Donald Trump Just Issued This EPIC Challenge to ‘Black Lives Matter’ Thugs – And They Are FURIOUS


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Tuesday he would never allow Black activists to take over his event, vowing to “fight off” anyone who dares to try if the situation called for it.

Trump was reacting to a question from a reporter about a Bernie Sanders event that was hijacked over the weekend by Black Lives Matter activists.

That was a disgrace,” Trump said at a press conference before a speech in Michigan on Tuesday, vowing it wouldn’t happen to him.

Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, allowed two women to take the microphone and take over the rally.

Sanders would end up leaving the rally after being unable to regain control of the stage.

The real estate tycoon said it was “disgusting” how Sanders handled the situation.

“The way he was taken away by two young women. The microphone, they just took the whole place over. And the audience, which liked him … they’re saying what’s going on, how can this happen?” Trump said.

“That will never happen with me! I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or other people will, but that was a disgrace. I felt badly for him. But it showed that he was weak,” he said. “Believe me, that’s not going to happen to Trump.”

Black activists were livid on Twitter in the moments following The Donald’s challenging remarks, and threatened to take him on…

Um, he’s a billionaire honey. ever hear of “bodyguards”? Trump has. Some of his guys are reportedly ex-Secret Service and SEALs (see below)


I’m so sure Trump is terrified.

Remember Mexican drug kingpin “El Chapo” threatened his life — and then Trump went and visited the Mexican border 4 days later.

Nothing would please The Donald more.

Because if the #BLM goons try to storm his rallies, they will be put down by his bodyguards. Black activists will go nuts — and White voters, including Democrats, will rally to his side.

Once again, Trump is crazy…like a fox.

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  • Ken Darby

    Love the tweets above from the morons calling to take Trumps Mic. Listen Monkeys, Trump ain’t no Bernie Sanders. And the Fat Ho Krystal saying, who is Trump gonna call if they take his Mic, The Police? Ha HA. Hey Welfare queen, Who you gonna call when you get knocked on Your Fat ass? The Police you wants killed? Would Love to see Trump and a Police Officer Kick your fat ass in unison!

    • Steve

      Here’s what the BLM assholes need!!!

      • Ken Darby

        We have our own BLM here is Arizona. But it is the Bureau of Land Management. And even they wouldn’t be able to find the bodies of these fools if they try this Shit here! lol

        • Anja J

          yea, sad to say the “normal” usage of the BLM, ie Bureau of Land Management, is as bad almost as these racist jerks, except this BLM would rather slaughter the wild horses

          • Ken Darby

            Yeah, I’m not with BLM on the Horse thing, But The desert does make a great ‘Protester” dumping ground!

      • Cedric Ian Anthony

        the 4 rows of teeth are a bit scary looking. even if I dont agree with the methods you want to use.

    • R&R 2012

      All they are is a bunch of Thugs!! want a be’s. something & they are NOTHING .. We see how the NBP ran when the Bikers showed up LMAO!! You black POS Bring it .. We white people are sick of you Now.. We are getting bored with you ! So let’s do this Let’s get busy My super is getting cold.. Donald Trump 2016.. Once he is POTUS you POS will see a big change.. That Terrorist, the she beast & their Pickaninny’s will be out ! The only reason you have been ALLOWED , yes We white people have ALLOWED you to burn & destroy Ferguson we were hoping you would just kii your self off BUT no you are such idiots you cant even do that right .. So I guess as always the white man will have to step in and help 🙂

      • Jah

        Dude, shut the “F” up with your retarded, juvenile threats. Even Trump wouldn’t want your vote, clown. A lot of educated Blacks that are political intune, would vote for Donald Trump in a heartbeat.

        The only White People sick of us are the very White people that would support citizenship for Illegal aliens just too see them wipe out the Blacks. And Donald Trump want to deport these same Illegal Aliens.

        So, this shows you are misguided and confused because you’re a bona-fide White Racist not understanding which sides you should be on. You’re either supports the Illegal Aliens, White Liberals, Gays/Lesbian and the Business Community or you supports the White conseevative, Black Men and Women and the legal immigrants that want the Laws enforced and our border secured.

        I think you belong to the first group. As a Black Man, I belong to the second group, a Trump Supporters, and I understand we need true Americans for Trump. Not sell-out like you that think Blacks People’ votes is not critical here.

