Donald Trump Quietly Helped Marine Left To Rot In Mexican Prison For 214 Days, Who Obama Ignored


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

Greta Van Susteren told her audience this week that it was true that Donald Trump helped out Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi after his release from a Mexican jail. Greta also said Obama wouldn’t even pick up a phone to help the Marine.

In all seriousness, Donald did help out Sgt. Tahmooressi. He sent him some money to help him jump start his life. Sgt. Tahmooressi rotted in a Mexican prison for 214 days.President Obama wouldn’t even pick up the phone to help.

But Obama did have plenty of time to go golfing while Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi rotted in a Mexican prison.


A source told TRN that the “money” Trump sent Tahmoreesi was “very substantial,” and included paying all of the family’s legal bills, financial needs while he was held prisoner for nearly a year, and cash to get him back on his feet.

Kudos to Trump for this generosity and patriotism, and also for giving Greta great credit for her efforts.

  • Christina

    He’s a piece of fucking shit! He hates our country and Michelle, just “for the first time became proud to be in it “! They are the worst thing to happen to this country ever! I hope that the next president whether black, white, or female actually gives a damn about this country and not solely about muslims, and illegal immigrants!!!! Hopefully it’s “the Donald” even though he said some rude crass shit about women and I don’t care for what he said about McCain! At least he owns it! I love him! Go Donald Trump!!!!

    • Madame_deFarge

      Christina, aside from the back and forth with Rosie O’Donnell (he gave as good as he got with her)…the other accusations were were involved with his scripted reality show. Probably to pump up drama, engage emotions and gin up interest. That’s the way those shows work. Hence the response from the women involved that they have great respect for him and they were not abused. Sadly, a lot of people believe these shows are spontaneous.

      • paul jones

        Yea , they be dumb ,yea-yea

    • Elwood Ballard

      McCain is a Liberal RINO. He is useless. He would not let any of his presenters use the name “Hussein” during the introductions. He and Romney were spineless wimps. As useless as Obozo is, he ran all over those two limp noodles.

  • Alex Richmond

    I cannot say if Trump is the best man for the job, but I have no doubt where his loyalties lie. Say what you want about his views on women and how he treats people he doesn’t agree with, he cares for this country, and I have no doubt he would do what he had to do to protect America and its citizens.

    • willierkennedy

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    • John Michael Hutton

      Trump is a Klown that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. He shoots off his stupid mouth with 10 second sound bites which half the time he backs away from an hour later when someone in his camp points out how totally stupid what he said is. It doesn’t take much to shoot off ones ignorant and uninformed mouth. That is classic Trump and idiots like yourself like this shit because you are also ignorant and uninformed.

      • The KING

        Yes, we definitely need more of the same thing that has brought our country to $19 trillion in debt. More lying scumbag politicians!

        • me

          Does America get multiple bankruptcies? What are we waiting for? Mafia for president.

          • aaaaa

            Bankruptcies are allowed by law and also something Jesus spoke about. “At the end of every seven years you shall grant a release of debts. And this is the form of the release: Every creditor who has lent anything to his neighbor shall release it; he shall not require it of his neighbor or his brother, because it is called the LORD’s release” (Deuteronomy 15:1-2).

          • me

            Jesus? Is he trumps lawyer. Bet you believe that.

          • me

            Careful, I’ll call on my imaginary friend.

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Educate yourself, Donald Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, four companies he was involved with filed Chapter 11, meaning that they restructured their debts but paid them. Walt Disney also went bankrupt, and had near misses on four other occasions, the founder of JC Penney’s went bankrupt five times. Great men just pick themselves up and go at it again, small men like you just complain about others.

          • THANK YOU for explaining that, but don’t you mean Chapter 13? If I’m wrong, so be it, I just thought that’s what even we little bugs get when we have the $$$ to repay our debts we just need a little more time. Either way, that’s what Trump did, he didn’t default on what he owed, like so many little poops do.

          • me

            Right assranger.

          • me

            He is tied to more than 10 corporate bankruptcy cases. Maybe you should spend less time writing and more time reading.

          • Steve

            Yes read a little more instead of shooting off your mouth. Most of those bankruptcies came as a means to save companies that were near death when Trump took them over. He saved those companies and the jobs of their employees.

          • me


          • Steve
          • me

            Try reading something that was written in the last few years. Amazing what starts popping up when one runs for office.

          • PC Bob

            Maybe he doesn’t ‘pick’ the best companies to join up with. That doesn’t mean he is less than a man! Mistakes are normal; it’s how we, as humans, learn!

          • Bandit Bill

            Does Barack get multiple vacations? What are we waiting for? Tiger Woods for president.

          • me

            This one’s simple. Google presidential vacation days. I know this would require a little effort, but give it a try. He gets more done on the back 9 than you do in a week.

          • Bandit Bill

            Funny you liberal losers go straight for personal attacks when faced with superior opposition. Let’s see workings vacations at your home are different than globe trotting. Google miles traveled and vacations at home. Give me “1” time Barack spent in his Chicago home? That’s my tax money he’s wasting……I’m sure not yours. I’m paying for your benefits I’ll bet!!

          • me

            Not a liberal, trumptard.

          • Bandit Bill

            There you go again. Ignorant people always resort to name calling… it’s their only defense. Thanks for proving my point since you couldn’t depute my facts you went to the low road.

          • The KING

            Folks, Me is a troll. Ignore him like a turd you just flushed down the toilet.

          • me

            Poor guy. You need to realize it’s not about you. Nothing personal in disagreeing with you. But I see people use your post verbatim when they have a weak stance. You make the assumption I’m a liberal. That is your weakness. Shallow as a puddle. I’m going to start referring to you all as trumptards. Hope it catches on.

