Dems Were Asked to Support Deportation of Illegal Alien Child Abusers and Rapists. Here’s How They Voted.


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

If this doesn’t say it all about how Democrats put the welfare of illegal aliens — even the most vile among them — above the interests of American citizens, nothing will.

More than 80% of House Democrats today voted against a legislative proposal to prioritize the deportation of illegal aliens convicted of domestic violence, sexual abuse or child abuse.

The vote makes crystal clear that immigration-related issues trump the supposed concern of Democrats regarding “violence against women,” and protecting “the children.”

All of that takes a back seat to raw, race-baiting politics.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) proposed the language as an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security spending bill. He argued it was needed because Obama’s executive action on immigration created different priorities for deportation that need to be adjusted.

TB’s  reported:

For example, illegal immigrants suspected of terrorism or espionage or other felonies are top priorities for deportation. But illegal immigrants who are convicted of three or more misdemeanors, or one “significant” misdemeanor such as sexual abuse or domestic violence, are on a second tier priority for deportation.

On Wednesday, House Republicans put forward the DeSantis amendment to prioritize the deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of domestic violence, sexual abuse or child abuse. But they were met by significant Democratic opposition, including from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is widely seen as a champion of women’s issues.

Yeah, sure she is. American women should see the hypocrisy of that description, and how Nancy is willing to put women’s lives at risk for her political agenda.

Pelosi bizarrely claimed that it could somehow create obstacles to the reporting of domestic violence among immigrants: “While presented as a measure that helps domestic violence victims, we fear that it actually would discourage many such victims from reporting abuse,” Pelosi said on the House floor.

Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) also explained that in many domestic violence cases involving illegal immigrants, police arrest both the abuser and the victim, and both can end up pleading to a misdemeanor just to speed up the process. “This happens all the time, all around the country,” she argued.

As a result, she said the GOP language could end up hurting victims as well as abusers.

Those arguments were met with disbelief from Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who sponsored the amendment. DeSantis said he was “perplexed” why anyone would vote against the amendment.

“Why would we have any tolerance for child molesters?” Desalts said. “If you’re not in our country legally, and you get convicted of an offense like that, you should be gone. We shouldn’t even be discussing this.”

“I think the people who are going to vote ‘no’ on this are basically saying, ‘we don’t want a zero-tolerance policy against child molesters and sexual offenders,’ ” he added.

Well duh. Only a mentally-deranged person, or a liberal, would disagree (but I repeat myself).

In the end, the House approved the DeSantis amendment 278-149 vote. Thirty-five Democrats voted with Republicans on this measure, and one Republican voted against it (the revolting Rep. Renee Ellmers of NC).

But that left 148 Democrats — 81% of the entire caucus — voting against it, and in favor of illegal alien child molesters and rapists.


  • Dennis

    Traitors. All of them. Put them on trial and make legal examples of these a-holes…

    • Thomas Meadows

      Better idea is to move all these perps into their neighborhoods

      • TruStJ


      • dj

        Move them into their houses and their families houses.

    • Landon Tate

      Firing squard for treason. For all those that are going to come back with “that is only suppose to happen during wartime” agruement, we are at war ( against terrorism, poverty, drugs, etc).

      • Lisa Ryan

        We are at war with our own government!

        • Carol Engelstad

          Landon Tate-That sentence says it all. The only people who want these illegals in our country, with no laws or boundaries, are Obummer and his cronies. It IS ON!

    • Montana Woodard

      I agree

  • James Waters

    The ones that voted against it are deep in Obama’s pocket. I would like to see what the womans rights and advocate think of the ones that voted against it….

    • George Murrey

      Where’s NOW when this bill was out there, why didn’t they speak against those dems. Oh yeah, it’s a left wing group that votes for those dems. Hypocrisy at it’s best.

    • Rose

      You already did.

  • Greg

    the SEXUAL PREDATOR party never fails to disappoint

  • fireart

    The Dems are a party of many tents and pedofiles live in one.

    • Rastafarian

      Here is a summary of what the Democrites have shown they support:

      Illegal Aliens
      Grifters, cheaters
      Scum of all types
      Vermin lawyers

  • Gringo

    Who was the Republican that voted against it?

    • Pat

      It says at the end of the article. Renee Ellmers of NC.

      • Gringo

        I wonder if the article was updated after I read it, or if I am just dim.

        • Pat

          LOL!! I don’t know.

  • Bob

    So it’s more important that they report actual abuse rather than stop it from happening. Pelosi is a FN moron. That is directly supporting criminal acts call aiding and abetting. Arrest them now.

