Daughter of Anti-Gun Country Singer Tim McGraw Shows Off Her Numerous Guns on Facebook


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Yesterday we reported that anti-gun activist and country music star Tim McGraw is going to be headlining an anti-gun concert in Connecticut this summer.

But in his zeal to grab your guns, perhaps Tim hasn’t informed his own daughter that he stands against our 2nd Amdnement rights.

That’s because his teenage daughter Gracie has posted several photos of herself on Facebook proudly toting rifles, pistols and shotguns, Right Wing News reported tonight.

Gracie seems to be a straight up kind of gal. In one of her posts, for instance, this thoroughly delightful young woman pays tribute to God, saying:

I don’t need my name in lights, I’m famous in my Father’s eyes. Make no mistake, He knows my name. I’m not living for applause, I’m already so adored. It’s all His stage, He knows my name.

Wonderful. Looks like Gracie is a well grounded and loving kid.

But her gun-grabbing dad might not be too happy to find that on those same Facebook pages she proudly features photos of herself with various guns.

Gracie has several photos of herself with guns, the very things her dad thinks are evil and wants taken away from the rest of us.



We salute Gracie for her celebration of the Second Amendment, and would hope that — before he signs on to raise money to try and strip those rights from all of us, that Tim McGraw would first have a word or two with his beautiful daughter first.

Perhaps she could educate him on the Constitution, and the importance of young women to be protected by firearms, especially in today’s sick world.

But then again, does it not seem odd that McGraw has no apparent problem with his own daughter exercising her right to bear arms, while trying to deny that right to us?

Is this yet another case of a celebrity hypocrite  trying to make rules for us lowly commoners that he doesn’t think should apply to his own?

What do you think?

[h/t Right Wing News]

  • Hoosier22

    Nobody has ever accused Tim of being the sharpest tool in the shed, especially in light of his endorsement of Obama & Hillary. He’s clearly a big hypocrite, and thinks that he and his deserve to handle and own guns but the rest of us “lowly” people are too stupid to carry??? Shut up and sing Tim, that is what you do best.

    • Ed

      I’m a trained vocal coach. Singing is NOT what he does best or even well.

      • It’s complicated

        I agree Ed!!

      • Top

        Never have liked the arrogant, not talent bum. My hound dog carries a better tune. Just another celebrity communist on the he loose. McCarthy was right all those years ago. Look where we are now. Shame

        • Anna Rose

          Regarding McCarthy…. I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve thought that! Regarding McGraw…. I’ve never listened to him, but he really shouldn’t be pretending to be real country when he’s obviously not!

        • birdbrain2

          You maybe should be prosecuted for calling this man a communist with absolutely no proof of your assumption. You are an idiot with a big mouth.

      • Trisch B. Terrien

        And yet………he makes MILLIONS, doing it. These days, a person doesn’t have to even carry a tune, to be considered a good singer. I mean………..really. Most of the music these days, isn’t even music. Not the way it used to be. But whatever. If people keep buying, it makes money, and it keeps on selling consistently…… That’s what it seems to be all about. Heh heh

        • Jesus is lord

          These days? He’s been doing it for almost 30yrs

        • moneygame

          Yep. Look at Justin Blabla.No talent waste of oxygen.

      • birdbrain2

        The millions and millions of people who buy his music seem to disagree with you.

      • Jeannie de Montmorency

        Finally someone who realizes that he has no singing voice. I have waited years to see if anyone else agrees.

    • Bill Gregg

      Today’s version of “country music” is little more than suburban pop. It takes more than wearing a cowboy hat to be a country singer.

    • Chaos

      “thinks that he and his deserve to handle and own guns but the rest of us “lowly” people are too stupid to carry???”

      —That’s not his position at all. You people are paranoid. He is NOT participating in an anti gun group event.

      “Shut up and sing Tim”

      —Does that apply to Ted Nugent?

      • PRO 2A

        McGraw is looking to wear down our rights. Ted is looking to stand up for them.
        BIG difference.

        • Chaos

          What a pathetic double standard hypocrite you are. As long as you agree with what’s said, an entertainer should get in to politics at entertainment type events but ONLY if it is your preferred policy. Which, by the way, you have factually incorrect so you’re also being a baffoon at the same time.

          • Mike

            It *is* an anti-gun group, you are a tool of the left if you are unwilling to do the (very) simple research to find out what the group is really after.

          • Chaos

            Sorry imbecile. Agenda websites aren’t research or evidence. Show us some. Not claims. Actual evidence…

          • Mike

            First, name calling just taints whatever viewpoint you have as coming from someone too immature to think for themselves.

