Disney World Just Fired 250 Workers. What It Told Them to Do Next Added Insult to Injury


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Walt Disney World just laid off all 250 tech workers who were running the computers in the central nervous system of park operations.

The very next day, Disney hired immigrants brought in on visas to take their place, and required the now-former employees to train their replacements.

As Kyle Plantz of IJR reported:

In October 2014, about 250 employees were laid off and Disney used an outsourcing firm in India to hire immigrants that would work under a temporary visa, known as H-1B, for highly skilled technical workers. Some employees’ severance checks required they continued doing their job for the next three months as they trained their replacements.

Disney executives claim that the layoffs were part of a reorganization of the company and they opened more positions than it eliminated, the New York Times reported.

One former worker told the Times that young immigrants from India took their place:

“The first 30 days was all capturing what I did. The next 30 days, they worked side by side with me, and the last 30 days, they took over my job completely. I had to make sure they were doing my job correctly.”

The use of these visas, and whether they complement American workers or displace them, is currently under debate in Congress.

Critics of the visas say that they are being used to bring in immigrants to do work that Americans can do, for less money.


The Times reports that there are about 85,000 of these visas granted each year and they’re in high demand from technology giants, like Facebook and Google. They also report that tech companies repeatedly seek increases in the annual quota, claiming that there aren’t enough Americans with the skills they need for their companies.

This isn’t the first time that a company has laid off employees and used an outsourcing firm to bring in immigrant replacements:

  • In 2014, Southern California Edison laid off about 540 technology workers and hired two Indian outsourcing firms to get replacements.

  • About 350 tech workers were laid off in 2013 from Northeast Utilities and were replaced by H-1B immigrants. The workers said as part of their severance they had to sign agreements to not criticize the company publicly.

American workers…getting he shaft, once again.


  • Dorothy Getz

    That is horrible and a disgrace to Disney to treat our American workers that way!

    • Carolyn Burton

      Walt must be rolling over in his grave

      • Wiggle D

        No, he is spinning so fast he has burrowed at least five feet beneath it.

      • Eastcoastswinger

        Walt is spinning so fast the friction created has to be sprayed with a mist of water to keep him from igniting.

    • Ruth Moabite

      Do your research on disney. Youll uncover who walt really was and who he really walked with. He would be behind with the decision makers .

  • Kay

    We don’t have enough employees in this country? How many students are coming out of college with no jobs available? That’s bullshit!

    • Daniel O’Neil

      I just graduated…. no one is calling my veteran, degree having ass.

    • David Mangum

      Driving your foreign car to Walmart to buy cheap Chinese products, might have something to do with it.

      • Paul MacKay

        Artificially low wages that prevent people from having any spending money that would enable businesses to thrive and hire people (we do live in a service based economy) certainly don’t help.

  • Scotty P

    Not true. The American workers were forced to replace the aging performers in the Small World attraction because the migrant workers no hablo inglas.

  • Carolyn Burton

    The Americans were obviously doing a good job if they had to train the foreigners to do the exact same thing. Not only is this having a negative impact on our economy, it’s Just Plain Wrong!
    I had to chat with an AT&T guy today and we obviously had communication issues. I finally asked him what country was he in or from. He told me he was offshore. He was just frustrating, so I told him “This conversation is over” Click – I closed the chat window after emailing myself a copy of the chat. Bringing in these foreigners may save money on the front end, but if they can’t communicate effectively, they’re going to lose customers

    • Paul MacKay

      You are aware that you have each and every right to ask to speak to someone who speaks English as their first language? Just say you have a hard time with accents. Some people do.

      Any time I get someone with a thick accent be they from the South or from India I always ask to be transferred.

  • Larry C Mason

    I’d WALK AWAY.. YOU HIRED THEM.. You Train Them.

    • paratrooper_us

      The problem is that if you walk away from the job, you do not get your severance package (if there is one). I am in the IT field and this is not an unusual practice, which is wrong.

    • Mackensi peetar

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  • Alan

    Another reason not to visit their magic kingdom..

