Daycare Center Says Her Daughter’s Bruises Couldn’t Be Their Fault. Then Mom Sees The Video Tape


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

It’s the fears that haunt every parent who has to leave their kids in daycare.

Can I trust the staff? Will they abuse my child? Will I even know if they do?

One Mom lived these fears last week, after she and her daughter arrived home from Kids Stop-N-Play day care in Holiday, Florida on Saturday.  Crystal Faggione she noticed red marks all over little Lillian.

Faggione called and told the daycare staff about all the marks on Lillian. The workers claimed no bruises could have come from the center.

But then later, while Faggione was feeding her daughter dinner, she noticed a patch of missing hair on her head. Then next day she took Lillian to the daycare center to show workers the marks. Once again the center denied any responsibility. “Stop blaming us!” one worker allegedly told her.

Needless to say, mom was not satisfied. As her primary physician was unavailable, she took her 16-month-old to the hospital, and explained her concerns to them. When the ER staff saw the marks, authorities were called almost immediately.

The center was then asked to review its surveillance tapes, and what police, and Faggione saw stunned them:

They were shocked to see caregiver Linda Klemm repeatedly kicking the child while she slept on the floor.

Only a small portion of her interactions with Lillian were visible on camera (no camera covered other areas of the room), but Faggione’s doctor said Lillian “must have been hit or kicked dozens of times” to create so many brusies, marks and hair loss.

Klemm denies abusing the child, despite being shown the video “a dozen times,” according to the Tampa Bay Times. Officers investigating saw it differently; they arrested Klemm and charged her with child abuse:

“Linda should have known better. Linda was there to take care of children — little, innocent children — and she didn’t,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said. “Even the most hardened law enforcement officers were disgusted by what they saw in the video.”

Klemm was fired immediately by the center’s owner Rebecca Swetland, who performs background checks on all employees and has 16 cameras monitoring the classrooms.

For many families, using a daycare facility is a necessity. Incidents in which children are abused are terrifying and cause parents to second-guess their choices. Experts agree that most children are safe in daycare, but there are steps parents can take to ensure their children are well cared for.

  • James Berry

    Hopefully she gets the strictest of penalties afforded by law. She’d be in the hospital if that was my child.

    • Tex

      Hospital is a severe upgrade. This mutt should be fed to gators.

  • DS

    I think I would have to do the same thing to the baby-sitting bimbo.

  • Betty

    “. . . was fired immediately by the center’s owner Rebecca Swetland, who performs background checks on all employees and has 16 cameras monitoring the classrooms.” So why isn’t the owner monitoring the films and/or the classrooms via the cameras? Evidently this was not the first incident? The owner is responsible too.

    • Tex

      Pretty dang good point.

    • Nichole

      Right. I love how she didn’t even care to look when the mother FIRST came to her. It’s disgusting!

      • Guest

        I must have missed in the story here where she talked to the owner. It says she talked to workers. If the workers didn’t inform the owner of the calls that came in, or the incident, then how do you think she is supposed to have known to come in and start looking at hours and hours of videotape? What I’m most disgusted with is how many people are willing to jump to conclusions, make inferences out of nothing, or stretch a story to cast a wide blame.

        • TheBuckStopsHere

          Guest…I’m troubled that you think a business owner who has mounted 16 CAMERAS in her establishment is NOT checking them to make sure the children IN HER CHARGE are SAFE. Sixteen cameras don’t do a thing for protecting children if they are not checked!!! That’s like threatening drug testing but never testing! That business owner has a RESPONSIBILITY in the field of CHILDCARE of insuring that her clients’ children are safe. Her #1 responsibility is to her clients. ON THE OTHER HAND…there’s a great difference between “kicking” a child and “nudging” a child with your foot. This view certainly shows nothing that looks like kicking a child…even the child is not upset. I know this…my child would NO LONGER be going to that childcare center. The owner wouldn’t need to be arrested because losing her business would be consequence enough for her inability to insure he safety of the children. The person at the top has a responsibility for insuring the children are safe…she should also be taken to task for the actions of her employee that she ALLOWED by not checking on her employee.

