Doctors Refused This Thug a Heart Transplant – Until Accused of Racism. It All Ended Badly Yesterday

Anthony Stokes before his heart transplant in 2013; and his last Facebook post

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A Black teenager who was initially denied a heart transplant because of his criminal record – but who was granted one after a media outcry over “racism” – was killed after committing a home invasion armed robbery, less than two years later.

A masked Anthony Stokes broke into the home of an 81-year old woman in Roswell, Georgia on Tuesday afternoon, firing shots at the woman in a failed robbery attempt.

The 17-year old fled when police responded quickly to the scene. He then led them on a high-speed chase in a stolen car he had carjacked just an hour before, racing through 5 school zones in the early afternoon — then struck a pedestrian and crashed the car. Firefighters had to cut him out of the car, but Stokes died at the scene.

Stokes was the subject of a shameful leftist racial smear against doctors who had correctly denied him a spot on the heart transplant list, despite his numerous violations of the law — by the age of 15.

Stokes had a condition called dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle that is a common cause of heart failure. Stunningly, when he was first admitted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the young Stokes was wearing an ankle monitor because he’d been placed under house arrest for a recent fight.

Doctors told him a transplant was his only option — but initially refused to put him on the transplant list:

Doctors rebuffed Stokes because he had a “history of noncompliance,” and numerous run-ins with law enforcement, and they did not think he would take his medications or show up for follow-up appointments.

His mother suggested he was a victim of racism. “He’s a young boy,” Hamilton said. “He’s going to make mistakes, but I still think he deserves a second chance.”

NBC’s Today Show championed his cause, showcasing a clean-cut Stokes and his tearful mom, and attacking the hospital as heartless for denying this lovely young man a chance at life.

Stokes, with NBC reporter

Worse, the George Soros-funded propaganda mill Media Matters published a scathing attack on the doctors, outright accusing them of racism, and whitewashing Stokes’ disturbing criminal record at only age 15:

Regardless of Anthony’s specific past, his story fits into a larger pattern of racially-motivated skepticism about young black men. The routine criminalization of black youth…which funnels a disproportionate number of black teens into the justice system for minor infractions — ensures that teens like Anthony are often seen as threats. And once society labels those kids as criminal, suspect, or “non-compliant,” their lives are typically considered to have less value.

In other words, #Black(Thug)LivesMatter, a year before Michael Brown attacked Darren Wilson in Ferguson. Forget what he’s actually done — it’s all about race. The Obama Doctrine.

Under this massive national media pressure, the doctors caved, and agreed to put Stokes on the transplant list. Hospital officials even told the Stokes family that Anthony would be at the top of the list because his condition was so serious — news that was celebrated by NBC and dozens of leftist media race-bullies who got their way. He got the surgery, and a new lease on life, in August 2013.

It didn’t take long to see he wasn’t worthy of it.

Only 18 months after he got the transplant — ahead of a truly worthy candidate — that heart finally stopped.

Not quietly in a hospital bed — but in a crushed car, after shooting at an elderly homeowner, leading police on a high-speed chase in a stolen car, and nearly killing a pedestrian. The doctors were right, and the race-baiting media elites horribly wrong.

Here was Anthony Stokes’ last post on Facebook. What a waste.



  • JustMyOpinion

    waste of a good heart that could have gone to someone who deserved it.

    • Dj

      Well the doctor was right wasn’t he? Such a waste of a good heart!

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    • Drphloxx


    • Herman Vogel

      Well, at least he FINALLY got one God only know he DIDN’T have one before,,,too bad a Soul wasn’t part of the deal,,,huh.

      • fgsergyty

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        • Heather Owens

          Find someplace else to post your tripe. This is place for making comments about the story, not your sleazy supposed get rich scheme. All you’re doing is wasting space and time on this site.

          • PixelPusher777

            These dudes play a numbers game. If only a fraction of a percent of the thousands who see the pitch here fall for it, they make a good profit.

          • Tom Simmons

            Saw your pic Heather, looks like you need a shave

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          • Heather Owens

            Why don’t you people set up your own website and post on it. Leave this and other comment sections like this for making points about the story, not your lame crap. The only way you make money is to sucker people into paying you so you can tell them to do exactly what you are doing. There is no product in your “sales” pitch.

          • gopappy54

            Heather Owens you need to know you are only talking to a bot not a real person

      • MrsStigg

        Sadly, it was his second heart transplant.

    • andy hazel

      My thoughts exactly. He may have been given o new lease on life but did not change the old one.

    • Goliath T Immortal

      I couldn’t agree more ……..

    • Eldridge

      If Obama had a son he would look like this young man.

      • scott

        yup,dead,like most other black youths

        • Romulo Rafael García

          Yes, a perfectly good heart went to waste and that’s bad, BUT……a violent, worthless, sub-human piece of dreck is DEAD, so from something bad comes something good.
          Let’s rejoice over the good. I know I am.

      • Bob Edwards

        probably end up like him too

      • dragon5126

        If Obama had a son it would be due to artificial insemination…

    • Larry Johnson

      IT IS TO BAD HE DID NOT TAKE SOME OF THESE BLEEDING HEARTS WITH HIM. And from all the noise you hear the ONLY RACIST people are people of color and gay people and they only want a free ride.

    • R Kent

      Did they have a story on the Today show talking about the cops only went after him ’cause they are racist bigots?
      Kid was a piece of sh!t……. shoulda never got a heart!

  • How much do we want to be the Today Show is covering his last criminal act? Let this be a lesson to the doctors to stand their ground.

    • Miki Paulo

      You can bet good money Today Show won’t be hyping up the end of this story. They won’t be showing this thug on any “where are they now” clips either.

  • Disposal mind

    Now they should sue this monsters mother for crying racism.

    • Ricky Raccoon

      Sadly, she will probably sue the police, accusing them of causing her sweet little sons fatal accident.