        If you think that, you obviously an illegal alien sympathizer and Donald Trump is not seeking your racist vote.

  • Bart Pearston

    This is gonna be funny, get some popcorn!

  • Viking_61

    I respected Bernie Sanders until he collapsed like a lawn chair and ceded his event to those fat, angry nasty wildebeests.

    • treynich87

      I never had any respect for that leftist loon. However, I rather see him beat out Hillary, since he has no shot taking over the White House.

      • Viking_61

        Of course not, he is clearly a wimp as we saw today.

        • treynich87

          his supporters are, too. The BLM group shut them up quickly, so they could have their moment of silence for Michael Brown. The BLM group doesn’t even pay respects to good Black people who die, just the thugs.

          I’m sure Hillary Clinton has enough balls to spare for Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

          • Viking_61

            It got me thinking… Doesn’t Bernie have security or is he too cheap?

          • treynich87

            I bet he’s cheap. It’s amazing how yellow someone’s belly can be.

          • CraxyD

            Quite cheap apparently… According to an article I saw, he’s demanding a $15/hr minimum wage but is currently only paying staffers $12/hr.

          • Alex

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          • Rezeya Montecore

            Yeah, uh, we’ll put it on the Right-Wing Conspiracy Pile along with the Swift Boat accusations, the Birther conspiracy nonsense, all those missing WMDs, insistence that Mikhail Gorbachev was the anti-Christ, backwards Satanic messages hysteria, Alex Jones’s bitter raving about alien reptoids, the Hollywood Red Scare, and all your other delusional moral panics of the last 100 years.

            Get back to us when you figure out what “evidence” actually means.

          • Paz Rodriguez

            “Right wing conspiracy pile”?
            I remember clearly an interview of O’ba-mah’s grandmother Kenya back when he was running for the senate seat. The interviewer asked her many questions about her grandson and how she felt him running for senate office. She indicated that she was very proud of how high her grandson had come up in political life, and being born in Kenya.
            O’ba-mah went to high school on a “student visa”.
            Copies of his birth certificate and Kenya driver’s license circulated around until they were taken out by O’ba-mah’s security team.
            O’ba-mah has ordered all his personal records sealed, why?

            Some will argue that all those records were fake. But more beliebable is the possibility that O’ba-ma,h with the full resources of a corrupt government, was able to create fake documents to hide the truth!
            So, it comes to which version of the facts you wish to believe.
            Me, I believe O’ba-mah’s grandmother.

          • DILIGAF

            Well the liberal mantra is and always has been “Do as I say, not as I do”.

          • Robin

            By: Finance Reports
            Posted: Tuesday, August 11, 2015

            “Make America Great Again” ………of the same time,,,,,You may not agree with the people who own ,,,,,,,,,, try over here





          • Bill-D

            LMAO!!!!!!! Just like a Democrat. Spend your money and keeps his safe. What a weak tool.

          • CraxyD

            Much as it pains me to admit, my youngest daughter got indoctrinated her senior year of high school. I asked her about Bernie’s skewed pay scale and she had an instant answer: “Those are interns. They don’t normally get paid anyway.” So apparently he’s benevolent to pay the volunteer staff. Doesn’t matter that he wants Minimum Wage to be $15/hr, “Those are just interns.” so it’s OK to only pay them $12/hr “Because you’re not supposed to pay interns anyway.”

            I kid you not brothers and sisters. She said that with a straight face and not so much as 1/2 a second to think of an reply.

        • jennifer9999

          Not necessarily. Look at the pix – an older man being harassed and bullied by two bullies. Security should have been ‘on hand’ to immediately kick their ass’ to the street.

          • He’s running to lead the country but he’s so naive that he doesn’t get basic safety. Other countries would be riding roughshod over Bernie’s America.

          • Bill-D

            That is what they needed. Treat the hood rats as hood rats. SMACK THEM DOWN!!!!

      • Brian Alexander

        Sanders is a far better candidate than Clinton (who should be conducting her campaign from prison) and he has some good points, but there’s far too many deal breakers in his platform to take him seriously.

        • treynich87

          They both suck.

      • Klub Marcus

        Sanders is a scum-sucking socialist. Trump all the way! A Trump/Cruz ticket would be awesome.

