Donald Trump Strikes Back at Liberal Website for Releasing His Phone Number


by Bill Callen | Top Right News


As Mike Cantrell of YC reported, on Monday, the liberal rag Gawker attempted to take a shot at Donald Trump by publishing his cell phone number in a stunt similar to what the GOP presidential candidate did to Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Well, “The Donald” has delivered an epic burn in retaliation, and it’s truly one for the ages.

That’s right. Trump reposted the same phone number as the Gawker losers released with great fanfare, with his own classic twist.

I can only imagine the butthurt over at Gawker after their little snarky stunt completely backfired in their faces.

For someone new to politics, ‘The Donald’ is certainly making it look easy making mincemeat of his rivals. And any time arrogant liberals get their butts handed to them like this it has to bring a smile to your face.

Well played, Mr. Trump!


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