  • mary witte

    never will visit Disney world or buy their products again,thier run at my house is over

  • jimnbubba

    To hell with the severance pay let the boss train them

  • tcurry

    Are you kidding me! You blame Disney? Why wouldn’t you blame Obama after all he is the one that brought and is keeping illegals in this country illegally. You remember this next time you want to vote for a Liberal. Hillary is right in line to do the same, her agenda is the same and she has been very public about it. They pretend like they don’t want jobs to be sent over seas. Pretty soon they will not have to send them over seas as they will have plenty of illegals here to do the work, but plenty of legal US Citizens who will be unable to find work.

    • Rizzan

      The bill that allowed this was voted in in 1998. 198 republicans voted yay, 34 nay. 99
      Democrats voted yay, 98 voted nay. There were also eight years between
      then and now when a Republican president could have tried to have the
      act repealed.

      Do keep up.>>>Paul Mackay. Sorry for using your comment Paul, but it was perfect.

      • Jimbo1921

        People need to wake up. Neither side of the aisle can claim clean hands on this. There were 8 year with a Republican president and nearly 8 more with a Democrat (2 of which they also held both houses). You can blame whomever you want. The truth is it took cooperation between both sides to pass. Do you ever wonder why these votes are so close?

        This has nothing to do with illegals either. These people are here legally. SO Cal Edison did the same thing about 3-4 months ago. Laid off 250 highly skilled IT workers when it contracted with TATA for IT work. The premise of H1B visas is that there “aren’t enough skilled IT workers, so they have to look elsewhere.” yet in every case, TATA replaced highly skilled US workers.

        Here’s the scam in it. After the H1B worker is here for a while, spouse comes over under a visa. Spouse get’s pregnant and has baby in the US. Baby becomes a citizen and parent’s get visa to stay with minor child who is a citizen.

        It’s all about profits. The major IT companies are the ones spending billion$ twisting politicians to increase H1B. Look behind the scenes. Microsoft, Apple, HP, and other major IT players are really behind this. They may sound like they are trying to make our lives better. In reality, they don’t care where the money comes from!

        • Paul MacKay

          Well said.

        • Rizzan

          I’m in complete agreement with you.

  • pb

    Scale back on pay and prices..and profit margins..

  • treynich87

    If you fire me, I am no longer obligated to do what you say, so suck it.

  • Mark Groff

    Wake up people, these stories and other outsourcing has been going on for quite some time now. Its outrageous ? But American elections, American economics and products are becoming a thing of the past. I can’t stand Walmarts, Pay close attention to Colorado Pot heads, cause its even spreading to your Las Vegas Casinos & Hotels, There’s Conventions too. Not to mention public transportation such as McCarran Airport, Regional Public Buses and Drivers & Mechanics, Security and Taxi Cab Authority’s. It all starts with the Politicians & Border Patrol. Right down to local authorities. And don’t forget consisting good parenting.

  • formercanuck

    Sad thing is that its:

    a) Not just here (Royal Bank of Canada / Tim Hortons / many other companies) did the exact same thing up north of the border in Canada. I’ll be the first to admit – I ‘transferred’ here from the same company that I worked for in Canada to L.A. – it wasn’t to ‘replace/outsource’ workers – they spent + 1year hiring but none passed the drug test.

    b) Not just big companies
    c) Our government that lets this happen.

    Sad thing is – even the BoycottRBC page noticed Disney’s similarities. Welcome to globalization – companies allowing outsourced cheap labor to take over whole portions of corporations. Any part of a business (BPO = Business Process Outsourcing, or as I call it… Business Process Offshoring) is a sad part of life that is going to have to be fought. – tooth and nail. For the consumer, there’s little to no benefit. For the tax payer – there is absolutely no benefit. For the corporation – raking in of savings.

  • proudNRAmember

    if any of those people who got fired is democrat then that what they got for voting turd in white house ..

    • Rizzan

      The bill that allowed this was voted in in 1998. 198 republicans voted yay, 34 nay. 99
      Democrats voted yay, 98 voted nay. There were also eight years between
      then and now when a Republican president could have tried to have the
      act repealed.

      Do keep up.>>>Paul Mackay.

