Donald Trump Delivers Stunning Message to Blacks … Did He Go Too Far This Time?


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Donald Trump is leading the pack for the GOP presidential nomination in large part because of his refreshing boldness, willingness to advance politically-incorrect opinions, and refusing to back down.

He showed this again during a phone appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. He told host Jonathan Karl that Barack Obama had done “absolutely nothing” for the black community.

As Conservative Tribune reported, the billionaire added that he “would win the African-American vote” in the general election if he becomes the GOP nominee.

Trump’s comments were in response to a tweet he had previously posted that the media is attacking Trump over. In the Tweet, Trump said, because Obama had done such a poor job as president, “you won’t see another black president for generations.”

Wow. The media is going full board now trying to portray Trump as a racist…again.

But he refuses to back down, and doubled down instead, telling ABC:

“He [Obama] has set a very poor standard. I think he has set a very low bar. I think it’s a shame for Black people,” Trump said.

The billionaire admitted to Karl that he thought Obama would be “a great cheerleader” for America and “do a fabulous job” for Black Americans, but, citing employment and income levels, he said that now that Blacks are in a worse condition than when Obama first took office (H/T Mediaite).

Has Trump gone too far this time by making a statement that seems so out-of-the-ordinary that he will lose support?

So far, Trump has flummoxed his opponents and the media by surging to front-runner status despite his outspokenness… a trait the media and the left say should hurt GOP candidates, not help them.

His latest comment no doubt will anger Obama, the biased media and most Black liberals, but time and time again, Trump has demonstrated his staying power on the campaign trail despite criticism from the left and, in many instances, Republican Party leaders and candidates themselves. Trump’s latest interview on “This Week” is not likely to hurt his popularity.

What do you think about Trump’s comments regarding Black Americans and President Obama? Please share this article with friends and relatives on Facebook and Twitter and take note of their reactions to Trump’s latest claims.

  • Lucia

    Trump s absolutely correct.

    • Blaque Chyna

      I’m black, and I agree with trump. There’s a difference between being a racist nd telling the truth! #teamTrump

  • Cliff Gridley

    He’s enslaved his own people and made them dependent on government

    • jd

      Even his wife has put down the black people by telling everyone that ‘she’ was treated this way or that way because ‘she’ was Black, but the things that she mentions directly are things that happen to everyone, no matter their color. Then there is the time at the opening of a museum, that the place was not for ‘her’ kind, referring to blacks
      It’s a shame, she could have been an inspiration to Millions of people (not only Blacks) but chose not too

      • Stanley Trent Bemis

        she is one of the most impressive first ladies to have graced our history

        • WTF?

          She is a dumb ass that had a tremendous ego and wastes taxpayer money on a ridiculously huge staff.

        • Are you serious?
          She’s a racist!

        • Ann Stark

          LMAO . Lady is in question.

    • truevoice4real

      Shut up Adolf…you sound ignorant..

      • Blaque Chyna


  • JoeThePimpernel

    Please attack him. It will make him stronger.

  • Tina Stewart

    Trump started out a rich joke, he remains a rich joke, and in the end and for ever more he will be nothing but a JOKE!

    • calypsodancler

      Any relation to your fave newscaster, Jon Stewart? NOW whos the joke?

    • Danny

      Hey Tina, crawl back in your bathole and stare at your Obama poster you left wing crackpot. Your big eared communist clown in the Whitehouse has been a JOKE his whole life.

    • Jim Mathis

      ok you go with Hillary and her lies .ill go wth trump and the truth

    • Dianne S Johnson

      Dream on, Democrat. Do you think for one second your opinion matters to us? Hahahaha!!

    • GrammarSquad

      Almost as much of a joke as your “Great Divider”?

    • Miss Jenni

      Let go of the keyboard and back away SLOWLY! Obam Anon is just a phone call away!

    • calypsodancler

      Come here to troll and reap your rewards libtard!

  • Tevis T

    Funny….I’ve made this exact same statement dozens of times. Anyone who is not black is going to think twice before voting for the next black presidential candidate, because they’re going to be thinking of how much of a disaster Obama was. And that’s the truth…..

    • Squabbles

      You’re giving them far too much credit, they don’t care or notice.