        • Rezeya Montecore

          Yeah, screw those awful social democrats! I hate those Norwegians, Danish, British, Icelanders, and… um… most of the rest of the civilized world! Not to mention those terrible, terrible kibbutz settlers in Israel, with all their dirty commie universal healthcare over there! Some allies they are?

          Oh, wait, did you mean Bolsheviks and Maoists? You did know those guys don’t really exist anymore, right? Communism collapsed. We “won.” Were you not reading the news that… uh… entire decade?

          But I’ll offer you 10-to-1 odds in favor that “free” market capitalism (i.e. blatant corporate welfare) isn’t much further behind. If Trump wins, make it 100-to-1.

          • wri7913

            Capitalism works fine when there are people with morals working the system. This is why people like George Eastman existed in the early 1900s. He was a philanthropist who gave back to the community. I’m guessing back in those days it was financially possible to do so. Today, Politicians have screwed up the tax and tariff laws to actually encourage jobs shipping overseas and setup corporations in a way that all the care about is stock prices.

          • Bill-D

            Keep blathering fool. Your “gib me dats” attitude will have to change when you WORK for a living.
            To h3ll with you. You are not worth talking to.

        • treynich87

          Absolutely. I only want him to beat Hillary, since he has no real shot. He is a coward. He proved it with the Black Lives Matter club. No true American wants that guy in power.

    • Anja J

      and then he went right out and hired a BLM member to work in his campaign because these people convinced him they were not being represented!! Just like O’Malley backing down and apologizing to the BLM for his ‘all lives matter’ statement—you can’t make these far wacko lefties up they are so awful and cowardly and PANDERING!

      • Viking_61

        Don’t forget that most cuck-servatives do the same thing – PANDER.

        • AMEN

        • Mark Wurz


          • Rezeya Montecore

            > jerk

            Once again, I marvel at the literacy and insight one can find on a conservative political forum.

          • wri7913

            I hear there are wonderful marvels of Liberalism over at DU or other rabid lefty sites. Why don’t you go check those out.

          • Bill-D

            Marvel at this twat. Get back to the kitchen or the broom. Blue-gummed wonder.

        • wri7913

          They pander? News to me. Conservatives are the ones who have principles they won’t compromise. That’s the only reason Romney lost was because of how he treated Conservatives. He’s a freakin RINO. The GOP establishment treated the Tea Party and Conservatives like crap so they stayed home.

          • Rezeya Montecore

            Conservatives have principles they won’t compromise? Have you never heard of Mitt Romney (and how many of his “principles” mysteriously changed when he became a POTUS candidate), or are you just pretending to be ignorant so you don’t have to deal with an obvious counterpoint? Either way, you’re a BS artist.

          • wri7913

            Romney a Conservative? bahaha tells how little you know, Moron!

        • Bill-D

          Most azz-licking-demrats just LOOOOOVE dark meat. Cheap, easy, and greasy.

      • Rezeya Montecore

        Looks like somebody failed to read the actual articles, otherwise you would’ve spotted that many of those activists weren’t even endorsed by national BLM. We’re dealing with two different groups of people here, but… well, I’m talking about nuance, facts, and details on a conservative news site, silly me. I should be screaming at the top of my lungs about my emotions like a well-trained prole from an Orwell novel if I want to blend in with y’all.

    • lorra7863654
    • I respect Bernie for being honest about being a Socialist, instead of lying like most liberal dem politicians, but I do not respect what he stands for. Socialism is a failure. In fact it’s so widely recognized as a failure that he had to run as a Democrat since both major parties have effectively colluded to exclude alternatives.

    • Tony Bertrand

      you respected a socialist,, why?

    • Konrad_Lorenz

      If you watch the video, that’s not what happened. Sanders gave the podium back to the event’s host. The host then gave it to the thugs. I think Sanders is getting a bad rap. Keep in mind he wasn’t running this event, he was invited to speak.

      • Viking_61

        Make no mistake, those people were there to see HIM. He was the star!!!

        • Konrad_Lorenz

          I know, but that’s beside the point. He wasn’t running the show.

    • Rezeya Montecore

      Nothing pisses a conservative off more than an act of grace and humility, especially in the face of those less powerful than himself.

      Kind of you, though, to make your username consist of your favorite system of government and your intelligence quotient. It’s a fair warning what sort of medieval mentality votes for Trump, and those of us living in the 21st century instead of the 11th do appreciate it.

