Daycare Center Says Her Daughter’s Bruises Couldn’t Be Their Fault. Then Mom Sees The Video Tape


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

It’s the fears that haunt every parent who has to leave their kids in daycare.

Can I trust the staff? Will they abuse my child? Will I even know if they do?

One Mom lived these fears last week, after she and her daughter arrived home from Kids Stop-N-Play day care in Holiday, Florida on Saturday.  Crystal Faggione she noticed red marks all over little Lillian.

Faggione called and told the daycare staff about all the marks on Lillian. The workers claimed no bruises could have come from the center.

But then later, while Faggione was feeding her daughter dinner, she noticed a patch of missing hair on her head. Then next day she took Lillian to the daycare center to show workers the marks. Once again the center denied any responsibility. “Stop blaming us!” one worker allegedly told her.

Needless to say, mom was not satisfied. As her primary physician was unavailable, she took her 16-month-old to the hospital, and explained her concerns to them. When the ER staff saw the marks, authorities were called almost immediately.

The center was then asked to review its surveillance tapes, and what police, and Faggione saw stunned them:

They were shocked to see caregiver Linda Klemm repeatedly kicking the child while she slept on the floor.

Only a small portion of her interactions with Lillian were visible on camera (no camera covered other areas of the room), but Faggione’s doctor said Lillian “must have been hit or kicked dozens of times” to create so many brusies, marks and hair loss.

Klemm denies abusing the child, despite being shown the video “a dozen times,” according to the Tampa Bay Times. Officers investigating saw it differently; they arrested Klemm and charged her with child abuse:

“Linda should have known better. Linda was there to take care of children — little, innocent children — and she didn’t,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said. “Even the most hardened law enforcement officers were disgusted by what they saw in the video.”

Klemm was fired immediately by the center’s owner Rebecca Swetland, who performs background checks on all employees and has 16 cameras monitoring the classrooms.

For many families, using a daycare facility is a necessity. Incidents in which children are abused are terrifying and cause parents to second-guess their choices. Experts agree that most children are safe in daycare, but there are steps parents can take to ensure their children are well cared for.


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