          • me

            White house is home, not Chicago. A president traveling. Must be a conspiracy. Loser, you checked didn’t you. Kind of frustrating isn’t it.

          • Bandit Bill

            Again you show your ignorance so I’m done with you after pointing out that the White House is the peoples house not his. Obama isn’t a king or the messiah as you must believe so there’s no sense trying to state facts to such a moron. Bush’s home is Crawford, Barack’s home is Chicago. Get a life or better yet an education. Bye, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

          • me

            Your marine crossed into Mexico with an illegal gun. Who is ignorant. I’m done with you.

          • Dan S.

            The Marine in question inadvertently crossed an unmarked border with his hunting rifle in the trunk of his car. Before he could get back across into US territory, he was intercepted by corrupt Mexican cops who tossed him into a jail cell without so much as a phone call to the US embassy. The Mexicans tried to extort money from his family, which they didn’t have, threatening his life if they weren’t paid off.
            By all rights, the Mexican ambassador should have been called to the White House and told, point blank, “Either turn the man loose, or face an armored battalion of pi$$ed off Marines. We’re not compromising with you punks, don’t bother asking, and we’re not going to ‘negotiate with you. Hand him over or face the consequences of your illegal actions.”

          • PC Bob

            Amen to that, Bandit Bill!

      • robb1952

        Your president is a piece of work! His loyalties lie with his socialist buddies who don’t care at all about this nation or those who are sworn to protect it. Say what you will about Donald Trump – but at least he showed compassion for this Marine and family. Your president wouldn’t know compassion if it slapped him!

        • Sam Adams

          Now that’s not fair. Not fair at all.

          Obama has tons of compassion……. for islamic terrorists.

          • EBH54

            ……. and for traitors.

          • John Michael Hutton

            No,, I don’t think he has any compassion for Bush and Cheyney

          • John Michael Hutton

            Yep, he had a bullet or two put in Oslaba Ben Salami’s head and has been killing the leaders of ISIS, Taliban, Al Quehaha with great frequency. He has great compassion for terrorists. Just go back to FAux Noise and on the way there, pull your head out of your butt.

          • PC Bob

            Oh, he had a bullet put in those terrorist’s, alright, and then, SUDDENLY the ones who shot them mysteriously all DIED! What’s with that?

          • PC Bob

            Only he doesn’t call them that!

      • Tina really don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! You live your life with your head up your ass, don’t you!
        When Trump says something, he sticks to it and tells anyone who complains to stick it! You obviously spend too much time watching Obama play golf!
        You are the one who is ignorant and uninformed! Time to see what’s happening in this Country! Wake up man!

        • me

          Watch another reality tv show. Americans are ripe for the picking. Try picking up a book instead of allowing yourself to be manipulated.

          • Steve

            Trump is a showman to be sure. But he is also a capable man. And unlike Obama, Trump has always hired and listened to the best in their field. Trump is an arrogant ass but he would be far better than what we have now or Hillary should she win the Dem nomination.. He’s not my first choice b ut Trump beats Hillary hands down, tied behind his back or lopped off.

          • You’re a good egg for recognizing that. I hope you come around to voting for Trump in the primaries, but I can see you’ll think it through and vote your mind and not your heart!

          • Steve

            Can’t vote my heart, Reagan has served 2 terms. A dead Reagan as president would be better than a live Hillary.

          • Farid Rushdi

            People talk about Trump and Reagan in the same sentence. I was a 24-year-old when Reagan beat Carter and changed the nation. They are two very different people with two very different styles.

            But the one commonality is that both of them would look right into the camera and say, “You can be great if you just work hard and believe we are the greatest nation on the Earth. If you believe it, it WILL happen.”

            Morning in America could be right around the corner …..

          • Steve

            Understood. I was about the same age when Reagan defeated The Worthless One. If Trump shows me he understands the need to succeed as president, not as Donald Trump, then he will my vote in the primary. In the general election I will vote for any of the 17 Republican candidates over Hillary, Biden, or Sanders.

          • disqus_8CMmoOQwtG

            At least with Trump we have a chance to succeed as a nation and he’s the only candidate that has a chance to beat Bernie to the White House. This needs to happen. I love Bernie’s message to labor, but if he makes it to the White house, what few wealthy people are still in the US will simply move elsewhere with their “Swiss bank account” and what’s left of the middle class will be the only thing left to shoulder his social programs and there’s not enough of us.
            Trump’s right on the spot when it comes to restoring this nation to it’s people. I can tell you first hand the number of illegals occupying American jobs is astounding. I was a driver for two years going from business to business and company to company delivering shipping containers where the American consumer rarely gets to see. I can say only this… The illegal immigration issue is far worse than anyone thinks. Warehouses, factories, restaurants and stores all have illegal workers dominating their labor positions. They even have a “goto” guy ready to replace that person with another illegal should a illegal worker be deported. On payday, their money gets wired straight to their home in Mexico and very little gets spent here. They are not doing us any favors.
            First and foremost, if your not working or working at a lousy pay-rate, this is the reason why. Whether your Republican or Democrat, black, white or a legal Hispanic, Trump is the winning ticket for all of us!
            Don’t fall into BBF (Bernie’s Brain Fart)

          • Sam Adams

            Trump may be an arrogant ass, but he has a demonstrated history of competence which reflects his success.

            On the other hand, Obama is just an arrogant ass

          • Hillary Hussein McBush

            That is not true. Obama is very successful…He said he was going to fundamentally transform america and he has.

