Dems Were Asked to Support Deportation of Illegal Alien Child Abusers and Rapists. Here’s How They Voted.


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

If this doesn’t say it all about how Democrats put the welfare of illegal aliens — even the most vile among them — above the interests of American citizens, nothing will.

More than 80% of House Democrats today voted against a legislative proposal to prioritize the deportation of illegal aliens convicted of domestic violence, sexual abuse or child abuse.

The vote makes crystal clear that immigration-related issues trump the supposed concern of Democrats regarding “violence against women,” and protecting “the children.”

All of that takes a back seat to raw, race-baiting politics.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) proposed the language as an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security spending bill. He argued it was needed because Obama’s executive action on immigration created different priorities for deportation that need to be adjusted.

TB’s  reported:

For example, illegal immigrants suspected of terrorism or espionage or other felonies are top priorities for deportation. But illegal immigrants who are convicted of three or more misdemeanors, or one “significant” misdemeanor such as sexual abuse or domestic violence, are on a second tier priority for deportation.

On Wednesday, House Republicans put forward the DeSantis amendment to prioritize the deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of domestic violence, sexual abuse or child abuse. But they were met by significant Democratic opposition, including from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is widely seen as a champion of women’s issues.

Yeah, sure she is. American women should see the hypocrisy of that description, and how Nancy is willing to put women’s lives at risk for her political agenda.

Pelosi bizarrely claimed that it could somehow create obstacles to the reporting of domestic violence among immigrants: “While presented as a measure that helps domestic violence victims, we fear that it actually would discourage many such victims from reporting abuse,” Pelosi said on the House floor.

Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) also explained that in many domestic violence cases involving illegal immigrants, police arrest both the abuser and the victim, and both can end up pleading to a misdemeanor just to speed up the process. “This happens all the time, all around the country,” she argued.

As a result, she said the GOP language could end up hurting victims as well as abusers.

Those arguments were met with disbelief from Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who sponsored the amendment. DeSantis said he was “perplexed” why anyone would vote against the amendment.

“Why would we have any tolerance for child molesters?” Desalts said. “If you’re not in our country legally, and you get convicted of an offense like that, you should be gone. We shouldn’t even be discussing this.”

“I think the people who are going to vote ‘no’ on this are basically saying, ‘we don’t want a zero-tolerance policy against child molesters and sexual offenders,’ ” he added.

Well duh. Only a mentally-deranged person, or a liberal, would disagree (but I repeat myself).

In the end, the House approved the DeSantis amendment 278-149 vote. Thirty-five Democrats voted with Republicans on this measure, and one Republican voted against it (the revolting Rep. Renee Ellmers of NC).

But that left 148 Democrats — 81% of the entire caucus — voting against it, and in favor of illegal alien child molesters and rapists.



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