    • Rastafarian

      Pelosi, besides being a Liberal Democrite, is seriously mentally ill. She really should be taken off the floor of the House in a straightjacket.

  • Mj Sant

    how can people be so stupid ??????

  • Brysail

    Nancy P. This might , at first sound cruel …. but if a person is unwilling to report domestic abuse or child abuse there is nothing the government or law enforcement can do! So stop hiding behind dumb excuses and come out say don’t care about women unless you can use them for your own political gain!

    • Rose

      Sounds like patty cake to me.

  • David

    concentrate on killing radical muslims you assholes

  • Madrockike

    I am by NO means a Democrat, but knowing how bills work these days, you have to first ask yourself, “What else was put into this bill aside from the discussion points listed above?” Everyone knows, or at least they should, that no bill is introduced to the house as simple as the discussion points above suggests.Although this is exactly how bills should be introduced………ONE issue per bill……….PERIOD!

    • disillusioneddem

      They were voting on this specific amendment.

    • Donna

      I hear ya – but they were NOT voting on the Bill. They were voting on this one, single, very simple and basic amendment. There is NO EXCUSE!

  • CarolynD

    She voted against this amendment and she is a former nurse who “…is also chairwoman of the Republican Women’s Policy Committee (RWPC) – a new caucus comprised of all 19 female Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives. In both of these roles she is working to generate new ideas and innovative ways of promoting conservative principles which will improve our economy and give a new voice to the challenges facing all Americans.” Guess I don’t get it…why did she vote against it? Can someone explain it to me please???

  • Lisa Ryan

    Does this really surprise anyone? The liberal dems would support the devil if it got them more donations & votes…

    • Rastafarian

      They do!

  • JeanluvsCa

    If this bill passed, 50% of the illegals in our city would be deported.

    • Gary R

      I suggest you not wait with bated breath.

    • Carol Engelstad

      100% would be much better!

  • alaskanativ

    How about deport ALL ILLIGAL INVADERS and be done with it! Then seal the borders.

    • Rose

      Only works if the Traitors go on trial and get hanged.
      Other wise, rinse and repeat, and repeat and repeat and repeat,…….

  • Gregory Jordon

    lets do what the romans did,a senator that did things above the state-were treated very poorly by the public

  • Herman Vogel

    Dumbocrats,,,need I say more. sad, huh. These are the people that helped Obama destroy our country.

  • canucksam

    Bet Pelousy wouldn’t hire one of the scumbags to be a Big Brother to her grandchildren. She still has guano for brains, the moron.

    • Rastafarian

      No she wouldn’t. Although she is seriously mentally ill and a brain-damaged Liberal she still thinks clear enough when it is her own interests at stake.

  • Bob

    Kick the democrats out of office and the illegals out of the country.

  • Heather Vance-Nelson

    Figures. …. Is this such a stretch to believe? … I do want to know however, what else was attached to this bill or if it was truly on its own.

    • disillusioneddem

      The vote was on the amendment alone.

    • Rontu Hart

      What does it matter what it entailed????(even though it was for the amendment only) …….Besides Isn’t Nancy Pelosi the one that said we have to pass it to see what’s in it?…..a truly brilliant bulb that one is……NOT……

      • Heather Vance-Nelson

        So true Rontu!

  • Hawaiian Brian

    No sane person wants any kind of sexual offender or pervert roaming the streets, too often these “bills” include a “mix” of other laws or “pork” that appeal to these politicians and “We the People” only get a glimpse of what is really in these proposals, suggest the whole bill is read to see WHY this law was passed, let’s not be so flippant to believe that “exerps” that we see contain just ONE proposal, they don’t. That’s how these politicians work, “if you put this in, I’ll sign it” That’s how America ends up with these stupid laws getting passed, good news is that it keeps Fox News in business.

    • Rizzan

      Correct. Calling something the “Save The Children Act” may have nothing to do with saving children.

    • illegalgarbagegohome

      No matter what was in it, passing this one should be a no brainer if it gets rid of criminals and perverts.

  • John Aumend

    Well the Republications need to put the names out there N there still is 2016 coming up

  • Durwyn Mason

    be interesting to see obama veto this…hmmm

  • Jim Musselman

    would be nice if you actually linked “the language” so we could see what the proposal was. I know we the people are stupid and need smart people to tell us whats going on.

  • redheart

    What else is there to say about the Democrat Communist Party?

  • Arthur M.

    I’ll bet you the dem’s/lib’s mentality is….it’s all fine and good, as long as it’s not in their own backyard.

  • Godsway1

    I vote fire all DC start fresh with people not money money for campains shoud be cut to none campaign for who and what you are and you believe in the Constatution

  • Butcher

    How does Dingy Harry And Stretch Pelosi keep getting voted in office?