            I used to think he was an incompetent fool too, but it takes a real talent to be able to bring America to her knees from within…

            …granted he had the help of the entire lying liberal media, the communist DNC and their stupid entitlement mentality voters, but he has successfully damaged the fabric of this country even worse than the former title holder of worst president ever, jimmy carter did.

          • Sam Adams

            I stand corrected, dear lady.

          • Allan Recticuli

            At least you told the truth; instead of white washing the “IT” One thing you did not point out is thing; Te majority of CONGRESS had to give the “IT” a BIG helping hand; I did my home work from the onset; NO one had to brain wash me in my thinking process; I thought he was a flake from the beginning and I still hold that same opinion of him to this day.

          • Hillary Hussein McBush

            Yup, the anti american doucheliticians in congress on both sides of the aisle have fully enabled this anti american PO(tu)S.

            A Pox on ALL their houses.

          • Allan Recticuli

            At least you told the truth about the “IT”. I did my home work at the onset of the day they threw the “IT’s” hat into the ring; I was not the least impressed with the “IT” then and I am definitely not impressed with the “IT’s performance over the years; even with the help of his many COMMUNIST friends on the hill.

          • me

            So anyone who disagrees with you is a liberal, Hillary supporter. Take off your blinders. You might learn something.

          • Steve

            Talk about blinders. Where the hell did you get that I said what you accuse me of saying? You’re looking to be offended, just like the liberal Hillary supporters.

          • me

            Right. Thanks slingblade.

          • Bandit Bill

            And you think a community organizer is good. You’re the blindly manipulated liberal drone.

      • Rafael Gibbons

        Did you notice how your own rant is filled up by someone shooting off his mouth? It appears you are your own self fulfilling prophesy. If He does become president and does a job rather well what will you do? will you say “I was wrong?” or will you stick to your beliefs? If the man is wrong at least he admits it instead of hiding his head in the sand…can we say the same about he other…Hold on…checking their track record…checking…cheeeeeeeking….

      • loribee

        Say what you want… I didn’t see your sorry ass helping this Marine get out of the Mexican prison.

        • angryplbr

          Or his BBF did jack squat either.

      • George Wagner

        That must be how he has become so very wealthy. This country could use a lot of that kind of cluelessness.

      • Frank Loftice

        Wow calling us stupid sure is the pot calling the kettle black. I looked at your profile and it’s apparent you don’t like successful people and seem to be very jealous of them. I certain he could really care less about what someone with your mentality thinks about. Let’s see he’ worth 10 billion and you have squat, so who is the really stupid one

        • Tim Gentry

          I was

        • Maggyrats

          At least now we know JMH is a human being. I wasn’t sure before reading his profile.

      • Susan Castagna Shiptoski

        You just sound jealous that this man can get things done. Our POS POTUS did nothing but ignore this marine. And this didn’t cost any of us any tax dollars! I also don’t know if he’s the right man for President, but I do know he backs up his word with actions and is not a mouth piece like every politician out there.

      • westriversd1

        I guess you have not read the book, “How to make friends and influence your enemies”? Real nice comment, maybe you aught to take a nap.

      • Bob Smith

        Your spelling and grammar make me sad. I know you vote democrat.

      • Scott Boyer

        Can’t be as ignorant and uniformed as you !

      • wcwilly

        I have read all of your responses and all I can say is you do not know your ass from the back end of a jack ass.

      • Ricky Lee White

        Post some evidence of Trump backing down from the things he’s said please.

        See, the thing I like the most about Trump is that he isn’t a pussy. He says what’s on his mind and doesn’t apologize for it. That is a fresh of breath air when it comes to American politicians.

        When people treat him poorly, he treats them poorly. (Rosie O’Donnell comes to mind.) I’m nice to people until they aren’t nice to me and from what I’ve seen of Trump I believe he does the same.

      • Doug Gomperz

        It takes a truly ignorant person to another person, whom he does not know, ignorant. Last I checked, this was still America, and We still have our right to support whomever we want!

      • Asphalt_Ranger

        “It doesn’t take much to shoot off ones ignorant and uninformed mouth.”

        Congratulations…you are your own poster child for that retarded comment…moron.

      • abola2121

        A progressive who has nothing better to do with his time than troll-post on Conservative websites. Please, do humanity a favor by ending your tired existence.

      • James Bond

        How long you been kissing Obama’s ass? Based on your profile you must have been his not so secret lover for years. Only his tranny wife Michael has such blind support of every thing he does include shitting all over our flag.

      • Ronda

        John, I’ll bet Tahmooressi and his family wouldn’t agree with you. As ignorant as you are if you’d been in a Mexican prison for 214 days, I doubt you’d be saying such a stupid remark.

      • KenJ

        Whatever, libtard. I am glad Trump, scares you.

        • ME TOO! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016

          I’ve yet to hear him back down from ANYTHING he’s said! He doubles down – to the trauma of the PC police (the lapdog whining media.) GO TRUMP 2016!!

      • Darrin Pierce

        wow, no facts to back this up, everything Trump has said is spot on. He’s the only one that says what everyone is thinking. Down with political correctness.

      • DP

        He’s “ignorant and uninformed??” He’s done pretty good amassing 4-5 billion dollars being so ignorant and uninformed. He also didn’t get that money by being bribed like Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and all the other lifetime, career, lying bought and paid for wholly owned scumbag democrat and republican politicians that are running…But I’m sure you think they’re all honest and want the best for you….SMH.

      • DP

        Of course Obumbleclut was to busy giving away 5 top flight murderers so he could get that deserter Bergdahl released…..Yeah, he’s your man…Obumbleclut….