    • Grace

      That’s what I was thinking after Bush left office; that, as a white I should think twice before voting for a white president.

  • Stephanie Brubaker

    They can’t attack the message so they attack the messenger. Typical.

    • Ann


      • LaurenRFrantz

        GET A BEST TOP253-CAREER ::: @1md4.





      • Marie Evans

        When I started saying that there will never be another black or hispanic nor a woman president I was ridiculed. Everyone knows now you can’t oppose a minority. He will rack havoc on everything without opposition, NO THANK YOU!

  • calypsodancler

    Truth is what the SJW’s call racism.Guess what? racism and racist mean NOTHING to me, its only the wimpy left that fears being labled with these words.

    • Dianne S Johnson

      And they’ve ‘done’ it to death!! It no longer means anything.

  • Vic Pecorino

    Stay on your stump TRUMP

  • Larry C Mason


    • Not Anonymous

      Actually Obama cut their welfare..

      • NukeWaste

        In what fantasy? Clinton tried that and the demoRats screamed bloody murder. Handout have increased around here and there is no attempt at determining if you are qualified. We have city workers on handouts because nobody checked. A vice-principal had her kids on the free lunch program.

  • Billy Bong

    Obama gave them more welfare, what more do they need?

    • Wiggle D

      Correction: Obama gave illegals THEIR welfare.

  • Bill Jones Sr.

    Really were better people out there

  • Tina

    It’s true! Are the black people any better off since Obama took office? NO! If anything they are worse off!

    • Karl Dulle

      And they are becoming politically aware more and more, as they feel the broken promises sting to their very core.. Trump 2016

    • Bryon Scheer

      No but welfare is doing well! I always see there grocery carts full with a ton of meat!!!!!!

      • Blaque Chyna

        white people get food stamps too and medical and childcare and low income housing and s.s.I benefits

    • dawn

      obama threw them to the curb while fighting mostly for the illegal immigrant and ignoring the black communities and jobs for them

      • Blaque Chyna

        damn right

    • truevoice4real

      Actually Black people are better off….and is everyone else in the country…Or would you rahter go back to the days of losing over 700,000 jobs per month….

      • Really…am I missing something.
        Where are the jobs?
        A national debt that is out of control.

        • truevoice4real

          The debt was out of control when the country was losing OVER 700.000 jobs per month…The debt was out of control when Reagan QUADRUPLED the debt…The country has been ADDING jobs for over 50 straight months and if you take out the failing policies of the states run by republican governors the unemployment rate may be cut in half…

        • truevoice4real

          The debt was out of control when the country was losing OVER 700,000 jobs per month…The debt was out of control when Ronald “I support Apartheid” Reagan QUADRUPLED the debt…The debt was out of control when stupid Bush was given a budget surplus and turned it into a runaway deficit…The country has been adding jobs for 50 straight months and if you take out the failed states run by stupid GOP governors the unemployment rate would be much lower…By the way…you are not a spokesperson for Black people and neither is that useless racist Trump….

        • truevoice4real
  • Wiggle D

    He’s not pulling this out of his butt. I have African American friends who have been aware for the past several years that he is a sellout, who got his free ride, and has no interest in them.

    • Leona M Phillips-smith

      I work with some very nice HARD working black people, who think they are worse off because of Obama and his ways,they can’t wait for him to be out of office.

      • Blaque Chyna

        I was hoping he would get impeached

    • Blaque Chyna

      damn right!

  • Janet Dillon

    Hardly racist and spot on. Truth hurts sometimes, deal with it…

  • You_R_Responsible

    Truth hurts. Trump is right.

    The media and liberals need to get over themselves because they cannot change FACTS!

    Trump/Cruz 2016, Palin head of IRS, Carson head of H&HS, Gowdy head of DOJ, and head of Dept. of Education? – I don’t know but I do know Trump will pick someone w/some smarts!


  • Allen Burns

    Trump has just repeated what every black person has told me.

    • truevoice4real

      You need to talk to more than just stupid Black conservatives…..all five of them…

      • Blaque Chyna


  • Jim Mathis

    like every thing else he has said its the dam truth .so wheres the problem ???

  • Jeremiah Glosenger

    I hope that President Ben Carson will prove Trump wrong on that. No way Trump would get 1/2 of the black vote Carson could get.