      • Viking_61

        Actually, “Viking” is the brand of sport fishing boat I hope to own in a few years. A new 55 foot Viking starts at about $2.2MM.

      • Bill-D

        You speak of grace and humility, and yet you and yours suck the country dry because you will NOT work, pay taxes, raise your children, and take responsibility for you actions. YOU ARE A TOOL. No one takes the 13% seriously because they(you) are jokes.

  • treynich87

    Bernie Sanders and his supporters may be nothing more than pussies, but trump isn’t.

    • Viking_61

      Popcorn time when Trump’s bodyguards stomp on one of those BlackLiesMatter brats.

      • treynich87

        I’d love to see that. We can’t have a president like Sanders. He proved it when he just let them take over the stage. By that cowardly act alone, can you imagine what would happen if he became president? He’d have to worry about guarding more than just a stage.

  • Fletch

    Hey, morons…PLEAS try to take over the stage. His people have shit like most people have never seen. I hope I get to see this.

  • dawn

    Thing is, even the black population would be cheering IF anyone would stomp these fools down. We are ALL sick of them and their continued ignorance, disrespect, and criminal activities. I know that Trump wouldn’t put up with these thugs for even a second. It’s not about race, it is definitely about crooks gone wild.

    • Well put, Dawn

    • Jah

      As a Black Man, I’m with you 100%!! No, make that 1000%!!! These ghetto, ratchet hoodrats does not speak for me. They’re for the dead status quo of the Ghetto Mentality.

      There is a clear divide emerging between good, decent and civil Black People from the Ghetto, Ratchet and Thug Black People. And it couldn’t come at a better time!! I will never vote for Sanders or Hillary who would then push for Citizenship for 34 million illegal aliens whom in turn would wipe out our political clout.

      And these ghetto-ideologue, dumb trash thinks a Sanders Presidency is in our best interest as if Police Officers will all of sudden stop shooting at criminal thugs that shoots at them and break the laws all the time. Smh…dumb.

      These Blacks need to be cut off from us. They do not represent us. They love being on that Democrat Plantation like some slave Negroes than be independent and think for yourself and realize how conservative we are at the core of our being. Trump got my votes and BLM does not speak for me.

  • Cl500

    Trump will have these low IQ primates put back in their cages where they belong. This race is a complete and utter disgrace wherever on earth they are paid to inhabit. Stick them in Beverly Hills and there would be complete and utter destruction within a week. Without the white man they hate so much they would be running around the jungle with bones thru their noses in which many are to this day. Tell the Black Lives Matter apes to take their welfare checks and head to Baltimore where hundreds of black on black crimes are committed daily.

  • Bill918

    If Bernie Sanders curls up in a ball for these little punk thugs, imagine how he would handle ISIS.

  • Nancy Robbins

    I don’t think that anyone would want to take a mike away from Donald Trump, it may be the last thing they take for a long time. Trump travels with his own ‘men’ and he won’t let protestors dare to get in his way. His bodyguards would take care of them right away.

  • treynich87

    If Sanders became president, our country would be taken over quicker than the stage.

    • Marshall O’Donovan

      IDIOT, the country has already been taken over.

      • treynich87

        Lol. How old are you? Name calling? You must be a Sanders supporter.

  • Lonnie Allen

    This just shows all of America and the world how rude and crude this black racist group is. They are nothing but a black hate mob group and everyone of them should be arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and mob action with racist civil disobedience.

  • Scotty P

    I’d take the Black Lives Matter movement more serious if they were in Chicago and LA and Detroit and Flint and Compton and Long Beach and Brooklyn and the dozens and dozens of the other cities where black on black crime goes unnoticed.

    • Cl500

      Exactly. Anywhere and everywhere this complete and utter disgrace of a race is paid to inhabit around the globe they destroy. Name a single “African” American community in this entire country which would be considered safe or a nice place to live. Every other race comes here, works hard, and achieves except these ignorant apes

  • I hope they try and get stomped by his detail…

  • Anja J

    I said it at the time, if Sanders can’t keep control of HIS mike, HIS stage, HIS rally from 2 racist screaming fat black gals, there is NO WAY he can win any argument with ISIS, Iran, China, Pukin, N Korea or any other ‘bad guys’ who come along in the mean time. Weak, weak, weak. AND pay attention GOP these racist, screaming, fat black women are coming to YOUR rally event next. Man up with the bodyguards and make sure they hvae a plan of action.