      • helmethead

        Trump’s actions as reported in this news article in assisting Sgt. Tahmooressi are hardly the actions of someone who “doesn’t know his a## from a hole in the ground.”

        The President of our nation playing golf while Sgt. Tahmooressi was held captive in a Mexican prison – now that’s someone that may need some help finding the cheeks of his a## with both hands.

        And you dare to call others “ignorant and uninformed…”

      • Hillary Hussein McBush

        Yet he has a net worth over 10 BILLION and you have a facebook page. Who is the clown again?

      • Spongebob

        You sound like a typical leftist liberal moron that would vote for a muslim dictator from kenya again after he signs another Ex. order to extend to 3 terms, Our once great nation can not survive any mor transforming into a non constitutional dictatorship, God bless us all

      • KenJ

        Yet, you voted for obama. Talk about ignorant.

      • Allan Recticuli

        Sorry; you are the one that is not informed; Must not have been abled to live up to Trumps standards; So far I see only one Pompous ass in the message room; and that is you John Michael Hutton

      • Johnnygo7

        All others are political rhino’s and will continue the take down our America like always. I am 80 and have watched it all. I will never vote for another politician.

      • angryplbr

        And you plan on voting for socialist lite or full blown communism, which is it? FOOL.

      • newswatch3522

        Your very words give you away. It’s the “pot calling the kettle black” !

      • Investigator

        “It doesn’t take much to shoot off ones ignorant and uninformed mouth.”

        And you would certainly be the authority on that.

    • Susan Castagna Shiptoski

      AGREED 100% !

      • tanyarcranes

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    • The problem is who he thinks it needs protection from…

    • kat747

      Trump will be a breath of fresh air after the last one and his administration of “czars”.

    • ConCynic

      I’d say that so far, it appears Trump is EXACTLY the best man for the job. F**k political correctness, our country is in BIG trouble.

    • Maria Santos

      Right on! He cares about our country and its people. His actions speaks louder than the lies the MSM and the Republican establishments are saying about him. That’s why I’m voting for Trump!

    • PC Bob

      MUCH more than anyone can say about the current admin!

    • disqus_iKl87UbGah

      If ones loyalties are for our Country’s men, women and children why wouldn’t he be the best person for the Job?
      And his views on women? that is a democrat media talking point to raise doubt. Trump decades ago and to date has hired the most women in the highest jobs in his Companies paying them equal pay. That came out at the convention and it was found to be true.

      The Hacked Leaked Emails Showed that the Democrat Party Controls the news outlets messages. That means we the people are given mis-information on Trump but what is going on around the world.

      Pray He Gets In or Our Country will be over run by Muslim Agenda. Our Country whether you like it or not was founded on Christian Beliefs. Jesus Christ. The Koran Speaks out against it demanding all who follow denounce Jesus. That means they will slowly seek to change our Constitution and Bill or Rights to Sharia. Our Past President FOUGHT against them and won.
      So this election is important to Hire An American President WHO believes and Loves our Country enough to speak the Truth.

  • Jeanne Zaccagnini

    Thanks go to Donald Trump, for taking care of business, that our President should have. Obama could of at least welcomed this Marine Sgt. Home. Did we really even expect Obama to give up his golf to do the job of being the President of the United States of America. He could never stand to be anywhere near the man Donald Trump is.
    Donald Trump for President in 2016.

    • csrdrunner

      President, we have one! Where?

      • KenJ

        Check out the golf course.

        • Sam Adams

          Nope. No president there either. Just a Kenyan usurper who was never Constitutionally eligible to assume the presidency.

          We have no president. Haven’t had one for the past 7 years. What we’ve had is a fraud and a criminal who was born in Kenya and raised by Communists.

    • LSKKMa

      I’m surprised the LYING FRAUD didn’t take credit for the Marine’s release. If I were that family and Obama had called my house, I’d have hung up on him. Showed up at my door… Slammed it in his face.

    • Why would he welcome someone home who got caught smuggling guns across it’s border?

      • Barefoot in MN

        ypu haven’t researched it, have you? the Marine was MOVING (as in, not going to be living in one location any more, and driving to another location to take up residence. See?) — and he got LOST. I saw videos of the roads where he was lost. Believe it or not – and if you don’t believe it you had better watch the vids yourself – that section of border is very poorly marked. He was HONEST with the mexicans about his possessions, and that honesty got him jailed. Such niiiiice neighbors there ! (sarcasm).

      • Asphalt_Ranger

        Are you a complete imbecile by design, or is it hereditary..?

        • Sam Adams

          I think he works at it. And judging by his success at being one, I’d say he’s been working at it his entire life!

      • KenJ

        Wow, your dumb.

      • Sam Adams

        I’m confused. How would Obama welcome himself home after getting caught smuggling thousands of weapons across the border to the Mexican drug cartels?

        I mean, the Mexicans haven’t even arrested Obama yet. Nor have we. Though we should have long ago.

        I think you’re getting it twisted. Sgt Tahmooressi never smuggled guns across the border. He wasn’t even trying to cross the border. He made a wrong turn AT the border which found him OVER the border. He was trying to turn around, you fool.

    • Can I like this post a hundred times? ;D

    • Earl Shay

      Well HERE YOU GO – I’m directing this post to all of you (myself included) that have been following the Oregon/Bundy/LaVoy ordeal. Trump is totally in tune with ALL aspects of government corruption. NO other candidate has a clue about this, nor would they dare speak about it.


  • Johnathan Huntington

    The story was heart warming. If Donald Trump keeps giving to those who are in need and makes are country better, Donald Trump could be the first president that the USA patriots will love as a person as well as president. Go Donald Trump Go!