    • Ferrari fan

      I don’t think Carson will get much of the black vote because too many think he’s a traitor.

    • Carolyn Burton

      Odumbo is No Ben Carson. Dr Carson is a man of great character who doesn’t focus on the color of someone’s skin but the content of their character. I do, however, think that Obama has stained the trust of most Americans including alot of blacks. That and Dr Carson’s soft spoken character may leave him out of office. If so, it would be great to have him as Surgeon General – who better to run the medical aspects of the country – especially after the debacle of obamacare

      • David Brooks

        Carson would be a an awesome Department of Health and Human Services Director

    • nnss

      How many blacks vote anyway?

      • jjdancer123

        You will soon find out….lol

    • PorshaJo

      Blacks will vote black is that what you are saying? Just proves their ignorance. Should vote for the most qualified and not by the color of their skin.

      • madalon baum

        Actually, Obama did not win because of the Black vote. I’ve read that by multiple sources. He won mainly because he carried the vote of young voters(college age-35).

        • calypsodancler

          Anyone else with milennial children, that are thinking that maybe they didnt plant the boot HARD enough in their pansy asses when they were growing up?

      • NukeWaste

        Moist Black people around here vote as they are told by the demoRat party. They are slaves to their handouts and Bamaphones.

      • Jeremiah Glosenger

        No, I’m not saying all blacks will vote based on color. Not all women vote based on gender. There are people out their in every racial, ethnic, religious, or other group that do heavily weigh identifying factors into their votes. I’ve heard white women say they would vote for Hilary Clinton because they would like to see a female President. They knew little about her political positions and history. I agree that everyone should research out candidates and vote for the most qualified person; however, the reality is that not everyone is going to do that. Someone may have the best ideas and be the best for the job, but if they can’t get elected they will never govern.

  • nnss

    He’s right. In many ways Obama has ruined it for the black people.

    • NukeWaste

      bozo has wreaked it for Western Civilization Black people. His Islamic friends are doing fine.

  • Melanie Schielder

    this is very true, I have said this also many times, as much as I would love to see Ben Carson and Allen West get into office, no way they would have a chance now that Ovomit has done so much damage

    • PorshaJo

      Not only that but there are so many worthless blacks in the administration.

  • Had Enough

    As I have stated in the past…THE DON speaks the truth and some people just can’t handle that ! Call a spade a spade ! Trump 2016 !!!

  • Mireille Diltz

    I am still not comfy with Trump but damn he is right on with that statement. Thumbs up to Trump for his boldness.

  • Dianne S Johnson

    I agree with him. I see attitudes I haven’t seen in 30 – 40 years. Obama is the biggest racist I’ve ever seen.

  • Leslie

    DONALD TRUMP DID NOT say anything “bad” about black people. He did point out how weak this president is, and how it has not helped the black community. He also said what others also feel is true. You probably will not see another black president for a few generations…and why? Because the 1st black (?) president had 2 terms of messing up this country so bad, and putting this country in outstanding debt, was not what we all expected. We need a bull in the china shop. And no other candidate but Donald Trump fills that order. Political correctness is out the window and many are flushing those 2 words down the toilet. It’s an infringement on our freedom of speech. No. We are no longer pussy footing around someone’s “feelings”. Grow a thicker skin. HIS RATINGS WILL SOAR EVEN MORE……….Watch!!

  • Gary Meschede

    the only thing that is wrong with Donald Trump is that he isnt the president NOW!!!!!!!!!.he isnt afraid of the main stream media.i am sick and tired of these old fuckers playing game with our life and our money.what the hell the worse he can do is better that obamas best.

  • Squabbles

    This guy is way far right!

  • Squabbles
  • Jim Harper

    ever time he points out the problems with the president group in office, he earns more votes. americans are tired of the liberal crap.

