Details Emerge About NSA Leaker Trump Busted… And It’s Worse Than We Thought


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

President Trump busted the first of many leakers of classified information today.

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, who is an alleged NSA leaker who purportedly passed confidential government information to the press, said online she was part of the “Resistance” and has supported Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matter, the terrorist-linked CAIR and Islamic Society of North America.

Yet she was able to obtain a top-security clearance from the Obama NSA.

Winner, a federal contractor, was arrested over the weekend and is facing charges that she removed classified material from a government facility and mailed it to a news outlet.

Winner is a rabid Trump-hater, as posts like this demonstrate:

But she also shows repeated sympathies for the terrorist regime of Iran over America.

Here she tells the Foreign Minister of Iran she would stand with Iran over the President of the United States in case of conflict.

Or as Article 3 of the U.S. Constitution calls that…treason.

Wow. Remember, this woman had access to the highest levels of classified national security documents.

And she speaks their language…literally. According to the UK Guardian, Winner is “fluent in Farsi and Dari” — not one, but two Iranian (Persian) dialects. She is also fluent in Pashto, the Afghan dialect.

It makes one wonder what other documents she may have leaked — to our enemies.

Winner is a big supporter of left-wing causes, including Sanders, The Daily Show, Bill Maher, Michael Moore and the rabid Trump-bashing “Trump Draws” facebook page.

She is a big Black Lives Matter supporter, and frequently posted anti-White sentiments:

Winners is also a fan of MSNBC and CNN on Facebook, and a hater of FoxNews. As a lesbian and supporter of LGBT groups on Facebook, Winner was a big fan of CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Her friends arranged for an autographed photo from Cooper upon her discharge from the USAF:

Winners was a avid bodybuilder who posted numerous photos and videos of her physical prowess, and even took a lifting-related swipe at Trump after the election:

Winner was an employee at Pluribus International Corporation based out of Alexandria, Virginia. She was then assigned to a government agency in Georgia. She was employed at the facility since February 13, and held a Top Secret security clearance.

Pluribus is an analytical and engineering service that provides its services to federal, defense, security and the intelligence community. The company has 22 locations across the world, including three in the Republic of Korea. The one located in Georgia is in Fort Gordon.

  • Robert Chambers

    a little time in prison will give her time to think about what she did

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        • Mike B Weidner

          Yes if she does 10 an hour…

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      • FreedomFighter

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    • teejcee44

      Like 25 to Life!

      • DMCRN


    • Donald King

      would rather see this trash shot for treason. maybe it would open some eyes against treason. federal prison is to soft for traitors

    • cajenmom

      It must have been important enough for her to give up her freedom, she knew the consequences and chose to act. Maybe we should look at it in that light and find out exactly what drove her to the act. Not excusing, but do wonder what hurt so much that she took these steps to let people know.

      • allan paull

        We already knew what she gave up.But it was not the Russian govt doing it.

    • DMCRN

      She needs (and deserves) WAY MORE than “a little time!”

    • allan paull

      Soros will find her a good lawyer claim she’s a Psycho.But we already know that.

  • Bill Gregg

    I understand she faces a minimum of 10 to 20 years.

    • DMCRN

      NOT enough.

  • Ann Whitten

    If she is charged under the Patriot Act she is possibly looking at life.

    • cajenmom

      And she knew that, and was willing to pay the price to get truth out! Think about that!

      • Walt Henderson


        • cajenmom

          This is really what’s wrong in America! People don’t agree so they immediately go to ballistic four letter foul words, threaten people’s very lives and then complain that you are unAmerican if you don’t agree, in total with them. Time to grow up America…. and to Mr. Henderson, perhaps an anger management class might help.