      • Bob Boyles

        Democrats had control for two years with congress and president yet did nothing to fix this. Please keep up!

  • Terry Moyer


  • Paul MacKay

    Ahhhhh…unregulated capitalism and free trade. What a paradise it is.

  • Wiggle D

    I would never hire any group of people that worship their own ‘intelligence’, especially from outside the states. It’s almost like they are trying to find someone to k!ll their patrons.

  • Paul MacKay

    The bill that allowed this was voted in in 1998. 198 republicans voted yay, 34 nay. 99
    Democrats voted yay, 98 voted nay. There were also eight years between
    then and now when a Republican president could have tried to have the
    act repealed.

    Do keep up.

  • Ken De Luca

    Set them up for failure. That would be funny as hell..

  • fredhauserjr

    Boucott Disney, no need to go there.

  • fredhauserjr


  • tomarob

    Obama’s America, – – buckle your bleet-belts, sheeples, – – especially you pathetic one’s who choose to blame everyone but those in charge . . .

    • OffCenter Larry

      Pay attention. CONGRESS is the one increasing the H-1bs every year. But you can blame it on Obama. You look like an idiot.

      • tomarob

        Suck a nut, chump, In case you haven’t noticed, Obama does whatever he wants. If he wanted to fix this, he would. When a football coach has a losing season, let alone 6 in a row, – – he gets fired for it, — you don’t get to blame the coach from 7 years ago. Now go back in your hole and read ‘common sense for dummys’. You look like an idiot . . .

        • Paul MacKay

          Considering he wasn’t even able to pass a common sense health care bill (which by any standards would have still left America dead last in the western world on health-care for the average person) without turning it into a cash cow for the insurance companies, mainly thanks to a hostile Republican congress, I don’t see how you think he has dictator like powers.

          • tomarob

            If you’re so worried about America following the lead of the rest of the world, – – how ’bouts we start with immigration polices?? And Republicans tried to address stopping cash-cows for the insurance companies with tort-reform, but you hypocrites didn’t want that, Remember?? Here’s your Obama legacy . . . https://danfromsquirrelhill.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/obama-252/

          • Paul MacKay

            Well to the topic on hand, this isn’t really an immigration policy. It’s a corporate policy, hardly the “socialist”sort of thing you seem to think is going on.

            In terms of health care reforms, the American system is so broken Christ himself couldn’t save it. You are aware that American hospitals bill 3 times as much for an x-ray (and that’s one of the cheaper mark-ups) than anywhere else? Are these super X-rays.

            Oh yeah…this broken system is Obama’s fault. The world just suddenly went to hell in 6 years.

            PS: I didn’t vote for the man.And I CERTAINLY didn’t vote for his Republican opposite.

    • OffCenter Larry

      The bill that allowed this was voted in in 1998. 198 republicans voted yay, 34 nay. 99
      Democrats voted yay, 98 voted nay. There were also eight years between
      then and now when a Republican president could have tried to have the
      act repealed.

      Do keep up.>>>Paul Mackay.

      • Gstephens

        Over the last six years, Harry Reid has been highly supportive of H1 Visas and has called for upping the numbers.

        Do keep up OffCenter Larry.

  • HarryTheCat

    LOL…I’ve seen this movie before, and Disney ain’t gonna like it. Some bright young MBA (“BYMBA”) pitches the idea of saving a crap ton of money by outsourcing to an Indian software company. BYMBA gets a fat bonus check for his brilliant idea. Three years later, as deadlines slip, and stuff is crashing and burning, BYMBA has already cashed the bonus check, updated his resume to reflect his brilliant “success”, and moved on to another company. Then along comes BYMBA #2…wash, rinse, repeat…

  • Cindy Crowe Burnett

    have you ever tried to talk with an indian..india, on the phone?

  • Oliver Twisted

    Over a decade ago I was laid off from a well-known credit reporting company when they brought in Indian workers to take over many of my department’s functions. I found the ‘consulting’ company’s name to be rather fitting: Tata.

    I would not be surprised to find Tata is involved with the Disney layoffs.