    • madalon baum

      I’m not sure it’s fair to say Trump would be the first president to be loved as a person as well as a president, but it is certainly pretty accurate to say he would be thought of a whole heck of a lot better than Obama is.

      • By white male christians, maybe.. but then again, that’s the only demo that matters, right?

        • Barefoot in MN

          can’t see from anyone else’s perspective but yours, eh ? tsk, tsk… sad…. I’m sure your momma tried to teach you though….

        • Asphalt_Ranger

          What’s your point, or do you just like posting inane dribble while you wait for your next welfare check..?

        • Y’all still on your “Crying Away Our Lives Over Petty Things We’ve Made Up” huh? Couldn’t y’all at least find a hobby that CREATES something besides riots?

    • Earl Shay

      HERE YOU GO – I’m directing this post to all of you (myself included) that have been following the Oregon/Bundy/LaVoy ordeal. Trump is totally in tune with ALL aspects of government corruption. NO other candidate has a clue about this, nor would they dare speak about it.


  • Buypass

    Trump has a history of being the candle in the dark to
    troubled people and families. Small actions like this
    reveal the inner man. He can be my President starting
    today if that were possible. I damn well know he would
    not finance and arm Iran.

  • frances chipps

    I do not believe this, this is more GOP lies. whats the rest o f the story???

    • Bill918

      As a liberal, it is probably hard for you to fathom someone doing good out of their own pockets, and not bragging about it. Liberals are only ably to be generous with other peoples money, then must tell the world how good, charitable, and tolerant they are.

    • KenJ

      Rest of the story is that liberals, are mentally ill.

  • LSKKMa

    Just another reason to boot Obama out of our HOUSE. NOW!!!! DO NOT WAIT FOR JAN 2017. Take him out or down NOW!!! Pay attention you worthless politicians in Congress… Remember the American people put you there to do a job… We can take you out too. We don’t need you, any of you, half as much as you need us.

    • me

      Ignorance is bliss.

      • Asphalt_Ranger

        Then you must be boiling over with bliss.

        • me

          Good one assfault.

    • Nothing says patriotism like calling for your President to be assassinated.. for people who claim to love America, you sure don’t act like.

      • LSKKMa

        Take him out or down to me means take him out of OUR house kicking and screaming like a little girl… Down means arrest his ass and lock him up DOWN in GITMO.

      • KenJ

        Boo Hoo.

  • John L. Battey

    Ross Perot Sr. arranged & paid for the flight of an entire Boeing 707-327C filled with medical and other supplies to Vietnam in an effort to get them to the American POWS being held in the North. I know because I helped unload and sort everything when the plane was turned back. Hundreds of people helped like I did and each of them received an individualized hand written letter of thanks from Ross.
    It wasn’t enough to give him the White House, but Ross Perot Sr. is a thousand times mor trustworthy than Trump. Check Trump’s history; Ross never screwed any investors like Trump has screwed MOST of his. Bernie Madoff’s investors did better than the people who invested in Trump’s Atlantic City resorts.
    Considering how pitifully Trump has delivered on things he said he would do – it’s a good thing he isn’t a neurosurgeon like Dr. Ben Carson is.

  • John Michael Hutton

    What the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China? The man owed money, he had debts. It was the problem of the laws of the country to which he was a citizen. The United States government is not in the habit of paying off debts of its citizens unless, of course, they are filthy rich banks. This is nothing but a cynical attempt to smear Obama about a situation that other than sending money, he couldn’t have fixed in the first place even if he was so inclined. If this guy had budgeting skills he wouldn’t have been in this jackpot in the first place. We don’t have debtor any more much. Your article is as stupid as you are. Here’s a thought, PAY YOUR BILLS.

    • KChandler

      dude you have no clue. If you don’t want to look totally ignorant and therefore make your party look even worse, read the story about what happened and where the bills came from, and if after reading the story you don’t understand then you have no compassion or empathy. As for your Obama, he traded terrorists for a traitor and deserter but couldn’t be bothered to help an American citizen ( a marine no less) that made an honest mistake.

    • KenJ

      As soon as you and sharpton, pay your taxes.

  • John Michael Hutton

    He broke Mexican law. He wasn’t acting in a capacity as a U.S. marine, so what would you have Obama do in the first place? And was Obama supposed to put his life on hold and do nothing but working to get this criminal out of a Mexican jail? BULLSHIT

    • Minnie Pearl

      Do you even know the story? He got lost and made a wrong turn in an unmarked area; Greta proved that in her investigation. He had just moved to San Diego and had his belongings, including his guns, in his vehicle. He had no idea he had entered into Mexico. Furthermore, a lot of people get lost in San Diego area. It gets really bad when one makes a wrong turn where the military has blocked GPS and cell phones. You are pretty loose with the term criminal. I wonder why.

      • Oh yeah.. got lost and made a wrong turn.. yeah that totally happened when I was smuggling cocaine across the border.. oh, no.. I wasn’t trying to cross the border.. I uh.. I made a wrong turn..

        Also, you’ve clearly never been to San Diego, it’s one straight road through a giant well marked border.

        Additionally, Obama actually did have state department working on getting him released, which he was… though he should have served his full sentence, can you imagine someone bringing guns into America, “Oh you just made a wrong turn? Oh ok, cool, have a nice day” ..nah, you’d all be calling them a terrorist and demanding they be executed

        • Minnie Pearl

          Since you clearly know nothing about this story, Google Greta’s investigation and learn what happened. Those facts aren’t disputed by the US government either. And, again you make an inaccurate assumption; I’m from San Diego, family from there, went to college there, worked there. I know the area. It’s clear that you don’t. He made a wrong turn period.

