Donald Trump: ‘I’ll Never Eat Oreos Again’ Since Nabisco is Moving to Mexico


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

Presidential candidate Donald Trump hosted a campaign event last night in a football stadium in Alabama in front of a raucous crowd of 30,000.

While speaking about trade, China, and American job loss, “the Donald” mentioned how he is a big fan of Oreo cookies, but he would never eat them again since Nabisco plans on moving to Mexico…

Here’s his full riff…

From The Blaze:

“You know, Mexico is the new China,” Trump told the crowd, referencing the recent decision by Nabisco to move its factories there.

“I love Oreos. I’ll never eat them again. Okay? I’ll never eat them again,” Trump said. “No, Nabisco closes the plant, they just announced a couple of days ago, in Chicago and they are moving the plant to Mexico. Now, why?”

“I don’t blame China. I respect them,” Trump said. “I’m not angry at them. I’m angry at our leaders for being so stupid. I’m not angry at China.”

Oreos — more specifically, Nabisco — caused the ire of the billionaire presidential contender after the company announced its decision not to invest the $130 million for a factory upgrade and will move production across the county’s southern border into Mexico. Nabisco also recently shut down its Philadelphia factory in an effort to expand factories in Virginia and New Jersey, although union members believe their jobs will eventually be outsourced to Mexico as well.

You know things are bad when American workers fear losing their jobs to outsourcing in order for the company to employ cheap laborers.

He’s not wrong about China. What the communist nation is doing is capitalizing on the weakness of current American leaders. They’re taking advantage of a flaw in our highly liberal system that disincentivizes making money.

What would be great about a Trump presidency is that he will not kowtow to any foreign land, and will always put the American people first. There won’t be an Obama-like Middle East apology tour under Trump, that’s for certain.

  • Daniel Baker

    What’s really driving manufacturing out of America is Unions. Pricing themselves out of the market. Being paid $30 an hour to do less work than a fast food employee while exercising the dirtiest mouths I have ever heard in some cases. I have seen it in person. Throw a sheet of metal on a machine, press a button, wham, then off comes half a gas tank. Wash rinse repeat.

    • Leonard DeToma

      Ignorant rant,you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Albert Schmitlap.

        The he!! if he doesn’t. Why do you think Foreign Car Manufacturers can come HERE, Build a Better Vehicle and sell it for a better price. Unions HAD a reason to exist at one time,,,now they are just overpaid thugs that drive the price of American Made products up so far NO ONE can afford them. As yourself, when is the last time you bought something made in China, Mexico or japan…you HAVE too, Unions are killing us, U.S., and We are allowing and defending them to do so….when YOUR jobs is no longer, then you have only ONE person to blame,,,YOU.

        • formercanuck

          I agree… I worked for a contractor once at Generous Motors for a tech company.
          Union workers getting paid ~$30/hour to do mindless work. I knew of a janitor that made +$100k/year there, and had his own side business as well.
          Workers were punished for efficiency, and I’ve known some to sleep on the job. For y2k work, to scan bar codes, I needed at least 3 hourly workers on the weekend for < 30 minutes. Due to contracts, it ended up as 4 hours of double time. The Left has made this country soft, and right for the picking apart. While there are many on the Right that will exploit, there are MANY more on the right that just want a handout. The handouts are basically on the debt clock. Soon enough, this country will end up like Greece if it keeps it up.

          • Albert Schmitlap.

            Yes, with perks and bennies they make $75.00 an hour,,and then try to sell their products to Americans making $20.00 an hour. I have a friend who is an Owner/Operator truck driver. He told be he hauled a trailer FULL of connecting Rods to Mexico, They said it is CHEAPER to have Mexican Machinist drill Three Holes in them and ship them back then to have Union workers do it HERE. The list goes on and on,,and, if you look at their parking lot at GM and Dodge, they mostly drive FOREIGN cars,,because they KNOW Quality…LOL

          • tanyarcranes

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          • cynthia curran

            Hey, lots of car companies hire people through temp agencies maybe the old timers make good wages but the younger workers are under a 2nd tier system that starts a lot less. Ford I think is the only one that changed this. The foreign companies hire a lot of workers under 15 an hour through temp agencies. Factory wages inflate their wages by including management and engineers that make a hell of a lot more than assembly people even some machinists these says make under 20 an hour.

          • Albert Schmitlap.

            and why is this,,,OVER Regulation and Taxes…One more reason for Term Limitations.

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            People on the RIGHT want a handout…seriously..?!! You’re either incompetent, dyslexic, or delusional…pick one.

          • i found a lìnk and put ít in my own profíle… ít reveals wìthout leavíng theír job, how a few hundred every week is being made by índivìduals

        • Donna Millar

          Right on

      • thephranc


        • jlenoreb

          Yes, even them. Push a button, the door opens and you walk to the place you want to sit down.

          • thephranc

            I meant the cupcakes. Unions forced it to close.

          • cynthia curran

            Most food processing companies hire Mexicans to make the food in the US. In fact its one of the lower paying factory worked that averages around 13 an hour similar to garment work.

      • WilliamK99

        You do realize the unions are the ones behind the minimum wage being 15 dollars an hour…But the higher the wages become, the more jobs will be automated and everyone is screwed…

        • Chloe Rowles

          Yes, the unions led the $15/hr minimum wage fight, and then asked to be exempted from it! They get away with this crap!

          • cdo12

            That’s because Unions use the minimum wage in salary negotiations, and if they want so many dollars above minimum wage, they get more money the higher it goes.