    • MontieR

      No they should be arrested for contributing in a felony crime.

    • Miki Paulo

      Each of his latest victims should sue mom for damages…medical costs, cars, pain & suffering! Parents are still responsible for the actions of their kids in most all states.

      • jersey

        you can’t sue someone who has nothing and expect something

        • FM505

          wow, that’s deep…

          • Bob Edwards

            well irs true theyd have no problem suing you because you work

        • norm

          no but it would be fun just seeing her in court and see what the media has to say about it all

        • Michael Phillips

          Lawyers call that “Judgement proof”.

      • Eldridge

        His mama said he was just starting to turn his life around.

        • bubba2001

          LOLOL, they *ALL* say that!
          I haven’t seen ONE (1) of them graduate from dental school yet!

          • scott

            yet they all have thousands in gold in their mouths

        • Jack Hopkins

          He should have turned his life around after he was literally given a new lease on life.

        • Kuya RJ

          He must have been a model citizen once then. Because if this is an example of him turning his life around he truly must have been a good person once. Likely when he was 3.

          • ladyem

            yeah, 3months old.

      • tommy see

        They’ll end up suing the doctors instead

        • Horace_Centz

          Or George Sorryass and MediaMadness !

        • scott

          now the mom will sue the doctor and say,if you had given my baby a heart from a priest or someone special,he would have turned around,she will be like,you must have gotten that heart from a criminal,just like that book,where the guy made a man and put a criminal brain in his head(frankenstein)

    • Craig Bass

      For what? A share of her welfare and food stamps? Sue the damned libtard media that started all the racism crap that denied someone else a transplant that was wasted in this POS.

    • 19greg45

      That, and sue her for doing a piss-poor job of raising him.

      • Cat Carillo

        parents are never held accountable

  • abbypatch

    They should have put him on the transplant list. Do you know how LONG that list is? It would probably have been years before his “number” came up. Problem solved and there wouldn’t have been such an outcry.

    • James Berry

      Not necessarily. As noted in the article, his condition was “so serious” that they moved him to the top of the list. Had he originally been put on the list, the final outcome would have been the same. Innocents injured and a wasted second chance at life for someone worthy. I don’t give a damn about his skin color. Had he been white, Latino or Asian with the same criminal history, and the same attitude, then he wasn’t worth the new lease on life.


      • Wendy Anne Randall

        In fact… My white brother died after 13 years on the kidney transplant list!! Like I said.. He was white and didn’t cry racism!!

      • abbypatch

        I agree with your last sentence about skin color. The problem is this country is so PC that some groups are taking advantage of it and the decision makers, whomever they may be, in anything that includes certain skin color or race, is browbeaten until they give in to the demands because the guilt complex is far greater than following the rules and/or law. It has to stop.

        The kid was a criminal and did not belong on the list if one of the rules stated “no criminal history.” It’s only fair to others. This will definitely build into more calls like this until there’s no longer a reason to have the rules at all..

    • Al Parsons

      He WAS on the list and immediately went to the top! Next time read the article before you run off at the mouth and waste our time.

      • John

        I think they meant they should have put him on the list instead of refusing to. The cries of racism mostly likely wouldn’t have happened. The end might have happened just as it did and we’d have one more deserving recipient rather than still waiting or worse, dead.

        • guest

          A life affected by obamacare.

      • abbypatch

        Thanks for your IGNORANT reply. I did read the article. I guess I was blinded by the fact that Media Matters was the most ignorant, race baiting, hate mongering group that browbeat the doctors.

        Now I won’t waste any more of MY time answering your ignorant post.

      • abbypatch

        Thank you for your reply. According to the article, he WASN’T on the list until the doctors were browbeaten by the race bating, hate mongering, ignorant Media Matters into putting him on the list. What I meant by the first sentence in my post was that they should have put him on the list in the beginning, but of course, you don’t understand English very well, do you?

        Now, don’t waste any more time replying to my post because I won’t waste MY time answering any more of your ignorant posts (which I shouldn’t have done even now). Have a nice day.

    • Wendy Anne Randall

      Clearly it wasn’t that long

  • Curt Wichman

    this just proves, black thugs DON’T matter, and DON’T deserve any help, PERIOD

    • David Pendleton

      NO thugs deserve it, not just blacks…

      • xmrax

        there wouldn’t have been a big media uproar if he was white

        • David Pendleton

          Did I say there would of have been?…umm, No. I agree with you 100% on the media part…it’s Curts comment I took issue with seeing as how there are people who are trash of ALL colors…

        • Miki Paulo

          Very true!!

        • Anthony

          Would not be a peep if he was white.

          • andy hazel

            Really? A white person would not claim racists. Only the ones who need to blame everybody else for their stupidity play the race card.

        • andy hazel

          A white guy would still be on the waiting list.

          • greg

            Or dead by now.


        missed the whole point …quack

        • David Pendleton

          I got the point, and I made one of my own that you evidently missed…

        • Jeremy Mosley

          Dude, re-read. Please. You can’t be this dumb.

    • Miki Paulo

      The transplant criteria does not look at race. It unilaterally rules out violent criminals…ie…thugs!

    • Anthony

      Amen brother! Tax payers paid for his transplant. At least taxpayers do not have to pay for him in jail.

  • Jeff

    Typical waste most likely a white persons heart and he was most likely the racist.

  • AddisonRose

    No loss there, except for a perfectly good heart that someone who DESERVED it could have gotten. Tired of this racist cr@p to the point that you’d better not mess with me.

    • Jackie Gene

      I agree,

  • Stephen E Birmingham

    If Obama had a son……..

  • Stoney Burt

    Just supports the claim that George Soros and his media ilk are full of cr@p. Good job George.

  • Al Parsons


  • chiefpontiac

    Black lives only matter when the liberal agenda is at stake…..

  • Jackie Gene

    what a shame, what a waste,
    lets get this in the headlines,

  • mtin

    I never heard anything from the Today show after he died while breaking the law. They love to stir the race pot when it makes good news.