        • Asphalt_Ranger

          You take uninformed ignorance to a whole new level…you’re beyond help.

        • KenJ

          Would rather see you get executed, as a Traitor to the USA.

  • John Michael Hutton

    No Slick, You broke their laws. Now man up and quite your whinning.

    • margaretbugg

      what about all the Mexicans that break our laws by illegally entering the United States? This young man did not mean to take a wrong turn and end up in Mexico. He is a United States citizen, he should have been helped especially since he served his country.

  • THIS IS WHAT POLITICIANS GAVE US…. I for one have had enough….

  • Frank Loftice

    He’s the best candidate among those running and he’s very serious about winning, even with all the bad press he gets. This act of kindness and respect is just one of the many good things he’s done that you won’t hear about.

    • me

      Just heard about it. Political b.s. as usual.

      • Asphalt_Ranger

        So, because you don’t pay attention, anything you’re just hearing about automatically becomes political b.s….wow, maybe you should try being less critical and more informed…then you won’t come across as such a douche.

        • me

          You implied he did this out of the public eye, for personal reasons. Not the case douche. Total political positioning. Don’t be ignorant.

          • Matt A

            Pussy boys, like you, just don’t get it. Regardless of motive, Trump saved this innocent American. A marine no less. What was the Pussy in chief’s motive for not saving this American?

  • Kenneth Adkison

    John Michael, the only one that is stupid and ignorant is you . He has not backed down from anything. By the way, learn how to spell.

    • me

      Some things an intelligent person backs away from. Putin will eat him for breakfast.

      • KenJ

        Thanks for letting us know your loyalties are with putin.

        • me

          My loyalty is with America, and to stop tv drones like yourself from putting us is a dangerous spot.

  • ccivish

    SGT Tahmoreesi has since been arrested in Georgia on a DUI.

    • KenJ

      Gasp. Libtards, like yourself never get dwi’s.

  • Ballard Smith


  • Susan Kohler

    Trump earns my respect more each day. Right for President? I’m not sure, but as a human? So what if says things that aren’t pc, he has a heart, a mind, and love for this country, something we haven’t seen in a long time.

  • KChandler

    I am not sure about all of his views, but one thing that I take away every time I hear him is that he loves America and wants to see her great again. That in itself tells me he is the man for the job. When you love something you protect it and give it your best, that is something that has been missing in the government for a long time. As for these people freaking out about the 14th Amendment, no other country in the world gives auto citizenship to children born in their country when the parents were there illegally to start with. People use your hearts and you will see it too, not party sheep but Americans, looking out for America and her citizens.

    • The problem is who he thinks it needs protecting from.

      • KenJ

        When are you going to post something that makes sense?

  • Barbara Cain

    People with the biggest mouth(Michael) usually are the most cowardly people. Where were you & obama. Hiding

  • independent_az

    Unfortunately I’m not surprised the wacky right-wingers are trying to resurrect this nonsense spin. Tahmooressi tried to sneak guns into Mexico. He broke the law. Trump might have sent money but Obama sent The State Department who was working on his case from the very beginning. He was released.

    • Barefoot in MN

      NO, “Tahmooressi..” did NOT “… tr[y] to sneak guns into Mexico.” He was MOVING and all his possessions were in his personal vehicle, and he got LOST — go, git outta here, GO to Utube & look at the videos of that section of the border, it is REALLY poorly laid out, very confusing, and to a person with PTSD – which he got from serving YOU in our military — it’s very confusing. When he was talking to the Mexican border guard he was HONEST about his possessions, and that honesty is what got him jailed. Moral: do not be honest with Mexicans. And don’t expect Dimocraps to use logic or to do research.

      • independent_az

        Yes, Tahmooressi DID try to sneak guns into Mexico. He tried to go through the “nothing to declare” lane and only came up with the getting lost story after he got caught. I don’t expect you to do any research since you just accept what the right-wing “news” spoon feeds you.

        • Asphalt_Ranger

          One thing about you uninformed trolls, you really are proud of your complete ignorance.

          • independent_az

            I posted facts about the case. You posted a personal attack. Go away troll.

    • KenJ

      Lies lies, your sweet beautiful, lies.

  • JoeZ

    Trump is a good guy and will put this country back on track from what Obama has done to it. I think Obama should be deported to Kenya.

    • independent_az

      Trump will never be President. Maybe you should be deported to Kenya.

  • UtahYoda

    Zero would rather welcome back useless Muslim traitors. I’m very pleased that The Donald took the initiative and paid the ransom for this brave Marine. Thank you Mr. Trump! Trump 2016!

  • Winchester1300

    Donald Trump has stood up for the American people in the last few months more than any Democrat or Republican candidate has during his entire tenure in office!

  • Oh, the guy who was caught sneaking weapons into Mexico and went to jail for it? If this happened in Syria we’d say he was funding terrorists.

    • Barefoot in MN

      you haven’t researched it, have you? the Marine was MOVING (as in, not going to be living in one location any more, and driving to another location to take up residence. See?) — and he got LOST. I saw videos of the roads where he was lost. Believe it or not – and if you don’t believe it you had better watch the vids yourself – that section of border is very poorly marked. He was HONEST with the mexicans about his possessions, and that honesty got him jailed. Such niiiiice neighbors there ! (sarcasm).

  • JC08

    I can’t put into words how much is wrong with this country when the POTUS let’s a marine rot in a Mexican jail, under much torture and duress no less, and embraces his captors instead. Since when was it supposed to take a newswoman and millions of citizens sounding off to get some attention for this poor man! I’m not just disheartened that we have traitors on the Hill, but sickened to my stomach. I am no longer proud to be an American, and don’t wonder any more about why we are so hated around the world.