  • Howard Hoffman

    Yes they will be angered here is why. I have voted for a black candidate the last 4 elections even though I had to write him in on a couple ballots. Who was he? Alan Keyes. He is the fellow who ran against Obama in his home state and lost the Senate seat there. Keyes is at least 20 times better than Obama and also black so you think wow everyone-especially his own ethnic group would like this guy. I mean some folks are going to vote their ethnic heritage so here we had Keyes but black folks didn’t want someone who wouldn’t give a handout to everyone so they rejected him. This is not a biased or racist statement. I voted for not against a black man the last 4 elections. The black community does not want a candidate like this- they will also not support a man like Ben Carson who is also exemplary- this is a shame- these folks have been brainwashed and subjugated by Washington and the Liberals so they can’t see what actually would be good for them and all the rest of us.

  • Dee

    I’m black and I’ve been saying this for years! Anytime, someone of color, wants to disagree with me on Obama being a narcissistic incorrigible moron, I ask one question. “Give me one example of what has done for the black community?” Every time, I get nothing, but crickets. Smh…

    • truevoice4real

      First of all you are not Black….second Obama he ACA passed which gave thousandsof Black peoploe accss to healthcare….NO OTHER PRESIDFENT DID THAT….He also got the Black farmers paid and he is the only president to address the bias court system…YUou want Obama to wave his hand and erase thousands of years of racism..,Is it Obama’s fault tht the racist tea party asked busineses to stop hiring people…???..Is it Obama’s fault that Black professionals have a higher unemployment rate them less qualified white professionals…Is it Obama’s fault that he is dealing with the least effective congres in US history….When Obama took over the country was losing over
      700,000 jobs per month…Now the country is adding jobs every month for over 50
      straight months….Those so-called Black friends of yours are waiting for Obama
      to do everything for them and do nothing for themselves….So whine to me when
      these young men stop wearing their pants off their butts…whine to me when
      teachers don’t have to spend over 70% of class with classroom control…whine to
      me when Black people start supporting more Black business …Whine to me when Black people go to the polls and
      elect local officials that are not racist idiots…In other words stop blaming
      Obama ….you sound stupid…By the way , Most Black people understand the racism
      that Obama has to deal with….and stupid trump is part of that racism…

    • Blaque Chyna

      Obama phones, are the only answer I get lol

  • Heylottylotty

    It is my sincere hope that ALL Americans take an honest look at what he is saying. Put your first impression of racism or bigotry or whatever away. He is telling us that this president has misrepresented his “race” as well as our nation. We each have to look past our own racism (black or white) and at the jobs, the industries, the economy, our military abuse, our border and criminal trespass being allowed, and more. It is NOT about his color, it is that he lied to his “color” and to all Americans. He has disrespected the Oath of Office to serve All Americans equally (as in the teachings of Dr. King). Just look around at the thugs murdering fellow Americans in the name of race. When did that begin in mass? We need a leader who is not for any race, creed, color, or religion but for the citizens of the United States of American (and not the rest of the world).

    • WTF?

      Black on white crime is so bad in Atlanta and has become more so with all the media race baiting since Obama was elected. Blacks are so racist in Atlanta that they are overtly rude and militant at shopping malls and most public places. Police will tell you that we have a real problem. White people and black people tired of all this crap better vote for someone who will stop all this nonsense and thug culture.

      • Heylottylotty

        You are very much correct on the racial “superiority” being allowed by our government for the black followers. We must take a look at why this is being allowed (and promoted), and by whom. Mr. Trump is the ONLY candidate of all those now running that we Americans can find hope in putting the control of the nation back into the Constitution and the people who it serves. If we who believe in TRUE equality, (… “you can have a shirt like mine but NOT my shirt”) then all who agree must band (legally) through grassroots groups (more = power). Through large numbers of people who believe in this nation, it can be done legally and with as little “war” as possible. Study Agenda 21.

  • Curtius Simplus

    LOL! And since it is true it is not suppose to be said!

  • Ed516

    In the last 50 years of Johnson’s great society, how much progress have the majority of blacks made? The Democrats keep them dependent on the government for handouts which do nothing to improve their lot in society but keep them voting for Democrats.

  • virg peklo

    He is right he has put all his efforts to the illegals and muslims …so what has he actually done for the African-americans

  • Robert Morgan

    The real danger to the continued existence of black thugs and their white liberal excuse makers is the new confident black conservative movement, they need no excuses and they certainly don’t feel safe around the thugs.

  • Chris Dontneedtoknow

    Trump speaks the truth, they don’t like it, too damn bad!