  • Colleen Cardoza Souza

    They should take the heart back and give it to someone who deserves it!

  • Mel

    Looks just like Obama, Could be another of his son’s.

  • Tj Mitchell

    Just avwaste of a good heart that should had gone to someone who could contribute to the world instead of an unappreciative punk azz thug.

  • Dale Burris

    To liberals it is racist to EVER TELL any race (other than the white race) NO

  • Kirby A. Morrison

    The real shame is the person who was waiting for a heart and then was bumped by this thug and his even worthless Mother!

  • I wonder who died because that kid (generous) got the heart? Shameful

  • disqus_TVD7CM13Dv

    Good riddance

  • Sons of Liberty

    Racism these days equals, “The boy who cried wolf!” Don’t buy it because 99 percent of the claims are bull(sh)it.

  • AmericanBob

    at least the story had a happy ending

  • BuckSnortsRush .

    Human Hearts should never be given to African negros… enough said..

  • Louis Gamber

    That is messed up!

  • hillcoguy

    Stokes was the subject of a shameful leftist racial smear against doctors
    That’s one thing the left and the blame stream media does well

  • Faye Price Walker

    Maybe if his parents done their job to raise a young man instead of a thug to cry racist ever time thing didn’t go their way. He would still be Alive!!!!!

  • powertool79

    They should never have told him about the transplant option

  • Haywood Jablowme

    proving not all black lives matter.

  • Stan Bryars

    I got $10 that says he wasn’t an organ donor

  • Dick

    Black thugs lives don’t matter.

    • Dick

      “he was such a nice boy”, “he was just about to go to college to become a doctor”

      • Berf

        or perhaps an inspiring rap artist LOL

  • Heather Vance-Nelson

    He should’ve died like he was supposed to! ….Can’t stand SOROS! … AND WHY isn’t the MEDIA going after SOROS for his REPEATED screw-ups where race was used as an issue? …Glad the he’s DEAD!…. GOD’S way of working it out! I feel worse for the poor person who ACTUALLY DESERVED that heart and would have cherished it for the GIFT IT WAS!

    • infidel

      the prisons are full of this trash..we need to harvest there parts

  • Cheryl Evans

    He was really grateful for a second chance at life was he?

  • Scotty Miller

    Well, his maker had him figured out lol GOOD RIDDANCE

  • Steve Smith

    Morons on parade

  • Alan

    he was born a poor black child. Dies a sorry thug…

  • Anita

    WOW I wonder who died waiting while he got put at the front of the line.

  • Syndi Rodes

    That little punk apparently never had a heart in the 1st place. I bet his mama’s proud…

  • Mike Hunt

    Racism huh. Waste of a good heart that should have gone to a good person more deserving. Karma caught up with him. Glad he’s gone.

  • Dick

    Pants up, get a job.

  • Hack

    Thug life….went out like a straight…Gggggg!!!….dumbass piece of crap!!!!

  • seabass

    Glad he got a second chance. ………to DIE! Enjoy hell you POS.

  • Hugh Richard Williams

    He was a good boy. He would not have done anything like that. He could have been Obama’s son too.

  • John Bunker

    I feel so sorry for the donors family if they know who got the heart. What a waste.

  • Jeffrey Lee Pennington

    The pedestrian he clipped was hospitalized, no description of injuries, her name was Clemintina Hernandez. The car he was driving was carjacked in Dunwoody

  • Jeffrey Lee Pennington

    So this is what happens when you prolong the life of a proven criminal.

  • Richard H

    Anthony Stokes was not worthy; many others were.

  • Peter L Marzullo

    I’m sure it was not an easy decision for the doctor(s),plural,to have made but in making it used wisdom and common sense. He obviously should not have received that heart. Sometimes we should pay attention to the opinion of multiple doctors.

  • Timothy Loew

    HAHAHAHA… I love a good ending !!!

  • Americanwoman

    Honestly you can not judge ALL criminal offenders the same. It doesn’t matter the color or how many times one breaks the law. Many people with the same type of rap sheet will make a better life for themselves. And the mother was totally wrong to yell Racism. That is a cop out. I am an all American Native and Imported from Germany and France. I think I should yell Racisim because no one is hiring Legal Americans.

  • Molly B

    Waiting on NBC’s follow up story…….not holding my breath.

  • dghealy

    As they say, “what a waste”.

  • Gary Bazydlo

    Every doctor should save this article for when they need it

  • Mongocutwood

    No riots after his death????

    • Wiggle D

      It’s great, isn’t it?

  • fishinjunki

    The family of the person who actually deserved the heart, should sue NBC for racism, and voluntary manslaughter.

  • hathraswallah

    What a waste a heart which could have saved a derving person, NBC should accept the responsibility for it.

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

    • Wiggle D

      And so is Affirmative Action.

  • Big Conservative

    Most people are who they are, they can have a change of “heart”, but unless the brain changes, the person is still the same.

  • Sarah Mahala

    Well, he may have got the heart, but he lost the battle. Got what he deserved, is all I can say. Routine criminalizing black youths??? If they were not criminals, they would not be criminalizing them. All the thug population in the black community have to do is cry racism and they get their ridiculous demands met. They give the good people in the black community a bad name because not all the black population live the thug life nor do they have parents who try to spin their crimes as just being a kid and into racism.

  • Oingo Boingo

    Well at least this is a good example which should serve as an example for any other challenges to the professional opinion of the surgeon.

  • shaganasty

    also heard mama say “I’s hear him say caledge once”….. so, he b educte!
    yeah, sure mama…..wasted heart!

  • marssnw

    Most likely someone died because they cried racism and this douche bag got the heart instead of someone who really deserved it. You won’t hear this story on the nightly news.