  • husky1

    That’s what its all about !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    I dont condone or approve what any thug has done, but you might want to tone down the kill them all attitude, otherwise people might think you have two helpings of crazy like they do.

  • Janet Dillon

    These thugs are out of control. Someone needs to give them lessons on how to demonstrate effectively. Who wants to listen to a bunch of thugs who could care less about who they screw over?

  • Tony Santos

    Don Solo ….You are your worst enemy….l

  • D Wagner

    If they want to fight send them to the front lines!

  • charles.wallace


  • CooknKPL

    For some reason I picture Trump as Clint Eastwood…”Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you? Go ahead…Make my day!”

  • John Doe

    Just another reason to like Trump! I was waiting for his thoughts on those thugs!

  • Jim Mathis

    the responses I read on here are just what expected from a bunch of uncivilized hood rat entitled bastards

  • Jo

    I want to know where was Bernie Sanders Secret Service?? When you are a candidate for President you get a SS detail. So for them to allow those women to do that is very strange. I’m not a BS fan but something very fishy about that. As for Trump BLM is nuts!! He never called them out–only in their minds. One A$$wipes says it & the rest of them jump on the bandwagon. I never heard him say specifically Black Lives Matter Group. He said 2 women, never mentioned a race or a group. He said it would never happen to him….period. The BLM group took things too far & I do believe if anyone tried to do that with Trump you can guarantee he will not turn over the mic. Sanders was scared–that’s why he allowed it to happen. Trump’s security would NEVER let anyone get that close to him. Wonder if the Clinton’s had anything to do with Sanders Secret Service detail not defending him. Just saying……..

    • William Stearns

      Primary candidates don’t always get Secret Service protection and if offered Major candidates such as mister Sanders could always turn it down. This protection is only guaranteed to Party nominees for president and their running mates, and only major candidates during the primaries based on certain criteria



  • jlenoreb

    Animals, especially rabid ones, should be shot on site before they harm more innocents!

  • jlenoreb

    Scorpions have more brains than the new black panties!

  • river231


  • Mark Wurz

    Black trash ain’t taking no stage

  • Bill Pittman

    Taking the mic from a man who can afford 30 or 40 armed and well trained body guards plus a half dozen search and destroy contract security personnel is a bad plan.

  • James Morrison

    I hope the thugs show up. It will be fun watching Trump’s Navy SEAL bodyguards beat the piss out of them.

  • trubolt

    all lives matter. go Trump

  • caligirl1960

    You all that are in black lives matter need a doctor! the doctor of common sense on youtube!

  • Wuz nt Me

    What a show of force… All those people willing to give their cause a ‘like’!

  • Ken De Luca

    Jump the stage and get bitch slapped.Black boys will be flying.

  • Minerva

    BLM people are nothing but black trash. They do NOTHING to fix the real problems in their own communities and instead choose to blame white people for their ongoing, self inflicted dysfunction.

  • Lori

    That was staged. Sanders knew they were coming as did his security.

  • I-DEFY

    Once Donald handles these feral ghetto rats PETA will be calling him an animal abuser.

  • Johnnie Nail

    Lets see if they take he mike away from Trump.Some will regret trying.

  • Bill Strickland

    why would they insist on taking what is not rightfully theirs? Were they raised that way? Yup, guess so. If its his stage, and his event, best leave him to it. If you want a stage, and mic, and voters, and a voice, then go out and get it. PAY for it, like he does. You don’t deserve anything for FREE!!!

  • G L

    Go ahead BLM try to take his mic.. you’ll have a good memory to share.. after you get out of the hospital.

  • John Coy Barbaro

    lets be honest here, black lives do matter,to everyone except other blacks . the so called movement is just another attempt to hide the truth…the truth is there is far more black on black crime in this country then any other type. for a minority that makes up 13.2
    % of the population . making up a such a small part of population, i would think it should be easy to bring your children up to love others and not hate,.if you are black and you have been taught from an early age to hate the white man this problem will never end until there are no whites or blacks left…realize Black Lives Matter,one day the whites will say enough is enough…what then ?????