      • adobong_paksiw

        I applied for an airport ramp unionized job where you get paid $10.00 an hour with a union due of over 30 bucks a month. The unions had the say of whether you can ask for a transfer to an airport nearer where you lived, too. I didn’t accept the job offer. Why ? 30 bucks a month and they’ve been THE union over 5 years and that’s all they can get for workers ? No hazard pay ? No overnight pay? Who the ef do they think they are ?

    • White ghost

      You have no clue what your talking about.
      I’m a union plumber and we work our asses off. I can’t stand when morons like you blame the unions for everything. Remeber one thing asshole, the unions are the ones who set wages. Without them YOU would be making less money

      • Jeff

        And the cost of goods and services would be cheaper also. Just saying!

      • Daniel Baker

        Whether you like it or not the statement is true. Plumbers are lucky in that it’s still cheaper to fix the toilet, shower or sink without taking the plumbing to mexico.

        For the majority of manufacturing jobs though it’s MUCH cheaper to ship the work out to the land of cheaper labor.

        I have nothing but respect for the trades, but organizing to force wages higher, right or wrong, only serves as a deterrent to business looking for the cheapest deal.

    • Cedric Ian Anthony

      true story bro

    • Ann

      What does their language have to do with ANYTHING?????

    • LebekJohnson

      Unions are part of the equation; however free trade agreements are another significant variable.

  • formercanuck

    China is a HUGE part of the problem. The DC / Wall Street power brokers effectively ‘gave’ (promoted) China as a manufacturer to replace America. As a result, DC/Wall Street and many large corporate CEOs (think Romney here) made a killing investing in China, assisting corporations move to offshore for better profits for CEOs and Wall Street. Ok – now that the ‘boom’ in that has occurred, what has it done for us ?

    a) left America’s industrial area
    b) brought China to be a powerhouse (a LOT of Chinese are getting very wealthy)
    c) China now ‘owns’ a lot of the US’s debt

    CoC/Wall Street/China do NOT want Trump as president – TPP and other agreements would be in jeopardy, as the US would attempt to take back its business.

    I agree with Daniel – What’s killing this country are things like Unions, over inflated taxes (many social programs should be pay per use fees or privatized), and items such as $15 minimum wage.

  • independent_az

    So Trump respects a communist country? Wow.

    • Zachary McCoyz

      Thats what you took from it? Idoit!

    • Chloe Rowles

      He respects ‘good business’!, NOT communism; he is running to fight OFF communism/socialism and bring back capitalism here! You must have some comprehension problems.

      • independent_az

        He didn’t say that. He said he respects China, which is a communist country. You should probably get someone to help you since it seems you can’t do the reading on your own.

        • cdo12

          That’s all you have? Jeez. If you stretch that any more, invest in a taffy pulling machine. He was talking business tactics. He said he was not mad at China for doing what they did, it’s good business. He’s mad at the stupid politicians here who let them abuse the privilege of doing business in this country. Context. Look it up. He wasn’t talking about communism.

      • Joy Beum

        Like your reply.

  • Ronnie Verne

    What? They don’t have enough Wetbacks working for Them?? I Stopped buying
    Hersey’s Shit Long ago!

  • Ed Bangs

    The point is that American workers spend money in the community etc everybody suffers when factories move to Mexico read recently that the CEO of Nabisco made millions some as a bonus for outsourcing production Oreo’s are on the same list as Twinkies can live without them and why support the slow death of America

  • John Magill

    Nabisco, Come to Texas, business taxes are much lower, it’s a right to work state, so no union hassle. Home cost is lower. Would be a win win or everyone

    • cynthia curran

      They will hire Mexicans to do it just like they do in Mexico. The lower skilled factory in Texas is also done by a lot of Mexican immirgrants. I read a want ad for garment work in Dallas and it was in both Spanish and Mandarin.

  • LaFlare1017

    A big reason they moved their plant to Mexico is there is a tariff on refined sugar imports in the US, driving up costs of refined sugars, which makes Mexico have a competitive advantage in the production of sweets, not just because of labor costs. This sugar tariff was intended to protect sugar production jobs in the US, however for each job it saved, multiple food manufacturing jobs were lost to Mexico and abroad, which means that sugar tariff has costed the US many more jobs than it saved. There are a lot of things I like about Trump, but on this topic, he should have defended the free market system and blamed the tariff that’s killing US jobs rather than Nabisco. I want to see more things produced in the US as well, however there has to be trade offs, so we should go with the path which saves the US it’s jobs.

    As I said, I like a lot about Trump, I really do, more so than the other candidates. However, Trump is a hypocrite on this issue.

    Honestly, as much as would rather see things made in the US, I understand why Trump and others outsource, it’s necessary sometimes to remain competitive and profitable in our economy. However, he shouldn’t bash Nabisco when he himself has utilized manufacturing in Mexico and China. I respect Trump, but if he owns up to that, I will respect him more.

    • his hats are made in the usa and he did explain why some of his macy’s line was made in china and mexico and that he didn’t like it but we give them the edge…..

  • francesca9

    i agree with donald trump…no oreos for me…..i still continue my mexican boycott regarding our marine that was finally released no thanks to obama but with help from trump. i still won’t buy corona or tequila made in mexico and don’t go to mexican restaurants or buy anything mexican and i would never travel to that country, i have always felt that way about going there. too dangerous, too criminal.

    • Joy Beum

      My feelings exactly!

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    sadly, nabisco makes a lot more than just oreos.

    • Joy Beum

      We all know what the Nabisco label looks like and we will boycott all their products…and be healthier because of it. Traitors!

  • Beth Toraason

    Youse got my vote, big guy!

  • Joy Beum

    Let Nabisco know that there are many new employees here in the USA that they can take with them to their new location in Mexico. In fact, that’s where these people came from! Please…take them!


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