  • Melanie Schielder

    “A masked Anthony Stokes broke into the home of an 81-year old woman in Roswell, Georgia on Tuesday afternoon, firing shots at the woman in a failed robbery attempt.”

    so I guess it’s the 81 year old womans fault for being at home, and she is racist for calling the cops?

    “He then led them on a high-speed chase in a stolen car, through 5 school zones in the early afternoon”

    so it’s the owners fault for leaving a car in the open and not leaving it unlocked with the keys in it, so that too makes the owner racist?

    “then struck a pedestrian and crashed the car.”

    and let me guess it’s the pedestrians fault for being in the way, so that makes that person racist for not giving the thief the right of way?

    “Firefighters had to cut him out of the car, but Stokes died at the scene.”

    gee are the firefighters racists too for cutting him out the car even though he died?

    I’m so sick and tired of these mothers saying their kids are good kids, when they know damn well they raised thugs and thugeetes, learn how to parent your kids and perhaps they will grow up to be decent, respectable grown ups

    • Matthew Forrester

      I’m pretty sure that he car-jacked the Honda Accord…but well written, nonetheless, my friend!!

  • Guest

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    • Wiggle D

      Prostitution, ftw! lol

  • Iwona

    Absolutely right. Such a waist. I have lost all respect for Obama after his comments and retorics about Mr. Zimmerman who rightly defend himself .The worst president ever. And I was thinking that this title belonged to George Bush!!!!!

  • redneck

    Karma is a bitch,what goes around comes around.

  • cherie

    Who paid for his heart transplant surgery?

    • Wiggle D

      Probably the tax payers, given the situation.

  • Jessica Cadle

    Lol. So glad he’s dead. I hope the last moments of his life were spent in fear as he slowly died.

    • Matthew Forrester

      Well said, Jessica…& pain & fear of his impending doom in the afterlife wouldn’t have gone astray either!! Cheers & best wishes from “Down Under”, Ms Cadle!! 😉

  • Miki Paulo

    I feel sorrow for all the medically compliant & non-criminal patients down that transplant list. By bumping that boy to the top of the transplant, every single one of them have been made to suffer through waiting even longer. Ultimately, some one on that list may die before receiving the “next heart.”

    Transplant criteria is made for a reason!! It is a valid system that does not look at race. It should always be followed.

  • Paul Nunya


  • Bob

    When ever you hear that race card hit the table you know you are dealing with the low end or some politician at the top end.

  • Mark Muylaert

    will the Today show apologize for their obvious mistake, some how I doubt it.

  • cattyfan

    Someone else died so this thug could live. And I bet the same “media champions” of his cause won’t bother to mention his ignominious ending.

    • Wiggle D

      Nope. Everyone else seems to though.

  • yourmom

    CBS!!!! YOU POS!!!!

  • Regina Boutwell

    Thanks to the media for stirring the race pot. Of course we also need to give a big thanks to the Today Show for getting involved in something they didn’t check out beforehand.

  • John Baptist

    #GeorgeSoros & #MediaMatters must be proud!

  • Anthony

    Another punk in hell. Good riddens loser!

  • silverdart

    That heart should have gone to someone worthy of it, this punk should have died way before this.

  • Mike Seigel


  • Tinaw1969

    It is such a shame that someone worthy of a new heart lost out and maybe died so this ass wipe thug could get back on the street to commit more crimes. We have to stop caving in when these black people cry racism! It had nothing to do with his color…it was his background! He was NOT worthy of a new heart! And I do hope that the doctors have learned from this experience and will never cave again to these racism cry babies!

  • FAAQ2

    Hmm one less dirtbag black thug walking the streets killing people – too bad so sad !

  • Chitcago


  • Jeff Sherman

    Can’t wait for NBC’s follow up story.

  • rhodes autry

    America is so full of idiots esp. as time goes on

    • Wiggle D

      That’s what happens when you let people breed unconditionally and let them have something they never paid into.

  • Ken Sherwood

    too bad they couldn’t have gotten to him while he was still in the car and harvested his heart.

    • Wiggle D

      And every other organ of value. God knows those parts were wasted on him.

  • That POS got what he deserved. Live to rob and steal and assault innocent people and you will be robbed of your life as well. Good Riddens.

  • another_engineer

    Dat beez.. dat beez…

  • I doubt It

    Call me heartless…but I’m wondering if he had his organs donated?

    • Wiggle D

      Of course they didn’t. It’s ‘their’s’ after all… “Take what you can and give nothing back” – that’s their motto.

      • Pharm girl

        Who are “they”?

        • Wiggle D

          Refer to the story.

  • Steven

    This is what happens when race is valued over character.

  • obomercritic

    This is the worst part of the Obumer’s legacy. He has single handily devided this country. His tentacles reach far and wide. He had something to do with this thug jumping the line. Why would NBC championthis thugs cause. Oh I forgot they are a LIBERTARD station.

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    Now,, We The People have to target NBC and their shameless limp wristed liberal BS. Stop buying every companies product that is advertized on NBC and let that company know why you have stopped buying their product. It will put NBC out of business.

  • Dennis Morgan

    A total waste of a perfectly good heart.

  • Justthefacts


  • ShamanBlair

    Gee, I hope the doctors were able to save the heart & put it into some really worthy person. Thugs such as this waste everything … starting with themselves, & go on to waste the lives of as many others as they can. Shame on that racist mother, & the leftist media, et al.

  • Berf

    Looks like this thug was playing a role in the movie “Final Destination” =)

  • jimnbubba

    It was more than likely a white person’s heart

    • Wiggle D

      Well, duh. Barry’s children don’t like to share.

  • Byron Shutt

    Poster child for the left…..if Obama had a son.

  • Sessions91

    He got a heart. Too bad he never had a soul

  • SaraLouTrueBlue

    Truly a WASTE of a good heart when put into the body of human waste.

  • John Huttner

    What Kind of gun is that? Anyone know?

    • Wiggle D

      Does it really matter?