    • Matt A

      Stay proud! The Constitution is bigger than any one man. Things will turn around as more people become aware to the demagoguery this communist in chief has forced upon us. The Liberal progressive socialist movement is dying.

      • JC08

        Ahhh, I wish I could believe that Matt. On a tyrannical government scale of 1-5, we are on 3.5! The final wall to breach is gun confiscation, and they keep beating that drum. I know you are aware of the idiotic statements they make in favor of repealing the 2nd amendment, blindly following the pied piper, thinking all these weapon crisis’ are actually occurring without CIA intervention. The Liberal progressive socialist movement may be dying, but the Fascist movement is well and alive.

        • Matt A

          I hear you. We must always remain vigilant. We must also keep our heads up as well. And you’re right, if they repeal the 2nd amendment, we are all going to be heading to FEMA camps for “re-education”.

  • Mike

    Now if the Marine had been black Obama would have had him out the same day he was locked up.

    • Barefoot in MN

      or muslim….

  • Lawrence Peach

    Read the story about this ex-Marine. He was caught and detained while smuggling guns illegally into Mexico. He’s nothing more than a simple gun runner,but probably not completely responsible because his head isn’t right after his tours in Afghanistan. Do some reading, People.

  • Janet Dillon

    A true patriot thru and thru. He cares more than most.

  • Bandit Bill

    But Barack did help traitor Bergdhal .

  • CaliGirl115

    With Trump, this country has a chance of being great once again….With anyone else, it’s just the same ol’ politics…non stop debates as nothing gets done.

  • Trump is bringing back hope and pride to our nation by wanting to make it great again, which is pretty much all that I really need from a President; that and a visionary plan with some attainable goals. The rest of us can take it from there.

  • Whit Manuel

    Lol… “Impossible” is all she(Greta Investigation) keeps repeating. Unless there’s San Diego
    rush hour traffic at the border then he could’ve just crossed all those
    lanes at the front of all the barriers, which you can see the end of the
    barriers throughout the video and went home. Even if he’d gotten a
    ticket for doing so, in retrospect, do you think he’d rather have tried
    and paid that if necessary or waisted 200+ days of his life? You make
    decisions on a daily basis and have to live with them. In his case he
    made a gamble for whatever reasons and LOST.

  • Whit Manuel

    As far as Donald and Barrack go… The government is not there to pay for YOUR mistakes. Keep that in mind the next time you make a wrong turn, ride pass all the signs that say you’re leaving your country of birth, through all the barricades, pass the exit and pull up to another country’s gate with not 1 but 3 loaded weapons…

    • Sam Adams

      Nope. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

      He was at the border when he realized he was about to head enter Mexico. He stopped and asked a Border Patrol agent how he could turn around BEFORE entering Mexico. The agent gave him directions, but the signage on the road was not only ambiguous. but downright misleading, as attested to by thousands of Americans who have made the same wrong turn at that boarder.

      • Whit Manuel

        What’s your point?… Did he pass the signs or not?.. Did he see the barracades or not? Did he pass the exit or not? I understand everyones human and will make mistakes… That many consecutively, in that short of time though means you shouldn’t be behind the wheel anyway. He’s either blind or stupid.

        • Sam Adams

          My point is that there were legitimate, extenuating circumstances which *should* have been taken into consideration. Sgt. Tahmoorressi should never have been arrested in the first place, let alone held in one of Mexico’s hell-hole prisons for months.

          My point is that Obama *should* have picked up his phone and dialed the president of Mexico and demanded the release Sgt Tahmooressi, a decorated combat veteran who was suffering from PTSD.

          He is neither blind nor stupid, but his selfless service in defense of his country as well as his countrymen (that would include you), created a crisis of the mind from which he was seeking help and trying to recover at the time of his arrest.

          One would think that a grateful nation would show some…well… gratitude to a man who had given so much of himself to protect us.

          But noooooooooooooo! He languished in a Mexican prison, enduring both physical and psychological torture while the Golfer-in-Chief played round after round, day after day, week after week and month after month serving *himself* rather than the people who elected him to serve The People!

          Obama is a pathetic coward and a disgrace as a Commander-in-Chief, that’s the best I can say about him. THAT’S my point!

          • Whit Manuel

            yes he should’ve been arrested. It is illegal to travel into Mexico with loaded weapons, not just when you visiting for the weekend, not when you coming through for a casual stroll and not when you make the wrong turn… it’s illegal PERIOD. That does not make it anyone’s fault but his own that he went to Tiauana for the evening, got back to the parking lot as shown in Greta investigation as the location he was leaving as he made his wrong turn and ended up in a bad situation.

            It’s does not matter how you feel as individual citizens, it’s not The Presidents position to outright over rule the rights and laws of another country.
            The rest of your statement is irrelevant to what you think the presidents position is vs what it actually is.