    • FreedomStorm

      They don’t. They own the voting machines.

    • Carol Engelstad

      $$$$$-if they have it and spread it around, voted into office. No experience necessary!

  • byebyebigred

    What happens when someone rapes Pelosi? Maybe it won’t matter since she’s a homosexual.

  • Dirty Harry

    Not surprised…these folks as Obama calls them are treasonous. Time to get the gallows ready.

  • Dirty Harry

    I am pretty sure Pelosi is the result of a sexual assault between a monkey and a jackass.

    • FreedomStorm

      a reptile and a vampire

  • samp

    Let’s deport Pelosi and company

    • Carol Engelstad

      Wouldn’t that be a hoot? As the bus leaves the US to drop all these fricking illegal’s back in their own country, Pelosi should be on that bus.

  • Joy Beum

    And when it’s their children being molested and their wives being raped?

    • Rastafarian

      That doesn’t happen because they get plenty of protection paid for by the Taxpayers whom they don’t want to be able to defend themselves.

  • Joy Beum

    Renee Elmers of NC voted in favor of allowing pedophiles and rapists to stay. Shouldn’t be too hard to locate them all in her neighborhood.

  • Joy Beum

    Renee Ellmers voted against throwing out the pedophiles and rapists. Wonder why. Is this the person who wants them living next door to her and her family? Is this Renee on
    Renee L Ellmers
    view more
    Kingsway Dr
    Dunn, NC 28334
    (910) 897- I listed only part of the address and phone for privacy. It is available online and can be accessed by anyone. I would be very careful about trying to keep pedophiles and rapists in my community…they can find it, too.

  • George Murrey

    When 2016 comes along, people need to keep in mind those that support violence against women and children. These dems need to go, period.

    • Rastafarian

      This could be called the Democrite “War against Women”. But will the media do that? No, they’re still to busy trying to start a race war.

  • tompk45

    that is your democratic leaders you voted for folks…

  • tompk45

    maybe they will see their wives or children hurt..o i forgot they are in a protected no doubt gated community..private schools..lets remove their perks and see. also vote them out and vote for someone who cares about us and America,,print their names folks.,.for all to see..

  • Dellburt

    Pelosi is a douchebag

  • DonM

    I guess democrats like these kinds of people. Plain and simple..

  • mr pitt

    Caption; OOOhh no boys,, only one at a time.

  • Jeff Nagengast

    I like the idea of deporting Child Molesters, but I think we should castrate them first.

  • Montana Woodard

    Our own government don’t care for there own people. Wish we could put everyone of them near the Congressman and the Senate’s homes and see how safe they feel for their families.
    They need to be deported or permanently locked up.

  • Rastafarian

    We don’t have enough criminals in this country. We need to import more! And for the Democrites, it’s a bonus if the criminals also vote Democrite. Every time I see an image of Nancy Pelosi or one of the other vermin that some call “Leaders” I want to vomit.

  • WaStConcerned

    People, there is a difference between felony and misdemeanor……and yes, it inhibits reporting of the incidents and the possibility of solving the problem. Also – calling one of your own “revolting” is revolting. “You guys” seem to have a complete lack of logic and are quite adept at the constant drivel of name calling. Turn your energies to actually solving problems rather than creating them.

  • Jeff West

    The best solution would be to quit spending our tax dollars looking into the backgrounds of all these people and just send them all back. Give them a sandwich, a canteen, and a compass. Point them south and tell them to get moving. The minute they crossed our border, they became felons.

  • Brian Newman

    Why would you want to deport them where they’d just be back in Phoenix within an hour?

    • Orion Games

      I live in Phoenix, and I say we start taking the gloves off when it comes to our “esteemed neighbors to the South”. Roads are already more dangerous since they can now drive. A great deal of body bags will be filled with American bodies by these people on the road and off as well. mark my words guys.

  • MBW

    They only want votes. Thats why they want amnesty, for the votes. then we will have a will change this country for good but not for our good.

  • Xigxag

    That picture of those tatooed morons… Are they flashing their IQ’s?

  • pat

    Move em all to Washington and let them enjoy the kids…..

  • Orion Games

    I’m voting Rand Paul in 2016. Plain and simple. His father should be President right now in my opinion.

  • Rose

    We need to be prosecuting TREASON in Public Offices.
    Wait any longer and it will be irrelevant.

  • patriotshonor

    Of course they don’t want to deport the illegals that commit rape and child abusers, because politically, they can identify themselves as such.

  • Cheesy

    Pelosi, the single best example of the corruption that is the biggest problem in government

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