    • Chris

      Looks like a Sig Sauer P220 to me. Possibly a P220 carry with no rail. Which is kind of scary, as this is not your typical thug stickup gun, it is a really good one. Oh, that’s right, he’s dead. Good, don’t have to worry about it!!!

  • Paul Floyd

    But did he have his hands in the air during chase ?????

  • real estate services

    Well call it what it is. This kid needed to die and thank god he did. Sad that we wasted resources on him but hey look at it this way, he wont ever hurt anyone else. Go to hell ya piece of crap. To bad a bunch more of his “thug gansta bruthas” were not taken with him. Rot in hell ya ungratefull bastard.

    • two_gunz51

      Do all whites smoke meth and molest children all blacks are not thugs. I am sure you are okay with the new gas tax to raise a billion dollars along with giving transit 75 Million of that money in bonds how about 5 dollars a day hotel motel tax and to top it off 200 a year if you own an electric vehicle. The government is happy this happened keeps us fighting about stupid useless racial tensions and not focusing on taxes and trying to stop gays from taking this state as well

  • Janet

    When people can no longer be bullied into doing something because of the race card is when it might stop being used! Time to stand up for what’s right.

    • two_gunz51

      Homo’s and their army bully more than anyone else I.E. Indiana

  • two_gunz51

    You know it sucks that this becomes about race. I am black and in my 30’s I own a home in Cumming. We are not monolithic in our thinking. I told my black wife two years ago this kid was bad because he had tattoos and he shouldn’t get special treatment and rewarded a heart because they are calling the doctors racist plus if I remember correctly he was in the 8th grade at 15. He was a loser and was never going to amount to anything, someone had to die so he could have a heart. I hope this teaches the media to stay out of big boy decisions but this week proved (Indiana) that is never going to be the case.

  • BlueEyes

    What a waste of a good heart. How sad for the next person on the list that could have had this heart. Using the race card just makes the person using it look worse. Of course, they don’t care how they are perceived as long as they get their way.

  • heagoodboy

    Seriously… is he NOT still in prison??? They need to fire the judge that let that violent POS out early.

  • Kevin Swart

    So typical. Could see this coming a mile away. The people crying racism will not be held accountable.

  • two_gunz51

    Why can’t the anger be specific to this kid the mother and the media? We do not all cry racism we are not all thugs and killers. I watch the news and have the same hatred for these thugs.

  • michaelcannon

    A waste of a human life gone. But he takes a heart with him that could’ve gone to someone with an actual purpose in life. Thank a pile to the Soros propaganda machine. Assholes.

  • real estate services

    No one made this kid pick up a gun. He did, hes dead, problem solved. Kiss osamas ass little guy when you meet him ,hes a hard core gansta too!!! Oh yeah and khadafi, and hussein too. All hard core ganstas bahahaa..

  • piratemacfan

    Oh, that he might’ve received a new spiritual heart at that time as well.

  • BOB


  • Corey Lampert

    I want to hear the stories of the people he got to leap frog over in the transplant list…did the person who WAS at the top of the list get a heart? You know, the person who would have gotten the heart if thug-boy didn’t get the racial nod.

  • Ednar

    Another of Obozos sons showing his true colors.
    Obozo has to be proud.

  • La Lummus

    what a waste of a heart good riddance for the thug karma is a good bitch

  • Rhonda Darby

    For someone that was given a gift he was very ungrateful to say the least as a transplant patient I am so grateful and i do no wrong doing to other people so sad what a waste

  • John McMickle

    I wish the family of the person that did not get the heart could sue the media and Soros. Put all of them out of business.

  • Lin

    You-the media-SUCK & I hope KARMA kicks you in the @$$ & hope you all are consumed w/nightmares-you deserve it! And as said-‘what a WASTE of a good heart-I ask as I’m certain many others-why the HELL aren’t precious organs given to those who deserve them-good souls-not criminals/convicts or slim.

  • ClearthoughtNY

    …ah… if the community organizer only had a son…oops…

  • teejcee44

    KARMA. He deserves only the best of it!


    ………………….. another waste of skin and an oxygen thief ………………… GOOD RIDDANCE

  • Sharon Kutz

    When you make a mistake more than once, it’s a decision! This young man made lots of wrong decisions. Getting a new heart doesn’t change who you are inside, sadly~~

  • Sgt Smutt

    perfect ending to a story

  • gabe

    That’s WSB Atlanta’s Channel 2 (ABC not NBC) Jovita Moore walking with him. Holla!!

  • MZ

    As a very grateful recipient of a kidney transplant 10 years ago, this entire story enrages me! I know what it is like to wait 4 years for a new lease on life, and to see this piece of garbage abuse his “gift” makes me sick. The doctors were quite correct……there are people who are not listed due to compliance issues….White and Black!!!

  • MR B

    Karma is a bitch!

    • libssukkalot

      …and now for one thug…so is hell!

  • rickwalters

    glad he is dead – sorry a heart was wasted

  • Opinionated

    What a WASTE of a heart! Hospital!! Doctor, hospital and probably Medicaid need to be paid back for the waste.

  • IRemainUnrepentantKolokotronis

    Buckwheat apparently is just no good.

  • David J Winters

    Maybe I should ask these Doctors to predict the lotto for me. Nobody could have predicted that outcome. He deserved the transplant but made a poor choice to commit a crime. Past actions are good predictors of future actions. Prejudice is not the same as racism. The doctors were prejudice not racist.

  • What A Shock!!

    Can they reuse the heart???

  • Rick

    Why am I not surprised…

  • Dave

    It didn’t turn out badly for this thug. He got exactly what he deserved. It is a shame that the heart was wasted on him.

  • Heylottylotty

    Okay, where are all the “had to gimme” people now? Are they yelling racist and sending money to fund another heart to the system??? I bet not. Why is this asinine baiting being allowed?

  • Not Anonymous

    And if he lived in the middle east he would be fighting for ISIS. This gangsta culture is really no different than the delusional Muslims. Based on a bunch of lies discredited in their own ideology’s verbiage.


