Democrats Make SICK Move Against Trump’s Attorney General Pick… But it INSTANTLY Backfires


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Jeff Sessions is Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General of the United States, and conservatives have been cheering ever since the announcement.

But left-wing Democrats are in a panic at the prospect of an AG who actually enforces the law according to the U.S. Constitution, instead of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, as did Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

So as he begins his confirmations Tuesday, the Democrats are launching sick attacks on the Alabama Senator in order to convince America he is a racist.

Democrat Senators gave passes to Code Pink protesters — who then came into the hearing dressed in KKK uniforms in  a sick display of leftist madness:

Protesters shouted his given name “Jefferson Beauregard Sessions” at him as he entered — trying portray him as some kind of throwback to the Confederacy.

And Democrats also announced the “unprecedented” move by Sen. Cory Booker, a Black Democrat from New Jersey — to testify against Sessions in committee — the first Senator in history to ever do so against a Cabinet-nominated colleague.

Booker cited discredited, 20-year old  allegations of racism against Sessions. When Sessions was a 39-year-old US attorney in Alabama, he was accused racist remarks — calling a Black colleague “boy” and calling  the NAACP and ACLU “un-American.” Other staffers — Black and White — in the office said it never happened, and no other accusations were ever made.

So liberals are sending Sen. Booker — and civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (R-GA) to testify against Sessions…


But no sooner had Democrats launched their plan to portray Sessions as a closet racist, than some big guns in the GOP came to his aid to blow those accusations out of the water.

Condoleeza Rice — the first African-American woman to serve as secretary of state — just endorsed Jeff Sessions for Attorney General — and instantly rejected any suggestion of racism.


Rice, who grew up in Alabama, and once had the KKK try and burn down their family home, said Sessions has worked hard to heal the wounds in Alabama brought on by the “prejudice and injustice against the descendants of slaves.”

As CNN reported, Rice praised Sessions for leading the effort to award the Congressional Gold Medal to one of her “personal heroes,” Rosa Parks.

“I know that Sen. Sessions will uphold the laws of our great country and will work to ensure that every person here in the United States is given the voice that is deserved,” Rice said.

OUCH! Let’s see them call Condi Rice a “racist.”

And just last night, a group of 16 Black pastors from across the nation hit Capitol Hill to endorse Sessions, and demand Democrats stop “demonizing” him as a racist.

“There is an attempt by some to demonize people and call them racist when there is actually no proof for it,” Evangelical Bishop Harry Jackson said at a Capitol Hill news conference. “Let me say clearly, Sen. Sessions is not a racist.”



Democrat race-baiting EPIC FAIL.

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