  • Tim

    The truth hurts!!! Trump ” Fo” president!!!

    • jjdancer123

      Trump is going to lead you fools straight to your demise……Lol

      • Tim

        If Hillery is elected it will be more of the same x 10, Bernie will die before he is elected, Cruz has snake like quality’s, Rubio will push the Brown lives matter movement and flood this country with the rest of Mexico and Carson,well been there done that. So Trump is the only one that says what he’s gonna do where the others want to spend their time bashing him…. So who are you going to vote for?

  • dawn

    Again, Mr Trump is stating what the majority of Americans from every race, is thinking. obama himself blew it and left us all without hope and his change has harmed everyone. And also, Americans of every race are starting to stand up with/for Trump.

  • Robert Pierro

    Once again, he is spot on!!!

  • Blake Peterson

    Once again Trump states the obvious truth. What is the old saying? Oh yea, THE TRUTH HURTS! No wonder liberals and the media are all up in arms. They are so out of touch with the American people that they just can’t believe that someone who doesn’t back down from them can be so popular. Republicans could learn by watching Trump. We’ll hold on they would have to have a set of Balls so count them out!
    Wake up America!! GO DONALD TRUMP!

  • dkw

    Repubs will never get liberal votes whether black or purple anyway. He will continue to be
    labeled a racist but so will most of the other non liberal candidates. What he says is true but it points to voters racist tendency to paint all blacks with the same brush as Obama and they are wrong to do so. All blacks are not the same but that is obvious . No two people are the same for that matter. Folks need to get over their skin color obsessions on both sides of the spectrum.

  • Ed Welsh

    He hasn’t scratched the surface

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    does the truth hurt. demosocialists?

  • cos filiberto

    once again the TRUTH hurts,,,hes right,,but blacks will agree with him,,Odumma was just a terrible president,,black or white…

    • truevoice4real

      You are out of your mind if you think Black people will support a racist like trump….

  • Don Liv

    Donald’s comment is 100% Correct.

  • Karl Dulle

    You cant handle the truth!

  • Doug

    Obama is the racist. Don’t forget he is a product of Jerimiah Wright’s church.

    • truevoice4real

      Rev Wright told the truth….get over it…

  • Vance Freeman

    I agree… Obama and Cosby have sure screwed their reputations….

  • captbob123

    its true oboma put illegals above Americans -Blacks who once owned landscaping companys-roofing companys-went out of bussines because illegals can under bid them-just look at fast food joints in harlem all the jobs once held by black teens are now done by illegals who dont speak english thats why thay put pictures on the cashregister -even in white hoods the same thing

  • Catherine Martinko Baker

    I remember watching Pres. Obama at the beginning of his first term, when a black man asked him about jobs for the black community since they were the hardest hit. Instead of answering the question about jobs, Pres. Obama talked about how he was extending Cobra for health coverage for people out of work. Problem with people in Washington, they were not realizing most people don’t get enough money on unemployment to afford Cobra. I was shocked at his answer. He never said anything about jobs. Truth is now with his Obama care, it is required that businesses furnish health care for American workers or get a $5000 fine per person that are not covered, but guess what you don’t have to do that for the illegals, so now businesses are force to hire the illegals so more people are out of work. I thing the whole congress as well, is bought out by corporations that are turning the USA in to a third world country. So it is not just Mr. Obama, it is all those rich cats in Washington D.C.

  • Stephen Semore

    I personally don’t believe in the concept of race. Just because one person has more or less skin-pigment than another person doesn’t constitute for anything. The question I want to see is, “what good has Obama done with his presidency to help the American people despite skin his own skin pigmentation bias”?


      You may not believe in the concept of race but unfortunately millions do. Many of them are my relatives.

  • 1TomDuncan1

    Strange as it may seem, Trump is the next President for you folks! 🙂

  • Virginia Boyd Prather

    Whether or not a president goes down in history as a success or failure has nothing to do with skin color. Black Americans should not feel that their race is a failure because Obama has been a failure as president. Many white presidents have not been successful leaders. Get past the skin color and look at his record. The absolute worse thing we can do when we vote is to base our vote on political parties, color, or race. We need to focus on who is right for the job. Who will bring the proper leadership, knowledge of foreign affairs, and integrity. We need change. Unfortunately the change we need is going to be uncomfortable for a while before we start to see positive growth in America. This next election is going to be crucial for the future of America. We the people better wise up, study up on candidates, and be well educated, and prayed up, when we step up to vote on the next president.

