Down and Dirty? ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Stuns Crowd on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – But Did The Judges Go Too Far?


by Stacey Roberto | Top Right Entertainment

Sadie Robertson, daughter of Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson, brought the house down with her stunning performance on Dancing With the Stars, but now the judges are wondering if her religious father would approve.

Is she “getting down and dirtly” in scantily clad outfits, or is this just a fake controversy generated by a media that doesn’t like the religioua Robertson family?

“I think my maternal side is coming out,” asked Carrie Ann Inaba, one of four judges on DWTS four judges. “Was your dad okay with that routine? Because it was a little edgy and a little sexy. There was a lot of hip thrusts.

You got down and you got dirty,” she added before Sadie could respond.

After her last performance went viral, Willie Robertson has joked, “I was thinking she shouldn’t get more down and dirty, so get off the down and dirty.”

One conservative talk host thinks the judges are making this whole controversy up, and that there was nothing “down and dirty” whatsoever is Sadie’s fantastic performance.

Watch Sadie’s routine and the judges reaction below:

Radio and TV commentator Glenn Beck says the “controversy” is “manufactured”.

“I’m watching this and I don’t think it’s suggestive. It so far looks like dancing,” he said. “No, there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with it. What is wrong with our media? ”

“Yes, she’s wearing short shorts and she’s dancing, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t see anyplace else and no one would question it, but because her family has morals and standards now, can she actually move her body. She’s wiggling her hips a little bit, that’s offensive to God and the Lord Jesus?” he asked.

Later in the show, Glenn said it was no more risqué than a Broadway performance of Oklahoma in the 1950s.

In short, another case of media hype and making light of a Christian family’s faith.

Get Glenn’s full reaction below:

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