          • Guest

            Well, I can help you understand about security cameras. I have been high loss prevention manager in retail stores. Manager means I am not the loss prevention associate who walks around in the store to see people who are stealing in the store itself. It was my job and master to look at paperwork reports, and security cameras to find more hidden like theft, from cashiers, other employees, or other ways that people can try to steal or fraud in the store.

            With that understanding, I can tell you again, that you don’t know anything about it. It takes hours and hours to watch all the cameras every day. If she is the owner, she won’t even have as much time as I did to watch “some” of the cameras. And do you know she didn’t look it that day, but just didn’t happen to see this one? Watching even 8+ hours of 16 cameras, would take almost half the day just looking to find something, so perhaps she checked some of the cameras, but not every one, or perhaps she checks them a few days each week, but not every day, because of course she has to do other things for her business besides that.

            And besides both of those, perhaps she didn’t look at that day YET. Perhaps she looks at them the next day, and she didn’t see this issue YET. Again, you and others are just judgmental that you think she did a problem, but you don’t even know the facts or details. I really wish we could stop attacking and blaming everyone. The problem is mostly the worker who did the kicking, and the workers who might have seen it, or heard it, and didn’t tell the owner about it…or those who said there’s no way it came from the daycare, when it’s possible it did, and then they should have called the owner.

            But I am just as disappointed from the people in these comments who think they understand and no everything about the issue, when they do not. If there’s an issue from the owner, she can be sued by the girl’s parents. So I will not be one who thinks I know everything and the fact truth, and prejudice attack the owner. The world already has enough anger and attacking, they don’t need me to add to it, most especially if I am ignorant about it.

          • SgtMac

            Who says she is NOT checking them? 16 cameras, figure each records about 10-12 hrs of footage a day. She could be sampling and this just didn’t hit the sample. Now if you want her, and other daycares, to hire someone that stares at the monitors all day long without missing a second – be ready to pay for it and NOT complain about the high costs of daycare.

          • SgtMac

            The bottom line is personal accountability – and the stupid b**ch that beat up the kid is going to be force fed that accountability through the legal system.

        • Betty

          the “team leader” (boss) is ALWAYS responsible. owner did not have to watch every tape every day. And, the tapes could be placed on slow forward to scan. I know a business where I live that watches their tapes every day for a 12 hour business they own, 7 days a week. In this case, the daycare owner is extremely liable. I hope she has good insurance.

          • Dianne Clanton

            At least when she saw this on the tapes, she handed them over. At least that much can be said for her (the owner).

    • Marianne Sandy

      performs background checks, but never looks at what is recorded?

      • lspiderl

        no one can sit there and review 8-12 hrs of tape every day , security footage is generaly only viewed when there is an incident and if the other workers wernt reporting the incident then the owner wouldn’t have known to look

        • Guest

          Finally someone is sensible and not looking to toss blame anywhere possible. It doesn’t say even that the mother talked to the owner Nichole! It says right there, the workers did. Marianne assuming she never looked at them…that’s really funny. That’s what performing means Marianne. It’s not requesting them, filing them away. Performing them means looking at them. What a crock, all you judgmental people that think you know everything, and are so quick to throw stones…

          • TheBuckStopsHere

            What’s incredibly alarming about this story is that THE OTHER EMPLOYEES had to have seen this going on and not one of them considered the actions of this worker to be harmful to the children. ALL OF THEM should be fired. This place should not be caring for children!

        • Betty

          the “team leader” (boss) is ALWAYS responsible. owner did not have to watch every tape every day. And, the tapes could be placed on slow forward to scan. I know a business where I live that watches their tapes every day for a 12 hour business they own, 7 days a week. In this case, the daycare owner is extremely liable. I hope she has good insurance.

      • Guest

        I wonder if you understand the meaning of performing background checks. It’s not requesting them, it’s not filing them away, it’s looking at them. Why do you assume this owner didn’t do her due diligence when hiring. I’m disappointed you can easily jump to judgment about someone, with no facts.

    • Rebel1962

      Put the in jail, pull their license and condemn them from ever taking care of anybody-Cause the next will be a senior center where they’ll abuse older folks.

      • Steven Turi

        She deserves anything thrown at her in court. But keep in mind all the parents who need the daycare. There may not be anywhere else convenient enough.

