming “hate” and “homophobia”. Disagreeing with somebody does not mean that you hate them, that you are afraid of them, or that you are a Bigot.

        Democrats and Republicans disagree all the time but you don’t hear them being called “Repuphobs” or “Demophobs”!

        Phil did not say anything against homosexuals as people, he
        just stated his opinion just like you are doing out here. If he does not have the right to voice his opinion then what makes you think you have the right to voice your?

        Agree with him or not, he has the right!

  • Donna Cheshire Holland

    If they do bring them back I hope they will allow Phil to say whatever is on his mjnd no filters!!!!!!!

    • Sherry Galloway Willis

      And NO bleeps to make it looks like there is profanity!!

    • Catkitty

      I don’t think Phil can be filtered!!

  • uncleroy1

    Time for the Silent Majority to step up and defend our GOD and His teachings! If our bottom dwelling politicians won’t defend us, we’ll take them out with the rest of the trash! VOTE THE RASCALS OUT!

  • Sue Williams

    There are a lot of other shows I watch on A & E, but will no longer if they continue this farce. So sick and tired of people getting bashed for their beliefs.

    • Korteztk

      Would you feel the same way if the situation were reversed? Wait, you will not respond honestly.

      • ChrisArc

        Yes, he has the right to say that homosexuality or heterosexuality is wrong. It is his right to express his own opinion without being persecuted for it!

        You have the same right to express your opinion too whether people agree with it or not!

  • jay2010master

    I think another way we can do things is to call our cable companies, satellite, etc that provide the channels we watch and ask them to change our viewing plan to one that does not include A&E and give us a different channel. These companies pay these networks based on what we pay for our monthly service.

    • Katherine_B

      excellent point!

  • Dan Hughes

    Phil has the right to say what ever he wants. We still live in America. We all have the right to free speech. It does not matter whether I agree or disagree with what he says. I get tired of listening to Bill Maher the atheist and I just turn the channel.. Same thing. God bless America.

  • Shirley Ujest

    The only way to deal with those who deny us freedom of speech with regards to our freedom of religion is to hit these folks in the pocketbook. A&E is no longer a part of our DirecTV programming; we simply took the channel off our “favorites,” and will not watch them. Same for Cooking Channel – after the 20-year old Paula Deen flap. Find it interesting that a racist like Oprah, beloved by the liberals and their media, can spout hate speech on British TV (claiming that those in the US who do not care for BHO are racists) while the problem has nothing to do with the color of his skin. [ I LIKE: Dr. Benjamin Carson, Crystal Wright, Mia Love, Francesca, Chambers, Carol Swain, Chelsi Henry, Allen West, Sonnie Johnson, Artur Davis, Tim Scott, T. W. Shannon, Wayne Dupree, Derrick Wilburn, Lynn Swann, Herman Cain, Larry Elder, and Angela McGlowan – because of their politics, not their color.] Anyway – if you don’t like how “they” deal with what you hold dear: stop “shopping” with them – and there are LOTS of such places. Are you pro-life and a Starbucks fan? Better stop now – they are BIG supporters ($) of PP. Start looking up what your favorite stores or TV channels support – and stop “paying” them to send your money to groups and causes YOU are against.

  • John


    • Korteztk

      Do you people actually watch this show? What is the interest, the beautiful beards? I have never had any desire to watch Quack Quack, and I’m hetero.

      • ChrisArc

        That is not the point, the point is they tried to punish him for voicing his own opinion which everyone has the right to do!

        It does not matter if you ever watched the show or not, it is our rights that the people are fighting for and it does not matter if you agree with or not,

      • Katherine_B

        Truly you don’t think that because you don’t enjoy watching it no one else should? Absurd! Care to list all the shows you spend time watching?

  • Danny S.

    It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with what Phil Robertson said in the magazine interview. He has the freedom to state his beliefs when asked and answer the question honestly, without fear of recourse or censorship. It appears A&E didn’t think things through before making a hasty decision. They are trying to appease a group that doesn’t even watch the show. To be honest, I don’t watch it much myself. However, by making the decision they did, A&E alienated the majority of their fan base. For what? To appease GLAAD and the gay and lesbian community? I can’t imagine many if any of this population even watch the show. Not a very good business decision to say the least! If I am offended by the beliefs of someone on a particular show, I just don’t watch it! It’s pretty simple, really. Also, he didn’t make the remarks on the show. They were made in a magazine interview. Having said that, the gay and lesbian community have the right to state their opinion about his opinion, but to ask the network to take action for someone stating their beliefs is beyond ridiculous! If you don’t agree with his beliefs/views then don’t watch his show.

    • Katherine_B

      well said!

  • Dan Ruston

    Maybe the ratings dropped because people are boycotting DD in particular and not A&E

    • I stand with Phil

      Do you really think so? “Give me a break.”

    • ChrisArc

      Where the hell have you been!

    • Katherine_B

      You seriously believe that?

  • Chic Magnet Bailey

    A&E is OWNED BY DISNEY, HEARST Corp and ABC. So turn those shows off too !!!

    • Korteztk

      No doubt it is an Islamic act.

    • Katherine_B

      Disney has a track record of catering to the homosexual, what bothers me most about that is, Disney has always been about the children, but not any longer, Walt Disney loved children and would be spinning in his grave if he knew what has happened to his empire, it’s just plain sick!!

  • publius

    Don’t underestimate the power of the redneck 😉

  • Blayzn

    Some people are born homosexuals. Some people are born pedophiles. Some people are born necrophiliacs. Just because you are born with a sexual perversion doesn’t make it right.

    • ChrisArc

      But not all of them are “born that way” like they want us to think. They cannot say the every person in prison that has had homosexual sex, just happened to be “born that way”!

      It can be and is in a lot of cases a learned thing just like any other sexual perversions.

      • Kathy McKinny

        we are ALL born sinners, that DOES NOT give us license to wallow in the mud of sin. We are ALL born with a FREE WILL too. Saying everything bad you do is cause you were “born that way” just lifts the blame right off their shoulders, how CONVENIENT!!

        • ChrisArc

          That is true, It is just an easy way out!

          If they are born with a birth defect then I think God understands that. It is the one that do it anyway that are the real sinners.

          The Roman men saw sex with women as work necessary to make children and saw sex with other men as fun. This country’s morals are heading the same way as the Roman Empire and we know what happened to them.


    I hope A&E goes out of business for being so stupid

  • Ed Seitzinger

    Call your cable operator to drop a&e from the line up

  • Wesley S

    Through this whole situation I learned a lot. A and E showed who they really are. And before to be honest I never watched Duck Dynasty or had any idea what it was about. Now I know that they are a Christian family, and value their beliefs higher than their fame and wealth. This requires faith. The decision of one man changed how I see duck dynasty, since I have respect for them. I used to watch some shows on A and E (but not anymore).

  • Korteztk

    Amen, may bigo.try win out in the name of religious dog.ma

  • Steve Holsten

    I’m so happy people are standing strong & steadfast behind the Robertson’s!

  • ChrisArc

    It is great to see the silent majority finally winning against the loud minority of G&Ls!

    There is nothing more sickening and unconstitutional than a judge ordering a school to give one 6 year old “gay” boy the right to use the girls restroom at school, over the rights of the hundreds of girls and their parents to not have a boy in the girls restroom!

    The rights of one person do not outweigh the rights of hundreds of others and it does not matter whether they are gay, straight, black, white…!

    The sensible thing to do would be to create one stall transgender restrooms for G&L kids and teachers to use!

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