Disturbing Video Shows 8-Year-Old Students Repeating ‘White Privilege’ Propaganda


by Susan Frommer | Top Right News

In Madison, Wisconsin, national “educators” just held their 15th annual White Privilege Conference — a sickening mix of reverse racism and radical Marxist ideology.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to dismiss the participants as crackpots — because they influence actual classroom teaching from K-12 to colleges across the nation.

In the disturbing clip below, they make no secret of their plans to begin targeting younger students with their message of “social justice.”

In a workshop called “Examining White Privilege and Building Foundations for Social Justice Thinking in the Elementary Classroom,” educators Rosemary Colt and Diana Reeves were caught on video by conservative news outlet Progressives Today speaking about how teachers can “insert social justice, anti-racist information” into their lessons that “even little kids” can understand.

One of the most alarming parts of the conference was when 8-year-olds began parroting things like, “White privilege is something that white people have, meaning they have an advantage in a lot of things, and they can get a job more easily.”

The presentation also included worksheets teaching children that the Constitution doesn’t work well for everyone “because some people have different beliefs.”


We find the children as well as the pathetic White college male particularly disturbing as victims of utter brainwashing by a truly sick ideology.

Make sure you keep apprised of whether YOUR child’s school is incorporating the “White Privilege” propaganda in their classroom.


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