  • Rick Alvarado

    Let a bunch of snakes loose see if they don’t scatter like the cockroaches they are

    • JMH

      Or German Shepherds. They chase down thugs real good. And the thugs are petrified of them.

  • toady

    I’m roflmao at some of the above comments. You can spit your blm bull but be fore warned. Trump is not the gutless wonder sanders is. In case you havn’t heard? ALL LIVES MATTER YOU MORONS. Your thought processes simply amaze me. Your obviously uneducated, immoral, you breed lawlessness and even support it> Pathetic excuses for human beings. I’m sure most of you are getting food tamps thats right i said food tamps. wic, subsadized housing, electric, heat etc. And the sad part is? You think you are deserving of it!!!!

  • Hans

    Let BLMr show who they really are illegitimate thugs.

  • scaatylobo

    I was shocked that there were no REAL and effective security that was prepared to handle that CRAP ,by those scum lipped asshats turds.
    They deserved a face FULL of Mace and a heave OFF the stage.
    This was disgusting display of JUNGLE ACTION by garbage that needs a lesson.

  • Robert Chambers

    confronting someone is different than what happened to Sanders. That was just uncalled for and these people nee to be arrested this is Seattle and so what do you expect. Time to stand up against aholes like this and put them down. They want to push this crap then lets push back . Tired of black lives matter when they think nothing of killing their own people. Just a bunch of thugs that need their ass kicked

  • Jazz

    Yah this wouldn’t happen at a Trump rally or any conservative rally. The people in those groups don’t put up with this crap and are usually armed. I highly doubt there was anyone with a pocket knife and Sanders rally.

  • BuckTard

    More shit talk from the cry babies. Would LOVE to see them try to go around Dons security. Theay AINT the secret service.

  • Golfer1113

    These are not activists, they are racist thugs. ALL lives matter you idiots.

  • PJemmott

    .334000 blacks killed by blacks in 35 years thats 800 per month for 35 years in case you thugs cant figure it out. You are not saying anything about that. Your just looking for someone to blame for your own ignorance. Why dont you go home and fix the issues in your own race before you start destroying others property. When you thugs start getting put down everytime you loot or burn your little crap movement will be over

  • Wedge

    Don Solo, Republicans aren’t you’re problem, you see, you are to stupid to realize just how stupid you are! This entire movement was built on lies, and you run with it, stupid #1, Stupid #2 you keep running with it, after its been proven false, and, I sincerely hope and pray that TRUMP has enough security to beat the living shit out of everyone that comes on stage to try and take that mic, yo losers are pathetic.. gimme gimme poor lil me, everybody fault buts my own.. its gotten so far past fucking old!

  • Jah

    Why do Black Women and Men have to act like this? Why? It’s not civil. And what’s worst, they did this to Sanders and Sanders ended up giving them the stage as way to ensure the Black Votes for his candidacy.

    However, not all Blacks will support a Sander Presidency. That’s how badly misguided these BLM protesters are. They can’t promise nor gaurantee Sanders the Black votes. So what is their credibility? It’s not like they have the clout of the Tea Party. At least the Tea Party tried to incorporate all Americans.

    If we’re about just promoting ourselves like the BLM movement is about, we will find ourselves being alienated by all political parties, and causes an uprising against us as Black People in this country. And yet, who are our friends if that happens? Who will come to our defense?

    No one !!!

    It’s political suicide. Let these Candidates speak! We have enough political clout for Candidates to cater to our interest than us trying to force these Candidates to put us first. It does not work like that.

    And I wish Donald Trump had enough sense to know that he got a growing Black bloc of Voters willing to vote for him. I know he didn’t call out all Blacks but just those two Black women. Even still, America think all Blacks supports this BLM movement.

    Most of us do, but what those two sistas are doing is hijacking the movement and making us look bad as a People. And they are politically DUMB!

    They pushing this BLM for Democrat Candidates to forced them to cater to our interests but the front-runners for the Democrat Party (H.Clinton and B.Sanders) both supports Illegal Immigration and a Pathway to Citizenship for them.

    If they get a pathway to citizenship for 34 million illegal aliens, our BLM movement will be drown the “F” out…..and the Mexicans/Latinos don’t even like us and actually envy us enough that they want to replace us as a minority group (which they already have…..albeit, illegally!) and get all the catering and be the beneficiaries of all our resources, jobs, welfare you name it.