    • Mbiya Vic

      True, our leaders and every one should get away from this colour thing and racism syndrome. i am a kenyan and live in kenya, though am proud of being a kenyan but wat our leaders do disgusts me, i have been having a dream of coming to america and make a living, but the stand Donald T has taken worries me.

    • truevoice4real

      Obama hasn’t been a failure….or would you rather go back to the stupid Bush years…??/

  • calypsodancler

    What is stupid about THE TRUTH?

    • truevoice4real

      It’s stupid because it’s not the truth….

  • Nancy Robbins

    He’s telling the truth., just what has Obama done to advance black americans out of poverty, out of drug use for those that use drugs, out of welfare, into jobs., what has he done? absolutely nothing.

  • RN01

    How is what he said in any way racist?? There’s absolutely nothing offensive in his statements.

  • JCDArizona

    It’s not just Obama… democrats are still the racist slave owners they once were, they just moved the plantation to the ghetto and keep their base loyal and asking for more.

  • scott

    Bottom line, Trump just says what everyone else is thinking. It is as simple as that. If Obama were in any other position, he would have lost his job for not doing his job. Again, it’s that simple. He has played the black card even though he is half white, so, he not only hurt the chances of another black holding the highest position in the land but he has hurt the next half & half that may run for this same highest position in the land. It’s just a fact people.

  • JCR54

    He is absolutely correct what has obama done except give them more free money time to take away the meal ticket & get your asses off the couch get a job

  • dawn

    Again, Trump is absolutely correct.

  • NukeWaste

    Black libturds don’t represent real Black people. Too many young Blacks are being filled with hate towards White people simply because they aren’t being catered to like the public school system has taught them to expect. It would be great if I could show a few of my smarter Black students what it was like growing up in Pittsburgh being White/Jewish. Constantly being told that if I filled out my application differently, I could be hired. But, not, being White! This was all over the country under Jimmy Carter

    • truevoice4real

      What the f**k are you whining about….,White people have shown much more hate towards people of color then people of color have toward white people….Black people , because of centuries of intense racism have reasons to hate white people….What’s your excuse Adolf….where does all that hatred for people of color come from…???


        How long will blacks be able to use the victim card ! Really ! Other races have had a hard way to go in the U.S. In the past and I don’t see any other race playing the race card like blacks do !

  • Kevin Nail

    he is right

  • Subjugated Moor

    It’s funny to see so many non blacks here (and in general) talking about how Obama has done nothing for blacks as though that’s a reason for them and many others not to vote for another black running for president. Neither I, or many blacks that hear this sentiment expressed believe that black interests are even a consideration for these nay Sayers. It’s just a convenient excuse not to appear racist but at the same time voice their racism. Because lets face it, these self same accusers would be far more up in arms and anti Obama if they believed he had done much to help blacks. In fact, they would resent him even more saying that his interests lay with the black community and not with the populace as a whole.No doubt they would much rather Obama fail in the eyes of blacks than to succeed. So sell it somewhere else, if we like or don’t like Obama it is on us to decide. We dont need to hear from white conservatives how the president hasn’t enhanced our situation.

    At the core of white racism is the belief that blacks are too stupid to know whats good and/or not good for them.

  • truevoice4real

    Trump is a racist idiot and will get no support in the Black community….

  • Melvin Polatnick

    Blacks like New Yorkers, Trump has been seen all over the City. Sharpton has been his best friend and Trump has hired thousands of black workers. He will get lots of black votes.

  • Randy G.

    Trump is right again. What has omama done? Nothing! Sorry he has spent 22 billion dollars and gave billions to illegals for heath care while taking more and more from Amewricans. He wants all illegals to have Constitutional rights but not Americvans. He has armed are enemies and 80% of the people paying an average of $900.00 for heath care that is crap now see what they were warned about. 500 million to heath care for illegals and now 1.6 billions for Syrians to come to this country as he keeps raising our medical copst and tells us that Social Security will be cut AGAIN. Wake up assholes!