    • paratrooper_us

      Tata tried to recruit me to go to work from them, when the company I work for lost the contract to them. I told them Hell No, I still had work at the company, why leave. All of those that did go, as soon as they got their Indian workers up to speed, all but one was let go.

    • Michael

      Tata is an Indian company, I believe. I do know for a fact that that Tata is the name of an Indian automobile manufacturer.

  • Josh Gilman

    Disney sucks. UnAmerican.

  • Charles Raymond Larntz

    “The first 30 days was all capturing what I did. The next 30 days,
    they worked side by side with me, and the last 30 days, they took over
    my job completely. I had to make sure they were doing my job correctly.”

    Can anyone tell me what doesn’t add up here ? If they are to train these people then get laid off and yet the companies whine

    They also report that tech companies repeatedly seek increases in the
    annual quota, claiming that there aren’t enough Americans with the
    skills they need for their companies.

    Here is the Solution to this problem STOP LAYING OFF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRAINING THE OTHERS. There you go Problem solved.

    If they want to really Hire Americans ( Chokes on that load of crap from these companies cause i know it is a LIE ) then here is a Solution to that problem as well HIRE AMERICANS AND HAVE THE PEOPLE TRAIN THEM.

    • Molly B

      They save MILLIONS of dollars, by replacing the American workers. it always boils down to their lining their own pockets even more. Too much is never enough for some people. They have to step on the necks of the American worker so they can buy yet anther house another car another vacation home a thicker stock portfolio. Sickening greed is all it is.

  • David Mangum

    Importing Slaves to work for less, Right Disney, Boycott Disney, all of it, their toys, their movies, Disney world, Disney land, anything Disney I will not buy, boycott.boycott, boycott, I hope you go bankrupt.

  • Molly B

    Where have you been?? This has been happening to workers in this country for the last 15 years. Bank of America did this to me and most of my coworkers back in 2002. Nothing new here. We’ve been getting that shaft for a loooong time.

  • K Edwards

    thats BS, I won’t ever go to Disney world again, or have anything to do with Disney products, movies etc…BOYCOTT DISNEY

  • William Stearns

    If you fire me and then ask me to train my replacement I will either tell you to “F” off or I will train them so terribly that they ruin your business

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  • dangi79

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  • Alex

    You get what you pay for. This includes IT professionals. I expect Disney to experience some major issues when it comes to tech as soon as their laid off workers infrastructures start degrading.

    Smh… it’s a shame that executives think we’re expendable until things start going down… Those execs stink and will eventually be replaced my more tech savvy younger execs that won’t do these types of things.
    Get a freakin clue you greedy non appreciative execs.

  • Bilbo Bagginski

    Disney sucks and has been sucking for over five decades now. The old cartoons were alright but the last 50 years spawned more nausea inducing nonsense than anyone can possibly handle. What’s worse is that they’d taken on anime and the Japanese market, turning otherwise amazing ideas, into more sugar coated stories for semi literate numbskulls. Let’s not even get into the music market… oh… well… let’s… the gifts of Mousketeers and the likes of Spears, Timberlake, Insane Clown Posse and other least we forget Hannah Montana aka Miley Slutrus… can we all just agree that there’s absolutely zero value to anything that this company has produced over half of a century and get on with our lives?

  • Herdis Rødskar

    Well, stop feeding those companies with money!

  • Theres

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  • MarlenaJSoriano

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  • John Doe

    We have immigrants taking our jobs overseas, and now they come here and take them as well? Shouldn’t we have massive protests for these kinds of things? Instead people protest unimportant issues, like the gay rights crowd.

  • John Doe

    We need laws in this country that requires companies to hire Americans first! If you can find an American to do the job, it should be a huge fine to hire someone that isn’t.

  • moniacalia00

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  • shanealder28

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  • Ed McAninch

    Hey, but at least the give benefits to homosexual “couples”.

  • C.Eliza

    It’s not even that these people are taking away American jobs. These VISA workers that come from India are just horrible. Their morals and ethics are very low grade and are masters on how to not work, and how to bullshit their employer. I have seen a number of jobs, projects and careers (partnering with them) flushed down the toilet, because of them. Bringing these people here is just opening another Pandora’s box.


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