    When is treating a thug the exact way they treat others racists. We need to stop this racists bs and look at the true picture here. Yes black lives matter. However when they do not respect others lives then theirs should not matter. Respect gets respect. That can not get any simpler. You have to give respect to get it. There is not any exceptions to that age old rule. If you want your life to matter than start doing the right things to make it matter.

  • Art69z

    Another punk bits the dust. Don’t you just love it? I love Karma. Look at all your Hollywood elitists who brought the farm early. Still wondering why that idiot Woody Allen is still among the living.

  • kjhshh

    Wow, all of you good Christians doing God’s work!
    Aren’t you all just as bad for passing judgment? You hate the president….blah blah blah because he’s bla….biracial

    The boy is dead, do you really have to continue commenting and saying the same thing over and over.

  • Carin Reddig

    Some decent human being who could have used that heart died in his place. What a waste.

  • treynich87

    I’m glad he’s dead. Maybe, they can take the heart that they gave him and put it in someone who truly deserves it.

  • Dave Hare

    Heart should have gone to a veteran.

  • greg

    Hey that tow driver is using a jerrdan bed to raise the dead porch monkey.

  • Tim

    Whata DummFuk… Karma, it’s a Beeeeach……

  • greg

    Mean while another veteran that could’ve used that heart died waiting. Thank you Obama.

  • Immunize yourselves to the word Racism. Pay it no heed. Ignore the bigots hurling the charges. Stand by your convictions.

  • Conrad Miller

    hey dumocraps keep up supporting the likes of george soros its obviously suiting you well…..what a waste of a good heart

  • Bug

    I bet this POS and his mother wasn’t an organ donor.

  • Vera Lough

    what a pathetic pos! and his mother too! for allowing her no good, pathetic son to waste a good heart for someone who really should of gotten it! I hope she’s happy now!

  • unknown
  • justtheusa

    Thug mother and thug son. Screw them.

  • 19greg45

    Second chance???? That dirtbag was loooong past second chances.

  • Ing_R

    This was an earlier version of the Ferguson media meme that needs to be choked out: the old “his individual guilt, innocence, history and details don’t matter so much as the LARGER STORY we’re TELLING to GET YOU STOKED UP FOR A RACE WAR” meme

  • Eldridge

    This young man had a second chance at life. It was his decision to waste it.

  • David Islay

    how did he become such a thug at an early age? Seems parental neglect plays a big part in these young men developing their hatred usually racially charged, and becoming thugs. That seems to be the case in the Michael Brown, Ferguson case, the Travon Martin, Florida case.

  • Cat Carillo

    but we had to play that race card ..

  • redeemed357

    Well, thank you NBC for helping contribute to the waste of a good heart. Had nothing to do with the color of the kid’s skin and everything to do with the content of his LACK OF CHARACTER. The “selfie” says it all. They say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, this one said 5 words—“Let’s waste a good heart!”

  • rams375

    No great loss except for the decent human that would have done good with a new heart. They give it to this POS who probably was a welfare fraud also. good for the gene pool.

  • Merrill Henderson

    I’m sure the family and the Lib press will be crying that he received a heart from another black thug and had he received a white heart this would never have happened. Those racist doctors did it on purpose you know! (Sarcasm dripping!).

  • Dave Van Rosenberg

    He got what was comming to him 10 yrs to late These animals belong in the jungle where they came from

  • Swaggy Rogers

    I’m sure his mother will sue the police for chasing him and get some type of compensation. Mama will be on the news crying about what a good boy he was.

  • Brysail

    Of course the media will come out and apologies to the family of the person who died because they forced the doctors to give the heart to this thug and not their family member, right?

  • I wonder if NBC will tell the rest of the story

  • bubba2001

    We, all of us need to start *ignoring* the left-wing press. Turn the channel, don’t talk to them.

  • RHaav

    Once the race bater in chief is out of the oval office I hope this crap stops.

  • blackconservative

    I agree he wrong. But you all need to check yourself. I. HAVE YET TO SEE YOU CALL A WHITE CRIMINAL A THUG!!! So every black criminal is a THUG but every white criminal is a what?

  • archeoastronomer

    where were the parents of this kid?
    he was in an environment that promoted his behavior.
    maybe they can donate any undamaged organ from the kids (corneas?) to someone else
    a real horror story

  • Harry Verderci

    You all be racist crackers. This fine, upstanding young future congressman was entitled to that free medical care because black trumps all. Probably was educated in Atlanta schools where his test scores were fudged up a notch or two.

  • Steve Wolfe

    This is the kind of thing that needs to be thrown back at the courts and the liberal orgs that sponsor it. Time to start counter-suing these libtards and making them PAY for the results their irresponsible actions cause! When people and orgs are held RESPONSIBLE for their words and actions, there will be a LOT less bullshit being carelessly disseminated!

  • valdostan

    Heart transplants aren’t cheap. Who paid for it? Oh, that’s right, we the taxpayers did.

  • Chief72


  • scott

    and the person he was put in front of was probably a mother or father who has kids and would have appreciated the gift of life more so than this asshole

  • John Ferris

    And don’t forget, he sang in the church choir, and only robbed white folks!

  • PaulGauguin

    This is what happens when you politicize heathcare. Now that the state is positioning for total control, I can see people denied care (conservatives, tea partiers, traditional families) and those that get it (leftists, union members and officially sanctioned victims) You think it won’t happen, it already is…

  • Norma Kinsey

    so tired of the race card being played for thugs. and like this the mom used it to get what she wanted but she didn’t bother to raise a decent kid.

  • Ronald Fleming

    Yah ,yah ,yah.. wasted life.. THUG.. the editor might as well say, Ni##er. the racially themed post, really sums it up. He’s a thug, Obama son, etc.. same people though will claim they aren’t racist . labeling blacks thugs yet you cheer for them on the football, basketball arena.
    You say, blacks are etc… yet chances are you listen and know every lyric from those thugs songs..

