Drunk 17-Year-Old Girl Punches a Guy Sitting on a Couch. It Does Not End Well


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Sporting an oh-so-classy “Real Women Drink Beer” t-shirt, this 17-year-old “lady” sure acted the fool by punching a defenseless guy in the eye, and injuring him.

She then taunted him relentlessly, seemingly thinking he would, or could never do a thing about it.

It didn’t work out that way.

WATCH (Language and stupid people warning):


She certainly seems quite surprised when he doesn’t act at all “gentlemanly” (or even rationally), and breaks the once-cardinal rule: “Don’t ever hit a lady.” But is she one?

This vid has become very controversial on LiveLeak, who posted it. What do we make of a guy who goes off and punches a girl – who not only gave him a bloody eye, but was taunting him?

Should a man have to take anything from a woman before lashing out? Or are some women just such lowlifes that they deserve what they get?

Is chivalry dead? If so, did “feminism” kill it? Are we now breeding classless thugettes instead of ladies?


[h/t LiveLeak]


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