Disturbing Video Shows 8-Year-Old Students Repeating ‘White Privilege’ Propaganda


by Susan Frommer | Top Right News

In Madison, Wisconsin, national “educators” just held their 15th annual White Privilege Conference — a sickening mix of reverse racism and radical Marxist ideology.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to dismiss the participants as crackpots — because they influence actual classroom teaching from K-12 to colleges across the nation.

In the disturbing clip below, they make no secret of their plans to begin targeting younger students with their message of “social justice.”

In a workshop called “Examining White Privilege and Building Foundations for Social Justice Thinking in the Elementary Classroom,” educators Rosemary Colt and Diana Reeves were caught on video by conservative news outlet Progressives Today speaking about how teachers can “insert social justice, anti-racist information” into their lessons that “even little kids” can understand.

One of the most alarming parts of the conference was when 8-year-olds began parroting things like, “White privilege is something that white people have, meaning they have an advantage in a lot of things, and they can get a job more easily.”

The presentation also included worksheets teaching children that the Constitution doesn’t work well for everyone “because some people have different beliefs.”


We find the children as well as the pathetic White college male particularly disturbing as victims of utter brainwashing by a truly sick ideology.

Make sure you keep apprised of whether YOUR child’s school is incorporating the “White Privilege” propaganda in their classroom.

  • pat

    Isn’t this racism in reverse. What a disgusting country this is becoming, these people are sick.

    • adoremeorelse

      No, this is racism… PERIOD. If you reverse racism you have NO racism. Who invented that reverse racism crap?

      • Tyler Feldmann

        Ethnic studies says otherwise

        • adoremeorelse

          Care to share any of them?

    • Aliel The Heretic

      Reverse racism implies that racism is meant to go only one way.

      Racism is a universal attribute of human nature. So it’s not reverse racism. Its ACTUAL RACISM.

      • PatrickHT

        But it’s only whites who say racism does not exist

        • DanaLanders

          no we don’t, race-hater! We just don’t whine like others do…

        • Shawn Green

          Actually minorities usually say only whites are racists and they are not, at least what I’ve seen. But it’s true, there is no reverse racism. It’s just straight RACISM no matter where it comes from. I personally don’t get too irate when it comes to these things. But maybe that’s because I’m not racist. If you get too upset coming from either side of the fence maybe you should step back and evaluate your self.

      • pat

        Your right, i’m just so used to whites being the only ones called racist…lol.

  • John Fah-q Smith

    Democrats sure are wackos…

  • Lolly

    he is proud to be able to say he now UNDERSTANDS the lies taught to him at this kind of “continuing education” seminar. It is not an automatic fact that if you have white skin then you are a racist. Just so much blarney. seriously.

  • Cobalte L Rose

    I’ll bet this “conference” consists of a lot of Democrats.

  • Ron Taggart

    I can’t wait to go home and tell my parents I’m a racist….What a bunch of idiots!

    • PatrickHT

      If you are , be proud of it!

  • Aliel The Heretic

    White people can get a job more easily?

    I showed up to a job interview with a suit on, combed hair and cologne.

    A black guy wearing a filthy jacket and looking like he’s on crack gets the job.


    • bobcollum

      I don’t believe you. It is the internet, after all.

      • Kevin Mathews

        Well,you are a jerk off

        • bobcollum

          Oh, that’s nice of you to say. Did I touch a nerve or something?

          • Herman Vogel

            Really? you go after one person when the whole blog tells you that you are full of crap? WOW.

      • Ferrish Thefish

        Clearly you know nothing about HR, where hiring decisions must be guided by the current racial composition of employees rather than the applicant’s qualifications, because companies can be sued or otherwise penalized if they don’t have “racial balance” or don’t give unfair advantages to “disadvantaged classes.”

        That is literally the definition of “affirmative action”–go google it if you don’t believe me.

      • Herman Vogel

        Voted for the Bamster, huh? Sad. You are STILL delusional and think that by being submissive you will not be run over by the PC train.

      • PatrickHT

        I don’t believe a damn word these ass wipes say!