            Second, it takes all of 5 seconds the Sandy Hook Promise web page to find evidence of them and their ilk being tools of the anti-gun crowd. With easily disproven statements such as “A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used in a homicide, suicide, or unintentional shooting than it is to be used in self-defense” or statements implicating inanimate objects in violence like “To learn more about bringing Sandy Hook Promise Say Something or other gun violence prevention”, or the posts to their blog here http://www.sandyhookpromise.org/blog it is clear to everyone that this is an anti-gun organization.

          • Mike

            And BTW, how about what snopes has to say? “support the consideration of what they deem to be “new laws where public safety and reduction in violence can be achieved without eroding 2nd Amendment rights,” such as legislation that would require background checks for all gun sales, reduce the maximum capacity of ammunition magazines to ten bullets, and make firearms trafficking and straw purchases federal crimes”
            Read more at http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/timmcgraw.asp#uhdmcXfeQOCppmuM.99

            That folks, is not a “mixture” of truth and falsehoods, that *is* gun control. If they were about supporting the families, there would be nothing political in their mission. There is.

    • David Newman

      Shut up and sing? talk about un-American.

  • Kimberly

    Her quote is from a song by a Christian music artist named Francesca Battistelli. Great song. I’m proud of his daughter for her 2nd amendment nod and the faith she must have and shares in our Father Jesus Christ.

  • UpNorth2

    I’ll take “Two-faced Liberal Hypocrites” for $1000, Alex.

    • Jimmy G. Linkous

      Rock of the marne!

  • John McMickle

    Everybody needs to layoff Tim McGraw, the poor man has a wife in three teenage daughters in the same house.

    • Not Anonymous

      he signed up for it- plus his daughter obviously supports the second amendment.

      • John McMickle

        I knew a person that had two teenage daughters. He used to say God should not love a man so much that he would bless him two teenage daughters at the same time. He has three teenage daughter and a wife that probably has a type A personality. The man probably cannot do anything right in his own home with four women giving orders.

        • Jo Humphrey

          He has a brain, and doesn’t have to live that way; he has a choice to be a weak man, which not only hurts himself, but other family members as well. If he doesn’t stand up for himself, and his family (parents, siblings, etc.) then he may lose his family (who wants to be around those who are controlling and self centered, sociopaths or A types?). Of course, this may not apply to him, but if so…

          • John McMickle

            It was partially sarcasm and partially based on experience. I feel for any ,am with three teenage daughters and a wife with a type A personality. If he fights back too much divorce court is in the future. It is a balancing act that has to be done.

            Every entertainer is a type A to an extent, that is a more take charge and run things.

    • Miss Jenni

      And your point is? He chose that life. What does that have to do with his Constitution stomping crusade besides a whole lot of NOTHING!

    • Violasaylor

      SO WHAT, he’s not the only one with a family and what does that have to do with the subject at hand. He is nothing special, he pulls his pants down and sits on a TOILET just like everybody else and I’m sure he wipes just like everybody else too. (Isn’t that a shocker?) I wouldn’t buy anything he has for sale.

      • John McMickle

        What I am saying is he very rarely gets to express an opinion. The stress of having a wife and three teenage daughters telling you what to do has got to be tough on a person.

  • Not Anonymous

    People should voice their displeasure by not buying his music. He is a pawn of the left. Cowboy hat in one hand, burning constitution in the other…

    • Guest

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    • Big
    • ellie

      People should voice their displeasure that it isn’t his daughter in those photos. It’s like tabloid news.

      • Guest

        ➧➧✥➧➧✥I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak36:



      • SGT

        The way I look at it is I’m a soldier, I love our country and our rights. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s opinion is, they have the right to voice it. I am a gun owner so don’t get me wrong. It’s not our place to condemn anyone for their beliefs. If you do then you aren’t a true country or believer in the Constitution or Bill of Rights either.

        • moneygame

          Except when these individuals opinions are transformed into laws that infringe on our rights. An opinion is one thing. To use that opinion to trample anothers rights is completely different and totally wrong.

          • George Patrick Shiflett

            who has trampled on the right to bear arms , no one has , a few mothers who don’t want their kids murdered want more background checks , big deal , i think there should only be one background check a Class three , thats it and a tax stamp same thing i had to get several times , that is the only background check you need , the NRA would hate that because most of the right wing and some of the left would never be able to pass it

          • patrickhenry13

            shut up you damm gueer, you sick pathetic sub-human..stop sucking off humanity..