          • Mike B

            You are a liberal so please stop with the BS of you voting conservative your whole life. You can plainly see by your postings what you are and have always been. You are fooling no one. I can smell the stench of a liberal before they enter a room… guess what Caj… I’m smelling some stench

          • cajenmom

            did I mention 15 yrs working alongside Watergate folks and other seriously big name gentlemen and ladies of our Republican Party. So, child, sit and brew on your anger… maybe when you grow up you will understand. till then, adios.

          • Mike Hanson

            Kinda like the protesters in DC, Seattle, Portland, at al?

      • DMCRN

        Except that she was getting her “truth” from lies! (CNN, MSNBC) That is the danger of allowing lies on the airways….

        • cajenmom

          Are you sure about that.. Have you read the document? She got her truth from National Security Agency…. she DIDN’T report it to your mainstream media. I wouldn’t call a classified document from the NSA “fake”.
          She has knowledge you and I will never know. Something in that knowledge drove her to do something really dumb, but informative — avoiding all the main stream media you protest against.
          She provided what was aired (well, I haven’t heard this on the airways yet!)

          • FreedomFighter

            Stupid all your life??? Or just since you decided to be a dumb libtard?

          • cajenmom

            Let’s see… Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain and Romney…. Probably a stronger Republican than you. Couldn’t do Trump based on his behavior. And watching what his behavior has done to MY country, it will be difficult to vote Republican for the next 4 years. So, THANKS folks for behaving like hate-filled selfish disrespectful animals — and thinking that’s Republican! It isn’t!

          • allan paull

            Which victim class do come from? Gay Poor Black Minority?or all 4

          • cajenmom

            none of the above.
            but I feel sorry for you…your posts are filled by anger and hatred… and that has NEVER been the American way.

          • Mike Hanson

            ..and yet your ilk wants to remove all reference to the confederacy. The southern states were Americans, so their acts would be the acts of Americans. Based on your theory of the American way, then the confedrates must not have been filled with anger or hate. That , in turn, means that removing references to the confederacy are indeed acts of hate and anger. But that cannot be because those acts are by Americans. Your whole premise is false.

          • FreedomFighter

            She’s just a typical libtard loser with no real life. That fact is obvious.

          • FreedomFighter

            Yep, stupid all your life!! Figured as much.

          • Mike Hanson

            Well I voted for all of them as well. I voted Trump and I am neither hate filled or a racist. My question is, if you didn’t vote Trump and you voted Hilliary, then you are indeed a liberal. If you didn’t vote at all, then you are worse than a liberal, you are are a slug.

          • allan paull

            It was already known and it helps Trump show he did not collude with Russia

      • yossarion

        It wasn’t even important, it changed nothing. She stole classified information from her own country and stated that she would stand with Iran if there was war, putting millions of Americans lives at risk. I hope she gets at least 10 years. She can find plenty of girlfriends.

        • cajenmom

          No one has the right to determine what is important to another person, unless you give the same right to others, to determine what is important in your life. That’s called adulthood…………….
          What she did was wrong… plain and simple, but what she revealed… well, have you read the document?

        • allan paull

          Yeah they like them young tight ones

        • allan paull

          She will be a prize ROFL

      • Are you sure?

        When it’s a Liberal doing it the truth is the last thing on their TREASON mind. This bitch was doing nothing except TREASON. Why didn’t she put out the truth about the MUSLIM piece of shit from KENYA and all the shit he did to destroy America rather than try to obstruct a man trying to fix the mess the Muslim from Kenya made?????????

      • allan paull

        We already knew what she let out common knowledge.

      • Robert A Lee

        They call that TREASON

    • DMCRN

      I certainly hope so! Because I was reading 15-20, which was NOT cutting it for me! Actually, I would prefer hanging for treason! It sure would make a statement to others considering the same route!

      • Marybmann

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    • allan paull

      treason traitor is death

  • Bert

    According to Sharia Law, that she loves so much, she would be beheaded, several times.

    • disqus_bvzyOg5eso

      No only once!!

  • Collingwood

    She should enjoy the workout room in prison……….for a very long time!!!