    • Dwayne

      I’ve had the same thing happen to me, except it was a black woman who got the job.

    • George Murrey

      In the same light, my “white” uncle had to put up with black guys who were supposed to be working. He told them to get to work, and their reply…fire us. The company had to hire a quota of minorities or be fined. To hell with doing their job or being qualified. Yeah, white privilege my ass.

      • PatrickHT

        Nobody uses quotas anymore

        • calgjay

          Just “diversity targets” as part of HR policies put in place by leftists. They are in the fine print of many organizations and applicants are often asked to “self identify” as a minority. Where do you think that leads??

        • Reader

          Many places use quotas, or worse than quotas. They put all sorts of fancy labels on it, but it boils down to quotas and preference of various ‘minorities’ without regard for qualifications.

    • PatrickHT

      And you were applying for what job?

    • PatrickHT

      So your saying he is filthy because he is black basically!! Okay gotcha!

      • timsolady

        Racist POS…. go play with your fellow sheep.

      • Thomas Buster

        No, he was saying that this particular black man was not well groomed.

        Learn to read, and get your head out of your ass.

    • Tyler Feldmann

      Same goes for colleges, a minority with a 3.0gpa will be accepted over a 4.0gpa white male just so they can avoid lawsuits and make their campus look more interracial or diverse…Not to mention white men almost never get to keep their kids in a divorce but that’s a different issue, white people have it a lot harder than people think

      • Reader

        3.0? I was denied scholarships in college that I had more than twice the required GPA and other qualifications for, because I did not belong to the select ‘minority’.

    • Thomas Buster

      Preach. The exact same thing has happened to me several times, except it’s usually with illegal aliens.

      I take it you were applying for a minimum wage position? Managers all seem to think that young white people are either unwilling to work hard or that we’re going to try to take their job. I don’t want to manage a McDonalds. I want to get my foot in the door and make an honest wage, nothing more.

  • Jenny Rooker

    Old News..Washington State was spreading this tainted filth back in 2000. I pulled my child from public school when she cane home in shock about her poor ‘disadvantaged friedn ” Teryn. Understand that this family were like RL Huxtables. An Officer and Professor making good pay, bought nice house. We were the working class schmucks that bought a fixer upper.
    So what did Martin Luther King Week in that State teach my child Spring of 2001? That Blacks are not as smart and don’t do well and need help because they are “disadvantaged” by virtue of color alone. Before that Blacks were simply chocolate skin people to my kids. And the difference ended there.
    Worse is that she was made to feel guilty though she is last generation of quantum Cherokee from my bloodline and my grandmother worked hard to become a citizen, becoming proficeint in English for test when she was not even literate in Spanish( learning disorder..)

    • Joe Tokoph

      Stop crying lady.

      • Kevin Mathews

        F**K YOU!

        • Joe Tokoph

          Nah Im not a homo like you.

          • Kevin Mathews

            Typical lib-tard comeback,name-calling like the little 8 year-old you are.I could do that,but mine would be REALLY offensive because I LOVE offending politically-correct losers like you,if you’re offended GOOD YOU DESERVE P**SY!

    • Kevin Mathews

      Yea,you should see all of the mexicans here in L.A.! Driving 40,000.00 Lexus’s ES 350s and wearing expensive clothes,all the while they use WIC coupons or EBT cards at the stores.F’N SICK!

      • pat

        Here in Illinois they all have their welfare cards, which they can get all they have to do is drop an anchor baby. They go into the Walmarts purchase cases of water, soda with their welfare cards, and then go sell them. Did you know in LA county alone $650 million in welfare went to illegal parents because of anchor babies.

    • Nolan Lake

      This is true jenny I went to school in tacoma wa. Even back then they were trying to push this travesty in our school. I didnt give a crap what they said. My dad told us how it really is. He was self employed and I would work for him and all the companies we cleaned there were more other races than whites. Im a heinz 57 mostly european decent and some native.