    So, trying to get a Democrat Candidate to support BLM does absolutely NOTHING for us when we will be insignificant by the time these very White Democrat candidates push for Citizenship for Illegal Aliens and then wipe us out and our political clout in this country.

    You see how DUMB these Black Women are? We are not thinking correctly here. Donald Trump is a viable Candidate for our interest. He wants to ship the Illegal Aliens back to their country of origin. That’s something we should be looking at then being stupid to just get a commitment from White Democrat candidates to support BLM.

    It’s pointless and will do nothing for us even if they make something out of it. It’s not gonna stop Illegal Aliens from wiping us out as a Voice in this country with political clout. So, what is BLM gonna do for us in the grand scheme of things??


    • USAisevil

      95% of Black voters have more incommon with rabid dogs and wild pigs than civilized humans. Ever seen “The Lord of The Flies?” These are The Flies and maggots

  • Free Tomorrow


  • malady43

    You people are seriously thinking of voting for Bernie Sanders? Are you some kind of crazy? This guy has openly admitted that he is a socialist? Why don’t you all google what a socialists is and what they stand for? Do you want a communist for President? Gads, we have one now, his name is Obama.

  • Jerry

    It was very disrespectful of these people to do this to Mr. Sanders. But we also know Donald means what he said. I hope these people do not try this with Trump, because the media would paint him as being racist to the hilt and try to destroy him. They are trying everything they can to discredit him now, what a side show that would turn out to be, I just hope the people in this country would see through the whole thing.

  • docsamoset

    This is why The Donald 2016 will be the next POTUS. He tells it like it is. Like Tom Petty, ‘he won’t back down’. LOL @ BLM. You thugs don’t have a clue. Money talks, bullshit walks.

  • jennifer9999

    Where were the event SECURITY TEAM???? They should have bounced these two shameful girls to the street.

  • Mike Court

    To all Black lives matter activist Get a Job and a clue

    • USAisevil

      They are pro feminist, abortion, gay, and child molest. They do not deserve jobs.

  • Josh Gilman

    ‘black lives matter’ (unless you’re black and being killed by another black person). All lives matter.

    • USAisevil

      America is better off with a 95% decrease in Black voters.

  • You_R_Responsible

    What a sorry lot BLM’s are and do hope they get put down soon like all rabid animals.

  • Tony Bertrand

    check this list from the good old communist party USA and see how far they have come

    this is a short list so read the whole article and check off the ones they have accomplished

    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

    16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

    18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

    19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

    20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.

    21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

    22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

  • John D. Fiat

    I dont’ understand why Sanders’ camp didn’t just turn off the microphones by muting the mixer channel that the podium mic was hooked up to? It’s almost as if it was planned. Perhaps his people are just that stupid. Plus, it would’ve be funny to see some retarded negroes whining about the mic being off. They would’ve probably threatened the life of the sound engineer. But then again, they’re not smart enough to know who controls the PA system (and where the mixing console is).

  • Sbutah


  • joe blow

    blacks kill more blacks than police officers and whites….Maybe you should live by your own quote “Black LIves Matter” take responsibility for your actions….Michael Brown (according to the black Eric Holder) did try to attack the police officer ….. so after Blacks burned down city business’ they were wrong….next time you start a riot…police should NOT help….let Black Lives Matter handle the situation….if you don’t want to get shot obey the law….we had three WHITE police officers gunned down for no reason?? Did we riot and burn the city down???Did Al Sharpton or Obama come to Indianapolis to protest? Of course not…it was just another killing….so I suggest to you all to shut up….be responsible for YOUR own actions….BLUE LIVES MATTER.

  • James

    BLACK LIVES MATTER people: ask yourselves, ‘what is it exactly that you want?????’ You’ve made NO demands, you’ve made NO anything just chaotic, random acts of extra civil disobedience….Know this, people, you are being USED as distractions. Yeah, Trump stated that he wouldn’t allow Black Lives Matter group to take over his speech – however, nor would he allow any other group to take over his speech. Look beyond the emotion and see and hear what people are truly saying. I love my communities but what you guys are doing is hurting u more than it will ever gain you – again, gain you WHAT??? You’ve made NO demands!! Look at the illegals marching (illegally, mind you) for amnesty. They made a demand. So, for those that hired your higher ups to get you all riled up so you hit the streets doing these things for the WORLD to see and judge the ENTIRE ‘race’ what will you gain?? Loses. That is all that u will have gained for yourselves, our community and those you actually care about who will now be further judged by these images that your group is painting in the minds of other cultures. Loses. This is what you are bringing to your own community!!! Stop, for once, being the bullet catcher culture for other communities and agendas to get ahead.