          • George Patrick Shiflett

            Whats the matter can’t pass an ATF background Check

          • patrickhenry13

            in every country that has said all they want is a background check they have progressed to stealing guns withen 10 years,,which makes you a moron or a liar,most likely both..

          • Donna Murdock

            I agree

          • cbwrrn

            There is already back ground checks for anyone buying a gun, and that is for law abiding citizens. What do you intend to say about the criminals and how they obtain the guns they use to commit the crimes. No yall just want to take ours so we cant defend ourselves against you Nazi retards when you try to come and take the one we have already. I cant wait til you come and try to take mine… oh wait you will just send the govt to do it… cowards all of you!

          • Will Killyou

            Are you kidding? So many places in the North East have turned the 2nd amendment right into a very special privilege. You must really be one of the anti-gun crowd!

          • George Patrick Shiflett

            Oh by the way , where is my grand kids right not to feel scared sitting in a taco bell when one of you morons come walking in with a AK 47 hung on you , how about the others peoples right not to feel scared and wonder weather that person is crazy enough to lower that weapon and start shooting , and what makes any one think that if i was there and i pulled one of my Eagles out and blew the dam fools head off that i would be a good guy with a gun , who is the good guy with a gun , and how would you know , is he gonna be wearing a big whit hat , or wearing the stars and stripes all over him , whats the definition of a good guy with a gun , i want to know what is the definition and how are you gonna know

          • patrickhenry13

            says the jailbird welfare rat who thinks americans need to be taxed more so that even more of you freaks can live off others,people are carrying guns because freaks that have been arrested 41 times have more rights then cops,, when they start lining up freaks like you and shooting them for treason against humanity this world can start moving forward again..

          • justin

            So apparently your antigun? Do you really think that by the government taking away all guns will keep guns off the street? Drugs are illegal but are they off the street? NO. People will find a way to get guns anyway they can get em. But what they are doing is in the situation described above. When that someone comes into that taco bell and you don’t have your wepon because the government took them away, you won’t be able to save your grandchild. Would you be a good person then? To your son/daughter and their spouse you would. To that sweet child you would. When your standing at graveside wishing you could have done something? Wondering that if just if I didn’t help pass that bill and I had been carrying my firearm that day could have stopped that person for ending a life so early just because a food worker is overpaid n can’t get his order right but don’t care because they know they don’t have to work. They ganna get that check every month from the government. Their child will have food and health care no matter what because we hard working citizens pay taxes, every week. And those people my friend are the VERY ONES that will have guns and will not follow the law just like they do with drugs because they can afford them because our government gives them our money every month to eat on, live in housing, take care of their kids, and pay bills. Heck even cell phones. Free cell phones? Ha what a joke. Just in writing this I wonder y can’t I go get a job at McDonald’s n get on government funds. Hahaha just a dream they wouldn’t approve me. I’m not the right gender or skin tone.

          • George Patrick Shiflett

            Ok i don’t know where you came into this , but i am a gun owner , and my question is what about the rights of people who don’t want to see that guy or is afraid of that guy who walks into a taco bell with a loaded long gun , people are used to seeing hand guns so they don’t have much impact , but a long gun has a lot of impact when seen , people view them with more apprehension peoples rights don’t work just one way , rights are a two way street , i could walk around with a long gun if i wanted to , but i chose not to frighten other people so i walk around packed , it scares less people , besides people who walk around with long guns are just trying to make a statement on how bad ass they are or because they want to cause a seen , and that is it ,

          • ladycooter

            First of all, it’s a weapon not a gun. Guns are surface to air, air to surface. I carry my weapon every where legally allowed and have never had a problem. However, who in their right mind carries a deer rifle, etc into a public facility. When the time comes and it will all the anti gun lobbiest will be begging for supporters of the second amendment to save them.

          • Will Killyou

            We have a right to bear arms not a right to never be frightened! Knowledge dispels fear!

          • Brian Harvel

            You won’t know, that’s the point. What you conveniently did not comprehend about the question, is how are you going to make a criminal, who illegally purchases a gun, take a background check? Odds are they are the ones your grandchildren should fear. But you would rather concentrate on taking the guns from those who would likely protect your family from the criminals. You libs aren’t to smart.

        • Wade Lee Brower

          Yet there you sit stating if someone condemns they are not a true countryman or a believer. So you just condemned. Are you also as you stated? Speak plainly its ok for some to condemn gun rights activists, but, but not ok to counter condemn?

          • patrickhenry13

            if they arn’t willing to protect themselves or their family thay arn’t even human,, they have no rights..

