Donald Trump Strikes Back at Liberal Website for Releasing His Phone Number


by Bill Callen | Top Right News


As Mike Cantrell of YC reported, on Monday, the liberal rag Gawker attempted to take a shot at Donald Trump by publishing his cell phone number in a stunt similar to what the GOP presidential candidate did to Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Well, “The Donald” has delivered an epic burn in retaliation, and it’s truly one for the ages.

That’s right. Trump reposted the same phone number as the Gawker losers released with great fanfare, with his own classic twist.

I can only imagine the butthurt over at Gawker after their little snarky stunt completely backfired in their faces.

For someone new to politics, ‘The Donald’ is certainly making it look easy making mincemeat of his rivals. And any time arrogant liberals get their butts handed to them like this it has to bring a smile to your face.

Well played, Mr. Trump!

  • frgough

    It’s gotta be surreal for liberals to actually have someone hit back when they throw a punch.

    • Arthur Case

      We know the republicans just cower in the corner and John Boehner just cries. How pathetic..

      • StevenE

        You’ll never see The Donald cry!

        • Dorrie

          He might … after Ted Cruz wins.

  • Randall Benson

    Trump is throwing punches,the little whiney libs are throwing sissey slaps.
    Typical and completly inefective.

    • AmericanNana

      Tell you what, Trump seems to be saying all right things. He certainly isn’t taking any crap from anyone. I think we need someone in WH who is NOT a politician. It doesn’t matter who I’ve voted for in the past (most career politicians) … none of them have done what they said they would.

      • Laura

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        • Dianne S Johnson

          May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and your arms be too short to scratch!!!!!

      • Melanie Schielder

        and that’s why everyone is afraid of him, he isn’t for sale, and they know they have nothing real to hit him with, so try and go for low blows, I mean really why is giving out his phone number so important? it’s not, they just don’t know what to do about him, and they see the American people want him in office, the politicians and the big companies are trying anything and everything to give him a political black eye, and the key word is trying, but they are failing, the people are finely being heard and someone has stepped up on the peoples behalf

  • capn-gary

    I love it.

  • Golfer1113

    Nice one Mr. Trump. Continue on. It is time to have someone in office that can think and do the right things.

  • nnss

    Love it!

    Donald is growing on me, and many conservatives I see.

    • Dorrie

      Yes, sadly, he isn’t a Conservative. He is close to the Clintons and contributed heavily to the Clinton foundation. I appreciate his chutzpa, but won’t vote for him.

      • Dianne S Johnson

        Dorrie, please refer to my answer on your earlier erroneous comment. You didn’t get the story quite right.

        • Dorrie

          I got it VERY right, Diane. Trump can’t be trusted. He’s boisterous and forceful, but I would never trust him!

  • ValleyCounty

    Several of my “liberal” friends have indicated they are planning on supporting and voting for Trump. As the time continues toward the election, I think we will see a total collapse of both the dumbocrats and the RINOs.

  • You_R_Responsible

    LOL… I really like Trump and the liberal twits have met their match except that the Don will take them out every time!

    Go TRUMP 2016!

    • Dorrie

      Except Donald IS a liberal!! He has contributed heavily to the Clinton foundation! He is good friends and a supporter of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi! I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the ONLY “Republican”!

      • Dianne S Johnson

        He HAS contributed around $600,000 to Democrats and their causes. He has ALSO contributed around $900,000 to Republicans and THEIR causes. As a businessman, he said he contributed to EVERYONE!!! You never know when someone can do you a favor!!!! You’re spouting only ONE side of it, It would be interesting to hear where you got that one-sided information, Dorrie.

        • Dorrie

          That is EXACTLY why I don’t trust him and wouldn’t vote for him. He basically speaks out of both sides of his mouth!

          • frgough

            No, he understands that in today’s America, you have to pay protection money.

          • Dorrie

            Apparently HE pays protection money, but unless someone is CORRUPT, they do NOT.

  • Brian Beard

    He needs to start leveling grid squares…

  • William Stearns

    I don’t like Trump but he has my vote as long as he continues to say what everyone else is afraid to. As long as he calls them all out and doesn’t start playing politics He has my support. I may even volunteer o help with his campaign ere I live!

    • AmericanNana

      I agree William! I am so tired of “politics as usual”…..I believe Trump will be my choice as long as he does as you say, and “call them out”…I am liking him more everyday.

  • Dorrie

    CRUZ 2016 !!

    Trump cannot be trusted!

  • JustMyOpinion

    TRUMP 2016

    • Dorrie

      CRUZ 2016 !!

      Donald Trump has given heavily to the Clinton foundation and has been a Clinton supporter for years. He is NOT a Conservative!!

      • JustMyOpinion

        so ? He can get the job done.

        • Dorrie

          Maybe. Maybe NOT.

      • frgough

        Ah, now we get it. You’re a Cruz supporter. Well, the only reason Cruz is getting bolder in hitting back is because of Trump.

        • Dorrie

          Your opinion. And you’re welcome to it.

  • StevenE

    Vote for THE MAN! Perfect in every way!


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