    Either be a 100% Racist, or STFU.. only thing worse than a racist, is a cowardly flip flopper Racist.

  • Apparently, he also wasted a lot of good oxygen the rest of us need!

  • Houstonguy

    Subhuman… tax-eater… parasite. We should have picked our own cotton.

  • Leadburner

    Dollar to a donut, he or his momma didn’t have him on the donor list to give something back. One heart just thrown in the trash.

  • hiram

    Anyone think the Today Show is going to do a follow-up report?

    Yeah, me either.

  • John Best

    More people died because of racist assholes. They should be charged with murder.

  • OldTaxman

    Seriously doubt that his eternal home is a place of contentment. Roasted thug.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe that old, decrepit George Soros can take this kid’s heart and shove it up his progressive ass now. Mean, old, hateful, race-baiting progressives should just die. Slow, painful, deaths.

  • Deborah Parker

    im 62 white female i can not get chemo because medicaid only give it to people with breast cancer and ovarian not colon which is what i have ,so maybe if i scream racism can i get chemo oh wait no i cant because i do not have police record

  • dragon5126

    Spread this story far and wide to tell the truth about the “new Racism”

  • Pat_riot_1

    You have to love Karma. Unfortunately, the heart could have gone to some law abiding citizen of any color instead of this thug.

  • Phoenix Hung

    Why this should surprise anyone is beyond me….look around, Liberal Media + Race Baiter’s running our government = The Truth is What They Say it is, not what the reality is.

  • George Mercado

    if OBAMA had a son!

  • mike

    I dont think a transplant should be based on whether or not you have a record. They may as well do that to anyone who comes to the er. He has a record so let him die. We can use our resources on someone else

  • Ed Woodson

    And he, along with Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin , were such good boys.

  • Quantez Williams

    The doctor initially refused the transplant because he was worried that the patient would not take his medications. That’s not what happened.

    • MattDamon

      Waste of a heart


    Sorry bout his luck but he got what he deserved! And the sad thing is he wasted a heart a good individual could have used

  • makes me sick the blacks have their man in office not for four but eight years the race card went out the window when all of the celebrating that the rest of america had to hear well now you had your eight year run and look what our country has becomeso go cry race some-place else.

  • Russell Atchison

    I bet everyone feels better now? So long dumb ass and shame on the hospital.

  • Kevin Tucker

    They should have given him a brain transplant too.

  • westriversd1

    Does anyone know if the Today Show has shown a follow up segment showing the success of their tearful, sob story and the actual result?

  • So sad. A waste of a second chance at life, a chance to do something important with a life, to love, to laugh and cry, a chance to have children, grandchildren, watch them grow. So many never get a second chance – and this one was lost – or thrown away with no regard. Thank goodness he did not take another with him (an ARMED home invasion)….. SMH

  • Zero

    How the NBC Today Show folks feel about this? They accused racism for that slimy POS. We’re not racist. We’re just better at being civilized.

  • Hal von Luebbert

    And the lesson in it all will be lost to everyone called “liberal.”

  • Pat Riot

    That Thug Dick Cheney got a heart & he sent thousands to their deaths. I J S.

    • Cornelius Van Huff

      We have a volunteer army. We dont have conscription.

  • Grego

    I am sick of the bleeding hearts. And the liberal media. Just report the news the way it was intended. Quit making news . It’s not about you the media.

  • David Riley

    What a waste…of a perfectly good heart!

  • Cornelius Van Huff


  • BJM1899

    Thank Goodness he didn’t end up in Jail… what a savings!

  • Dennis

    And the waiting list is how long? Seriously? Well, hate to see it go to waste, but at least the law-breaking, rights-stealing, thieving home invader is no longer here to make problems for others.

    Good riddance.

  • Monte Mann

    Karma is truly a bitch. His whole life a waste of air some one else could have used. His mom did a really great job raising this thug.

  • Donald A. Hesselein

    OH WELL… At least this POS wont hurt anyone else anymore.. “””BYE”””

  • greywulf1064

    Nope, didn’t see that coming…

  • transplantee

    Wasted a good organ on a the wrong person. Doctors should’ve stuck to their decision and gave it to someone who deserved it, not this thug.

  • LockJL

    Another example of the media, itself, being the generators of news instead of doing their job and simply reporting the news.

  • Michael Murphy

    I think it’s all very sad. His life did matter, but yes, I do believe that he didn’t deserve to be bumped up on the transplant list because of the racism card. But the doctors still did a good thing by saving his life…Just a shame that he didn’t use his second chance to do good.

  • Lori

    I wonder what the donor’s family thought!

  • Malcolm Andrews

    Sounds like he needed the kind of heart transplant that only God can give!

  • Ron Smith

    where is in NBC now?

  • Mike Sugar

    they should have stuck to there gun’s and said NO fucken loser

  • Ted Parrelly

    This was Obamas son. Terribly sweet kid.

  • Richard Crum

    I just love a story with a happy ending !

  • topogigio

    He crashed a nice black Honda accord

  • Vanessa Irie

    So, please tell me who taught you to write for news? Because this article is riddled with opinions that are unnecessary. As a so called “respectable” journalist, you should know better than to write this review of a person’s life. Also, you may want to double check a few of your facts, because you’ve been misinformed. Not only that, but saying things such as #blackthuglivesmatter is EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL and unnecessary. Articles like this one are the reason why colored people don’t usually adhere to so called conservative thinking. In addition, you saying such a thing as #blackthuglivesmatter shows YOUR racism and disconnect from the real issues. Please go get an actual perspective and a few lessons on news writing.

  • Don’t matter

    Doesnt matter what I say, or which side I support, so I won’t express my personal opinion on this story!! Soooo, what else is goin on in the world besides racial stuff??