        • Marie Hicks


          • jerk

            Marie we arent all as fortunate as you to be able to have one parent stay home…… its not about bling for most…..its about putting food on the table how dare you say that comment…..

          • I’ve done both

            Every person I’ve known who says both parents in their family “have to” work has been incorrect. It is not about putting food on the table, because if it was and their income is low, they’d apply for SNAP and be able to survive. It’s about lifestyle, plain and simple: having smart phones and second cars, taking vacations, going out to eat—which happens a lot more when the wife/mom works outside the home. It is a choice, period, and people should own it.

          • Dianne Clanton

            Everyone can’t do that. Some families barely get by even with both parents working and some are single moms.

          • J

            Have you considered that some parents can’t stay home because we have college education to pay off. I can safely say I don’t work for “Bling”

          • Tony Stafford

            Marie, to make such a comment is rude and inconsiderate of all the families who will not make it if both parents are not working. I feel blessed that my wife was able to be a stay-at-home mom. Also, what do you expect a single mother (divorced or widowed) to do for income?

          • JLE

            And if both parents are holding down minimum wage jobs? Do you suggest that maybe they don’t need as much food? Maybe clothes without hokes are a luxury they can do without so one can stay home.

        • TheBuckStopsHere

          CONVENIENT??? Use abusive daycare workers for your child if you need them for your CONVENIENCE??? Are you serious! Parents who need daycare so badly that they’d choose to leave them with abusive adults are abusive parents. That’s not CONVENIENCE!!! That’s child abuse. Ridiculous!

          • Tony Stafford

            Hey Buck. How many parents search for a daycare center based on, “I hope they abuse my child.”? The abuse is not discovered until after it happens. The parent can only search beforehand and see if there have been any reports of misconduct.

    • Lavenderloins

      What owner, after close, is going to meticulously scour 8-12 hours of video x16 every day? is that even possible. No, they only pull footage in the case of an incident like this.

      • wandakate

        The video cameras are nothing more than “insurance”. They are just there in case you need them so that is correct. They are there as a back up in case of accidents or something of this nature. They won’t be looked at everyday or even once a week.

  • Tex

    Wow, WTF is the matter with people these days? I can understand beating your local gang banger, but an innocent child?

    Off with her head.

  • DaveyDoes

    Violence shouldn’t be answered with violence. And I know it’s wrong…but that woman would know what being kicked meant by the time I was done with her. Nobody messes with my kids.

    • Tex

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • greg

    Let the parents give fancy good kicking for what they did to that little girl

  • David Feuerborn

    No words can describe what I was thinking when I viewed this video.

    • wandakate

      First of all this daycare worker doesn’t care about or have any affection for the children there. She was apparently only there for the paycheck. She may not have “kicked” the child but as someone here says, “nudged” her in the head which would be irrelevant. She should NEVER EVER had touched the child with her foot. She should have bent over and picked up the child. Whatever she did actually do was WRONG, UNLOVING, and UNCARING!!! So, it was a “form” or child abuse, mishandling the child in that manner.
      I owned a Family Daycare for several years in Virginia and in Florida. I was very upset when viewing this video. She should be immediately fired, she should even serve some time in jail so she will suffer the consequences of her actions. She should NEVER be allowed to work with children again. I am a mother of two and a grandmother of 5, and she would have heard from me loud and clear had that been one of mine…

  • David Serra Sr

    jail time

  • sward14

    I would have whipped her ass.

  • erin

    wow, really. Hell is not good enough for this woman!

  • Outlaw

    Time to beat her in the head…

  • muslimfree America

    i would have looked in the window, caught her in the act….justifiable homicide…. saving my childs life.

    • jerk

      Muslimfree america……more like your an asshole…..saving childs life is the right thing…..your “name” ….ignorant pos.

  • CaneRVa

    1 year in jail at a minimum

    • Betty

      and the inmates should know her crime. Male or female perpetrator, crimes against children are the worst offense to most.

  • Laura Kay Spriggs

    let me jump in here this happened to my daughter 10 years ago I did it the right way by the law ha she did get fired but is still working with kids and I wish I would have done what I first wanted to do and beat her ass

    • TheBuckStopsHere

      If she was fired for child abuse, she needs to be reported again if she’s caring for children. I’d post signs on the business WITH HER PICTURE that read, “Fired from another establishment for abusing a child.” Wonder how long she’d be able to stay with the company…and you couldn’t be charged with slander or libel because there’s nothing untruthful about your statement…that’s all it is…a statement of fact.