  • jgnewman

    Trump is a successful, real American and he isn’t looking for accolades when he does good things for people. He does truly care about America, her citizens and her military, which is a lot more than we’ve had from American leadership in the last several years.
    I fear we may be seeing a lot more of the contrary in the time remaining in the current administration. They are likely to step up their

  • GetHappy

    First of all, Trump does NOTHING quietly. If he did help this guy, he would have TRUMP-eted his generosity whenever he could, especially if it would score political points against President Obama.
    But let’s look at the story ~ a former U.S. Marine goes into Mexico with loaded military grade weapons, is arrested according to their laws, and put in prison, This prisoner then attempts a couple of escapes, is caught each time and tossed back in prison to await trial.
    Now, let’s imagine that happened here in the U.S.
    Let’s say a former Mexican soldier, (or from any country, really ~ you pick), was caught entering THIS country with fully loaded military grade weapons. After he was arrested and tossed in prison, he tries to escape a couple times. The ex-soldier’s mother begs for help in releasing her obviously traumatized son.
    With that premise, would you…
    Applaud a billionaire for helping him out?
    Criticize the President of the foreign country for not forcing the ex-soldier’s release?
    Criticize President Obama once U.S. courts found no reason to prosecute?
    Would you celebrate this ex-soldier as a “patriot” to his country who required special consideration above the law?
    The man suffers from PTSD, but due to the cruel cuts to the VA by Republicans in Washington, there is no money to treat all of our former servicemen and servicewomen, yet when one commits an illegal act in a foreign country, you expect our President to bully said country into not following their own laws and freeing the American because…why? Are Americans above the law no matter where they are or what they do?
    And as far as Trump matters to this story, my best guess is that he has no place in it other than anecdotally, or else he would have used this instance as proof against Mexico when he was verbally attacking them a few months ago.

  • me

    BFD!!! One damn person?? And you all start slobbering all over an Idiot??? Wow!! How naive you ALL ARE!! Trump plans on spending a Billion dollars on running for President!! Gag me!! What about ALL OUR WOUNDED WARRIORS??? WHAT ABOUT all the homeless vets living in alleys and under bridges?? Give me a fucking break!!! That moron has been sitting on his hands with his BILLIONS long before he HELPED ONE SINGLE PERSON!! SERIOUSLY ignorant people in this world!! Devil wears many hats and dresses in sheeps clothing!! I wouldn’t piss on Donald Trump if he was on fire! He cheated on his wife, knocked up his mistress and now he’s on his what..10th wife?? Get real!! He’s a lying cheating, dirt bag with a lot of money! And THAT’S what YOU want leading our Nation?? Lovely! You all must be smoking crack!

    • commonsense

      I would think you would want to support someone who has said repeatedly that our Wounded Warriors and Vets are going to get the best care if he is elected, he is spending his own money on his campaign to be able to do that.
      A lot of people do things that I may not agree with, affairs, divorces, remarrying, but he wasn’t in office at the time and it didn’t effect our Nation as a whole, compared to what we have now, and everything the sitting POTUS has done, and Clinton waiting to be indicted, Trump is squeaky clean.
      We never know if someone will change their views once elected, but I’m trusting that when a man puts his money where his mouth is by paying for his own campaign he plans on keeping his word, that’s a darn lot of money to put on the table without a guarantee you will win,
      just my opinion, worth no more or no less than anyone else’s

    • John Smith

      You’re going to be very upset when he’s President.

  • NJK

    What a kind and generous thing to do.

  • Jack27

    Almost anyone else in the GOP would be better than Obama, but this time we must have a true leader that is not controlled by the Political Est,.K-Street,CoC,and all the Crony Capitalist that are killing America. Like him or not Donald Trump is the only one to fix these problems..

  • Hillary Hussein McBush

    This Trump guy…He LOVES Americans and he LOVES America…this is such a fundamentally transformational change from the last 7 years.

  • Shrike

    That was such a classy thing to do. It’s so sad the way our men and women in uniform are being treated right now. How can anyone expect to maintain a volunteer force when we abandon them like this.

    Thank you Mr. Trump

  • mackflack

    As much as I admire Dr. Carson, and think he would be a good President, I think the country is really behind Trump, and so we all should insure a large victory for him.. He may seem like a “kook” to some, but there is no doubt he has America in his heart and would do everything possible to repair the terrible damage done to our land and to our world.

  • legal weed

    Trump is a good man… Trumps limo broke down on the hwy in Niagara falls and some guy pulled over and helped the limo driver change the tire… Trump asked what he could do for him.. He replied by handing trump his business card and asked for flowers to be sent to his wife.. Trump took the business card and later sent the flowers with a note stating that his home mortgage is paid off.. That was almost ten years ago… I dont think big corporations are going to like this guy if he elected president.. I hope he builds a new auto industry without trade options that reinvests in itself and employee’s… I hate slaving for the TSX so gamblers make money off my back

  • GinaNJ

    If Trump is so arrogant, as many low information voters seem to think, then why doesn’t he ever brag about all the good deeds and good things he has done for people, like this? He once stopped to help someone at the side of a road and then paid off their mortgage, has he ever bragged about it? Nope, he once helped a widow pay off a huge tax bill that she didn’t know her husband died owing, does he tell the story of helping this Marine at his Rallies? Nope, you know why he doesn’t, because he didn’t do it for bragging rights, he did it because he wanted to help, that’s the not the mark of an Arrogant Man. I think you people better look up the definition of arrogant before you make stupid comments. GO TRUMP 2016!

  • Jeffrey Liggens

    While Donald Trump is well known for his benevolence, this has nothing to do with whether or not he is sincere about becoming president; which I seriously doubt he is. I smell something else afoot.

  • Elwood Ballard

    This is a classic example of what you WON”T see on tv or in the newspaper. The MSM would NOT print anything that Trump did, that might be decent, only whatever is negative or the shit they made up !!

  • Agent777

    Stupid all of you who believe this lie…

  • David P

    So Trump, over the past year or so, has given money to Veterans organizations and has formed several Veteran’s charities. Funny how there is almost no stories about him giving money pre-2015, but right around the same time as he decided to run for president, he tactlessly starts giving money, as if it say he is a friend to Vets. Sounds like someone is buttering up himself some voters. Arrogant SOB has the nerve to accuse others or pandering to Veterans!

  • Shirley

    Actually, Montel Williams helped free this man.


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