    • ??????????????????????????????

      ??? !!! ????’ That drives me nuts when people ??? !!! ???? How about ? or ! .

  • Rezeya Montecore

    They’re furious? Well, I’m furious. I’m furious that one of our political parties is advancing a candidate who’s going to rule like a medieval barbarian king, apparently, when what our country needs is a scholar and a gentleman. Trump is neither.

    • wri7913

      Yeah we all see how well the scholar and schniveling gentleman thing is playing out with Nobel peace prize winner named Obama.

  • Paz Rodriguez

    Sanders retreated like a coward dog with his tail between his legs. Any group that imposes its will on other people against their will are breaking the law and are bullieing those too scared to stand up. I oppose any such group and would stand with Trump to oppose tyrany and lawlessness.
    We need blacks, bikers, and others who are opposed to terrorism to unite and come and support Trump! All lives matter, including white, brown, and black!

  • Bill-D

    Look at all the Black Lies Matter trash going on about taking the mic and the stage. TRY IT YOU DAMN BUNCH OF APES! Not going to happened where I live. YOU WILL BE SMACKED DOWN!!!!!
    Get back to the shyte holes you crawled out of and wait for your EBT cards to be filled again. Worthless trash.
    If the Trump is elected, you will be WORKING! No time or energy to riot and burn after a hard work day. You want to be equal, then by DAMN, you will be treated as equal. YOU DON”T WORK, YOU DON”T EAT!!!!!

  • rick

    Black Lies Matter and Every Thug Deserves A Slug.

  • Rick

    #Black Behavior Matters

  • F Wolf

    I don’t think Trump is the wimp Sanders proved to be. Trump can afford all types of security who don’t need weapons to get the job done. Good luck on disrupting Trumps events. Just wish I could be there to see some of those idiots get their just dues. LOL!!!

  • Cntryby

    Agree with trump standing up, however here’s what will happen afterwards. Obama, democratics ,BLM , Liberals and 98 % of the media will call him a racist, Klan member, insensitive to African american needs, and every other race bating, like he wants to put them back in slavery as well as all their normal BS from their left wing do anything, say anything to destroy their opponents playbook

  • jeanne veneziano

    ALL life matters, cut the crap and start acting as Americans, as member of the HUMAN race.. While we all sit here fighting over race, our country is being destroyed..

  • Shawn Foster

    Trump found all the ex secret service, navy seal, and other spineless shits that can’t get a real job. The death of old white republicans is a pretty sad, pitiful display. You’re all so fat and weak minded cranky old shit bags, who never accomplished anything but breeding more whores.

  • wilberne DeRoche

    Pack of savages ,don’t know anything but violence, theft, loot, burn….12% of the population, commit 85-90% of all crime , but ONLY THIER useless lives matter , right?
    Send all the savages back to Africa

  • chris

    I was at the Trump rally in Orange County Costa Mesa where all the young thugs, illegal immigrants, and high school kids – showed who they are and why Trump is right. I am a mexican american. My family spent years working to become Americans, just like everyone else who came to America. These young thugs, and idiots are un educated and have no clue what they are doing. I was front row during the riot and these illegals from mexico, and el salvador harassed, beat, instigated, and ruined out city this night. And the police were ordered by the state department to STAND DOWN and let this happen. I was jumped by three men and when I got up and went to the police who were watching, they said ” we cant do anything ”


    I now agree, if you are not american in every way, you are not an american at all. and you deserve nothing from our country. Wave your mexican flag, all the way back to mexico you ignorant people. I watched you beat innocent people. You are not worth anything to our country.

  • john

    Then dey be bowel loose blood flowing, come on try it!

  • Cristian Peralta

    They never did nothing fuck Blm ya ain’t from my hood I’ll put ten in ya block my streets fuck ya bums get a job going to college doesn’t make u a productive person freeloading mofos


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