  • wendy

    I would love a few minutes alone with this bitch.

  • tax man

    25 years would be a reasonable sentence and then never to be near any kids or animals

  • keith

    5 minutes alone is all it would take. Never again would this happen.

  • Ariesdancer

    I think all those kids should line up and let them kick the hell out of that witch. She needs to be tied down and left on the floor so the kids can get a good kick in as they pass by her a few DOZEN TIMES EACH. Then she needs to be arrested for hurting a child and prosecuted and sued for all the bruises that are left on the child’s body, and loss of hair that the woman pulled out of that child’s head..

  • Shelley

    Why aren’t the cameras viewd daily! Obviously, they weren’t “watching. That’s the purpose of having cameras!! Place should be closed down!!

    • lspiderl

      no one can sit there and review 8-12 hrs of tape every day , security footage is generaly only viewed when there is an incident and if the other workers wernt reporting the incident then the owner wouldn’t have known to look at them

      • Rick

        But once there was a complaint then the tapes should have been looked at!

      • PixelPusher777

        Fast forward viewing? There’s got to be a way to get an idea of what’s going on daily…

      • Marie Hicks

        Really??? Do you know what a J O B is?

      • TheBuckStopsHere

        Ispiderl…there are companies that HIRE men to sit and watch monitors 8-12 hours a day for the protection of their customers. If a business is going to put cameras in place, common sense says they should be USED…and not AFTER THE FACT. Children could DIE if someone is only going to check the camera’s after the fact. What appalls me…other workers had to know what this woman was doing and THEY hadn’t reported her. THE WHOLE BUSINESS SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. That might not be “convenient” for the parents…but the child’s SAFETY should come before the parents’ CONVENIENCE.

    • dghealy

      this is exactly why the lawsuit will be against the facility.

  • David

    I would have gone in a pummeled that F’ing whore almost to death and damn the F’ing consequences and let a jury judge me!!!….just saying

  • brenda

    I cant believe someone would kick a toddler if it were my child that bitch wouldn’t be standing walking sitting she’d be on her way to a body cast

  • Wiggle D

    There was absolutely no reason for that. I hope she is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Bill Bunce

    Shut the place down and fine the owner one million dollars. The bimbo kicking the child get prison time.

  • Jeanette Appice Zeitz

    So sad, she abused her while she slept even! This woman will never be normal, there is something missing there. Lock her up and throw away the key.

  • bob e. wills

    That momma needs to go and kick some ass …the hell w/ the law, we’ll deal w/that later, but “Today your ASS is mine!’

  • SinCityLocal

    Only cowards prey on the innocent!

  • de_1965

    Instead of instantly denying that their daycare couldn’t be at fault. Review the tapes.

  • Patriot Va girl

    If it was my child getting fired would be the lest of her worries!!!

  • Thomas Kane

    That women should have her head cut off!

  • Jose Elizabeth Allen Hawkins

    Please, parents…live more modestly and raise your chilren at home.

  • Talkiseasy

    Always sad when a defenseless child is hurt by a monster.

  • canucksam

    Sue for every cent they have. That worker should be charged with intent to injure a child and banned from ever again working with children – after she serves her jail time.

  • PixelPusher777

    Sure what she did was horrible, but let the law handle the punishment. She will also have to answer to God for what she’s done. That’s enough…

  • Jerry Crabb

    She should be thrown in prison, and when the word gets out that she’s a child abuser, she’ll be wishing she was never born.

  • Jerry Crabb

    I want so bad to put my foot where the sun doesn’t shine and see the
    toe part coming out of her mouth.

  • wandakate

    What I would like to know is WHY did the other daycare workers not say something the instant this happened or anything else for that matter? If you work anywhere and see something happening that shouldn’t be happening or is just plain wrong (we all know right from wrong), then say something. NOTHING is ever going to get solved unless people speak up.

  • Briggette Almy Cammett

    Thank goodness for cameras. Shame on that director and I hope the parents sue !!!!