    • Shelly

      Not a damn thing. Its all there is now. Nothing else …nada!!!! I switched my cigarette brand so I wont sound racist if I ask for a pack of Marlboro Blacks. Nah, just kidding… really not so far fetched though.

  • bjmjmom

    I wish every time these race baiters spew their lies and misconception and find it unfounded they must make a public apology. What about the person that was supposed to get that heart. Can he cry racism

  • Mary Ann

    I wonder how many people died because they gave this thug the heart? What a waste of an organ that someone else would have appreciated a whole lot more than this young person.

  • arnie

    Bye! MO FO

  • agustus

    Ha ha ha so when a trailer pecker wood with a criminal past wants a transplant we all agree he should be denied!

  • therawtruth007

    All u ppl sound like monsters, it’s unethical to not treat a pt because of ur opinion of his lifestyle choices. U all sound racist and bigoted but it’s probably because u r racists and bigots using this forum to spew ignorance and hate i pray God pricks ur hearts n touches ur minds because u ppl need divine intervention. Smh, should b ashamed of urselves.

  • Another Name

    Maybe now when they say we have a person that has no potential of becoming a human being, they will not get a organ transplant & they can’t call it racism. There are whites that are just as bad that should not get it either but I just imagine they don’t because they can’t yell racism.

  • Lynne D

    They never seem to get tired of playing the “race” card, do they?! I feel badly for the doctors and nurses who had to deal with it all!

  • Lisa Rogers Krause

    What a waste of a good heart that could have gone to a more worthy candidate .

  • Buypass

    Suicide by stupid. Good riddance.

  • Joel Rivera

    Despite the the fact that boys heart was alway involved in sheer thuggery, he did not have a heart for what he did to his elderly victim. He didn’t feel it in his heart to do good and that should be enough heart ache for his mommy.

  • Gemini

    Although he got what he deserved, I have never heard of a doctor running a background check to decide if a person lives or dies.

  • justiceforall

    This was tragic but this biased article is worse. Throwing out names like “thug” is in poor taste and bad journalism. Unbiased. Unbiased journalism! Try it

  • Black & White

    If he pulls out the race card, it means he does not even regret anything he has done. Plus, young age is an excuse for murder? Idk if their brains are developed to even think about how stupid this is.

  • MarioSr

    Definitely not making the next appointment just as the doctor predicted. NBC & Media Matters- The death of the pedestrian is on your head.

  • OMG_again

    ….well isn’t that karma

  • Ragman69

    Oh no! Say it isn’t so! Is there going to be a lawsuit from his momma? She’s wanting to get paid.

  • Robert Lee

    Noncompliance is a legitimate contraindication to transplantation of any solid organ. The worst things I have seen in medicine happen when a doctor does not follow the usual rules, and somebody gets special treatment. This case is no exception. Think of how the donor’s family must feel, knowing their loved one’s heart went to facilitate and extend a criminal’s career!

  • Jonathan

    Yall talk about this kid but yet know nothing about his life or what type of struggles he went through. Every single one of you sound very prejudice and ignorant. It’s possible for any thug of any race to turn their life around, and seeing how they are the ones living their lives what gives you the right to judge him? Are you the powerful and almighty God that no one prays to or knows about? I don’t think so their is only one God whom can pass judgement so let him do his job.

  • guymark

    A terrible waste of a heart but on the positive side, think of the crime reduction now, the savings on handouts.

    Dead scum don’t breed or need housing, medical cover, food stamps and all the other benefits. At least there will be a financial saving now.

  • Adrianne Grade

    Totally agree, what a waste of a heart.

  • Unspoken Truth

    how is any one
    going to cry out racism when his track record showed he did not deserve the heart!!!!! I just wish that everyone was the same color SOMETIMES because color is not always the issue!!! I am a black man that faces a ton of obstacles on a daily basis and I say this dude actions gave him the result he deserves… hopefully folks can learn from this!!!!!

    • Matthew Forrester

      Well said, my friend…respect…

  • Carl Tim

    Seeya, pimp!!!

  • Louis Gamber
    • Guest

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  • TPS12

    Where are the race baiters now? Oh wait their probably blaiming the police for being raceist!

  • jen

    Well, the doctors were still wrong..yes he wasted his second chance however we give smokers lungs and drinkers livers before someone who doesn’t drink or smome all the time. So judging when its convenient is wrong.

  • Piper

    What a waste.

  • Ala Eh, Hoy!

    If he’s suppose to die, he’s gonna die. Maybe a short extension to see if he will change for the better, but he didn’t. Even when people tried to stop that fate, nothing doing.

  • markmccall

    To bad he cannot RACE over and kiss those doctors asses that lengthened his life for——? He is/was a THUG and NBC, Soros and the rest of the bleeding hearts wasted a heart for a clean cut individual of ANY color. Whistle your ass to HELL maggot.

  • BarbaraB

    OK, now where is “the George Soros-funded propaganda mill Media Matters” and the NBC reporter? Where’s the heartfelt story about the victim of his crime, the elderly homeowner?

  • battue_you

    The n-word is perfect to describe this bastard and his sperm donor and cum bucket.

  • leslymill

    the outcry against his being denied was bipartisan…but maybe this goes to show we should leave politics out of medicine.

  • Shehatescigars

    Karma Is a bitch, Thug.

  • Joseph M. Butler

    I guess I missed the effusive apologies to the doctors, hospital and medical staff by George Soros, NBC’s Today Show and all the other thousands of racist, race-baiting morons out there.

  • Alice Severson

    Just goes to show you when the BIG MAN wants you dead… are dead

  • Frank E Richardson

    Shame on the doctors, for caving in

  • Navy Vet


  • Gail

    If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime. He is dead because that was the choice he made! I am ok with one less criminal in this country

  • lordssaints


  • Delta001

    Oh George ((SOROS)), what surprise, i knew a hooknose was behind this

  • willfullenergy

    this propaganda taints the image of people who really want to change


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