        • Daniel Smith

          Here’s the problem I see with that statement buddy. Of coarse they have a right to their opinion. But so does else. Freedom of speech goes both ways. And it doesn’t come wirh freedom from criticism. In fact if people are doing or saying things that are destructive of our liberty , it’s our obligation to speak out against them.

        • George Patrick Shiflett

          Right on thats what it is

        • Alfredo Sanchez

          That is wonderful, how about you take that patriotism veterans are so proud off and mach onto Washington D.C and get our civil rights back dimwit. Srsly. … private prisons, NDAA (there goes your beloved 2nd among others), USA PATRIOT act, and many more. Kissinger said it best “Military men are stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”. … How the hell did I end up on this page anyways ??!?!?!? (patriotism is overrated)

    • James Himes

      don’t believe everything you read on these hoaky online news sites man it’s all garbage Tim McGraw is NOT ANTI GUN!!!!!
      just because he did a concert to help out the families of Sandy Hook does not make him Anti Gun for pete’s sake! And i guarantee you neither him or his daughter’s would have the guns they all do if he was all anti gun like the idiots in the news keep proclaiming

      • CrazyAuntJane

        Better take a second look at what the group he’s backing advocates about restricting YOUR rights.

      • Frederick Kithcart

        Mmmm you need to reread the story again. The concert wasn’t for the families as your saying……

      • Will Killyou

        OH YES HE IS!

    • David Newman

      Just for your edification, Not Anonymous, I’m opening iTunes right now to buy yet another of Tim McGraw’s albums.
      He makes very good music, so I suppose I’m not doing it JUST for you.
      Go ahead and respond with some ridiculous, untrue, assault upon my character, if that’s what makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, Not Anonymous.

    • David Newman

      I’ll bet you $1000.00 that Not Anonymous is not your real name, Not Anonymous. Coward.

    • Alfredo Sanchez

      Reminds me of that Yankee Texas wannabe W. Bush… wasn’t he from Maryland?. Obama was born in Hawaii! back when it was a right wing heaven; now the left majority have moved in and Oahu has turned into mainland bum paradise waiting 4 government handouts instead of fishing their lunch and dinner. (they should pass a law making homelessness illegal in the Islands instead, so we can take that State welfare handout money and redirected back into the economy to create some jobs, maybe even a little profit). OH DARN,,, I WENT OFF THE SUBJECT.

  • frank lee

    Maybe he “misread” the contract.

  • Haywood Jablowme

    boy his daughter would be perfect for my son.

  • ROB

    What a Douche bag !

  • DrColostomy

    Wonder who her real father is?

    • ellie

      That’s not McGraw’s daughter – fake story.

      • MikaelaHowell

        I’m actually the girl in the top picture and I’m not his daughter hahaha

        • ellie

          It took me a while to figure out it was two different girls in the photos. Crazy that people believe the garbage they read. And awful that they drag children into it.

          • Ian

            Mr Lincoln said it best…

          • Mike

            Oh you mean like using Sandy Hook to push a gun control agenda, wrapping it up in something like, oh I don’t know, Sandy Hook Promise?

      • Frog Lady

        Yes, she is his daughter. He has 3 daughters and she is the first born of the 3.

      • Kenny Renner

        Actually the story is true but the picture is not of his daughter but every one wants us to believe it is

        • ellie

          Everything about his daughter in that article is false. The comments about her came from a fake Facebook account.

  • Lori

    Tim came to Mohegan Sun Arena in CT where he was so drunk he ruined the entire show. Fans paid good money to see him and he couldn’t even stand up. He puked down the wall and sh*t himself in tight white pants. Now he wants to talk Sandy Hook CT and gun control. CT did not forget what an A-hole you are McGraw

    • TurnUrHeadAndCough

      “Skids” McGraw…has a nice ring to it.

  • Constitutional conservative

    Another liberal ass hat

  • Loni

    Yay Gracie,you have a brain and know how to use it.

    • ellie

      That’s not Gracie – that’s Hannah Sullivan – the story is a fake.

  • Tylor2

    Well, we can see who has the brains in the family. Maybe he could learning a thing from her.

  • Lanzecki

    The best way to get his attention is to stop paying to go to concerts he is in, or buying his music. These people only understand the dollar. Hit him where it hurts, and THEN blast him publicly for his stupidity. Should totally salute his daughter!

  • Michelle Maynor

    He should learn something from his daughter or just maybe he thinks HE and HIS family should own guns but others shouldnt…either way he is a idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Guns aren’t evil, people are.