  • Random

    And this folks is why kids are growing up insane these days. BECAUSE MOMS HAVE TO WORK AND HAVE CHILDREN TOO. THAT IS WHAT THE LIBERALS DID TO MOTHERS. They yanked them out of the loving homes and made them work at the MASSIVE cost of what it does to your children. HORRIBLE. And so now you know who is raising your children. Demonic useless, no bodies who pretend they care about your kids. NOw would it not have been better to be at home with your kids???? So THANK THE LIBERALS FOR ALL THE POOR MOM-LESS CHILDREN GROWING UP COMPLETELY CRAZY IN AMERICA NOW. They are the ones who distroyed the US of A. and the children in it…………..

    • Betty

      Liberals had nothing to do with it. Read your history. Especially beginning in 1944 !

  • Random

    For the record I was horrified by this video and if this were my child. All hell would be released on this daycare-less. My lawyers would hold the owner and employee responcible and then some. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR EVER ANYWHERE.

  • Betty

    I hope we hear follow up on this story.

  • Hercy

    The Surveillance cameras with monitors (in a locked space) are easily accessed by remote. The owner should keep tabs on the business’s daily routine. Older children are witnessing the abuse in the video, and seem to stand off. Consider why they are not reporting incidents to their parents…is the care giver, warning the children to keep quiet? Also appears the woman is wearing heavy shoes, wonder if she would chance awaking a dog in this fashion?

  • Diane

    Same thing happened at the day care I worked at. I saw it hundreds of times. And reported it to CPS too. I was told the camera in Selena’s room was broken so the footage couldn’t be reviewed. I was also told I was lying because one of the administrations receptions had a child in selenas class and she “would know” if abuse was happening. Well, it was. Pulling, pushing, degrading and calling h kids fat and ugly and useless to their faces (they were 1-2 year olds) I still think about them. I tried to warm the parents and the administration but they turned their backs. and the lady I reported still works there I beleieve. I quit a long time ago when no one believed me. Creative kids in Yorktown ny. Scary place for those kids..

  • Crystal Lea Strong

    Childcare is very different from other business that have security cameras. Other businesses only view their cameras when an accident or theft occurs. However daycares are responsible to review the footage often specifically to monitor how children are cared for. Its not difficult to review a 12-16 hour day in a matter of an hour to ensure their safety. I know this because I once had my own childcare service. Accidents can occur at daycare….children will fight or bite….and when these things happen parents are more understanding when you document the incident and discuss it. After watching this video i am curious to know how she has treated other children since her hire date. Unfortunately background checks cannot determine or show the character of the person. My heart goes out to the child and her parents and i also feel for the owner. Most ppl start a childcare center because they genuinely love children. I imagine or would hope at least…that the owner is very distraught over one of her employees abusing this innocent little one! Glad she was fired and hope charges are brought against this woman!!

  • BeenThere

    I hate to burst people’s bubble here, but just about EVERY daycare center abuses children. It’s just a question of how much, how severely, and how often. I know this from years of working with daycare centers in various capacities and relationships. Any child welfare worker or daycare licensing agent can tell you this, if you just ask. If you care for your child, you will not put them in a daycare center. In-home daycare, maybe, but I’d slip a digital recorder into the lining of the diaper bag or something until I was sure they’re okay. It is very rare to find a childcare worker who actually cares about children and will do what’s needed to keep them safe. Usually, the people who care and will keep kids safe are no longer working in the daycare center because they have reported the abusers in that center and no longer have a job there.

  • Sick with anger

    That woman would not be safe if she did that to my child.

  • sharon

    Sue the daycare center and women. That hurt the child.

  • Dianne Clanton

    I hate this happened in a daycare. My son was abused by an individual who was supposed to be a friend. I wouldn’t have placed my kids anywhere but a daycare after that.

  • Carl Tim

    Someone needs to hire Mark McGuire to take a swing at her left knee with a Louisville Slugger…..

  • shasta89

    for those saying she only nudged her, watch again. she kicked her,not full force but enough to obviously cause bruising and hair loss!

  • Behning Brad

    Is he still alive? Let’s kick him and see. With more single moms working, this is where our kids are being raised now….

  • Jerry Verdugo

    I would never do this, but it didn’t seem with an “intent” to harm. Just sayin’

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