    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Democratic-voting black community and their culture to our society.
    Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.

    Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people.

    Real estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature.

    Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation—presently enriching the cities of Spokane WA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Washington D.C., St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Los Angeles CA, Flint MI, Baltimore MD, Pontiac MI, Newark NJ, Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, Richmond VA, Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, Camden NJ; and let’s not forget Detroit, MI, the tourism capital of the world!

    It’s ironic that black lawmakers are now lamenting the flaring of racial tensions since Obama took office, but they’ll never admit that perhaps things would be progressing if the first black president wasn’t an inexperienced, incompetent hack who drinks from “the cup of bitterness and hatred” that Dr. King warned us about

    • truevoice4real

      Have you been to the rural poor areas in backward red states..???


        Not following what you saying tell me ?

  • deborah matte

    Black lives dont matter! Just look who dominates the prison population! And have you ever seen a white man with means choise to live amongst them? Ever?

  • I’m laughing at this article because what he said is soooo true snd these people are trying to make it racist.
    We’ve become such a sad country when your attacked for telling the truth.
    He never said he hated blacks, never said any name calling, and yet they’re trying to make this racial.
    You want a possible 8 more years of this?
    God forbid! !
    Trump for president!

  • I urge those especially those young supposedly smart college kids to look up the word racist what it means and then tell me what he said or did that makes him a racist.
    Illegal immigrants are killing us in this country.
    Catch word ” illegal” he said Mexico isn’t sending their best here, but not all are bad.
    What did he say that was racist?
    Please tell me!!
    Muslims who are affiliated with isis and other terrorist groups.
    He said put a pause on letting Muslims in the country until they could be vetted properly because of terrorism threats.
    You people have short memories…remember 9/11?
    Please tell me what he said that is racist?
    He said Obama hasn’t done squat for the black community , and not just the blacks, but the entire country.
    He’s raised the debt ceiling to a despicable number.
    He says repeatedly that the black people are going to love him because he will bring back jobs and reform a broken educational system that Ben Carson will handle.
    By the way Ben Carson is black.
    A racist wouldn’t hire a black.
    Please answer these questions.
    Trump for president!

  • People should all look up the word racist and what it means and then tell me it applies to Trump.
    You’re all so wrong because the media plays it up and Donald Trump has a backbone.
    Trump for president!
    This PC world being created by Dems is dangerous and they are going down a dangerous path.
    You want another politician to lead the country?
    If that happens were sunk!!
    Can’t you people see where this is going?
    Trump for president!

  • By the way Obama and his good friend Sharpton have cops with a target on their backs and racial divide is at and all time high.
    Yes…he’s a wonderful president!
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!
    And rake Hillary liar, murderer Clinton with you.
    Trump for president!

    • truevoice4real

      He is a wonderful president….And when racist cops go running around killing unarmed Black people what do you think a President should do…ignore it..??…Funny that we rarely hear about Black cops killing unarmed citizens…Maybe it’s something about the training they get….at home….

  • Kasich said Trump shouldn’t divide which he isnt.
    Please tell me what has Obama done…..DIVIDE!!

    • truevoice4real

      How has Obama divided the country….????

  • Peter the Dutchman

    The thing is, in the west, when you get a black politician, you don’t actually get a BLACK politician, you just get another POLITICIAN who just happens to be black. A myriad of examples. The thing that links the vast majority of these people, is self interest. Ethnicity is either secondary, or used expediently.
    Trump’s comments freak the state, and its traditionalists, because they can’t see a way to control him should the worst, (in their eyes), actually come to pass. Personally, I think Trump would probably be a fairly pragmatic president, once he had the keys and the pre-election panto was over.

    • truevoice4real

      Trump is a racist idiot who doesn’t have a clue about running a country…Maybe you should ask his employees in the Las Vegas casino….What Trump is doing is bringing out the intense racism in the GOP….And the world is watching ….and laughing…Hitler would be proud…

  • John Andersen

    Trump is not a racist or against women. He seems to be offended himself by base individuals. He makes only after judgements that I can see. He likes jobs over welfare and black people love good jobs like the rest of us. America needs jobs and we deserve a president that puts America first. I am a university graduate with a racially mixed family and I fully support Donald J Trump with my vote.


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