  • Ken Gove

    Definitely no cowboy in his hypocritical ass.

  • mt.grammy

    Such a hypocrite–no one should buy his music. Not a cowboy….not an American when he wants to take away our Second Amendment. Down with Tim McGraw!!

  • Trisch B. Terrien

    Everybody has a right to believe, in their own way. Some like guns, some don’t. He doesn’t, she does……..

    • TurnUrHeadAndCough

      Big difference between personal preferences, and infringing on the rights of others. He is playing at a venue that is raising money for anti-gun legislation.

  • Zelda

    His hat always looks like it’s about to fall off.

    • TurnUrHeadAndCough

      His hair already did.

      • Zelda

        The hat grows as the hair shrinks.

  • 4thHorseman526

    daughter for the win!

  • rizzos24

    Have never like fake “plastic” cowboy hats!

  • Mike

    Tim doesn’t stand for much at ,he can’t sing a lick and doesn’t share his family values apparently and drinking is just a tiny bit of his real problems! It’s ashamed Faith doesn’t carry the torch at least she can sing !! Tim can be bought easy as it seems !

  • Jim

    No matter how bad the crop is, we choose the best apple from the bag. Music isn’t good anymore in my opinion, no heart and the words don’t make sense. Still, we will pick the best one out and to some people’s ears, it’s this guy. To me, there’s a worm in this apple so I don’t buy it. Bad music and bad politics seem to flow together here. Two thumbs up for his daughter, I hope all her dreams come true. Pay attention Dad!!

  • Eagle 77

    Is that an assault weapon…. I mean moder sporting arm I see?!?!

    Delicious irony.

    Keep ’em in the 10 ring Gracie!

  • Jeff Bodnar

    Typical uneducated hypocrite.
    The ‘gun’ is the problem and cause? What about the fake Sandy Hook ‘doctor’ testimony and ‘parent’ interviews in front of a green screen and scripted with Anderson Cooper. That govt set up is another Benghazi and Fast And Furious fabrication. Good thing your kid has plenty of guns, Tim, to prove you’re an idiot. [Waylon Jennings rules, BTW]

    • ellie

      and the NRA leadership is in conference, now, desperately trying to decide how to handle this catastrophe. This concert for 20,000 middle class Americans for a tiny, little charity (can’t remember the name – something about a pirate) is the biggest threat the NRA has faced in decades!! All concern about elections and who will be the next Supreme Court Justice must be put on hold or everything is lost!

  • janet

    There is no hypocrisy here. His daughter has every right to her own thoughts and beliefs. It’s not required or expected for her to believe the same as her dad.

    • Guest

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  • ellie

    That’s not Tim McGraw’s daughter. The original poster of this article removed it because it’s false. Not cool to post a pic of someone else’s kid all over the internet.

  • William Wright

    That girl goes to my school. Her name is Hannah… People use her pictures for a Parody Account and says that it’s “Gracie McGraw.” Get you facts straight.

  • Eric

    Glad to see the stupidity doesn’t run through all members of his family.

    • Guest

      But it runs rampant through this comment section, apparently.

  • Billy Kaae

    the one with the blue coat and tan purse is the real gracie mcgraw the girl in this story IS NOT GRACIE MCGRAW LOOK CLOSE!!! TYPICAL FAKE STORY

  • MikaelaHowell

    hey guys!!! I’m the girl in the top picture and umm… plot twist.. IM NOT TIM MCGRAWS DAUGHTER this article is fake

  • poetryman2

    If you disagree with what he believes that is your choice.But why is bashing him needed.You stand for what you believe,he is just standing for his beliefs.I believe we all have the right to have guns if we choose to.I myself choose not to.Have no need for one in the first place

  • willow

    You said it right towards the end… Just because of the money and fame they think it won’t apply to them…

  • Bug

    Well of course, Liberal Elite don’t think your worth protecting your own life.

  • TexasRangers1975

    Dude wears a straw hat spray painted black we have made fun of this guy for years. Wanna be cowboy. Real one wouldn’t be caught dead with that on his head.

  • Miss Jenni

    Folks..the girl in the pictures is NOT Tim and Faith’s daughter. Go to twitter and look up Hannah Sullivan. She is actually bragging about this and people are making fun of her about it. She thinks it is great that this “news site” is calling her their daughter. That idiot actually posted the article. Her cover photo is the same truck in the picture here. Look it up…

  • Sommer Leigh McDaniel

    This is stupid. Her liking guns as nothing to do with him. He makes his own decisions and so does she.
    Plus if he manages to help strip everyone of their gun rights that would include his daughter. . .