  • adoremeorelse

    Privilege? Like having your own schools, caucuses, TV channels, magazines, grants, etc…? Like having a law that require your hiring? Sorry if all the perks your colour gets you doesn’t seem to be enough. While you’re reaping the benefits of what your ancestors suffered, with dignity and grace, I’m working twice as hard to compensate for being white. This type of thing is what made me decide, after years of being called a racist for disagreeing with the black mentality, to throw in the towel and just BE racist. It’s actually working rather nicely for me.

    • Kevin Mathews

      ME TOO! I love being called a racist,it’s like a badge of honor! I’ve had the same girlfriend for over 8 years(she’s hispanic),our roommates are from India(and they are Muslim),and I am full-blooded Native American,yea,I’m a racist!

      • Dwayne

        With a name like Mathews it does seem kinda doubtful you are full-blooded Native.

      • PatrickHT

        Most Hispanics claim native American ancestry to begin with! What’s your point again???????

        • pat

          Indians migrated here also, why are they considered the only ones to be Native Americans. As far as I’m concerned we have had generations here now that fought and died for this country, built this to a great nation and are the Native Americans now. Illegal aliens also call themselves undocumented Americans, or immigrants, which can’t be. Immigrants by definition come to a land to reside permanent residence. Therefore, since they are here illegally and are subject to deportation and can’t reside legally, the are not Immigrants.

        • timsolady

          Wow, you know “most” Hispanics in the world to have asked them all what they claim to be??? POS, get off here, the grown ups are speaking.

    • PatrickHT

      Great! If that’s who you advertise to be! As a women , you have more advantage then any of us!

      • adoremeorelse

        Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t see it, nor do I expect it.

  • z–man

    This crap is part of Common Core.

  • Johhny “the rat”

    Disgusting. Makes me sick. Teaching outright lies to impressionable young minds. It will take a lot to un-brainwashing these poor kids.

  • Jo Anymouse

    Am I privileged because I went to school and earned a degree? Instead of hanging out on the corner smoking crack and selling drugs?
    Am I privileged because my dad helped me with homework instead of thugging on the corner with his homies – smoking crack, rolling white people for money and selling drugs?
    Am I privileged because I had a father in my household, instead of mommy’s boyfriend that was a playa?

    • bobcollum

      Based on that comment, I’d say you’re definitely not mentally privileged.

    • Kevin Mathews

      yea like when I was in school here in L.A. in the late 70s,we bussed in black kids from south-central and almost ALL of them REFUSED to learn,or allowed anybody else do their studies(they caused s**t in the classroom CONSTANTLY),because they would be an “Uncle Tom” if they so much as tried to get an education,but then they wanted to bus us to those schools with those animals and every parent pulled their kids out of school.My Aunt who lived in Lily-White Orange county and was a BLEEDING heart liberal,wanted us to be bussed,but didn’t want her kids bussed “because our kids school was right down the street”,well,so was ours literally!

      • PatrickHT

        A native American with relatives in orange county California! What’s your gripe again????

  • Julie Larson Critchfield

    Sorry if someone already asked this question and got an answer, but I just stumbled upon disturbing video…..is this part of the Common Core education?

  • mary D

    This crap is what keeps me from voting Rep, – Libs are just as bad, I truly believe whites and persons of color (Legal citizens should be equal) and can be equal!! As long as you are a tax paying citizen, (not just sales tax, but employment tax, land, property tax) you should be 100% equal. Illegals are the ones who are getting over, persons of color are required to sign up for Obumer care, pay taxes, ect…. And yes sometime people need a hand up If we give our own citizens what we give illegals we could rise above, (whites, blacks, and Hispanics and every other race) not a hand out, but given a chance we could all be one – one nation under God.

    • PatrickHT

      Lol, not just sales tax

  • Ferrish Thefish

    Watch part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAG2NQ0X7qs
    Nicely sums up most of the hypocrisy of the WPC, which among other things, condemns racism while segregating whites and non-whites to different workshops.

  • MBAchin

    All I heard was the bleating of self-loathing sheep being led to slaughter by their progressive shepherds.

  • Herman Vogel

    One more reason for Term Limitation and removing the DOE and defunding the NEA. This is divisiveness and sounds more like a Nazi party meeting. If you know anything about said party the FIRST thing the started out with is “They have everything and we have Nothing” and THAT is how 1930s Germany starting going down the sewer.