    • allan paull

      Yep the lesbos are waiting for her tongue in cheek

  • Gary Pitt

    I hope she finds out what treason feels like in prison from a patriotic bubbina

  • Dawn Scott Murphy

    Maybe we should just banish her to Iran, let them feed her for the next 50 years.

  • George

    And the Left has a new hero.

    • DMCRN

      NOT if they REA.LY understand what she has done, and .eft us exposed to!

      • FreedomFighter

        Believe me, the left doesn’t understand.

    • allan paull

      She gave up nothing that we did not know.She now another new face of the progressive socialist trash in this country Along with Griffin Maher MaDonna.

  • TruthSociety

    Who are her close friends, associates and co-workers that had access to her leaks and intelligence? Phone records? Computers? Subpoenas? This is only the beginning for her and her band of traitors. She should do at least 20 years in jail. Hopefully a liberal future president will not pardon her. The media keeps emphasizing she is 25years old. As if she is immature. Keep in mind that it is mostly young male radicals that are creating havoc and terrors acts. She could not have acted alone or without mutual ideology associates and their hate for Trump. This is the real story not Russia but watch now for the bleeding liberal press to show sympathy for her . Indeed the press will make her out to be a patriot. Go AG Sessions !

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      that is because the liberal press hates America as much as she does they are just as treasonous.

    • DMCRN

      I have NO DOUBT but that ALL of that is being looked at…

  • Sean P. Nelson

    With a name like hers, it makes one wonder if she is charlie sheens daughter. ????? Just a thought

  • WinterMute

    Well she does have a point about DAPL. Protests were going on for a year about that. If Trump seriously thought no one was complaining, then he is clueless and out of touch with reality. I saw that people complaining about DAPL as far back as 2014 and a lot through 2015 and 2016.

  • Greg

    “who purportedly passed confidential government information”

    She either slept through or didn’t take notes when she attended, “The Hillary Clinton Academy On How To Avoid Being Charged For Treason” course.

  • William C Booth Jr

    If this lowlife does not go to jail then there is seriously something wrong with our justice system. Felonies (? treasonous) committed. She should be in her late 40’s when she gets out and hopefully by then will have learned the difference between right and stupidly wrong.

    • DMCRN

      She SHOULD have to sacrifice her life for treason!!!

    • allan paull

      Hillary did way more damage than she did and she will see jail Hillary walks free why?

  • Tishia Harrison

    Follow the money! How could she possibly have the Top Security Clearance, they do in-depth investigating and with her associations she should never have been give any clearance.

    • allan paull

      She was in the AIr Force that where she got it.

  • yossarion

    This generation grew up on The Hunger Games and 8 years of Obama. She is one of a thousand houldouts who fantasizes she is in some great rebellion when she is nothing more fhan an emotional, unintelligent traitor. Lock her up.

  • Cletus

    Welcome to Club Fed, Bitch.

  • LouGots

    Of course not very homo is a traitor, but many, very many traitors are homos.

    WE should never, ever give people like that security clearances.

  • Fred Smith

    Put her in a cell in Gitmo with the sheep starved mussies for a few hours

  • Jay Mooser

    Every government contractor should be reviewed by the justice department immediately and every single one thrown in jail for any type of crime with no bail

  • Mike

    Time to give here a Cross Fit membership to Leavenworth Facility, making big rocks in to small ones…for life. Enjoy the taxpayer paid workout douche.

  • Olliegbrook

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  • Walt

    This women deserves Treason and that is the death sentence. She is bad to the bone and deserves the maximum sentence. All rotten Democraps need to be sentenced for rioting, violence, destruction of property, stealing, robing, murdering and other criminal acts.

  • George Ennis

    need to bring back firing squads for a charge of treason…….speaking of which, what ever happened to bowe bergdahl?

  • Anna

    Great entry, just something I was looking for. Thanks for the help !


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