    He doesn’t have much of a chance to do that anyway. Quit giving him attention. You’re helping to promote his ideas.

  • Disco58

    Did you ever consider the possibility that he’s not against anyone owning guns, and not against the 2nd Amendment’s true intent? Did you ever consider consider that maybe he, like the rest of sane America, is against dumbasses thinking it’s their ‘right’, and thus somehow a good idea, to strap on an assault rifle and walk through WalMart like they own the place?
    The more I see on a daily basis about the conservative mentality, I’m thinking conservative is the new PC euphemism for retarded.

    • Mike

      Conservative, or freedom lover? You hate both?

  • Barry A. Sallade

    I don’t like country music…too whiny , it’s all been sung before blah blah blah!
    I also can’t stand to see people use a celebrities first name as if they know them personally.
    If I knew Tim McGraw personally and saw he was pushing for gun control, i would no longer have anything to do with him.

  • ryte

    That’s not Gracie… in either of those pictures. Gracie doesn’t even have a Facebook. Thats just sad.

  • Julie Smith

    Perhaps her mother, who is also very prominent in her life has different views. Instead of jumping to the hypocrite card you should stop and think about how someone else may have influenced the scene. My husband and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on how we stand on issues and what we are teaching our children. We have our children looking at all sides and making choices based on all the information and their feelings (not just ours). That just makes them more well-rounded as they see both sides instead of having their head in the sand.

  • Nette

    Learn the facts Top Right News….Tim McGraw is not playing a “Anti-Gun” Concert….he is headlining a concert where the proceeds go to benefit the Sandy Hook Community and to EDUCATING and ENSURING SAFE GUN HANDLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical Half-assed jump on the bandwagon reporting and typical uneducated reader response….THIS is the CRAP that has this country in the divided shape it is! BE RESPONSIBLE for a change and report FACTS, not opinions!

    • Stan Bryars

      Top Right has a habit of falsifying storis. But it is fun to see how many low infos jump on it.

      I truly believe that TR is a leftwing group trying to make neo cons look stupid, and it seems to be working

    • Mike

      Wrong, even Snopes was able to post their anti-gun agenda.

  • Mike Kelley

    This is NO SUPRISE. Tim Magoo is a flaming Obama liberal. L
    ook it up!!

  • Kenny Renner

    This is not his daughter please stop using it. Tim will pay for this when he starts to lose money from people not buying his cd’s

  • ellie

    This is the girl in the photo.

  • sansured

    He is making a massive mistake. I’m shocked that nobody (management) around him explained the legal goals of the group he is supporting. I guarantee that 99 out of every 100 country music fans will be disgusted with Tim. There will be commercial consequences.

  • Cat

    Okay…this is NOT Gracie. What is wrong wrong with you people?? So desperate for a controversy that you use a fake Facebook profile. Get your facts straight and read his statement regarding this concert before you throw accusations and judgments.

  • Daniel Hoagland

    Did Tim McGraw come right out and say he’s against guns hmm sounds like tabloid trash for the sheeple to fall right into and the rich don’t get richer saying well that’s a concert I don’t believe in he and his production see money to be made,that’s almost as bad as calling a weapons manufacturers baby killers they just make the weapons for PROFIT nothing else, they don’t ask what are you going to do with it. Oh well your going to do this we aren’t going to sell to you.It’s not about morals it’s about money

  • Guy

    See the truth about Tim McGraw here: http://tasteofcountry.com/tim-mcgraw-sandy-hook-benefit-billy-currington/?trackback=fbshare_mobile_top

    He is not anti-gun. He is, as all pro-gun people should be, all about gun safety, which is also the purpose of the organization for which he is performing (they are also not anti-gun as some nut jobs [see article author] would have you believe).

    (I had a previous post going more into detail about the truth of Tim McGraw and the SHP not being anti-gun, but this site apparently decided not to allow that comment. Why are they so intent on skewing the truth?)