  • George Murrey

    Indoctrination nation is alive and well with these loons. I’m so glad that I’m out of the education field, and very glad I never taught in Madison, Wisconsin. BTW this is the same city that fervently fought and lost to unseat Gov Walker. Now it’s time for him to step up to the plate and get rid of this ideology of stupid.

  • Noloser

    You call this propaganda via COMMON CORE. The only discrimination in this country is coming from the WH. It’s a plan to try to divide this country and parents better wake up and get COMMON CORE out of our schools because this isn’t going to get better, it’s going to get worse. This is the same tactic Hitler used. He used schools to teach nationalism. When he had gotten the children, he went after the parents by using the children as spies in their own homes, in their neighborhoods, etc. Common Core is deadly.

  • another_engineer

    The most hilarious part of all of this is that Madison is comprised of mainly white taxpayer paid government workers.. and this is the c r a p they come up with ??? LOL

  • DanaLanders

    Smh…There were no white people on the planet before 1681? This from a supposed educated individual. Are you kidding me? You hear the word indoctrination all the time, this just goes on to prove it is happening at an early age in our classrooms. We had better wake up in this country and quick! What else is there to say?

  • nancyetanner52@ yahoo.com

    Unbelieveable!!!!!!! This is why our constitution was written. Traitors to the US . And I’m of Cherokee descent. You don’t like America,leave, its a big world. Reverse racism, our colleges are full of Marxist, communist, anti USA professors. The trash in the White House was schooled by them.

  • bigsurprise

    ..Seems the entire world warps and manipulates their children’s minds with untruths and biases and prejudices…. instead of helping the innocent angel babies born in the world to just BE who they are born to be … to example them tolerance peace and coexistance, and do unto others. Wish THAT is what was taught in school.

  • bigsurprise

    This indoctrination and manipulating of our young peoples mind is INEXCUSABLE from ANY SOURCE !!!!! For adults to LIE to young people and try to change and ruin who they would have been cand only come from Satan . I am so tired of this kind of negativity in our world …. Creator God….PLEASE come and remove this now !!!

  • bigsurprise

    ADULTS need to learn FROM the loving innocence of children and animals…. Wish that were so !!

  • Jeremy Forbing

    This is the most ignorant article I’ve read on the Internet this year, and that’s saying a lot.

  • John K

    So when do we hear of white people saying, “I’m white so you HAVE to hire me”?
    It’s those libtards who keep dividing people in races.

  • Glenfilthie

    My privilege is my intellect and work ethic, morons. And sadly for you, more white people share those two attributes than black people. Deal with it.

  • timsolady

    There is no white privilege, blacks and hispanics are hired way more often than white, educated people are especially here in CA. Its complete bullshi*

  • PeterLT

    “White Privilege” is a concept so stupid that only an intellectual can understand it. I am so glad not to be an American, you folks are working so hard to screw yourselves that it is an unbelievable embarrassment just to watch it happening. It’s like a drowning person grabing for an anvil to keep afloat. A real head shaker….

  • POTUS mime

    this is very disturbing.

  • white people didn’t Exist before 1681? Alfred the Great (849 – 26 October 899 King of England was not white? he was Fighting the Viking invasion was they not white either?! I think they have there Facts VERY Wrong! White people was Not In America till Christopher Columbus who died on 20 May 1506 is more like it, and these People are teachers? Learn some history before you Teach …. Best Regards ENGLAND

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  • bob

    This is disgusting and we as a white community need to wake up and start defending ourselves or we will be the next holocaust. This is what democrat liberals want to lead us to.

  • Johanne Britton

    Their wouldn’t be quotas if ethnic people didn’t have to fight. Meaning if whitey from back in the day wasn’t so racist/scared and saw what people were worth and not the skin color, you wouldn’t of had stupid things such as affirmative action. Completely disgusted by what I saw. Clapping because a child said he was happy to be able to say he’s a racist. That’s fucked up. And you want to know why your country is fucked. Take a look in the mirror America.

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