  • Guest

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    ???????? cbr

  • Jeffrey Crowner

    You guys are so ignorant SHP isn’t a take our guns program it is a program designed to bring more information on gun control to everyone. Its set up to help identify people who have potential to do harm to themselves or other to get kids to take a role in bringing the socially acward kids into there groups so they don’t feel alone. They want to help reduce gun violence not take our guns away. Do some research before u start judging someone u ignorant poeple

  • Darius Diamante

    Damn, can somebody have an opposite stance from you right wing drones
    without them being attacked, and their career being boycotted because they
    don’t agree with your beliefs? This is worse than the McCarthy-era 1950’s.
    He is against gun violence and believes that tougher and more stringent
    laws ought to be in place to keep the mentally-ill, criminally-inclined,
    and entitled, self-righteous, right-wing passive-aggressive paranoids
    who are afraid of the modern world and want to arm themselves to start
    a race / class / culture war, in which to set the world back 60 years,
    from easily building arsenals of lethal weapons.
    That is why he is head-lining that event…he stands by his convictions.
    His daughter is a different individual…she believes in arming herself and,
    apparently, collecting weapons….I’m sure many of your kids have opposite
    beliefs from yours…what is the problem?

    • Wade Lee Brower

      Sure thing now tell your liberal buddies to not attack Christian business owners for not baking cakes, or not condoning murders of unborn children, or wanting accountability for rouge government public SERVANTS. Wanting to own guns, which are ours for the express purpose of reestablishing government the way we see fit. Also not wanting illegal aliens in drudging down our taxes and overall economy. I could go on but you get the point I hope. Oh btw, amendment 2 the right of the people to keep and bear arms for the sake of a militia it also says at the end Congress shall make NO LAWS TO INFRINGE UPON IT.

  • Julie Callahan Medina

    Tim Who???

  • SomeGuy

    Another right wing news site spinning false stories… why am I not surprised. I suggest doing some research into this instead of gobbling up this BS face value. You’ll find out that Tim McGraw is not anti-gun, nor is the concert he is playing anti-gun, and that he is not trying to take away your 2nd Amendment rights. Sites like this are despicable.

  • Guest

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  • Kevin Tucker

    Tim is a fraud

  • Cheryl Weatherford Hindmon

    Tim McCray isn’t anti-gun. Check out your facts. He’s pro-gun safety around children as any responsible gun owner should be.

  • Paul Wolfe

    Tim McGraw who is Tim McGraw?

  • Travis Jones

    The Highway don’t care Tim, but we do!

  • mistie

    I’ve always been a McGraw fan…. then this anti-gin thing… 🙁 At least his daughterhas her head on straight!

  • daddytech

    Tim McGraw is NOT ANTI GUN!!!!! just because he did a concert to help out the families of Sandy Hook does not make him Anti Gun for pete’s sake! And i guarantee you neither him or his daughter’s would have the guns they all do if he was all anti gun like the idiots in the news keep proclaiming

    • Mike

      Here you go, since for some reason you people insist on saying the organization is not anti-gun. It is. Next thing you’ll say after this proves otherwise, is “reasonable controls on guns” somehow does not equate to gun control. http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/timmcgraw.asp “support the consideration of what they deem to be “new laws where public safety and reduction in violence can be achieved without eroding 2nd Amendment rights,” such as legislation that would require background checks for all gun sales, reduce the maximum capacity of ammunition magazines to ten bullets, and make firearms trafficking and straw purchases federal crimes
      Read more at http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/timmcgraw.asp#uhdmcXfeQOCppmuM.99

  • MadPunter1963

    He’s been backpedalling and talking about how HE’s a gun owner. So he’s telling us in no uncertain terms, in typical rich hypocrite fashion, “Guns for me but not for thee.”

  • Gene Watkins

    Way to go girl!

  • Janice Mericle Amacker

    he is not anti gun he is an advocate for responsible gun ownership. he owns guns

    • dg54321

      Nobody’s buying it.

  • cnucmecnu

    The fb page was fake & the pix photoshopped! Man, when is the far right fringe gonna stop the propaganda? Oh, wait … that’s what they do!

  • Stick bogart

    Your daddy should be told to suck it. The second amendment was laid out all American to love this country. PoliticianReviews.com it’s coming to life soon. The website will let the American people post positive or negative reviews about politicians.. Tim should be told to suck it on national TV

  • stick bogart

    Tim should be listed on RipOffReport.com as a man who does not respect this country and the Constitution

  • CrazyAuntJane

    Pretty smart lady! Hope she can teach her daddy some sense! And I’m waiting to see how people will react, has Tim ended his career? Remember the Dixie Chicks? I wasn’t a fan to begin with so…

  • Athena Realm

    You need to really see why he is doing this concert and it has nothing to do with taking your guns, anyone that does not take the time to look into this issue and not just take the word of some group needs to learn to think for themselves. I too was in the military and am a gun owner, but I take the time to read and investigate & think for myself.Sign me Not a Sheeple..

  • T Bone Pickins

    Who do you think bought her those guns. Tim McGraw isn’t Anti Gun. You should buy 10 of his albums and write him an apology. What kind of idiots run this website?

  • Penny

    That isn’t his daughter… perfect example not to believe everything you read!

  • Dave

    I suspect that you are grossly misrepresenting Tim McGraw’s position regarding gun ownership. I suspect that you purposefully do this out of ideological prejudice.
    You may clarify, if you desire.

  • Scott Allen Crow

    This is not his daughter!

  • Michigan Jewels

    Wow….that’s not even Tim McGraw’s and Faith Hill’s “Gracie”. Different girl. Everyone is always so ready to believe anything they hear about this poor couple and their children.

  • Mar Y

    He had no problem because he is not anti-gun nor anti- gun activist. How could he and his family own guns and be anti -gun? Weird reporting I must say.

  • Linda

    Even if no one comes back to this site, I wanted to post a link to a family picture which makes it clear that the above pictures are not of his daughter. Shame on this site!!! http://www.refinery29.com/2015/04/86123/tim-mcgraw-faith-hill-daughters?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=post&unique_id=entry_86123

    • AddieHa

      Don’t show these wackos the children.

  • Bubba

    Ya know that I belevie every on line we read is the truth, RIGHT Tim is just trying to reach out to help the families I don’t belevie that he’s trying to take any guns away from anyone. So unless he says it right from his own mouth I don’t belevie it to be true!

  • Rosco

    I have decided that I don’t like country and western music. I want to get a big group of like minded people together and make country and western music illegal!!!

  • Lynn Gerstner

    This is the last place I ever expected to find a liberal-in-hiding. His daughter certainly got her values from someone else.

  • AmericanBob

    she can be a FB Friend, but her daddy is a loser, I suggest she get a genetics test done, bet that is not her real dad

  • Damien Cross

    As an owner of an Entertainment company, I have had ALL our hard drive swept clean of ANY music that features Tim McGraw.
    We have made this open to the public so our clients know that they will NOT hear ANYTHING that has Tim McGraw in it.

  • obama sucks

    He pissed me off! I was a huge Tim McGraw fan until he turned his back on me and on America! I bought tickets for his sold out concert here in Michigan and just resold them, but it took me a while because when asked why I’m selling I told them the truth! And finally i found a gun hating loser and sold them to her for 5x what I paid. Lol

  • Mr Poitier

    Phuck all Liberals

  • PastorPaul62

    She also has one of those EVIL 100rd magazines on that AR!

  • Alfredo Sanchez

    Just bc the father is a gun hating, tree loving, welfare loving hippie don’t mean the daughter has to fall in line with his political viewpoints; This is America after all, individuality above all, nothing wrong with owning guns, if they are registered and properly used. Hell, she is evens supporting our economy by purchasing american manufactured weapons. Had she be showing off some Belgian or Israeli manufactured gun, then it be a different story. (even the truck is US made, so fork off you wankers).

  • Alfredo Sanchez

    Is that a Sarah Newlin (True Blood) look alike?

  • kyrn

    Why is her page now unavailable?

  • Patrick Comfort

    Punk rock is truth! C&W is BS!!! I’ll keep my guns and be Punk til i Die!!!

  • Christian Espinoza

    Careful Gracie, daddy might come and try to take away your toys.

  • Theresa Miller

    that is NOT Gracie…Whoever wrote this better recheck your facts. It is some random girl with the same name. Look at pictures of the McGraw family, and you’ll clearly see that his daughter looks nothing like the girl in these pics.Ban all guns.

  • Ashley Nicole Herbe

    I think you spelled amendment wrong. Ah the tangled Web humans weave. Either he doesn’t know of his daughters guns or he’s an ass that thinks going against the constitution is what needs to be done. I think those who go against our conditional rights should be seen as terrorists and charged with treason. No matter if they are famous, a commoner or even the president themselves.

  • Lorraine Brown

    Hey Tim how does it feel to climb in the bed with the devil?? (Obama)

  • amla68

    ?__________dears 77dollors in one hours with toprightnews —- Find it More __________??

  • James Tanner

    As usual, those wanting to take others guns away are planning on keeping theirs.

  • Mechanical Dave

    Tim Loves “The Commander In Sheets” His Words Not Mine.

  • johanjani89

    you like me toprightnews give you chance………. Online Job Help

  • be_kind_be_positive

    not even his daughter ppl

  • disqus_PuydXJXC69
  • DisqusHound

    Typical liberal “I want rules for YOU to follow, but not for me and my family” attitude.


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